'Idolatry': Breaking down the Crystal-Lee finale (and bidding adieu to Casey) on 'American Idol'

It’s been a long, strange ninth season of American Idol, but with only two episodes  remaining, it’s come down to the two most consistent, innovative finalists in the competition. Will it be Lee DeWyze, the humble everyman who’s suddenly become the “chosen one” for Simon, Kara, and the two other people on the judges’ panel? Or will it be early front-runner Crystal Bowersox, the hippie chick who scored the unprecedented accomplishment of getting one of her self-penned ditties played for an audience of 20 million people? Perhaps more importantly, does it really matter which of these artists ends up taking a confetti shower at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre on Wednesday night? My cohosts Annie Barrett and Life.com‘s Dawnie Walton joined me in Central Park to dish these topics, review how the Crystal-Lee finale came to be, and to bid a final adios to the guy who seemed more than happy to finish third. Plus, Idolatry reflects back at a particular indie flick that puts into perspective this much maligned season of Idol, and reaffirms our faith that it might have all been worthwhile. Press play below to check it out, then head down to the comments section to let us know what you think. And to get all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak! If you’re having trouble watching videos in PopWatch, or you’re on an iPhone/iPad, head over to the Idolatry hub for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

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  • Crystal

    WTUG? Why the UGLY BABY?

    • Qwen

      Slezak you are NOT funny. Saying Allison is touring this summer and Adam is closing for her? OK that was funny because we all KNOW it is Adam’s GLAM NATION TOUR AND ALLISON IS OPENING FOR ADAM. :)

      • Katie

        “OK that was funny because we all KNOW it is Adam’s GLAM NATION TOUR AND ALLISON IS OPENING FOR ADAM.”

        Stupid housewife can’t even take a little joke.

      • Dan

        Case & Point: Adam Lambert fans are uptight, raging, crazy housewives.

      • Jeanne

        Rafing crazy housewives? Well there must be a hell of a lot of them because every one of Adam’s glam nation oncerts has sold out or is almost sold out. His concert in the Detroit area sold out in 10 minutes! Lets face it. Neither Lee or Crystal will ever achieve this kind of fame!

      • Lily

        @Qwen… Let Slezak have his Allison- Moment… he is so into her, even one year after season 8… And you never know what might happen in the future… When Allison will be 28 years old (Adam’s current age), Adam may close her show and begin a new career as business man in music theater or fashion…

      • Mo

        Wow Qwen are you really that linear and free of mirth? Sorry for your life.

      • K

        Wow, I think non fans of Adam are more crazy than his fans. Just take a look at YOUR comments.

      • @Jeanne

        Selling out a concert and being famous are 2 very different things. It’s all about selling records. And I don’t believe it would take much to outsell Adam Lambert. For a “famous” artis, he has been a major disappointment on the record charts.

      • @K

        So are you trying to say that the majority of the people in this country are crazy because they aren’t Adam fans?

      • Lace

        Why all the housewife hate?

      • grammargrievancegirl

        @Dan: It’s “case in point,” not “case & point.” Get your idioms straight before you use them to attack people.

    • t.t

      hearing kris allen’s falling slowly in that last part made me realize how crap this season is. the emotion kris brings to the performance that hasn’t happened since katlyn epperlys the scientist in the semi finals

      • Leigh


      • duranmom

        Gave me chills seeing Kris. God, I miss last season!

      • Kath

        Katelyn was better than any of the females this year. Unfortunately she was the victim of one of Simon’s “dark moments” early in the season when he was being over the top negative and whiny to everyone but Crystal. After ‘Bloody Wednesday,’ when we lost 3 of the best people, Simon took it down a notch or 12, but by then it was too late.

      • Ian

        I liked Kattelyn but you gotta admit, The Scientist was kinda slow and it put me to sleep.

      • Ian

        In a way that’s why I preferred Lee’s version of Hallelujah over Jason Castro’s. I liked the simplicity of Castro’s, but I still found it a little slow and boring. I liked how Lee put a bluesy/gritty rock twist to Hallelujah. The second half was louder and faster than Castro’s and made it more interesting.

      • Beth

        I downloaded Katelyn’s The Scientist. Her vocals are gorgeous!!!! One of only 4 tunes I bought from this season.

      • Allie

        i agree with ian about katelyn. and also that i did like lee’s version of hallelujah better than jason’s. jason’s was a little boring.

      • Allie

        and i’m picking crystal for the win. both crystal and lee are great, but two guys have already won in a row. would be nice to see a girl win now!

      • Tarc

        Kris Allen’s Falling Slowly wasn’t great, to be honest. The proper duet that Crystal and Lee did was vastly better on every level.

    • Jericho

      I love how the comments below the first are completely irrelevant replies. On the topic of ugly babies (as I am pertinent and on topic!), if Crystal is talking about a certain contestant’s baby, I completely agree! What an hideous bugger.

      • jill

        I know, Jericho. Everything, for some reason, has to turninto a discussion about Adam. I used to like the guy, but I’m so sick of him by now!

    • Jennifer

      I agree who did she do to get this far? She is soo ugly an fat. I am voting for Lee regardless to what he sings this week even if he decides to sing the phone book!

      • K

        How is she fat? Big Mike was far “fatter” than Crystal.

      • @Jennifer

        In this age of super skinny, size 0 celebrities, I guess you can call an average sized girl “fat.” And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you think she’s ugly, you have every right to your opinion. But last time I checked, this wasn’t a beaty pageant. It’s a talent show. For Crystal and Lee to get this far, it took a lot of people to notice them for their talents, not their looks. So think about what you post next time.

      • Diana

        Hey Jennifer, you can’t spell. (soo ugly an fat) Your vocabulary could also use some work.

      • Jose

        Hey Jennifer, did you spray too much Jealousy No. 5 this morning?

      • grammargrievancegirl

        @Jennifer: Sigh. Where, oh where do I begin? You can’t spell “and.” You don’t know that it’s “regardless of,” not “regardless to.” You don’t know that a semi-colon (that’s the symbol with a dot above a comma) is necessary after “I agree,” in your first sentence. I’m afraid you might be a hopeless case!

      • Mary T.

        You must be uglier and fatter Jennifer…

      • yellehs2

        How shallow you must be as a person to judge someone on not how well they perform but on the fact you consider her “ugly an fat” (and that should be “and”). You are exactly what’s wrong with society today.

  • futuredirect

    Yes, first comment! Loved how they played Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes “Home’ during Lee’s package. Great song. And The Boxer!

    • Sara

      Actually…you were second.

  • shelby

    what happened to the idol mansion this season?
    i agree the outfits have been crap this season–they all appear to be dressing themselves with no input from stylists. ??

    • shawshank

      Slezak, I can’t believe you pointed out Lee’s repeated outfits but failed to call out Crystal on her brown plastic hoop earrings. She’s worn them at least 3 separate times.

      • Scooter

        small accessories are a bit different than major articles of clothing.

      • Hannah

        I don’t know. I think I would call huge giant feathers hanging from your ears a major article of clothing. That said, I still don’t care what they’re wearing.

      • Max

        Both Lee and Crystal have a dreary closet. But I think Lee needs to do SOMETHING different. He has a huge budget and should TRY to wear something different. Since most people are voting for him based on his looks, he should try to please his fans.

  • sofi

    I’m so IMPRESSED with Lee!!!!. He is so talented and so humble. Just pERFECT. I love all his perfomaces especially the last one. I couldn’t help crying when I saw how emotional was he after the song. I think Crystal is great but I’m with LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    • ili

      Completely AGREE!!

    • sandyd

      I completely agree too. Wow,”Halleluja”-I cried watching his emotion and verbalizing what he saw and felt….I remember Jason Castro singing it too, and it certainly was the beautiful but Lee’s was so completely different, amazing and addictive (I never really gave a second thought to this song before) I think Crystal has an amazing voice but, I gotta love Lee he is more my taste. So excited for him, Go Lee!!!! I think both will do well whatever happens but, I do wonder what effect it would have if Crystal brushed her hair out and Lee shaved or what if one of them did something different like that for the finale, hmmmmmm?

    • Mindy

      Hey Lee fans! Finale is on Tuesday so VOTE FOR LEE!!!!!!Get all your friends and fanilies together and VOTE FOR FOUR STRAIGHT!!Come on we can do this!! No matter what happens on Tuesday we can’t let him dowm!!!!VOTE!!!VOTE!!!
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      • Mindy

        Hey Lee fans! Finale is on Tuesday so VOTE FOR LEE!!!!!!Get all your friends and families together and VOTE FOR FOUR STRAIGHT!!Come on we can do this!! No matter what happens on Tuesday we can’t let him dowm!!!!VOTE!!!VOTE!!!

    • jake

      I’ve liked Lee from the very beginning — from the moment that he was told he was in the top 12 — i beg all of you to find this and watch it if you haven’t seen it — it was just full of disbelief and emotion and happiness and just genuine appreciation. He’s a great guy, a superb singer and I hope you all vote for him and ask your friends to vote for him as well.

  • Logistics

    I was sad to see Casey(‘s hair) go

    • Melissa

      HAHAHA! That made me lol.

      I’ve been a Crystal fan since day 1. I’m all for a Mamasox victory.

  • Marj

    I really hope Crystal wins. It somehow will re-validate American Idol as a show for discovering diverse and undiscovered talents. There are a lot of Lee-esque singers out there (and much better than Lee) who wants to follow Chris Daughtry. Crystal’s talent is a rare find, it’s been years since an artist like her was given an opportunity to make it big. But, sadly, I think the confetti shower on the Finale has already Lee’s name on it. On a side note, I find it really strange that Lee’s been labeled as the ‘paint salesman’ and is more highlighted in the show (and Simon!), while Bowersox’s life which was really heartbreaking received less attention. Anyways, it doesn’t really matter, Crystal’s talent shines more that AI.

    • bev


      • MJ

        I am a teenager, and theoretically I should be voting for Lee. But I appreciate Crystal’s music. Too bad I am overseas and cannot vote for her like there’s no tomorrow. So vote for her for the full four hours.

      • MNCyn

        Kris Allen was not suppose to win last year. Producers (and Simon) had declared Adam the winner weeks before the final. So don’t give up hope, Mamasoxers. It’s time for a woman to win! They definitely do not seem to have an advantage in this system.

      • cj

        This is why we need VOTING REFORM. Morons who spend hours on the phone hitting redial. I’d like to see a 10 vote per line limit like they do on dancing with the stars.

      • MNCyn

        Good comment, cj. 10 votes per phone line limit would help legitimize this process immensely. AI could learn a lot from Dancing with the Stars, not the least of which is to create a panel of judges who actually critique the performance without shoving their personal music taste and contestant choices down viewers’ throats.

      • Java

        Why do you people so desperatly want to crown and ugky idol who ca’t even take a bath and is all int it for the monet and not music! She told USA today that she is all in it for the money! What a loser!@ If crown she will become one the the ugliest,dirty, and arrogant idol in historu! Not idol material!!

      • bobsaccamanna

        @ Java..LOL get you GED..then come back and post..

      • bobsaccamanna

        I would also love to bang crystal as hard as I can!!!

      • grammargrievancegirl

        @Java: Please learn to spell (or stop trying to type on an iPhone) before attempting to insult others in a written communication. It’s “desperately,” not “desperatly.” I’s “an ugly,” not “and ugky.” Instead of being “int it for the monet” (arguably a case for being a fan of impressionist art), it’s “in it for the money.” “If crown” should be “if crowned.” And “historu,” which sounds like a terrifying, mad hooved creature at the zoo, should be “history.” Please learn to spell before attempting to insult others.

      • AliFRan

        @Java – And stop posting under bobsaccamanna’s name. Those of us who are familiar with his postings KNOW he would never post a comment like that second one. Not in a million years. It had to be you, Java,and you are sick.

      • AliFRan

        P.S I also wanta piece of her A**!

    • Jane

      Crystal had a tragic past?

      • bev


      • Max

        If farmer’s daughter is autobiographical, that would mean she was somehow abused as a kid. Add that with the fact that she was poor and had to beg for insulin does not exactly equal sunshine and rainbows.

      • Java

        WOW! Trying to gain sympathy votes! Bad things happen to people! Get over it!!This is not why we vote!Look at Fantasia who sounds like helium with all that sympathy votes and is doing worst than the runner up. IF SH WINS SHE WILL FLOP LIKE THE FAT BELLY SHE IS!!!!

      • @Java

        Java, I respect your opinion. So I hope you respect mine when I say go crawl under a rock.

      • Java

        At least I’m under a rock and you are lower than scum!

      • AliFRan

        P.S I also want a piece of her A**!!

    • Mads

      Though Crystal might be better, I think Lee has this. Not only does he have the girl vote now that Casey and Tim are gone, but I think Crystal is going to face the same thing Adam faced last year. The older voters are probably going to pick the more conventional person (Lee) over a hippie-like person with dreads. People in the older generations don’t like counterculture! It’s a sad reality but that’s how our society is. Sorry Crystal.

      • MW

        Actually, plenty of older women LOVED Adam last year, my 60-year-old mother among them. The problem is that those people don’t sit on the phone for 2 hours hitting redial, whereas the 12-year-olds that are voting for Kris/Lee because they’re cute do.

      • GavinStrick

        ” The problem is that those people don’t sit on the phone for 2 hours hitting redial, whereas the 12-year-olds that are voting for Kris/Lee because they’re cute do.”

        I am far from 12, and I voted for Kris Allen last year because I loved his music, BTW, are you saying that Adam isn’t cute, or doesn’t appeal to tweens and teens? If so, what a load of nonsense.

      • darcy’s evil twin

        @Mads – you kids are so darned funny!
        The “older generation” invented “counterculture”. (To quote Siobhan, “What does that mean?”)

        Before Crystal there was Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan.

        Before Adam there was David Bowie, Alice Cooper, and KISS.

        If anything we aren’t anti-“counterculture”. We’re just bored because we lived through it the first time. And if Crystal were truly “counterculture” she would NOT be on American Idol.

      • Ktct

        By thevtime the show ends on the East coast, my kids are in bed,not hitting redial for two hours!

      • sumwhut

        i was shocked to hear my middle aged female “friend” say no way to Crystal. That she can not represent America as an idol because she is a hippie chick. It is okay to not like her music, but i so tire of the characterizations of what makes the perfect American. Gag me.

      • nicks mom

        mads the older generation that you are talking about were the original hippies of the 60’s so I don’t think your comment is valid. I will be voting for crystal who deserves to win because of her talent which is what we are suppose to be voting for,not her personal life covictions.I commend her for the courage to stand up for what she believes instead of following the crowd which is what is wrong with your generation. None of you know how to think for your selves.

    • Jose

      Completely agree. Crystal is one of a kind, and Lee is one of a kind that comes out of an assembly line. It’s like Daughtry 2.0.

      • LadyBug979

        How can she be one of a kind and be another Janis Joplin, Melissa Ethridge etc.? Oh and by the way maybe it is based on talent only but personal convictions should be factored into it too because these people are role models whether anybody likes it or not. Both are very talented and I wish them both well in their careers. And don’t say think for themselves again, whether we like it or not it takes a lot of time and maturity to reach a point in our lives where we can totally think for ourselves. In the meantime these are our kids role models and that’s that. Correct my spelling if you want if that’s your only argument you’re no more mature than the kids.

    • bobsaccamanna

      quit using my name to make disgusting posts ,,obviously not me

      • AliFran

        The same troll is hitting me.

  • Nikko Smith Was Robbed

    I hate when the producers tell us what an “Idol moment” is. We the viewers decide that…. not some man with a computer and a script and an agenda. When Jason Castro did Hallelujah it was a moment… because it was beautiful and it made him stand out. IDK IDK. I couldn’t see past the producer manipulation to appreciate Lee’s version

    • Jane

      Lee did amazing.

      • dbc

        Lee’s was overproduced (the same thing Simon used to hammer Mike for), buried his flaws (hide the off key notes in the choir, and left me gagging.

      • Kiki

        dbc — ITA. Lee had a bunch of bum notes and it was a typical Simon overproduction.

    • MW

      I totally agree. Jason’s “Hallelujah” was a TRUE moment, because it came out of nowhere and happened on it’s own, with no pimping from the judges. It was that performance that took him from being “the guy with the dreads” to being “Jason Castro.” That’s what a moment is meant to be, not what Simon manufactured for Lee. That whole performance left a bad taste in my mouth.

      • Fanny

        ….and I too agree – Lee’s version was so over the top and the chorus behind him did try to cover up his sour notes and the ones he just couldn’t hit. Makes me sick. I don’t dislike Lee, it’s just that Crystal is a true artist and can interpret a song so beautifully with the soft and hard edges, and she is always onkey.

  • KC

    Question of the week: Who would you rather see in concert: Lee DeWyze, Daughtry, David Cook or Kris Allen? Think the Idol audience has a type? LOL. I think Lee will win and continue on to saturate the market with constipated pop rockers.

    • MJ

      At least Daughtry, David Cook and Kris Allen can sustain notes. Yeah it’s a sad moment in the long run for AI and the audience to have another constipated pop rocker.

      • Tyler

        Give me a break. Yeah–Daughtry and Cook have good voices. But Kris was often pitchy. Probably just as much as Lee. But Kris made up for it was his brilliant arrangements, and Lee is making up for it with his soulful singing. Also, Lee is pretty good at choosing and arranging songs. I’d say he’s probably the best this season–including Crystal, who hasn’t really chosen a good song in a long time.

      • Elena

        Tyler, Kris was on-pitch 95% of the time… Lee’s been on pitch about 45% of the time… HUGE difference. Kris also beats Lee in charisma, artistry, song arrangement, and emotion…

        Crystal should take the crown this season. Lee simply isn’t worthy.

      • 1humbleopinion

        Tyler, you should go back and listen to the Kris Allen performances. If Kris was “pitchy” then Lee was on the wrong ball field. There is no comparison.

      • Abby

        I agree wiith Elena and 1humbleopinion. Kris was fantastic last year. Lee can’t keep up with Kris’ heartfelt vocals and amazing arrangements. The clip of him in this week’s Idolatry really gave me chills. I miss Season 8 soooo much! Is there any way I can get that on DVD?

      • Cassie

        I agree with KC that Idol viewers tend to vote for a certain type of singer or genre of music if you consider Kris, Daughtry, Cook and now Lee. However, there is NO COMPARISON between the first 3 and Lee. Sorry, Lee supporters, but at least Kris, Chris and David could get through an entire 90-second song without going off-pitch. Since I had some free time on hand, I went back and watched their past performances from seasons 5, 7 and 8 respectively. Chris Daughtry probably stayed in tune about 90% of the time, Kris and David Cook were about tied at 85% in tune. Adam Lambert was in tune probably 95% of the time. Compare that with Lee’s live performances, and I would say Lee is somewhere at about 50%! Just my opinion, so don’t throw eggs at me, LOL! :P

      • Kiki

        I have to admit that I am somewhat shocked that a poor singer like Lee has made it thus far. And it’s not like he compensates for his failure to hold a tune for 90 seconds by being a great/exciting performer or conveying emotion in every performance. And frankly, I’m just borrrrrrrred with white guys with guitars on this show. Worst thing they ever did was open the show up to the contestants playing instruments.

    • Suzanne

      I agree. It is alot of the same.

    • Jessica

      Daughtry doesn’t count in your example, the audience voted him out so therefore he wasn’t their “type”, and I cant even remember who won that year. Its the general public who seems to love him…

      • Andrea

        The year that daughtry should have own idol taylor hicks won the season.

    • petra

      “Question of the week: Who would you rather see in concert: Lee DeWyze, Daughtry, David Cook or Kris Allen.”

      A matter of taste, but here’s my list, in descending order:

      1. Daughtry
      2. Siobhan Magnus in two years.
      3/4. Lee Dewyze/David Cook
      5. Casey, at a good club with a decent cover and lots of beer.
      6. Carrie Underwood.
      7. Michael Johns
      8. Crystal Bowersox
      9. Aaron Kelly in 5 years.
      10. Kris Allen
      11. Adam Lambert – just for the over the top show aspect…though I would see Lady Gaga in a heartbeat if some money fell in our laps..

      Not on my list, just not my taste..Michael Lynche.

      • Leigh

        Your kidding right? Aaron Kelly over Kris Allen? David Cook and Lee Deweyze should’t even been on the same line. Siobhan No. 2???

      • Poster

        Kelly Clarkson #1, JMHO.

      • Jeanne

        You have to be kidding about Adam!
        His concert next month in Royal Oak, Michigan, sold out in minutes and I understand it is selling out nation-wide almost immediately!!!

      • sandyd

        I’d rather see David Cook any day…
        1. David Cook
        2. Daughtry
        3. Lee DeWyze
        4. Carrie Underwood

      • Lily

        1. Adam Lambert (Adore over-the-top)
        2. Kris Allen (Love down-to-earth-too)
        3. Melinda Doolittle (That voice !)
        4. Matt Giraud (Jazzy look and sound)
        5. Daughtry (Rock on !)
        6. David Cook (Rock on as well !)
        7. Michael Lynche ( I love cheese)
        8. Blake Lewis (cannot forget his rendition of songs from Bon Jovi,Robin Thick and Maroon 5)
        9. Crystal (A bit lame but her voice is a pleasure for the ear !)
        10. Lee Dewyze… If he can sing right on pitch the whole time, he will be my number 2 (sorry Kris)…

      • candacetx

        1. Casey James (sorry, I am still in mourning and kinda mad..)
        2. Alex Lambert (in about 5 years)
        3. Elliot Yamin
        4. Fantasia
        5. JHud

      • Abby

        Here’s my list:

        1. Adam Lambert
        2. (in an close second) Kris Allen
        3. David Cook
        4. David Archuleta (I’ve actually seen him in concert and loved it.)
        5. Allison Iraheta (Hopefully I’ll see both her and Adam this summer! But my tickets are for June 28th in DC and I can’t make it. I’m hoping to trade with someone for the 27th date in Baltimore.)
        6. Crystal Bowersox (Honestly, I love her sound.)

      • Helena

        Out of the 4 listed, I would choose:
        1) Kris Allen
        2) David Cook
        3) Chris Daughtry
        4) Lee Dewyze

        Over all the seasons of AI, I would want to see these people in concert BEFORE any of this year’s contestants:
        Kelly, Clay, Carrie, Jordin, Melinda, Brooke, Jason, David Archuleta, Michael Johns, Adam, Allison, Matt, Danny, Anoop, etc.
        I guess what I’m trying to say is that this year’s top 10 contestants are weak in comparison to previous seasons. :(

      • tltuck

        Too black male and great voice for ya huh? Do you have any taste? Do you know what taste is exactly? I don’t think so based on your bleached list of Idols. Go get a tan!!!

      • April C

        1. Siobahn M
        2. Allison I
        3. Kelly C
        4. Kat MP
        5. David C
        6. Carrie U
        7. Jordin S
        8. Taylor H
        9. Clay A
        10. Kris A

        TIED for 2,081. Crystal and Lee. Sorry, a concert of theirs would bore me to tears.

    • Robin O

      I have all Daughtry’s CDs, Cook’s and Kris’ too. I have seen Daughtry 2 times, going to see Kris this coming weekend and hoping Cook will be somewhere near on tour for his second CD. I would go see Casey in a heartbeat, I’m sure we will see more of him eventually. I like Crystal and Lee (Lee a little more)-happy no matter who wins.

    • dbc

      “Question of the week: Who would you rather see in concert”: Crystal

    • GavinStrick

      Tyler, Lee didn’t arrange some of his songs at least; “Treat Her Like a Lady” was arranged by a pro who works on IDOL.

      • K

        I think Lee did get help with that but I am sure he had some imput too. Just like all Idols past and present.

    • sumwhut

      adam lambert

  • E. Marie

    Couldn’t watch this. As soon as I saw Dawnine Walton’s face I shut it down. She hasn’t improved from last year. She still knows nothing.

    • shawshank

      BLASPHEMY! Dawnie is wonderful, second only to Kristen as an Idolatry co-host. I think the reason Idol has sucked so much is because Kristen has been sitting out Idolatry. Curse you Gokey sperm!

      • MNCyn

        Can you say sucked here?! Good! Because it did!

      • Mark

        Dawnie’s probably my favorite co-host, perhaps second to Kristen (amongst many a good co-host). And, yeah, I have a bit of a crush on her.

    • Flynn

      Only watched part of this Idolatry. Found it boring.

    • Liz

      I maybe clapped a little when I saw Dawnie Walton’s name in the intro to this post. I don’t know if I like her better than Kristen Baldwin as an Idolatry co-host, but I love her a lot anyway. She’s so cute.

  • Jobless

    Crystal deserves to win over Lee 100 times over. I reall hope she pulls it off.

    Also, I have a crush on Dawnie Walton.

    • Allison

      no way. Lee all the way

    • Max

      Yay for Crystal !!!!

  • L

    SO GOOD! Thanks Jason, Michael, Annie and Dawnie.

  • Amy

    Slezak, I usually 100% agree with every single thing you say, but this cannot stand- “Maybe I’m Amazed” is a freaking amazing song.

    • angela

      Agreed! Love that song!

    • Lisa


    • dbc

      Not only and amazing song, she did a VERY nice job singing it.

    • llevinso

      Yeah, I could not believe Slezak said it wasn’t a good song. Ridiculous! It’s an amazing song!

  • Gwen

    Wyzersox. I love them both!!

  • Kanze

    I don’t get the love for Lee. He can’t even sing on key for 90 secs a week and he is who everyone is pushing? It’s crazy. Two most talented people did NOT make it all the way. Practically all the ladies are way better than Lee, but they were voted off because of the female dominant voting demographic. Crystal is the deserving winner.

    • Kevin C.

      I really dislike it when people dismiss the people who support Lee as “the female dominant voting demographic” or “the little girls”.

      • Kanze

        It was pretty obvious that it was a ladies year from the very beginning. If you take a look at WNTS, the ladies’ scores from all three semi final weeks were significantly higher than the male performances. There is absolutely no other reasoning for all but one to make it to the Top 5. Girls have been extremely disadvantaged for at least the past two seasons because of the shift in voting demographics to older women/younger girls.

      • Kevin C.

        The possible “absolutely no other reasoning”‘s include that some women sang better in the semis than the finals, and that the average score in semifinal weeks bears very little relation to the scores of the top few contestants (which are all that matter), and a multitude of other reasons.

        If you go just by averages since the top 12, the final 5 would have been Crystal, Lee, Casey, Mike, Siobhan — Siobhan being eliminated 6th instead of in the top 5 is the only difference. If you go by WNTS averages, Lee has been “way better” than all five women eliminated ahead of him in the Top 12.

        So don’t just go claiming “he’s only in the finals because he’s a guy and females are voting him in”. It’s unfair to him and unfair to the males voting for him.

      • Liva

        I actually think a lot of guys are voting for Lee. He’s got that sort of everyman appeal and he’s choosing ‘guy’ songs (no Tim Urban set list of love for him). I’m sure there’s a bunch of young guys out there wishing they were in Lee’s place. Springsteen-ish in appeal? Maybe.

      • Sara

        True, don’t forget the massive deaf fanbase that Lee has attained.

      • Andrea

        I agree with that statement. I like crystal but I think that early one she had it in the bag to win and she started slacking off. I think that Lee has really been putting alot into this and deserves to win. I think he is a good singer and I cant wait to see what kind of cd he makes. if people are comparing him to daughtry then lee will have a hell of a career cause daughtry has a hell of a career.

      • L

        Sara don’t insult the deaf people with your lame comment. Lee may not appeal to you but that is you. He does appeal to others so if you don’t like him fine, but stop with the derogatory statements.

      • petra

        People forget that “ability to have sung live in good pitch a year ago” is going to be near-absolutely irrelevant to whether or not Lee moves on radio airplay and in sales. So he sang out of tune lots on Idol! That won’t be the buzz. It will be him delivering in the recording studio where he is showing himself to be an artist. It will be if his stuff is original and contemporary, and how well he promotes himself as a person and in pitching his stuff.

        People seem to really like Lee who have met him. He is talented, but humble. He goes over well with both sexes. Appeals to younger as well as older people.

      • Pam

        I can’t stand it when people point out that it’s little girls and older women voting for Lee. I’m 43 and my daughter’s 9, and every week, our votes go to Crystal.

      • Mary

        I don’t know who is voting for Lee, however the original point of the show was to find a talented singer and give them a chance. Lee has grown, but 90% of the time he is not in key. For me AI produced live singers and Lee is not good live. Yes commercially he will be fine with auto tune but I don’t want another Beiber, swift, spears, etc. Crystal should win but probably won’t.

    • eh

      oy crystal has bum notes not just last episode yet nobody talks about that.

      • Allison

        exactly. Crystal isn’t as amazing of a singer as everyone pretends she is.
        At least Lee actually sings relevant songs that have emotional appeal.
        Lee FTW

      • L

        Of course not Eh. Then they would have to admit she is not perfect. I don’t dislike Crystal, I just dislike her music. I love Lee’s music. I won’t put down Crystal as a person to state my opinion like the Crystal’s Creeps do. (that would be her ott fans)

      • @eh

        Crystal has had a couple of off notes, but lets be real, how many has Lee had. I think only maybe one or two performance had Lee singing in key. The ratio doesn’t add up.

      • llevinso

        I agree Eh. Crystal has definitely had pitch problems as well (as has Lee) but it’s never talked about. People seem to pretend she has a flawless voice and it’s not true. The reason I like Lee better is because I love the style of singing he does (that gruff just appeals to me as do the songs he chooses, it’s more my taste). But Crystal’s songs are less me and then the pitchiness that she never gets called on EVER aren’t covered by any sort of gruffness. And she has been on a bit of a downslide for the past few weeks, as opposed to Lee who has been getting better.

      • bobsaccamanna

        The Boxer..Treat Her Like a Lady…Hallelujah…were all wriiten before you were born Allison..how are they any more relevant then what Crystal has sung…idiot

      • scyren

        Yes, Crystal has had a few bum notes. But, I’m sorry, it’s nothing in comparison to Lee. He can barely get though a song.

    • anonymous

      Hey, I’m a woman, I would NEVER vote for Lee! Crystal all the way!

  • Kevin C.

    Agree with you that I’d be happy at this point if either Crystal or Lee won, and LOVED your splicing of the different versions of “Falling Slowly” at the end.

    Disagreed with your focus on Lee’s fashion sense — is it really worth getting so worked up about him not wearing 26 different jackets for the 26 different live shows he’s appeared on so far?

    • Kanze

      Yes it matters when you are given a styling budget probably close to around $1000 per week. It shows absolutely no effort and is incredibly lazy.

      • Liva

        Understated is his thing, it’s a style in and of itself. He goes all purple and glittery, he alienates his fans who like him the way he is. As stated, he’s a simple man. His Hallelujah gear was on the money.

      • bev


      • llevinso

        Maybe they should be focusing less on what they’re wearing and more on what and how they’re singing. Just an idea.

      • @bev

        I said the same darned thing. Liked Tim’s Hallelujah better.

    • Preston

      Maybe Lee likes those kinds of clothes–it just fits with his regular guy kind of image and matches with when he plays his guitar in his performances.. He likes to wear those Converse sneakers a lot; even a disastrous mismatch to his suit on Sinatra week–can’t he wear some dark black dress shoes at least once for his performances? He does wear those gray jackets and shirts a lot, but it fits with his low key image.

      • L

        Let’s talk about the music people not the outfits. Sheeeshhhh.

      • Jennifer C

        Like it or not, the modern entertainment scene is heavily factored towards style and stage kinetics creating viewers, concert goers, and getting video/UTube hits and media bookings.

        True for the guys, but even more so for the gals. It was a reason Siobhan and Casey and Mike Lynche worked hard on style. And subtley, Lee. Casey has his style and look set. BM had his poor effort at tight styled outfits he thought made him look real muscular but came off as a guy with a major weight gain threatening to bust his overstuffed suits.
        Siobhan pretty well used her budget – she was a teen and very creative and her “style” is a work in progress – so she was experimenting like crazy on AI’s dime. Part of what she was doing, she said to Slezak, was visualizing the song and trying to express it though her attire and hairstyle..but with elements that she hoped to weigh and think about in how she as an entertainer presented. It didn’t work as well as she hoped..lots of mistakes..the shifts were jarring to some, but it was highly entertaining, and many times she looked great.
        Lee was subtle. He did dress, and changed his look for a week – but kept it very close to his image as a common man of the people.

        I don’t think Katie, Aaron, Crystal put in the work in style they should have.

    • llevinso

      Yes I loved the Falling Slowly mix up. I’m seeing The Swell Season in concert in July!! So excited!! :)

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