'Twilight: Eclipse' clip: Dakota Fanning finds your lack of faith disturbing

There’s a new clip from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse making the rounds, and if nothing else, it makes a convincing case for Dakota Fanning as the freakiest immortal teenage vampire ever. (Sorry, Kirsten Dunst!) The clip also highlights the new directorial stamp of David Slade, who looks to be emphasizing the franchise’s horror roots a bit more than past directors Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke. Check out the video:

I was kind of a sucker for the soft-focus romantic gushiness of New Moon, but I’m excited to see how Eclipse‘s darker, more action-packed storyline plays out onscreen. (It’s definitely going to beĀ  bit more male-friendly: boyfriends and father-chaperones of the world, rejoice!) It’s also interesting to consider how each Twilight director has changed up the franchise’s style a little bit.

PopWatchers, are you excited about David Slade’s more action/horror-inflected take on Twilight? And do you agree that Dakota Fanning’s Jane is a vamp villain for the ages?

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  • Eh

    New Moon was a horrible movie!! Good lord, what Catherine Hardwicke could have done with NM if given a chance. I still weep over it all. I have a feeling only Twilight will keep winning a place in my heart. You can watch that movie over and over and never get sick of it. NM was abysmal CGI garbage.

    • Ash

      I totally agree but alot of the reason that i think New moon was horrible was bc the book wasnt the greatest…i mean it was a good book… but hands down the other three books were so much better… which means of course the movie is not going to be that good… but i do have high hopes for eclipse =)

      • Cat

        agreed…the second book was so hard to get through!

    • darclyte

      I haven’t read any of the books nor seen any of the movies…but this one has vampires and werewolves fighting? Hmm, I may have to put on a hoodie, cover my head, and sneak in to see this. Maybe I’ll take my niece, yeah, that’ll make for a NICE “beard.”

      • Jamie

        If you’re expecting anything on the action/violence level of something like Underworld, you’re going to be disappointed. The “action” scenes in the trailer, for instance, all take place at the very end of the book.

    • TC

      Regardless of what you think of the saga and it’s obsessive following – as films, Twilight is far more artistic and drenched in symbolism and thoughtful cinematography. New Moon took the teen-following and became a corny teen-flick with little thought for cadence or imagery.

    • SMB

      are you kidding me? catherine hardwicke was one of the worst things that could have possibly, and unfortunately did, happen to this series. she was more focused on creating a work of art than on the series itself and what it is truly about. nobody is naive enough to expect a movie to be exactly like a book, but come on, twilight was NOTHING like the book, in any way shape or form. new moon was a step in the right direction. for me, and i assume for other fans as well, the ability to capture the essence of the series is more realistic to expect than an exact replica of the book. but give me a break, catherine hardwicke was awful.

      • angel81

        you are out of your mind twilight was by far the best yet

      • rch

        SMB, I couldn’t have said it better myself. New Moon was the better movie for fans of the books. Everything I don’t like about the movie Twilight, Hardewicke has specifically taken credit for in interviews. I think Eclipse will be something in between – not quite as true to the books as New Moon but not as separated from their reality as Twilight (can you say outtakes of Edward sucking on Bella’s bloody finger?). I saw 30 Days of Night and hope the fighting is better in Eclipse. I adore Dakota Fanning: she can do no wrong.

    • Priyanka

      My issues are both with the casting and directing. I mean face it, Kristen Stewart as Bella is no no and the reason is not because of her looks but because she cannot act, then Rob is all hissing the dialogues. All the light moments from the book taken away. I have read the series 4 times, I know few places it gets cheesy but the movie concept was not very good at first place. NM movie was horrible because they couldn’t bring themselves to tears. I do not have any hopes with the movies because they simply cannot act.

  • Q

    This appears to be the same clip Mandi Bierly posted last Thursday.

    • Ambient Lite

      Indeed it is. You’re a little late to the party, Darren.
      And this same old clip will probably generate the same tired negative comments.

    • Ceballos

      Maybe dedicating a post to the EXACT same clip less than a week later is a form of satire on the part of the EW staff in response to complaints about the “Twilight” over-exposure on this site.

      (Or probably not.)

      • Jamie

        I think you’re giving EW credit for far too much intelligence.

      • Ambient Lite

        Ha, maybe!
        I also developed a theory last year that the EW writers are paid a bonus directly tied to how many comments their articles generate.
        They could probably repeatedly re-post the same Twilight article every four days and still get a hundred comments each time. Well, they sort of do already!

      • Jamie

        I think the comment pot is starting to dry up, though. None of the recent Twi-posts has hit the Most Popular rankings (that I saw) and the comments have gone way down in number, even for clips and trailers. What would’ve gotten 300 comments a year ago might get 50 now. I think the most-commented on article recently was the one about pay disputes, which was 300 comments and half of them were calling for Greene and Lutz’s head.
        And probably half of the Twilight comments are written by the same 2-3 people (you and Heather2). ;-)

      • Ceballos


        You’re probably right…however, if Annie Barrett posts her thoughts on this very same clip by Thursday, then I call shennanigans.

      • Ambient Lite

        Yeah, quite true – I’m a fan and unlike the, um, younger set, this is the only place I really bother to get my Twilight news. Can’t quite stomach the fan sites.
        Oh, and to be fair, there more than just the two of us that regularly comment, but the negative commenters usually hide behind multiple different “names”. Pfft. Cowards. ;)

      • Linda L

        Hi Ambient, I agree with you. I get my Twilight news here, too. I don’t even bother with the fan sites. Well, the clip is new to me and I like it. Glad the movie will be showing more Volturi than showing them at the end.

    • Celia

      This was definitely posted already. Her so-called villain is boring. I see nothing special about this scene.
      I agree with everyone else–the actress in Let the Right One In puts Dakota’s pathetic little performance to shame.

  • Joeyjoejoe

    Watch The Runaways if you want to see Dakota Fanning give what critics are calling one of the best performances of the year.
    The girl is an amazing talent.

    • Steve

      I think Dakota Fanning is a good actor, but that was a boring clip. Just like the other two films, BORING!

  • jake

    Am I the only one who found her acting really wooden? Just really awkward. You can visibly see her acting, which isn’t a good sign.

    • therealeverton

      No, I didn’t get that vibe at all. I got more of a “I’m being a Vulcan” feel. I’m not sure Fanning could act poorly if she tried.

    • Hannah

      No, I got it too. I’m sure she’s supposed to sound detached and deadpan but I’m not sure it really works. And Fanning is a talented actress, but people’s acting abilities tend to disappear down a black hole in these movies.

    • @jake

      I didn’t watch the whole clip, because I got so bored. But she was very unimpressive in the part I did see. This is yet another reason why the twilight series sucks so much–the so-called villains are so weak and tame.

  • Amy

    Totally agree with you EH. I was so let down when I saw New Moon. I still love the series and will still watch the movies, but I really hope the new directors do a much better job!

  • therealeverton

    ~I can’t believe there’s someone with a job centred around writing about films who hasn’t seen LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Interview with the Vampire was garbage, although Dunst was very good in it; Dakota Fanning is a brilliant actress but we have to wait before even thinking of saying her performance / character will top Lina Leandersson in let The Right One In

  • Quirky

    Can we get an entire movie of just the Volturi? Seriously, Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen are so fanatastic that they’re the only thing worth watching in these films.

    • Ambient Lite

      I think the Volturi could totally hold their own. I’d rather have them spin-off and develop their story than release Breaking Dawn.

  • Hannah

    “…and if nothing else, it makes a convince case for Dakota Fanning as the freakiest immortal teenage vampire ever.”
    I think you should take some staff members off Twilight-shilling duty and put them on something like, say, copy editing?
    And Fanning is talented and has been good in other things, but Kirsten Dunst in Interview With the Vampire she IS NOT. Having said that, the Volturi are easily the most interesting part of this entire godforsaken series. Let’s just do a movie with them and sack the others.

  • Jamie

    Clearly this article writer hasn’t seen Let the Right One In. Her name escapes me, but the child vampire in that puts EVERY actor in Twilight to shame, as does the movie itself. Chloe Moretz has the role in the American adaptation and I have no doubt she’ll be equally terrific.
    This is also the exact same clip that Bierly posted a few days ago, and the article itself contains a pretty annoying grammatical error.
    In other words, article fail.

    • Linda L

      Wow. I had no idea they were doing an American adaptation of Let The Right One In. If done right, it should do very well.

  • Rob

    The plot of Eclipse SHOULD have more of a horror feel and less romance. I am really looking forward to the “space heater” scene where Bella’s freezing when they’re out camping and Jacob is the only one who can keep her warm.

  • maggie

    Ready for june 30th

  • Laurie

    out of context this stuff is so hard to see beyond the laughs. Anyone else think that tall vamp was Andy Samberg?

  • rch

    Dear ew.com,
    Could you ask the publicists for Let the Right One In to stop posting? They’ll have their turn.

    I’m glad this clip came out early, because I think it’s unexpected based on the book, and I like to be prepared for deviations (don’t like Hardewick at all). I’m sad to say I think’s Felix’s freeze is a bit melodramatic and not as well done as Edward at the end of New Moon.

  • Jennifer

    I did not think it was anything special in when I saw it on Oprah but the second time is when I fell in love. She is supposed to be detached and you would be cool and unimpressed by other vampires if you could cause them pain with a thought. This is exactly how I imagined Jane in the books… the only thing I would say is that Jane needs to add some sinister smiles.

  • Mackenzie

    What I want to know is what the deal is with the horrible voice over jobs?!? It’s like listening to a movie on network tv that has “explicit” language in it. WOW… I hope Slade fixes this before release!

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