'Sex and the City 2': Can TV really ruin a relationship?

Sex-City-Carrie-Big_320.jpg Image Credit: Craig Blankenhorn I suppose I’ve always related most to Miranda, but I’ve never felt like less of a Carrie than I did watching Sex and the City 2. SPOILER ALERT: Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) gets upset when husband Big (Chris Noth) buys her a flat-screen TV for their bedroom for their second anniversary. (Cut to my friend Sheila leaning over and saying, “A man can buy me a flat-screen TV,” and me agreeing.) In Carrie’s mind, they’re going to become a boring old married couple that no longer talks. In Big’s mind, it would be nice to occasionally stay home and cuddle with Carrie and watch black-and-white movies. One night, he dares to turn on the TV as Carrie is trying (and failing) to change out of a gown. That’s not a black-and-white movie, she says. “It’s Deadliest Catch, Carrie, and it’s awesome. Let him watch it if he wants to,” I thought and possibly said aloud.

Now I’ll admit that TV is a sensitive subject for me. Partly because I watch so much of it — it’s my job, but I’d be doing it anyway — and partly because I know¬†someone who used to enjoy television, but since her husband doesn’t, now lives in a home without cable. They just moved the TV downstairs where they never go. She says she’s too busy to watch it now anyway, which for her is actually true. But she acquiesced to him long before that.

Can TV really ruin a relationship? If someone really doesn’t want a TV in the bedroom — and promises to be entertainment enough there — I can see that being negotiable. (Not for me, but maybe for you.) But I got the feeling that Carrie wouldn’t have liked Big watching Deadliest Catch on the couch either (maybe even at the end of the movie?). How much should one negotiate in a relationship when it comes to TV?

P.S. Deadliest Catch marathon on Discovery today. And tomorrow. Deal with it, Carrie.

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  • rich

    The secret to a good relationship is two bathrooms and two TVs…

    • Emma


    • daisyj


    • Maria_L

      Here, here! I love TV and see nothing wrong with watching TV with my husband to be in our bedroom…bonding is bonding, regardless of the forum! lol

    • Shannon

      VERY true!

    • fancypants

      and 2 closets.

    • MsSuniDazeq

      Ha. No kidding! :)

    • Bethann

      Preach it, rich.

  • peggym

    I think of your friend’s “no cable” situation more as a sign of a non-compromising, inconsiderate spouse than as TV ruining a relationship. It’s more a symbol that anything else.

    • peggym

      “than”, not “that”

    • slick

      Funny, there’s nothing in the story to indicate that the spouse told her or even encouraged her to cancel the cable–just that he didn’t enjoy it. Projection??

      • Sheli

        I think it was implicit. I read it the same way she did.

      • Bethann

        It’s pretty clearly implied that they don’t have cable because the husband *doesn’t like TV*. That’s pretty much exactly what the sentence says — Mandi’s friend enjoyed TV, but since her husband didn’t, they don’t have cable and they moved the TV to a part of the house neither of them frequent. It’s perfectly reasonable to infer that means it was the husband’s preferences that dictated the TV situation. Don’t be snide to people just because they have a completely reasonable — yet apparently different from your own — reading of the paragraph.

  • let’s play

    While watching the movie I thought, “Come on, you can argue about so much more. A TV in the bedroom is no big deal.” Carrie came off as the nagging wife she was hoping not to be. I thought it was unrealistic to be so upset about a TV. Did she honestly think that the only place where a TV is appropriate in the bedroom is in a hotel. I liked the show, liked the first movie, but couldn’t stand Carrie in this one. I’d rather see more of Charlotte and Samantha.

    • Donna

      Agreed. Carrie came across as horribly bratty and immature in this movie. She’s complaining cause her guy doesn’t want to go out clubbing? That’s a GOOD GUY!! I couldn’t help but wonder what the point of this so-called “conflict” was. I certainly wasn’t enough to carry a movie!

      • Mo

        She comes across as horribly bratty and immature ONLY in this movie? Except when it comes to her three friends, she’s always been the most bratty and immature character!

      • Anon Emous

        Mo, my sentiments exactly… and this snippet from Ella Taylor (Village Voice) finished off how I have always viewed Carrie as played by SJP:

        As for Carrie: Sarah Jessica Parker is now 45 years old, and, frankly, I cannot stomach another moment of the simpering, mincing, hair-tossing, eyelash-batting little-girl shtick she’s been pulling ever since she emerged, with considerably more verve and charm, as a high-colonic Malibu Barbie opposite Steve Martin in L.A. Story

  • Tati

    My mom totally agrees with Carrie. Her boyfriend barely talks to her, he just want to watch TV…the difference is that Carrie said something, my mom didn’t, so now they are a boring couple who never talks or go out. They just sit and watch TV all day long.

    • ashley

      well thats a problem with her boyfriend not the tv.

    • hutchy

      That guy would be a boring loser with or without a TV, or your mom is just really tedious and boring and drives him to his favorite shows. Either way, tell your mom to quit complaining and get a new guy. Next question.

      • Beth

        What the hell???

  • Sarah L.

    Whether it’s television-viewing, or anything else, I think it’s important for couples to have common interests or activities that they can share; hopefully these topics would be fully explored before a marriage would take place.
    But, if one person has an interest that doesn’t correspond to the other person’s interests.. that’s o.k. too! It’s good to allow each person an appropriate amount of time to indulge their own personal interest, while you do your own thing. And, maybe even join them once in a while… you might surprise yourself by finding out that you enjoy something new!

    If my hubby hadn’t enjoyed watching t.v., I don’t think I would’ve married him. Yes, t.v can be a colossal waste of time, but if you pick a few programs that both partners enjoy, it can be a great time to cuddle up together, laugh, watch the programming, and have some great discussions afterwards. It really helps keep us connected to each other. :)

  • Heather

    Well if they would just watch Lost it would open up discussions about life, death, redemption, religion etc. instead of shutting down communication ;)

    • Sara

      Amen, brotha. So many ideas to discuss there.

    • Madd

      So, so true. My husband and I could talk about Lost to no end.

    • Go Figure


  • Ugly Jenny

    I personally would not want a TV in the bedroom, but I would be perfectly happy to get a flat screen from my hypothetical husband as a gift.
    I never really liked Carrie, she’s always complaining about something and way too self-absorbed to be in any marriage. She spent all these years trying to get Big to commit and once she finally did, now she’s complaining that they’re too boring. Discontent much Carrie?

    • Erin

      Agree with your post. I really like the TV series, but the last movie really made me hate everything SATC.

  • Jackie

    I can’t see myself ever living with someone who didn’t already have a tv in the bedroom. No tv = dealbreaker.

  • Daisy Steiner

    So, she is worried that they’re turning into an old married couple who doesn’t talk, and when she’s pissed at him, she picks up and goes to Dubai or some such place? That’s some fine communication, there, Carrie.

    • hutchy

      Well, she got one part right, she is crypt-keeper levels of ancient.

      • TLH

        LMAO!!! You couldn’t be more right!! Those closeups of her face were awful!!

  • Sylvia Cornejo

    Yes I kinda agree she kinda made me mad at getting mad at big hello did u see that apartment they were living in, man she has it all!!! that closet come one!!! he works hard he should have what he wants…he gave her everything…that was the woman though he married she was kinda a money type of person on buying expensive stuff I understand her dileman, but I understand what he wanted, me and my husband want a tv a flat screen in our bedroom to watch tv at night we love doing that although we don’t always agree on what we watch though..

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    LOL my mom did celebrate when my dad got a flat screen for the bedroom…the only problem is when they fight over the remote.

  • Elyse

    My boyfriend and I agree about having no TV in the bedroom. We have one in the living room with cable and another one in the guest room with an xbox hooked up. We can watch or play on these TVs during the day but at night in our room it’s reading and sleeping only. Occasionally I will bring my laptop in the bedroom. While I wouldn’t have been furious at BIG I wouldn’t have been happy either with him bringing a TV in the bedroom without asking first. I don’t remember seeing Carrie watch TV ever so I am not surprised by her reaction.

  • Crystal

    Just like anything else, it’s how you “deal” with the tv. If he does indeed turn into a guy who does nothing but watch tv, then you have a discussion about that. You can become a couple that doesn’t talk with or without a tv in the bedroom.

  • east28

    I once heard somewhere that a study showed that couples without a television in their bedroom had more sex on average than couples that did have a television in their bedroom. has anyone else heard this?

    • Deb

      I think the amount of sex you have depends less on the presence of a TV in your bedroom and more on the amount of children you have. TV’s have off buttons – children don’t!

      • Sarah L.

        Amen to that!

      • Sheli

        LOL. This. So this!!

  • Carrie

    I have heard, as east28 said, that TV can cut down sex in the bedroom. However, I am a television major at Boston University, and I love TV just as much as Mandi does. I watch almost 20 hours a week and I think it’s insulting when someone tells me to read a book instead. Imagine a couple in the bedroom getting ready to go to bed. Can’t reading stop them from having sex, too? To each their own.

    • lolly

      television major? that’s money well spent. Hope you didn’t go into debt..

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