'Dancing With the Stars' winner Nicole Scherzinger: 'I don't feel bad for Evan. He's a fierce beast as well.'

Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, who blatantly foreshadowed her Dancing With the Stars victory by wearing a mirrorballed vest during an interview one night prior, called EW late Tuesday to discuss her season 10 experience. Here is her sparkly story.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Are you still dizzy from your tango? It seemed like Derek spun you a billion more times tonight than in the original.
NICOLE SCHERZINGER: Yeah, Derek and I get really excited in the heat of the moment, and that’s what makes us such good performers. We just feed off the energy of the crowd, and when they’re giving us so much love, we never want to stop. You know what, it’s the last night we get to dance, so why not?

Were you as completely in the dark regarding the viewer vote as the viewers were?
We never had any clue about anything. Derek would know more about that than me. He always told me to prepare for the worst, so I didn’t expect anything. I’ve just been enjoying it so much this past week — it was a win for us already.

Do you think if you and Evan had tied in points, you still would have won?
I really don’t know. All I know is that at the end of the day I just needed to give it my heart and soul and the rest was out of my hands. I’m just grateful no matter what.

Did you feel bad for Evan tonight when Len said that you should be the winner before Evan and Anna had even danced their quickstep?
Not at all! I don’t need to feel bad for Evan. He’s a fierce beast as well. He went to the top of this competition, too. I was just happy that Len paid me a compliment!

How did you feel about some people’s opinion that your dance experience as lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls gave you too much of an advantage in the competition?
I got a hard time for that, especially in the beginning. People said, “Oh, she’s a professional dancer.” No, actually I’m a professional singer, but you know what, I am a performer. But I feel like people got to grow along with me on the show and they got to really know me and say, you know, she’s been fighting tooth and nail for this. They journeyed with me and by the end I felt so much love and support.

Did you feel like America got a different impression of you through DWTS than through your work with the Pussycat Dolls?
Oh my gosh, that was one of the greatest things about the show. Most people just know me in that one light. They didn’t really get to know Nicole or, you know, all the other sides of Nicole. They didn’t really get to connect with me. So that’s what I’m really grateful for.

You got to hug Gladys Knight after your jive tonight. Is she a good hugger?
She’s a powerful woman.

Is Gladys Knight a better hugger than Kate Gosselin?
You can’t compare the two, honey.

Which dance were you most proud of performing this season?
I was proud of every single one of our dances, good and bad, but I’ll tell you what: We did our knockout dance — we tried to end with a bang and knock ‘em out, and I’m so proud of that one.

What was your favorite costume? I liked the gold fringe for the “Proud Mary” jive.
Thank you, sweetheart! Yeah, I was tryin’ to Tina Turner it out, you know what I’m sayin’? I was a little afraid of our lime costumes for the freestyle dance yesterday. But I think the wardrobe department deserves their own award because they’re the ones who make us look so good. They’re magicians.

Do you prefer dancing in pants to dancing in a dress, in general?
Oh my gosh, I love dancing in pants. It was my idea to wear the suits.

I noticed that one week you wore a jeweled headpiece designed by Princess Sparkle, a.k.a. DWTS singer Carmen Carter.
She’s such a beautiful, beautiful, powerful spirit to be around.

Will you wear your nayari around the house if you get nostalgic for the show?
It’s way too formal to wear around the house. I’m gonna wear it out to shine, let people see!

Any plans to return to the ballroom with your new lineup of Pussycat Dolls?
Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna return to the ballroom. I’m gonna return to the music. I did enough ballroom for a hot second. Derek can hold it down in my music videos with his ballroom, but right now I gotta go back to the music.

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  • whatevs

    I don’t even watch this show and I’m still mad at the blatant favoritism for the professional dancer in the competition.

    • mia


    • JC

      U guys are getting annoying now, they wouldnt put her on the show if she was a professional

      • whatevs

        She obviously does if you’ve ever seen her before the show. Your argument is moot.

      • myname

        amen 2 dat

      • JC

        i cant remember seeing her performing Samba, Argentine Tango or Cha-Cha-Cha in any of her music videos or on her tours (Hip-Hop is different than Ballroom) Remember Sabrina Bryan

      • cat24

        “Scherzinger’s Dominance May Ruin ‘Dancing'” – Linda Holmes –
        msnbc.com contributor 3/29/2010

        “In short, at the moment, Scherzinger has no credible competition for the title, which isn’t surprising, considering that the others are amateur dancers and she’s a professional.
        Casting people with previous dance experience is unavoidable when you fill a show with celebrities, former celebrities and dubiously qualified celebrities. But Scherzinger minored in dance in college, and she’s effectively been dancing professionally as part of her singing and performing career for her entire adult life. ”
        ……this article from the internet says it all…..

    • DEEDEE

      Calling the winner before the last dancer was utterly classless. The judges and producers should be ashamed of themselves.

      • vibecat

        I couldn’t agree more with that. That one remark last night got me so pissed! Ruined the whole night, although we ALL knew who was going to win before the show even started; the favoritism by the judges had been showing for weeks. If you think back, Carrie Ann had been making remarks for weeks about Nicole. It would have been “the best season ever” withOUT Nicole.

      • Mark

        You could pretty much call the winner of the season around episode 2.

      • Lorie

        ITA with you. I’m still mad at Len. How rude, unprofessional and cruel!

    • kari

      If Nicole is a professional then so is Evan. What do you think he’s been doing all his life. SKATING TO MUSIC – CHOREOGRAPHED BY ANOTHER PROFESSIONAL!!! I think he actually had MORE of an advantage than Nicole!

      • JC

        and his skating seems more similar to Nicole’s pussycat routine

      • Me

        Yes, jumping up in the air and spinning three and a half times before landing on a 1/4 of an inch blade is such a ballroom dance move, I can’t even believe!

  • Jay

    Joel McHale said it best on The Soup… this show needs to change its name to “Dancing with the Dancers”.

    • alex

      Joel McHale says everything best

      • Lilly

        I love Joel Mchale…sorry, got at little personal there.

    • DEEDEE

      Dancing with the Dancers…next season Mikhail Baryshnikov! Ballet isn’t ballroom just like hip hop isn’t ballroom. Right, Nicole? DWTS was overtly biased for The Ringer!!!!

      • Rach

        Dancing with the D-list

  • raquel

    “But I feel like people got to grow along with me on the show and they got to really know me and say, you know, she’s been fighting tooth and nail for this.”

    is she kidding??!! maybe 100 people out of the millions that watch share that view point nicole. everyone else said, you know, she’s had this rigged for her since day one. golly there’s so many cringe worthy qoutes in here but this one stood out the most.

  • catherine

    derek is an amazing dancer. his choreography is spirited and creative. he makes every partner look good- nicole was gifted

  • Trudeau

    Forget the dancer part, how can she even remotely be considered a star?

    • myname

      well…well..did you ask yourself? uh…should kate be considered a star just because she popped out 6 babies. come on, is that considered a tallent?

  • myname

    blah…blah…blah… if you didnt know by now. evan is also a professional dancer on ice. so what does that tell you.

    • Tripletoesplat

      Evan is a figure skater, not an ice dancer. The skill sets are totally different!! Evan had to to triple jumps, not twizzles, lifts, and point his toes.

      • Q

        I would think Krisit Yamaguchi’s win would be enough to convince you that yes, dancing on ice and off are quite similar. Almost as much as dancing hip hop and ballroom. Different specific skills but employing the basic skill sets of rhythm, movement, choreography, etc.

  • Myeer

    Must be rough for you entertainment reporter types. You can never be too honest or press too hard with these people while they feed you the spin otherwise you would loose access.

    • Elizabeth

      How does one “loose” access? I can understanding “losing” access, but I’m a bit befuddled.

      Maybe next time Annie should shove some balsa wood slivers under Nicole’s fingernails, huh? Get the real dirt!

      • Myeer

        What a clever point you made drawing attention to a typo. Sure convinced me of the error of my ways.

  • Msmandee

    Omg seriously? She’s not a professional dancer? Uh, Buttons video anyone? Come on. For her to deny that is laughable. I love this show, I adore Dereks choreo, I LOVE ANNIE’S RECAPS, I just think that it was ridiculous that they have the nerve to tell her she’s the best dancer they’ve ever had. Come on! Of COURSE she is, she is a dancer. And another commented pointed out that Derek always gets the best celebs with most potential. He does, and I’m sure it’s bc they know he is capable of such awesomeness, they give him someone to keep up. While I think Nicole was TOO much of a given, I think they have to have these figure skaters/Olympians/etc who they know have potential so that the show is fun to watch.. And not a bunch of Kate Gosselins walking around the stage each week.

    Anyway love that Annie asked about the sparkly headpiece! Hahah.

    • myname

      you people are idiots…i don’t think you know the real definition of what a professional dancer is. i recall niecy nash saying on george lopez show that she tried out to be a fly girl for in living color but didn’t get the part. so that makes her a professional too. so is evan…hello? figure skater, practically ballet on ice. so do your homework people before you start talking shit! NICOLE IS THE BEST, WAS THE BEST & WILL EVER BE THE BEST.

      • yourname

        Ok Nicole or Nicole’s family or friends…stalker much?

      • Jay

        Are you seriously arguing that Nicole is not a professional dancer???


        I dont even have to respond to this

    • chistosa

      Derek does not always get the best celebrities with the best potential. Mark Ballas got Sabrina Bryan and Kristi Yamaguchi. Derek had Shannon Elizabeth, Jenny Garth, Brooke Burke, Joanna Krupa None of whom were dancers of any kind. Joanna and Brooke were models, Shannon? enough said. Derek just makes them look good.

      • Me

        Well, that’s because Producer Corky Ballas has to ensure that both of his boys are equally covered in beautiful ringers.

  • Maggie

    “I don’t feel bad for Evan…” even if he is “a beast” how do you think that made him feel to hear Len say that he thought Nicole had already won even before he danced? So not called for. At least when Simon did that during the Season 7 AI finals (David vs. David) he was able to control his own ego enough to apologize to David Cook the next night for the way that he [Simon] had said that David Archuleta had owned the night before.


      The fact that she does not feel bad about Len’s imprudent remark says a lot about her. Nicole, how about, “Yes, it was unfortunate that Len said that before Evan danced. If it had been the other way around, I would have been devastated.”

  • jam

    I would love to have seen Derek get Kate Gosselin. He seems to always get the “ringers”.

    • chistosa

      Not so. His previous partners have been non-dancers, non-skaters non-gymnasts. Mark Ballas had Shawn Johnson, Sabrina Bryan and Kristi Yamaguchi. Maks had Mel B. The closest Derek has come to a dancer before Nicole was Little Kim and she wasn’t a good dancer.

  • Mary Ann

    Nicole. Dear. You received 10’s in Week 2. That means you were perfect…where would “growth” come from? And your W-2 may say “professional singer” but if there EVER was a group where dancing was as big a part as the singing…it’s the PCD!

  • Sally in Chicago

    Question to Nicole: What’s your ethnic background….I see a little bit of color, so are you part (brown/Mexican/Black/Puerto Rican) or what?

    • Sally in Chicago

      In answer to my question she’s part Russian/Filipino:Scherzinger was born in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. Her biological father, Alfonso Valiente[3] is Filipino, and her mother, Rosemary, is of Hawaiian and Russian descent.[4][5][6] In an interview Scherzinger said: “I’m Filipino-Russian-Hawaiian, but people think I’m from Pakistan.”[

    • myname

      what kind of question is that? what does it matter what nationality she is. what benefits do you get by knowing? are you one of her lost relative or something? that girl just got straight up “SKILLZ”

  • Sally in Chicago

    Wow I just read her bio at wiki and she’s fierce…she writes songs and does collabs with other artists…meaning – she’s rich!

    • myname

      da chicks got money, so? she works hard for her money. jealous much?

      • Bibi

        “jealous much” comments are so middle school.

  • Me

    Dear Nicole,

    You are the front woman for a burlesque dance troop. Dance being the operative word. Not many people consider you a professional singer (myself included). And not to be rude, but many folks “took this journey” with you, and each week, fell less and less in love with you. I would include myself in that group too.

    • chistosa

      I feel entirely differently. And the voters did as well. There is no way she could have reached the finals with only the judges scores. Vote for whomever you wish but don’t even try to presume you know anything about the many folks who took this journey with her.

      • Me

        Which is exactly why I said “many people,” as opposed to “everybody.”
        And I’m uncertain how the vote really came into play here. Especially since two of the dances the viewers couldn’t even vote on anyhow. Just saying–all we know is the judges scored. It’s just assumed that she got the votes as well.

    • zoot

      I think most people voted for Derek…who really knew that much about Nicole? and as the weeks went on the more we found out the less we actually liked her..Derek won this competition…Just my opinion

  • Lorri

    Coming in with all of that training, it would have been a bit embarrassing for her had she NOT won. I don’t think that even Kristi Yamaguchi had that much experience, or did she? If so, her’s was on ice. That might take away a little of her advantage.

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