'Lost' instant reaction: Start talking about 'What They Died For'

Lost-Died-ForImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCBefore we begin, let’s talk about the importance of a high fiber diet. It’s one of the few subjects we haven’t discussed in obsessive detail over the past six years, but it’s an important one, and I think here at the end, we should squeeze in a conversation about the matter. Getting mucho fiber into your body each day is crucial to living a healthy, fully-realized life. For starters, it keeps you regular. I know it’s unseemly to talk about our poops, but we can’t afford to be shy about this. You don’t want to get backed up. Seriously. Do you know what happens when you keep too much toxicity inside you for too long? That’s right: You become a steaming coil of psychopathic black smoke. Forever. You don’t want that. Nobody wants that.

Second, a high fiber diet grows your brain. For example, if you eat a bowl of bran flakes each morning, your capacity for memory will grow by 0.02 percent every day. It’s true! I hear there have been reports of semi-credible scientific studies! That adds up to a lot of extra memory over time! In fact, do you know what would happen if you ate a bowl of Super-Bran, like they do in the Sideways world on Lost? That’s right: Past life recovery. Island Enlightenment. Instantaneous multiverse omniscience. I’m sure of it. Not that it was proven in tonight’s episode. While the awkwardly charming new family unit of Jack Shephard, David Shephard, and Claire Littleton sat down to enjoy a hearty morning breakfast of conspicuously showcased Super-Bran, they never got to finish. Darn that Desmond Hume with his (prank?) phone call about Oceanic Airlines finding Christian Shephard’s body! Because I’m telling you, if they had stayed at that table and finished their bowls of vitamin enriched fiber, they would have remembered everything. Jack would have recalled his days as a castaway leader, Claire would have recalled her many months eating Charlie’s pretend peanut butter, and David would have recalled his years scampering around The Island on all fours and whizzing on the Banyon trees. Yep, I’m calling it. David = Vincent.

(Okay, now that my contractually obligated requirement to say nothing of importance in the initial paragraphs in order to avoid hitting you early and unfairly with spoilers has been fulfilled, we can begin in earnest. But seriously: Eat your fiber. And seriously: Super-Bran is probably the key to everything. Or at least, this episode.)

It began with the remaining castaway heroes vowing to kill Fake Locke, a demonic man-thing that once was a Mother-scarred human. It ended with this humanity-stripped monster vowing to destroy The Island, the hiding place of The Source, the divine sweet spot of life, death, and rebirth, whose radiance imbues all things with spiritual meaning. “What They Died For” announced that a (metaphorical) war between heaven and hell awaits us in the series finale on Pentecost Sunday. Will paradise be lost or will paradise be saved? A book of revelations awaits. But how many revelations? I suspect this episode didn’t do much to assuage the anxieties of the Mystery Resolution Zealots for whom a successful endgame requires a leave-nothing-to-guesswork explication of “answers.” Unless we’re getting Marix Reloaded-inspired epic 8-minute Architect moment, I don’t see how Sunday’s capper will be able to cover everything these folks want covered. And yes, I’m not one of those zealots. Here, in the end, the guy who has only spent six seasons trying to “solve” Lost finds himself perfectly content with enduring ambiguity. The Saul of Lost seekers has had a Pauline conversion. Go figure.

“What They Died For” — a set-up episode, albeit an extremely entertaining one — paved the way for an apocalyptic race-against-time thriller, part 24, part Heroes (but only season 1, and minus the crap season finale). If ABC would like to up the ante on both the hype and the wink-wink cleverness, I suggest spamming the culture with a marketing campaign built around the slogan: “Save The Cheerful Scotsman, Save The World!” After all, both Smokey and the now-deceased Charles Widmore seemed to suggest that super-buddha/super-magnet Desmond is the key to Island salvation — the messianic, love-driven, free radical Neo. (Actually, click that above link and watch The Architect’s explanation for The Matrix. Does it work as a Lost theory?)

Benjamin Linus was in rare form last night, and his scenes with Miles, Alpert, Widmore, and FLocke (and in the Sideways world, Desmond, Locke, and a cleaned-up, sanity-restored suburban Rousseau) produced much of what made the episode fun: a knowing and sometimes quite dark sense of humor. (See: that Super-Bran box; the Desmond-Ben beatdown; the taunting Widmore-Locke whisper.) The scene in which a seemingly fear-stricken Ben took a seat on the porch of his old New Otherton home as he waited for Fake Locke to stroll in, unsheath his knife, and quietly bully him into becoming his personal assassin (a reversal of what Ben did to Sayid during the Oceanic 6 days) was both chilling and hysterical, at least in that uniquely comedic Lost way. So was this: “He doesn’t get to save his daughter,” Ben quipped seconds after shooting Charles Widmore dead — a cold cloak-room assassination that leaves much about Chuck unresolved. Yes, he whispered secrets into Fake Locke’s ear (something about Desmond functioning as Jacob’s failsafe mechanism), and how rude of Lost not to let us eavesdrop! (Yep: the show does taunt us sometimes, doesn’t it?)

Do you think Ben has really switched teams and fallen off the redemption wagon? Or do you think Ben is playing a con on Fake Locke and still fights on the side of the castaway angels? I’m hoping for the latter, for many reasons. I like Ben. And it would be fitting. Throughout Lost, Ben always got the best of the original John Locke in their psychological skirmishes. Ben got his just desserts last year when Fake Locke brilliantly manipulated him into killing Jacob. But Ben won’t let it happen again. I say, Ben will now return the favor, and play the Monster toward his doom. (Then again, if Island Ben does go totally dark, it does set up the dramatically delicious moment when his more morally principled Sideways doppelganger becomes fully “Island Enlightened” and remembers all his past life crimes. There goes that happily ever after with Rousseau and Alex.)

By the way, I think we got official confirmation last night that the entity in the cabin that Ben took to be Jacob was actually The Monster. “I thought I was summoning The Monster. Little did I know he was summoning me.” This is interesting to think about. If Ben has always been wrong about being Jacob’s chosen one for a period of time, then that means his tenure as the leader of The Others was fraudulent and invalid — which means that Charles Widmore was probably quite sincere in his persecution of Ben. He never wanted to get back to The Island to exploit it. He wanted to get back to The Island to save it from Ben’s corrupt administration. Still, I’d like to think that through it all, Jacob was always in control, and that he remains in control even now. I cling to my theory that Lost will end with Ben installed Island guardian, and that in fact, his Island story has been about preparing him for the job and to be worthy of the job.

If I’m correct, then that means that Jack Shephard’s tenure as Island guardian will have to be quite short. We saw him accept the position (and drink his cup of liquid enlightenment — The Island equivalent of Super-Bran) after Quasi-Ghost Jacob revealed to his remaining candidates that any of them could have the job. All one of them had to do was want it — even Kate. Jacob — determined to give his replacements a freedom of choice that he never had — told the forlorn fugitive, so puffy-eyed sad over the deaths of Jin, Sun, and Sayid, that he had crossed her name off his list only because she had accepted another custodial calling by becoming Aaron’s mother/guardian. But Jacob also said she could still have the job of Island guardian if she wanted it.

I suspect some people will be howling over this twist, another example of Lost resolving a tantalizing mystery with a shrug. (Think: The Whispers.) I think others may be bothered by the fact there seem to be no “objective rules” to The Island, that almost everything seems so subjective — an expression of Jacob’s unique, idiosyncratic pathology, or an expression of The Monster’s unresolved rage. I’m not bothered by any of this. I like the idea that here at the end, we’re learning that the castaways have more free will than we thought and that they were led to believe. As for shruggy answers and Jacob’s whimsy, I take Jacob to be something of a spiritual rorschach test. How you feel about Jacob probably says something about how you feel about the whole concept of a personal God, most likely the God of The Bible, a thoroughly Good dude prone to expressing himself in ambiguous and troubling ways (think: Job, Jesus, and that whole Abraham/Isaac thing), who doesn’t feel obligated to explain or justify himself. If you feel that isn’t any way for a god to be a god, then Jacob probably bugs the bejeezus out of you. If you’ve come to peace with that, then Jacob is probably a little easier to accept.

There’s more to say — about Desmond’s advancing enlightenment project in the Sideways world; about the clarifying criteria for recalling your Island past (looks like there’s some validity to my Buddhism-derived attachment-to-wordliness theory, after all); about John Locke deciding to take a leap of faith and accept Jack’s offer of restorative surgery; and about how the whole Sideways scheme fits into the endgame of the show — and I’m currently in the process of saying all of it in my recap. In the meantime, please check out our new episode of Totally Lost with special guest stats Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver. What if Jacob and the Man In Black were forced into a room and had to hug out their issues? Well imagine no more! We bring you that scenario and more, including their insights into what happened last week in “Across The Sea.”

Back tomorrow with more.


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  • Bingo

    My Faith has been restored…

    • Charlie

      Same here! So much to love in this episode… Ben’s a-ha moment while being pummeled by Desmond; Miles to Ben: “I was here 30 years before you were, also known as last week”; the jailhouse reunion. More than made up for last week.

      • mary

        Agreed. Best one liner of the episode

      • Awesome-O

        WORST… EPISODE… EVER… (aside from last week).



      • Ceballos

        “So is this your secreter room?” Miles is hilarious and not used nearly enough.

      • Ne Oublie

        Is the spoilage gone or removed?


        @ N’oublie: Matt’s spoiolers are posted throughout the comments. I posted my warning in those places too, but I also wanted to make sure I got one in at the beginning of the comments to warn people early out. I looked for a way to notify EW’s editors, but could find an appropriate link.

      • caryn

        Many thanks!

      • Ne Oublie

        ↑Okay, thanks-I just came back to check. I think I will skip the skimming until a later time. Hopefully it will be removed.

      • arian

        Really great comment. Typical Miles. I don’t want him to die. He is so refreshingly cynical.

      • Jen

        Sunday cannot come soon enough for me. Some questions: Is Richard dead? I thought he couldn’t be killed? Where was Miles when the Smoke Monster came? I thought he hid out in the room with Witmore and the girl, but I didn’t see him there. And my biggest question of all–why can the MIB sometimes return to his old body? Like in the Albert episode, he was in his born body sometimes. And when he told Jacob he wanted to kill him–he was in his real body and I’m assuming that happened after Jacob beat him and made him into the smoke monster. I don’t get it!

      • Glen

        I haven’t missed an episode since Season 2 at it’s normal air time, and this is how ABC repays me by scheduling the final on a Sunday night I am unable to watch. SCREW YOU ABC!!!

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        With the finale around the corner, lots of mystery needed to be solved.

        Season 1
        – Adam & Eve – solved -> MiB and Mother
        – Polar Bear – partially solved -> Dharma experiments (if they brought it during the 70’s, they can’t survive in tropical heat and weather for more than 30 years)
        – Black Rock – solved -> Richard Alpert’s slave ship
        – Rousseau – solved -> Science expedition (why did she not recognize Jin when she visited their camp in the first season?) For the record not all Asians lookalike.
        – Black Smoke – ? – origins still vague
        – Walt’s power – ?
        – Nigerian plane – solved -> Yemi’s plane transporting drugs in Virgin Mary statues.
        – Numbers – ?

        Season 2
        – Hatch – solved – Dharma station
        – Blast door map – ?
        – Desmond Hume – ?
        – Henry Gale’s weather balloon – ?
        – Fertility problems – ?
        – Dharma periodic resupply drop – ?
        – 4 Toes Statue of Tawaret – ?

      • Mike

        I thought Miles went into the closet with Widmore?!? Why wasn’t here there?!

      • Steve O

        Miles ran out into the jungle just before Locke came.

      • hutchy

        Thse f’n spoiling d ouchenozzles have got to be brought under control by EW. The same thing happened in the Survivor talkback this season, where there was massive spoilage (the entire boot list, in the order it happened, including the winner) posted by the 3rd week. Get control of your website, EW.

      • hellen

        And remember, Ben kept a walkie talkie and gave the other one to Miles, didn’t he? Setting up….

      • Kristin

        Jen – he can take on the form of anyone who is dead. He has been Christian Shephard, Richard’s wife, etc. So he was himself to Jacob because that was the most powerful form to Jacob. He is Locke to the castaways because that is the form that most influences them.

      • Dave

        Good episode. Surpirsed about Widmore’s death and Ben going to the Dark side (for now), but I enjoyed it and I can’t believe the finally is 4 days away! We will miss you Lost!

      • sara

        Didn’t Locke promise Ben the island and then at the end say he was going to destroy the island? I guess we didn’t see Ben’s reaction, but still …. he lied to Ben to get him to help him and before Ben kills any of the guys he’s supposed to Locke goes back on the promise? So confusing.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I actually liked the episode.

        Can’t wait for the finale this Sunday.

      • mamimo

        Second best line
        Hurley: Oh I didn’t know Ana Lucia was going to be here. I just felt that he wanted to sit down and have a long chat with her as a long lost friend. Just shows how comfortable he is with his island memories

      • JD

        Great episode. I really hope that Rose, Bernard, and Vincent are in the finale. We last saw them back in time on the island in 1977 and Juliet warned them of the impending “Incident”. Did they flash-foward to the 2007 with the rest of the castaways? If so, you would assume they are in 2007 on the Island, but just hiding out at their little home they built there in the jungle.

      • Big Walt

        @ Jen – he’s only Locke now because they buried Locke’s body. He can’t take the form of someone if they’re buried and apparently if the form he’s taken is buried afterward then he’s stuck.

      • kellybelly

        I didn’t like this ep at all. Bleck! And I’m one of those that really liked last weeks ep. This ep wasn’t funny. Was a typical episode: a bit revealed, with a the usual teases of answers, then instead more questions. I felt it was really drawn out. I have a feeling that the finale will be a letdown. I don’t need all the answers, but just the basics: why, and how. Regarding Widmore, Ben, Jack, MIB in the scheme of things.
        I feel like LOST is a comic book sometimes…in the way the plot progresses…not in a linear or cogent fashion. But where plots points are introduced, then in the next issue, not followed up on, but leaps are made based on a few little points that were never fully developed or explained.

    • Cheryl

      Agreed! Awesome way to make the little mystery things little. Just two brothers having a pissing contest!

      • Awesome-O

        The ONLY good part was when Richard was feeling all narcicistic by saying that “I’ll go talk to him. All he wants is for me to join him”, and then immediatly being killed. The rest was dribble.

      • kayla

        Half the bible is about brothers having a pissing contest. Come on, it’s the foundation of most mythology.

      • Amanda

        WTH, Awesome-O? Dribble? This was a fantastic episode.

      • anon

        The word is DRIVEL. Dribble is what you do to a basketball.

      • Kenny

        The word is DRIVEL. Dribble is what you do at the end of a pissing contest.

      • a.e.n.

        … or pour a liquid very slowly …

      • Jack

        Lost is now a comedy. Maybe it always was and I wasn’t paying attention…

    • MyShepard

      silly bingo you should have never doubted. brilliant episode. ha of course jack is taking over its so fitting. i do feel desmond is likely to explode next week, damning the island to an underwater existence in that world and shoving all castaways into a new world. a sideways world. oh and loved the end when desmond is obviously bringing everyone together. just gave me goosebumps seeing how determined and with a purpose they all are now

      • terryp33

        It’s too bad that there is no scene of Des & Hurley coming together in which Des persuades Hurley to become his “partner in crime” and give him $125K (plus a Camaro!)Such a scene would have been priceless. I hope such a scene exists and that we’ll get to see it on the DVD.

      • watched17times

        LOL did you ever see the movie Rat Race? At the end of the race they all ended up at a Smash Mouth concert! I wonder if Charlie and Penny are both performing at a Charity concert??? Never know! As long as it isn’t Smash Mouth. =)

      • DC

        But what about Hurley’s comment, “I’m just glad it’s not me.” Makes me think there will be some sort of twist involving him.

      • Lostman

        Loved Hurley’s Line when Ana Lucia showed up. “Hey Ana Lucia what are you doing here” THen she replies “Do I know you?” I cracked up, it was so matter of fact.

      • ng

        Please clear this up – why does Hurley know Ana Lucia in the sideways world?

      • DNC

        He is island enlightened – he remembers her from the island.

      • stacy

        @ng: because he was enlightened by the whole libby thing he has his memories from the island now. I think once you are enlightened over time you get back more than just the glimpse but get it all.

      • Steve

        I believe the line was, do I know you tubby.

      • mamimo

        Re DC above
        Yep something is up with Hurley’s “not me” comment. Hurley isn’t usually a selfish person so it actually sounded strange to me.

      • Big Walt

        Who gave Des the rope to get out of the well? Sayed made it sound as if he were still in there.

      • Maria

        @MyShepard, Isn’t this what Fake Locke/Smokey wants, Sinking the Island? Reason why I don’t think that will happen.
        Hey, Smokey can’t win here! I think everything will go back to the beginning, and it starts all over again.
        Where there is good, there is evil in the world; hence the cycle must go on. Evil will be contained by Jack, or someone else. (at this moment, we have Jack taking Jabob’s place.)
        As for the sideways world…not sure how that will work.

      • Fletch

        The concert will be Drive Shaft for sure

    • hutchy

      I very rarely gloat about these types of things (if I predict something is going to suck or be awesome, whether I’m right or wrong), but I’m going to make an exception this time: for all those who have whined all season about nothing happening, or the Sideways universe serving no purpose, blah blah…..suck it haters!!! This week was AWESOME!! I literally laughed out loud at the awesomeness when it was revealed why exactly Desmond had himself arrested.

      • hedge

        Yes! Me too! I couldn’t figure out why Desmond would do that and then… bwhahahaha!

      • TMB

        Color me confused. Did Desmond get himself arrested in an effort to unite all the Losties in sideways-world?

      • gigi

        Agree and yes, TMB!

      • Jennifer

        Why do you think Jack’s neck was bleeding when he woke up? It didn’t look like it was bleeding back on the island.

      • pauly

        Yep. Laughed out loud a LOT and then immediately cried a LOT. So many emotions all tied in to it.

        As soon as Desmond walked in to the station I knew what he was doing, but I turned to my son and said, look he’s got 4 of them in one spot together: Kate, Sayid, Sawyer and Miles…but then Sawyer and Miles got dropped out of the picture…

        …the only thing I worry about is a few loose ends like that…mostly in the sideways. I’m like Doc J…I don’t need everything resolved. But I would like to know one thing: does everyone in the sideways get their memory stores turned back on fully like Hurley, Charlie’s and Desmonds…or do some only get partially and others maybe none at all? This is one part I hope they have time to explain on Sunday.

      • barista

        Yeah Desmond is living up to his promise of “I’ll see you in another life, brother” he’s meeting all of them in sideways world.

    • halfpint

      Nope. Still sucked.

      • tom

        Thanks for the super-constructive input! Namaste!

      • Amanda

        Tom = awesome :)

      • JKS

        you are one of the few not drinking jacob’s cool-aid. this season is beyond terrible. i couldn’t even believe they did that whole “kate you’re a mother but if you want the job, here it is.” thing. seriously??

        i could go on and on about how they keep resolving NOTHING. jacob “chose them” because they were flawed? how flawed were they at the tender ages he first met them? and really, how flawed is hurley? and why the damn numbers? they existed well before our castaways. and jacob’s been around for a long ass time– he had to wait this long, and for these “flawed” people? if it could have been any one of them, then why the hell did he insist that all of them had to be on the plane to get back to the island? and john locke’s body? why’d he insist on that? so smokey could inhabit it and trick ben? it’s ridiculous. they had no clue how they were going to end things because if they did, they would have slowly built the exposition as opposed to simply TELLING US (exactly the opposite of what you’re supposed to do in film, or hell, even fiction).

        that scene with widmore? oh yeah, jacob met with you off camera and told you the deal and convinced you of the error of your ways? UGH. terrible writing. TERRIBLE.

      • The Real Truth

        If your still a hater at this point here I’ll solve a “mystery” for you… you suck!! You wouldn’t know great story telling if it dropped on your ignorant skulls. Sorry, the truth hurts

      • terryp33

        @JKS: It was NOT Jacob who insisted they ALL come back. It was MiB-in-Christian’s-Clothes who told LiveLocke. It was also Ben’s song- and he confirmed for us tonight that the orders he’d always presumed had come from Jacob were actually coming from MiB. And MiB wanted them all back simply so that he could kill anyone who stood a chance of becoming the final Candidate. Likewise, it was MiB- not Jacob- who wanted DeadLocke brought back. There are lots of other holes in your remarks, but this will do for now.

      • watched17times

        OK then.. if you hate it stop watching right now.. just before the finale. Why bother watching something you think is terrible?

        When I found out Kate’s name was crossed off I immediately thought it was because she had the job of taking care of Aaron. So this was not a surprise to me, but it made me happy. I knew that Kate still had to be important somehow. I am just glad they didn’t throw her character away!

      • Jeff

        I liked this episode but honestly can you folks that keep on bashing on the individuals who have not liked the entire final season, do you REALLY think this has been a good final season? Seriously all in all this season has been as bad if not worse than season 2 with the work stoppage. But just like that season the folks of LOST are hanging their hats on the end game to “TRY” to make people feel a little happy about how terrible the entire final season has been.
        Like I said though I did throughly enjoy this episode and I am looking forward to Sunday, but all in all have really disliked this season.

      • Steve

        Hey JKS, Sawyer was obviously flawed at his younger age with his whole family situation, Kate had her issues, Jack has daddy issues and no confidence, Hurley overweigt, unhappy, unlucky, kwons had family and job issues, and Locke obviously had daddy issues as well which led him to be in the chair.

        Now having said all that, what the hell have you been watching to not see these characters as flawed. I don’t think you meant it was terrible I just don’t think you have the abitlity to understand it.

      • mamimo

        Re JKS
        Like you,I don’t think I am a hater of the season but I do have to agree with many of your points. Lost used to slowly unwrap it’s mysteries but now it is tearing through them like a 3 year old at a birthday party,just moving on to the next gift. My frustration is with the introduction of so many new characters (Doogan. Lenon even Illana) that did little but take up time that could have been used for more indept and reasonable story telling. I also do not like how every character is just getting killed off, often without a good-bye (remember Boone, Charlie, Libby and there touching deaths). Now it is wham bam thanks for being on the show but we told your story and now we are done with you. Whidmore is an example of a character who could have had more of a story before being shotof a reason.
        I love lost but I am sad :(

      • Dan

        JKS if you are still begging for the numbers then you don’t get it. stuff like that won’t be explained anymore than they were in that interactive game. they really are just showing how these people are connected and always will be. and i’m sure jacob did visit widmore since jacob mentioned someone was trying to get to the island. I honestly feel as if this is less making it up as they go along and more we ran out of time and explained what we felt was most important. if you listen to their podcasts, they make references to things they wish they could have tied up but didn’t because they didn’t have time and it ultimately wasn’t important to the story.

      • Ouijaman

        JKS is what happens when a person expects too much from a TV program. His hate is because the story didn’t go the way he wanted it to go, so he goes from loving the show to hating it in a bitter reversal of emotions. He’s probably like that with rea people who disappoint him, too.

      • Maria

        @halfpint, for me it was a good episode; answered a lot of questions. I really enjoyed it.
        @watched17times, what about Sun being a mother, and Jin being a father? One of their names was a candidate. Whats up with that? Kate wasn’t even the real mother; Clair is. So I find a hole in that theory of Jacobs.
        A lot of people seem to have forgotten about Sun, being a Mother. Also, fathers should count, as in Jin.

      • Kimberly

        We already know what the numbers were. They were the coordinates in the lighthouse for each of the candidates. When Jacob would go and “watch” them in the mirror, he turned to the different numbers to see them.

      • dc

        I really dislike how people attack someone – often viciously, as here – when they don’t like an episode. I’d hate to be friends with you. If you liked this episode, EVERYONE has to, and if they don’t, THEY must be attacked. Wow. To be honest, I thought this episode was only fair. I thought these objections were well taken. I like Michael Emerson so much, but I thought the reasons Jacob gave were especially ridiculous and there is no denying the writing is weak. Are you all gonna attack me now and say lame things like “Stop watching this show” or ‘You suck” ? Get a life.

    • BQ

      I suspect some people will be howling over this twist, another example of Lost resolving a tantalizing mystery with a shrug. (Think: The Whispers.) I think others may be bothered by the fact there seem to be no “objective rules” to The Island, that almost everything seems so subjective — an expression of Jacob’s unique, idiosyncratic pathology, or an expression of The Monster’s unresolved rage.

      –Jacob gets to make his own rules, right?

    • manolo

      Richard’s got to be alive!!!!

      • Lostman

        I don’t think Richard is alive, and that just doesn’t seem right to have his character wiped out in an instant after he has been alive for so many years. I think his death deserves better. I guess he was no longer useful to the end game of the series.

      • David

        Richard is definitely alive. That’s why he was taken away—because Smokey can’t kill him. Smokey got him outta there because Richard might influence Ben.

        Richard wanted to live forever. And the rules have thus far indicated that someone touched by Jacob can’t be killed directly—only indirectly of their own doing or agreement.

      • Barbara

        Richard is surely alive. I don’t think Ben will be the protector of the Island as you indicate. He helped Not Locke kill Widmore because he was told he could have the island…then Not Locke told him he was gong to destroy it…so eventually Ben will help Jack (the now deemed protector) defeat Not Locke because Not Locke lied to him.Richard and Miles will survive and fit somehow into the continuing mythology of the Island. I would like them to explain the numbers too since that was such a big part of the whole story at the beginning. Perhaps they will since it seems that Desmond figures significantly in the end. What about Farady’s mom? Finnola F.(can’t remember her character’s name?) Will she figure in the end? Some devices they have used will not be mentioned in the end…but I hope for the more important story points to be wrapped up…or maybe they are saving it for the movie!

      • MrGone

        Richard is DEAD. He could be killed (remember when he asked Jack to kill him?). Richard just could not kill himself. As soon as Richard said “I’ll go talk to him” I knew he would be killed. Smokie has no use for him now, and Richards already turned Smokie down twice, so I knew he’d be pissed at him.

        As for Ben, I don’t buy that Ben was ever on board with Smokie. Ben killed Widmore to prevent him from helping Smokie, he was just late on the trigger (perhaps he needed a second to think of what to tell Smokie after he shot and killed him?). Smokie wants Ben to kill the four remaining candidates so he promised him the island — I don’t think Ben believed him — but then he told Ben he was going to destroy the island. I don’t know if this is a gaff by the writers or not, but Ben certainly has no reason to help him out now.

    • Luis

      Doc Jensen is the biggest Lost apologist ever. It DOES matter that the rules of the Island are arbitrarily changed week after week. Yes, it does matter why Kate’s name had been crossed off.

      By the way, please stop it with your ridiculous metaphors. The Super Bran is not them drinking some Island knowledge. This is super Lit Crit and it’s starting to get embarrassing.

      • terryp33

        Then why are you here? There are hundreds of other Lost sites and commenters. Why couldn’t you pick one whose style you appreciate and spare those of us who are here because we appreciate Doc’s insights and ways of expressing them your rude sarcasm?

      • Marc

        The Super Bran thing was a joke. You’re stupid.

      • watched17times

        YES PLEASE! HATERS! GO FIND ANOTHER FORUM. LET US REAL FANS ENJOY TALKING ABOUT AN EXCELLENT EPISODE. Seriously. Get over yourselves. Like you could write 86 hours of television perfectly. I hope the smoke monster eats you with his Bran Flakes in the morning!!!!! I also hope that the finale blows you away and you can start eating crow by Sunday night.

      • Luis

        I’m hardly stupid (don’t know if I’m smart either, and neither do you, frankly, since you don’t even know me).

        I enjoy Doc Jensen, but his tangents can be a bit much. I appreciate much of his theories but it seems that sometimes he gets lost in them.

        By the way, Doc Jensen is not immune from criticism.

      • Jennifer

        Personally I hate Doc Jensen’s meandering postings, and only come here to read the comments. Yes, there are other sites, and I do visit a couple of them, but EW is my general go-to site for entertainment info, so I’m stuck with Doc.

      • idiot

        You are an idiot. Take a joke and jump in front of a bus

      • Chord

        I can see why changing the rules would bother people, but it’s really no different than other “religions” where a spiritual leader changes the rules as he goes and distorts these “truths” to suit his own purposes. This is Jacob’s game. His rules.

      • Patsy

        You’re stupid.

      • To Luis

        I’m not sure I agree with you, what rules do you think keep changing week to week?

      • DRR

        I agree with Jennifer. I come to EW because of the Comments. There are probably other fan sites out there but I’ve never bothered to find them. And, like Jennifer, I feel “stuck” with Doc J – who’s writing I only quickly skim now. And I agree with Luis that Doc J is an unadbashed apologist. He is the best thing that ever happened to the creators of Lost. Everything – and I mean everything – is OK by him.

      • Ouijaman

        I happen to be one who enjoys Docs tangents. They add an extra dimension to my Lost experience, just like all the other Lost theory-craft sites do. I have to ask the same thing others have asked you – what’s your intention here? Just to piss on toher people’s parade? Good luck with that.

      • murley

        i loved the explanation of crossing off kate’s name. not every tiny thing is going to be mythic. as we learned last week jacob is, at his core, a man and perhaps the biggest twist is that his persona and methods are more relatable than we would have imagined.

    • Shannon

      Me too!! I was quite worried after last week, but this was so good, answered questions, and set it up for a good series finale.

    • Person Who Talks

      “What They Died For” put “Across the Sea” into perspective a bit. It restored my faith, now please Darlton: give us an awesome finale!!!!! The only questions I need an answer to: 1. Walt’s specialness. Come to think of it, Hurley and Miles’ abilities too. 2. What exactly is the purpose of the electromagnetic energy/light, and why does the Island have the time anomaly. 3. What did Locke see when he “looked into the eye of the island”? 4. Have the writers completely forgotten about Charlie’s DS ring? 5. I’d like some confirmation that the entity Ben was visiting in “Jacob’s Cabin” was in fact the MIB. 6. I’ll take MIB’s word that he was the Christian in Jacob’s Cabin, but I still don’t believe that the Christian Jack saw in “White Rabbit” or off the island…therefore, what is the significance of Christian Shepard? All the rest, in my opinion, can remain a mystery…

      • Mo

        Yeah, I didn’t really get that whole “oh, MIB was posing as Jacob for Ben all along…” I got more of an impression that Ben was just trying to play both sides. He obviously was heartbroken and believing he had been working for Jacob when he confronted Jacob before killing him. He also summoned Smokey for judgment after Alex’s death. When he said “I thought I was summoning the monster” he wasn’t referring to the cabin, and to me obviously he was referring to Smokey, not Jacob. Also, it doesn’t explain why he killed everyone on Dharma with Richard’s help. Wouldn’t Richard have known they were being fooled by Smokey?

    • Person Who Talks

      Oh wait, haha just three more: 1. Why do women who conceive on the Island die? 2. What happened when Juliet blew up Jughead? Juliet’s death can’t be all for nothing. 3. Will the finale make me cry?

      • Skip182

        Pretty sure you’re only gonna get answers to these last 2. The other ones don’t really matter…

      • watched17times

        You bring up some great questions. However, why can’t people get over Walt? Obviously Walt was just born that way just like Hurley and Miles. Some people just have a sixth sense or something. There needed to be a reason to kidnap Walt so that the raft thing never worked out. The important thing was that he was kidnapped and then rescued, not why he has special powers. In my opinion anyway. We all know what happened after Jughead. The island sunk. Sun found Charlie’s ring in the crib after returning on the plane. I bet the white light is Jacob .. the one John saw. I bet mothers can’t have babies because Jacob never wanted what happened to him and his brother to ever happen again. The island has the time anomaly because of the light and the wheel. I bet the Christian Jack saw was a ghost of his father because Jack has so many unresolved issues with him. Most castaways saw something from their past. Jacob may have made it happen to help them reconcile with the past and move on towards redemption, breaking out of the loneliness and regret, and to possibly offer some kind of closure. OR it was to remind them of what they left behind so that they wouldn’t want to go back home. I am just trying to help you answers some questions here. I have watched the whole series like 28 times now and think I have figured out a lot of stuff. I also think I have figured out a lot of what is not important and just created for the sake of mystery.

      • LostKev

        Yeah, but see for everyone’s unresolved questions, someone else has theories. Unless the Lost writers actually, decisively answer them, then they will always be theories. We’ll all have our own little Lost fantasy in our minds . . . until all the books start coming out.

      • Light_Seeker

        LostKev… what’s wrong with theories? I guess I’m part of the minority that feel that I don’t need all the answers. I will be perfectly content with having some unanswered questions. I can then have my own opinions of what some of the things meant or what they were.
        However… if books will be coming out, I’ll be one of the first in line for them. I hope you’re right about that.

      • @watched

        People can’t get over Walt because the show made such a big f*ing deal about him the first two seasons, and since then, it’s almost been like he no longer exists. So we want answers. What’s wrong with that?

      • majdave79

        Juliet didn’t blow up Jughead… only the detonator. The bomb is still at the other location.

      • edspickles

        I think that the whole Walt thing was supposed to go somewhere, but ultimately had to be left off because Walt grew so much over filming breaks. In the end sometimes things don’t work out and I think that’s where some of those loose ends will come from. It doesn’t bother me too much – with a show this complex there are bound to be some things that are difficult to tie up.

      • Juneau

        @skip182 – Then why bother to ask the questions at all and from the beginning if the answers don’t matter? There’s no way they can answer all the questions they’ve put forth in 6 seasons in 90 min.

      • ro

        I’ve also come to the conclusion that the whole Walt (and Aaron, and Dharma for that matter) thing was just filler from the time when they did not know how long the show would go. They needed other mysteries and drama to occupy the watchers but once they knew they had a final end date, some things just had to be let go because they were not important to the overall arc of the story and there were only so many hours left.

      • Jacob

        I think its important to remember that LOST isn’t a movie, where everything is shot in three months, and actors don’t age, or hate living away from family, or cause trouble. This show spanned six long years, where things change constantly, and people move on. Would I have loved for them to resolve Walt? Sure, but I’m not holding my breath. I also would have loved it for Mr. Eko to stick around, but that didn’t happen. Should I continue to whine about it? No.

        As the show has been saying for some time now, I think it’s time most fans just “let go.” Whatever happened, happened. Your bitching isn’t going to change it.

      • GonnaMissLost

        Light_Seeker – I totally agree with you.

      • changesurvivor?

        Wow, you guys actually talk to each other on this blog. That’s fantastic. Obviously from my name you can guess which blog I’m coming from. As for the questions, here’s one, what happened to the Abrams touch? Remember the first season, one of the early episodes that had the montage with the beautiful music accompaniment by… was it Damien Rice? You didn’t need dialogue or action moving the story. So much was said about each character in that one bit. Things seem too rushed this season because they’re trying too hard to resolve it all. I would prefer if they slowed it all down and brought back that human side which was what brought everyone to the show in the first place. Honestly, who cares if they answer all the questions. I would really just prefer a finale that was well put together. They can sit on the unanswered questions as their reason to make a feature sometime in the future.

      • Jay

        @ro – I think “Across the Sea” made it clear that Dharma was not just filler, but instead a continuation of the cycle that keeps occuring on the island. Dharma was killed in the “Purge”, just as MIB’s group of people were wiped out for getting too close to something that Mother was protecting.

    • character

      My faith never left.

      • Rup

        mine didn’t either and there was so much stuff about this episode that I loved, i don’t even know where to begin!

      • Jennifer

        My faith disappeared around the beginning of this season, but I’ve invested so much time in this show already, I guess I have to see it out to the end. Which, thankfully, is Sunday, and then I can have another night of my life back.

      • pauly

        Me neither. I actually prefer this season to the earlier ones…if you drew every event out like the did in Season 1 this show would be 20 years long…how would they make Claire pull off her young, embarrased, girly playfulness like she did at the breakfast table work 14 years from now? Eye flickering only works for so long.

        Jennifer, i don’t think you’ve lost faith. It’s just been tried a little. does that not happen in religious believes too. The payoff there is a life in heaven. The payoff on this show may only be as good as you are willing to accept.

        Some are saying Jenson is an apologist. Well…maybe it’s more like he’s just not a type-A personality. He realizes it’s okay to relax and just enjoy the show.

        perhaps the title for the last Totally Lost should actually be: Dr. Stangelove, Or How I learned to let go, get surgery, and love the Island Bomb!

    • erica

      Great episode. The laughs were nneded and were a good reminder that why we love all these characters. I agree Miles isn’t used much and I would love to know what Alex told him.
      My new theory is that the sideways world isn’t a place where they can choose to go. The people in the Sideways world (at least the ones that are already dead) are going to the island world to fight the war.

    • Addison

      Finale on Sunday!! Then sadness ensues.

      BTW… The Architech scene at the end of Matrix Reloaded… My favorite part. “Ergo” LOL! Gets me everytime.

    • Michelle

      If Doc J watch this episode last week…why are we still waiting for the recap?

    • Dr. Chim Richalds

      My faith never waivered. I wonder if I was the only one who wanted to shout “Don’t drink, Jack!” knowing full well he had to do it.

    • spk2629

      Yep, I am eating a great big pot full of crow for my vituperative post on across the sea. I still think it was poorly executed, but this epi had it all for me—Ben up to his Machiavellian machinations, Jacob and his tired soul, Hurley and Brutal honesty, Sawyer finally seems to have seen the light and his connection to Jack, Kate didn’t annoy us and asked the questions we wanted answered, Des was working his magic, while C.Wid & his girl wonder got their comeuppance. I will say that I posted back in March that we would end up getting answers, ala fireside chat with Jacob (kudos to me) but I feel that the series has really been fulfilled. So now I shut up and enjoy.

  • Jailyss

    This is how you start to tie it all together! I was saying OMG OMG OMG throughout the entire episode. Still not a huge fan of last week but with the main crew front and center the action and storytelling were amazing. Already bought a box of tissues for Sunday! Way to step up Jack (as if there were ever another choice). Nice to see that Jacob values Mothers, which explains why women can’t get pregnant on the island… he doesn’t want them to end up like him. Loved it!

    • Jan

      Do you think that’s why women can’t get pregnant? You mean they answered that mystery with a shrug? That’s kinda awesome.

      • Jailyss

        It has to be that I think. He knows that if they have children then he won’t keep them as candidates. Plus with all his mommy issues he was probably trying to save them a similar fate…

      • Desmo

        I thought that it had to do with Ben’s decision to live in the Dharma barracks. Ben was leading them astray and distracting them from their true purpose on the island and the inability to conceive was a warning to the others to change their ways.

      • Sharlin

        I thought it was cause Mother killed Jacob and MIB’s real mother, lol.

      • Eric T.

        I always believed that the reason women couldn’t have babies had something to do with the nuke going off. Obviously women were able to have babies prior to Jughead (as evidenced by Ethan’s birth).

      • Laura

        The women couldn’t have babies because of “The Incident,” which was always a part of the timeline. It had nothing to do with the nuclear bomb that Jack and the crew supposedly set off in 1977 — that bomb would have blown up the whole island, presumably sending it underwater as it is in the Sideways world (which is also largely considered to be the adjusted universe created by Jughead’s detonation). The incident involved a leak of electromagnetic energy that island inhabitants believed made it impossible to have children. I don’t think every single person who lands on that island is specifically brought there by Jacob. Perhaps you could only have a child on the island if Jacob brought you there himself (i.e., Rousseau had her baby with seemingly no problems and Claire had Aaron, obviously). This kind of ruins the theory that women can’t become mothers there because Jacob knowingly brought those two pregnant women to the island.

        I kinda question whether he specifically chose all of the Dharma Initiative to be there … or Widmore and the Others. Maybe he just sorta allowed them to live there, as long as they obeyed his rules.

      • Brevity

        After “the incident”, the island only existed in one of the sideways worlds (not both). Because you need both timelines to “line up”, nothing could happen in one that didn’t happen in the other. Since no child could be born on the island in one world, no child could be born in the other.

      • majdave79

        a nuke, no matter how big, can’t ‘sink’ an island. the bomb might blow away a mile or so of vegetation, but it wouldn’t make the island sink.

      • Sommery

        Except, women CAN get pregnant. They just inevitably die because of it. Doesn’t sound like Jacob’s doing to me.

      • char jones

        The fertility issue was at least implied to be because of leaking radiation from Jughead.

      • Mo

        Laura, I think they explained at some point that if the baby had been conceived off the island then it could be born there (Alex and Aaron) – if it had been conceived off the island, the mother and the baby would die; that’s why they had that whole thing about whether Sun’s baby was her boyfriend’s (conceived off-island, safe to birth there) or Jin’s (conceived on island, uh oh, better get Sun off the island before she gives birth…)

      • Mo

        Oops sorry, that should say “if it had been conceived ON the island, the mother and the baby would die”.

    • mary q contrary

      Jailyss: Thank you on two counts. Thanks for bringing to light the mother theory. I think you’re dead on. I seriously cried when he said that to Kate. Also, thank you for reminding me to pick up tissues. I hate using toilet paper.

      • Rachel

        Ha! I bought a fresh, big box today myself. Count me as faith restored.

      • Cheryl

        Did you also cry when Jack told Sawyer that Locke killed Sun and Jin?…AWESOME

    • Charlton

      No… you’re not recalling correctly. Women can get pregnant but they were dying in childbirth! I don’t think your connection is correct… sorry.

      • mary q contrary

        Kudos to you. Unlike a lot of other people who frequent these Lost recaps, you had the courtesy to pop someone’s bubble with respect and an apology. There are quite a few around here who could learn a thing or two from you.

      • jodipo

        not in childbirth, about midway through the pregnancy women were dying. No issue with getting knocked up, just neither other or child able to live through the pregnancy. I don’t think Jacob wold kill pregnant women.

        and this episode was awesome! I knew it would be Jack from the beginning. Even before we knew they were candidates I knew Jack would be the key to wherever the story was going.

      • Jailyss

        Color me corrected… lol. Ok, so they can’t carry a baby to term. Do we still think it is a Jacob thing or too much negative energy from smokey?

      • megan

        i think children cannot be brought into a timeline that they would not have existed in…if that makes sense. that’s why aaron was able to be born because he would have always been born even in alternate time and space. something like that, maybe?

      • yes!

        ooh. interesting theory megan. that seems the most plausible theory i’ve heard so far… the only babies have been aaron and ji yeon and they were going to happen in both realities.

      • TMB

        The child being born in both timelines makes for an interesting theory, not just on ‘Lost’, but there’s a similar storyline going on with ‘Fringe’ and the parallel universes (where Walter pulled Peter out of one universe and into the other).

      • Sasha

        yup…see episode “D.O.C”, when Juliet takes Sun to get a sonogram.

    • Stephanie

      Don’t you remember that women died in childbirth??

      • Jailyss

        lol…I do now! None of them were able to carry a child until the end without dying. Needed some memory prodding.

      • Marsaili

        The women couldn’t carry beyond the middle of their 2nd trimester—that is what Juliet told Sun–and she said none made it to their 3rd trimester. I think that it all has to do with the incident—because women were able to carry to term and deliver healthy babies before the incident.

      • salli

        It’s the radiation. Same reason Rose was cured. They use radiation to cure cancer.

      • Dan

        How can the radiation make woman die during a pregnancy, put someone into remission, and be totally harmless to people. why do keep forgetting about the healing qualities of the island. LOCKE USED TO BE PARALYZED. I think the electromagnetism has the island displaced in time and that when they entered the buttons every 108 minutes to release that, it either kept the island stuck in time or moved it back. So I’m guessing that life cannot be created in this “bubble” time. That’s the science reason. Faith reason could be monster or jacob and the rules. perhaps it’s a rule of the “game” they had going.

    • Lane

      You are so wrong on the mother theory. There were many births on the island after Jacob became the protector. Russeau gave birth to Alex, Ethan was conceived born on the island, Claire gave birth to Aaron. Children couldn’t be conceived and born on the island post “incident” which happend at the end of 1970s. It doesn’t seem it has to do anything with Jacob.

      • Lane

        when I say “coulnd’t be conceived and born” I mean that they couldn’t do those 2 things. So they could have been conceived off-island and give birth on the island (post “incident”) and they could be conceived on-island and give birth off-island (like Sun gave birth to her daughter).

      • Jailyss

        claire and danielle both came to the island pregnant. but I do defer to the Nuke going off and making the island women infertile.

      • CeeCee

        Perhaps it is MIB who interferred….not wanting any little candidates with island powers born?

      • Lane

        @ Jailyss – I hear you, but women were not infertile “post incident”, because Sun got pregnant on the Island. Thankfully Sun was able to leave the island before her 2nd (?) trimester, otherwise she could die (per Juliette’s theory)

      • honneylove

        @Lane – Maybe Sun wasn’t there long enough to have had enough exposure to the radiation to make her infertile? (Not sarcasm, actual theoretical question.)

      • Lane

        @honneylove – very good question.
        I think that those who were on the island longer were able to get pregnant, but would die eventually. That’s why Juliette was brought by Ben, to figure out how to keep women alive after they get pregnant, and that’s one of the reasons why Ben didn’t want Alex to get involved with Carl, because he didn’t want her do die in childbirth or during pregnancy. If I remember correctly, Juliette and Ethan came up with some drug that would help women, but they kept on dying in childbirth. There might have been overall infertility issues that I missed, but it also seems that for some (i.e. Jin) island caused increase in fertility.

    • Jailyss

      Good point eric.

    • lostidol

      It wasn’t that women can’t get pregnant. Everyone seems to have forgotten this. The issue was that women died shortly after getting pregnant or during childbirth. Remember?

      • Jailyss

        yes all this was pointed out above and agreed to.

    • aleksa

      That’s an interesting theory about why women can’t carry children on the island. However, why not just make the women infertile, rather than actually killing them during pregnancy? Seems a little cruel.

    • bey

      It’s not that women can’t get pregnant on the island – it’s that they can’t carry to term without DYING. Jacob is just as bad as the MIB – he couldn’t care less about the people he brings there. They are only a means to an end for him.

    • woody

      Women could have children on the island before Ben released the gas and killed the Dharma people. Ethan and Charlotte were born on the island.

  • Silent Rage

    Great episode, saw the Jack thing coming from a mile away though.

    • Xicon

      And by “a mile” you mean “at least two seasons ago” right?

      • Krayzeman

        “a mile” as in Season 1, first episode, scene 1…lol

      • Noelbelle

        Yeah I’m with Krayzeman on that one. Who else would it be?

    • gg

      Given Sayid basically said as much 2 episodes ago… gosh well done.

    • David

      I am curious what Jacob meant by telling Jack “Now, you’re like me.” When Jacob’s “mother” did the cup incantation, she said, “Now, we’re the same.” These statements need clarification. I tend to think that all the candidates will join Jack and protect the Island. The Island won’t only have a protector, it’ll have a small army. The candidates still have choices to make. I think that Claire has a particularly hard choice to make.

      • watched17times

        I bet now that Jack is “the same” as Jacob, we will be better able to tell exactly what that means. Jack will be different somehow and Kate will probably ask him questions about it..LOL So, maybe we will find out that way. =)

        I bet Jack doesn’t end up being protector of the island for some reason. Not that I don’t want him to. But this is way too easy. If he was going to be, it wouldn’t be confirmed in an episode this far from the end. Unless, the twist is only going to be if he survives or not. This show is full of too many twists to have that just happen so easily. I think. Then again, I may be wrong. I want Jack to be ok. However, I bet he will have to make a HARD CHOICE at the end. Be with his son, or stay on the island.

      • A

        Yeah, I’m not convinced it’ll be Jack. When Hurley said, “I’m glad it’s not me,” it made me think he might be the one in the end. The other thought that came to my head is that Jack might not make it through the final episode.

      • FWIW

        What’s to clarify? Jacob only “passed the cup” to one person, not all of the candidates. You are making mysteries where none exist. More interesting is the answer Jacob gave to the question of how long the job would last. It may be a very short assignment.

      • JLC

        Notice the “shaving cut” in the sideways world is growing. I don’t have any advance knowledge, just speculating.

      • Machunny

        I don’t think it will be Jack in the end. Kate and Sawyer only have each other now; Jack has his son. If anyone remains to protect the island (and I’m thinking it may be unnecessary to have anyone stay), I think it will be Kate and Sawyer together.

      • honneylove

        Where was Claire last night, anyway?

      • Fran

        I think it will be Jack, Jacob told him he had to fix his brother along with being a guardian to the island. And in the sideways world Locke is going to let Jack fix him. I think that is what will equal the scales in both worlds and is what this has been leading up to.

      • Maximum

        @Fran, I totally missed out the brother (Jacob/Jack) fixing another brother (MIB/Locke) connection. Thanks!

    • Noelbelle

      Just to clarify…I meant who else would volunteer out of that group? (not who else will be the eventual “island protector” cuz i’m not sure that’s settled yet. seemed a little too convenient for lost.)

    • Eric T.

      Especially since Sayid told Jack it was him right before the bomb went off.

    • Jenn

      I’m not convinced Jack will ultimately take Jacob’s place… it seems too obvious.

    • Jason

      Did Jacob do his magic “now you are like me” incantation over his cupped hands full of water and then dump it back in the river before doing it again for Jack in his cup?

      • Dicazi

        You’re right…does that mean the whole river’s “blessed” now?

      • Jason

        I think so. Maybe a back up plan. Or maybe just turning water into wine or whatnot.

      • Brandi

        Jacob was saying a blessing and cleaning his hands so he could add the water to the cup Jack gave him.

  • Jobless

    Epic stuff tonight. Sideways Desmond is such a badass.

    • Tawny

      I love Desmond, although I think he looks strange without any facial hair. I do think this is a good time to remember that his name in French means “Of the Worlds.” I have been wondering all season why he had this name and now that I see that he was the first to blend the Island world and the Sideways World.

  • Britt

    I agree with Doc, I think Ben is playing a con on MIB. After Dr. Linus and the realization that Ben served the false Jacob I don’t think he is going to fall back into evil ways. I hope not anyway.

    • mary q contrary

      Yeah, I think Ben’s last actions will prove to be very important, and very redeeming.

      • aleksa

        What she said.

      • watched17times

        Oh yes! I agree about Ben. I think he is pulling a long con as well. I am sure it is the only way he thinks he can stay alive right now. He has always wanted to kill Widmore so he had no problem with that. I bet he would have a big problem trying to kill any of the candidates or Miles though. I bet that Ben will volunteer to be protector of the island so Jack can be with his son. ……………… So… is Richard dead? Or just out of his way for the time being?

      • Tom

        I’m worried about Ben. I’m sure he’s trying to play Smokey, but so was Sawyer and Kate. They ended up playing right into his hands. Smokey capitalizes on the worst parts of people. Ben, in trying to foil Smokey, may in fact be endangering himself and everybody else, even if he thinks he’s acting out of what’s best.

      • stlcardsfan

        keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

    • Marsaili

      I’m with you—I could feel it in my bones that men is pulling a fake on Flocke—especially after he realized how he was used to kill Jacob–just as he patiently waited to carry his revenge against Widmore, he will do the same to Flocke.

      • Marsaili

        Woops, that’s supposed to be Ben is pulling a fake, not men–sorry!

    • Leslie

      What he saw was Desmond beating him in the face at the marina…perhaps this gives him a reason to side with Smokey and kill Desmond when Smokey is finished with him.

    • JD

      I don’t think Ben is conning Flocke. Ben was reminded of his daughter’s death, and chose to side with Flocke to save his own weasely arse, as well as exact some revenge on Widmore.

      • Machunny

        Agreed. Ben has been manipulated into killing how many people? He is easily manipulated and weak. I don’t know what conscience he has left, but I can’t imagine Ben thinking redemption is possible at this point.

      • Sasha

        I agree, I think Ben has been “claimed” since he was a child when he was shot by Sayid and taken to the temple…I dont think he can be redeemed.

      • Dicazi

        The pool wasn’t “dirty” when young Ben was healed…and Sayid was redeemed, so why not Ben?

    • Maria

      I still think Ben was cowardly, by exposing Widmore,Zoe and Miles. ( only Miles got away.) I really distlike Ben at this moment. Just when you think he has his act together…Boom, he does it again. UGH!

      • salli

        Miles got away because he went out in the jungle before Flocke got there. Of course Ben is pulling a long con. Flocke can be fooled- Sayid lied to him about killing Desmond and he bought it! By the way I never for one minute thought he killed Des. Also remember the walkie-talkies? thats how he’ll get help .

      • Suze

        am I the only one who was all sorts of happy when Zoe died?

    • donna

      I agree with Ben pulling a con on Smokey. What a performance Michael Emerson!

  • Plum P

    I’m watching The Good Wife new episode and Mister Smokey is there! Look!

    • t3hdow

      My brother and I remember seeing the preview for The Good Wife when watching the Survivor finale. With both of us being Lost fans, all we did was stare at each other at the realization of the Man in Black in The Good Wife.

      • Plum P

        and he’s a mean SOB too in The Good Wife! I expect him to turn into smoke any minute now!

    • TMB

      He’s the DAIB on The Good Wife.

  • yes


    • yes


      • Kevin

        …at both being the annoying d-bag that says “First” and as well as at life, as demonstrated by your desire to be the first annoying d-bag that says “First”.

      • watched17times

        Yes, about 6 minutes too late. LOL Now if you were closer to the top.. it wouldn’t be so funny =)

  • Plum P

    damn, that Monster escaped to another tv show!

    • Carla in Houston

      You should’ve watched Supernatural this past couple of seasons. The actor who plays Jacob was Lucifer, and the actor who plays MIB was an evil angel (I think one of the 4 horsemen). It was fun to watch those two actors on both shows at the same time. They both rock!

  • James

    Very good episode to set it all up for the finale. I can’t wait until Sunday.

  • Xicon

    Excellent episode. I have nothing beyond that to say, ask, or gripe about.

  • Brad in Ohio

    Doc, you’ve got to start working on your ‘Lost Omnibus and Episode Guide’ book, putting all your columns and reviews in print for posterity. If you start putting it together now, I can get it as a Christmas present for myself. Just think about it, okay?

    • mary q contrary

      Agreed! Seriously, my husband would have a fool-proof gift to give me, seeing as how there’s no way on Earth I’m waiting until Christmas for the DVD box set.

      • eggplant girl

        Also the “totally lost” compilation dvd! This whole season has been hilarious!

      • Marsaili

        I would be first in line for a Totally Lost compilation CD, LOL! And anything else Doc would package!

  • stella

    Nice set-up for “The End”.

  • Annie

    what happened to Miles and Richard?

    • Plum P

      Richard is dead by Smokey. Miles? unknow.

      • Dr. JB

        I thought Richard couldn’t die? Can’t imagine he survived that Smokey beatdown though!

      • AJ

        I feel like Richard’s not dead. Or it’s wishful thinking.

      • terryp33

        Dr. JB- I thought the same thing. Maybe when Richard yelled out in the jungle that he changed his mind and wanted to go over to MiB’s side, he lost (or Jacob-ghost took away) his so-called immortality.

      • Edz

        He had a Smokey beatdown earlier in the season, or maybe just a Flocke beatdown and ended in a tarp or bag or something?

      • JD

        Richard, like Jacob, can live forever but is not invulnerable. They can be killed, and Richard was.

      • sandasavi

        I don’t think Richard is dead. When a major character dies on this show they usually show them dead, not so with Richard, we just saw him fly off screen with the smoke monster into the jungle. My bet is Richard is now in the Well, Desmond was in.

    • Hmmm

      Did you seriously miss what happened to Richard?
      Miles ran away but Richard was taken care of…

      • Annie

        I thought Richard would get a better death scene than being swept away by Smokey.

      • mary q contrary

        Yeah, I’m with you, Annie. I mean, it was kind of cool, visually, but my 7-year-old called it before we even heard the chains clanking. Predictable, quick, and no mention of it afterward. I kinda thought Richard deserved better. However, it’s saying something about how awesome this episode was that Richard’s method of dying is my only complaint.

      • PLK

        If there’s one thing that has disappointed me, it was Richard’s death. How is it that Smokey couldn’t have done that before, and if he could have, why didn’t he? It was all too sudden, to “en passant.” I thought Richard deserved more than that. On the other hand, given Doc’s sacrifice theory, Richard died in much the way Sayid did, giving himself for others.

      • Jailyss

        Are we certain that Richard is dead? Did he lose that special I can’t die quality? Has he been untouched by Jacob?… to be decided.

      • KSpork

        But Jacob made Richard imortal so he would never have to die and go to hell for his sin. That was the wish Jacob could do for Richard, remember? How could Smokey kill him on a whim when he couldn’t even kill himself (on the Black Rock)?

      • oprah

        Thank you,
        Yes, what about Richard??? Why would he have been kept around for hundreds of years to be killed off in such a way? Is he really dead? There was no corpse.

      • Michael

        My guess is that maybe Richard fulfilled his role by telling Ben that his daughter was buried there. I’m quite sure that at this point in the game, every scene is important for the endgame. Although, that is what I was hoping during the early seasons as well…

      • arian

        Richard is not dead. Nestor Carbonell said he is in the last episode–and i can’t believe that he can die that way, even when Smokey attacks him. He may be a little bruised, but not dead.

      • salli

        No way Richard is Dead!-Yet!!!

      • donna

        @ Annie. I agree that I thought Richard would get a better ‘death’ scene. But it certainly was an eye popper and very ‘LOST’.

      • Kate

        Richard can die. Remember when he wanted Jack to kill him with the dynamite?

      • sandasavi

        @ Kate you are right, Richard can die, after Jacob was killed he said that he can die. But, I think he is still alive.

      • CJ

        I think that Smokey just batted Richard around like a cat toy… got him out of the way… but I don’t think Smokey necessarily killed him. Smokey’s goal was just to beat the snot out of him and chuck him far enough away to take him out of the equation.

    • terryp33

      And what happened to Claire? Did MiB send her back to Squirrel Baby? Or did she meet the same fate as Zoe? Although at least right now it doesn’t look like Claire is going to be important to the end game, I wish this loose end has been tied off in this episode.

      • oprah

        Wonder if MIB will use Jack’s connection to Claire as his sister to try to play some sort of mind game or as a distraction.

      • terryp33

        YES! I’ve long thought that this was why he took Claire to begin with. Why else would he have taken her and kept her by his side for so long? We saw tonight what he does to people who have no use to him in his comment when he sliced Zoe’s throat. Claire is definitely MiB’s hostage. Will Jack be called upon to commit an act of self-sacrifice for her?

      • watched17times

        Believe me, it isn’t a loose end. Claire will be heard from again. They wouldn’t just “abandon” her AGAIN! I am sure Miles and Richard will show up somewhere. We never did see Capt. Lapidus’ body either. So who knows. Maybe they will take the explosives off the plane and he will fly Miles and some others out of there???? Never know!

      • mary q contrary

        terryp33, I think it is silly and presumptuous to assume that you know what and whom will be important to the endgame. The fact that you think Claire will not play an important role is just….. well, silly. It’s not secret that Jack is feeling guilt over Claire. I wouldn’t be surprised if MIB uses her as some sort of weakening device for Jack. Also, by your logic, Aaron should be “not important to the end game”, but I have it on very good authority that he WILL prove to be somewhat pivotal in the finale. My advice to you is that the finale is 5 days away, and to assume you know anything about what’s going to happen or who’s going to be important would be doing yourself a gross disservice.

      • Dan

        i hate you mary

      • Doc Linus

        Mary, that’s some nasty hypocrisy right there. In your post just a bit down, you say: “Oh, and I was right.” I think it is silly and presumptuous to assume that you know what and whom will be important to the endgame.

    • FWIW

      Miles is in the jungle. Richard was probably damaged, but I don’t think he can be killed that easily.

    • Mana

      Forget them, what the heck happened to Frank? If he’s dead, it would’ve been nice to see the remaining Losties reference it at least once with all the Sun and Jin mourning.

  • mary q contrary

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. Oh, and I was so right. I told my husband last week that I thought that MIB referring to ‘going home’ means the light in the island. Well, at least I think I’m right. Oh, and I wonder what the significance of Hurley saying he’s just glad it’s not him, if any. I think my head is going to explode.

    • mary q contrary

      Alright. Maybe I’m not right. But still, I was proud of my theory at the time. ;)

    • terryp33

      I don’t think what Hurley said was just a throwaway line. I have a feeling that good old incorruptible Hurley, who has been the heart of the show since day 1, and his abilities are going to be of major importance on Sunday.

      • terryp33

        PS- That’s NOT a spoiler. It’s just my gut feeling.

    • donna

      @ mary q: Smokey always also uses the phrase ‘get off this island’ along with ‘going home’, so unless the holy wormhole leads to off the island, I think he wants out. Just like he always said as a child.

  • t3hdow

    MUCH better than last week’s dud of an installment. Everything Ben did in this episode though…wow. I guess old habits die hard for old Benny (and it definitely doesn’t help that Miles and Richard told him his daughter was buried in front of his house).
    The only predictable bit: Jack being the chosen candidate to replace Jacob. Like Silent Rage stated above, who DIDN’T see that coming?

    • mary q contrary

      Yes, but that’s one of the reasons it was so satisfying! Jack has been prepping for this, mentally and emotionally for so long. It’s always been him, and I’m so glad Darlton went ahead with the obvious, in this case. If they hadn’t, it would have been like telling us viewers that by this point, we still don’t know these people, and never will.

      • April

        It had to be Jack – especially after seeing Jacob in Across the Sea. Both are whiney, kinda needy – it made perfect sense.

    • Craig

      Exactly. Lost is not 24. It’s not about just doing something shocking or unpredictable. It has been about serving the story. Jack’s whole story arc has been leading him to this point. Breaking him down in the first three seasons and building him up in the last three so he could arrive at this moment. What would be the point of naming Hurley protector just so we could all go, wow didn’t see that coming? Because in 2 years, long after the shock of a twist is gone, we would all be saying, what was the point of that?

      • tb

        I definitely agree with u there… I don’t need a twist ending ect… Naming jack might be obvious but its right, there have been enough winks or nods 2 the audience about certain plots but jack being leader, even if its short term is right & getting 2 this point has not been easy so playing it straight seems right! Did any one else say aww when Ben looked @ Rouseaue(sp) & was completely smitten!? It was nice seeing that side of him… Great ep!

      • D

        Jack is dead meat. It was far to easy for him to take the mantle. I think someone else is going to have to step up because Jack is going to die. Someone will have to make the hard choice to stay.

      • terryp33

        D- I think you might be on to something here. It was, as you say, too easy. I think- hope- there’s going to be a twist that will blow our expectant minds.

      • arian

        That’s a really good observation. Really appreciated that comment. These characters have to be consistent–and coming in from left field is not consistent for them–if that happened, it would not only be a cheat, but it would betray them as people and us as viewers.

      • salli

        I think that it might end up full circle. After every body dies in Island time,they all end up in sideways world. This thing about Jacob dying was part of the game. Smokey will go home to the light and end up as “nameless” again,Jacob will reincarnate and they’ll both be sitting onthe beach playing that board game.

      • majdave79

        what about the image of the island underwater??? how does that happen?

    • elr

      And how fitting that the way to enlighten Ben was through a beatdown. It’s a wonder this man ever gets a chance to heal before the next beating.

      • Carla in Houston

        I said that same thing, elr! Ben’s gotten so many beatdowns over the course of this show, Michael Emerson must have a full time makeup specialist just for beatdown scars!! Too funny!

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