'10 Things I Hate About You' finale: Buddhist storylines, 'The Biggest Poser,' and other awesome things that make us hate this show's cancellation

10-Things-Hate-showImage Credit: ABC Family10 Things I Hate About You wrapped up its under-appreciated one-season run on ABC Family last night, and, quite frankly, I don’t know what went wrong here. The dialogue snapped, the plotlines crackled, and the characters popped — not easy to do in the tired high-school genre. It had the name recognition of the beloved Julia Stiles/Heath Ledger movie but didn’t get bogged down in its legacy. The cast — Lindsey Shaw, Meaghan Jette Martin, Ethan Peck, dad Larry Miller — couldn’t have been better. I know, I know, these things happen to good shows all the time. I just want my eulogy to be complete.

The two-part, hour-long series finale — which was clearly not intended as its swan song, since it ended on a cliffhanger — brought us all of the things we fans have grown to love about this show. Kat, characteristically, took up Buddhism, bringing on a hilarious (but still respectful) send-up of the school “meditation collective.” Bianca’s boyfriend competed in model reality show The Next Biggest Poser, bringing us some classic Top Model parody. (“Coliviette just fainted during our photo shoot so we have the phone until she revives. Then she’s gonna want to call her baby.”) And our girls had a sweet sisterly moment out in Kat’s tent when she was practicing for her trip to Nepal. Kat: “I don’t wanna forage for roots or wear snowpants … and he didn’t try to stop me.” Bianca: “I’m stopping you. I need you here.”

Alas, there will be no more of that for us — nor will we ever to bask in Kat and Patrick’s post-coital glow again. That’s just one thing I’ll miss about 10 Things I Hate About You. How about you, PopWatchers? What will you miss?

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  • jacklynn

    I will miss every single thing about this show. I love it so much. Why did it have to go so early on in its run.

    • L.H

      That was my favorite show of all times and like alot of you said the only thing that gets me through mondays , school work is a bore and i wait and watched every time i cant hear patrick deep sexy voice and i cant see his and kats relationship grow boo!

      • Angel

        oh my goodness this sucks sooo much i love loved that show what the heck. the lying game and jane design seems gay but i have never actually watched it. well dang that show was AWESOME and so is pretty little liars:)

  • Stephanie

    I can’t believe the show is over!!! This show was the only guilty leasure I was letting myself continue with! I don’t know what I’ll do without Ethan Peck’s sexy low voice and Lindsey’s quick sarcasm (love her). I will definately miss the show!

    • Sarah

      OH MY GOSH! This show was MY show. It was the only show I didn’t watch with my boyfriend… And now I’m sad. The least they could have done was finish it. I mean, don’t leave it with a cliff hanger!!! Now I don’t even want to buy the season….

  • Mireya

    I can’t believe I’m never going to see Sexy Deepvoice aka Patrick Verona aka Ethan Peck in a leather jacket on a motocycle ever again. This was ABC Family’s best show. They really, REALLY screwed the pooch on this one.

  • Stephanie

    I am going to miss this show so much. I love this show like as if it were my cat. I mean i really like this show. It is the only thing I have to do on a monday night besides homework ( yuck ). I so mad at the way that it had to end. It was a total shock at the way that its canclation was so unplanned. I hope to something that the station will bring it back. Hopefully.

  • seapea

    This was such a smart show, with clever dialogue and interesting characters. Of course it was going to get cancelled. No one keeps the good ones going anymore! I wish the studios were braver and actually committed to having intelligent shows on the air! (Now, I’m off to watch “The Bachelorette!)

  • MJ

    Not sure if I should even bother with the newest ABC Family shows if this couldnt get another season :(

  • Katie

    This was the ONLY show I watched on ABC Family; the casting was terrific, the story-lines were fun and original, the scripts were quick and witty, and I loved every single second of it. I am so, so upset that it’s over; I participated in numerous “save” groups on facebook, myspace (I don’t even USE myspace, so that’s a big deal), and I even signed internet petitions!

    This show was a breath of fresh air; witty, entertaining, and a generous blend of teen drama and comedy.

    Cancelling this show was a HUGE mistake, and I’m still kind of in an infuriated sort of denial. How can they keep those other awful shows on there (yes, I’ve seen them, and they’re awful; the acting is bad, casting is bad, writing is bad… utterly dreadful) and yet cancel the only good show the network? *sigh* How will I ever get my Kat/Patrick fix? I need Ethan Peck’s low, sexy voice to make my Monday feel complete! :(.

    • Jackie

      I agree with you 100%! Watching 10 Things I Hate About You was the ONLY thing that got me through Mondays ): I love Katrick! I hope something can still be done about this ):

  • Amy

    I’m so sick of watching series “finales” that are clearly just regular episodes (and cliff-hangers, at that!). Boo! This provides me with no closure! (The last time I was blind-sided with a cancellation and “non-finale” series finale like this was Veronica Mars.) I hate when the cancellation of a TV show makes me realize how sadly invested I am in the lives of fictional characters! I’ll really miss this show. I especially loved the Kat-Patrick and Bianca-Joey story lines and acting. I don’t understand why clever, fun shows like this get cancelled while the lame/churchy/ridiculously non-realistic/poorly acted “Secret Life of a Teenager” stays on the air. Thanks for nothing, ABC Family!

    • BuffyJunkie

      Amen to your V Mars reference. 10 Things will be missed.

      • SeinfeldJunky

        I second that. I really loved VM (for the first and last time I bought full season DVDs for a TV show) and now I have to go through the sadness again of losing 10 Things. I am not the target audience (I am a 40 yr old mom of little kids) but I love these characters like the friends I used to have way back when.

    • Nisita

      so truee, i LOVED this show i cant believe they cancelled it. but then im like why am i imaginig lives of people who aren’t even real?! THis show was one of the best shows on tv im soo sad to see it goo :( They didn’t even end it!!

  • LillyCB

    Its weird that I got interested in watching the show right after it ended, cause it sounded and looked a lot funnier, and smarter and basically INTELLIGENT(ER) than the crap those people at ABCFamily call Secret Life of the blah, blah, blah….. So, what I really can’t believe is that Secret Life is still on the air…. So, I am sad that 10 Things got cancelled, the dude that played Patrick was yummy….

    • othlover

      if u ask me i wish the secret life had got canceled, i rly dont care to hear about all these pregnant ppl and rly that show is sending a bad message cuz its all they talk about! its gross! 10 things should stay secret life shour GOOOOOOO!

  • Denise

    WHY DID THIS SHOW GET CANCEL. I love this show it’s one of the best shows to look forward to and now my Mondays are doom they leave with me guessing with whats going to happen .my mouth was hanging open I need to know what’s going to happen with Kat and Patrick. Can some other network pick up the series PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I LOVE THIS SHOW.

    • Arnie

      Because people want Hannah Montanna and Lost and Modern Family .God forbid
      Something witty or bright comes along.

      • Erin

        Oh come on! You can’t put Modern Family in the same category as Hannah Montana. I’ll miss this show’s witty banter and Mr. Verona; however, I love Modern Family (in a different way) and would hate to see it canceled as well.

  • AlejandraS

    i’m from peru so i’ve never watched the show on tv but i really loved it! i was so happy when they renewed it for 10 more episodes and now i don’t even understand what happened to bianca and joey in the end and i will never know what the dad will do to kat for having sex with patrick how can they leave us like that?

  • KevinAJ

    Honestly, after they killed ‘Kyle XY’ and canceled ‘Middleman’ I’ve never went back to ABC Family. Don’t plan to ever.

  • BuffyJunkie

    This was absolutely the cutest show on tv. Like the CW’s Privileged, this show had some of the most enjoyable characters on tv and it was cute/sentimental without being cringe-worthy. What a bad bad move, abcfamily. I would boycott the network but Greek is one of my faves. What a disappointment not to have any resolution between Patrick/Kat and Bianca/Joey. I’m def buying these on DVD though!

    • Cynthia

      I like the Privileged comparison- another really good show that was canceled too soon!

  • NatalieD

    Well I now have absolutely NO reason to ever turn on the abc family channel! I cannot stomach their silly shows about pregnant teens or gymnastics. Good job throwing away a show with witty writing and loveable characters. Also THANKS for not letting them actually give viewers a series finale with an ACTUAL ending. I’m SO done!

  • Natalie Lay

    I literally just watched the whole first season of this show tonight to see what it was about and it was SOOOOO good. I’m really upset that its over now because i am so addicted to it now. Why did it have to end??? :(

    • MissMercurial


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