'Bones' season finale recap: Here's to change

Bones-BeginningImage Credit: Greg Gayne/Fox The monstrously amazing 100th episode of Bones was a lot for any season finale to live up to. That said, when cast members and Bones creator Hart Hanson started making comparisons, saying the finale was on par (in terms of impact) with the show’s milestone episode, it was tough not to get our hopes up. So when “The Beginning in the End” ended with no bang, no kiss, no major relationship advancement, you were probably left with whatever facial expression is equivalent to !?!?!?! [The major episode chatter begins here, so jump ship now DVRers.]

What the episode and the season did end with was a big, fat question mark — or at least a bunch of small, pudgy question marks. What will Brennan find during her year-long research project in Maluku Islands (and I’m hoping it’s something science-related and not a beau)? How will Booth change after a year in Afghanistan? Are Daisy and Sweets really over? What will Angela and Hodgins be up to in Paris (baby-making?)? For a show that has gotten us used to getting answers, that’s a lot of questions to leave with. Moreover, for a show that has gotten us used to having closure by way of case after case, we sure as heck didn’t get any closer to that with our favorite will-they-or-won’t-they pair. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As explored in the big 1-0-0, Bones and Booth have obstacles to overcome. Bones is still unable to allow herself to be vulnerable enough to love another person. And Booth put himself out there in a very raw and true way when he told Bones he wanted more from their relationship, only to be shot down. This is where the “big changes” that executive producer Stephen Nathan told our Michael Ausiello (note: link obviously comes with spoiler warning) about can be a good thing. Maybe we want them to come back as different people, as it was hinted in the episode. Part of me knows that the core of who they are will never change. Bones will always be intelligent, calculated and just a little socially clueless. Booth will always be the hero, the ”gambler,” and a person of faith. But would it be such a bad thing for them to change the non-core parts? The parts that are stopping them from finally being together? Because we have to remember, relationships don’t only begin at the end of seasons, right?

The Bones fan in me wants to believe that’s what’s on the horizon. My first evidence for this theory is in the conversation Bones had with Angela in the lab.

Angela: You’re allowed to make life changes without picking a fight with your old life.
Bones: But I need a break from that life. I’m worried all the time. Worried that Booth might get hurt on a case, and I can’t prevent it. Worried about what our partnership means.
Angela: So you want to get away from Booth?
Bones: No. It’s just… I just need some perspective so that I can view my life with some objectivity.

And while Angela thinks that Bones and Booth being on opposite sides of the world might not be the best thing, is it not absence that makes the heart grow fonder (so says my calendar of wise sayings)? Also, consider the conversation Bones and Booth shared in the park when discussing the Maluku Islands and Booth’s re-enlistment  in the army to help train soldiers.

Booth: I don’t do really good with change, I guess.
Bones: Well, you’re better than I am
Booth: The pyramids are better at change than you are. …It’s a joke. Hey, I was being affectionate.
Bones: Oh. [Pause] Will you go back to the army?
Booth: It’s what best for me right now.
Bones: I’ll only be gone for a year.
Booth: Me too. So, hey, what’s a year?
Bones: It’s the time it takes for the Earth to make a full revolution around the sun.
Booth: In the scheme of things. You know, the grand scheme of things. I’m just saying a year, you know, it’s not too bad.
Bones: Right.
Booth: Right?
Bones: We can come back, pick up where we left off. Nothing really has to change
Booth: No, things have to change. You know what? Hey, I taught you about eye contact, you taught me about evolution. So… here’s to change.
Bones: To change.

To change.

Moving on, there was also a case — which of course paralleled our characters’ lives and situations perfectly — and another couple experiencing a shake-up in this episode. First the case: A hoarder/agoraphobe died after being buried under his own junk. As always, it appeared to be homicide because there was a motive. Among his mountains of crap, the pack rat in question was in possession of a very valuable lawn gnome. (Insert your own WTF? face here.) But as it turns out the gnome angle was completely moot, because the real cause of his death was an accident, which occurred as a result of a spat with the woman who loved him. Paying attention, Booth and Bones? Your baggage and fears will only bring harm to yourself and the ones you love. Parallel.

Meanwhile, Daisy learned that she was Maluku-bound and would soon be doing squinty stuff to some interspecies hominid remains thanks in part to a glowing recommendation from Brennan, which actually made Brennan rather jealous — a testament to the fact that she is becoming more and more human before our very eyes. Daisy’s impending travel, however, meant that her and Sweets’ wedding was postponed indefinitely. This didn’t sit well with Sweets, especially after Daisy (a.k.a, she of great gag reflexes) pointed out that while he wasn’t a person for adventure, she was. Watching the interaction between these two was interesting for a few reasons, but mainly because I felt like this was a look at what Brennan must have been like early in her career, and this is the path that led to her being the emotionally closed down person she is now. This became especially clear when Daisy brought up that Brennan was her idol. I thought it was a clever way for the writers to use the couple. I would have kept them together, though.

After a couple of episodes riddled with extremely satisfying Angela and Hodgins moments, this episode didn’t pay much attention to them, focusing instead on Hodgins’ kamikaze-type mission to retrieve Angela’s dad’s (ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons) car from a band of bikers after the guitar legend lost it in a poker game. And while I could have largely done without the storyline, it gave Hodgins a chance to bond with Sweets (who accompanied him on the mission to show his adventurous side) in a way we hadn’t really seen him interact with another guy since his BFF Zack left. If I may, his time with Sweets was, well, sweet.

We concluded the episode with an airport farewell. In a cute moment, Brennan told Hodgins she loved him after he gave her a guidebook to poisonous bugs and reptiles he made her (“Booth informed me that the proffering of over-solicitous advice is indicative of love”). Angela basically set up next season (I hope), telling Brennan “I hope you find something that just changes the entire notion of what it means to be human.” And Booth arrived in uniform (*drool*) to bid her farewell. Cam’s “Oh, my God” reaction to seeing Bones walk over to Booth had my heart racing because it felt like they were building to something big. After a short exchange, Bones and Booth agreed to meet one year from that day next to the coffee cart by the reflecting pool in the National Mall. Background music played. Our hearts continued racing. The grasped each other’s hands… and then walked away. Wait! Then, they stopped, turned to look at each other longingly… but then walked away again and this time, for good. Color me pissed but hopeful.

So, PopWatchers, what do you think? Will Brennan return having discovered something crucial about the evolutionary chain… and herself? Am I grasping at straws trying to see the sunny side of things? Or, as someone wise once said, will a change do them good?

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  • CJ

    I liked it. I thought it was a necessary (small) reset so that the characters have a chance to stay interesting.

    As for B&B… the writers will either have to get them together or abandon the romance completely. Reading fan comments, I think this is the last chance the fans are going to give them. The creative side needs to fully commit to B&B one way or the other. (cf. “Chuck”) Whatever they decide has to be clear very early next season. One more audience jerk and I think there might be a mass exodus.

    Loved the silliness of Sweets’ cat mews. Really enjoyed that Hodgins is now part of the family…it will spare him from any more surprise tattoos–at least where Angela’s dad is concerned.

    • Nic.

      I agree–B&B have to either get together early next season or stay apart, period. I’m so fed up with their characters right now, if it wasn’t for Hodgens, Sweets, Angela, Caroline and Wendell (I hope he comes back!) I don’t know if I would keep watching the show.

      • jessica


    • elr

      I agree. There was a lot of hate for the episode coming from the earlier posting. Hopefully, after sleeping on it (HA!HA!) people will have a different perspective on the episode. I enjoyed it but I do agree to either get Booth and Bones together or forget the romance part of the show completely. I don’t think it was necessary to break up Sweets and Daisy. I think it would have been better and more believable to have their relationship run its course. I am hoping that in the fall Booth and Brennan see each other and run into each other’s arms. Angela and Hodgins come back either pregnant or with a baby. Cam is still going out with the gynecologist and is planning her wedding and Sweets and Daisy have either gotten back together or went ahead and got married. Of course, all of this is coming from my wildly romantic imagination and wanting everyone paired off and happy. Oh well, one can dream.

      • Mandy

        Oh, but I loved it all!!! (sigh)

        We HOPE the writers move on with the B&B relationship or there will be a mass exodus of fans taking their viewing elsewhere. Me included and I LOVE this show!!

      • Amber

        I AGREE!!! That all sounds awesome. Maybe they could spread out everyone’s news throughout the season. They can’t just unload all the news in one episode, you know. :)

      • brandy8

        I was sad that Daisy and Sweets broke up, mainly b/c I HATED how Daisy handled the entire situation, but I think that thinking of it as a parallel to Young Brennan helps a lot. Daisy isn’t as emotionally detached as Brennan is, but she’s detached enough to not realize what she might be throwing away in terms of long-term personal happiness because she’s so focused on a single career opportunity. She didn’t sit down with Sweets the way Booth and Brennan did and talk about whether she would go and how they would handle it. She said “Hey, I’m leaving, do what you want” – which is NOT the way to handle major life decisions with your (soon-to-be) spouse, no matter how important your career is to you!

        So seeing that Brennan did NOT handle it like this, even though she probably would have even at the start of the series, shows how much she’s grown and how much she respects booth as a (both professional and personal) partner.

    • Gata

      @CJ, et al – I agree…I told my daughter they needed a new story arc…now they all can talk about the exciting year they had, and bring some new stuff to the table. The show was getting flat (for lack of a better term), but still good. I will still be a fan when the new season starts.

    • izzi

      I liked it too. And I’m glad your review was overly postive, i hate when reviewers totally bash an eppy without seeing the good.

      I think change will be good for them and I can’t wait for next season

    • Kim R

      Totally agree with everything you said.

    • Caitlyn

      I agree they need to just get them together already. I know tv “gurus” worry that getting a couple together is death for the show but are they saying the writers and actors aren’t good enough to pull of an interesting relationship? My favorite of all time couple, Nick and Nora Charles from The Thin Man movie series, started of getting married.

      I also think it was okay to break up Sweets and Daisy. Daisy has been good as a sort of flashback to a younger Bones but they are both younger and newer to the series, it would be odd to suddenly have everyone on the team paired up.

      • J

        I agree! What, do the writers think that there won’t be anywhere to go if Bones and Booth get together? All of those wonderful dynamics will still be there, just with a fresh (and refreshing) context. Which frankly is exactly what’s needed – fans aren’t going to leave if they get together, fans are going to leave if the writers keep coming up with stalls to keep us on the same well-trodden path.

  • Flyer

    Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but the idea of having Booth re-join the military as an instructor in Afghanistan rubbed me the wrong way. I’m part of the American population that wants our troops to come HOME. I don’t want to see TV characters I like get turned into a glorified recruitment commercial. I was appalled when Booth told Parker he was staying in the FBI so he could be there for Parker, and Parker replied, “So it’s my fault people are going to die?” Puh-leez. That entire storyline smacked of shameless propaganda.

    • chattypatra

      My thoughts exactly. I thought the whole conversation was off. Why would Parker think that way? No kid wants his father to go off to war!

    • Cara

      I agree. And it felt so manipulated by the writers, because the characters didn’t say what they would have in that situation. Booth would have pointed out that by catching killers, he stops them from killing again (thus saving lives.) Plus, if killers weren’t caught, more people would kill (thinking they could get away with it.) So more lives saved!
      And the kid’s lines sounded so fake. (I mean the writing, not the delivery.)

      • Min

        I agree that this was poorly written scene that really didn’t need to be in the episode.

      • Lou

        I agree- I am actually a fan of the whole episode and year later story arc being set up – I am excited— but the scene with Parker felt awfully heavy handed. We get it, Booth thinks of his son first before he would go overseas for a year and needs his blessing – but the son’s lines were terribly manipulative and pressuring – not at all how a child would talk. Bleck!

    • jen_s

      And why would the military call his ex-wife to track him down when he’s still employed by the US govt? And why would she tell her 10-yr old about it??!! Sloppy writing. That whole scene in the car just annoyed me.

      • DawninDenver

        Totally agree- I feel like the last 3-4 episodes of this season was very sloppy and clunky writing. I hope they concentrate on more interesting mysteries next season. Our site does recaps for Bones and Supernatural if you want to say hello at Mile High Horrors.

      • AnnaN

        Actually, it’s not at all surprising. We had a son and his best friend in the military list my husband and I as their points of contact. We got many calls after their official separations (from the Army) trying to locate them even though our son had resigned with the Nat’l Guard while in grad school and his friend was working for the State Dept. Contrary to popular belief, the various Federal Agencies/Entities don’t do a good job of communicating with each other.

    • Shelley

      I think the whole episode sucked. I was not happy at all. I have watched every single episode and I have to say, this is probably my last. Kind of like CSI when they killed Warrick off and then Grisom left. I have every season on DVD up until then. I have not watch another episode since. I refuse. The story line is getting dumber and dumber with each episode. There was no need for them to have to split up for a year. There was no need for Booth to go to war. He has a son to think about, what kind of father would have done that? If Booth and Brennan aren’t meant to he together, why drag that story line out. The best part of watching the show is the romance between those two. I have to say, I am done with this show. I was a faithful viewer, but I don’t do soap opera drama. Time to find a new show.

      • Julie

        I agree; this season felt as though they were building up to something big, but for the most part, it was a letdown. I’m exhausted by the Booth and Brennan will they/won’t they storyline that has been dragging on for five years and you are completely right about it being a waste of time to follow it anymore. I love this show to death but the writers seriously need to pull up their socks next season.

      • Jackie

        I agree; I will not be watching Bones anymore

      • NT

        Me as well. No offence to other fans who still watch the show, but I’m sick of the “will they or won’t they” tension…..I’m still haunted by the many many years of JAG.

      • Meg

        I have often compared the Bones & Booth relationship to JAG. But I see one very important difference. The Bones writers have succeeded in crafting a linear progression to the relationship. Albeit, it has been tantilizingly slow, and, in my opinion, teases the viewers a bit too often. But at least there has been demonstrable growth. On the other hand, Harm and Mac just circled around each other for nine years and then the show came to a rapid, anti-climatic end.

    • UncleRando

      And correct me if I’m wrong , but wasn’t one of the motivating factors redemption for Booth? He wanted to save as many people as he killed. With that type of guilt, why would he train others to do the same thing? Agreed on the romance. Pick a direction and stay with it. The only thing worse than committing to this too early is stretching out too long.

      • Sandy A.

        Yep. Hanson chose the worst possible scenario to write Booth off for a year. Leaving his young son only to go put himself back in harm’s way AFTER already serving his country seems so out of character. And since when can you sign up with the army for just a year?

      • Zazazing

        He isn’t going to train them as snipers but as investigators, so they can use FBI techniques to discover and interrogate terrorists. At least, that was my understanding of his mission.

      • sk

        Booth will be training soldiers. He will be training them to survive and to investigate. That does not always involve killing. There are many of us, in the Army, who do not think of serving as joining some killing machine. It falls perfectly within Booth’s character to go this route. He has always considered it an honor to be a part of the Rangers during his time. I don’t see it as propaganda at all.

      • Ashley

        Sk….I agree with everything you said. My husband and brother in law are both in the Army and didn’t join to be some killing machine. I love Bones and I think next season is gonna be awesome. Please get booth and bones together already. I hate series that end and the last episode they have to bring the two together.

    • izzi

      i didn’t like the propaganda either

      • Caitlyn

        I didn’t see it as anti-military. But what was said to Booth when approached about coming back as a trainer seemed to be related to what he used to do in the military and how good he was at it. The officer said they hadn’t had anyone as good since Booth left. Well, Booth was a Sniper, they’ve made a big point of it in the show. I didn’t see it as an offer to form or join ACIS (like NCIS).

    • Jc

      Booth joining the military again is just DUMB!

      I love the show and always watch but Booth joining the Army is just wrong.

      For so many reasons it is just stupid.

      First, pay. As an FBI agent Booth makes about $95k a year. As an enlisted person in the military Booth would be making, at the very high end, about $50k- $55k a year. How many of you out there could take an almost 50% pay cut and still pay your bills? I know, I know. He can get rid of his home, put it all his stuff in storage, sell his car, etc . . . and get rid of all his bills . . . . only in a dream world (and in a week?). How many of you could do that today and how easy would it really be to do? How many of you out there have debt that a storage locker does not solve, debt that still requires payments even if you take a 50% pay cut?

      Then there is child support. Just because he takes a voluntary cut in pay does not mean the judge would allow a reduction in child support.

      Then there is STOP LOSS. Stop loss is the involuntary extension of an enlistment contract in order to retain service people beyond their initial end of term of service. Haven’t any of the writers heard of that going on (stop-loss) with the war? What makes anyone think that irl Booth would be able to just walk away form the military in a year. It is voluntary to enlist, not voluntary to depart.

      Even if reality were twisted into total fantasy and Booth could afford the cut in pay and the Army would let Booth leave in a year, while the FBI would take Booth back they would assign Booth to an open slot and would not put him back to work at his old position (some other agent would have Booths old job).

      I expect that the writers are going to use the Booth character to make an “anti-establishment and anti-war” statement next season.

      If Booth was to go to Afghanistan, Booth should have gone to Afghanistan as an independent contractor. That would have allowed Booth to get pay equal, or better pay, than his FBI income and it would have allowed Booth to walk away from the independent contractor position in a year so that he could return to the Jeffersonian.

      I liked the entire show but Booth going into the military is just stupid.

      While I may have made some errors in my evaluation, there are far too many negative points for the writers to have had Booth actually RE-UP.

      • cjinsd

        Oh good lord…it’s only a TV show. Get a life.

    • Caitlyn

      I agree, the whole Booth in the military thing just didn’t ring true. He has always been devoted to Parker and Parker is a little young still to have his dad disappear for a year. I just don’t see Booth leaving his son for a year. And did anyone catch the bit of conversation on the park bench where it seemed Booth was just telling Bones about Afghanistan to get her to go, Sweets basically told Booth he thought Bones was holding back on leaving because she didn’t want to leave her partner hanging. Maybe he was just pretending to do it for her sake.

    • dale

      the other half of the population is tired of all the anti war crap we have to watch over and over and over. it was one scene. booth is a war hero in this show. i’m sure you would like him to be like john kerry, but he’s not. get over it. sheesh.

    • brandy8

      I think there are a lot of reasons to dislike that particular plot point, but calling it “propaganda” is ridiculous. I think that Booth’s reasoning was very in-character, and considering that he is Parker’s dad and has probably raised him to have similar values, it’s in-character for Parker as well. Did you think that Booth’s implicit trust of the government in the JFK episode was also propaganda?

    • DubBaker

      I agree the scene was rather contrived, but it’s nice that there was a good spin (for once) on someone serving in the military.

  • Paloma

    I found this a very disappointing episode. First there was the case … I’m a little tired of most of the cases on Bones being of the sort that the regular police would handle (with a consult from a forensic anthropologist) rather than something that is actually in FBI jurisdiction like the cases they did at the beginning of the series. I know I’m being nitpicky, but the more I get disappointed with the Bones/Booth situation the less I’m willing to suspend disbelief and play along. The whole business of Booth going back into the army for a year to go train people in Afghanistan really stuck in my craw … other than the fact that he could do that as an FBI agent without having to be in the military … as the other commenters said it just smacked of propaganda. And the conversation with Parker was also way off … most kids would be saying “Dad please don’t go. Nooo.” On the other hand, I could totally see Brennan going off to lead a dig, but with less angst. It’s not as if she hasn’t gone off before and used her vacation time for anthropology having nothing to do with murder. It would have been more interesting to me to see what would happen if Bones went off to Maluku for a year and Booth stayed in Washington to do his job. Also during the first few years of the show we saw a lot of growth in Bones and then it just sort of stopped. Not the best episode (but they don’t do season finales well at Bones, do they). I hope they start moving things along better in the fall. If the writers are good and creative, they can get Booth and Bones together because that is the next area where Bones needs to grow and I would like to see that rather than suddenly have them get together in the last episode of the series (like they did on JAG).

    • Cindy

      Totally. I fell like the writers think they have a following now so they’ve just gone to sleep, you know? Like they think we’ll just swallow anything and they’re just taking the easy was out with a lot of these story lines. So disappointing.

      • Beth

        I agree! I really thought it just was all very fake. When Hodgins said they were going to Paris, I thought “oh, of course you are!” And the bit with Parker was unreal as well. And why exactly can’t Booth training in the US? I may have missed something but it seemed to me that the training he was providing was fairly basic and should be something the troops knew before they left base. The case was unusually bland (in a season where the cases usually seemed to be an afterthought). I am hoping the season opening redeems this episode, but I have a bad feeling that the new season will start like the last season in the whole “so much has changed, can we go back to where we were? Let’s just ignore it rather than deal with it for a handful of episodes”

      • ng

        And how can Angela and Hodgins just take a year off without worrying about their jobs?

      • KCatty

        Because Hodgins’ (and therefore Angela’s) family are MASSIVE donors to the Jeffersonian. Hodgins can pretty much do what he wants.

    • textumbleweed

      nicely stated

    • Garry

      I agree that Brennan seems to be regressing. She used to laugh a bit, joke with Booth (or at least try to), but she’s become almost devoid of any emotion, always sputtering some scientific explanation for feelings such as love, jealousy, whatever. And when the topic of conversation switches to anything other than science–like pop culture–she sounds like a total moron. I don’t know–I think I do like her better in the syndicated repeats from past seasons. But I still greatly enjoy the show overall.

      • murley

        although i agree that the parker conversation rang false and was poorly written i do not agree that they have taken away bones’ character growth. i thought the conversation with angela indicated that she has been conflicted about how she feels for a long time. i think she loves booth but is so afraid and in order to protect herself she is reverting to her more analytical self so she can distance herself from her feelings.

      • NT

        THIS. Exactly how I’ve felt about Bones. I adore Emily Deschanel, but the writing for her character is not good at all. I feel like this show was going in such a strong direction a few seasons ago, with character and relationship developments over time….but then the writers realized they needed to find excuses for the “will they/won’t they” to continue, so they’ve unrealistically halted Brennan’s character development…..Bones is still socially inept, so she can’t be with Booth, of course!

    • T

      I totally agree – especially about the fact that Bones was progressing and then they just stopped (and even seemed to backtrack). She has shown emotion and learned a lot about people, but recently the writers basically write her so that she is clueless again.

      • JB

        I totally agree with T and Garry about Brennan regressing. I think the way the story line and characters are written now is 1. lazy and 2. basically insulting to loyal viewers.

      • Cory

        People don’t change who they are or major parts of their personality easily. Alcoholics relapse and Brennan is doing the same thing. She said it during the Grave Digger trial. She thinks the human emotions she’s learned from Booth is starting to cloud her ability to effectively do her work. That’s why she’s starting to state things about emotion instead of showing them. She’s learned it from Booth and understands it but she thinks expressing and feeling those things aren’t making her a better person if they’re negatively affecting ability to work and her career.

    • Julie

      You’re completely right. I found the finale frustrating, predictable and ultimately exhausting. They’re ruining amazing characters with crappy writing and storylines.

  • Cindy

    I totally agree with Flyer (and CJ for that matter). This show has gone so far down hill for me, which is really sad because I was so into it in the beginning. But now with the shameless promotions not only for Toyota but for the Army as well I’m really just over this. And the fact that the Booth Brennan thing has gone nowhere yet again… yeah, I won’t be coming back next season. Too bad, to. My exodus has begun…

  • RyRyNYC

    Its just continual lazy writing. BUT WHAT GETS ME, is these writers have the nerve to bitch and strike every so often. I thinks its ridiculous to say if they get together the tension is gone! How about pregnancies, not wanting to move in, moving in… getting engaged, planing wedding. COME ON, imagine Bones’ practical (yet some exotic ancient ritual wedding wants) vs. Booth’s traditional in church wedding!!! I mean, why the eff can’t the writers come up with credible arcs, its their effin’ jobs. Delaying gratification/resolution to an already drawn out and dried up arc is the laziest and fastest way to lose audience members. AND I HAVE TO AGREE ABOUT FALSLY RACING OUR HEARTS WITH CAM’S OMG LINE.

    • RyRyNYC

      And by “they” and writers I mean all of hollywood writers. I’ve noticed alot of shows were very lazy in their season finales (including Fringe’s completely predictable fake Olivia – which btw, is clearly “borrowed” from Alias.)

      • lele

        I so caught that too, as soon as both of them got to the scene where they were trying to return to our universe! I was like, hello, Abrams, reusing plots there, aren’t you?

      • Mo

        ##@@@??? Thanks a lot! Did it occur to you that other people may have watched the Bones finale but not the Fringe one yet? I avoided the Fringe recap because it’s still in my DVR and I didn’t want it spoiled. Why don’t you go bitch about it there, and not here where you’ll spoil for others? Nice!

      • Mo

        You gotta love this – I wrote in a comment saying “thanks a lot” for spoiling the Fringe season finale for those of us who have it waiting in their DVRs – I was purposely avoiding any articles to do with Fringe until I watched it, but the two of you had to ruin that. And then my comment gets deleted, while the spoilers remain… Thanks a lot to you too, EW.

    • Mandy

      THe Writers on House did a FANTASTIC job for the season finale, and for the whole season by the way. So there are good, creative writers writing for the shows out there….somewhere. Unfortunately, none are working on Bones!!!

    • Kiare

      I’m sorry, did you honestly say that television writers shouldn’t have gone on strike because you don’t like the shows they’re writing? I’m not sure if you know this, but pretty much every writers staff has the studio sitting over their head, telling them what stories they can and can’t run. So if FOX thinks that Bones can’t survive without the tension, that’s what the writers are stuck with. Yes, some shows have horrible writers. But it isn’t always the case. (Also, the writers strike was to make sure that writers were getting paid for doing web content, as well as more for DVD distribution. For the most part, writing has improved on shows since the strike- at least on networks that aren’t as overbearing as FOX)

  • DripPan

    Another crappy finale written by a team who has lost their creativity by sticking to the old rules of maintaining the UST.

    This show has gotten old and boring with the bad writing and inconsistancies since Season 4.

  • FGP

    As the saying goes… Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. HH just F… himself with the fanbase.

    After the finale last year, I was pissed… But I bought into DBs and ED’s take on season 5, so I gave the show a chance. After the 100, my faith in the show had banished, but I listen to the people on the sites and decided to wait till the finale and HH’s promise payoff with us dancing in our underwear…. Well. I’m not dancing, and I don’t give a fu… anymore. So HH, DB, and ED kiss your show’s seventh season goodbye.. Chances are HH will do damage control by the 3rd episode with a quick BB hookup by the seventh episode…

    • Amy

      There’s no way HH is going to put them together anytime soon. HH doesn’t care. He’s telling his story and he’s proven that he will not cave to shipper fangirl pressure. He pressed the reset button on B/B which means they are starting over, again. There will be no quick hookup. I think everyone needs to get B/B hooking up out of their heads and pay more attention to the show as a whole.

    • NT

      I feel exactly the same. I too gave the show another chance after that terrible finale last year…I believed the talk that it’ll be different. Plus, I really like the cast, and I’ve already invested so many years into the show.
      I know that there is more to the show than the B&B aspect, but theres 2 problems with that. One, without it, its pretty much like any other procedural then. And two, the cases aren’t even well done….I watch in spite of the cases. I hate to dump on a show, and I certainly don’t think its awful, but there isn’t a reason for me to watch anymore.

  • lele

    You know, I figured they would leave, but I was expecting at least a kiss. What’s with that lying again by the producers? Last year it was that the sex would be real, this year that we would be dancing in the street in our underwear or something. But I just rewatched the final scene online, and you just got to pay attention to their facial expressions-and the hand holding. The first time I watched I was like WTF, they’re just going to leave. But the second time I totally teared up-they were basically declaring their love in a way. I mean, meeting in an exact spot one year later? How more romantic can you get?

    • Blame Leno

      Lele I totally get the anger of others cause part of me has that frustration too but I cried at the end. I felt what you are talking about. It was like when the movie Juno made me cry. It caught me off guard cause I thought I didn’t like the character Juno or the movie but there I was tears falling. This is how it went last night. I was angry with the story line and annoyed with what seemed like a fizzling ending but there I was tears falling because sometimes there can be something so intimate about holding hands and it was the way Bones looked at Booth this time. I’m so use to the love being written all over Booth’s face. This time it was clearly on Bones. I felt like she was making a choice for the possiblity of more by leaving in search of objectivity. Maybe I’m a sucker. Maybe I can’t let go of this show but maybe just maybe we will get what we want in the end.

      • Mandy

        I have to go watch this part (I missed teh show last night) but your description of that scene brought tears to my eyes!!

    • brandy8

      I agree that there was a lot more going on in that last scene than some people are giving credit for. Which on one level, made it *more* frustrating because you could just FEEL both characters WANTING to say or do more, but being too scared to.

      The hand-holding was a bit odd and unexpected, but I guess it was meant to be a different gesture than their usual hug. I’m not sure we’ve really seen them hold hands like that before.

  • cookii

    who else thought that it would have been so perfect for Booth to touch her chheck softy with a finger or something in a somewhat longing way? would have been the perfect heartwrenching ending for me (and all my bones-crazy friends (: )

    • Chloe

      Yeah really….then not only would be lambasted on here that THIS IS JUST A TV SHOW, are families and friends would consider sending us away…for a long time!

      But I get what you’re saying!!

      • Chloe

        I meant “our”

  • Connie

    Yeah, the whole thing felt like a cheap reset to keep the UST going. The great things about shows like The Vampire Diaries and Fringe are that they keep the story moving along. This isn’t change, it’s mock-change so they can keep things static.

    The real kicker would be if she comes back pregnant. Then they’d really jump the shark.

  • Terri

    I teared up at the final scene too – it makes me interested enough to watch next year. I really liked that song that was playing in the final scene – does anyone know who that was?

    • Mo

      I haven’t looked at it in a while, but the Fox Bones website used to have all the information on the songs played in each episode.

    • Michele

      They should have played David Cook’s “Come Back to Me”!

    • seattle_girl

      Yes, it was OneEskimO doing Kandi. Great song.

  • avoidinglaundry

    After both Bones and Fringe I was completely depressed.
    It seemed all too predictable to me. We all know what’s going to happen. The season premiere in the fall with have Bones realizing she loves Booth and Booth in a new relationship.
    Ummm, been there…done that. The one thing I loved about this show was the freshness, not the predictability.
    And as for Fringe, well I’m not sure if I want to stick around to see how it turns out.

    • Garry

      Gee, maybe you should become the writer for both shows. Let’s hear all of your unpredictable storylines.

      • Amy

        LMAO my thoughts exactly.

  • JenR

    OK, so it wasn’t the best episode of Bones ever, but on the plus side I really love Billy Gibbons’ hat. It’s like green, fungus-y dreadlocks. Also, Billy Gibbons’ Hat would be a really good name for a band.

    • jess

      i totally agree!
      i would totally love a band called Billy Gibbons’ Hat.

  • Christian

    Is one year enough time for Zach to get out of the mental hospital? Please say Yes.

  • ecujlt

    I really loved the show. I thought the ending was perfect, I loved when BOnes said don’t be you to Booth, Meaning don’t be a hero and get youself killed. She wants Booth to come back to her and it is clear she is realizing how much he means to her.

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