'Lost': ABC says final images of wreckage 'not part of the final story'

the-end-lostImage Credit: ABC[SPOILER ALERT] So, raise your hand if you’ve spent the past three days obsessing over what was purgatory, what was real-life, for the past six years on Lost. No doubt, for many of you, a big part of your understanding has included an interpretation of the series’ final scenes of plane wreckage strewn across an empty beach, nothing but the white noise of crashing waves cutting through the deadly silence. Well, turns out ABC just threw those final scenes in there as a “visual aid,” and they didn’t actually have anything to do with the show’s plot. ABC told the LA Times that the network — and not executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuseadded those shots of the beach simply to soften the transition from the emotional ending of the series finale to the 11 p.m. news and didn’t realize that viewers who had been obsessing over every detail of every scene of every episode might have considered the series’ final images as having some meaning. “”The images shown during the end credits of the Lost finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not part of the final story but were a visual aid to allow the viewer to decompress before heading into the news,” an ABC spokesperson told the Times.

I, for one, initially interpreted those images as a sign that everyone died in the crash, which meant everything in the entire series was some kind of purgatory. When I suggested this in EW’s live, post-finale chat, there certainly those who said no, the Island was real but the Sideways World was purgatory. But it was also clear that I was far from the only one who, in trying to figure out just why the show ended with those images and how they fit into the story, came away with that assumption. I’m glad ABC cleared it up, so in my post-show reflection/depression I can just remove those images from the equation entirely. But still, Lost is hard enough to piece together and fully grasp. Kind of a weird move to end the entire saga with incidental footage.

Who else thought those final scenes were part of the story?

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  • Owen

    NOW i am confused.

    • the island was real. it was the most important time of their lives. then some died. then they met up in a gateway to the afterworld together.

      • Brian

        This. I was thinking that, if they all died in the initial crash, there would have been no need for them to gather in purgatory, which Christian said was b/c it was the most meaningful experience of their lives.

      • bingo, brian!

      • CHASE

        It’s not that hard to understand. The Island was real. People died and some survied and later on died. Keep in my Christan stated to Jack that time didn’t actually exist. Fat boy, Hurley even stated to Ben that he was a great # 2. That in itself explains that there was a relationship that the two shared for which i am assuming was a long, long time.

      • steve

        you guys should check out doc arzt.com where there is a very interesting and logical explanation of the wreckage scenes. To quickly summerize, they basicly argue that the 815 wreckage is now part of the island mythology. Much like the 4 toed statue, egyptian ruins, etc. Since everyone on 815 is dead/gone (besides hurley) the story of the plane and its survivors is over and is now a part of the islands past which we assume will be discovered by others who will wonder of its importance or signifigance. Just like the 815ers did with other sites that time has passed by (dharma stations, statue, temple, etc.)

      • PLove17

        Midway through season 1 the tides rose “unnaturally” and claimed the wreckage, sweeping it out to sea…

      • spk2629

        Why has this been so hard for fans to understand? It’s like they focused on the last thing they seen rather than the HUMONGOUS IMPORTANT DIALOGUE between Christian and Jack??? If they had all died immediately they would never have known one another anf therefore have no memories, nor any need to reunite in the church. I for one was not even thinking about the as a “big deal/game changer” because the credits were rolling and I assumed that it was just showing the island.

      • Emily

        I’m really glad they released this info. I’ve been arguing with people from work who swore that the final image meant that they had died and I said it was just a neat picture at the end.

      • Matt

        My initial thought was that the plane wreckage was the plane that Lapidus flew out at the end with Sawyer, Kate etc. I’m glad that wasn’t the case, but am I the only person who at any point didn’t think that was Oceanic 815 and thought it was the plane from Ajira 316?

      • Emily

        Matt, that’s a really clever idea. That would have been an interesting endingn for sure.

      • Carrie

        Matt – I also thought the same thing initially.

      • PhillyGirl

        I’ve talked to several people who thought the same as you…so you are not alone.

      • RMB

        I wasn’t sure about the island being real — there were certainly allusions to Dante’s “Inferno,” which spoke of “levels of hell.” So my thought was maybe the island was one level that they escaped to go to another level of the afterlife, where they met up. I had to think on it for a while to come to the conclusion that the interpretation was wrong.

      • Person Who Talks

        Really people, this was quite obvious. I mean, Christian had a two-minute speech where he explained all of this! What’s not to get?

      • Hurley

        To Chase: I prefer Big Boned

      • MSL

        @all the people talking about the plane. If you look carefully, it is clearly an Oceanic plane. The ea is clearly visable in the upper left of the screen. We totally paused the show and stared at it to figure it out.

      • Lis

        To Hurley: LOL!!!!!!!

    • Rock Golf

      I couldn’t figure out what everyone was talking about. The images weren’t included on the Canadian broadcast. It went from Jack’s closing eye, to the final LOST graphic to “Tomorrow on the season finale of The Big Bang Theory those wacky kids are at it again!”

      Frankly, you Americans got the better deal.

      • Sad Lost is Done

        Yes they were…CTV showed the images.

      • Amanda

        My CTV footage didn’t show them either.

      • cancan

        My ctv broadcast didn’t show them either. It sounds like abc ruined the end a bit.

      • dance2thebeat

        They didn’t show it on my broadcast either and I am VERY glad!

      • beef

        definitely didnt ruin it if you didnt put extra meaning behind it. i liked the addition.

      • Becks

        Thank you! I thought I was losing it, because I didn’t see it on my broadcast either (although I had it tuned to ABC on the satellite, the bloody Canadian feed overrode it – grrrrr). I’m all for supporting Canadian broadcasting, but they cut off too many previews at the end, not to mention the ads in the Superbowl!!!

      • mrcr

        I missed it on CTV to and I thought I missed something important! Glas to know I didn’t! :)

      • Melissa

        Glad I missed that. I would have been more confused!

      • Rob W

        We Canadians also missed what were described as an amusing series of Lost-themed ads for Target stores.Oh well,I’ll trade that for high-quality free health care anyday.

      • dontfwithflo

        Rob W…hahahahahaha agree

    • MLL

      I just looked at it as a commentary of “and here is how it all began.” We knew the big pieces of wreckage were still on the island somewhere. It’s not like the Losties had any reason to push the engine out into the ocean. However, it would have been more powerful to have the finale end with Jack’s eye closing. Dumb ABC executives and their dumb decisions.

      • Luis

        I agree with you 100% It was clear that ABC needed to fill those additional minutes with something to get to 11:30, so they chose that image as a “here is how it all began” thing. And, yes, the show’s ending would have been much more powerful with Jack’s eye closing. But I guess ABC could only sell so many ads to Target.

      • Anna

        The last scene of Lost WAS Jack’s eye closing. The wreckage had nothing to do with the ending of Lost. It’s better to show that than blasting the local news right in your face like people in other countries saw(or whatever was on afterwords). Just like Matthew Fox said during the Jimmy Kimmel special, he knew the end would be Jack’s eye closing from the very beginning.

      • Luis

        Anna, in retrospect, I actually agree that this was a much better transition than, “Coming up in your local news, a bank is robbed by labrador!”

      • Tenley

        I actually thought in fact they all died with the plane underwater as was shown several seasons back, with Faraday watching on his tv the footage, and that Locke’s father had been correct about his son being dead and his son not knowing where the two of them were.

      • Kristine

        I am glad we received both the image of Jack’s eye closing AND that we were left with the image of “wonder if they all died from the onset, then this amazing story would not have unfolded, we would have never known them, their lives, this struggles, their redemption.” Wonder that the alternative was that there were no survivors. No LOST.

      • Carole Ann

        @Tenley: the underwater wreckage was staged by Widmore, although he tried to pin it on Ben. It was explained in season 4 that Widmore had purchased a plane and raided some graves in southeast Asia (I want to say Vietnam but I could be wrong) to keep authorities from continuing the search for the wreckage and, thus, the island.

    • LOL

      46% of people are stupid.

      • Sarcasman

        67% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

      • Skip182

        99.9% of statistics are incorrect. Let the irony sink in.

      • Linda

        How old are you? People that felt they were all killed in the plane crash and believed that their purgetory was wandering around that island for six years have a right to theeir opinion without being called stupid. The wreckage was very meaningful to them and they chose to believe in the peace they got from their belief. Lighten up!

      • really

        Um…maybe stupid isn’t the nicest way to put it, but if those 46%, now 50%, including the author of the article unfortunately had taken a second look at the last 10 minutes of the finale, or paid closer attention the first time, they would’ve understood that the idea that everyone died in the crash is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.

      • Julia

        Really, I don’t know if my IQ could hold a candle to yours, but incredibly enough, even though I enjoyed Lost and am interested in it enough to read these articles on EW, I thought the wreckage indicated everyone died and did not bother rewinding the whole show and listening to everything closely … It’s just a tv show! And thinking that everyone had died and that all the cool intervening stuff was just a purgatorial session did not give me any peace, Linda. I think the whole spiritual aspects of the show are kind of … uninspired b.s. Gasp, heaven is where all the people who love you wait for you with smiles and hugs! What a surprise!

      • Wanda

        The fact that you chose to believe a long ridiculous religion-inflected speech by an alcoholic, neglectful ghost of a father over shots of wreckage doesn’t make me stupid. That speech was thoroughly unbelievable as a wrapup.

    • Mark

      I attended the LOST Finale Party at the Orpheum in LA. I had a hard time hearing some of the vocals (commercials were loud and clear), so I was relying on visuals quite often.

      LOST plots twisted and turned the entire run. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that you or I would have read something into the wreakage final images. I, for one, was deceived from those thoughtless images. Those of you who got it right away, bravo for you. Thanks for rubbing salt in the wound; not very redeeming. Perhaps we may find your souls stuck on the island, like Michael, with whisperings of, “You stupid moron”.

      I now need to de-program what I thought I had seen and my conclusion of the story.

      But hey, I spent the whole series changing my thoughts on what was going on without any frustrations. I was enjoying the process. It’s just too bad this had to happen at the absolutely most critical moment in the series.

      • Kirin

        I agree with you 100%!

      • ani

        I dunno…why would you watch the series finale of a show in which the dialogue is so significant at a place where you could barely hear the words. I too noticed that the commercials were quite loud. If i were you, I would have left during the commercials and found a tv rather than sit there and barely understand the show, esp a show that is hard enough to understand as it is.

      • Robyn

        Also agree w/Mark!

      • Jennifer

        I guess there were advantages to watching it at home after all. Better sound, and no-one could see me tear up when Vincent joined Jack at the end. Oh, and no-one could hear me say “What? That’s it? That lame sh*t is how they rewarded us for sitting through all 6 seasons?”.

      • anne

        Personally, I think people who dismiss the idea that the final images from a show like this would be significant may not have really gotten it in the first place. Lost has definitely been a story that could not be taken at face value. I think it kind of trained us over the course of its run to keep our interpretative options open.

    • BK

      I knew those shots of the plane wreckage were just transition shots put there by ABC. Obviously the last shot of LOST was Jacks eye closing.

      • charlene s

        well bk , i too thought that the last shots of the plane were part of the story , but i saw many footprints ..so i said , oh good the island story was real…

        i saw the last night on tv and hated it. then after reading a few posts i decided to watch it again.. it was much better and made more sense to me and was much sadder to me…

        question ….. if clairs baby was part of the ocianic 6 with kate and when she went back to the island .she left the baby with claires mom…. why was the baby in the church ???????
        was the ocianic 6 story line fake also ???? i am still confused on many parts..
        but i still think it was one of the all time great series…..must be thought of as scifi though…

      • Matt

        What do you mean by fake? Nothing you saw happen BESIDES for the SIDEWAYS world was fake. Everything else you saw involving the island including them leaving ALL REALLY HAPPENED.

    • boocat

      Did you watch the last scene with Jack and Christian? Apparently not….

      • Wanda

        Did you believe the last scene with Jack and Christian? Apparently you did.

  • Shamrock

    Just your typical overanalyzing viewers looking for something that isn’t there.

    • harry


    • Daniel

      Except that it was there, and a show that is as dense as Lost incites thinking or overthinking.

      • Brian

        Exactly. It was really done without thinking.

      • colin

        The show was not that dense. Full of allusions, yes, but not with any meaning. See: the creator in the pre-show saying they named characters after people the writers liked. No further significance. Hope you all had fun chasing those pointless clues for six years.

      • Bettyski

        @colin – The writers didn’t just name the characters after people they liked. They are named after philosphers, physicists and authors that the writers liked.

      • dt

        actually colin, I did have fun chasing clues..that’s what TV is for..entertainment..

      • Chris

        Colin, why don’t you go watch American Idol or some other stupid reality show. Don’t worry, they’ll dumb it down enough for you.

      • Andy Bluebear

        BettySki, what colin meant, I am guessing, is that there was no relevance to why certain characters were named after certain famous writers. They just thought it would be cool to have characters named Locke, Roussue, etc, as opposed to having an actual reason why they were named after those writers.

      • Luis

        @Chris. Geez, I really don’t think that this overly aggressive response to a basically innocuous comment is really necessary. This is why us Lost fans have such a bad reputation. “HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING EVEN VAGUELY NEGATIVE ABOUT THE GREATEST THING EVER CREATED BY MANKIND!!” Relax, buddy.

      • Andy Bluebear

        @Luis, thanks. I am tired of having people assume that when we criticize Lost, that makes us dumb, unsophisticated hicks who can’t appreciate a good TV. Like, if we don’t like something about Lost or point out what we think are genuine plot points, etc, that makes us dumb or something. It’s refreshing to see someone take a level-headed view.

      • spk2629

        @ Andy Bluebear:

        You are my hero, dude. I swear it has seemed like that so often this season and I couldn’t believe how rabid a portion of the fan base had become. Wow…someone needs a Quaalude.

      • Luis


      • Anna

        Woah, talk about an over-reaction Chris! He’s simply stating his opinion, take a chill pill. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I enjoyed the ending to Lost, some didn’t. Doesn’t bother me one bit.

      • O. Pete

        for better or worse, it’s a tv show, not a novel. it was written by committee with deadlines, not an author with a lifetime and a vision. it is what is. if you still can’t cope, find a BSG fan and ask for a hug. they’ll understand.

      • Bret A.

        I agree with Luis, dont be negative about the greatest tv show ever. NO show will ever surpass Lost

    • Juneau

      Amen – Brotha. It wasn’t really the show that drove me so crazy the last 6 years, but the endless over-analyzing and pointless theorizing on the web. That’s what go everyone confused.

      • dt

        then why are you in this comment string??? Its for people to who did like Lost and want to explore theories..go comment on some other show

      • Rebecca P

        @dt who are you to determine for what type of viewer this board is intended? IMO this board is for people who want to comment on Mr. Bruno’s article, not for people like you who want to put ridicule otherx. Why don’t you go comment on Fox News message boards?

      • anne

        If the commentary drove you crazy couldn’t you just have stayed away from the recaps, lostpedia, etc and just watched the show?

      • anne

        actually, I would say that the way LOST took on a life of its own outside of the televised episodes is one of the main things that set it apart. In the future, people will be able to watch the part that was on tv, but I don’t know if they will be able to experience the commentary aspect. I don’t think they will be able to appreciate how intense it could be while we were trying to make sense of it all.

    • Ceballos

      Well, this IS the fanbase who theorized that the fact that Sawyer and Hurley were the only two characters not looking directly at the camera in the recent EW covers meant something.

      However, I can’t kill anyone who read something into the empty wreckage because, like it or not, it WAS part of the broadcast.

      • nodnarb

        I wish someone would compile a list of the wackiest Lost theories over the years. Richard Alpert is the sun god Ra, there were 2 smoke monsters, Adam and Eve must be Rose and Bernard because the rocks were black and white (LOL!), etc, etc, etc.

      • Vince from NYC

        Yes! Jensen should publish all of his recaps..

      • yes

        nodnarb – great idea! This would give Jensen something to do over the summer – get out all those crazy theories and see what was up. I forgot about the Ra thing, but it does remind me of all these theories people had over the years.

      • Jill

        Anything by Jenson was wacky. Did any of his sh*t pan out? Seems like he was wrong about a lot of the show. I remember early in season 1, one of his theories had something to do about Aaron projecting something which was affecting the plot…oy, Doc, enough with the wacky tobacky when you watch TV.

      • Skip182

        Actually one very big thing panned out: He guessed several seasons ago that the Lost seasons were mirroring themselves, and that season 6 would end up mirroring season 1 thematically, and he was right. As far as I’ve seen, he was one of, if not the first people to theorize about this. For all the things he got wrong, he did get some things right.

      • Ron

        I am one of the 46% who thought the wreckage was important. It still fit with my interpretation, however. Jacob used the dead Losties to fix his MIB problem. Since they were all spirits, it follows that Hurley and Ben could continue on as protectors of the spiritual island. So, it was all real, but in a spirit world. Then the sideways world fits as the conclusion of the Losties story as they move on to the whatever comes next.

        That said, the official explanation of a way for viewers to transition is acceptable too.

    • Jason C.

      Shamrock: The problem with your analysis of overanalyzing viewers is that Lost was meant to be overanalyzed. I understand that they wanted some way to transition, but I think they should have found some other way to do it. It appears I didn’t take the same thing from this that other people did, but I thought it was a clue to how the ones on the plane died, saying that Kate, Sawyer, and the rest didn’t make it off the island and that’s how they died. ABC should have found another way to do it, a studio should never step in on a creator’s work.

    • Momo

      Exactly. People are STILL trying to interpret the footage of the wreckage–even after ABC just said it was footage THEY added. There is nothing to interpret. It was not added by Darlton. It was just additional footage as a goodbye to the show. This would not have been noticed on any other show. I’ll miss the Lost fans as much as I’ll miss the show.

    • HReyes815

      Thats what I like about LOST.Its whatever YOU think it is.

  • yes

    Lost fans got so used to finding meaning in everything.
    I think it would’ve been better to do some kind of tribute to Hawaii or the cast & crew. Something that would obviously have nothing to do with the actual story.

    • Stacie

      That would have been better. Even shots of the Island without the wreckage would have been more easily interpreted.

    • Chris

      Or maybe just a black screen so we could have let it all sink in. I liked how they muted the “bad robot” part. =)

      • Darcie

        totally agree about the bad robot muting, and glad someone else caught that

      • Ltish

        I liked the muted Bad Robot, too & instead of the “clunk?” when LOST appears it ended on a sweet tinkle of music…a final note from Michael Giacchino or JJ? Didn’t the beach wreckage appear after the Bad Robot which to me signifies the end?

      • Lostie

        I like the muted “bad robot”, they also changed the black “LOST” at the end when we didnt hear the “THUD” when it appeared.

        RIP LOST(2004-2010) :-(

    • kellybelly

      Yea, instead of showing the trash on the beach that has to be cleaned up.
      I, for one, thought that the wreakage footage was the equivalent of am empty stage, after a theatre performance. It was clearly the 815 wreakage that had been picked over and dismantled by the castaways. AND this was old footage.

    • Andy

      It was so nice for people used to finding meaning in everything to realize that pretty much everything in the series meant nothing.

      I thought the ending was going to be bad, but I have to tip my hat to the producers. There was no way I thought it was going to be THIS bad.

  • Quigley

    Erm… how exactly?

  • knine dr

    I thought the wreckage was the producers way to say good bye, to show us the set on the beach which I assume is still there. (hello, tourists!) Kind of like Sam turning out the lights in the Bar.

    • mary q contrary

      Agreed. I also thought it was a way to come full circle, and pay homage to the original focal point of the series, when it was just about a crash on the beach, and hadn’t gone all trippy (and awesome-er) yet.

      • MaryA

        I thought the same thing. It was just a nice way to reflect on everything that had just happened and remember back to when it all began.

      • marcy

        It was sort of like a postcard image of where it all started. Still I would have preferred it not be included. Somewhat confusing.

    • James

      I saw it is a “look how far we’ve come” sort of homage. Six years ago when I saw the pilot, I never could’ve imagined the story that would play out or how much I would care about The End.

      • gizmodiansky

        That is exactly what I thought when I saw it, and I am an over analyzer of the show. But I still didn’t get fooled, mostly because they were showing the credits and the final LOST image had already played.

      • anne

        wow. very nice observation.

    • Diane

      Yup, that’s exactly what I thought, too.

      • jodipo

        Me too.

      • SLB

        Me too. I never read anything into it. The show began with a plane crash and ended reminding us of that by showing the wreckage.

      • marcy

        In an overanalyzing moment I thought that perhaps all the turbulance of the island beginning to be destroyed could have upearthed some of the wreakage. I know, time to say goodbye.

    • jims

      i was one of the ones that was studying it too much, but i read a comment from someone else that totally made sense to me… that the pics are there to show that our losties’ story is now part of island lore, represented by the wreckage… just like the hatches, temple, statue, black rock, etc. The next people to arrive will wonder what happened to the people of Oceanic 815. I like this idea better than ABCs explanation

      • Q

        Very nice! For whatever reason, these shots didn’t really concern me, and I like your interpretation.

      • m

        i thought the shots were just a bit of nostalgia – but i do like thinking that that the next people to arrive on the island will be wondering about the people of flight 815. that is kindof a cool thought.

      • tomm

        In an early season 1 episode, the rising tides supposedly washed away the wreckage. This forced them to move.

        I see the scene as a ‘good bye’ shot, where it started, etc.

      • Natalie M

        Yes, at first it confused me! We had been hearing so much about the final shot that they had planned since the beginning, I thought these shots of the wreckage were counting as the last shot and had to mean something. I thought at first that the Ajira plane had crashed. The next day I did a little image comparison and noticed that it was the 815 flight after they had burnt it, and that there were footprints. Then decided that it was what you are saying jims – that the plane was another relic of the Island’s story. I actually like it much better without those images.

      • Teresa

        I actually thought it was the wreckage of the Ajira flight and I read some others did too, so I guess we were all overanalyzing. LOL

    • Stevex

      I thought that the shots of the wreckage were a ‘thank you’ to the crew who filmed the show. Do you realize how hard it is to ship a derelict airliner across half the Pacific, tear it up, and set it up on a beach? That was indicative of how difficult the Hawaii crew worked to make the show so awesome visually. I prefer to think of those final shots as a love letter from the producers to the crew.

      • ALM

        My first thoughts were that it was the Ajira plane with the survivors, and then I thought it might be a thank-you/goodbye as detailed by SteveX. Either way, ABC just didn’t think.

      • Adam

        Well then, put out the word Thank you or something. You don’t ruin audience emotion like that. Totally careless. Esp hardcore fans know the wreckage was long washed out to sea / burned / used for the raft. To see that again implies some kind of flash back.

      • Adam

        Put the scene at 9pm instead of 11:30pm would make so much more freaking sense.

      • Heather O.

        This is my favorite interpretation yet. I too was thinking about a special feature I watched where a piece of the wreckage burned more quickly than they had anticipated and landed in front of Dominic Monaghan (sp?). It was unsafe, and sort of freaked everybody out, like, “Oh yeah, fire burns stuff!” Still, Dominic’s reaction was so great (and certainly very real!), they left it in the show. So it’s true that the tech crew had to have been excellent, and deserved a little shout out.

    • Katja

      I like this too! At first I sort of thought that it was just a saying-goodbye-to-the-set move, but then I thought about it more and my end hypothesis was that it was a way to show us that the Island was still there and that Jack had saved it from crumbling into the sea. It’s weird to know that it was totally irrelevant to the story, although I still like my final interpretation in combination with this idea about it becoming part of Island lore.

    • PLove17

      ABC probably pulled these shots from the library of beautiful, almost-still shots they used for the Season 1 DVD menus

    • Ronnie1

      That’s exactly what I thought about the “wreckage” scene…just like Sam turning out the lights in the bar when “Cheers” ended. No hidden meaning…just a final look at the place where the whole story began. It wasn’t the Ajira jet, either.

    • Waite-ing for Doc

      In case anyone was wondering, the wreckage is not still there. I visited the beach where they filmed the pilot last year. I know we all love Lost, but they can’t just leave the set on a public beach. BTW, it was so much fun to visit some of the filming locations! If you get the chance to go to Oahu, you can easily see the beach from the pilot (Mokuleia), the temple where Jin and Sun get married (Byodo-in Temple), and the Sydney airport (Hawaii convention center). Although I didn’t do it, you can also go on a horseback ride through Lost filming locations, I think it includes Hurley’s golf course.

  • mark in nyc

    Network executives…is there anything they can’t ruin?

    • Shamrock

      How? Because some people don’t get it, so it’s their fault?

      • mark in nyc

        because they are not creatives, but think that since they work in tv they know what they are doing.
        The should never touch the product, just get it to market. But becasue of this they confused people and took away value from the show.
        If the writers wanted images of the crash at the end they would have written it in there.

      • Arvis

        If the network execs had never touched Lost, then Jack would have died in the first epusode and Kate would have been the main character.

        Sometimes the execs CAN help improve a product!


      • mark in nyc

        @ arvis, no those were production notes before teh script was completed. Sure put in your two cents.
        When something is shot and completed you should not be touching it except to market it.

      • notes from a Network Executive

        M*A*S*H: Great ending, but how about adding Hawkeye make a wisecrack with a sexual innuendo.

      • henry Gale

        They should have left it alone. Damon and Carlton did an amazing job after JJ left. They wrapped it up so nicely and the plane wreckage confused every diehard lost fan one way or another. Lost fans were created to disect the show because thats what the producers wanted otherwise they wouldnt have filled it with easter eggs, literature, movie references etc. Its been a great journey. Lost fans are loyal, and are the best!!! Im gonna miss this stuff

      • JD

        Hey Shamrock, the point is that the network executives should not have made such an editing decision as important as adding a final scene in the show!!! The executive producers knew the final scene of the show was the most important and had planned for it for the entire 6 seasons. Then, ABC just throws in another scene at the very end with no good reason.

    • Joan

      They didn’t ruin it – people should have realized that once LOST popped up on the screen that the story was over…

      • Adam

        Not true. What if they put up the Saprono family picture right after the fade-to-black shot. That would totally ruin the ending too. You just don’t put something like that at the very ending of LOST. This is not Family Ties, you know. You WANT the viewers to have that powerful emotion.

      • anne

        I don’t know if movie makers are still doing this, but for a while after reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy long credits, they would sometimes have some little something at the very end that would be an ironic commentary on the story. I don’t think that just because the LOST sign came up you should necessarily assume that that was the last word. I’m glad that ABC has clarified their intention, but I don’t think that wondering about the significance of those very haunting images at the very end was unreasonable. Throughout its run, LOST has insisted that its viewers question was was going on and in the end, question the nature of reality. Those pictures go right along with that.

      • Bobbie

        Anne, you are so right on, on this. Yes, after 6 seasons playing with the viewers interpretations, it was inevitable that the loyal viewer would only look at these added shots, as something that would be perplexing.

    • notes from a Network Executive

      Newhart: Love the ending. But can’t we add Larry, Daryl & Daryl in the same bed?

    • notes from a Network Executive

      St. Elsewhere: Wow! What a mindblower of an ending. Just one more thing, though. Can you have the kid drop the snowglobe and whisper “Rosebud…”?

      • Rob W

        Too funny.

    • notes from a Network Executive

      The Sopranos: I dunno. Can you replace “Don’t Stop Believing” with “Rock Me Amadeus”?

      • ericalina

        ahahahhaha, that just made me laugh so hard. thanks!!!

  • TJ

    How could you *not* see those scenes as just filler in place of the promos that are usually there? Do you think the producers would really drop a major plot nugget like that during the closing credits?

    • DeeCee

      Really, I could not agree more. “The show is over but the key to everything will be shown during the final credits!” I thought it was just beautiful scenes of the wreckage. And to be honest I needed the decompression stuff.

    • allie

      never thought of it as decompression – just a moving image from the beginning of the story.

    • Brian

      Agreed. Never even ocurred to me that it was part of the narrative. Lost was over the moment Jack closed his eye.

      • Bobbie

        Yes it was, by why spoil a lyrical and poetic ending with something that was so jarringly out of place! Ohhh, those network suits!

    • anne

      I wouldn’t put it past them.

  • Lynn

    I vote option 3: I wasn’t confused because I assumed they were a representation of the past/passing of time/proof that it all happened. However, it also makes perfect sense as a transition – the quiet really did help it all sink in. Can you imagine if they had cut from Jack’s eye closing to the jarring theme music of local news?

    • Q

      I took it in a similar vein: now that Jack’s dead, Hurley’s Jacob, Ben’s wearing eyeliner and everyone else escaped, the crash site is empty and quiet with just the sound of the waves.

      • LOST in Vegas

        “Ben’s wearing eyeliner”. Love it!

    • G

      Totally agree. On my local news the anchor actually took a couple of extra seconds and smiled a bit before launching into the news – guess he was a fan of Lost, too.

      • cookie

        awww. nice.

  • LGee

    At first I thought that the plane that carried away Miles, Kate, Claire, etc. off the island for that last time, crashed…and then I was like no…it can’t be

    • Melissa

      Same here! But the engine looked too big for their plane.

      • ericalina

        you can also see a line of distinctive “oceanic” blue on one of the pieces — all of the markings were red on the ajira.

      • Joe

        and the striping on the side of each plane is different….the wreckage had a blue stripe and the ajira plane with Kate, Sawyer, etc. had a red stripe.

      • Apparently Joe has trouble reading.

  • Shamrock

    I think what Jacob said to Kate (“it’s just a line of chalk on a wall…”) was a subtle hint that some fans may have taken this whole LOST experience a little too seriously?
    I remember when there were pages and pages on a discussion on whether a sign on Cassidy’s said either No Solicitation or No Smoking.

    • Shamrock

      on Cassidy’s house…

  • Melissa

    I guess it worked, but I kinda thought it was the plane Lapis, Miles, Richard, Claire, Sawyer and Kate were on. Tooo much thought I think went into this 6 year series. I feel kind of LOST!

  • Luddite

    I wasn’t confused. The show began with Jack’s eye opening. It made perfect sense to end with his eye closing. Anything after that didn’t matter to the story.
    That said, I saw a suggestion on Doc Arzt yesterday that we could interpret the wreckage of the plane as one of the new artifacts on the island, left behind by one of the many groups that crashed there. Just like the statue and the Black Rock that our castaways marveled at, the next group to wash up on the island will find the wreckage of the plane and the beach camp and wonder what became of the people that created it.

    • RazzleDazzle

      I agree 100%. I took comfort in the fact that the island was still standing.

    • Andy Bluebear

      Except the wreckage was all either burned, swept away, or recycled by the Losties for the beach camp and the rape caves. There would be no wreckage left for anyone else to find.

      • PLove17

        Future visitors would still find 815’s front section deep in the jungle…

      • Andy Bluebear

        Forgot about that lol Good pick up…though I’m not sure DocArtz and Ludditer were thinking of that part of the plane…

      • Andy Bluebear

        Forgot about that lol Good pick up…though I’m not sure DocArtz and Ludditer were thinking of that part of the plane though when they were talking about that theory…was that part of the plane seen after we saw it in the pilot?

  • dayjarden

    I kinda did at first, but then I realized the end of the show was with the LOST blackout. It’s always been that way. So, yeah, I realized the wreckage was giving homage to the show by showing the iconic images.

    • bamabunny

      I felt the same…wouldn’t be the first time a series ended with images of an “empty set.”

  • I Prefer Jack Hairy

    Couldn’t they just have shown the beach and water without the plane wreckage? Are they serious that they didn’t think Lost viewers would “obsess about every detail.” Duh!

    • Chris57

      My thoughts exactly. Thanks! I wouldn’t be surprised if these were the same ABC execs who thought it was a great idea to have a big, red, obnoxious, ever-present “V” on the bottom corner of the screen during a previous Lost episode.

      • anne

        excellent point! I couldn’t believe that they could actually have thought that no one would obsess over the closing shots from the most obsessed-over show in the history of the world, but they are the same V-clock geniuses, so that answers that. It also raises the question, “How were they smart enough to pick this up in the first place?”

    • T

      That would have been a much better “decompression” picture than the wreckage of an airplane! That image didn’t make me feel like I could take a deep breath to move on to the news, it was a little disturbing, actually, since that spot is where the whole journey began and now it was over. Or, how about just silent credits scrolling to show all of the cast and crew that worked on the show? And yes, it was probably the same execs who had the giant V covering the notes Sun was writing. Thats why they make the big bucks!

      • Adam

        LOL. Yeah, why don’t they just put up a large V at the end? That would totally decompress us.

  • Cate

    If the island was purgatory, and everyone on the plane never met each other, let alone met Desmond or Juliet who were on the island before the plane crashed, why would these people spend the afterlife together? Come on, people. The island was REAL.

    • Vic Romano

      Not true Cate. Over the seasons, the characters seemed to interact with each other all over the world and sometimes years before getting on the plane. To me, it would have been a much better story (even though it would be like Dallas) to have the whole story take place in the few seconds after the crash between Jack opening his eyes and then closing them. A weird “dream” would certainly close more loops than some sideways waiting room to heaven and a bunch of mystery threads dangling in the wind.

      • Monty

        You’re in the minority on that one, and thank god the producers/writers didn’t feel the same way…

      • Cate

        But as Christian said, the most important time in Jack’s life was the time he spent with those people and what he did on the Island. To me, when Jack said “this is real, this matters,” he was telling us that what happened, happened.

      • Vic Romano

        I agree that is how the last 1/2 hour wrapped things up the sideways season but what about all the mysteries of the island and the associated people? Did Jacob or the MIB bring 815 there or was it Desmond’s error in not pushing the button, or was that part of their destiny? Any how did a crashed plane, just back itself out of the jungle, turn around and be able to go fast enough down a sand beach to take off? I guess it is easier to swallow the purgatory story than how the characters got there.

      • Mike D

        Vic – there was a runway, it wasn’t on sand. Remember when they landed, Frank was shocked to see a landing strip. They showed the Others building it back in season 3.

      • Cate

        I don’t find the purgatory story easy to swallow at all. I think it completely negates all the relationships we saw these people forge on the island, and through those relationships, find some sort of redemption for their off-island lives. I think Darlton was trying to say that what these people did on the island was real, and affected them forever.

      • Linda P

        I agree with Cate when she says the purgatory story completely negates what happened. Along with a few others, I choose to believe the whole sideways reality in season 6 were Jack’s dying wish to fix everyone and make them all happy.

      • Ana

        But everyone wasn’t happy in the sideways reality: Kate was still a fugitive; Sawyer was still looking to get revenge on his parents’ killer; Sayid was still running from his past; etc. I still think the sideways reality was what they created when they set off that bomb. It’s the lives they would have lived had Jacob never interfered.

      • Jeff

        Ana, absolutely. The appearance of the sideways world after the detonation of the bomb is too much of a coincidence for the two to be unrelated. Widmore referred to Desmond as ‘Jacob’s fail-safe,’ which I interpreted to mean that the Sideways world, or rather, Desmond’s ability to transition to it and back, was a safety measure that could be used as a last-ditch effort to stop the Man In Black, but through the sacrifice of everyone on the island, that wasn’t necessary. This left the Sideways world as a sort of way-place that the characters used before passing on.

      • Ashley Lynch

        Everything on the Lost island is purposely a mix of science and faith. It’s like the balance between free will and fate. Jacob brought them to the island AND it was caused by Desmond not pressing the button. The island light is both spirtual and an electro-magnetic force. Right from the beginning, Jack and Locke were both right.

      • Skeeter

        Cate, Linda, Ana and Jeff. I think you all have valid points, and this exposes the show’s writing as a bunch of smoke and mirrors. The cynic in me suggests that they wrote themselves into a corner and excused themselves by saying ‘it was all about the characters’ so fans wouldn’t focus on the logical inconsistencies that prevalent in season six and especially the finale.

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