'Totally Lost': We discuss 'What They Died For' and look ahead to tonight's finale!

totally-lostImage Credit: ABCGulp. Sigh. Yay! Yikes! Lot of emotions swirling around today as we prepare to embrace The End of Lost. Just think: By night’s end, you will have all of/some of/few of the answers to the weighty questions that have been keeping you up at night and annoying your family members/friends/co-workers who never watched the show. But before we walk into the light, let us engage in a quick review session. In this week’s installment of Totally Lost, we analyze several critical issues presented in last week’s episode of “What They Died For,” such as Ben’s seeming return to the dark side and the heady responsibilities of the Island Guardian. We also chat about what we want to see in tonight’s Wookie-size blowout finale, fittingly titled “The End.” And given that breaking up is hard to do, we won’t say our farewells just yet—Totally Lost will present one more show so we can address and assess the finale. Follow @ewdocjensen and @dansnierson for more details on when that potentially weepy installment shall come to fruition. Happy viewing tonight, y’all, and watch the video. Upon completion, tell us: What is Ben’s master plan? How does one eliminate a Smokey situation? What Acts of Awesome are you expecting from Desmond “Failsafe” Hume? And which questions and themes do you need the finale to tackle so you can end this journey as a satisfied little camper? If you’re having trouble watching videos on PopWatch or you’re on an iPhone/iPad, head over to the Totally Lost hub for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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  • FirstMate

    My only expectation for tonight is to be moved. Moved to tears, to elation, to fury, and, not least of which, moved to excitement. Put your seat belt on folks – it is going to be a bumpy night.

  • Joseph

    I still can’t believe this is the end of LOST…

  • Ben

    WOW I’m first!!! Tell you the truth I never liked the “totally lost” eps…oh well!

    • John

      No, you’re not.

      • Joseph

        You were close, though! Better luck next time.

      • Johnification

        Too bad there isn’t a next time. Eternal fail.

      • snee

        eternal fail is the most epic kind of fail. congrats.

  • Jim

    If it were up to me, I’d like Jack’s son’s mother to be Kate (doesn’t he look like a child between the two of them?) but I think it probably will be Juliet.

    • Diane

      Count me in your corner, Jim. That’s what I want to see tonight: Jack and Kate, inextricably bound, as I believe they are and should be.

    • JM

      Don’t you think that if Kate was Jack’s son’s mother he might have recognized her when he saw her on the plane????

  • Lisa Simpson

    The penultimate Totally Lost! I’m gonna miss these, too.

  • Zebediah

    I have no idea what Ben’s plan is, but I’m sure he has one. Even if it’s “I’m making this up as I go.” He used the Smoke Monster to get his most hated enemy, and now that vengeance is out of the way, he’s trying to lull Smokey into complaceny, and he’ll strike when Smokey is distracted. As soon as he figures out what to do, that is.

    Desmond? I think he’s the only one who can go down into the Cave of Lights and live. And I suspect that’s exactly where he’ll end up before the night is done.

    And, to be honest, I don’t think anyone currently on the island is going to make it off. They won’t all die, but I don’t think they’ll be flying the plane out either.

    Predictions: Jack dies. Sawyer dies. Hurley lives. For everyone else, it’s even money.

  • Alex

    Nice one, Ben. Not only do you like like a weenie for posting, “WOW, I’m first!!!!” (which is lame even if you were) when you’re not, but then you double-down on weenie-hood by posting on something you don’t really like anyway?

    • Lisa Simpson

      “Double-down on weenie-hood” – LOL!

  • Wheaty

    This has been a great journey, and I’m so excited about the finale. Hope everything goes well, otherwise…it will be the beginning of the backlash.

  • jofn

    I’m gonna miss you so much! :(((((

  • Kayann

    Isn’t violence quick?
    There’s always more to be known after something like that happens.

  • LOL

    Does this bother anyone else? – FLocke telling Ben he can have the island and then later saying he wants to destroy it.

    • Jose

      Holly crap I totally forgot all about that. That’s gonna bite Flocke in the ass so badly.

      • Moonwvr

        I hope so, cause I don’t want Ben to kill Sawyer, Kate, Jack or Hurley. If they have to die, I want MIB to do it, not Ben.

  • Del Taco

    Finale : MIB gets punished, severely.

    He has to live on the island for eternity,

    His only companions : Nikki and Paulo

    • Lisa Simpson

      That’s just cruel.

      • Sal

        Put Zoe there too for good measure.

      • Bren

        And that Lennon guy from the Temple.

      • NYTeach

        And, Bai Ling.

      • Moonwvr

        And Shannon with all of her whining, complaining and screaming!

    • Silk Spectre

      A fate worse than death… Lol!

  • Amanda

    thank you for giving us some Buffy in Totally Lost. Lost were and are my most favorite of shows.

    As for Ben killing Whidmore I think Ben no longer cares about the rules so he had no problem killing him.

    • erin

      I think he shot him to prevent Widmore from telling MIB how Desmond could thwart his plans.

  • Debbie

    I’m going to miss Totally Lost. Dan & Jeff–thanks for making me laugh each week. I too feel that every question doesn’t have to be answered. I’m on board for whatever Carlton & Damon have in store for us tonight. They’ve crafted such a mind-blowingly brilliant show, and I’m so glad I got to go along for the ride. Namaste!

  • Brad

    Two things come to mind to me. Is Jacob really dead? I know he was killed by Ben, but I believe he has been Vincent, who has disappeared since the island was hopping. Plus, when Jacob sent MIB through the light, ‘giving him what he wanted’ he turned into the smoke monster. Who’s to say Jacob isn’t in another form. The smoke person tossed him into a fire. He was turned into ash that Ilana scooped up, then he took his ashes from Hurley and burned them into a smoke that Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley were around. Who’s to say that wasn’t the baptisism.

    • RK

      Started drinking early?

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