A love letter to Ryan Gosling (the hipster Ryan Reynolds?)

Ryan-GoslingThank goodness Ryan Gosling has a movie coming out, because if it weren’t for all the press he has to do for Blue Valentine (which co-stars Michelle Williams and looks incredible) we might’ve missed the chance to see just how much the actor — who’s relatively undetected by paparazzi in his off time — has evolved into such a stand-out stud.

I know most every girl on this planet fell in love with Gosling after The Notebook, but my Gosling-love goes back to the days of UPN and a little-watched show called Breaker High, in which Gosling played the goofy, yet lovable dork Sean. (Full disclosure: When the network canceled the show, I sent them an angry letter and forged more than 100 names of people who “watched” the show and wanted it on.)

So you can imagine how I swooned when I laid eyes on the handsome actor en route to and at the Cannes Film Festival (pictured). My middle school crush was all grown up, and lookin’ fine, I might add. One minute he’s sporting an effortless ensemble of retro shades and ratty (but cool, of course) sneakers, and the next he’s ready for his close-up in a crisp white button-down on the French Riviera.

Gosling’s studliness calls to mind another great Ryan — Ryan Reynolds, who we love here at EW. Dare I say Gosling is the hipster Reynolds? What do you guys think? And how are we feeling about Gosling’s (official) initiation into the handsome devil category?

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  • brody

    Sexy and talented. Yes, please!

    • H Dawg

      If we are talking acting chops, Gosling clearly kicks Reynolds’ ass, though Reynolds is adequate, in his own action star/comedic sarcasm way.

      If we are talking eye candy, Reynolds clearly kicks Gosling’s ass, though Gosling is adequate in HIS sensitive/puppy dog way.

      You can’t really compare the 2, they bring completely different things to the table. It’s all about what flavor you want.

  • EWsMom

    Ryan Gosling is absolutely NO competition for Ryan Reynolds….Reynolds is just in a sexy/hunky/handsome league of his own. Gossling is really overrated, and isn’t even that good looking IMO.

    • Swerds

      I’d like to invite you to watch “The Believer”, “Half Nelson” and “Fracture”. Ok, Fracture isn’t that great but he is gorgeous in it. His talent will shine through in the first two movies I mentioned.

      • Saracen Riggins

        and the United States of Leland.

      • Johnification

        And Lars and the Real Girl.

      • sonus

        and Breaker High

      • Kelly

        and an indie movie, Stay. – stars Ryan Gosling, Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. AMAZING!

    • kj;l;kj;l


    • JB

      I can’t believe anyone would think Ryan Reynolds compares to Gosling. Gosling is such a fantastic actor… you should also see Lars and The Real Girls (which stars my other indie fave Paul Schneider).

    • Art

      Ryan Reynolds in a league of his own, you say? talk about overrated.

      • tvgirl48

        Going on just the shallow level, rating by looks, I’d say Gosling is overrated and Reynolds is in a league of his own. Acting wise? Yeah, Gosling probably wins there.

    • Celia

      You must be crazy. I like them both for different reasons because they’re completely different people/actors. However, I think Gosling has the edge over Reynolds. He’s much more versatile both in hotness and talent. He can play the villain, the good guy, the weirdo, etc. Reynolds is good at being funny and playing the beefcake and that’s about it.
      And Gosling has been a Handsome devil for a long time!

  • Daisy Steiner

    I was mesmerized by him during Half Nelson. He was gorgeous and amazing in that movie. EWsMom, if you haven’t seen Half Nelson, get thee to a movie store now!

  • Cori

    I’ve loved him forever…LONG before The Notebook. I’ve always, always said that there is something so utterly attractive about him that it is almost disturbing! He was such a cutie in Remember the Titans (well, almost every movie he’s been in actually). Loved Slaughter House Rules and Lars and the Real Girl. LOVE him! And, yes, he’s looking better than he ever has before…if that’s even possible!

  • ERIN

    aHHHHH Breaker High… I loved that silly show… I also watched Young Hercules… Ryan was like 15…

    • Erica

      OMG Breaker High and Young Hercules were two of my FAVORITE shows!! Ryan was a hottie then and most certainly has aged well.. like a fine fine fine wine!

    • Mary

      Yep, I remember watching “Young Hercules” in my college dorm room because of him…and getting strange looks from my roommate. He’s such a hottie! May I note: Ryan Reynolds is quite nice too.

    • elena

      Young Hercules! I think it’s on Hulu now (if not, it was, at one point). I thought I was the only one who watched that show! When I saw the notebook for the first time, that’s what I said: look, dudes, it’s young hercules all grown up and beard-y!

    • Nix


  • Steph

    Loved him on MMC, and loved him on Breaker High. It took me a while to realize that they were the same guy. I thought it meant that he and I were meant to be. Haha.

  • Madd

    I personally think that both are talented actors, but Ryan Reynolds is slightly sexier.

  • ADC

    I loved Breaker High. When my sis was in the hospital, I used to watch that show in the waiting room, and it used to make me feel better. I was so surprised to see Ryan in the Notebook, looking all hot and grown up.

  • Laurie

    I think there should be a guide to telling them apart. Just when I think I’ve got it I say, wait which one is that?

  • Ruby

    You know, his attractiveness wavers to me as does Ryan Reynolds. But I feel like as they’ve gotten older they’ve both grown into their looks so lately I’ve really gotten the hots for both. I’d totally hit that. All that to say, he’s also one of the best actors of our generation which you really can’t say about Ryan Reynolds, as gorgeous as his abs are. I wish Gosling would do more movies. But then again, he probably does less because he’s an actors actor and is therefore hand picking roles instead of doing fluff.

  • Stacie

    I will need an Ab showdown to decide.

    • Liv

      yes please!

  • Andrew

    I’ve actually always kind of hated Ryan Reynolds, but have liked Gosling.

    Gosling is definitely the better actor, choosing the more complex and meatier roles (Lars and the Real Girl, Half Nelson, even The Notebook is better than most Reynolds fare). I hate to say it, but I always felt Reynolds has come across as a d-bag in everything I’ve seen him in at least (Van Wilder, Waiting, X-Men Origins). That being said…Buried looks interesting. I know he’s an actor but his “charm” comes over as cocky, self-interested, and annoying to me. But to each his own, I guess.

    Put me under a vote for Gosling.

  • Jo

    I never watched Breaker High but I did watch the old Mickey Mouse show with Gosling, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, etc. He was so cute then! And wasn’t there a show with him set back in the middle ages? Maybe a Robin Hood-type show?

  • Sally

    Reynolds doesn’t really do anything for me. Gosling has the brooding thing down and an oscar nomination to boot. He can ACT with a capital A, thank you very much. I could barely breathe when I looked at these pictures. Keep your pretty boy Reynolds. Plus, Gosling’s got some sick hip hop beats and moves. hahaha!!!

    • seriously

      completely agree with you. gosling is an amazing actor first and amazing to look at as a bonus. his role choices (half nelson, lars and the real girl, etc…) can’t even be compared to ryan reynolds’ movies. plus, his musical street cred can’t be beat.

      • Sally

        Yes. And it looks like he is on his way to a second nomination with Blue Valentine. It’s not just Gosling’s looks that make me bananas over him. It’s his talent and intensity. At his best, Gosling reminds of actors like Penn, De Niro, even Brando. The man is supremely gifted. That makes him very sexy to me.

  • Hilaryy

    I would have added my name to your angry letter!! I sent one of my own! Jimmy Farrell and Sean Hanlon were the best duo! <3's for Ryan and Tyler Labine

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