Megan Fox out of 'Transformers 3'. Will it be the same without her?

Megan-FoxImage Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Wireimage.comImagining a Transformers without Megan Fox is almost as strange as imagining a Transformers without, well, transformers. But we’ll have to cope nonetheless: Sources confirm with EW that Megan Fox’s option has not been renewed for Transformers 3.

The source claims the decision had nothing to do with any sort of personal vendetta Bay might have had against Fox (for the actress comparing him to, you know, Hitler and all), but rather the direction of the story. (Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky will have a new love interest in the third film.) Still, since Mikaela — and her bodacious bod — has been so central to the franchise, it’s hard to believe Fox won’t be gracing the big screen in the blockbuster-to-be.

Will Transformers be the same without Fox, PopWatchers? And who should replace her as the film’s resident eye candy?

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  • Randy

    First the racist bots are gone, now Megan Fox? How many robots are going to be fired off this movie?

    • darclyte

      Megan wasn’t let go due to all the stuff she had said but due to “the direction of the story,” and I’m Heat Miser.

    • Tom

      Not sure where you learned that the Twins won’t be in TF3 but they WILL indeed be there.

      • Quirky

        He learned that from Michael Bay himself. Last week Bay mentioned that the twins will not be in the 3rd movie.

      • Hmm

        Yeah Tom what are you talking about. Its been confirmed. No twins. MBay said it himself.

      • Aric

        Actually, the studio, writers and Bay himself have all said the twins are out.

        I just think it’s funny that production started, there are photos of Fox on set with the Bumblebee camero, and now she’s out and the excuse it “she was not in the story”.

      • jessica

        im with tom i just hope she comes back

    • penny

      IT…WILL…STILL…SUCK…wait for it….BIG MONKEY BALLS!!!!

    • LOL

      I thought Fox was the reason that boys went to these films.

      • Brandon

        That is why they go see it

      • M

        I’m a guy, and I went to see T2 with my friends. We won’t be seeing T3.

      • dillon

        well hell yea thats the only reason i watch them and now i dont know if im going to watch the new one bc its going to be stupid without her

    • maxinpains

      let’s pull off Michael Bay. He is the one who took off our Meagan Fox. Michael Bay should be ignited with explosives. lol

    • maxinpains

      take out Michael Bay. Meagan Fox can direct & act. LOL

      • krak


        Transformers 3 directed by Megan Fox
        written by Shia LeBeouf

    • Brian

      When they get rid of Shia LaBeouf too!!

  • Sina

    I’m not understanding how she’s so essence to this franchise. She’s just the girlfriend. The movie is about the Transformers and Sam. She fixes cars, so what. She is not that important to the movie. The only reason she was the “star” of the other Transformer movies is because of all her interviews where she could cuss like a sailor and talk crazy about people. She has yet been the star of her own movie that has been sucessful.

    • Frank

      You couldn’t be more wrong. Megan Fox is essential to Transformers.. she is the beautiful girlfriend who is also a mechanic! She represents so much in the film.. I think they could do an entire spin-off film around her beauty.. I mean “character”.

    • KEVIN

      AGREE with Frank, whether you like her or not, Megan Fox is just as essential to the franchise as Shia Lebeof. The first film was where she was “discovered,” it is just as much hers as it is his

      • Brett

        “as essential to the franchise as Shia Lebeof” – you’re right. And they could replace him for T3 and I doubt the box office would suffer much. People are going to see the effects, not the acting, in eye candy movies like this.

      • fiveagainstone

        Sorry, but Megan Foz was just eye candy to the franchise. She’ll just be replaced with equally talentless eye candy that worships the ground Michael Bay walks.

      • Brian

        ‘Just as essential’ as in not essential at all, the Transformers are the movies, not the talentless ‘actors’ they throw in to join the action parts together.

      • Tiffany

        She’s only essential because she’s hot. They should one part in both movies of her sorta working on cars. In the second she was a whiney, crybaby. “Tell me you love me Sam” Shut up already girl! Sheeesh!!

    • dont trip

      shut da hell up u sound retarded, Megan fox IS the one everyone wants to see. LOL

      • Brian

        Wrong! now learn to write correctly, and get a life.

  • js

    You mean will it still be utter crap?

  • Thom

    Somebody, start a Facebook petition to get Betty White cast as the love interest! She’ll say dirty things that are funny, because she’s old and adorable.

    • Niix Starkyller

      I’m with Mr. Yorke on this one.

  • Univarn

    I believe Randy’s comment wins this debate, it’s spot on. Megan Fox has proven in her ventures outside the realm of Transformers people really don’t care much about her, or the films she makes (just take a quick look at her amazing box office record). So, I’m thinking her not being apart of this next installment of “screw plot, look explosion” won’t be that detrimental.

    Besides there are thousands of beautiful women out there who can bend over. Not exactly tough qualifications.

    • Quirky

      Hey, hey, hey! Megan Fox did more than just “bend over”. You’re forgeting her “running in slow motion in a tight shirt” work also.

      • Jo

        Multi-tasking of that magnitude takes talent, Quirky. You have no idea…

      • J

        Actually, most of Fox’s running was done by a stunt double. Epic failure.

      • B-

        Let’s not forget the white pants from part 2… The best special effects in the entire movie.

    • Ashleigh

      Disagree. It’s established that her acting talent is marginal, but it’s harder to make the argument that her special brand of hotness is something any other beautiful woman could pull off in this franchise. The poor box off performance notwithstanding, I thought Fox actually did a good job in “Jennifer’s Body,” even if her character mostly played off her image. Of course there is a lot of teeth to the assertion that Fox isn’t talented, but I think the reason we don’t see the same sort of venom directed at similarly untalented actors like Chace Crawford and Channing Tatum (who gets leading roles, unlike Megan) is, to be frank, the intense jealousy of the primarily female tabloid readers. The tabloids wouldn’t be obsessed with her if her face plastered on the front page didn’t sell.

      • B-

        You have to give an insanely hot girl like Megan credit for not being tabloid fodder for being a drunk in the club. Whenever you see her she is shopping or with her boyfriend (who did didn’t dump after she got famous). She didn’t take on any role that came to her. And yeah she’s outspoken, but it’s funny how Heigl and her speak out and they are looked down on, but their male counterparts do it and it’s OK. Also funny how nerds are making fun of Megan for talking smack about Bay, when they do the SAME thing online endlessly. If anything shouldn’t they be happy with her?

      • Back Off

        When it comes to Channing Tatum and he can actually act – back off.

        He was brilliant in Dear John, Stop Loss and A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints but to name a few. Plus apparently he excels in The Eagle Of The Ninth too (new movie). Channing Tatum makes the studios a lot of money that’s why he gets the best roles offered to him plus his pretty smart (to go for various different types of roles too) and produces films.

        So don’t judge him the same way as Megan Fox or Chace Crawford he has a much better record.

        I don’t mind Megan Fox or Chace Crawford and it’s a shame what’s happened to her but everything happens for a reason if true and she will get a much better offer.

      • Menchy

        Just because he’s been in successful movies, it doesn’t mean he can act. Heck, look at Vin Diesel. Horrible actor, many hits (Fast and Furious, xXx, etc.). The bottom line is, Channing Tatum is just as bad as Meghan Fox, and in my opinion worse. While Meghan Fox has never proven she’s talented, she’s never really proven she’s not either. She’s only been in what, 4 or 5 movies? Channing has had a plethora of opportunities and yet plays the same emotionless blockhead in every one

      • Patrice

        Hey hey hey… I think we need to leave my Channing Tatum out of this. :)

  • bamalam

    Regardless if you like Fox or not, the movie is going to be missing something. We’ve spent the last two movies with her in them, the movie is going to be “strange” without her. Plus, how are the writers going to figure that one out? Are the Decepticons just not going to attack her now that Sam is going to be dating someone else? Is she just going to be at home while the world is being blown up? I for one am just a bit less interested in this movie now, and I’m not even a Fox fan. I just don’t like folks messing with established characters…

    • Brett

      Megan is great at selling magazines. It’s when the frozen image comes alive, and attempts to move an speak, where she fails. You’ll see in “Jonah Hex” this summer (assuming anyone goes to the theater to watch it).

  • Travis

    I’m still laughing over her bisexual quote.

  • JC

    I guess that there not expecting success with this one

  • Tim

    Yup it is. People yammering on aren’t getting it. As a young guy I get that she can’t act. Maybe, if the movies weren’t crap, people would care. But they are crap and her hotness was literally the only redeeming thing in them. The same thing goes for popular actors in romantic comedies. Why do you think Failure to Launch and a dozen other horrible romantic comedies where Matthew McConaughey takes his shirt off make money. Here’s a hint: It wasn’t because of the scripts, the sappy, canned emotions or the director.

    • Gabby


    • EDGE

      All her hotness makes up for where she may be lacking in her acting acting roles and we need to se at least some of that kind of stuff in the quiet parts of the movie because she’s another reason why we all to to the friggen movies. She’s been in two at least let her finish the series out. Besides did she really do anything to make the movies bad? I mean really come one people.

  • Jerry

    I wonder if Shia Labeouf’s reaction to hearing this news was “Nonononononono!”

    • Kevin

      I’m pretty sure he’d be happy about this news. DING DONG the witch is gone!!!! Maybe they can hire his girlfriend Carey Mulligan to class up the joint (but even she wouldn’t be able to polish up the turd that is the Transformers franchise)

      • Dylan

        There’s nothing that could possibly class up “Transformers.” Besides Shia and Megan were friends. Just because she’s is not a talented actress doesn’t automatically mean she’s horrible in every other respect, as much as people are in love with trashing her. :-/

  • LOL

    if she isnt in the movie then why

    1. Is Patrick Dempseys character supposed to be Mikaelas boss??
    2. Was she on set last week doing pre-shoots?

    • K8

      I read that too about Patrick Dempsey’s character being Mikaela’s boss. On more than one site.

  • Trudy

    They dropped her because she has let a Plastic Surgeon destroy her face. A very insecure person has followed the wrong advice and no amount of spin can put her back together again. Sad, but almost predictable.

    • J

      Um, what does her plastic surgery have to do with this? Absolutely nothing.

    • Kevin

      It’s her plastic acting that’s the problem.

  • Art

    The only reason I would have watched that movie was that Megan Fox was in it. Now, forget it.

  • Frank

    Megan as an ‘established’ character is a joke.
    Evidently ppl forget what how ‘leading ladies’ act.
    There are a thousand other hot women to replace her.
    Let’s just get back to Sam & Transformers storyline.

    • Stevex

      So now it will be just one long, un-ending incomprehensible fight scene?

      • Ron J

        It’s Transformers…that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to be. Who cares about plot? Its a summer-special-effects movie.

    • Katie

      I agree with you Frank

  • TonyH

    if they are concerned with the “plot” of this movie, to me it seems random to through in a brand new love interest, in the last movie of what i am assuming is a trilogy. we’ve been watching their relationship this long, why not let it have a natural conclusion, are the writers just going to have sam mention that they broke up off screen?

    • Dylan

      haha thats a valid point what are they going to say about that? and its just gonna be weird without her i think not just saying that cause shes hot and all that but because she played a role in just about every scene of both those movies and now not seeing her in it…its gonna be like an akward moment i guess is how you would put it

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