Adam Lambert rep: Report about canceled 'American Idol' finale gig was 'completely fabricated'

Adam-Lambert-new-photoA report by PopEater columnist Rob Shuter claiming that American Idol producers nixed Adam Lambert’s performance on the season finale because he failed to show up for rehearsals is filled with “false information,” says a rep for the season 8 runner-up. What happened, says 19 Entertainment’s Roger Widynowski, is that, like most major Idol grads, Adam was approached by producers about being a part of the telecast, which included seven out of eight previous Idol winners and a stage full of additional bold-faced show alumni paying tribute to departing judge Simon Cowell. Lambert, however, came down with a case of laryngitis over the weekend, and with his Glam Nation tour set to begin June 4 in Wilkes-Barre, PA, he was promptly placed on vocal rest. “He was never confirmed to do the show. He never skipped rehearsal,” adds Widynowski.

The PopEater article, however, quotes an unnamed source claiming that Lambert “did not show up for rehearsals, sending producers scrambling because they weren’t sure ‘if Adam is sick, being a diva, or worse, planning something that he does not want people to see.'” It goes on to say that Lambert wasn’t “interested in changing his performances to suit [Idol producers’] standards” and that “his non-appearance will be played off by claiming Lambert is sick.”

“That’s completely fabricated,” responds Widynowski.

One fact Widynowski and Shuter agree on is that Lambert did send out a Tweet on May 19 announcing he wouldn’t be part of the season-ending telecast. “Unfortunately not performing on Idol Finale. Guess they have plenty of artists booked. Catch me on Ellen tommorow [sic] and Leno on Friday,” Lambert wrote.

Requests for comment from Fox and American Idol were not immediately responded to. Check back at this space for any further updates.

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  • zoey

    Laryngitis blows. I sincerely hope he gets better before his tour.

    • Simon Paula and Adam FAN

      No Adam, No Simon, No Paula
      American Idol is dead!

      • ika

        Totally AGREE !AI is dead!Last year was a disappointment ,and it happened again!Goodbye AI.

      • Grim Reaper


      • DJ

        I think the “sources” of Popeater were the little voices in their head. LOL! Everyone who works with Adam says how professional he is and he himself said he wasn’t going to be on the show. So Lame arse dug up the local cemetary to get their acts for last night. That show is so stupid.

      • Carly

        Looks like Adam cleared the whole thing up via twitter. Read his tweets @adamlambert I too am sick of so called writers just making things up.

      • sandasavi

        It was dead after Adam Lambert showed up on the scene last year. No one can entertain and sing like Adam, therefor Idol was over after last season. With Simon leaving the show should just be canceled.

      • Lyoness7

        AI lost all credibility picking Off Key Lee as its winner. Two years in a row the real talent looses to mediocre meh. It is such a shame. Adam tweeted weeks ago that he was disinvited to the AI finale. I think that it was known Adam would upstage everyone so he was pulled and that this vocal rest is a cover up.

      • Betty

        Ya got to hand it to America they found a worse singer and more lost puppy to champion this year than last. UGH. Lee will crash and burn and be more irrelevant faster than Kris Allen was.

      • Dee12

        Ricky Minor, the band leader, bailed out, too.

      • Hiro Kitty

        I don’t believe this story at all. Like most gays, he’s a big drama queen.

      • Jogee

        I loved Adam Lambert last year and got alot of his music. But I know I will not be buying any thing from this year. I just loved paula and Simon. It is just not going be the same. How sad.

      • Jet

        Ditto. Idol is done!!

      • Greg

        Hiro Kitty your comment was neither required or desired. You just can’t take that Adam was and is 10 times better then Kris. I’m gay and I’m not a big drama queen. Get over yourself and stop drinking the Kool Aid.

      • Ian

        This show will fail next year. Without Simon and Ricky, hope Ellen does the right thing and leaves too. It was unwatchable this year, imagine how bad it’s gonna be next year. I’m done.

      • dunja williams

        totally agree love adam simon and paula

    • yambo

      What blows is Liberace Lambert and his bitch attitude.

      • Nina

        Ahh…Ignorance speaks. It’s always amusing when people call him Liberace like that is some kind of negative. Liberace was a beloved, World renowned pianist, showman and entertainer who made millions and millions of dollars…and women ADORED him. So Adam has his voice instead of a piano, but check, check and check. If you knew ANYTHING about the man other than your hatred for him having the audacity to be born gay, you would have checked your own “bitch” attitude before typing utter nonsense.

      • Jenn

        You are joking right?? Everyone talks about how great Adam is to work with and down to earth and never grumpy. The people that just shot his music video tweeted about how calm and never grumpy Adam is. He is no diva and never has been.

      • laura

        ur a dambo- idiot
        lee-kris allen same bad singer vote for the worst america hahaha

      • rita

        adam lambert is one of kind artist singer-mr. pefectionist. u have to know that adam/elvis presley-michael jakson and madonna same zodiac sign animal even though different birthyear;these people are gifted.(phsychci traits raeders analyzes. lee-kris allen different category thyre not gifted/
        kris is n ox year born wasnt born a singer just oridanry so lee u know.

    • Monica

      If he really had laryngitis and was put on vocal rest, he wouldn’t be on ellen AND Leno this week. He’s just a diva!

      • Julia

        Um…he came down with laryngitis yesterday. He was on Ellen and Jay Leno last week.

      • Vickie

        You my dear are an idiot. He did both shows last week, which may have contributed to his condition. Obviously you are not a fan of Adam and just trying to be a smarta**. Take your hate somewhere else.

      • @Monica

        STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You SUCK!!

      • karen

        leno and ellen were LAST week!!!! Get your facts straight!

      • Zaphod

        While I can’t chime in and say he was on those shows last week (because I don’t watch Ellen that often, and I hate Leno), I can say that Monica is an idiot. I’ve been on vocal rest before, and sometimes, you are still allowed to speak softly — you just can’t sing or raise your voice.

      • laura

        adam got it from boston concert dont you know?ur ebhind. vocal rest(laryngitis) need rest his vocal.

      • Rick

        Monica… what are you about 7 ?? ELLENT TAPED IN ADVANCE…..

      • @Laura

        No english good speak.

      • JB

        Totally a diva. If this guy ate a Snickers bar, he’d probably turn into Lee Dewyze.

      • Rose T.

        You have your facts wrong, Karen. Adam was on Leno and Ellen last week! (May 19 and May 21). I totally believe Adam. And, in addition, he received enough attention when he was the mentor and had his solo performance on Idol in April. He didn’t need to be there on Wednesday. I’ve been worried about Adam’s health for awhile with all of the traveling he’s done. I’m a college English professor and I lost my voice in late April and had another relapse in mid-May. I’m just now feeling better, but I didn’t take good enough care of myself. Hope Adam really rests his voice and himself before his tour begins on June 4.

    • gerritv

      Yeah, but it’s not like there was any real singing involved in that tribute. He could have faked it. There was never a clear shot of any of the individual singers. Just a wide shot and a trailing camera at the walk on. Guess it didn’t matter anyway.

      • Carolyn

        Please re-read the original statements. Adam was not scheduled to perform on the finale and announced it on 5/19. There was no walk-on, or vocal to “fake”.

        He appeared on Ellen and Leno on 5/20 and 5/21. He was put on rest after the KISS 108 performance (5/22). The negativity and lies directed at Adam (from the beginning) are why his fans defend him so strongly (although some of them too strongly, but I get where they’re coming from).

      • JT

        you ever have laryngitis? idiot comment.

      • Sally

        True. And I thought of that as well. But is there any way the performance would have not included Adam and his glory note? Really? Sure none of the other non-winners had solos, but there is no way the performance would have not included Adam and the glory note. The audience would expect it.

      • Zach

        Adam was not scheduled to be there, but if he had, they would have tried to interview him and he couldn’t just not talk to all his friends etc. No way his doctors would let him go there when his throat was acting up just before his tour.

      • cherry

        no fake ehre. everytime adma lambert sing hes the best ai dint think that way. therefore adam is not invited just a mentor.

      • Denis

        Like a true artist, you probably thought there’d be real singing involved not lipsinging.

      • cathy

        if there was no singing then obviously there was no reason for him to be there. They wouldn’t let him perform because they were afraid that he would have stolen the show from everyone else

    • zeezee

      He just needs more attention as he is still bitter about losing last year and every “career” move he has ever made has been a cheap ploy to keep drawing attention to himself. Getting a little tired of the cheap tricks Adam. People know who you are-you don’t have to keep shoving yourself in our face and trying to steal the spotlight from other, more deserving winners. Sigh

      • Cheeto

        You moron. Bitter about last year? Why would he be? His CD is selling like mad worldwide and his concerts are sold out. You’re right, we know who he is. A talented, kind human being…unlike yourself.

      • Moonlitatdawn

        Sounds to me like you’re the bitter one here because you keep bringing it up (more than anyone does). You think the world of music would function without some kind of attention? No! How the hell did he steal the spot light? He wasn’t even there, doofus, and you bet your ass he would! Half the world loves him right now. He EARNED that by promotion of his MUSIC overseas, not cheap tricks. You care about him a lot more than you think you do. Now, shove it.

      • Carolyn

        Zee-Zee… Adam is an international star and has publicly on air said he owes everything to Idol. He has nothing to be bitter about and probably does the happy dance in his sleep. If you’re looking for bitter, might I suggest you invest in a mirror.. you’re sure to find it there.

      • zeezee

        Thanks for letting someone else have a differing opinion and thought. Everything he has done has been to steal the spotlight…oh why bother trying to explain an intelligent thought to closed minded people like you.

      • tess

        AH! Monica! Back posting under one of your aliases .. I see. Said your prayers for forgiveness yet? Time is running out. Better get busy!!

      • Shari

        @zeeezee Are you mentally challenged or something? Adam was responding to an article making libelous, thoroughly nasty claims about his behavior. How is that “stealing the spotlight” or “shoving himself in our faces”? If Popeater hadn’t posted that false story, Adam wouldn’t have had to defend his professionalism.

      • Tom

        Right. That is why he was on there a few weeks ago and mentored this year. Yawn!!!

      • Jody

        Think you are bitter that Adam continues to get more publicity than Kris. You are too close minded to comprehend that Adam’s fans still care about him (unlike Kris’) and to the viewing public he is infinitely more interesting than Kris. Both nice guys but one much more exciting. Get over it.

      • priscela

        adam always be an americas national traesure i clal adam lambert a perfectionist good heart good human being good excellent voice. one of a kind singer.
        michael jackson-elvis presley
        and adam lambert the same animal zodiac sign animal even though different birthyear/ its says gifted voice coincidence?
        classic example geat singers are; madonna/adam/elvis and michael jackson these guys are the same animal zodiac sign theyre gifted good voices.
        lee-kris allen non singer. theyre not gifted;

      • Ravanne

        Oh yes, Adam is so obviously bitter about losing. He’s miserable that his album went gold in the US (and gold and platinum in several other countries), his single has gone platinum and is leaving next week for the first show of a sold out concert tour where he’s the headlining act. He’s been on the cover of Rolling Stone, labled as one of People magazine’s most beautiful people, and has regular appearences on national television. So he’s supposed to be bitter that he wasn’t invited to make a brief appearance in what was arguably the worst AI final show ever? A man who got to sing with KISS and Queen is going to be upset that he missed out on seeing Chicago and Hall and Oats. Please… I’m so completely fed up with people trying to start controveries where there aren’t any. Adam has expressed numerous times that he owes his current success to AI and is hardly running away from the show. And let’s be honest… do you really think AI needed him to show us just how weak this year’s finalists really were?

      • CherelleDay

        @zeezee foolish comments from an obviously ignorant and shallow hater . . . there were no other “winners,” merely mediocre garbage the mindless sheep of middle america voted for as automatons . . . .

    • Robbie P

      Ironically, Adam blows as well :)

      • Ann

        Ooooh you got any stories to tell? First-hand experience?
        Please share and no need to skip any details!

    • Jenn

      Why is it that people aren’t getting all worried and freaked over David Cook and Daughtry not being on the finale??

      • freddy

        Daughtry is in the middle of a tour – it was easy to figure out why he wasn’t there

      • Anon

        David had a prior commitment to a Cancer charity event in KC. Since his brother died of cancer not that long ago, I admire his benevolence.

  • Kenny


    • Dylan

      Thanks for the clarification Michael, I never believed anything Rob Shuter said in the first placer. He only edited in the part about Adam tweeting a week ago AFTER he got comments on his blog saying he was misinformed. Rob has lied about Adam before in regards to his other appearance on Idol when he sang “Whataya Want From Me”. It’s sad to me when reporters always want to try and stereotype a gay man and say they are divas, especially when that said writer is gay himself. Why always trying to bring down one of you own, I don’t get it.

      • Jason

        POP EATER are the same site that started the rumor about Lambo getting back together with his ex, the same ones who completely misquoted his Subo answer to a question about her album, and a bunch of other B.S rumors including flat-out replacing his words of support for Ricky Martin’s coming out into something entirely different. Is it a coincidence the writer for all those articles was named Rob Shuter. What’s up with that? Dude is there something you wanna tell us? How do these ****** continue having jobs.

      • Tom

        Popeater is associated with TMZ. That says it all right there. Garbage bag rag…

      • Dan

        Shuter still has his job because every time he pieces together another fabricated little story that mentions the name Adam Lambert in it, their otherwise irrelevant little gossip site gets massive hits and comments AND gets quoted and linked by other media outlets who hope for hits and comments, too.
        Shuter and PopEater don’t give a rat’s a** about Lambert or any other celebrity, they’re just using their names to make more money.

    • Blondiegrrl

      Maybe Rob Shuter made a pass at Adam and got turned down. That would explain his bitterness. ;)

      • JT

        LOL….. most likely.

      • @Blondiergrrl

        Orrrrrrrrr… Adam made a pass at Rob Shuter and totally succeeded – which is the only reason Shuter is giving this attention-ho a few more minutes in the news.

      • Dylan

        @Thu 4:24 PM: LMAO! HAVE you seen Rob Shuter? Never, in a million years would Adam be interested in that. Rob Shuter was fired by Jessica Simpson for doing a sh!t job as a publicist. If even Jessica Simpson thinks your crap, you have a sad life. lol :-)

  • Melissa

    GEEEEESH. I really wish Adam would have been there. It was such a boring finale. Where’s Adam when you really need em?

    • Billy Flynn

      Boring? How can you say that????
      They had CHICAGO performing!

      • Karlover

        And Chicago SUCKED.

      • RBlues

        I know the group Chicago is legendary but c’mon, that performance was painfully embarrassing. Someone up there was having a “Peter Brady Moment” and poor Lee had this look of, “WTF is happening here? Casey gets Brett, Crystal gets Alannis, I got this Hot Mess?”. It was hilarious!

      • Jenn

        The whole AI show was boring this year. Turned it off half way through several times. The finale was a real snoozer! They needed Adam Lambert more than he needed them.

      • Zarah

        The way that yawnfest of a finale went, they should have BEGGED Adam to perform or at least be there…
        Last year they had bands like Kiss and Queen but this year… that was almost painful to watch

      • Kay

        OMG Chicago SUCKED!!! I could’t believe Lee got stuck with them! The only part of the finale I really enjoyed was the crystal/alantis performance. Otherwise I was very confused as to what century we were in! (yes I know Alanis is 90’s, but that’s at least CLOSE to the 2000’s!) I kept waiting and waiting to see Adam! And David Cook!

    • bunnyslippers

      Hey, what was boring about the endless parade of incredibly, incredibly old men singing songs from three decades ago? Get offa my lawn, you d@mn kids!!

    • Barbara

      I wish David C and Adam had been there….then I would have watched. I really didn’t care this year who won… was a lackluster season…the worst ever. I have a feeling that Lee is going to have a hard time finding fame.

    • sharon

      last season i could not wait to see what adam was going to sing,u werealways in suspence,he will be a legend before his career ends! i was so diapointed he was not there! my ultimate dream would hav

      • sharon

        to finish my reply my ultimate dream would have been for shibon to introduced adam an for them to have sung together,she is unique like adam! i hope they hook up it would be a hell of a show! i am 64 yrs. an mylove of music ,from his 1st song to his last,i told my husband ,now there is a star, the whole package . he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ginger2

      I agree. I could not believe Adam was not there. Well, yes I can. He would have upstaged everyone else.

      • Stormy

        Like a Rolls Royce in a lawnmower showroom.

  • cr

    Thank you for straightening out that purely fabricated story. I don’t know how people are just allowed to make up stories and in the process hurt people’s reputation. Thanks again for setting the record straight.

    • Lynn

      I wish people would stop believing everything they read. We know now that writers, bloggers, journalists don’t have any ethics and will lie to get their stuff read. Its a shame nothing’s done about it.

      • pish posh

        Yeah. there used to be such a thing as journalistic integrity. But in this day and age of tweeting, texting, and blogging, the “writers” (i use that term oh so loosely) of these “articles” are too busy trying to stir up controversy to get site hits and/or be the first to scoop a rumor to even begin to have any integrity. they lie and then the lies take on a life of their own. I still hear rumors stated as fact even though they were proven to be lies five or more years ago. People are still trying to say that Beyonce is in her 40s, for example. Just stupid stuff….

      • Stormy

        If you think they’re bad in the U.S. you ought to see what they get away with in the U.K.!

  • Beabbe

    The truth will set you free. Take care of those Vocals Adam. See you at the show. I guess the fabricator needed some negative attention.

  • D.

    Ok, Slezak – I know you’re just reporting the “facts” as they’re told to you, but COME ON. Adam tweeted more than a WEEK ago that he wasn’t going to be at the finale – seemingly persona non grata, for reasons unfathomable. That can NOT jive with the whole laryngitis idea, at all. FURTHERMORE, he tweeted about singing in rehearsals just 2 days ago (during the weekend, mind you) – so, clearly he was NOT on “vocal rest” this weekend. It’s not your fault that people are lying out their a**es, but please point out the clear unfathomability of their claims.

    • allis05

      I think he may have started vocal rest on monday… at least that’s when the Seattle radio station tweeted that he had to cancel their interview.

    • Chris

      Hmmm…Adam must be a precog to know he would be on vocal rest a week ago as per his tweet.

      • sumwhut

        you picked up on that too.

      • Rose

        I think you are confusing the vocal rest, a recent development, with the fact that Adam said a week ago that he would not be performing a solo,as many of his fans were asking if he would sing his new single on the finale. No precognition needed. I am sure the last thing Adam wants with his tour coming up is a problem with his voice.

      • Beauty

        Adam never said a week ago that he wouldn’t be performing on the AI finale due to “vocal rest”. He said he wouldn’t be doing so because “they have plenty artists booked”.

        Performing is different than making an appearance. Being a part of the finale tribute to Simon Cowell, singing a line or two along with many others doing the same, doesn’t exactly fit the performance definition as he and certainly his fans would have defined it.

        Unlike Kris Allen and Carrie Underwood, he was not granted an opportunity to perform his new single, as they did. It appears from the article that he WAS, in fact, invited to appear in the tribute. But since it involved vocals, of any kind, he couldn’t do it due to vocal rest.

        Also, just because you’re famous doesn’t always mean you have access to health specialists 24/7 either. He very well could have rehearsed with his vocals over the weekend and afterward realized there was a real problem – as most people find health issues after the fact do. It’s very likely a doctor was called on Sunday or Monday and seen during the next day or two. That would fit this timeframe.

      • Stella

        The Idols are pretty good at lip syncing for the group numbers. He could have faked it with all those people singing on stage and no one would have known the difference. C’mon guys. Don’t make up excuses for him.

      • Blondiegrrl

        Stella, Adam does not lip sync. And I, for one, am very grateful to him for that. I despise fakers.

    • tina

      Pretty sure his tweet was in response to a solo performance, because that’s what he was being asked about on Twitter around that time, and the Simon song came up after that. It sounds like they never confirmed him doing it and when rehearsals started it he was on vocal rest.

    • CarloC

      You are also fabricating information. Adam never tweet about being singing during rehearsals. Did you get that information from the same unnamed source?

    • starla

      sometimes some reading skills are helpful. They aren’t connecting the laryngitis with his non-appearance at all. They are saying he was approached, probably AFTER he tweeted that he wouldn’t be appearing to sit in the audience and he said no thank you because he was busy with tour prep. His vocal rest situation just happened to coincide with the whole thing.

      I’m not sure why it matters anyway? They had the winner of Season 8 on… why did they need the runner up? Does Adam bring that much interest?

      Cook wasn’t there either and neither was Daughtry but I don’t see anyone speculating about their non-appearances.

      • Blondiegrrl

        Thanks, Starla, for being the voice of reason. I adore Adam and would have loved to have seen him on the finale. But all the people stirring up conspiracy theories seem to forget that he was already on the show twice this season, and one of those times he was a mentor (an unprecendented move, considering he is a first year Idol alum). Sometimes, plans just don’t work out. That doesn’t mean there is some sinister plot in the works.

      • Vickie

        Actually you can see a link on here for, guess who, Popeater with a teaser of why David Cook wasn’t at last night’s finale. So I am taking the bait, but I am sure since the Adam thing has been explained they are looking to stir up another hornet nest. Everyone knows that Daughtry is on tour right now.

    • BLEN

      uhhh….. Adam tweeted over a week ago that he would not be performing on Idol OVER A WEEK AGO!!! wake up people. it’s some idiot using Adams name to get hits on his blog….anytime Adam Lambert is mentioned people sit up and notice…. and to accuse Adam of missing rehersals,being a diva are ludicrous….of the course Adams detractors will buy into this and love to put him down…. Who cares…. move along… what’t it to you what happened… people are going to believe what they want…. just remember Adam has a really good reputation around the world, everyone says how genuine,honest,hardworking he is. Everyone that ACTUALLY knows him and has ACTUALLY worked with him all the same good things. So go ahead and believe the cheap lies…… it that’s what you want, it will only be an opinion anyway on something you really don’t know.

  • Molly M M

    i am a little confused… may 19 was a week ago. but he just came down with laryngitis over the weekend?

    • Starry night

      He confirmed on 5/19 that he would not be PERFORMING at the finale, but didn’t say anything about the group finales, which would not have required performance time in the schedule, just participating. Participation did not happen due to voice rest, that is my guess. There is no other reason why he would have been excluded from such a generic group number.

    • Starry Night

      Rehearsals can be a variety of things, especially with dancers, etc. It may not involve his voice all that much, but the band nailing new numbers they did not record for the CD and Adam now wants to perform in concert.

      Just refer to MJ’s “This Is It” so see how, even without laryngitis, he babied his voice during rehearsals.

    • lisa love

      you are absolutely right! he wasn’t being asked to be on it. he wanted to but they didn’t ask him!

  • jenna

    Not really buying either of these stories. I’m sure if Adam could have done his new single he would have been there in a heartbeat and been totally appropriate. But I can understand him not wanting to be part of that lame Simon sing. Whatever.

    • raleigh

      @D, I’d guess Adam’s May 19th tweet referred to a solo performance, not the Simon tribute. He likely had to pass on the tribute when he got laryngitis. Laryngitis can hit you in a day. I’m a teacher, and I hate it.

      • ids10

        He could have gone on the show and kept his mouth shut! Seems he can’t pull that off though!

      • Cathy

        ids10…….I’m not sure what your problem is. He was too busy to give up a night to sit in the audience. I’m glad he wasn’t there. Kris had the night to himself and he sucked big time. That had nothing to do with Adam. I do not see any reason why someone as busy as Adam is at the moment should have given up a night to sit in the audience.

      • kell

        @ids10, rest my case on what an idiot sounds like. Geez , you ever been sick?? besides you are one of the simple minded who buy into the lie… and you are not very nice, hope you never get sick then get kicked to the curb because someone thinks it’s easy . you are sad.

    • Telly

      I agree that this was more about Adam not wanting to be a part of the group sing along, and not about him being sick. But, he should have wanted to take part, he wouldn’t have the success that he has now without this show. It can be corny at times, but it is still the show that launched his career.

      • Rachel

        What about Daughtry, J Hud, Clay, and Kat? What about Danny Gokey?

      • Starry Night

        And several weeks ago he was so eloquent in saying that American Idol gave him EVERYTHING. I don’t think he has any issues with AI. People read way too much into what probably is laryngitis/vocal strain, and delayed response / misperception by staffers who think they know what’s going on, but really don’t.

      • Kiki

        He’s been nothing but gracious and complimentary about the role Idol has had in his success. When he was on the show last time, he said he owed everything to Idol. What more is he supposed to do? Give up valuable tour prep hours so he can sit in the audience and lip synch? That would not be good time management and I’m sure his management — which is Simon Fuller who owns Idol — was on board with him prepping his tour. If Simon Fuller had insisted Adam be on AI, my guess is that Adam would have been on AI.

      • Tagrid

        @Telly – As @Rachel pointed out – there were LOTS of past Idol contestants who weren’t there last night – I’m sure those who had other things to do. As long as Simon Fuller (who owns Am. Idol and also Adam’s contract) was OK with Adam concentrating his time working on his Tour, rather than on this year’s Idol Finale – don’t try to make something of it (ie., that Adam didn’t show because he didn’t want to be part of the Simon Tribute Group Sing. THINK about it! If Adam had joined the folks dressed in white – he’d have wanted to sing with them – which his voice didn’t need. Then afterwards he’d have had to give interviews – which his voice didn’t need. Then, as they’re all together for the first time, he’d have had to attend the AfterParty and talk, Talk, TALK all evening – which his voice surely did not need! Not to mention the exposure to SO many people and germs, which is also something he doesn’t need just before his first concert series.
        I’m sure Adam would have loved to take part, if the timing had been better – but it’s not up to YOU to decide what Adam should and shouldn’t do. ADAM is the ONLY one who decides what ADAM SHOULD DO or feel.

      • rita

        if adam be athe idol finally? adam would upstage everyone-so he was pulled by the producers.vocal rest last.

      • Janice

        To me Adams tweets sound like he wasn’t performing so why take time from his tour practice. Even resting for the tour was probably more important. I am sure Simon didn’t miss him and when he was featured on the show this year he said numerous times how much he appreciated AI and th AI fans. If you stop to think, there were many alum not there whith probably more important things to do than walk on a stage, clap and leave.The stage was crowded enough to get the point. “Love you Simon”

    • Carl

      It was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen on an Idol stage. So bad, I had to change the channel, LOL.

  • Super Sachiko

    thanks SO MUCH for posting this article. i knew from the moment i read that other story, it was COMPLETE CRAP.

  • Karen

    Thank you Michael for caring more about the truth than about getting hits on your site. We appreciate the fair coverage you give all the Idols.

  • raleigh

    Laryngitis is scary. It creeps up on you, and sometimes doesn’t go away for weeks. Got it while traveling abroad once, lasted ten days, and it was hell. Wish Adam the very best.

  • Plegg

    Let’s not overthink this situation. Truth is Adam Lambert was never scheduled to be on this finale. The finale was a show for the winners of American Idol. Last season was still fresh on the minds of viewers. There was no way on earth they could let last seasons runner-up overshadow last seasons winner…which is exactly what Adam would have done. If I were Kris Allen’s mgr., I would have absolutely not have allowed him to appear on stage with Adam in this year’s finale. The fact that information was leaked regarding Adam’s being cancelled because he didn’t show up was strictly to create “drama” AI needed to help bring in viewers in a declining audience. Simple business.

    • Starry night

      Problem is that they had the runners up for several seasons in that group number. He should have been there. He was showcased/honored as a mentor several weeks ago, but no reason to exclude him in a general idols-reunion dreck number. He might have made it better had voice been in form,.

    • Starry night

      Additionally, I don’t think Kris’ (or Adam’s) manager has much say at this point, when a new Idol is to be crowned. I think Kris and Adam would have loved to be on stage together again, a la NY performance earlier this year.

    • tess

      I’m inclined to agree with Plegg. For all we know someone behind the scenes told ADAM weeks ago that his appearance on Idol was a no-go so as not to overshadow last year’s WINNER who happened to be ADAM’s buddy. So ADAM said the roster was filled & he was not needed. Just so nobody would know the real truth. ADAM would never do anything to hurt a friend. You can say all you want about ADAM but don’t pick on his friends & those he loves & feels a closeness with. Maybe he was thinking about appearing on stage with the rest and this lousy laryngitis attacked him on the way home from his gig in Boston on Sat. May 22nd so the doctor said … ADAM .. skip the AI finale & go on complete VOCAL rest instead! Sounds feasible & logical to me!!

      • diana

        Even though he performed week after week in Season 8 and so did Kris, he couldn’t “overshadow” Kris enough to win the show. But now, just by appearing on the show with Kris again, he would overshadow him? HAHA. You are all alike and you’re all crazy.

  • Karen

    BTW, D., Adam often doesn’t sing full-out at rehearsals, he is more concerned with getting the band, dancers, lighting, etc., working together and looking/sounding good … so it is quite possible they could have done a lot of rehearsing over the weekend without using his singing voice.

  • Aden

    Dear Adam takecare of urself. Can’t wait for your summer The Glam Nation Tour. AI9 finale were nothing without you. Who can forget last year of AI8 finale with your bombastic Queen and KISS performances. None of the performances tonight measured up to last year finale. If you were on the finale tonight you could beat X-tina out of the ball park with your impeccable vocal abilities. Love you and can’t wait for ur concert!

  • Cassie

    There’s a difference between performing a song on the show and being part of the group number. Around the 19th there were rumors flying that he’d be doing IIHY on the finale. I read his tweet as confirmation he would not be performing as a featured artist. I’m sure he was planning to be in the group number until the laryngitis derailed him. Adam has been incredible vocal about his support of AI all year, often going out of his way to tell interviewers how wonderful the show has been to him. Any suggestion that he couldn’t be bothered to show up for the finale just doesn’t fit with hours and hours of interview footage.

    • wella balsam

      He was not planning to be in the group number, *if you believe him*. On his own Twitter he says point blank he *was not asked to perform in any capacity at any time*

    • dj

      Sounds like Adam needs to get his stories straight.

      • Lynn

        No, so-called journalists and reporters need to stop lying.

    • Kiki

      According to accounts from others like Blake Lewis, the group number came together at the very last minute. If Adam wasn’t planning on attending because all he’d be doing is sitting in the audience, then he wouldn’t have been there for when they decided to pull this together last minute. He turned down an offer to sit in the audience, NOT an offer to be part of the group sing. Really, this is not quantum mechanics to figure out.

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