'Brothers & Sisters' season finale recap: Massive pile-up

brothers-sistersImage Credit: Danny Feld/ABCBrothers & Sisters came thisclose to losing me this season, but I’m so glad I stuck it out: Nothing says May like sobbing while watching the final moments of an episode.

We’ve known since January that Rob Lowe would be leaving the show, and the promo for the season finale showed Kitty distraught after a car accident — and still I started to go numb as Rebecca and Justin went running toward the massive pile-up. I can’t imagine knowing that everyone you care about was involved in a wreck, and having to search for them. A truck had apparently gotten cut off and overturned. Robert and Kitty were the first vehicle to hit it, then the rest of the caravan headed home from taste-testing the menu for Scotty and Saul’s new restaurant at the Ojai house were part of the accordion effect — save the newlyweds, who’d gotten a late start because they were deciding that sometimes being there for your spouse means living separately for a year so he can go to Haiti for school credit and she can accept the job she wants. Rebecca was on the phone with Holly, who was trying to convince her and Justin to let her thrown them their Hawaii wedding now that she, Nora, and Sarah had struck water at Narrow Lake. Nora had paid for more digging and the company found an aquifer. Rebecca got abruptly disconnected from Holly, which made my stomach turn. So many things were excruciating to watch during the hour because you knew what was awaiting you at the end. Seeing Holly, Sarah, Nora, and Saul run through the water at Narrow Lake like they were children playing in a fire hydrant — did I see slo-mo??? — was one of those moments. You wanted to be happy — especially because we thought we were celebrating Saul testing negative for HIV — but the higher we got from seeing a resolution to that pain-in-the-ass Narrow Lake storyline, the farther we’d have to fall.

At the accident, when Kevin tried to help Saul, who was bleeding, we found out that Saul had lied to Nora when he told her he was fine. “Don’t touch me! You can’t!,” he yelled at Kevin. I’m not sure how I feel about that plot point. It’s great that they’re drawing attention to HIV again, and storywise, it’s worthwhile to learn that Saul had acted on his attraction to men when he was younger — he felt ashamed, so it was done in secret, and never twice with the same person so it wouldn’t feel real. But it just felt like it was introduced too suddenly, too forcibly. On the same morning Saul learned that Kevin slept in a sleeping mask (and Kevin learned that Saul slept in a muumuu), while the sounds of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” filled the air, Saul discovered on Facebook that one of his old acquaintances had been living with HIV for decades. It was about as subtle as Rebecca and Justin joking right before the crash that every time they talk about having a big wedding, something bad happens.

Back to the accident: Sarah was fine, as were Scotty and Nora. Nora told Rebecca she couldn’t get Holly out of the car, so Rebecca went to find her while Justin checked on Kitty and Robert. Robert looked so still, it was as though he was paralyzed. He had blood on his head. When Rebecca screamed for Justin to come help Holly, Robert told Justin to go. (I think Robert knew he was dying, and that Justin, who’s worked on soldiers in combat, would have the strength to leave him if it meant helping someone who could be saved. Holly looked bloody, too, but she moved a tiny bit, so I predict she’ll live.) Kitty was left alone with Robert, who echoed a conversation they’d had earlier in the episode when he got dizzy from his arrhythmia, and they had to call an ambulance to the Ojai house to take him to the hospital. Kitty had told Robert that she loved the hero and the vulnerable man who, after his heart attack, was afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep up with their son. As he sat there in the car, he told Kitty that she was right: he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Evan, but as he watched Kitty hold him and saw how strong and loving she was, he knew she would. Then, he went silent, his eyes open and still.

Both Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart were amazing in that scene. She could have been screaming for help, but in that moment, when you find out that someone you love may really be dying, you’re lost. Sometimes you can’t yell. Maybe it’s your brain’s way of pretending it really isn’t happening. Because if it was, of course you’d be yelling. And the second someone comes and sees what you’re seeing, it’s real. They’ll say he’s gone. Kitty looked around for help and back at Robert, saying, “Oh god, somebody… somebody… somebody help me. Help me. Robert, Robert, it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. Stay with me, Robert.” As the camera panned out to show the scope of the accident, you saw from a distance Nora walking and calling Kitty’s name. You just wanted Nora to get there. This episode did a nice job of reminding us that as much as Nora butts in to everyone’s lives when they don’t necessarily want her to (more on Kitty’s campaign bus in a minute!), she’s there whenever they do need her.

We know that we’re jumping ahead a year when Brothers & Sisters returns in the fall, and that Kitty is “single,” so it’s safe to assume that Robert died. I’ve had issues with his extreme levelheadedness over the years, but I’m suddenly glad that he always ended up doing what was right in the end. When he was in the hospital earlier, he told Kitty about both his heart problem and the situation he’d gotten himself in with Stanton, the man he was trying to nail for bribing him to get highly-inflated defense contracts. Robert had refused to release the tapes because Stanton, who knew what Robert was up to, had started an anonymous Citizens for a Corrupt-Free America website to start rumors about Kitty, like that she was using Robert’s private jet to campaign and that her wig cost $4,300. Robert didn’t want Stanton to ruin Kitty. But that wig comment (which was true — who knew?) went far enough that right before the accident, Kitty had told Robert that they had to release the tapes now. The question is: When the show returns in the fall, will Kitty be a Senator, or will she have dropped out of politics? I think she will have been appointed to fill Robert’s seat after his death and won the election.

Now, we can get to the one true bright spot in the episode: Sarah’s depression. Sarah has always been my favorite Walker (save the time she was with Steven Weber), and this episode made me feel closer to her than ever. A) Why would she look for a new job when she could spend her days looking at Luc in a wifebeater? B) Cold pizza is really good. C) She just wanted to lay on the couch, watch TV, and drink. All of that made “rabidly democratic” Nora dragging Sarah along on Kitty’s Campaign Bus for the weekend when Robert couldn’t make the 16-stop journey completely insane but hysterical. The fact is, Kitty is running for Senate and should be focused on her campaign and not on keeping Sarah from commandeering the remote control on the bus or in the hotel room that the three of them shared. While Kitty was trying to work on a speech, Nora was pushing for facials and Sarah was asking for the bus keys so she could go get more wine. I love that Nora told her she wasn’t driving (or cabbing) anywhere, then suggested they send out an intern for alcohol. Honestly, the only thing I really wish I could change about my own mother is that she doesn’t drink. If she did, I could say stuff like, “Don’t get involved, keep drinking.”

Your turn. What did you think of the season finale? Did you cry? How much will you miss Rob Lowe? (I’m looking forward to single Kitty, but I’m glad he got a moving exit that exceeded my expectations.) Do you want Holly to live or die? (Live, Holly, live!) And how convenient that the one-year jump means Justin will be back from Haiti, Kevin and Scotty’s baby will be born, Saul will hopefully have figured out how to live with his new reality, his and Scotty’s restaurant — comfort food meets organic meets tapas — will have found its legs, and the Walkers will be settled into the water business?

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  • Sara

    My mom doesn’t drink, either, and it sure would make things easier sometimes. Anyway, I also sobbed at the Rob Lowe scene; knew it was coming but that didn’t make it any easier.

    • Michael

      I cried like a baby. That episode was amazing. Gosh, I love this show!

      • Squirella

        Me too! Highly paid actors reading from scripts prepared by writers and filmed by Hollywood to make TV networks rich is SO much more interesting than reality.

      • Michael

        I can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me or being sardonically rude and bitchy… if it’s the latter, why is that even worth posting? This is an article about an episode recap; if you don’t like the show, don’t comment about it. It’s that simple.

      • Kathy

        Michael, I don’t think the post in reply to yours was being rude, I think they were agreeing with you. I think their point was that scripted television can be so much more entertaining than all of the reality crap that is on TV now. And if it wasn’t their point, that’s my point!

      • Rowan

        Kathy, I felt the sarcasm Michael saw, too. It was the “highly paid” part when describing the actors. It was uncalled for and has nothing to do with whether the ending brought someone to tears or no. I also had issues with this season and found myself blubbering over Rob Lowe’s performance. That scene was so well done, but all involved.

      • Mike

        Michael, I agree with you. From the moment Justin and Rebecca ran to the scene, the tears started and my heart stopped. It was amazing. Can’t wait for the next season to start.

      • Dan Martin

        I agree entirely with the previous poster….. Reality TV Sucks. The networks love them because they are so cheap to make and the sheep will follow. I don’t watch ANY of them. The WALKERS Rock !!!!

      • Johnification

        Squirella: I do prefer crying over a TV show to crying over something in real life-I’d like to keep real tears to a minimum, thanks. Entertainment is meant to bring people to catharsis, show them something that moves them, and people value that experience, which is what drives the industry to pay its participants so highly. I pity your music/TV/movie/theatre-less life and am a little sad that you don’t connect with anything fictitious. You’re missing out on some amazing expression.

    • Lyn

      Since it’s been known for weeks that Rob Lowe was gonna die, the whole crash scene was dullsville. Honestly, if you want a show with real emotion on Sunday nights, try “Army Wives,” which is surprisingly, amazingly good.

      • Nancy

        Yes but if you read Rob Lowe’s recent interview he said they were leaving a window open so he could come back. So while her certainly looks dead, clearly they’ve left it open..

      • Dallas

        But I just really wish they wouldn’t forecast for weeks about the loss and the traumatic ending. Tired of shows leaking what should be stunning endings or the {likely} deaths of characters.

      • Annie

        My opinion….you can CHOOSE not to read about the spoilers! I didn’t, so I was totally surprised by the ending, which made it all the more better….

    • Awesome

      Now this is what I call a season finale. Even though I knew Rob was leaving, wow, what a way to go. Btw – Mandi – great recap! I was tearing up just reading your recap of the scene where the accident happened!!

      • JIM DAVIS

        I have not loved a show like Brothers and Sisters in a long time on network television. Sally Field is excellent, which comes as no surprise from this child star, now in her sixties, and a two time oscar winner. Sally also deserved a oscar for Steel Magnolias. Her graveyard scene in that film is one of the best in cinema history. When Sally does die, a long time from now, knock wood, I hope that scene is shown from her acting career, because is so illistrates what a powerful actress she is and always has been. Rob Lowe, is also a far better actor than anyone gives him credit for. I truly believe that when a male actor is as handsome as Rob has always been, they are not given the same acting credit beautiful female actors. I loved Sarah’s dark edgy charactor from Six Feet Under, but this role is her best yet, and the lovely Brit is always truly convincing with her perfect American accent. In conclusion, the gay characters add so much, not only to the show, but reflecting how interwoven gay people are with their straight conterparts in all familys in general. Has anyone noticed, that the best shows on television always have gay characters. If only our federal and state governments could catch up to Hollywood. The accecptance and success of the wonderful Ellen Degeneres had done wonders to show America that sometimes, your favorite celebrity is Gay.

      • @Jim Davis

        Rachel Griffiths is Australian, not British. Check out her performance in “Muriel’s Wedding”.

      • Lisa Lisa

        Jim, I agree wholeheartedly, except for one little teeny correction: Rachel Griffiths (Sarah) isn’t a Brit, she’s an Aussie. Love, love, love her!

      • Linda

        I love this show. I have to agree that we have known for a while that Rob was leaving and i wondered how it would be written. The acting was brilliant and as usual, my breath was held until the end.

    • pop

      i started crying when rebecca got to holly and told justin she thought something was really wrong. then the crying didn’t stop.

    • Noelle

      Sara, good point they DO seem to drink a LOT of wine! Imagine the headaches they’d get if that were real! When they were doing that whole winery deal thingy over $ over again I noticed that.

    • rebecka

      i love all the shows

  • Claire

    I’ll feel cheated by the jump if they don’t show some of the aftermath of this episode. I want to see how the other family members react to Robert’s death, Saul’s HIV, and Justin leaving for a year.

    Will he still go now that Kitty is suffering? He always seemed especially close to her.

    • Tammy

      I too would feel very cheated if they skip ahead a full year and not show any of the after math on how things went with the family after the accident.they definately need to show some of what happened afterwards. not fair to end the season that way on not let us see what is going on with the family after.

    • Jelana

      I suspect they’ll have flashbacks to show the aftermath.

    • Strepsi

      I hope they don;t do a lame TV thing like having Justin “returning” from his year in Haiti with a tan and a friendship bracelet.

      I am hopeful though, as i was really impressed they atually showed Tommy in Mexico too.

      • mimi

        I’m hoping we find out that Justin didn’t end up going to Haiti. He realized that family is too important.

      • dee

        LOL @ friendship bracelet! I want the jump, but I want it right. I want Sarah on anti-depressant medication, Tommy jumping in the grave behind Robert (I just don’t like Tommy), Justin maybe staying in Haiti so he won’t get medication, Holly slightly crippled with a new, less bitchy lease on life, Saul and Rebecca running “Ojai Waters” while introducing new and innovative HIV treatments, Kitty out of politics and dealing with the reality of raising Evan alone, and Nora getting another man to help distract her from the madness!

  • Sarah

    Of course Holly will live. In real life, isn’t Patricia W. married to a producer of the show? I am glad the Narrow Lake business is finally resolved, but otherwise I thought it was a weak episode. It was obvious that Saul would have HIV once that whole conversation got started, we know that Robert isn’t coming back next season(so that means he dies) and that Holly will be back given her relationship with a producer (so she’s not dying). So there’s not much to wonder about over the summer. I guess the only question is will Kitty be a senator. Again, I think the answer is yes because we know she won’t be in as many episodes next year and if she’s in DC as a senator, that makes sense.

    • Dan

      If it makes for good drama and GOOD TV, I’m sure ABC and Patty Wettig would be more than willing to let Holly die. Being married to a producer on the show doesn’t necessarily mean Holly will live… just increases her chances over the summer. :)

    • Kris

      Sarah- Yes Patricia Wettig is Married to Ken Olin. He plays David(Her Fiance, Rebbeccas father). He also is a Producer as well as a director(He directed this episode as a matter of fact!).

      Also- Her son is a Writer and Story Editor. While she COULD die it is VERY Unlikely.

      • Lyndsey

        Their daughter in real life is Scotty and kevin’s surrogate on the show :)

      • Venus

        And Patricia and Ken were also stars together on 30something a zillion years ago….which was another fabulous prime time drama!

      • KC

        Please Holly, go into the light! Can’t stand her!

      • joe shmoe

        I also can’t stand Holly and would be fine with her character disappearing from the show. Also Rebecca and Justin were a little annoying so am good with Rebecca being gone too. I hope Justin shapes up because he seems to be having fun rather than acting, as if he’s winking at us.

  • seb

    Does anyone know what the songs were from this episode? One of them in the middle sounded like Sara Bareilles.

    • Anna

      Go to the ABC Music Lounge tomorrow and there will be a listing of the songs played tonight.

  • tad

    The problem with the Saul storyline is that they should have discovered his HIV status when they were looking for possible donors for Kitty when she needed a bone marrow transplant.

    • Claire

      Didn’t they say he was too old to donate? I’m guessing that he never got far enough into the process for them to discover that.

      Still, you’re right that it going unnoticed for decades is strange.

      • Mary

        Actually, my issue was the phone call. HIPA and genuine patient care would prevent someone from giving the results over the phone.

      • Lisa

        Agreed Mary. If he was positive, they would have asked him to come in for his results. Negative results was believable over the phone, but not to find out later he was positive. Unless he never actually called the doctor and the entire conversation was fake.

      • DJ

        Funny to hear someone mention HIPAA, I work in a profession that is “governed” by that, and that makes sense, Mary. But then, this is tv; they have all kinds of holes in their logic.

      • Jason

        Lisa — Good point! I hope that it was this is…Saul was too scared to actually make the call and faked that conversation on the phone while he was on the porch with Nora. And since he didn’t KNOW for certain after the accident, he made it seem as if he WAS positive.

      • Jessica

        I thought he faked the phone call to the Dr. It was ridiculously fast, it didnt have time to ring or anyone to answer or speak or look up anything before he was all like “oh thats great.” So I knew right then he was lying. I think he probably found out later and we just didnt see it…

      • K_Sull

        Mary – I bet Saul had gone to get his results during his walk that morning. That phone call was probably faked.

      • topher

        Actually i just started to work with the HIV/AIDS section of the Health Department in Florida and I was shocked to learn private practitioners can release your HIV status over the phone. It doesn’t seem right, but it is very possible.

      • KCatty

        @Mary re: HIPAA

        At first, I thought the same thing, but I believe that most states also have laws that don’t allow you to give HIV positive results over the phone.

        My guess is that the person on the other end didn’t tell him he was HIV positive, but rather that he would have to come in to get his results… which would be all he needed to know.

    • vanka

      Good point!!!

      • kathy

        Yeah!! That was definitely a HIPA violation. Wouldn`t happen in real life. Awesome finale though. I just can`t believe Robert left the show.It just won`t be the same without him.

    • Jason

      VERY true! I don’t like this abrupt story line at all.

    • Sarah

      They didn’t get tested because they are too old to donate..remember?

    • SaneN85

      The real problem is that it takes longer than a day to get HIV test results.

  • Heather

    Agreed. KNEW what was coming so the sweet moments beforehand were painful to watch. I still have a lump in my throat over Robert & Kitty and that surprised me. In fact, I’m glad the promos hinted at the end because otherwise it would have been far more devastating.
    I thought Saul might be expendable (as a character) so I was surprised he was OK. I thought the emotional curveball w/him would be dodging HIV and then dying in a car crash; I just got it backwards. As for Holly, a year ago I’d have said KILL HER OFF, but she’s grown on me. Now if they had killed off Scotty or Kevin, I’d be done cause I love their characters as individuals and as a couple. Wish my husband & I had a marriage like theirs; we’d still be together.

    • Kris

      LOL- Well not a marriage EXACTLY like theirs :)

      I agree- It was season 3. She was prosecuting Tommy and they were writing her to be a Bitch! I like her this season also. For a first. Hopefully it will last!

      • Heather

        I LOVE Kevin and Scotty. They’re so funny and loving and real. Scotty is maybe my favorite character; he deals so well with the craziness of the Walkers and is so accepting and supportive while being strong about his own boundaries at the same time.

    • Pam Marquez

      I agree with the earlier comments regarding the Saul story line. Doesn’t make perfect sense. Going for decades without knowing or even a symptom seems strange to me. Maybe they will address that in next seasons opener. As for Kitty and Robert – very sad. I was so happy when Rob Lowe joined the cast, I just love him. I’m sure Holly will live and then Justin will have issues with him saving her and not Robert (even though I don’t think he could have saved Robert).

      • DJ

        Saul might be what is called a carrier that is he has the viral load and can affect others but him remaning asymptommatic

      • Heather

        true. You can test positive for other viruses, too, and not be “sick” …

  • Alana

    Where are all the other people that were involved in the crash? I mean there were other cars, but no people. ALso, there were no cars approaching the scene. I would imagine that would create some traffic, even at that late hour. I don’t know..:)

    • Chloe

      It was obvious the accident JUST happened. The road may have been void of cars at the time of the accident, which is a very likely scenario. I’m sure everyone’s OnStar (or similar feature in whatever cars they were all driving) kicked in asap because by the end of the scene, you heard sirens. And most likely, other traffic started happening upon the scene.

    • filmboymichael

      Did you miss the end? There were several people around that weren’t members of the walker clan – and as the camera was pulling back to show the extent of the pile up, you could see cars parked on the other side of the transport as the ambulances were arriving on scene…

    • Amy

      Yeah, it seemed to take forever for the rescue team to arrive. I just watched it again on my DVR and the last shot that showed squads pulling onto the scene?Officers never got OUT of the car. I watched it the whole time as the camera was panning out…the doors stayed shut! How can they we helped if they don’t out of the car!!?? It was an amazing finale. I bawled like a baby. Our loved ones can be taken from us in a heartbeat. It really makes you think.

    • Heather

      There were other people walking around dazed, but you’re right; not much traffic…

    • Gael

      hwy 33 to Ojai is a 2 lane hwy… not much traffic coming to town at night. There were other people looking hurt, dazed and in shock besides the Walker family… It was a sad ending to a wonderful day… stay tuned!

    • nicole

      maybe you were crying so hard that you did not notice the police cars in the background!

  • Michael

    That episode was incredible. Great acting, ultra intense, episodes like that are why I love, love, LOVE this show so much! …SO sad about Robert!!!

    • Knope

      RUMOR: Robert faked his own death so he could accept a job in Pawnee, Indiana… Shhhh…

      • Robert

        Well played, Leslie, but my time on Parks and Recreation is limited…

    • Heather

      I KNOW! My head was well aware it was Rob Lowe & Calista, but my heart was aching for their characters. I was sad for 3 hours afterward, felt a sense of loss and still have it on my DVR just in case I want to re-watch it or the dancing in the water scene again (Were you an AllyMcBeal fan? I was the same was when Billy died). When great writing and acting sucks you in like that, it’s magic :)

      • Michael

        No, I never saw Ally McBeal, but I did watch Six Feet Under, and that series finale was unlike ANYTHING on television. Cried the whole time… also, I can’t get over how DIFFERENT Rachel Griffiths is on the two shows; her Brenda on Six Feet Under is NOTHING like Sarah on Brothers and Sisters. She’s such a great actress. Her and Kevin are my favorite Walkers. Though, I really liked Robert too; he’ll be missed. I definitely watched the episode twice.

  • Beth

    Well done episode. A few questions:

    Did Robert’s heart condition play any factor into him dying in the accident?

    The Saul thing was sad, and I did not see that coming. Too bad they faked us out with his lie, then find out at the accident.

    I was hoping for oil on that dang narrow lake….big let down. So now what a new company with Sarah as President? Will Tommy come back?

    I think Kitty being in office would be a bad storyline, pretty boring really. How will she do that with a baby and no husband?

    • Lisa

      Beth… how does any single mom work?? Easy! With help from family and other caregivers. We CAN do it all!!

    • Todd

      Water is now more valuable than oil in many places.

      • BP

        The water in the Gulf of Mexico is more valuable than the oil in there.

    • Heather

      There was a big metal piece of something that was smashed into the drivers side window; if you rewatch it, you can see metal behind him; I’m sure that’s what caused his head trauma.

    • nicole

      If I was a single mother with money and the Walkers for family, I definitely would not worry about bringing my child up. Kitty has money, a name and a great LARGE FAMILY. Don’t worry about her she’ll be fine. Furthermore they went from wine to water maybe they’ll all sober up!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I think I got choked up because I was empathizing with Justin and how horrible he must feel.
    I’ll miss Robert, only because he never seemed to get caught up in all the Walker Crazy like everyone else. Scotty seems to hold his own and he doesn’t get that swept up, but he’s too sweet. Robert always seemed to try and present the other side.
    Because everything on this show is so herky-jerky at times, I’m happy for the jump. They never seem to resolve any issue correctly. They either gloss over it (does Justin still have a learning disability? Did we ever learn or resolve Rebecca’s so-called mental issues?) or they beat it like a drum for longer than it needs to be.
    I do hope that a year jump will force the writers to give Rebecca and Justin some better material. Their 8 minutes every week is usually a fight that goes nowhere. Kind of like the D.J. Tanner Hissy-Fit that seemed to be the focus of a lot of episodes of “Full House”: she’d get mad, stomp off, and then there would be some resolution to at least end the show.

    • Christie

      Oh yes please–this show needs a serious reboot if only to get rid of all the unresolved plots. Thank heavens we won’t have to watch that flaky Michelle and Kevin going nuts over the pregnancy. The baby will be born, the restaurant will be open, Walker water should be in business, the Walkers should all be working, Kitty’s political campaign will be resolved in some way, the family will be over their initial shock about Saul (and Robert), and Justin and Rebecca will have found out if absence made the heart grow fonder or not. I’m sure we’ll still find out a lot about what happened during the ‘missing’ year through conversations and flashbacks. And gee, maybe if the Walkers have a water bottling company they won’t all be incipient alcoholics.

      • Karen

        and maybe they’ll stop drinking in front of poor alcoholic Justin’s face ALL OF THE TIME…

      • Barry

        How is it that only Holly, Nora, and Sarah own Narrow Lake? How did the other Walkers get aced out?

    • Sue

      So many unresolved story lines. What happened to that almost son that emptied out the wine barrels?

  • Banan

    They aired the episode in Canada on Friday night and then again on ABC last night – I watched it twice… I couldn’t not watch again. Like the reviewer, I wanted to give up this season – a fan from the beginning, the show was uneven at best. Even though I knew Rob was leaving it didn’t take away the impact of his departure. I’m glad I didn’t see any promos prior, it would have lessened the shock. And I do feel that this new medication would have compromised him somehow, he wasn’t safe to drive and the Walkers should have realized that before departing, but alas, we wouldn’t have had our big moment. Well done Olin and Co. It was nice to see Justin taking control as well – he needed that I think.

    • amy

      i just rewatched the end, and i am surprised no one here has brought up when Justin approaches Nore she says’There was a truck, Scottie cut it off.’ Thats gonna lead to a little drama with him and the family next season.

      • scott

        it was sarah who talks about the truck and scottie cutting it off

      • Kris

        I was trying to understand what she said(Though it was Sarah not Nora) :)

        With a one year time jump- I bet that it won’t effect him…but who knows. When the show started- Nora was furious at Kitty for something she blamed Kitty of doing THREE years previous- so time might not matter there. If Scotty was in Some way responsible for Robert’s Death- I don’t know…That could cause some drama even a year later.

      • Olivia

        Scottie wasn’t driving. He was asleep in the passenger seat when Kevin was on the phone with…Saul, I think? Anyway. I think she might have said ‘this guy cut him off….’ It’s hard to tell, but unless Kevin and Scottie randomnly switched drivers, Scottie wasn’t behind the wheel.

  • arnold

    I kept getting upset that everyone was taking Sarah’s pizza away. Let the woman wallow for a few days. And what is gross about cold pizza? It’s how leftover pizza is supposed to be consumed!

    • Chloe

      Great breakfast – cold pizza!

      • Karen


  • hobokendave

    re: Saul. HIV test results are not supposed to be given over the phone.

    • Zoe

      Saul probably faked the phone call, right? For one thing, a nurse wouldn’t have told him he was negative when he wasn’t. Faking a call to the doctor’s office would have been an easy way to get Nora off his back.

      • fireflyfan

        they’re not “supposed to” but there isn’t any law against it, it can happen

      • Cat

        he did dial the number unbelieveably fast! so I think you may be on to something…

      • Lisa

        fireflyfan – HIPPA keeps you from giving results (especially positive ones) over the phone. You really can’t confirm who you have on the phone. ;)

      • meme

        I thought the same thing. He totally faked the phone call. He probably doesnt even know his real results. Hes too scared to find out- he just didnt want kevin to touch him because he is paranoid.

      • Lincoln

        I totally agree with other post. It would have been a HIPPA violation if the nurse gave Saul his test results. Am I the only one who is still creeped out by the Justin and Rebecca’s relationship? It just seems so hillbilly to me…and I want her mother to die..cruel I know, but bye-bye Holly.

      • nevegal

        Honestly, this is the worst show on television right now. And the people defending that ridiculous HIV results phone call or trying to explain it away are just hanging on to what was once a good show. Brothers & Sisters will not be on my DVR list next season. Any idiot would know that HIV counselors don’t give results over the phone.

    • Eric

      Not true. It really just depends on where you get tested. MOST places require you to be there for the results (negative or positive). That said, some clinics allow you to call in and give a password (that you create) to get your results.

      The biggest flaw in the storyline, was that results are no-longer an “overnight waiting game”. The most common test is the RAPID HIV test, that gives results in 15-20 mins. If the test comes back reactive, they then do more blood work that takes a week or two to come back.

      • jondavwal

        Yes, you can get HIV results over the phone. I get mine every six months over the phone and I’m very close to someone who was told over the phone that he was positive. Those rules do not apply to private doctors. Moreover, the results for regular antibody test can be done in a day if your doctor cares to check online for you and not wait for the paper results. The life expectancy of someone with HIV is longer than that of someone with diabetes at this point. Things have changed. Hopefully that will be reflected on this show next year.

    • Heather

      Good catch; I thought the same thing. He didn’t have to give an ID number or anything…

      • Kris

        @Nevegal- The worst show? HOW? While it was much better in Season One- I like this season better than last!!

        I personally do no believe that Saul got his results. If they gave results for HIV over the phone that would cause a great loss in the shows reputation in my eyes.

        Here is what I think- He called for results- possibly did not know results cannot be given over the phone. The nurse said he would have to come in for his results- and he became worried by that response. He has a 50/50 chance of being HIV Positive – and that is why he did not want Kevin to touch him- as he could be positive for HIV and the response the nurse gave him could have worried him.

  • Clinton

    I don’t watch much “series” TV except this one. I like the Walker family. The massive wreck was well done.It was dark, creepy and the unfocused figures milling about in the back ground was spooky.
    I’m tired of Justin being such a freaking pain in the ass in his marriage. I’d rather see him in nasty relapse than to be such a whiny baby about everything.

    • Julie

      Justin whiney?? How about Rebecca being so career focused and bossy that she can’t even consider an adventure with her husband?

      • Strepsi

        No, CLinton’s right — it’s Justin. I love him, but he’s becoming a self-pitying douchenozzle of Tommy proportions.

  • Lostforever

    I don’t see it mentioned but did Robert have something stuck in his head, that was why he was so still. I couldn’t be sure(we don’t have a great tv) but I thought that was it(really gross)

    • mre

      I was wondering the same thing. Out TV is clear with a great picture and it sure looked like something was stuck in his head, but from the camera angle couldn’t tell if there was or not.

    • Jenn

      I thought there was a metal thing stuck in his head, too, but I also thought he was moving his head around as he talked a lot more than made sense if he had a piece of metal stuck in his temple… I couldn’t tell if it was stuck or had struck him. It was kinda weird.

      • Sarah

        I thing it struck him in the head, but wasn’t stuck in his head. He did seem to be still like he was paralyzed. And his hearts meds could have made his blood thin so he was bleeding out quicker than normal.

    • Cat

      there was the metal thing on the bottom of the truck container that looked like it had hit the windshield, but I couldn’t tell what exactly had hit his head…

    • Strepsi

      It was a giant Botox needle, it’s what helped his acting so still…

    • Heather

      Yes. I rewound and viewed it a few more times; big hunk of metal on the left of his head protruding through his window. But where were all the airbags?

      • Autumn

        I’ve been in a roll-over, t-bone, and rear-end style crash, and the air bag didn’t deploy in any of them.

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