'Gossip Girl' finale recap: Big developments (and letdowns)

Gossip-Girl-Blair_320.jpg Image Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW Much like grief, I dealt with last night’s Gossip Girl season finale in stages. First, I was flummoxed. Oh, the twists and scandals! Then, I was angry and annoyed… I’ll let you know what comes next when I get there. It’s safe to say I’m on the fence, but let’s take a closer look. [Seriously, stop reading now if you haven’t watched the show yet.]

Quick fix in case you’re catching a train to the suburbs after shaming yourself and those around you: Little J gave her big V to Chuck, but more (vomit) on that later. Dorota and Vanya welcomed a baby. Dan learned he fathered a baby (…we think), and Georgina’s the mom. Queen B headed for Paris for the summer accompanied by a Cheeto in a very pretty dress. Nate stole Chuck’s little black book so he could have a rebound threesome, and some mugger stole Chuck’s would-have-been engagement ring for Blair before shooting him, leaving him bleeding on the street.

Now rewind and slow-mo: We began knowing crap was going to hit the fan faster than you could buy New Moon on Pay-per-view as soon as we saw Georgina (apparently auditioning for the live-action version of Smurfette) arriving at Grand Central. Never a good sign. Also not a good sign? Waking up next to Jenny Humphrey wearing only your girlfriend’s favorite nightshirt and knee socks, which is the precarious position Nate Archibald found himself in. Nothing happened, but the same can’t be said for Jenny’s bed time with Chuck, which happened after heartbroken Chuck thought Blair had stood him up at the Empire State Building. She actually just arrived late, delayed because of the aforementioned birth. Chuck didn’t know that and left forlorn, ready to climb into the first gangly arms that would welcome him. Nit-pick: I understand dramatic storytelling, but for a series completely based off cell phone communication, would it not have made sense to drop the love of your life a call or text to let him know you’d be late? Ugh.

Moving on, my (and what I anticipate to be your) gripes with the Jenny and Chuck hookup fit into one of these categories: Either you’re disgusted that Jenny would sleep with Bass-hat after he tried to rape her in season 1, or you’re disgusted at the thought of Jenny sleeping with Chuck period. Nevermind. I won’t make you choose. Let’s just call this bad form all around. And just when we thought the Campaign to Make Everyone Hate Jenny Humphrey needed no more ammo, it further solidified my support after JHump blasted a picture of her brother and Serena in bed together. (They were just sleeping… after sharing a kiss. Ugh.) Jenny’s story ended for the season with a major Blair verbal whipping, what might have been a demonic omen (or a severe case of runny raccoon eyes), and with parentals Humphrey taking the advice of Wise Gay Teen and “[sending her] crazy ass away.”

On the Dan and Serena front, the wisest voiceover on TV summed up that troubling development best, saying of the possibly budding couple: “What makes them actually great together is when they’re supposed to be with other people.” And as much as I’d be inclined to agree (because as much as I hate both of them, they’re entirely tolerable together), I just can’t let it go that they’re related. Bit much for me. But I doubt this Serena/Dan thing will last long in the new season, seeing as how Dan’s fathered the devil’s child.  I anticipate Serena will stay Nate-less, seeing as how he had his hands (quite literally) full.

Oddly enough, for what really should have been the highlight of the episode, the Chuck and Blair storyline was pretty unsatisfying. I had high hopes for the Empire State meeting but was let down — and a little irritated. Then to end the season with Chuck shot trying to save Blair’s GORGEOUS engagement ring from being stolen by random hooligans was (like many things in the episode) too much B.S. to take.

High marks are awarded for the ouster of Jenny and the two-episode absence of Vanessa. My advice for next season: Let’s keep Vanessa on e-mail and Jenny in a land far, far, away. Save Chuck. Keep the parents on the back burner. Let Holier than Thou Dan be the father of Rosemary’s baby (because he needs some scandal). Let Serena regain her human skin color. And please let Blair be happy. With anyone.

I can’t decide, PopWatchers. I think I’ll have to come to terms with the mixed feelings I have about this finale. Le sigh. But that’s just me. We all know what really counts… yes, yes that’s you. So tell me: What did you think of the episode and the season? Don’t be gentle (…just civil).

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  • bri

    chuck was shot! georgina is pregnant! jenny is gone! chair is over (for now)! last night’s episode was shocking and finally back to the GG i fell in love with. its gonna be a long 4 months!

  • tkl

    No! Don’t send Jenny away! Without her, and god-forbid, without Chuck, all we have is a show about.. yanno. Serena. And other boring people. Ew.

    • FindYourLove

      Please. Blair>>>>>>>>

    • Jenny

      I agree. I’m not happy about Jenny leaving. I actually really liked her a lot this season. So much more than annoying, selfish B Serena. Also, I hardly blame Jenny for what happened with Chuck (not anymore than Chuck anyway). She is only 16 after all… HE’s the adult, HE should know better.

      • Three

        And isn’t Chuck only 18 or 19? I know they all drink and sleep around like adults, but they’re all still teenagers.

      • No longer a fan

        Jenny is a whore for what she did, she knew she had no feelings for chuck, she knew that chuck had been heart broken she knew what she was doing. She is a terrible character i am happy she is gone, I for one will no longer watch this series after what they did with Chuck and Blair there is nothing that could fix it. I own every season of this show, but I am so upseat about what they did I am just going to stop watching.

      • Will

        I agree with No logner a fan. I shouted at the TV when I saw Chuck get shot. I want Chuck and Blair together already. :(

      • QUIANA


      • Angel

        He’s Chuck Bass. There is no substitute. Either way I wouldn’t care how my 16yo sister behaves, if some older dude slept with her I’d clock him too. THIS SHOW IS AWESOME. So much drama…

      • Julie

        I thought it was so freakin awesome and kinda hot the way Dan just came in and sucker punched Chuck, he threw all he had into it!

    • Celia

      I haven’t seen this episode yet, but I read the article anyways. I’m really REALLY shocked (and disgusted) that Chuck and Jenny slept together. WTF?!?!
      If Jenny has really hit that all time low, it’s probably best that she be sent away for a loooong time.
      There’s no way they will kill off Chuck (he’s the best character on the show) and I think it may be time to introduce a new love interest for Blair (Dan, maybe?). This back and forth with Chuck has gone on too long.
      Those are pretty much the only characters I care about. I was kind of hoping the rest of them would all die in an explosion or is that too morbid for GG?

  • anon

    really really don’t want blair back with chuck. After all he has put her through, going back to him would be like laying herself out as a doormat with a sign saying walk all over me. As much as I loved them together initially, he really has proven than he doesn’t value her enough. Let her be happy with someone else for a while whilst he realises the true meaning of protecting someone you love.

    • No longer a fan

      Just stop watching there is nothing good about the show anymore. I mean do we really care about the drama Georgina is bringing? No, even if the Russian mob was after her I dont care, do you really? I dont even care that they shot Chuck and that more than likely Blair will be back with him because of that. He proved to be a terrible person, sleeping with Jenny, Blair deserved much better than that. Take my advice this show is now garbage stop watching and they will take it off the air soon enough.

      • GeeMoney

        Blair slept with his uncle!!!! How could Chuck be any more terrible than her?

      • Emily

        Blair sleep with his uncle when they were not even together, Chuck had never said to her I love you. It is different. I agree the show just finally hit the lowest point. I wont be watching it anymore, I hope it gets axed soon.

      • Emily

        Same here, I cant believe they screw up this show so bad. It used to be fun and just great to watch but lately and with this season finale it is not worth it. Even if Chuck was dying I still wouldnt want Blair to forgive him. He just went too far this time.

      • Angel

        Blair didn’t sleep with his uncle, she intended to for Chuck’s sake (whatever that means). Chuck and Blair are meant for each other. Anyone else would be WAY too jealous with “who” each has done during their “breaks”. It’s kind nice when you think about it. No matter who you hook up with there’s always someone there who accepts you and takes you back. Chuck Bass is da man!

      • Samantha

        I’m pretty sure that Blair actually did sleep with Chuck’s uncle in season one or two. It was before the whole drama with getting his hotel back. & it really pisses me off that Jenny would go sleep with Chuck like it was no big deal, then cry like a huge baby and practically tell the world. Jenny knows very well how big of a man whore Chuck is, and knew what she was getting herself into. And lets not forget when he tried to rape her season one. Jenny’s character is all wrong now and that’s why I hate Taylor Momsen. The writers are basing Jenny on Taylor’s “wannabe rockstar” personality instead of what it is really supposed to be. But I also wonder if her absense will lead to “the it girl” becoming a show also.

      • Angel

        Backseat writers. Blair didn’t sleep with Jack or the story would’ve gone another way. Jack is a closet gay anyway. His obsession with Chuck is unnatural. Jenny behaves like a 16yo girl. They do stupid things, then cry about it, and they get over it. If she were to see the consequences of her actions she would be demonstrating wisdom beyond her years. It wouldn’t make sense that Jenny would be more mature than Serena. That doesn’t make sense. I think viewers are projecting themselves onto these characters. Remember, the characters are not omniscient, they can’t see the whole picture. Sometimes even the writers have trouble with that concept.

  • Amber

    Everything they did has been done before. Even Georgina wasnt too suprising, it was bound to happen. I was just suprissed with Dan!

    • Emily

      I thought Giorgina was pregnant, but at the rate she drinks and does drugs her baby will probably be born dead or something. I really doubt Dan is the daddy, but either way its not that important to me to keep watching. I hope more people take a stand and just stop watching, this show has turned bad and not in a good way.

      • Lindsay

        I think Dan’s half-brother is the daddy. After all, wasn’t the last scene we saw of Georgina a shot of her running after Scott or running into him in Boston or something?

    • Samantha

      I think the storyline for the whole season just sucked in general because they just revisit things that have already been done. Serena was with Carter, then Tripp, then Nate, and now Dan again? Come on, they’re related now, it’s time to let that go. Nate and Serena would really be the perfect couple if she stopped acting so immature all the time. Plus, her daddy issues story line was getting extremely annoying. I also hate that Dan was so in love with Vanessa, then practically right after she leaves, he randomly goes back to Serena. Chuck and Blair were the perfect couple until the writers ruined it with stupid slutty Jenny, but at least she’s gone. The writers really need to take a step back, and revisit what made the show so great in season one, because it’s not going to last much longer if they don’t.

  • vicky

    even after everything that happened with chuck and blair, they are still my all time favourite couple on the show and for me, without Chair, gossip girl is boring. they definetly belong together and i wished that the writers hadn’t screwed it up. they could have let chuck be sad and then propose as a cliff hanger but why JENNY???? i’m so angry!!!

  • mariela

    you’re the opposite of me. i find serena and dan tolerable only when they’re NOT together. in fact, i hated dan since season 1, but i’ve liked him all season UNTIL this episode. when he became a complete douchebag again. because of serena. so i am absolutely not looking forward to the resurrection of that horrible couple

    • Amy Leigh

      I agree with you 100%. I thought Dan was funny * adorable all season until this episode. And when Serena told Nate not to threaten Dan by telling Vanessa what happened was completely lame too. So Vanessa doesn’t have a right to know? The whole storyline just didn’t make sense. And aren’t they grossed out a little by the fact that they share a biological brother & are step-siblings. It’d be one thing if Rufus/Lily used to be married but they are happy & better than ever right now. The GG writers need to re-think a possible NSD triangle next season b/c it’s a bad idea.

      • Casey

        It was a horrible finale, I won’t be watching next season.

      • Emily

        Amen to that the worst finale ever!!!!

  • Rebecca

    Agree that one of the best things about this episode was the lack of Vanessa. Also totally grossed out about Chuck and Jenny just because its Chuck and Jenny which is wrong on so many levels

    • Lu

      I know! Ew to Chuck and Jenny. I was shouting at my TV screen NO CHUCK NO! Also when stupid Dan Humphrey ruined Chuck’s proposal I was hoping he’d get hit by a train. Chuck and Blair need to be reunited over his almost death.

      • Casey

        What for? so the producer can ruin them again and again just because they have no other storiline? believe me we are all better off just remembering Chuck and Blair as they were before this whole train wrecked happened. How can Blair ever forgive him sleeping with gross Jenny? Even if they did shot him for the ring he was an idiot for not letting them have it, he could have bought another one, one that was not tainted by the memory of horrible Jenny and the day he betrayed Blair again. First selling her to Jack, now sleeping with JEnny, whats next? Chuck and Blair were the best romance on TV ever, I would say better than Gone with the Wind Reth and Scarlet, but after him sleeping with Jenny there is no way they can fix it. I say lets all stop watching and move on, we dont need this. Also Serena and Nate are ridiculous, did Nate ever tell Serena he kissed Jenny? and let her sleep in his bed the same night she just sleep with Dan. Total disaster of a show

      • what

        are you kidding? Dan Humphrey saved Blair from entering into some warped engagement and letting herdelf be fooled by Chuck any longer. I loved Chuck and Blair for the first two seasons but she became nothing more than a doormat for him this season. Not saying she is perfect but she values those she loves a lot and goes out of her way to protect Serena/Chuck/Nate/Dorota from anyone who may be out to hurt them. Chuck on the other hand sold her out, and then betrayed her. Blair tries to protect Serena and Nate’s relationship even when she is down Chuck tries to break them up so he can go on a drinking binge with Nate. Then he sleeps with the same girl he used as a pawn to break up his best friend’s relationship? In no way does he have the same level of respect and loyalty that Blair has for her loved ones so as much as I love to watch his chatacter, I really think he needs to go away, repent and grow up and mature before he even has a chance of winning Blair back. In the mean time I hope she finds happiness with someone else for a while.

  • A

    Holy crap you just said everything I wanted to say. Chenny is disgusting, Chair reunion moments were tainted with Jenny stink, and now Chuck will hae instant redemption because he got shot. I have given up all hope that they will ever write him actually doing anything to win Blair back, at least with this storyline he will make sure and think before he falls into the first available vagina.

    • AlysabethInAustin

      You said it. Lameness abounds on the upper east side.

    • Olivia

      Even that was not realistic, this is Chuck he loves blair and the first thing he does two hours after being heartbroken is sleep with Jenny? It just doesnt seem realistic, this is the guy that was not having sex at all during season two because he wanted to be with Blair so his equipment was not going there. Jenny the virgin was just giving up her virginity for the right to stay at chucks hotel? really why in the world would she do that so willingly? Terrible finale, I was so upseat and haven’t decided if I ever want to see it again.

  • Chelsea

    My only question about this hot mess of a finale is where in the hell Dan’s feelings for Serena came from? He was IN LOVE with Vanessa ONE episode ago, and suddenly he’s mesmerized by Serena’s shiny hair again!? I just don’t understand it. They were perfectly fine with not interacting for the entire season, and in one episode, Dan is seeing “signs”, when, in the beginning of the season, they were having family brunch? I’m sorry, WUT!? Ugh.

    • Ally

      The way ALL these characters keep swapping out partners is disgusting.

      • Angel

        I know it’s so cool. You’d never have to wonder what the other girl’s like. Just wait awhile and you’re bound to hook up with her anyways!

  • daisy

    Get rid of the Humphreys. All of them! Give Dan a particular painful death. The thought of another round of DS is enough for not watching S4.

  • Claire

    gross jenny. I LOVE CHUICK, but seriously, jenny. Jenny and nate sure, but chuck really. I hope they were at least under the influence of alcohol.

    • BLM

      Um, Jenny had one sip of one drink. And how drunk could Chuck have been–he was at the Empire State building sober like 1 hour before.

      • maddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        yeh but jenny just wanted to be loved- ps. i love blairs threat to jenny haha

        and chuck jumps at anything that moves

        i hate jenny tho- season 2 she was awesome when she wanted to divorce rufus (kill off rufus!!!!)
        now she is just all depressed and annoying

        georgina makes everything better

      • whatever

        I get the feeling Chuck is never actually fully sober-you know he just gets out of bed and guzzles some billionaire whisky :P

  • Kurt

    I just can’t stand how far Gossip Girl has fallen. When the show first started it was a fun guilty pleasure, but the show became too absurd and convoluted. I hate when a show I once liked becomes unbearable.

    • Emily

      totally agree it is just garbage now

  • andrea ball

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz snoozefest!

    The should shoot the writers instead of chuck.

    • Belinda

      haha couldn’t of said it better myself.

      • Cary

        Yes, totally agree!!!

  • Cheryl

    Ok… so I didn’t watch the finale. I saw the promos and they left a bad taste in my mouth. Jenny and Chuck.. Wow… not a good move. It wasn’t enough for Chuck to take Blaire’s V but he had to take Jenny’s too. Dan and Serena back together? Please… that’s like Serena being with Chuck… Georgina preggers by Dan… ok, that’s not so bad, but in the book, doesn’t Jenny get pregnant by Nate? So… wouldn’t the story be best served if Jenny got pregnant by Chuck? I think it’s time for fresh blood for the series. And could we please see an actual storyline for Eric instead of just teasers?

    • Ash

      ummm.. im pretty sure that Jenny doesnt get pregnant in the books… but i havent read all of her spin off books, though….
      and i totally agree that Eric should get some more screen time or like an actual story!

  • Jennifer

    wow, i thought just about everything you did while watching this episode, especially about the dan and serena only being tolerable when they’re together and that vanessa and jenny free episodes would be awesome

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