'DWTS': Your Hidden Gems of the season 10 finals!

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week, EW.com’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems! 

MVG (MOST VALUABLE GEM): Happy Wedgie Week!

“When Erin & Maks were walking to the judges, she picked a wedgie.” –jen, Kittyvan, Hunter, Gem Hunter, Susan, Tracy, @krazymom91, @GinaRClark, Julie C., Lars, susanp, TessMcheryl, April C, Niki, Staci

“My hidden gem was the unintentional close-up on Evan’s posterior (a mighty fine one, I must add. Skating does wonders for the glutes!) during the freestyle video package. I think they were going for a close-up on Anna sitting on the floor crying when Evan decided to walk out the door. Oops!” –EW
“I thought the hidden gem here was the giant wedgie he was sporting ” –Erin G, Joan K, JH


“I love how all the mirrorball trophies looked like shiny golf balls & tees. Perhaps they are hoping to lure Tiger Woods for season 11?” –Scooter
“Brooke’s brunette Peggy Bundy ‘do. Her hair was HUGGGEEEE!” –Amanda, KelbelDance
“What’s with Brooke trying to wear a tribble on her head?” –Lady Pirate, April C

“On my television, the color banner with the voting number was the EXACT same color as Brooke’s dress and it almost looked like they were blocking out her cleavage on purpose” –zoot

“Hidden Gem: The Betty White lookalike in blue evening gown. ABC is milking the Betty White craze!” –gigi, Staci

“Lady behind Tom Bergeron in a black dress with an enormous tear-shaped cut-out over/above her left boob” –Kaye
“There were two ‘granny goth’ ladies in the front row. They were both wearing black dresses. One had a large pendant around her neck and lots of white buttons, she looked like a priest. The other had a large teardrop on her dress. They seemed to be enjoying themsleves. –glenn

“The shot of Harold’s self-titled score” –starsweeper

“Tony’s ‘SAVE ME’ look as Kate Gosselin whines” –Madd

“Hidden Gem: Kate Gosselin looked miserable until she noticed that the camera was on her and then she put on a big fake smile.” –bouionice

“Princess Sparkle was standing like 3 feet away from the other singers at the beginning of the show…no Degree? No Old Spice? No Secret? Strong enough for a man, but made for a PRINCESS! Come on, stinky commrades!” –10SCmom, Madd, Jen 2
“Was she channeling Tangina from ‘Poltergeist’? You all are jamming my frequencies!” –Horse Shoes & Dog pants

“Please, for all that is good in the world, include the Princess Sparkle shot of her blowing a kiss to her Facebook fans” –Anthony
“The yellow spotlight perfectly matched Princess Sparkle’s outfit and nayari and even made it look like she had a matching yellow bauble on her nose” –TequilaSunrise

“NO ECL again?!?! Seriously, was Harold Wheeler jealous and demanded no camera time for her? Where is ECL???? –Scarlett O’Samba, Madd, Potato Bug, KelbelDance

“When Tom said hello to the Harold Wheeler Ensemble, they did a close-up of Harold Wheeler and right behind him was a Louis Van Amstel look alike. Doppelgänger.” –IAA Evän

“What appeared to be Aaron Carter in the audience channeling his inner Draco Malfoy! What’s with the hair dude?” –Laura, Leah
“Was the golden snitch to be found in the midst of the mirrorballs?!” –amhay, Christine
“What was up with the sparkly gold band around Aaron Carter’s arm? ‘You’re gold, Ponyboy, you’re gold!'” –10SCmom
“It looked like Aaron Carter had borrowed the ridiculous blond wig that Chuck Wicks wore during the group Mod ’60s dance from his season” –Niki

In the shot of the judges as the credits were rolling at the end of the show, Carrie Ann was groovin to the music old school style.” –Colleen


“Bruno’s zipper pocket pants — he forgot to change after his audition to be the next ‘biker’ in the Village People.” –KelbelDance

“A Pat Sajak and Vanna gem? The Wheel of Fortune wheel was on the video board during Erin & Maks’ dance — and it was FLAMING.” –@RevDJChadEsq
“Green peppermints on the walls during Erin/Maks’ samba” –Scooter
“Well, Erin’s samba dress wasn’t the feather duster, but didn’t it look a lot like red curling ribbons on a package?” –Scarlett O’Samba

“When Erin and Maks finished their samba and kissed Len, Maks pinched Carrie Ann’s butt. Maks, you’re shameless — good, but shameless!” –Scarlett O’Samba, Horse shoes & Dog pants

“After Erin and Maks’ samba, it looked like the woman behind Bruno’s head had horns!” –Elisa, TequilaSunrise

“Before cutting to the celebriquarium, you could see Maks going in to pinch Tom’s bottom.” –Sami

“Erin in the celebriquarium casually checking her belly button to make sure the inserted jewel (literally a hidden gem) was still in place” –April C, Lin, Horse shoes & Dog pants

“After Erin and Maks’ first dance, Maks was highlighting the vote number with his hands in game show hostess style.” –MLM

“Was it just me, or did Erin and Maks’ freestyle bring up some serious memories from Center Stage??? I kept waiting for the music to change to Michael Jackson and for Erin’s skirt to magically unravel into a flash of scarlet. Just sayin… :)” –Leah, ally, Traci C

“During Erin & Maks’ freestyle, at one point when they were on the bed, Erin’s sister behind them (the redhead) was really feelin’ it, swaying her head right along.” –JH, Potato Bug, Michele, MNBonnie, MEinCA

“I thought Erin’s leg-up pose before Maks flipped her around in the freestyle was a total Hidden Gem – she was preparing to do the Karate Kid’s crane move! Then Maks came in to sweep the leg & throw her around like a ragdoll instead of getting kicked in the face. Loved it!!” –Rory

“Gem: Maks giving Erin’s butt a congratulatory pat after their freestyle.” –Amanda, Lin, Staci

Erin and Maks’ poorly timed kiss schedule as they received their scores –Christine, IAA Evan, JH, Emily, Melissa, Katie, MNBonnie, Melissa

“Erin and Maks sneaking behind Brooke and Tom to hug the other couples. Loved it.” –IAA Evan, Hunter, Gem Hunter, Lorie

“I totally missed Erin’s bruise (bad viewer, bad!)… could you include it as a gem?” –Karen, endorsed/winced at by Hunter, Gem Hunter, Lorie, Lilly, Potato Bug, Carrie


“Len’s pit stains during rehearsal. EWW.com.” –Scooter

“I preferred Derek’s shoulder stains.” –Annie not wanting to write her recap

“The *extremely* awkward hug between Evan & Len during the Viennese waltz training segment.” –orville

“During Anna & Evan’s Viennese waltz, there was a man in the background who looked like a rent-a-cop hired to protect the mirror ball he was standing under.” –TequilaSunrise

“After watching Evan/Anna’s waltz again with the sound off (per Annie’s suggestion) I noticed the stairs were lit to look like piano keys. Details, details!” –Scooter

“First Derek ‘played’ Anna’s keyboard, then Evan, both in styles matching their personalities: manic, and then gentle.” –Gemologist, Madd, 10SCmom, Fresh, Christine, orville, Niki, Evan’s Boyfriend

“It looked like Goldie Hawn barely scraped a ticket for the nosebleed section.” –amandafaye, Sue

“Off with their heads — the two girls whose heads looked like they were cut off and sitting on the table on either side of Len.” –trk, TequilaSunrise

“Evan’s enormous wristwatch during rehearsal footage. Did it have its own gravitational field?” –Iris, ChaCha

“When Tom was introducing Evan and Anna’s freestyle dance, he was flanked by two grinning Doublemint twin redheads. I had to hit pause for a moment to make sure it wasn’t some sort of mirror ball trick.” –Gemologist, Rachel

“The lighting on the floor and screens for Evan and Anna’s freestyle dance looked a bunch of gem-colored TV screens.” –Hunter Jr., Gem Hunter, Jr.

Not a hidden gem per se, but can we please discuss how Evan looked like Ed Grimley throughout his freestyle? Scary…” –scooterette, Hunter, Gem Hunter
“If Jimmy Neutron and the Good Humor man had a baby…it would be Evan during the freestyle dance.” –gigi
“”I think Evan’s pompadour was a hidden gem in itself, especially when it was falling out at the end.” –Christine


“Nicole’s ‘new’ outfit looked like Brooke’s during her freestyle with Derek, only in yellow.” –rettababy, Hunter, Gem Hunter

“After Nicole and Derek’s freestyle when they were talking to Brooke, it looked like Nicole was trying to make her pants go even lower!” –naynay, JRE, JH, April C, Lynne, evanftw, KellyK, Iris, Oh really, dEB, naynay, kross, omg, didn’t need to see that, Kathleen, Josie
“YES. I was going to vom–I mean, I was going to nominate this.” –Katja

“Derek’s hand made a seamless transition from Nicole’s trademark ‘hang loose’ gesture to a normal thumbs-up.” –ANWTWHR

“What was with the guy in sunglasses in the audience behind Derek and Nicole when they hugged after their freestyle?” –Niki

And finally…I hate to do this to Maks, but the fact that he has jangly gems in his CAR is just too delicious:

Check out Maks’ rear view mirror decor.” –@heathermsc [TMZ]

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous season of gems!

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  • Madd

    I have noticed so, so many gems in the final show. Thank you for not mentioning Vienna. She is so not a gem. I think I’m going to try to find hidden gems in every reality show. I need something to think about while watching TV now that LOST is over.
    Oh, and my parents are going to some DWTS/SYTYCD dance show with Jonathan. Will Anna make a guest appearance?
    Kate, you may heart Tony, but he DOES NOT heart you.

  • NoPussycatPlease

    Nicole was totally pushing her pants lower on her hips….yuk…at least ABC moved the camera to a higher framing! Her music is trashy and the message is sleazy. I am sad she is going to win….Erin was the most transitioned.

  • Lorie

    OMG! I can’t believe I missed Nicole pulling down her pants that low. Dang, girl! Now that’s low.

    • anonymous

      Probably one of the reasons why the judges love her. ;)

  • mjade27

    Boo Judges! Nicole ruined the whole show.

    • NoPussycatPlease

      If that is what they want, ABC should rename the show “Dancing with the Dancers”…Shezaringer was a good dancer, but that is what she does for a living….dance and perform. Erin never had to perform like that before.

      • April C

        Ilove that- let’s do refer to it as DWTD from now on! LMAO! Nicoles pants thing really clued me in to her real personality. My god, if her pants had gone a milimeter lower ABC would’ve had an FCC fine.

    • Bpacheco

      totally agree that she killed it! she3’s already a dancer…it killed the whole point of the show…i hate how she acted so surprised! uhhhh! i’m really disappointed with this season’s outcome!

  • Emily

    Not that it’s an uplifting hidden gem (I wanted them to win!), but Erin did NOT look enthusiastic in the background behind the Nicole/Derek win. Slow clap, really?

    • Lorie

      I noticed this. She was just going through the motion. Her heart wasn’t in it.

    • Norah

      Erin is a total brat!

    • jnelson

      I wanted Erin and Maks to win! =( I knew though, just like Erin said, that they would be in third place and not be dancing off. It’s unfortunate that we all knew it would come down to Nicole/Derek and Evan/Anna….

  • Heathermsc

    Annie – when I saw the mini-chandelier in Maks’ car, I thought “Hidden Gem for Annie @ EW!!!”. For the final show, it wasn’t so hidden, but, what did you think of Brooke’s “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Boob’s Cup Band” dress?!? Every time they shot her from far away it looked like a wardrobe malfunction.

  • audrey

    hidden gem: Mostly everyone hugging Evan at the end.

  • Leah

    I know it might sound a bit lame (not!) but I am truly touched to be quoted in this week’s Gem Nominations! I can’t believe I ever dared watch DWTS w/o Gem hunting! Never again let me tell ya…

  • martha

    I’M GLAD NICOLE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yup


  • Sue T.

    I’m so glad someone other than me gets excited when we can see the title of what Harold Wheeler & co. are playing. I love pausing on the score and saying to my patient husband, “Ooh, look, Samba Rejoin!”

  • starsweeper

    Thank you for including my gem! Can’t wait till next season…. this is the best DWTS blog!

  • ma_bel

    No surprise that Nicole won. The first night out was obvious. DWTS hasa better way of picking contestants. They have to select people with similar abilities. You can not compare a dancer with a person that does very little movement. Judgeing the dance should also be the consistant. How can you compare a Quick Step or Jive to a Waltz? The judges may not have a problem, but we get to vote too. I want to compare apples to apples. Last nights show was a little much. I did not have to watch the 10 weeks. It was summed up in a night. If you are an avid watcher, you do not need to see ALL those recaps. If DWTS wants to keep it ratings they are going to have to choose their future contestants more wisely. We should not have to be able to choose the winner on night one.

  • Iris

    Annie, you mentioned all three of the gems I nominated. Thank you! :)
    I can’t believe another season is over :(
    I will miss your recaps. What shows will you be recapping this summer?
    Can’t wait for September 20.
    Have a great summer everyone!

  • gigi

    Thanks again Annie for the shout outs! I wasn’t a real DWTS fan until “Hidden Gems”. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself this summer. :) Have a great summer everyone! See ya in September!

  • Lorie

    Annie, thanks a bunch for your recaps! They’re always a blast to read.

    My Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at work won’t be the same until September. See ya in the fall.

    • MLM

      Thanks, Annie! This was a blast! See you in September! :)

    • queue55

      Have to add my thanks, Annie, for the enjoyment your recaps bring to my DWTS experience. The Hidden Gems are the icing on the cake and it’s always a thrill to get a mention on my nominations!

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