The original 'Bionic Woman' officially coming to DVD. Old-school TV watchers rejoice!

bionic_womenImage Credit: Courtesy of Universal Studios Home EntertainmentAnyone who has been waiting impatiently for the original version of The Bionic Woman to come out on DVD has heard rumblings about its release for a while, but Universal has exclusively announced to EW that the series’ first season will be hitting shelves in October. …And everyone who scoffed at the remake cheered!

I’ve watched a few episodes of the original Bionic Woman on Hulu (called Bionic Woman Classic — scoff, again) and have been meaning to watch more, but I only watch marathon shows when they’re on DVD to avoid brainwashing myself with the five or so 30-second commercial spots that seem to play in a loop on streaming sites. So this news thrilled me to no end. I’m glad I held out and waited for all those rumored legal issues to be worked out. Creator Kenneth Johnson even said via his website weeks back that he was recording commentary for an episode. (As well as for an episode of Six Million Dollar Man, which is also headed for stores, he told EW earlier this month.)

That said, how are you going to celebrate the official announcement and your subsequent victory as fans of classic TV, PopWatchers? No parachuting. Okay?

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  • dom

    I loved it back then, but I’m not sure I want to see it again. I remember it through childhood eyes, watching it as an adult might taint my memories of it. I think I’ll just stick with my memories.

    • darclyte

      I watched the show as a kid, but I wonder how it holds up. 6 million dollar man hasn’t held up so well, so I’m betting that neither will this. On another note, the remake was finally getting good when it got canned, but they screwed that up from the start with a lack of direction, poor writing, and poor casting. I’d like to see a GOOD remake that like the original has heart & soul and not just mindless action. Kind of a female “Chuck.”

      • Travis

        Actually, the show does in fact hold up. I’ve been watching you tube clips here and there and was reminded just what made everyone love this show – it had heart. It wasn’t just a woman with “powers”, but moreso Lindsay Wagner played a deeply passionate and geniune woman. Even as an adult I find myself getting a little emotional when watching some of these old clips, even down to opening theme music. One of the best shows in TV history.

    • jenny

      Now if only they would speed up the release of Knots Landing!

      • george

        Knots has been on dvd for a while now. I saw it in the store years ago.

  • solarjetpro

    This was one of my favorite shows; this is a rare something I’ll actually spend $ on.

    • elr

      I will probably buy the first season, but I sincerely hope that the other seasons are released at a later date. I have a couple of I would love to have the rest of the series for. Here Come the Brides, WKRP in Cincinnati just to name a few.

  • robinepowell

    I might buy the series on DVD, I remember my mom watching both this and Six Million Dollar Man when I was a kid.

    I’ve seen repeats over the years and enjoyed them. ;)

  • Mrs. Frisby

    I loved this show when I was a kid. I doubt I’ll buy the DVD set, though. Don’t have much time for TV. That said, I’ll probably rent a season or two from Netflix if they get it. It’ll probably take me six months to watch a whole season but it’ll be great to see it all again.

  • MD

    YAY!! I loved this show!
    Maybe someday soon – ED!

  • Buzz

    can’t wait til my library has it in stock to borrow …that is , I will wait!

  • Joe

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot wait to spend my money on this one.

  • Sarah

    sad actually. The entire first season is aleady available on Hulu. Why pay for something that you can see for free?? If they released the full series….I might consider, but usually only the 1st season of a series gets released…and the others never do.

    • Purdey

      Dear Sarah. Thank you for your cynicism. In my experience, other seasons of television classics follow eventually after the first season’s release, so I prefer to remain optimistic about future releases of this show. What on earth is Hulu? Um, why would I pay for something when it’s available for free? Obviously, you are not a collector. I don’t need an ephemeral link to all things Jaime, so I will be looking forward to release date. I shall be very happy when the box set is sitting on my DVD shelf. Your comments actually make me want to celebrate this fantastic release even more now. Thank you!

  • Wings

    Woohoo! One I am definitely gonna add to my collection!

  • couchgrouch

    Steve Austin vss Sasquatch…that beats Locke vss a smoke monster anyday. ;)

  • Soldier

    I am bionic!

  • fatbearbc

    I actually own the first two seasons of The Bionic Woman (British release) and it holds up surprisingly well. I’ll probably spring for the North American release depending on the extras. I’ve heard that Lindsay has not been approached about doing commentaries which I find pretty shocking. For Pete’s sake, Universal, cough up a few bucks and get her input on this release. She won an emmy for it (which is more than you can say for Lee Majors) so show some respect!!

  • jfms777

    I have been watching original eps on the site–and it holds up really well. Lindsay Wagner nailed the role, and deserved the Emmy. And the theme song is still one of my favorites (which you can listen to on youtube).

  • JPX

    This would be good news if I didn’t already have the complete series and The Six Million Dollar Man complete series on bootleg already. Thank God for the bootleggers, I’ve owned these for many years. I feel the same way about my Wonder Years bootlegs.

    • RJ

      Still waiting for Wonder Years, that was one of the best shows! Won’t take a chance on the bootleg though, waiting for the real thing.

      • JPX

        The bootleg set you can easily pick up at any collectibles show is perfect quality. This show will never be on DVD because securing the music rights is too costly.

  • Neal

    when i was in londan a few years ago, i went into a Virgin megastore and low and behold, there was the six million dollar man and the bionic woman on dvd. I was tempted to buy them both but i figured they would get put out on dvd in the states. That was 4 years ago, why the heck does it take so long for things to show up over here??

    • Brad

      Neal. Intellectual Property laws in U.K. are different than in the US, even though copyright laws are about the same. The interesting thing is that Only the first 2 seasons of both shows were done. Universal wanted time to digitally remaster the Six Million Dollar Man episdodes as they were done on film whereas Bionic Woman (at least the 2nd and 3rd season) were shooting on tape so the Bionic Woman eps are cleaner. Anyway, there were also some legal issues in the U.S that were holding up both series. The only episode that ever showed up on tape domestically was The Bionic Woman, which was actually a Six Million Dollar Man episode that launched the character, it was the success of that episode that inspired a return episode (season 3 opener) and the spin-off series. Both series ended simultaneously, and on different networks, Though BW did originally debut on the same network as Six, its 3rd season was shown on NBC, just a little trivia for you there.

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