'House' season finale: The time has come

Can one scene redeem a whole episode? How about 90 percent of a season? Can House‘s roller-coaster year — mental institution! roommate squabbles! Lucas! — be declared a success based on a whopper of a closer?

House-Hugh-Help_320.jpg  Image Credit: Adam Taylor/Fox I give it a stern maybe. I pretty much hated this episode until the Huddy scene at the end. Hugh Laurie was great, of course, and the drama of him relapsing is rich for exploration. But a massive infrastructure catastrophe, a doomed patient-of-the-week who has something important in common with the doctor, and scene that’s basically porn for crying? That’s a sweeps episode of Grey’s Anatomy, not House. The whole in-the-field part of the episode felt like the show was cooking in someone else’s kitchen; I guess it smells pretty good, but oy, all the fumbling.

And then there was the smooch.

As I watched “Help Me,” I was filled with rage. It was so weepy, and there wasn’t enough Wilson (is there such a thing?), plus I don’t want Thirteen to quit. (I used to want that so very badly. But I like her now! Bob Dylan agrees with me. The times they are a…something something.) But when Cuddy waltzed in to House’s bathroom, all unglamorous and candid, it knocked me out. Oh, right. I love this show. Sure, her helping him to his feet was a bit heavy-handed, and I worried that we were in for a hallucination redux. None of those reservations could compete, though, with an overwhelming feeling of finally. Why was this episode so different from most other episodes? Because it was the one where things finally — finally! — had to change. I’ve waffled on rooting for Huddy — I was con, then pro, then just too annoyed with it to bother — but I’m glad House is finally giving that a chance.

What about you, PopWatchers? Are you glad to see these two finally get together? (And yes, it’s for real.) Did you like the finale, or were you hoping for more Taub?

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  • Get it right

    It’s Cuddy .. stupid

    • Erin

      “Huddy” is the shipper name for House and Cuddy.
      Check your facts before you comment.

    • Daniel

      Like Bennifer and Filliam H. Muffman, indeed it’s House + Cuddy mushed together.

    • LOL

      are you serious?


    • Hope

      Wow.. is this your first time reading House Blogs… you don’t know what “Huddy” is !!!!

    • Mo

      You really must not read ANY blogs on the net EVERY blog I read calls them Huddy(House and Cuddy)….Boreteen(Foreman and Thirteen)Hilson(House and Wilson). Research before commenting so you don’t sound like and idiot:)

  • Jason

    Interesting. I loved the episode *until* the Huddy deus ex machina.

    • Ben42

      Yeh, and it’s unbelievable that the show is reviewed almost everywhere by shippers. The best thing about this show is Hugh Laurie. The “boo-i-want-cuddy-&-house-to-do-it” reasoning for saying the show is bad is the most idiotic piece of logic ever.

    • AJ

      This was going to be my comment exactly! I’ve never been on board with “Huddy.” I miss the Cuddy from seasons 1 and 2, where she actually acted like a boss, and the banter between House and Cuddy was nothing more than him digging into an old friend and colleague. The writers introduced the idea of House and Cuddy pining away for each other, but I just never understood why they would. I suppose it was inevitable; I think the non-Huddy fans are in the minority here, so our voices just aren’t heard.

      That being said, I also don’t understand why a trauma site in Trenton would request the presence of the Dean of Medicine at PP, but that’s just me. Or why said Dean would request that House – a man who walks with a limp and cane – should stay on site to help dig people out of rubble instead of going back to the hospital.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Or why no one thought to call in a vascular surgeon to do the amputation rather than a diagnostician.

      • Jackie

        To AJ: Cuddy may be the Dean of Medicine, but she’s still a doctor. A disaster of that magnitude probably required “all hands on deck”, medically speaking. And she didn’t ask House to stay to dig people out, she asked him to stay because a particular patient needed him.


        To Lisa Simpson: The reason House did the amputation is because he was there, and there was the issue of time. They had to the patient out of the wreckage as soon as possible, and they’d already delayed long enough.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Jackie, that’s bull****. They had hours to get a surgeon there, as it was more likely than not that she would need to have her leg amputated.

  • Erin

    lol to ‘Get it right’- “Huddy” is the shipper name for House and Cuddy. check your facts before you comment

  • madmargaret

    I HATED HATED HATED it! This was wrong on every level. The crane accident was straight out of Grey’s Anatomy — or rather, “A Very Special Episode” of “House”. And the love scene at the end was completely out of character for both House and Cuddy. The base premise of the show is the tortured genius doctor who takes vicodin to deal with deep pain. What are they saying here? All he needed was love? Are you kidding me? This was an insult. I’m sending back my “everybody lies” tee shirt.

    • Michael

      Did we watch the same episode? More importantly, have you watched this entire series? The writers have never even come close to implying what you claim, that all he needed was love. When they kissed, I did find it lovely, but the first thing I thought of was the nightmare of a relationship that they will spend the next year trying to make work. House hasn’t reverted or done a 180. He’s adjusting to pain, to life outside of drug use and to the feelings he has now that he is no longer numbed by the Vicodins. House is still House. We’re just seeing more layers. They have yet to compromise his character and nothing that happened last night could be reduced to the piddling little deductions you made.

      • madmargaret

        I assure you, I have watched the series from day one with deep fervor, and I watch precisely because it’s not all about the magical happy endings. This final episode is not the same House I’ve been watching for 6 years. And they ARE implying that all he needed was love. When he dropped those pills and chose Cuddy, they’re saying, quite clearly, that he’s made a choice that love can fix all his problems. I don’t buy it. House has used sucky coping mechanisms his whole life; that doesn’t change because some chick says I love you. That’s deluded. The entire ending with Cuddy walking in to find him on the floor of HIS apartment (where did she get a key?) at just, precisely the right moment? Oh come on. Convenient deus ex machina, eh? Granted, House is still fiction, but I gave it more credit than to take this direction. This series is far too smart and cynical to start wearing moonbeams and unicorn stickers. I’m sorry if you disagree, but I thought it sucked, and I stand by my opinion.

  • Russell

    Finally an episode where the reality of medicine kicks in! He does everything and the patient still dies – thank you for showing the desperate side. Admittedly the scenario a little extreme but how else are you going to get House out of the hospital?? Besides – love Huddy, didn’t like Luddy.

    • James

      Agreed, I thought this was an excellent episode. In fact, I think Hugh Laurie has earned the emmy for this season. Great acting. Really out of his element this season, instead of always snarky House all the time.

  • tellusataletunes

    I said I would this season through, and I have done that. But House, the program, has simply not evolved over the last few years. There have been high points, but not enough to continue watching future seasons. The cast has been great, and I wish them all well. But sayonara House.

    • jjs

      Ya right. Guaranteed you’ll be watching till there’s a series finale. Keep lying to yourself buddy.

  • Emo Harold

    The Huddy climax is nothing to fear. They still have to make it work, after all. No small feat. House can make any situation entertaining.

  • Kelisha888

    “Finally,” is right. This once very good show has finally jumped an entire ocean of sharks. The writers seem to think they can make these characters behave in ways that have no grounds in any real world I’ve ever been in, having them make life-and-death decisions with their patients’ lives using carefully structured hypothetico-ductive methodology, and then throw logic away when they make decisions about themselves. That’s really sloppy writing, and I usually feel manipulated and man-handled after watching.

    I’ve always loved Hugh Laurie, he’s always been a beam of light in his television work, but he’s been wearing House’s lab coat for too long. It’s time for him to hang it up.

    • jjs

      Or you could just stop watching. There’s way more fans that want him to keep the lab coat on.

  • suzanne

    Dear. Lord. This episode was not a tearfest at all! She had a right to be crying: lying scared to death under that pile of cement and her leg being cut off. LOVE the scene when House tells her to get the amputation. It was so touching, honest and real! Cuddy’s expression after their falling out was priceless. It was apparent that she didn’t not love him. (Is this all making sense?) :)
    As for the ending, I couldn’t be happier. Almost clawing at myself telling House not to take the Vicodin, and my ray of light appears! Yes, “FINALLY!” indeed.
    The hands together was so un-Houselike but I guess that’ also what made it so sweet. All in all, I thought it to be a very climactic episode. Not quite as good as the Bus episodes, but it’s up there.

    • James

      Yeah, loved the last screenshot in the episode. House succeeds. He replaced the Vicodin in his hand with Cuddy instead, as he was trying to do all season and the finale before. Now can he keep her? I’ll list the odds at 10,000 to 1.

      • Kathleen

        Nice observation James..didn’t quite catch that. It was a great shot, watching Hugh Laurie act is just a pleasure. Should be an interesting season with House/Cuddy trying to see if this thing can work.

      • suzanne

        Yes! Indeed very symbolic. I’m sure the writer’s will try to make this interesting, even if the odds aren’t great. Look at what happened to Cameron and Chase but just because they ended their marriage doesn’t mean they didn’t have love for each other so who knows what the future holds for House and Cuddy.

  • Pink Lemonade

    I only saw the last few minutes. I am NOT a House/Cuddy relationship fan. I liked the character of Lucas and the that he was with Lisa because he was smart, cute, funny and could hold his own relatively with House. It is so foolish for Cuddy to pick a misogynistic, angry man in which to get involved especially since she has a child. Does anyone really see House changing diapers day to day, dealing with runny noses, kid throw-up and all the usual stuff that comes with a toddler?

    • Kelisha888

      Agreed. Lucas was the only character I really liked. He looked and seemed like an actual human being, which is nice to be able to relate to.

  • Crabbyman

    I enjoyed the episode. Inside, I still think he is hallucinating. It is just something about the fact they started with him in the bathroom and then it goes to a flashback. It was “too easy” for the change of love.

  • shiri

    i was crying!!! i was so surprise with this twist. writing was actually superb. how just last season he thought he was hallucinating and this ended the same way except it’s now all real. this is my favorite season. they really turned it up…. it was more psychological than any other season. sure we love the narcissistic house. people who are on the defense all the time tends to be wittier and their devil may care attitude attractive. this season they’re telling us that when you do things right, it’s truly hard but it can turn out right too! this house opening up. the problem is WHAT’S NEXT ? it might go downhill from here. curious how huddy’s gonna turn out but how long before they run out of story. great episode. my final thought was … so this was what this season was leading me to! magnificent! house has got the best writers in their team.

  • Christian

    The House writers have been very heavy-handed this year (and somewhat last year) with the ‘case of the week’ mirroring some real life situation for the team. They used to be more subtle about it — and not do it every episode — but I don’t know if they’ve gotten lazier or if they’ve brought in a different team from earlier seasons or whatever, but it doesn’t surprise me at all that the crisis was about legs last night. That said, Hugh Laurie really hit it out of the park last night.

  • koker

    hoping for more Chace less of everybody but House.

    This brings us to revisit the Stacy issue… Would Houuse change for a woman if that meant losing his unique ability to solve medical mysteries via misery

  • Jeanne

    Like Jason, I loved this episode up until the stupid House & Cuddy scene (I refuse to use portmanteaus for fictional characters, they’re dumb.) I’m not optimistic about next season at all, two lead characters hooking up after years of sexual tension is almost always the kiss of death for a TV show.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I hate portmanteaux for real couples, too. Seriously, are people that lazy?

    • LOL

      This show has never been lovey dovey, nor treated couples well.

      • rocio

        hi. i love this and i think is so obvous that mature and success people try to find love. They love each other since 20 years ago.
        I hope huddy┬┤s relationship will be difficult to make more interesting

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