'Glee' instant reaction: Was the Lady Gaga episode its best yet?

Tonight’s Glee was definitely one of my favorite hours of the entire season. I had no idea that it would be so emotional…or that I would be so emotional! Seriously, how many of you Gleeks shed major tears during “Theatricality?” But the episode also had several shiver-inducing performances and laughs. I think that’s why it was so phenomenal: it does what Glee does best which is combining comedy, music, and emotional truths. [SPOILER ALERT FOR WEST COAST VIEWERS]“Bad Romance” was fantastic especially the choreography and the vocals by Chris Colfer. But I think my favorite performance of the night would have to be Rachel (Lea Michele) and Shelby (Idina Menzel) tackling “Poker Face.” Sweet Gaga that was amazing. I had chills and my eyes welled up. That song and scene were so loaded with pain and joy. Loved it.

The best plotline of the evening though was undoubtedly the relationship between Kurt (Colfer) and Finn (Cory Monteith). I don’t think I’ve seen a show on television tackle a gay/straight relationship so delicately and honestly. And if Mike O’Malley doesn’t win an Emmy for playing Burt Hummel, I will be sorely disappointed. That scene between the three of them ranks as one of Glee‘s greatest moments ever. Incredible.

Look for my full recap tomorrow morning! (UPDATE: Click over for Tim Stack’s full Glee does Lady Gaga recap.)

What did you think PopWatchers? Did you cry? Did you enjoy “Theatricality?”

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  • Liz P

    Loved this episode. I’m glad the Gaga songs were kept to only two. I think she is overrated. My two favorite moments were with Finn, Mike and Kurt and Puck singing to Quinn. Such strong emotions in this episode, but everyone was so restrained and believable.

    • Rashad

      The Lady Gaga episode was FANTASTIC!!! This and the Madonna episode are my two favorite episodes of the season so far. I am in love with Idina Menzel…her voice is AMAZING.

      • Eugene

        I was ecstatic about this episode. Best one so far in the back nine if not the whole season. Everyone was on top of the game. From the costume designers to the writers and actors. AWESOME! And I don’t know about you but I wanted Poker Face to keep going forever because Idina and Lea rocked it. AHHHHHH I LOVE GLEE!!!!!

      • Bec

        The Madonna episode was better. I find that every time JESSE ST. JAMES IS MISSING (Johnathan Groff) the show is just lackluster. And where was Sue? I missed them both.

      • Hiro Kitty

        Glee = garbage

      • Dustin

        About Ben O Malley winning an emmy…if its guest actor maybe. Otherwise, your in a queer little pipe dream. Lithgow will win, because seriously he was amazing. And if he doesn’t win, it will go to Terry O Quinn, Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway or Gregory Itzin. TUESDAYS OFFICIALLY SUCK NOW EXCEPT FOR JUSTIFIED.

      • Dustin

        OOPS..my bad. They’re considering Glee a comedy, since it is “funny” when people butcher classics from Amazing bands and devote an entire episode to an artist who’s been relevant for a year. With that said, O’malley against Matt Damon(30 Rock), Rob Lowe(P & R), Rick Springfield (Californication), Jimmi Simpson(Psych) or even Buzz Aldrin, he would be a stretch for guest actor. And..Supporting? NPH, Ty Murray, Ed Harris, Danny Pudi, Chevy Chase, Jim Parsons, Jeremy Piven, Charlie Day, Adam Baldwin, Donald Glover, Dule’ Hill, ETC. Yeah, he doesnt have a chance. Maybe a Kid’s Choice.

      • stan

        I blame High School Musical for this plague of queening, preening, and singing. There’s a reason why many advertisements for this show feature someone holding an “L” up on their head. Many of you fans will not be able to grasp this concept. It’s ok. Sing a show-tune and you’ll feel better.

    • j

      I actually disagree about poker face…they have good voices but after last weeks duet between them i kind of wanted something fresh. the two high points for me were the guys rendition of Beth and Mike O’Malley, who continues to steal his scenes and earn his Emmy with every episode.

      • Nick

        Absolutely agree…. You give two divas a song with no range or complexity. I get what they were trying to do, but do you really think this is the “dream” song Rachel would want to sing with her mother?

      • Bill

        Yeah…I think Poker Face was one of the worst choices they could possibly have made for that scene. They had the chance to do something really poignant and moving there, and they picked the most vapid and meaningless song they possibly could have (not to mention one that would be really, really awkward to sing with your mother)? I thought most of the rest of the episode was great, but that song (and the two horribly lazily written football player characters) was bad enough to almost put me off of Glee completely. Yuck.

      • Deanna

        I thought it was decent, (mostly because they were good singers, not because it was a good song) but there were so many songs that Rachel would choose. I get it that they like to mix the new, the old and broadway, but the were literaly a thousand better songs.

      • mary q contrary

        I kind of disagree with Mike O’Malley deserving an Emmy. I mean, I think his portrayal is wonderful, and nuanced, and I think he’s very talented. But the majority of what makes his performance good is the writing, and the fact that they’re making this character so unlike all of the other parents of gays onscreen before him. There are only a certain number of actors who can be nominated in the supporting actor category, and to say that HE is doing a better job is not accurate. As I said, without the superb writing of his character, Burt would not be what he is. Just saying, though, so please don’t get offended.

      • Maggie

        It’s pretty hard to top “I Dreamed a Dream” the song is just iconic and with these two incredibly talented Broadway trained singers like Idina and Lea, it’s almost impossible to screw that up. While I cringed when they first started singing “Poker Face”, I soon forgot about the song they were singing because it was so fun just to watch them sing to each other. It became less about the song and more about the actors. Watching them watch each other was really cool, kudos to Lea and Idina

      • AcaseofGeo

        You seriously liked Poker Face duet? A 16 y.o. girl slinking around the piano telling her long lost mother that she’ll “Get him hot and show him what I got”???? SERIOUSLY? I LOVE GLEE but that made me cringe, hurl and faint all at the same time. Terrible song choice. How in any realm did the lyrics go with the poignant tone of the meeting? Oh, I get it: They were both hiding their “poker faces”. FAIL. MASSIVE.

      • KRibbons

        Agreed. If I had one song to sing with my mother (and she sang like Idina and I like Michele) it would DEFINITELY be a Barbra. Probably “Piece of Sky” from Yentl.
        They should have switched the Barbra and the Gaga in the episode. Idina should have done a Gaga alone (Funny Girl felt kind of out of place, although I almost died I was so happy to hear it). And the two should have tackled Barbra.

      • jared4ever

        I agree. Poker was SUCH a random and unfortunate choice of song. Why on earth would you sing that song with your long lost mother you’re saying goodbye to? Very strange and distracting. LOVE the episode though!!!

      • mari

        agree, poker face came out flat compared to their duet last week. The episode was pure emotion with Kurt, his father and Flynn. All three deserve emmys. Gaga has great songs could have picked better than Poker Face for them. Bad Romance was the best.

      • BHM1304

        If you want to hear the best television show take on “Poker Face” then the hands down winner is Mr. Eric Cartman. His “Poker Face” on “Southpark” this season made it very very clear that no one else need attempt this song who isn’t “Eric Cartman”. Cartman must have laughed his a^^ off at how lame the “Glee” version was. Talk about overblowing an episode that actually kind of sucked, the entire Kurt/Finn situation is so overplayed it has become just stupid, and made clear the many problems that this show has. I have a feeling the shine is going to start to slip on this show and people are going to give up in droves real fast. What is possibly going to sustain this show into future seasons?

      • jc

        I hated the Pokerface song… it didnt fit the scene… why would rachel want to sing that song???? it actually ruined the episode for me, they had potential to really pick a meaningful song for thie situation… and pokerface… too bad

      • jdman

        I can’t believe you would think that the poker face rendition wasn’t amazing. It was spectacular!! The whole point of “POKER FACE” is to hide how you’re really feeling. Both of these women were feeling excruciating pain and excitement at the same time. This was wonderfully played by Lea’s facial expressions after her mother left the stage. This was a highlight of the show for me, and if you missed the meaning behind the song, I’m sorry you weren’t able to enjoy it.

        I don’t know if I would say best episode yet. It definitely was emotional – the scene with Kurt’s father was fantastic. I still like some of the older episodes (Vitamin D and Sectionals) better than this one.

      • Sara (other one)

        I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one completely confused by “Poker Face”.

      • nodnarb

        “Poker Face” is about faking an orgasm! What do you think “bluffing with my muffin” means? They sang it beautifully, but the song itself was all sorts of inappropriate for that scene!

      • Laura

        Mike O’Malley does have some excellent writing, I agree. But to just say his part is good because of the writing is something with which I would strongly disagree. I am a writer and we dream of someone with caliber reading the lines we write. You can’t have a great actor without a great writer to back them up, so give them both the credit they are due.

      • DivaSoulSista

        I felt it was odd too. This is Rachel’s long lost mother. She’s spent a lifetime dreaming of this moment. For such a theatrical girl (with an equally theatrical mom), I’m sure she had this moment plotted out in her mind and I seriously doubt Poker Face was her choice of song.

        Like KRibbons said, if there had ever been a time for Barbra, this was it.

      • Chris

        Thank god people are saying what I thought when I watched this horrible episode of Glee.

        I felt wrong when I watched “Poker Face” in such a touching scene. I just starred at the television in confusion.

        They tried to duplicate another Power of Madonna episode and failed horribly.

        GaGa is great, however, Madonna has a catalog of songs while GaGa has several songs without meaning and based solely on artistic points of view.

        Trying to make songs with abstract meaning fit into scenes that are trying to tell a story is, made obvious by this episode of Glee, a very bad idea

      • Chris

        Side note post:

        I agree, I’m sure the dream that a daughter in this storyline of Glee would have had with meeting of her mother would have been very Bab’s based.

      • meg

        I agree…poker face did not work. It sounded good, but didn’t seem true to the characters or the situation. Glee Fail.

      • meg

        Poker Face SOUNDED good, but it takes more than that to work. It didn’t ring true to the plot or the characters. Glee Fail.

      • meg

        (sorry about the double–now triple– post. Computer glitches!)

    • Snsetblaze

      I agree – not crazy about Lady Gaga myself but that’s because I don’t think she’s a particularly good singer. Both women and the group for that matter outsang her own her own songs.

      • lily

        go listen to the acoustic performance of poker face or paparazzi. she’s actually quite a talented singer, i’ve seen her live.

      • Tarc

        Yup – that’s nonesense. Gaga ia a pretty terrific live singer.

      • jared4ever

        Gaga is actually an amazing singer. Don’t let all the crazy costume madness fool you, the bitch can sing.

      • Lu

        Jumping on the Gaga is a good singer bandwagon and just want to say that i used to think she was just a talentless hack and that’s why she dressed like that, then I saw a live performance of Speechless and it blew me away.

    • Daniel

      I love love love Gaga. But I think it’s now disingenuous to refer to this as the gaga episode any longer because of the inclusion of KISS. Just as theatrical, and the performaces of those numbers were just as powerful IMO. Especially “Beth”. I also, however, frackin teared up during Finn’s verbal butt kicking by Kurt’s dad. That was actually one of the most powerful moments from any show on TV this season.

    • LOL

      I tried to watch this show tonight to see what all the fuss was about, but after 30 minutes, I’m done. This is just crap.

    • Shawnuel

      Colfer is restrained?!!!???? Yeah, right. He is pretty good, but is prone to serious mugging and over-dramatization. So is Lea Michele, but, it certainly fits the neurosis of her character. For that matter, I guess Colfer’s acting fits his character pretty well also. Their characters just seem more manufactured….less flesh and blood. Is anyone else missing Terri and Emma since the start of the second half? Jessalyn Gilsig rocks. I wonder if she has other commitments?

  • T4two

    I loved the Finn/Burt/Kurt scene. I have always loved Burt, with his acceptance of Kurt (even if he doesn’t get him). He loves him unconditionally. Kurt needed to see his dad side with him, instead of Finn, the son that Kurt thoutht he should have had. It was awesome.

    • Alison

      Mike O’Malley absolutely killed it in that scene. It was awesome.

      • Tricia

        Public Service Annoucment via Glee…. guess it’s better than Hilary Duff

      • Emma

        Am I the only one who thinks that it was wrong of Finn’s mom to make him start sharing a room with guy who openly crushes on him? Come on! Kurt consistently hits on him. If Kurt hit on me like that (I’m a girl so it’s a stretch) and I was forced to live with him, I would be outraged too!

      • Julie

        I completely agree Emma. Who forces two teenage boys to share a room like that? Even if they didn’t have the relationship they do – what mother says “I am forcing you to move in with my new boyfriend and his son; and by the way, you don’t even get your own room.” I couldn’t get past that to really appreciate the performances.

      • Snsetblaze

        There has been no indication that Finn’s mom even knows about the crush.

      • Emma

        Snsetblaze, of course she doesn’t because she clearly never took the time to talk to her son about the situation first. I feel bad for Finn because his mother is not half the parent that Kurt’s Dad is.

      • Rebecca

        Easily the best moment in the episode. From hosting Guts to dramatic acting – damn proud of him.

      • JBD

        I was irritated with the whole scene because I felt like I would freak out if put in the same situation as Finn (i.e. sharing a room with a guy that obviously has a crush on me that I do not share). Of course, the slur was a bit too far, but I couldn’t get past how dramatic the dad was being by throwing Finn out. How about a talk? Kurt always getting a sympathy card is starting to get a bit old.

      • Michael

        And Tricia…you can suck it. Gays constantly have your straight bullsh!t shoved down their throats on a weekly basis. So deal with it. It’s not too much to ask.

      • Me

        I wish all men were like Burt Hummel…I could not stop crying…

      • B

        Agree with you JBD. I’m impressed by Kurt’s dad’s efforts to support his son and to open his own mind. However, I was really irritated by Kurt in that whole scenario. Finn went too far in what he said, but his emotion was valid. He was forced into an uncomfortable situation without being given a say. Kurt was giddy at having his crush move in, and could only think about decorating, assuming Finn would like it. Wrong! Kurt is so insistent on being who he is – Great! – but he needs to recognize that Finn isn’t like him. He says he accepts that, but he keeps pushing, and then gets hurt when Finn doesn’t go along. He set himself up, and I didn’t really have sympathy for him. If you want respect for who you are, you have to give respect to others for who they are. Kurt didn’t do that. I cringed when Finn showed up in the dress. Wrong message. So it’s OK for Finn to stand up for being a guy in not wanting to do the songs the girls (and Kurt) want to do, but not OK for him to stand up for not wanting to live in an over-decorated room with someone who has an obvious crush on him and won’t stop fawning? Come on. Besides, didn’t Kurt’s dad tell him to stop being the victim? Kurt set himself up.

      • Mogie

        Absolutely agree. Mike O’Malley has really shown he has true acting chops with his turn as Kurt’s dad and his guest spots on NBC’s Parenthood this season. Hopefully he sends in this episode to those Emmy voters!

      • Diane

        B: I agree with your post. I think Finn wearing the dress was more of an apology for the words he used, but your point is spot on. Finn felt uncomfortable, and Kurt should have respected that. Even worse, Kurt wasn’t thinking about his dad or Finn’s mom. He was being selfish. Finally, it’s not just about being yourself, it’s also about recognizing that other people aren’t necessarily who you want them to be.

      • Nikki

        I agree. I love the way Burt sticks up for Kurt even when he’s conflicted about his own feelings about his son being gay but we’ve heard this side of things before. I thought they missed a huge opportunity here to really allow Finn to express the other side of the relationship and make Kurt realise that if he expects everyone to accept him for who he is, he could do the same for other people.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Yeah I don’t think the parents realized what they were doing. This particular scenario is riveting but its unfair to force someone (of any gender or sexual persuasion) to share a room with another person (of any gender or sexual persuasion) when one has an obvious crush on the other that is not welcome, returned, or appreciated.

      • KRibbons

        I just now realized: Burt and Kurt.

      • SayWhat

        The big scene between Finn and Kurt’s dad failed on a number of levels. First, Kurt’s dad talks about how he was just like Finn and used the same slur when he was a kid – then proceeds to throw Finn out because he thought Finn was “better than that.” Talk about hypocritical. Then we had Kurt being threatened by the meathead football players and standing up for himself by saying he would take his beating but he would never change because being himself is important to him. Yet Kurt, who knows Finn is straight, will not accept Finn for who he is. Yes, the slur was out of line but the hypocritical behavior of the Hummel men was unacceptable as well.

      • Jenn

        Thank you to B, SayWhat and others. I was really mad at Kurt for pushing his agenda on Finn the entire time. He’s never once stepped back to say, “Okay, this guy isn’t interested in me.” No means no, no matter what your sexual orientation. Finn has said no to Kurt on several occasions, but yet Kurt keeps pushing. I agree that Finn was completely out of line and it was set up so his dad go all noble on Finn, but it was completely unfair to kick Finn out without hearing what set him off. Kurt was equally as responsbile for the meltdown as Finn.

      • Amy

        I think some of these comments reinforce the whole point of the scene. It was about what it means when someone uses a word that is hate speech. Finn could have said a million other things about Kurt’s behaviour, but he chose to say something that was a pejorative term and common homophobic slur, making it an attack on Kurt being gay. I’m not sure what Burt should have done other than throw Finn out – would you allow someone to come into your house and start making comments like that about your loved one’s race/gender/sexuality?

        Yes, the scene could (and maybe should) have been about Kurt learning some empathy and respect for boundaries. The red dress at the end confused the issue as they irritatingly made Kurt a martyr. However, going “yeah Finn said something homophobic, but….” is trying to justify something that is supposed to be inexcusable, no matter how unsympathetic Kurt is at that moment.

        Social commentary about casual hate speech aside, I loved the Twilight Vampire wannabes. Freaking hilarious.

      • Bro

        This show’s message: you can be gay, go after what you want regardless of how many times the guy you’re interested in shows discomfort and no interest in you. When he moves in and shows even more discomfort, change his room around without his permission to something so over the top that he’s bound to overreact, and despite him getting mad at your advances, when he goes too far and says the inappropriate things, your dad will come to your rescue, overlook your obvious methods of making him feel uncomfortable and being disrespectful of his personal space, and kick him out.

        This was by far the worst show they’ve done. I agree with the article, too. The “hey i’m your long lost mother, I love you and I’ve longed for this moment, oh but I can’t be your mom, goodbye” moment, then singing the completely unrelated Poker Face, proves this show needs a new writer.

      • Lily

        SO much fun to read all these comments…Luckily in Season 2, “Duets”, both Finn and Burt reprimand Kurt for coming on too strong on Finn

    • CJ

      Burt embodies the parent that any gay kid would want to have! And someone please give Mike O’Malley an Emmy!

      • mrs mia wallace

        Burt is my new favorite character on the show. I was so proud of him for the way he stood up for Kurt and then says “the room looks great.” laugh and cry at the same time. LOVED IT. Give this guy and emmy!

      • Snsetblaze

        Agreed. I guess it would be for best guest star since he’s not a regular.

      • aleksa

        I wanted to marry Burt by the end of that scene.

      • Deanna

        Who knew the guy from Yes, dear could actually act?

      • Alan

        Best episode yet, and this scene was a big part of that. As others have said, this show succeeds because it has it all – song & dance, comedy & drama, and it appeals to the teens, tweens as well as their parents. Best show on TV right now, and already deserves to be considered as one of the best shows of the modern TV era.

      • Caramia

        My husband and I wer like “Why has he been wasting his time on crappy sitcoms for so many years? O’Malley is a DRAMATIC actor!”

    • Rachel

      kinda feel that this was the only thing working this week. really did not enjoy it. = (

    • Michael

      I broke down crying when he went off on Finn. It was heroic and beautiful. Any young, gay man would be blessed to have that man as a father. I’m so impressed with the way they’ve handled that relationship. I found that scene to be profoundly moving.

    • Lyla

      The scene with Kurt’s dad was my favorite scene. To seem him stand up showed so much unconditional love. It seems their relationship has reached another level, in contrast to Rachel and her new-found mom, whom bot now realize neither are ready for a relationship and must part for now. Their duet was heart wrenching to watch – you want them to have a relationship but you get why they can’t.
      Great, great episode.

    • meg

      I agree with several of you who pointed out the bias in the scene between Kurt and Finn. Finn has never antagonized Kurt because of his sexual orientation, but he was obviously frustrated by Kurts continued (and unwelcome) advances. If this had been a heterosexual situation the behavior that Kurt was displaying would be considered “harrassment.” I like Glee, but they got it wrong this time. While I’m happy that Kurt’s dad stood up for him, it would have been better for him to assess the situation rather than jump to conclusions. While the language Finn used was not appropriate, Kurt’s behavior was even less so. All in all, I didn’t love this ep. I wish they would stop having episodes that were a tribute to a particular artist and let the plot inform the music (rather than the other way around which feels forced and is getting worse and worse). I’m tempted to stop watching and just get the soundtracks.

  • rebecca

    Disappointing! I wanted more Gaga!! Two songs wasn’t enough. Especially when only one of them was a group song.

    • Miss Talk

      Glee is not American Idol.
      What people love about Glee is that, beyond the amazing covers of song, the show stands for itself with believable plotlines and scenarii: the straight/gay relationship firstly between Finn/Kurt/Burt, secondly by pointing out the fact that straight guys usually don’t do Gaga nor Madonna nor any other gay icon; Rachel finding her mom while Quinn is about to give her own baby away…at some point, Glee won’t need songs no more!
      There was no Gaga episode for me, this was all Glee.

  • Lindsey

    I said the same exact thing about Mike O Malley winning an Emmy…this scene had me tearing up. Overall great ep!

    • Shawnuel

      So did I……..in November when O’Malley did such a stunning turn in the episode where he got phone calls from jackass kids, slurring his son. Where have you people been? This guy has been “bringing it” all season. =]

  • annie

    i thought the same about o’malley. that scene screams emmy. and i totally cried. how brave and timely of glee.

  • Tony

    They went a little over the top with Finn and Kurt. I mean, Kurt did orchestrate all of this cause he does have a crush on Finn. And why in this big house are there only two bedrooms and one is in a basement? Finn should not have gone with ‘f@ggy’ but he has every right to not want to share a room with someone who has a crush on him. And, yes, I’m gay. Would you have your teenage son share a room with a teenage girl he has a crush on?

    • Sean

      I agree with you Tony! I was thinking the exact same thing. I don’t think it is sending the right message to say that one cannot rebuff unwanted same-sex crushes. And Finn had a right to be angry, especially with the dunderheaded way the move-in (which he had said he didn’t want, again and again in “Home”) was presented to him. Still love the show but had issues with that. And yes, I’m gay too.

      I also wonder if I will weary of the constant Ryan Murphy reversals, which I first became weary of in Popular. “Poker Face” was not such a teary moment for me–instead I felt annoyed that Idina’s character, who seemed to be someplace completely different the previous episode, is now in a hard, selfish place we have to accept for narrative convenience? Because would it have made sense for them to be all familial going into regionals?

      • Sean

        …and lest anyone mistake me, I do think the F word is unacceptable and *that* aspect deserved a strong reaction…perhaps not that strong though.

      • jared4ever

        It was just right actually. And I hope every dumb jock out there was duly chastened.

      • Chris

        So basically every dumb jock should let an overly aggressive guy hit on them and manipulate situations to be sexual aggressive towards them

        Let’s hope little gay boys realize that if a guy is straight… tread lightly in uncharted waters.

        I’m gay and have known since I was 10 and trust me .. us lil gay boys have a 6th sense when we are pushing too far with things.

        This was a very poor episode and the scene with the father was extremely and basically showed the dad’s blindness to his sons aggressive behavior towards Finn

    • Samantha

      Thank you. I think Kurt should have apologized for orchestrating everything. I hope there will be a scene where his dad discovers this.

    • Jess

      I completely agree, you could tell that Finn has been uncomfortable with Kurt’s crush on him for some time now, so I don’t blame him for not wanting to share a room.

      Saying the f-word was obviously not cool at all, but I wish Kurt had also apologized to Finn for making him feel uncomfortable

    • Emma

      EXACTLY!! Their parents are behaving like teenagers now! If Finn was gay, I bet Kurt’s Dad would have found him an extra room. LOL

      • Kathy

        Burt did say that he would build an addition on for Finn, it would just take a little while. I personally think the parent could’ve waited till it was done to move in, and Finn’s mom should’ve talked to him in advance, but I don’t think either parent was aware of the crush. They probably thought this was a good temporary solution (after all, the boys are friends).

      • Kristin

        Here’s my question… If this house is so much bigger than Finn and his Mom’s, then why are there two boys sharing a room in the basement to begin with? Are we supposed to believe that this house has “2 1/2 baths” but only one actual bedroom?

      • Larry

        Temporary until an addition was built? Just the obtaining the permits for that kind of thing would take six months – and that’s if there are no zoning issues, structural problems, or objections from neighbors. The addition would have a CO (certificate of occupancy) right about the time Finn left for college. A guy like Burt – a small business owner and tradesman – would know that.

    • Laura

      I agree… loved that Kurt’s dad stuck up for him, and of course he should have told Finn that that was not an acceptable way to speak under his roof, but come on, give the kid a break. Not only is he adjusting to suddenly moving in there, but he’s supposed to share a bedroom with someone who obviously has a crush on him and he doesn’t feel the same way? Of course he flipped out a little. That part of the storyline just felt forced to me.

      • Samantha

        Very forced. And unsympathetic IMO to Finn’s situation.

      • Brad

        No matter how much he ‘flipped out’, no one should get away with a slur.

      • Samantha

        No he shouldn’t have (well he didn’t- cause Burt was amazing). But I still think the room situation was unrealistic.

      • Laura

        Um I never said that he should… hence the first part of my comment.
        I just thought it was stupid that their parents would put them in that situation and NOT expect things get to ugly.

      • jen

        It made me uncomfortable the way Kurt’s dad got physically intimidating with Finn while making his point. Finn is still a kid who had just been threatened by the same bullies in the bathroom before his outburst. It also showed that he really must not have any stepfatherly feeling for Finn and shouldn’t have acted like he did.

      • will

        That “F” word is never alright, but I kind of sided with Finn on this one because it did seem like Kurt was pushing his buttons and the freak-out…like everyone else has already said, was way to forced.

      • ICE

        When did F%g become a slur?

      • Irvin

        I grew up gay and I wish I had such a supportive dad like Kurt has! However, I agree with what some of you have posted. Asking Finn to accept sharing a bedroom with a gay guy who has an enormous crush on him is just too much to ask. I wouldn’t expect a 16 year old boy to share a bedroom with anyone who were attracted to him, regardless of gender. Yet, just the same, I appreciate how Kurt’s dad defended him and accepts him for who he is.

      • mari

        loved Burt stepping up for his son, but he only heard the slur, he didn’t hear the rest. Flynn was put in an uncomfortable spot by Kurt, their parents were being selfish, why not wait till the addition was put on and then move in, no kid straight or gay wants to all of a sudden share a room if they already had one of their own.

    • joblo

      I agree. The whole bedroom sharing storyline was almost unbelievable in the way it was forced. I didn’t buy it for a second – no way that would happen in real life by any halfway intelligent parents.

      Glee pushes credibility when they go this far with their plots. Your message is easier to swallow or accept when it fits naturally into the story you’re telling.

      • will

        I agree….I feel like writers already had the part where Kurt’s dad defends his son idea, then they just got sloppy building up to it. It was completely unbelievable and forced.

      • Jennifer

        I totally agree. It was forced and uncomfortable. I don’t understand why they push the fact that Kurt is gay so much. I mean, we get it already. I guess maybe it’s reaching out to the gay bashing audience, which makes no sense cause that audience is not watching this show. There is nothing wrong with being gay or straight…so why not celebrate Finn being straight as well? Odd episode imo.

      • Drew

        They did celebrate Finn being straight..remember when he tried to bang both Brittney and Santana at once?

      • Lea

        Totally agree, joblo …. OK they let Kurt be Kurt, we get that over and over. Can’t Finn be Finn? There’s no way he would be OK in that situation having to share a room with a gay peer who has an obvious crush on him. The whole scene was WAY too PC! It’s always all about Kurt. BTW what’s with a house twice as big, but with only one bedroom?

        I didn’t like this episode at all. It was just too over the top in many ways. Rachel choses to sing Poker Face with the mother she’s been longing for? Show tune loving Rachel? Yeah right?

        The mom saying she doesn’t need me and Shue just says “tell her that”, no way that is totally out of character for Shue.

        The whole thing was out of character to the extreme.

      • Chris

        This episode let me down on this part.

        You have a guy who is in love with a straight guy. He pushes himself on the straight guy every chance he gets. He sets up the straight guy for awkward situations and in previous episodes Kurt is trying to profess his love for Finn in song.

        Then all of a sudden your being forced to move in with the gay guy and live in the same room with a guy who has been dreaming of having intimate living arrangements with you. There was even a slip by Kurt in the episode to make Finn into what Kurt wanted him to be. ie Gay.

        And then Finn is made to look like the jerk when he is against it and taking it personal.

        I’m gay but this just makes Kurt look like a predator.

        If Kurt was a real girl and was gushing over Finn .. I don’t see Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom allowing them to be roommates like that.

        Very bad Episode on that note as well..

    • Kristin

      That was exactly what I thought. There has got to be more than one “real” bedroom in the house. Ridiculous.

  • Audrey

    I thought it was OK, and I did love the Lea Michele/Idina Menzel cover of “Poker Face.” Like, a lot. Just re-wound it again. But I’m kind of OVER the hammering-home of this not-so-subtle message that being a “freak” is a-ok and everyone should be all peachy with whatever or whoever you choose to be. Kurt’s standing up for him was quite fantastic — it would take a stone-hearted Sue not to see that. Yet it really irked me when Kurt said “My being different is the most interesting thing about me” or something to that effect. NO IT ISN’T! Every single person is technically ‘different.’ Yes, being yourself is the hardest thing to do in high school (besides Algebra) but I think the show needs to move beyond that tired message and try to tackle these high school themes in a new way… otherwise it’s going to be a preachy, singing version of ever other stale show out there about high school. I’d like a little more “Freaks and Geeks,” and a little less sing-along after school special.

    • Emma

      I agree. I didn’t wear crazy outfits or hit on friends who’s sexual orientation would not allow for a healthy relationship. Does that mean I’m not interesting?

      • Kathy

        No, it means you are not different in the ways that Kurt is different. It’s about acceptance, and kids shouldn’t have to FIGHT to be accepted as they are, for who they are.

  • Abby

    I was actually a little disappointed in this episode – not a big Gaga fan I guess. I liked the version of “Beth”, and I’m finding that any scene with Kurt is worth watching.

    • shdrew

      ITA with everything you wrote. Other than the two things you mentioned, I thought this was one of the weaker episodes of the season.

    • Beth

      I agree with you Abby. I was hugely disappointed. The Madonna episode blows tonight’s episode out of the water. I think Poker Face for the mother-daughter moment was forced (we should cram another Gaga song in here somewhere) and just weird.

  • Melzie

    I couldn’t agree more, with everything you said. “Poker Face” was outstanding–my eyes got teary as well. And the scene with Finn, Kurt & Mike–wow. Outstanding episode!

  • Rachel

    Absolutely the best of the series so far. It touched on two aspects of society (adoption and homosexuality) so honestly and with a perspective that hasn’t been touched on before. The performances, while just as incredible as always, were put slightly on the backburner to allow two beautiful stories to pan out. Well done.

  • Tina

    Not the best episode yet, but pretty good. I still think other episodes have been better

  • Leah

    I laughed, I cried, I shivered. Absolutely amazing. Chris Colfer is an amazing performer, both acting and singing. And he is a natural talent in walking in 10 inch heels, which is something I admire!

  • Jane

    Um…I actually hated “Poker Face.” Gaga is all about theatricality (as we learned this episode) and that performance, while I understand the motivation of using the song to describe their relationship, just didn’t somehow fit in. I do love Glee, but sometimes I feel like there’s way too much focus on Rachel and not enough on the other characters. It’s not the Rachel show. And also, with the quote about how she was named after ‘Friends’ Rachel, how old does that make her–> it went off the air in ’04, so the character’s 14, 15?

    • STL Gleek

      During last week’s episode Rachele told jesse she was born in December 1994 so yeah that would make her 15 going on 16.

      • lele

        Wow, 1994? With her behavior and style, I can buy 23-year-old Lea as a high school student, but only because I’m used to kids on TV being played by people in their 20s, but did they really have to make her the youngest age possible for a sophomore? I mean, my younger sister’s a sophomore, and she was born Dec. ’93. I hope it wasn’t for the Rachel from Friends thing, because if it seems like a total joke considering how opposite the two characters are.

      • PJ

        Friends started in Fall of 94 so her Dads must really liked Jennifer Aniston quickly…

    • Julie

      This is a tired argument. Every time Rachel has a few scenes it is “the Rachel show.” Here’s the truth — Rachel is one of the leads (along with Will and Finn), so you will see more of her. I frankly like it that way. If I didn’t I wouldn’t watch Glee. And if you look at the episodes since the hiatus, the storylines have been really focusing on Kurt, Finn, and Will more than anybody else. Clearly you don’t watch the show weekly, because it has been established in dialog that she’s a sophomore who is 15. (Considering some of those boys and girls look like they’re 30, she’s doing just fine). Poker face was beautiful — it was fabulous to see a non-broadway Idina Menzel and Lea Michele duet.

    • Taylor

      I totally agree. I thought the song was cheesey. I was really disappointed in this episode. Not enough Gaga. Too much preachy, “let your freak flag fly” stuff. And where was Jane Lynch????

      • Rachel

        where was jesse?!

      • red

        I thought the same thing ummm where is Sue? The ridiculous principle sorta made it up with the whole beliefs in vampires

      • JaneK

        I was sure Jesse was under one of the red Gaga masks at the Vocal Adrenaline rehearsals. I kept waiting for them to show him behind the curtain with it half-way off his face, watching Rachel and her mom.

    • CJ

      Great argument if not for the fact that much of this episode was about Finn and Kurt!! And Quinn and Puck.

    • Molly M M

      Actually, Lea Michele is the bonafide lead actress. It kind of is the Rachel show. Lea Michele was cast there for a reason. Other characters are wonderful, but Rachel is something special and she’s an anchor of the show.

    • Lights

      I agree with Molly — Rachel’s the female lead, it kind of IS the Rachel show. That’s never going to change so either get over it or quit watching.

  • George

    Excellent episode. Only small complaint is that they didn’t fit in one or two more Gaga songs…thought the Kiss performance by the guys was really good also.

  • Steph

    I’ve never been a fan of Lady Gaga but I do respect and appreciate her work. That said, Lea Michele and Idina Menzel sang a far better version of the song Poker Face.
    My other favorite of the night was Beth. I love seeing Mark Salling sing more. I think Corey Monteith plays a wonderful character but not a fan of his voice.

    Each time Kurt gets a storyline it breaks my heart- in the best way possible. Kurt and his father are like..the ultimate tagteam!

    Good episode, not the best, but very good.

    Still completely annoyed by Mr. Shue.

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