'Eclipse' Australia premiere: Kristen Stewart's just not that into your blinding flashbulbs

kristen-stewart-yellow-skirtImage Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage.comEclipse premiered in Sydney, Australia, and everyone came! But not even the affable pecs of Taylor Lautner down under could sneak the weekend’s headlines away from Kristen Stewart’s increased aversion to the paparazzi. She ended up flipping off photographers in multiple locations Sunday and running in terror down a wharf. She’s so bummed about the whole experience that she’s likened it to rape.

“All you see is an actor or a celebrity lit up by a flash,” she said in an interview with British Elle. “It’s so…the photos are so…I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it…It’s f—ed. I never expected that this would be my life.” [news.au]

The rest of what you “need” to know is after the jump. No one’s making you click — if you’re not into it, hike up your skirt and move on to the next item in our flashy flagship blog.

–Kristen Stewart wore a crazy yellow leather mini skirt on the red carpet, which is so unlike her! That’s So Not Kristen. The back of it is even more scandalous. [Daily Mail]
–During a jet boat cruise on Sydney Harbor, Stewart and Lautner asked for more water in the boat because it was “hardcore.” “They wanted to get wetter,” said a spokeswoman from the boating company. But then they docked and it turned out solid ground provides a better environment for paparazzi ant farms than open water, and Stewart ran away trying to get them to stop taking her picture. She dropped her sunglasses but an employee got ‘em back! [Adelaide Now]
–She flipped off photographers while smoking on her hotel balcony…and wearing a hoodie! [Radar Online]
–She flipped them off from the boat, too. [ninemsn]

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  • telling truth

    what an ignorant comment she made about rape, she should apologize for that asap

    • ray

      Very ignorant. She has showed he true colors in this interview. Nasty piece of work.

    • Riss

      rape 1 (rp)
      1. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
      2. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.
      3. Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.

      I think she was using it in the term of the 3rd definition. Words have multiple meanings in today’s world.

      • Heather2

        Thank you Riss. Muwah.

      • Katie

        Riss, while I applaud your handle on the English language, I think you are giving Stewart too much credit. I somehow doubt this vapid little starlet having a temper tantrum meant the word in a non-insensitive, non-vulgar way.

      • Jeri

        I’m going with definition 3 too…they are so intrusive it’s ridiculous!! Give the girl some room!

      • Trysta

        You know what, never mind give the girl some room… This is what being a celebrity is, papz follow you around 24/7 and snap shots of you scratching your ass, picking your nose and digging out a wedgie… You can’t tell me that no one warned her about this when she got into acting. Grow up and suck it up little actress. Or, better idea, enjoy it while it lasts, because fame is fickle and I think you’ll see that post Breaking Dawn winding down, so will the interest in her. As well as the other members of the cast (Anna Kendrick jumps to mind), but the rest of them don’t seem to be as whiny about it as she is.

      • Bec

        Give her some room??? She had to have known signing up for Twilight would make the spotlight on her and the paparazzi comes with that. I used to like her pre-Twilight and now I just think she’s a brat.

      • Hedwig

        Actually Bec, when she signed up for Twilight most people hadn’t heard of it. The hype came when the first movie was being made.

      • Patty

        Excellent point and a dead on description of what they are doing to her. No one should have to be so afraid that they have to run away to be safe. She is very young and this is very unfair.

      • Trysta

        Actually Hedwig, the books were immensely popular long before Summit got their hands on the rights to make the movies. Just because it was popular in a way that doesn’t have people being stalked doesn’t mean it wasn’t popular.

      • Janiceprz

        i agree with you.
        And we dont know what is like to be followed 24/7 shes always been very gracious and classy… but God sake shes humann she have to get tired of it at some point.. she got mad had a bitch fit she let it out of her system now back to normal people

    • laurie

      what bothers m e is this.. these “celebrities” KNOW what goes with the territory. She is 19 or 20 and knows what it entails if she doesn’t like it she shouldn’t have gotten into it. not saying it is right that the pap go to the extremes they do but come on look how much money these people make they wanted into showbiz they earn the money(lots of it) it comes with a price… she could try working doing what normal people do and making 50,000 and not be able to survive. they make millions and have people catering to them geee thats awful…

      • wino

        although i find her extremely annoying, i must say her age is probably the reason to blame for her childish behavior. im not making an excuse for the girl, but like you pointed out, she is only 19/20. and while some are able to carry themselves in a matter fashion, she still displays the mood swings of a typical moody teenage girl.

      • jenna

        @wino, Dakota Fanning is 16 and doesn’t act this immature. None of the other Twilight cast acts this way.

      • chickenrex

        Laurie, the problem you’re blundering into with your logic is that people who have talent should just have to accept that they’re going to be under siege by paparazzi just because they want to be successful as actors.
        Leonardo DiCaprio is talented. But in 1997 he was Justin Bieber with some acting talent,and ‘Titanic’ could have had Billy Crudup in it instead. He was offered the part, but turned it down for this exact reason.

      • chickenrex

        Oh, and Jenna, when was the last time you saw Dakota Fanning getting chased down the street by a relentless gang of paps? The last time TMZ.com even mentioned her was in 2008.

      • Carla

        @Chicken, there are much bigger celebs that deal with this (even her Twi co-stars), but they handle it with class. Princess Di had it a zillion times worse and she never flipped anyone off. Sorry, but you can’t justify her behavior. Taylor is younger than her and gets papped all the time, but he doesn’t whine and get obscene.

      • suck it

        All these Eclipse stars should be held accountable for their actions, especially since their fans start from the age 9 and up. Their 2 main characters are always spotted drunk and with a cigarrete in their hand. I hate it when stars always complain about the paparazzi but as soon as they stop being famous, they go out of their way just to have their pictures taken by them. Why do you think the forgotten actors line up to be a part of Dancing with the stars? ans still, people support that show by watching it..LAME

      • @chickenrex

        Um, by 1997 Leonardo DiCaprio had an OSCAR NOMINATION and had done films like This Boy’s Life, Marvin’s Room, Romeo & Juliet, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and The Basketball Diaries. Titanic may have catapulted him to mega-stardom, but he was FAR from being a “Justin Bieber” type.

      • avenger

        Well, on the plus side its not like she’ll have to worry about it for long-whats it like 2 or 3 movies left and then she’s done ;)

      • bryn

        she’s getting paid millions and wants everything on her terms. pathetic. Idiotic spoilt girl.

    • Jimmy Revolution

      Oh yeah, really. I have been raped by a camera before. It hurts and there is no one to cuddle after, just a broken flash bulb.

      • fame allegory

        actually, this sounds like a good allegory for fame itself.

        i know you were just trying to be a smart-a**, but this is actually quite brilliant.

    • nat

      She’s a terrible actress and obviosuly as thick as two short planks. Pattinson should drop her as soon as possible. She’s a liability

      • sweet

        Did you see her trrible acting at the airport. Talk about set up to get her sympathy. Her pr team must think we are all stupid

  • Ruby

    I get it. The paparazzi are freakin’ too much. It’s invasive. It’s over the top. There used to be a line between the press and celebrities and now there is nothing. It’s a real problem. That said, you have a choice Kristen Stewart. You don’t have to act. You didn’t have to be apart of teen phenomenon. You can move to Kentucky and never act again and guess what, people will stop taking your pictures after awhile. So stop bitching and do something about it. Also, have some perspective that you probably won’t always be this famous because the Twilight thing definitely has an ending.

    • Dede

      She is an actress. It is her job. She has as much right to do her job in peace as your mailman does. It should be illegal for these photographers to behave the way that they do. She might have been insensitive to rape victims to use that word, but she is being harassed, intimidated and stalked on a daily basis. While she should display a little more grace at publicity events (where the photographers should be), she is absolutely justified in her anger at the invasion into her private life. If you don’t have any interest in reading a blog about who your mailman is dating or what bar he hangs out at, then you shouldn’t care about the personal lives of celebrities either.

      • Ambient Lite

        Absolutely agree with you Dede. While I think some of her behavior is tasteless – not because she’s supposed to be some sort of role model, but because it’s just tacky – the tenacity of the paparazzi is out of line. Would be nice if actors could do what they loved and live their lives in peace, but the public’s hunger for every personal detail of their lives fuel the fire.

      • mary q contrary

        Well said. I agree that there was a little insensitivity, but the girl has no private life whatsoever. She’s extremely talented, and obviously in a line of work that suits her and enriches her. That doesn’t mean she deserves the crap that her career has been putting her through lately.

      • ld70

        I was in LA and saw the paparazzi in action when the Hilton sisters had lunch at the Ivy last fall. They are crazy and have no respect for anyone around because their goal is get a good shot of their subject. It’s pretty invasive and I don’t blame her for cracking under the pressure of it all. There are actors who refuse to do press because they simply can’t stand it. I am sure she is obligated to it under her contract. Hopefully she can hold it together and learn a way to balance work and publicity. I personally like her and hope she has a long career.

      • Whatever

        The job of acting comes with some sacrifice in terms of your private life. I don’t think they pry into her life as much as she seems to think. All they do is take her picture and report gossip on her. The same thing happens to other celebs who have come before and after her. It’s a negative side effect of the job. She knows this. Her parents are in the business, so she knew this before she even became apart of twilight. I think her comparing her situation to rape was nothing but STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE. I’m really sick of her little “WOE TO ME” tirade. We get it!! You hate your life!! You’re rich, you get to travel all the time, you get to go all these fancy events, you have enough money to buy whatever you want, but you hate it. WE GET IT! Stop complaining about it already and stop offending others in the process. POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL!

    • amazing

      Stewart has been rude to people for the last year but Summit have bene protecting her. She’s ungrateful, surly and a really bad actress as well.

      • tom

        I wonder if she’s headed toward a Britny style meltdown? She just gets worse and worse with each movie promotion.

      • nancy

        uh britney is a pop icon. and hasn’t had a day of peace since 1998. do not compare stewart to her.

      • Luca

        Can I get amen? AMEN!!

      • Larry

        Hopefully we’ll get some upskirts when that happens …

      • jenna

        She’s on the Lohan train (wreck).

      • yup

        Really bad, throw up in your mouth bad

    • Riss

      She signed on to Twilight BEFORE it was a phenomenon. I’m sorry to tell you this.. but she’s going to be around a very long time. Even after Twilight ends.

      • Trysta

        Actually Riss, Twilight was a phenomenon before the movies ever came alone. Please don’t insult the original fans, the ones who were here long before the movies were even cast, who are still here despite the movies and will continue to enjoy the story long after the DVDs are all in the bargain bin, by implying that the movies are the only thing that made Twilight a phenomenon.

      • jenna

        @Trysta. ITA. Twilight sold millions and millions of copies and was on the NY Times Best Seller list forever. If she had done 5 minutes of Internet research, she would have known what she was getting into. This is also a girl that grew up in the biz and has been acting forever. She has no excuse.

      • @Riss

        Twilight had a fanbase before it was made into a film series. The films have made it bigger, but it had nothing to do with her signing on. I don’t doubt that she will be around for awhile, I just hope she goes back to making Indie films that no one watches and becomes irrelevant, so no one will care to interview her and she therefore won’t have to open her mouth in public.

    • LAJackie

      Yes, but she didn’t have to sign onto Twilight if she didn’t want to be high profile. Go work off Broadway. Nobody knows who you are there. It would be akin to Daniel Radcliffe saying he didn’t know Harry Potter was popular!

  • Madd

    I personally would hate paparazzi, but come on. She had to realize this was coming when she signed on to star in the adaption of one of the most popular books in the world.

    • Brian

      It’s not that it’s a popular book; it’s that it’s a popular book catering to girls via a feminine everygirl protagonist and her sullen, dreamboat vampire lover. The Beatles didn’t quit touring because of crowds of people: They quit touring because of crowds of screaming girls. They’re awful.

    • Heather2

      To be fair, when her and the rest of the cast signed on, none of them knew how popular the books were and the first Twilight film was low budget indie. They had NO idea what they were signing on to do. I admit that she is making mistakes, but let’s put this into perspective that she is 20 years old.

      • Riss

        Exactly. It would help those forming empty opinions to do their research.

      • thin

        The books were runaway bestsellers years before even the first movie began production. They knew at least that much going in. That’s not to say that I think any level of stalkerazzi invasiveness is justified, because I don’t, but to try and say they didn’t know how popular the books were is just plain wrong.

      • Riss

        @Thin. Do your research. There have been many times where the cast has said they knew about the fan base of the books. However, they didn’t know how much the fan base of the books and movies would grow. No one did. Even the Harry Potter stars don’t get followed like this!

      • jenna

        Stephenie Meyer (during the filming of the first film) asked if Hardwicke if Pattinson realized how his life is going to change. She’s been dealing with the Twi fan-base the longest, she would know.

      • Erin

        I agree with thin. I read the books long before the movie and it was quite apparent to me that they were going to be very popular. A bit a research would have told the actors that as it already had quite a fast grwoing fanbase.

        However I find the paps abhorrent. And there is a time and a place. Red carpets and promos are fine. But at their homes and on personal holidays and with their families… not cool. But unfortunately people lap it and buy the tabloids and log on to the sites that print these photos. Thus it’s going to keep happening.

        A true test of character is how one acts in difficulat situations. There’s no need for foul language and such offensive gestures. Also her words – I find it very offensive her comparing it to rape. She’s a role model for kids. Many celebrities that are far more famous and talented 1# act decently and 2# manage to avoid the spotlight. She’s out promoting a movie (which is in her contract, a contract for which she is paid very well), you would expect a high level of attention. Is it really that hard to smile, pose and be polite for a few days?

    • chef

      This girl only gets attention because of clinging to Pattinson. He needs to ditch her PDQ

      • Luke

        Agreed. Apart they’re not that interesting but together people can’t get enough. What will happen if they ever break up?

      • Ambient Lite

        I think the paparazzi would be completely disinterested in her if there wasn’t any hope of catching them together, and she’d have the peace she seems to wish for.
        On the other hand, I think HIS world would be exponentially worse – the bounty on the first pic of him with someone else (anyone else) would be huge.

  • ragu

    i understand her frustration. can you imagine being stalked 24 hours a day? but she doesn’t have to be so rude.

    • Ally

      I bet if she would just stop acting like getting her picture taken is such a big deal the paparazzi wouldn’t be so frantic and crazy to get it, she’s doing it to herself. And she needs to be grateful anyone wants to take her pic at all, if they didn’t she wouldn’t be getting jobs. Geez she’s annoying.

      • Brian

        Wrong. The paparazzi are a constant.

      • Dede

        She was getting jobs long before she was a tabloid target.

      • Kayla

        @Ally: I agree. What she did was give the paparazzi exactly what they wanted… a reaction. And while they may be “a constant” she acted very unbecoming, which will make the paparazzi continue to pursue her. Notice that Kristen has always acted like this. Maybe she wants the attention… either way she definitely needs to wisen up.

      • Kayla

        Well, the paparazzi may be “a constant”, but she surely made sure of that by giving them what they wanted… a reaction. It was very unbecoming. Taylor didn’t behave like that and he was being photographed too. Maybe she likes the attention? Either way she needs to wisen up.

      • pennyforyourthoughts

        Do remember Gwenth Paltrow? She thought if she let the paparazzi take a picture of her coming out of a fertility clinic that would be the end of it to, but no the press just saw it as a way to take advantage of it.

      • mary q contrary

        There are tons of celebs who just go about their normal lives, but if they are of any kind of interest to the paparazzi and magazines/internet blogs, whether it be because of their career choices, their relationships, or even how cute their kids are, they will be hounded incessantly, willing or not. Owning up to things and allowing the media to take control of how shes lives her life is not going to help the issue in the slightest.

      • Heather2

        Mary Q, I agree. I don’t think that she should just bow down and give the paps what they want. Flipping them off on a balcony was granted not the best move, but she was upset and frustrated and this came after being hounded all day long on a private day of sight seeing. She was chased through the streets of Australia and not given any space. Stewart is not completely innocent in how she reacted, but at the same time the paps are becoming ridiculous.

      • Kayla

        @mary q contray: You are right. And she just made herself more interesting to the paparazzi. So it seems like they win and not her. She needs to realize this if she doesn’t want the attention. What a “smart girl”.

      • Riss

        Nope it wouldn’t stop. She hasn’t given them a reaction in forever.. and yet it still continues?

      • Ally

        Yes I totally agree that the paparazzi are constant, I don’t think that they would just leave her alone. All I was saying is that the more unattainable, mysterious or private something is, the more of a frenzy it will cause, that’s just the way it is. The way she is making getting her picture taken a huge deal, the bigger she is hyping herself. It’s a part of being a celebrity unfortunately and she has to deal with it.

    • Whatever

      But she’s not stalked 24/7. Brad and Angelina are stalked 24/7. Kristen Stewart is NOT. She’s a B-list celebrity who just likes to complain.

  • Emily O.

    When she signed up do to Twilight, it wasn’t anywhere near as well known as it is now. It was supposed to be just small movie from small studio. It was only after the filming began and before it came out that Twilight’s popularity really increased drastically. I feel sorry for her.

    • buke

      why feel sorry, her 10 millions she made from this, she never has to work again

    • Madd

      Really? Because it was months before they started filming that everyone at my work, a bunch of my friends, and my youngest sister were all obsessed with Twilight. And it was before the first one came out that I was forced to read all of the books (and yes, I mean forced. My friend Brian went all Fizbo at the gas station on me).

      • Riss

        I never heard of it until its release. I don’t even remember the promotions for it.

      • Anna

        I’m with Madd. I knew about it months before it came out. It seemed like it was everywhere. I felt like I’d seen half the movie through internet clips and interview long before it was actually released.

    • Katie

      I’ll kind of give you that (although, like Madd, I remember teenage girls my cousin’s age talking about long before the movie was announced). But what’s the excuse for her signing on for the last movies? Surely if being in Twiliht and dealing with media attention was such a drag, she could’ve declined to do the other films. Or even had her contract bought out.

      • Hedwig

        That’s ridiculous…dropping out of the series partway through would only make things worse. She’d be seen as a b*tch and get tons of -negative- media attention for it.

    • she;

      She’s a millionaire and a very lucky girl considering her bad talent. I’m sad that Rob pattinson is with her. She brings him down.

      • Heather2

        Her and Rob are the same person. They dress alike, act alike, love the same things. So how is she bringing HIM down?

      • Nancy

        for all those saying she should shut up because she’s rich, i’ll just remind you that there’s more to life than money. having money doesn’t give paparazzi the right to stalk you.

      • James

        Heather, for as much as you (think you) know about Stewart, I imagine that you would’ve had to have read a lot of articles about her in magazines or on websites, yes? And how many of those magazines and websites bankroll the photographers who harass her?

      • Heather2

        James, Oh? So now I am the cause of all this. Really? I don’t apologize for being a fan of hers and supporting her in whatever way I can. I understand and get the whole circle of life in the entertainment industry. But thanks for the enlightenment.

      • James

        I’m just saying it’s rich to whinge about the paps that are harassing her while at the same time consuming the media those photographers/reporters produce. And obviously you’re not the only one doing it.

      • Heather2

        James, I say this from the bottom of my heart. If I never see another picture of her on her own private time, I would be more than happy for that. Because even when I do see her in photos such as these, she looks unhappy and overwhelmed. I prefer to see her happy and content. I have respect for her and any other celeb that wants to keep their lives private.

      • Riss

        James. Whats funny is that a lot of fans don’t buy the tabloids. We know there is no truth in it. Instead, we spend our time reading news media that these celebrities agree to be a part of. I know, its funny… we actually understand and think about these things. Who would have thought?

  • Tara

    I agree that the paparazzi are awful and that no one deserves this, but she could handle it much better. Comparing it to rape is completely out of line.

  • Victor Eloy

    she is so stupid……….I mean comparing being photographed to being raped!

    • Dede

      It isn’t just being photographed. It is being pushed, chased, stalked, crowded, blinded, and having grown men (some of whom are criminals) yell offensive degrading and terrifying things at you to get a reaction.

      • Kayla

        Well, she sure gave them a reaction. No doubt they will stop now. *sarcasm*

      • mary q contrary

        I agree, Dede. I don’t think most people commenting here realize the things that are yelled and screamed at her when she goes places. It’s not just the usual “Kristen, over here!”. They try to get her to look any way they can, and sometimes that means yelling vulgar, offensive, and disgusting things at her, sticking their flashbulbs in her face, practically trampling her to get their shot, etc., etc. etc.

      • AlysabethInAustin

        I totally agree with Emily O and Dede….some people can’t take the pressure and crack. Do you all think Sean Penn should quit too? He just got an Oscar. This girl isn’t even 20 yet…what if she was your friend/daughter/sister/you? Its pretty insane how constant and aggressive the situation is. I think there are A LOT of TWI-Haters out there and I’m not surprised you revel in her extreme stress and discomfort in being a virtual refugee. Kristen, hang tough. Unfortunately, hoping for understanding and compassion in today’s world is too much…too bad.Im sorry for you.

      • LOL

        I “heart” K-Stew!

    • vincentdante

      Maybe we should ask how Erin Andrews feels about being photographed (albeit unknowingly.)

  • Lu

    I think that the comparison to rape is ok. It is like she is being raped. She has no privacy ever. She is being forced to be exposed to the world and she is totally helpless to stop it. It’s a kind of emotional raping.

    • Heather2

      I agree. I think she meant it in the sense of she feels violated and brutalized. Not that she equates it to someone being sexually raped.

    • jenna

      I’m sure the women who have been held down, beaten and sexually violated will think that having a picture taken a 100x a day is just as bad. **rolls eyes** There is no comparison. Yes, she feels violated. Fine, but it’s nowhere near rape.

  • Nicole

    It’s not completely out of line. Nobody’s feelings are completely out of line. Why do you get to decide how she feels? Rape is about being a helpless victim and never feeling safe. You honestly can’t see a correlation? Stop being politically correct and just hear what she’s saying. Sheesh.

    • jodipo

      sorry, but thats not what rape is,you have obviously never exerienced it so you should not try and explain what you do not understand.

      I dislike Kristen Stewart, but I totally get why she would make that comparison. What the paparazzi do is very invasive.I dont think she was out of line in the least.

    • Nan

      Agreed. Let the girl feel what she feels. This is why she is so guarded and weird in front of the camera when not acting. If someone ducked behind garbage cans and parked cars and JUMPED OUT to take my picture blinding me with their flash YES I would feel violated. YES I would feel attacked. I would probably cry as would most of the adults reading this followed by a well deserved call to the police. Be honest with yourselves and give the kid a freakin’ break.

      • mary q contrary

        thumbs-upsky, Nan.

    • Laur

      Well said Nicole!

  • Georgia Peach

    Grow up Kristen. The Twilight Saga is popular right now. Once the saga is finished and all the movies are complete, with your attitude right now, you will be just a fleeting moment in movie history. To compare the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi to rape is so ignorant on your part. Give me the Vampire Diaries any day of the week over Twilight!

    • Tara

      I totally agree about the Vampire Diaries comment!

    • Madd

      Give me Gary Oldman’s Dracula, True Blood, Interview with the Vampire, any day over Twilight. I haven’t seen the adaptions, but if they’re anything like the books they must be terrible, boring, and badly written.

      • nancy

        give me herpes over your comment

    • dee

      You know what? I never thought I’d say this, but I actually agree about Vampire Diaries. It’s interesting, has good characters, and the actual story is good and very well-paced. I never expected to like it as much as I do.

      • veryberry

        umm what does this comment have to do with the article. this isnt an advertisement for vampire diaries. btw, just so im not being hypocritical, i agree with Georgia Peach 100%

  • Katie

    While I don’t think she meant anything by the “rape” line (and I really can’t stand her), it was still an incredibly poor choice of words.
    And yes the photogs and paparazzi are annoying and invasive. But that’s the way of the media world now, especially when you’re in a popular film franchise. Don’t like it? Move out of L.A. (like a lot of actors have these days) and do something else for a living. But the complaints kind of ring hollow when you’re gracing magazine covers, making millions of dollars, jetting all over the place, getting fawned over and wearing designer clothes. If you want that largess that comes from being a Movie Star, be prepared to take the bad side of it, too. Readily accepting the perks while bitching about the drawbacks isn’t gonna cut it. It works both ways.
    But don’t worry, Kristen. When the Twilight fad inevitably dies out, you can go back to doing indie movies and few people will care enough to stalk you. I’m sure that will make you happy.

    • Carla

      You rock Katie. Big fat word to your comment. If she doesn’t like what comes with being an actor, get out of the business or live outside of LA.

  • Heather2

    And here we go. I was wondering when the entertainment websites were gonna jump all over this like white on rice. I am a big Kristen Stewart fan, however … I was a little disappointed in her decision making in Australia. I get that it is overwhelming for her and I get that it is nerve racking, but she needs to stop and think before she acts. I still adore her and feel like this whole experience and having the high profile relash with Rob is stressing her out. The rape comment, I agree was sh*tty choice of words. She did play a rape victim in one of her films, so I really don’t think she meant anything hurtful by it. And just for the record, yes she chose to be an actress, but noone chooses to be stalked everywhere they go especially when they don’t like their private lives put on display for everyone to see.

  • sue

    First time Ive agreed with Perez

    This is why we don’t like her: she’s just so UNPLEASANT!

    After equating her fame to being “raped,” Kristen Stewart proved how fed up she truly is with Hollywood when she caused a scene in Australia yesterday and disappointed a group of young fans.

    KStew is down under with her Twilight comrade, Taylor Lautner, doing promotion for the next flick, Eclipse. Yesterday, the pair were enjoying a harbor cruise in Sydney. When they finally docked, they were greeted by a group of excited fans and a some paparazzi.

    KStew wasn’t having it!

    According to sources, she flipped out and started cursing at the photogs for taking her picture. She then stormed past her fans, refusing to sign any autographs!

    This is the gig, girl! And trust us, once these movies are over and NO ONE wants to hire you again, you’ll be begging for these days back!

    A little gratitude for the kids who help you make bank would be nice!

    • Nancy

      not wanting to be stalked by paparazzi doesn’t mean she isn’t grateful for what she has. i’m sure you’d be pretty unpleasant too if you were constantly having your privacy invaded.

      • Carla

        She always acts like a brat. She even makes fun of her own fans.

      • veryberry

        Um I think she could handle herself a little better, Nancy. Cursing and flipping off fans and photographers is just unexcusable

    • Cindy

      I think everyone should leave her alone. We have no idea what was being said to her before she reacted… Can you imagine?? She did not sign up for this absurd stalking…what would you do if you couldn’t leave the house without fear of being chased and photographed. I realize some people are offended by her gesture, but what about the offense to her by the papparazzi??? Not only that, but when you make a mistake or a lapse in judgement, it is not plastered across the entire internet. We all have our moments. What kind of world do we live in that we allow someone to be stalked to such a degree that it ruins their happiness? This is a statement for the press, not the fans.

  • sallie

    I feel like people have no life when they wake up in the morning and set their day on stalking celebrities. I mean, they are not objects, one should know when overstepping the boundaries. It’s crazy, some celebrity can’t handle the pressure and act negatively or say things without thinking in frustration.People are easy to blame not knowing the situation. I feel that this rudness is deserved.

    • teresa

      thing is, a lot of these “paps” are gang members with expensive cameras, it started with Britney Spears and has gotten worse since then. A lot of the lensmen who worked for legit agencies have quite because of threats and violence. They figured out a while ago that pictures of celebs earned them thousands of dollars…so they overtook the “profession”…so now you have criminals shoving cameras in your face, physically endangering you and whoever is with you, saying nasty things to get a response. Come on, you can’t tell me honestly that just because someone wants to be an actor that this just has to come with the territory? I am a photographer and would hate to think that in order to do what I love, I would have to trade my safety for it. I agree that some intrusion is to expected, but the lengths that some of these stalkers goes to is beyond what anyone should have to endure.

      And yeah, Princess Diana did have to endure them too, and look where it got her.

  • JR Jake

    Let’s see $10-20 million a year for 2-3 months work, every perk you can imagine. Don’t have any free time to yourself unless you want to go incognito. Go out of the country, and you get the same thing. Let’s see……….hmmmmm…..forget it, it’s not worth it. Advice Kristen? Wite a book about yourself, your experiences and your views on life. Make the same amount of money, people will stop bothering you, you will have more time to yourself; and hopefully you will feel better about everyone. Take care Kristen. I guess that goes under the heading: ‘Be careful what you ask for’.

    • A Friend

      I am trying to think of ways that Kristen Stewart (and Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner) might, instead of avoiding their readily available marketing advantage, parlay their wealth and influence to bring financial aid and more awareness to homelessness, Haiti, cancer research- instead of holding up your middle finger – hold up an 800 number for Farm Aid, or something that SHOULD be splashed across tabloids’ front pages.

    • C.O.F

      Kristen Stewart should write a book about herself.Hm…No i dont think so.I think she’s to boring,bratty and obnoxious.Plus the girl gives me a headache when she speaks in an interview.If she wrote a book I would more than likly die of burst blood vessel in my head.

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