'Lost' to address unanswered mysteries with DVD extras. PLUS: A killer hip-hop salute to the show!

Supper-Lost-Locke-photoImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCLost fans are already sweating the prospect that Sunday’s series won’t resolve their favorite pet mystery or most burning question. For those left wanting, there is hope: EW has confirmed a TV Guide report that the producers plan to address a selection of baffling bits of unfinished business on the season 6 DVD, which goes on sale in August. An ABC insider says the set will include “new content that addresses some of the unanswered questions in an entertaining way,” though disputed reports that there could be as much as 20 minutes worth of mystery-resolution material.

While Lost die-hards probably needed no incentive to invest in the DVD, the promise of extra revelation will no doubt increase the chances that they will make the purchase the second it becomes available. What do you think of the move? On one hand, I can see fans feeling grateful that producers are looking out for their interests. On the other hand, I can see them irked that none of the DVD stuff was in the (free-to-watch) show. Getting past that: which mysteries should get addressed? Personally, I’d like to know more about the Dharma palette drop (season 2) and Jacob’s cabin (season 3 and 5). How about you? But before you answer, check out this epic, inspired, and rather moving fan-made music video dedicated to the show. (Video embedded after the jump.) If you’re a Lost fan, get ready to hear your new favorite song.

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  • Brenda Barrett

    Why were the kids on flight 815 taken? Why are they special? That’s one of my big questions.

    • Jon

      They were taken because the others couldn’t have children of their own

      • Brenda Barrett

        That doesn’t make them *special.* I always thought they were taken for the same reason that the Others wanted Walt, who was also *special.” As others have posted below, while it appeared that Walt could manifest things from his thoughts, that was never really confirmed or fully explained.

      • Lisa Simpson

        They never said that the two tailie kids were special. They were taken because the Others could no longer have kids of their own and, like the Shakers, they needed to recruit people into their fold for it to continue.

      • nodnarb

        If you couldn’t have kids of your own, but suddenly one day several of them showed up on your island, you’d probably call them “special” too.

      • Johnification

        Walt explained; buckle up, kids.

        During the more realistically toned 1st season of Lost, we’re introduced to a young man who is “special”, can see the future kinda. Later on in the series we’d learn that there are other “special” people in the world, like Hurley and Miles, and Walt’s powers were the show’s way of easing us into that fantasy element early on and introducing the concept of “special” people with gifts. Maybe not the show’s original intent, but it works in retrospect, and works for me as an element of the whole.

      • AT

        I always assumed they wanted to capture or recruit all of them… take the kids, the easiest first, then the women, then you’ll just have to pick off the weaker men, and then you’ll just be left with Mr. Eko against 5 “others”. That strategy makes more sense than take them all at once.

      • Michael

        HURLEY BIRD!!!

      • Bensconstant

        They were taken because they were on Jacob’s list. They told us that a long time ago.

      • Noor Mitri

        The kids are special in this way. The old greek philosophers believed that humans are born all equally blank. the differ in their spirit drive, but their direction in life is totally dependable on their life experiences. People are habitable creatures and they will become whatever their habits make them. Under that idea, they take the children because they are not corrupted yet, they can be shaped and educated in a certain way to fit their ideology of a “good person”.

    • nodnarb

      I’ve always assumed it’s because the Others couldn’t have children.

      • laylagalise

        Yeah, me too.

      • Eric

        But then why did they take the flight attendant? The Others had lists of people to kidnap, most of them adults. Why?

      • Ant D

        @Eric, I think the list was the names that Jacob had in his cave minus Jin and Sun. So it was Jack, Kate, Hurly, and Sawyer if I remember correctly long time ago. Which also just sparked a thought maybe Jacob knew all along that they would be the remaining ones. If im wrong please correct me.

      • Adam

        The 4 individuals on the Others’ list (end of S02) – Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley – were not listed because they were chosen by Jacob. Ben required spinal surgery (from Jack). The Others knew that Kate could persuade Jack to operate on Ben (under pressure of Sawyer being tortured). Hurley was taken so he would return to camp and deliver the message not to follow or try to rescue them.

      • joe

        I thought the others wanted to take all the “pure” and “good people” and that included the children. Thats what I got out of it when i rewatched S3.

      • louie

        @Eric: But then why did they take the flight attendant? I think the flight attendant was always an Other.

    • naynay

      I want to know what Walt was all about (obviously he had some crazy psychic sh*t going on) and WHY the others stopped being able to have children of their own.

      • nodnarb

        That’s the one I want answered! Why couldn’t the Others have kids? It seems significant given Jacob’s mama drama.

      • Lisa Simpson

        I think the pregancy issues either have to do with the Incident or moving into Dharmaville.

      • Johnification

        The Incident effed up The Source and through the whole “Life, Death, Rebirth” thing out of whack. Hence, no kids born post-Incident.

      • Found

        The Incident happenned and changed child birth on the island. Mystery solved.

      • destany

        the pregnancy issues have to do with the statue being destroyed. the statue is a likeness of the goddess of fertility and childbirth. the only reason ethan survived his birth was because juliet was there.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Juliet was also there with other mothers who died while pregant, and Amy’s pregnancy went way beyond the second trimester, which is when the stroubles manifested themselves. Besides, Charlotte and Daniel were also born on the Island without Juliet’s help.

      • caleb jones

        maybe it was because they had a freakin’ atomic weapon buried in the ground??? Radiation, anyone? it does a body NO good!

      • ZeeZee

        “The Incident” (Jughead blowing up?) disrupted everything so thats why births on the island are ok if the woman was pregnant BEFORE arrival…if they get pregnant ON the island then they die.

      • Jay

        How do we know that Charlotte and Daniel were born on the island? Charlotte was raised there for a few years. Daniel may never have been on the island before he went there on the freighter. Was Ethan conceived on the island? Juliet postulated a theory that the problem might occur at conception and wanted to try taking the Other women off the island to see if they could have healthy pregnancies, but Ben nixed that idea.

    • Jason

      While I’m grateful to get answers, making viewers PAY for them is really insulting. I’ve given up hundreds of hours of my time in watching and reading about their show, and that’s how I’m rewarded?
      I’m very, very irritated that they built this expansive mythology and refuse to explain it to us. There’s no way people would’ve invested years in this show if we knew the producers would not provide satisfying answers. This series demands it. And it will be an epic, epic failure if we don’t get the answers we seek Sunday night.

      • halfpint

        i completely agree. but based on how crappy this season has been, i don’t expect any amazing revealations.

      • Ralph

        First of all, they don’t have to “reward” you at all – and you didn’t invest years…you invested hours. If you watch the show with a checklist of things to be answered (1 – Kate’s horse!; 2 – Man in Black’s name!), you will be disappointed. The only way the finale could be horrible at this point is if they DO simply shoehorn in a string of answers to the minutae that people like you obsess over. If you’re not watching for the characters’ stories, you never should have watched in the first place.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Bravo, Ralph. And if you haven’t figured out most of the big questions on your own (which have become pretty obvious over this season, even without explanations), then you’ve missed tons of clues.

      • Zac

        So in the final minutes on Sunday night, you just want the writers to walk out and explain every little thing? LOST is one of the few shows that actually allows us to think and read into things. Spoonfed answers like you want would totally ruin the show. I’ve found many of the answers I was wanting by just mulling through the evidence on my own, which is something I’ve really enjoyed while watching. Sorry the answers aren’t given like the results on American Idol, but learn to actually use your brain, or just stop watching and complaining.

      • Hooch

        Seriously! I feel sorry for those who will find the finale an “epic fail” if they don’t get all their answers. Get ready for disappointment folks! People know this story is FICTION right? These “answers” are not fundamental truths that make you wiser. You will see what the writers want their story to show you (and whatever else you create in your head). Enjoy that for what it is! Supremely Entertaining Television!

      • murley

        i think it is actually very generous. just cause you have a bunch of pet questions you want answers too doesn’t mean those same things are important to the producers. it is nice of them to indulge the entitled.

      • payattention

        thank you, Ralph. well said. the show has been written with ambiguity from the pilot. it’s designed to make people think, to provoke exactly the kind of debates that happen on these message boards and at bars and coffeehouses and anywhere else. being spoon-fed answers would hugely diminish the show for me. are there some things i’d like answered? of course. will i declare the show crap if if they’re not? no way. i watched 120 episodes because the show kept my attention and entertained the hell out of me (key word: “entertain”). the 121st won’t wipe out the entire experience for me. it will stand on its own merits, and it will either be great or suck or fall somewhere in between. my guess is on the high side of in between, and i can live with that. and you know what? i’d buy the dvds anyway, as i have with every other season. so they’re extras; who cares? “lost” is not a public utility or a governmental institution that owes us accountability. it’s a bleepin’ tv show, and a good one at that. so chill, people.

      • milo

        “So in the final minutes on Sunday night, you just want the writers to walk out and explain every little thing?” Nope, the many many questions they have introduced over the years should have been answered over the years. I’m hoping some of the biggies get answered in the finale, but it’s obvious that plenty will remain unanswered. It’s not just “minutae” either, there are things the show presented to the audience as major plot points that were completely abandoned. Sure, the show is intended to make people think. But there’s a difference between some ambiguous elements in the end, and lots and lots of plot points, even characters that were brought up and then totally abandoned when the writers either ran out of time or figured out that they had already contradicted their “answers” and couldn’t use them. Assuming that they had answers in mind in the first place. It’s just bogus to pretend that this is completely a character show – sure, the character moments are great, but it also has been extremely mystery driven, and there’s no question that if people knew how much would never be resolved, a number of people wouldn’t have invested the time watching it. I certainly don’t envy people in the future who can watch the show on DVD after being told by a friend “it’s a fun show with great characters…but don’t get too hung up on all the mysteries since many of them don’t get answered.” Just as long as the ending isn’t as bad as the final BSG…

      • Joan

        I’m with Ralph. The mysteries have been fun – but to tell you the truth – I’m more invested in the characters then in where Kate’s horse came from. Just give me a satisfactory ending for these beloved characters and I’ll be happy.

      • Doc Jensen Minion No 1

        I also have to give props to Ralph; EXCELLENT comment. I have had my season 6 DVD on pre-order with Amazon for like 2 months now, as I suspect most true, die-hard LOST fans have. I am emotionally invested in the characters first and foremost. LOST truly has something for everyone, if you just look a little deeper than the surface. It’s the surface-dwellers that that have been crying outrage and disappointment with the show for the last couple of weeks…

      • Found

        Jason, you clearly have entitlement issues!!! It is only a TV show for crying out loud! Buy the DVD for extras!!!

      • milo

        “where Kate’s horse came from” It’s funny to see people pretending that the only mysteries that haven’t been answered are stupid ones like this.

      • Kate

        I can answer the Kate’s horse question – it was a real horse. Mikhail Bakunin had several animals – a cat, a cow, a horse. That question was answered a long time ago if you paid attention.

      • Jennifer H

        Fiction has the power to change the world, Hooch. No one should dismiss it lightly.

      • Lynn

        I’m surprised they gave any answers past “What killed the pilot?” Always considered this much like Alice in Wonderland or a heavy trip. Expected nothing rational. It can’t be rational. Still isn’t rational. As for the bonus 20 minutes of answers. I probably won’t find out. The further along this shows gotten, the less I’ve cared. I will find out how it ends, but I won’t be watching it in reruns. And, I’ve done that to other good shows, like Buffy and Stargate. They pulled my chains too often. It stopped bothering me about 2-3 seasons ago, but I forgot to notice. Truthfully, had I known it wouldn’t get back on track back then, I would have quit watching then. Now? Might as well see if they can kill MIB. I guessed Jack would be The One. I’m guessing Smokey goes with the job. I’m also guessing anyone left standing is staying. A bit embarassed that Alice in Wonderland/a heavy trip has become this predictable to me. lol

      • watched17times

        Thank you fellow fans. I am so glad I am not the only one who is sick of hearing these whiners who obviously have paid little attention to detail over the years and cannot formulate any kind of reasonable conclusions to these stupid questions that they keep demanding answers to!

        Many of you are correct. Many questions have been answered but some people just don’t pay attention. And we ALL know that they cannot answer so many questions in one season and have the storyline still make sense. Why should they even try to answers all of the questions? I am actually shocked that they are including some bonus answers. I am guessing they are sick of hearing these pesky people who think this is some kind of puzzle to be solved by some grandiose equation that explains everything.

        I would suggest that the complainers don’t even buy the DVD because no matter what is on it, they will still complain! LOL

      • who am i

        @ joan:

        Who gives a crap about the characters at this point? They built this series around the mysteries surrounding those people and the mysteries of the island. So far, neither has been explained.

      • waldo

        I agree that they shouldn’t spoon feed answers at this point, but the references to answers should make sense in the context of previous seasons or this will be an epic fail. The explanation of “Adam & Eve” was not continuous with Jack’s “40 or 50 years dead” assessment, for example. The show should make sense from the beginning after watching the finale or it will be remembered as a Twin Peaks. I think we all want more from this show. True, the producers don’t owe us anything, but their legacy depends on how well they wrap this up.

      • Amiee

        Waldo, Jack is a medical doctor not a Forensic pathologist. While he can make an educated guess as to the age of the skeletons it is only that…a GUESS. He has no special training in that field and he had no equipment to run test.

      • Joie

        There are always extras on a DVD set. Real fans of the show will want all the collected episodes and these extras. I was at the videocast event last night and the showrunners asked Jorge Garcia (who is a big fan of the show as well as an actor in it) how he felt after seeing the finale. He said he was satisfied and had no futher questions to ask. I think some of our questions have already been answered and we just don’t remember… I can’t wait to watch all six seasons over again starting next week!!!

      • Abbey42

        Hey, Milo: Great post, and respectfully written.

      • Lost-in-Ohio

        Most of the clips will be available on YouTube or some LOST site soon after the release – just watch for them.

      • Jeremy

        Don’t give me any of that “it’s about the characters not the island mysteries” BS. From the very very beginning the show has been built around the story of the island. It always has. The characters are important but the island is and still should be the most important focus of the show. Which is why there should be at least some coherent explanation behind the events instead of just mashing together a bunch of vague mumbo-jumbo.

    • Dicazi

      I thought that they were taken for their protection. They weren’t candidates, so they could be killed by Smokey.

      • Keith

        I think you are dead on! They were taken because they were on Jacob’s “list”. They were on his list because they were NOT canidates and thus needed protection. Remember Reme (sp? the priest guy) killed the Other who was trying to take him…he was later killed by Smoky.

      • Chandler

        I’m pretty sure you mean Eko…Remi was his brother…and the real priest.

      • Chandler

        Oh..my bad though…His name is Yemi not Remi.

    • dp2

      My most recent theory: like SMother, Smokey needs a child. The Others keep children away from it.

    • RK

      To get them out of the way.

    • LOL

      So does this mean we’ll get another Doc J column in August?

    • Tom

      I assumed outside the TV, and that the writers used this as a device to get rid of all the kids because this series spans a few months over six years. Kids age, and it shows.

      • Park

        for a pseudo-intellectual LOST fan that was a type of logic we don’t see much here. Simple.

    • ****

      And because all children are special. *sigh*


      They were taken to be indoctrinated into the policies of the foul criminal One-Termer that plagues our island Earth.

      • CaptainStimpy

        Don’t feed this Troll folks!

  • JDD

    So they are going to reward the fans who stuck around to the end – those fans who were ever so happy to find that their having a definite end date would help them wrap things up acceptably – by making them pay extra to get answers to questions they elected not to answer but have answers for?

    Makes perfect sense.

    • Melinda65

      I agree. years ago, TV Guide Magazine had a free CD included on the newsstand copies that had special Lost content. I wrote to the magazine and complained that the spontaneous purchasers got a special premium and those who committed to the magazine for an extended period had to buy another copy if they wanted the same thing. If nothing else, the least that they could do is put the extra footage online, although even then, not everyone who watches TV has Internet access.

      • Found

        Do you need some cheese to go with that whine?

      • Melinda65

        Yes, I do. But if it’s not the right kind, I will complain about it. :-P

        You’re right–in the grand scheme of my life, this isn’t even a blip. I’ll survive if I never see the extra footage, although I’m guessing that YouTube will have it eventually, even if only for a short time. It does seem like a cheap ploy to get fans to buy the DVDs, though.

      • CaptainStimpy

        Welcome to the free market society! Glad you could join us. The networks are in it to make $ after all. I’m just saying…

      • Michael

        HURLEY BIRD!!!!!

    • allie


      • milo

        True. Plus you know that they will get posted online, I’d bet most fans see them before the dvds are even released.

      • Anitamargarita

        While it is certainly affordable, we still pay for Netfilx

      • Gdub

        @allie – exactly

    • lostidol

      And you think that no one will bother to post them on line? You poor thing.

    • Nancy

      No one’s Making us buy the DVD for answers. I don’t need more answers and feel the major elements wrapped up nicely and the finale made sense. The unanswered island mysteries aren’t keeping me up at night. I wish everyone didn’t feel so cheated that there wasn’t a nice big red bow on the ending. The show kept us wondering, and it makes sense that it ends that way.

  • Jen

    What was the significance of Walt reading a comic book that featured a polar bear and the exotic bird that crashed into his pre-island apartment window?

    • Ron


    • caleb jones

      sometimes a comic book is just a comic book! not a message from smokey or jacob!

  • meepos

    I’d like more explanation into Walt’s powers. I understand that child actors grow rapidly, but it seems that they just ditched that plot point once they couldn’t bring back Malcolm David Kelly.

    • nodnarb

      The legend of Walt has become so overblown by the fan community. He never had powers!

      • Lisa Simpson

        He did, but they were never the major plot driver that people think they were. Seriously, the kid never even had a centric episode. The Island enhanced his powers to an extent, which I thought was the whole point of him, kind of like Jin and his sperm count.

      • nodnarb

        What were his powers?

      • Lisa Simpson

        He had some minor mind control ability that spooked his stepfather. He seemed to have an affinity for killing birds with his mind. This was enhanced on the Island, and he was able to do a little astral projection to Shannon and Locke (if indeed that was Walt who appeared to Locke).

      • milo

        The show hinted that he had some sort of telekinetic powers, specifically killing birds with his mind (there was a webisode that seemed to confirm this). He also appeared on the island multiple times after leaving, which can’t be the smoke monster since the show confirmed that smokey can only appear as dead people. If it’s overblown, that’s because of the show, not the fans – the writers made him the centerpiece of the first TWO season finales.

      • nodnarb

        I gotta disagree. The only “special” thing ever shown happening to Walt was a bird flying into his window. That’s happened to me before! And I don’t have ESP. I do get ESPN though. His strange appearances are a bit trickier though since I agree that they couldn’t have been Smokey. But those could be explained by the fragile state of mind of the people who saw him.

      • milo

        “never the major plot driver”? Him getting kidnapped was a major part of the first finale, and much of the end of the second season was about going to try and rescue him, including the second finale. Sure, he wasn’t the biggest character, but he definitely was a big enough part of the story for the audience to expect answers. It also didn’t help that the writers actually came out and said that they knew from the beginning that the actor would age much faster than time was passing on the show and that they had it all figured out how they would deal with that and would be able to tell the rest of his story. That turned out to be a crock.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Yes, he got kidnapped and we had to endure Michael running around yelling “Waaaalt!” for a season. I was ready to kill the kid for that alone. He was the plot device that brought the Losties into contact with the Others, but they wanted him more because he was a child than because he was special. Bea Klugh admitted that he was more than they could handle, due to the enhancement of his powers by the Island.

      • milo

        “The only “special” thing ever shown happening to Walt was a bird flying into his window.” As I said, there was a webisode that showed that this wasn’t a coincidence (yeah, I know it’s not the show itself). They might still be online somewhere, also on the season 4 dvds.

      • nodnarb

        It’s been a while since I’ve watched those webisodes, but if I recall all they showed was a group of dead birds outside the Room 23 window. Still not enough to convince me that Walt’s “powers” are a major mystery Lost has neglected. That’s like saying Star Wars never resolved the mystery of the creature in the trash compactor.

      • dp2

        Also, the Others asked Michael if Walt could do these things, and whether he could appear in two places at once. Ben also said they got more than they bargained for when they took him. So no, he’s not just a normal kid.

      • milo

        While it’s not a 100% definitive answer, the dead birds (and Ben/Juliet’s reaction to them) sure seem to confirm that he has a special power and the first bird wasn’t just coincidence.

      • chris

        He also told Locke that he say him on the beach in a suit and people were yelling around him i.e. Season 5 finale/Season 6 premiere.

      • Aberge

        The creature in the trash compactor in Star Wars is a “dianoga,” and there are reams and reams of canonical information about them. Just fyi.

      • nodnarb

        Geek!! ;)

      • Skip182

        They explained this during the Lost live event tonight. Walt was not “special.” The only one who said he was special was the psychic, who admitted he was a fraud. They pointed out that Walt never did anything special, and they’re right.

      • Abbey42

        Skip, it’s easy to do, but I think you got a little confused. In this instance, Darlton were discussing Aaron. : )

    • Meier

      What are you talking about? He was in every season but this one!

    • kaydevo

      We were given reason to believe that Walt had ESP. I think when Shannon saw Walt he was reaching out with the power of his mind, basically saying “Help me.” His appearance to a shot Locke is more mysterious. But the Others kidnapped him in order to ultimately get Jack to operate on Ben.

      • Ana

        I got the impression that Walt could cause things to happen. We see him reading a comic book with a polar bear in it and a few moments later a polar bear shows up. We see him reading at home in Australia about an extremely rare bird and one suddenly flies into the window. Then there was his apparent ability to astral project. And we know the Others were testing him for something. Maybe they didn’t find anything but I don’t he was kidnapped to get to Jack. There were better and easier ways to get him.

    • laylagalise

      Yes! This is what I want to know about the most (now that we know who the skeletons are).

    • Awesome-O

      Walt will be on the finale… that is factual information. sorry to spoil.

    • Angel2480

      I went to the Times Talk Live event tonight and Damon and Carlton confirmed that Walt is VERY special and that it will be addressed. They even made a point to point out that he was SO special that he freaked out the Others. The one they said that was NOT special was Aaron.

    • Amber

      I would definitely like more explanation. They confirmed he was special several times, but what stands out to me is that one of the others told Jack that Ben would NEVER let Walt go. They did, but that NEVER made me think there was something important going on. We may never really know though, because kids age. Although I have to say, if we as fans have been sufficiently intelligent to follow the show, aren’t we smart enough to accept a recast due to age? I think the story got dropped because they couldn’t resolve the age thing. Why not just say he was born earlier in sideways world for some reason and only show him there?

  • Outrigger

    The Outrigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Billiam

      You’ll have to search for it on your own (though it should be on the “What’s Alan Watching” Hitfix blog), but Cuse/Lindelof talked about the outrigger in an interview with critic Alan Sepinwall. They said they had a plan for explaining it, but then decided to cut it.

    • captain obvious

      Yah, who was in the outrigger???? There are tons of ?? and yes not all are critical to the story- doesnt mean that a fan shouldnt want to know a certain answer. We all have our fave characters. With Jin/Sun no more, and Jake/Kate being split up (most likely) Im curious about Penny/Desmond- if theyre doomed, or will atleast 1 couple get a happy ending.

      • Laura K.

        My assumption about Desmond and Penny (and I really hope I’m wrong) is that they’re going to end up a lot like Susannah and Eddie in The Dark Tower (spoiler, I guess, if you haven’t read it and intend to): meaning, in the “real world” that we care about, they can’t be together, so we have to content ourselves with knowing that in an alternate world, alternate versions of themselves are together.

  • The Final Mosey

    That was epicly epic. And funny. And melancholy. And quite clever. The guys who made this should have been candidates.

  • Geof

    Shouldn’t the unanswered questions have been answered in the actual series, and not in dvd extras? It sounds like they let the plotlines get away from them and become unmanageable.

    • Found

      They decided to end the series with season 6. Nobody is entitled to have conclusions. Just be grateful that maybe you can get some resolution or enjoyment out of the extras on DVD!!!!

      • milo

        They decided to end the series with season 6 – yeah, and they knew that at the end of season three, at which point they admitted they had been totally stalling. They have had 48 episodes to answer any questions, that’s not an excuse.

      • Chandler

        Let’s also remember that the “lost” 8 episode (at least) due to f’in writers strike that claimed the lives of other shows! We should be happy we’re getting what we’re getting! I’ll happily take the bonuses.

  • S.O.

    Is there going to be Auto-Tune in the Hip/Hop Tribute as well? Gezz.. No more Hip/Hop Tributes to everything out there. Now I won’t be surprised if Justin Bieber makes a cameo sometimes during the LOST finale on Sunday. Great. :(

    • Lisa Simpson

      That was pretty bad. Not even the promise of seeing hot guys on a beach could make me watch more than about a third of it.

  • poop

    That video made my cry. I can’t believe its ending.

    • Zach Reisfeld

      made me cry too.

      • Jake

        me too

    • Sydney

      Very well done video! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Austin

    1) What was up with Walt?
    2) And Aaron?
    3) Did Desmond really see Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter in season 3?
    4) WHO WAS IN THE OTHER OUTRIGGER?!?!? (This could still be answered in the finale, but I doubt it.)

    • mscisluv

      I think Darlton confirmed in a recent interview that they are not going to address the outrigger shootout from last season, even though they know exactly who was in the other boat (!). They said it just didn’t fit with the story this season. Arghhh!

      • PDXrules

        This is what is kind of frustrating about Lost. I wanted to know the answer to the outrigger mystery too, thinking anytime some one got in one this season, the other outrigger was going to suddenly appear and a shootout was gonna happen. The storytellers like to bring in plot elements they have no intention of addressing since it ‘didn’t fit with the story’. Not that it was important to the larger story, obviously.

      • DN

        Translation: Lindelof and Cuse will figure out who was in the other outrigger by the time they have to make the reveal. Just like the ‘Adam & Eve’ skeletons. With how meticulous they are with the scripts, there’s no way those skeletons belonged to ‘mother & MIB’ after Jack said the clothing looked 30 or whatever years old.

      • Sven

        Seriously!? They’re just going to drop it? I really hope they’re joking in those interviews, because that’s the one unresolved bit in Season 5’s early episodes I’ve been waiting so patiently to see come full circle.

    • April


      This still bugs me. My guess, they flashed to where they are now and it was Widmore’s people.

      • facue

        I think they are shooting at themselves in the future.

      • Joie

        Does the missing outrigger scene really mean all that much? It was obviously just “Others” and does it need to mean more than that? If they don’t show it then it can’t be that important to the whole scheme of things. Let’s instead see more of what Desmond’s going to do, what will Eloise do at the concert, etc…. Like, the stuff that’s happening now!

    • kaydevo

      I don’t think there was anything exceptionally important about Aaron (unless we find out otherwise in the finale). The Others wanted him because they couldn’t have babies, so they took the pregnant Claire.

      • Sanjaya’s Girlfriend

        They took Claire, just like Jacob and MIB’s “mom” enticed their birth mother to come into her cave. They wanted the baby — not Claire.

    • Brian

      I think Aaron was only ever important for Claire, not in and of himself–look what happened to her after he was raised by another.

      • Lisa Simpson

        I’m not sure Aaron is important (other than being a baby) but I think Claire is. If you watch her story, there are obviously two forces at work on her, one trying to get her to the Island and keep her there, the other trying to keep her off the Island. I’m interested to see how her story plays out on Sunday.

        On the other hand, if Aaron is special, than I think we got a clue as to why someone might want him off the Island in “Across the Sea”. Mother kept refering to Little MIB as “special”, which may mena that Jacob was afraid that he (and Walt) may have a predilection for evil Smokeyness.

      • Angel2480

        At the Times Talk Live event tonight, Damon confirmed that Aaron is NOT special. The only person that ever said that he was special and should be raised only by Claire was the psychic and he was a fraud. Even admitted himself that he was a fraud in the Eko episode that came later. The Others only wanted Aaron because of their fertility issues. This is the explanation given tonight by Damon himself.

      • Miranda

        There was a Fathom event at the movies last night and it was a 1-time show – a live interview with the producers of LOST. They talked about Walt and Aaron. We’ll see Walt in the finale and yes he did have powers but they pointed out he isn’t all that special because so do Hurley and Miles. It’s just that Walt’s got out of hand. They said Aaron wasn’t special at all and that was resolved in season two. The psychic who told Claire all the stuff about Aaron was revealed to be a fake and therefore, everything he said was a lie. They also said the Others only kidnapped the children because they couldn’t have any. They said if you couldn’t have a child and then some showed up, you’d think they were special too. So that’s why they just took the kids. Oh, and it’s likely we’ll see Vincent the dog again. They showed a clip from the finale and Flocke finds a footprint in the dirt and says, “A dog’s been here.” So we’ll either see him or that was the only tribute to Vincent. Hope this helps.

    • Bobbo

      He probably saw someone holding aaron and assumed it was Claire but it turned out to be Kate

  • Sarah

    That video was awesome! Loved how they showed Jack telling Kate “we have to go back” when they got to that line in the chorus. Well done!

    • Annie

      I loved that video! I must admit I shed a few tears.

      • Jessica

        I loved it! I started to tear up myself. It reminded me of how really special it has been.

    • rock golf

      Just gorgeous interpolation of Michael Giacconne’s death theme from the show in the background.

      • Casey

        That’s not the death theme, it’s a variation of Giacchino’s “There’s No Place Like Home” and they did a fantastic job.

  • Lisa Simpson

    With people still obsessing over things like the Hurley Bird and polar bears, maybe some people need simplified explanations. Me, I like some things to stay mysterious. I’ll still buy the DVD, of course. The collection must be complete.

    • nodnarb

      When they gave a fairly straightforward, simple answers to the whispers, people still complained!

      • Lisa Simpson

        Yeah, I know. Whiners.

      • Momo

        I was fine with the answers to the whispers. I just want some sort of proof that the writers have thought about the plotlines and have made some sort of attempt to tie things together – even if the answers are as basic as the whispers explanation. It’s just basic and good storytelling to create a conclusion that befits a grand story. Even if they do leave everything open-ended (a la The Sopranos), it still should follow with the flow or gist of what has been shown to us so far. So I don’t want a cop-out of an ending where they just go “nope, no answers at all, just the way it was intended!” But I trust them to do a somewhat satisfying ending.

      • NoName


    • milo

      Just because some people go overboard and want answers to dumb things like the Hurley Bird, that doesn’t change the fact that there are major mysteries that the show has devoted significant attention to that the show later “forgot” about. Personally, I’m glad they addressed the whispers – my objection to that scene was that it was just clumsy writing.

      • ng

        It feels like this season totally negates the significance of the others, which was a major part of the show

      • NoName

        I agree! I don’t care who was in the other outrigger though. I didn’t care who Adam and Eve were either. I did not like the mythology episodes at all. But, there are far more episodes that I did like, but I do want some closure, not spoon fed, just something, and I’m hoping that happens on Sunday.

      • Found

        You guys think you are paying attention but you have really missed out! Go back and watch the other seasons and you will see how it all ties in and remains cohesive. “Live together, Die Alone” explains it all and foreshadows the finale. And that episode is from season 2!!! Stop complaining!!!

      • milo

        Sorry, Found, but it’s not a case of missing out. There are plenty of things that simply weren’t answered, period. The more you go back and watch, the more loose ends you’ll find. Sure, you can make educated guesses, but that’s not getting satisfying resolutions. It’s just the difference between good and bad storytelling, you don’t just forget about plotlines and characters every time you see a shiny object.

      • NoName

        I’ve watched the seasons back to back. There are many, many holes and no, not everything is there. They even said just today Ilana had a bigger role, but they ran out of time. Yet the choose to write and produce episodes like Espose, Stranger in a Strange Land that does NOTHING to advance the arcs of any of the main characters or the series as a whole.

      • Joie

        Many of the mysteries HAVE been solved, but as the creators have said, sometimes it’s like life, you can never know for sure. I happen to LOVE that. If you want more of a CSI or Murder-She-Wrote experience where everything is tightly tied up at the end and explained, howzabout you create and write your own show and include exactly the things you think should be in it, and control how it proceeds and ends. You don’t really get to control someone else’s creation, sorry, but I can say “I really think the Mona Lisa should be blonde,” but that’s just how it is.

      • bren

        But Expose and Stranger in a Strange Land came before they had a completion date and were filler episodes. Once they had a completion date, things were much more focused on the end game. Plus, as someone pointed out up thread, they lost several episodes to the strike which further shortened what they had planned. And people seem to forget that although they have creative control and a lot of latitude to do what they want, how they want, this is still a network show subject to some network interference and constraints.

  • josh

    I’m thinking it’s the stuff that didn’t REALLY need to be answered in the context of the show or could’ve but would’ve slowed down the pacing etc. Stuff like “what was the hurley bird”, “where did the dharma drop come from”, or “who was penny’s mom” and so on.

  • Musiqlover

    I’m not a greedy viewer who needs every single lost loose string tied up but there are two big unanswered questions for me still

    1) I need to know about Walt and why was he special


    2) What are the significance of the numbers and why did the numbers have to be typed in the computer? I know it corresponds to the candidates but there needs to be a larger explanation.

    Without those two answers then I will feel like the producers sent us on a wild goose chase for at least 3 seasons.

    • Lisa Simpson

      1) Walt had a certain amount of ESP and such, which was enhanced by the Island, giving us a clue as to the Island’s powers. That’s it.

      2) The numbers, by being associated with the final candidates, took on some level of power or significance, and the Island (which I still think is its own entity) used them as a sort of curse that would get the right people to it. Or something like that. Anyway, they were empowered by their association with the final candidates.

      • Amanda

        I think the numbers must have a larger significance, especially since in the last episode Jacob said he crossed off Kate only after she became a mother and others are crossed off as they die. When is the magical moment that the Island chose for the candidates to ‘final’? It just doesn’t make sense. I hope they explain it!

      • Johnification

        Also, Walt mainly served a dramatic purpose of saying, “Yes, people in this world have special abilities” before introducing Miles and Hurley’s stuff.

      • kyle

        they typed in those numbers because the are the factors of the valenzetti equation and since that equation was the whole underlying point of the Dharma Initiative it make sense that those would be the numbers to type in

    • joe

      We’ve never found out why Hurley or Miles have special powers? Noone seems to care about that, so why should we care about Walt’s?

      • Joie

        Great response, yes, thank you, Joe! How does the Smoke Monster transform? HE JUST DOES!!!

  • Ellis John

    How did the Tawaret statue get to the island?

    • angeler

      I second this one- what’s up with all the Egyptian mythology on the island (the statue, the Temple, the hieroglyphics on Ben’s “secret-er room”). I’ve seen comments on the boards that “ancient Egyptians came to the island first” but we’ve never seen this on the show.
      Also- explanation for the Others women dying in their pregnancies. Please!

      • Lisa Simpson

        We don’t know how long Mother was there or what civilizations came before the little Roman group that brought Claudia to the Island. For me, all of the Egyptian culture is to tell the viewers that we are dealing with something very, very old and that the power on the Island is primal.

      • @Lisa Simpson

        Do you work for the show? It’s seems you have a answer or reply to everything. I hope you’re not a smart @ss who thinks to know everything.

      • Amanda

        There is another possibility. Was the beach that Jacob and MIB were walking on the same that had the statue? If so, it came after Jacob and the Egyptian people are probably a part of his ‘game’ with the MIB. Although they were Roman, it is still possible for people to build Egyptian statues and temples in the 1st c. A.D. I suppose that could be the case whether or not it is the same beach.
        I still hope they address the issue! I also agree that we should know why the Others couldn’t have babies but the Island cures diseases (unless you are Ben)!

      • Lisa Simpson

        I don’t work for the show, but I think putting a little thought into things makes things clear. I don’t want answers fed to me. I like figuring things out for myself, and I’m not disappointed if any theories I have prove to be false. “Lost” has been a great ride.

      • nodnarb

        Give Lisa a break. She’s just giving her opinion same as everyone else.

      • Rita

        Jacob and MIB had a conversation about how people always come to the island and it’s always the same. It implies they’ve had a lot of boatloads of people arrive, and if one such boatload were ancient Egyptians, they might well have built a statue. I mean, it’s just one idea, but that’s what’s required here folks. Imagination and wondering. They’re good things.

      • Brenda Barrett

        I think “Lisa’s” choice of screen name tells you all you need to know about her.

      • Anna L

        All I have to say is thank goodness for someone with the patience of Lisa Simpson to respond to some of these posts. Keep going, Lisa!

      • Lane

        Lisa, I have to agree with your posts (at least on this page). I’ve been watching this show carefully and I have reached the same conclusions. Each episode adds pieces that fit really well in the puzzle. It’s been a fun ride. For everyone who is confused, I recommend watching the show back to back on dvd, because it’s very easy to forget the details if you watch over the span of 6 years.

      • Found

        The heiroglyphs are there to relay the point that many civilizations have come to this island. What role does that statue play in the show if there was no episode to explain who built it? The answer is that it has no role in the show, other than to show that old civilizations lived on the island. So give the damn statue a rest!! Again, the child birth issue happenned after the incident. Probably just an echoeing of what happenned when Jacob and MiB were born. Mysteries solved!!! Sheesh.

      • Jeremy

        @Amanda: I disagree that the statue came after Jacob got there. Also, the statue was further along the shore, which is why it was never shown in that episode. It must have been there long before Jacob. The reason why I say this is that if you remember when Des went into the source, there was a pool with the cork in the middle of it. The stone carvings appeared to also have hyroglyphics on them. If the light was there when Jacob’s “mother” was there, then the cork must have already been built. Since the cork had hyroglyphics then it was probably also made by the Egyptians, who built the statue of Tarawet. Also, note that when they turn the wheel they end up in northern Africa, west of Egypt in the Sahara desert, next to a HUGE crater. This seems like a clue to me! Perhaps this crater used to be filled with the land which makes up the island.

    • Found

      Why does it matter? Did you want one for your front lawn? It was built by some civilization that once inhabited the island and since died off or left, who knows? It’s just a statue!!

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