'Vampire Diaries' season finale recap: Founders Day frenzy

vampire_diariesImage Credit: BOB MAHONEY/CW This is how you do a season finale: Three shocking moments of Damon sincerity reminding us that Ian Somerhalder can speak without moving his eyebrows, two notable deaths (possibly four, or five), one forbidden kiss, and a twist ending (Katherine!). We got enough closure to get us through the summer, but enough of a cliffhanger to make sure we’ll be back in the fall. And Jeremy made the hottest Civil War soldier since Jude Law in Cold Mountain.

So it was finally Founders Day. Let’s hope Mystic Falls doesn’t decide to go all out for the 151st anniversary, though I did find it hilarious when Caroline told Matt, “Hide your cast, it’s not era appropriate” and better, hotter, superior choice Damon joked to Stefan, “I’m here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.” Because the town would be gathered for the parade and festival, the tomb vampires planned a killing spree during the fireworks — starting with the founding families. That’s when Uncle John planned on using Johnathan Gilbert’s one-time-only device: For an estimated five minutes, it would emit a frequency that humans couldn’t hear. Vampires would be incapacitated, and the sheriff’s deputies would shoot anyone who went down with vervain, then take them to the old apothecary where they would be finished off. Anna found out about the impending massacre from the tomb vamps, who somehow still thought she was on their side (maybe she told them about Pearl’s death at the hand of Uncle John?), and went to Damon. Did you notice how Damon grabbed Elena’s hand when he was telling Stefan that he had to get her out of there? Damon went to tell John that the device was useless and the tomb vamps were in munch mode, but of course it wasn’t. John loaded Damon with vervain and took him captive. Stefan escaped because Alaric pretended he was going to vervain him (yep, it’s now a verb), but Anna was also caught.

Now Anna had brought Jeremy a vial of her blood earlier in the episode because she wanted to leave town and make him a vampire so he could come with her. But he no longer wanted to do it. I thought for sure Anna took Jeremy into that bathroom right before the device went off because she was going to feed him some of her blood “just in case.” He would only turn if he got killed that night, right? If not, it’d leave his system and he’d be fine. Maybe that was her intention, but all we saw them doing was talking when she collapsed in his arms and was taken away. She started to come out of the vervain as John and Co. were pouring the gasoline for the basement fire. She reached out to John, to beg him not to end her life, and he knelt and staked her as Damon watched helplessly. Was that a minor act of mercy — staking is quicker than burning — or John wanting to make sure the vampire that was dating his nephew definitely died? Really, John and the deputies should have staked all the vampires, or at least Damon, who they should have known would find a way to escape. He came out of the vervain early enough to enjoy watching the mayor (not a vampire but still affected by the frequency) get his neck snapped by a tomb vamp before Stefan entered the fire — momentarily calmed by Bonnie’s magic — to rescue him.

This is a good time to talk about the softer side of Damon we saw this episode. Not only was it hot, it was well-acted. I’d sort of forgotten that Somerhalder, always deliciously over-the-top as Damon, was capable of realism. The first moment came when he saw Bonnie during the parade, stepping into Elena’s line of vision as the two waved at each other. No way did I expect him to walk over and thank her for what she supposedly did to the device. Damon was so… aware this episode. He read everyone’s motivations so clearly. Humanity activated! He knew Bonnie had only taken the spell off the device for Elena, but he was still very grateful. “I don’t take what you did lightly, so thank you…. I owe you.” If he hadn’t spoken then, Bonnie never would have helped save him in the end. I’m so looking forward to seeing what they do with Bonnie in season 2. She’s finally becoming as complex as the other characters. She can see the grays: She told Stefan if Damon dropped one drop of innocent blood, she’d take him out — and Stefan, if he stood in her way. She’s a force, and she knows it.

Second moment of shocking Damon sincerity: When he showed up in Jeremy’s bedroom to tell him about Anna’s death. The two had words earlier, when Damon tried to get Jeremy to stop being a punk who tells his sister to go to hell and instead forgive her. What was beautiful about that scene was that we all knew Damon knew exactly what Jeremy was going through — he’d watched Katherine be carted away to what he assumed was certain death — but he didn’t say it. He just told Jeremy that he’d wanted to help Anna, but couldn’t. He took Jeremy’s suffering away once before, he offered to do it again. Jeremy said he always felt empty and alone, even if he couldn’t remember why. Making him forget wouldn’t fix what was wrong. Damon then walked closer to him and said what he’d done to Vicki was wrong — he was sorry for his part. As Damon walked away, Jeremy asked him if it was true what Anna said: Vampires can turn off the pain, if they give up their humanity. Does that make life easier? Maybe if Damon had stopped with his first thought — “Life sucks either way, Jeremy” — Jeremy wouldn’t have decided to drink Anna’s blood and try to OD on Elena’s prescription pills. But Damon added, “At least if you’re a vampire, you don’t have to feel bad about it…. I did it for a very long time, and life was a lot easier.” Do you think Jeremy will become a vampire, or that someone will find him in time to save him? Which is worse: Ogling Jeremy’s biceps as he raised the vial of Anna’s blood and again when he lay down on his bed to die, or that my first thought was, Well, he could feed on John to complete the transformation?

The scene that followed with Damon and Elena on the porch was my favorite of, maybe, the entire first season — it didn’t even occur to me that it could possibly be Katherine.

Damon: You know, I came to this town wanting to destroy it. Tonight, I found myself wanting to protect it. How does that happen? I’m not a hero, Elena. I don’t do good. It’s not in me.

“Elena”: Maybe it is.

Damon: No. It’s reserved for my brother, and you, and Bonnie — even though she has a reason to hate me still helped Stefan save me.

“Elena”: Why do you sound so surprised?

Damon: ‘Cause she did it for you. Which means that somewhere along the way, [he moves closer] you decided that I was worth saving. And I wanted to thank you for that.

“Elena”: You’re welcome.

[Damon moves in for a kiss, that, exhale!, lands on Elena’s cheek.]

In the comments section, I would like you to describe what you were doing for those excruciatingly long seconds when Damon lingered inches from Elena deciding whether to try to really kiss her. Me, I was talking to the TV: “Damon, go. Damon, go. Damon, go. DAMON, GO. DAMON, GO. DAMON. GO. DAMON!” He didn’t. He kissed her, and it was steamy. Yeah, it didn’t feel like something Elena would do — maybe she would have been caught up enough by his lack of flirty compliments and “eye thing” for a peck, but not for a mini makeout session when she’d just gotten done assuring Stefan that she loved him and he had nothing to worry about when it came to her friendship with Damon. Jenna interrupted the kiss and told Elena she better come inside. Invitation! In she went to the kitchen, where she found Uncle John. Now that he knew Elena knew she was his biological daughter — she’d asked him as her father not to pretend she was a vampire if she insisted upon helping Damon (which he’d threatened to) — he was Mr. Chatty. He told her he’d loved Isobel, and part of the reason he hates all vampires is because of what she became. He never would have sent her to Damon if he’d known she wanted to turn. (So why did he send her to Damon?) He offered to help Elena put away some knives, and she cut off the fingers on his hand with the ring. “Katherine?” he said. GASP! Her face vamped out and she said, “Hello, John. Goodbye, John” and stabbed him in the stomach. This would be when I typed “Holy S—” in my notes. Cue the real Elena walking up to the house on her phone, telling Stefan someone took her stuff at the school. She was going to check on Jeremy before going to the hospital — where Caroline is fighting for her life after the frequency made Tyler wreck as he was driving her and Matt home — but as she yelled upstairs for Jeremy, she heard the noise in the kitchen. So many ways this could play out in the season premiere: Will Katherine already be gone, and they’ll have to piece together that sliced-and-diced John + “Elena” kissing Damon + Elena’s missing items = Katherine? Or will Katherine, who Isobel said would be fascinated by Elena, want to stick around now that she knows how much she means to Damon? Will John die? It’d be sick, but kinda awesome if Elena couldn’t bear the thought of losing Jeremy, and she told him to feed on John. It would be poetic, too, just like Stefan: His dad couldn’t understand that all vampires weren’t evil, then he’s what helped Stefan become one… Still, I suspect John will be dead, Elena will run upstairs, find Jeremy, and call 911 in time to save him.

Your turn. What did you think of the season finale? Where do you think/hope we’re headed in season 2? Clearly Damon — who made a point of telling Elena that he liked her better dressed as herself, not Katherine — will ultimately have to choose between the ladies, right? I worry that before then, Damon will decide to turn off his humanity again and have angry sex with Katherine. Or worse, pretend she’s Elena… Oh, who am I kidding? I totally want that to happen.

P.S. How soon do you want Tyler’s storyline to kick in? I want to hate him for how he treated Vicki, and made out with Matt’s mom, but the boy can wear a uniform and his werewolf eyes sure were pretty. Do we hope he’s good or evil? It might be nice if, in the Vampire Diaries world, werewolves hate witches. Damon saving Bonnie would be one way to win us back were he to go off the deep end with Katherine…

P.P.S. Reading your comments, I think you’re right: They could blame Damon for killing John. Jenna could say she saw Damon kissing “Elena” on the porch, and Elena and Stefan could think Damon was somehow suddenly in cahoots with Katherine. But that seems like something Damon could quickly explain: Like, “I wish I would have killed John, and I thought I was kissing Elena — but I didn’t.” I think they’d believe him. I like the idea of Damon realizing it was Katherine he’d kissed and coming back to find both Katherine and Elena in the kitchen. [Cue the logo in the season premiere].

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  • Ali

    I think Damon knew something was off after the kiss…he had to have known it wasn’t Elena, right?

    • LP

      I’ve been debating the same thing… after “Elena” went inside, he definitely looked confused, like he knew something was off… But I don’t think he realized that she was actually Katherine, I think he was more just standing there thinking “what the heck…” because he knew she was being very un-Elena, what with the hot steamy kiss and all… but I don’t think he could place why she seemed different.

      • Jay

        I think Damon knew that something was off because a) Elena told him point blank don’t make me forget being your friend and b) he touched his lips after looked more confused than smug and satisfied.

      • MrDurden

        Hello…of course Damon knows. A vampire can tell if he’s kissing another dead vamp, or a warm blooded human with a heart beat. If he doesn’t know, then the story is just ridiculous. A vampire would know.

      • LP

        If he instantly knew he was kissing another dead vamp, I don’t think he would have let her go inside with Elena’s family… I definitely think Damon knew something was off, but I don’t think he knew it was Katherine. At least not instantly. If he did, he would have stopped her from going inside, followed her inside, or he would have been waiting outside when the real Elena came home, and stopped her from going in. But maybe he did follow Katherine in and we just haven’t seen that confrontation yet. Maybe Elena will find Damon and Katherine in the kitchen with a bloody John.

      • Melissa

        Yeah I think Damon realized after Elena went inside that something was off but didn’t know what it was. If Damon had been himself it wouldn’t make sense for him to not realize it was Katherine. But since he’d been turning on his humanity and caring about people all day, Damon wasn’t on his game. So when he was initially kissing Katharine, he totally believably thought it was Elena. But I think what threw him off was that Damon knows deep down that Elena wouldn’t start making out with him while dating Stefan.
        I think we’ll start the 2nd season with Damon getting home, Stefan on the phone with Alaric asking if he picked up Elena’s costume, Damon will be like Elena has her costume, Stefan will say no it was gone from the school and Damon will click the pieces together. What will be going on at the Gilbert household I have no idea.

        Also, if you rewind the kiss and pause before the 2nd hair move. (I know, I watched it a few times). But when they start kissing, you see her eyes (normal) than a side view with Katherine’s hair blocking her eyes. Then it goes back to her eyes again, right before Jenna interrupts and if you pause right there, you can see her eyes start to change. I totally missed it at first but it was nice to look back and see that the hint was there.
        Crazy awesome finale!

      • Leigha

        I defenitely think Damon felt something was off, but I do not think he knew that he was kissing Catherine. If he had known that he wouldn’t have let Catherine go inside Elena’s house.

        This finale was so awesome!! I can not wait until next season.

        Oh I have a question for all you commenters out there…. When has it ever been said that Tyler was a werewolf? I mean I know we say his eyes change last night, but prior to that I had never seen anything indicate that??? Help me understand!!! ANd I read all the books too and I dont’ remember him being a werewolf in those either…

      • Stuff We Hate

        This first season has been so good, I just don’t know how they’re going to top it. But, if anyone can do it, it’s the TVD producers/writers.

        @Melissa – seriously? Her eyes change?

        *heads over to Sky Plus to rewind and check*

      • cwswifty

        totally….his facial expressions afterwards…priceless

      • MB

        I agree that he knew something was off. And I agree that he should remember everything about his “true love.” And I agree that he should have realized that “Elena” was really Katherine. But maybe the verdane had walloped him. But let’s not forget: In the “Vampire Diaries” seniority counts. I don’t think he could have stopped Katherine from doing anything.

      • MG

        I agree- Damon knew something was up, you could tell by the look on his face when she went inside the house. Also, Elena had just finished telling Stefan how much she loved him (numerous times) so it didn’t make any sense for her to kiss Damon. Damon was very slow to kiss her- if she was really Elena she would have stepped back, out of the way.

      • vonnie

        I also believe Damon had a weird look on his face while walking away, touching his lips. My theory is he is gonna realize that he tasted traces of blood after kissing “Elena” and he was probably confused and wondering why he would taste blood in Elena’s mouth, not for once thinking it’s Katherine since he believes her to be off in the world somewhere do whatever she wants.

      • Edith

        Damon knows its Katherine…end of story.

    • Mariah

      I agree. I’m not sure Damon was with it enough after that kiss to form coherent thoughts, but as soon as he is…he knows something is amiss.

      • NF

        Did anyone else realize that the second tylers eyes opened and he felt better Caroline collapsed? I think he transferred whatever was wrong with him to her because she was fine right before then.

        I felt the sameeee way about Jeremy. First I thought omg when did he get so jacked.

        And then I saw John and realized how perfect it would be for him to feed on him to complete the transformation


        And to answer your question, when they were about to kiss i was standing on the couch. When i found out that “damon kissing elena” was katherine I was jumpin up and down on the couch screaming and applauding whoever wrote this show.

        No lie.

      • tamica

        that she was elane of katherine

    • Meow

      He touched his lips, you could see him thinking “I’ve tasted that kiss before” so I think he has an idea. And Mandi, I was doing the same as you when I thought Damon and Elena were going to kiss.

      • Yoga_Girl

        I agree completely… but it didn’t occur to me until a bit later….

    • Fridge

      I thought he knew something was off–he had this puzzled look on his face and he was touching his lips. Maybe he was remembering what it had been like kissing Katherine and it was all too familar to him?

    • Lisa

      I totally agree. The way he touched his mouth afterwards leads me to believe that he knew he just kissed Katherine and not Elena.

      I think in the season premier we are going to see Damon come to Elena’s rescue – he’ll hear her scream from inside the house, come running in and see Elena and Katherine standing in the kitchen over John’s body.

    • Lindsay

      If he DID figure out it was Katherine, shouldn’t he have been a bit more concerned for Elena and her family’s safety once he watched her walk brazenly inside?! It seems highly doubtful to me that he would just walk away like he did. For that reason alone, I hope he hasn’t figured it out, or I’m going to be pissed!

      I’m not sure if you meant “Go, Damon, go!” as in “Leave, don’t do it!” But I was definitely yelling that at my TV as in “DO IT! KISS HER! GO IN FOR THE KILL AND SEE HOW SHE REACTS!” They’ve been dancing around it for months now. (And literally danced around it a few weeks ago.) I think the kiss on her cheek was his gauge of the appropriateness of a real kiss and to see what her response would be.

      • Dawn

        I think it is interesting that after all the reassurance he was giving Stefan at the beginning of the show that Stefan had no cause to be jealous. Damon is the one who then goes and puts the moves on Elena. First the test kiss on the cheek, to see if he will get slapped, and then when there is no slap, goes in for the real smooch. Love it. Love Damon. Wish it had been Elena and not Katherine.

      • miss k

        I was clutching my desk (I watched it on my computer) and screaming, “KISS HER ALREADY!!”. Then I clutched my hair and squealed. Now it’s all ruined because it was Katharine. Bummer but AMAZING finale!!

      • Zoey

        During those agonizing seconds I practically shrieked at the tv. Seriously. I just screamed, “DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!” and basically would have looked like I was having some sort of fit. If I had been thinking straight (an impossibility in that situation) I probably would’ve realized it’s not Katherine, but who the hell was thinking straight?!

    • tABITHA

      Right!!! Unless the producers of the show majorly SUCK and don’t know the rules about vampires, Damon would have had to know that it wasn’t Elena as soon as they kissed!!!

      • elena and thats my real name

        maybe she was drinking a crap ton of coffee?
        but really I think he had an idea but didnt instantly know because as you know vampires have crazy emotions and he was swept up in all the action.
        i think he’ll figure it out really fast though

    • vMarie

      I think Damon definately knew what was going on after he kissed “Elena”. He has waited 200 years to see Katherine again which is obsessive, but I think he could put 2+2 together and figure out that wasnt Elena.
      My prediction is damon will get to the house in the nick of time as he usually does, and deal with the Katherine/Elena situation, and then be there when Jeremy wakes up ready to make the transformation. I think Damon will be the one to tell Jeremy to feed, not Elena.

    • Julie

      I agree…he had to know the difference between vamp and human…I mean aren’t they supposed to have heightened senses?

    • Carly

      yeah! cause he touched his lips afterwards and look kinda confused

    • tamica

      i do think so because i think he is going to save elena father .he know who she was after the kiss.

    • Tiffany

      I totally agree…my sis and i were both like Holy Shiz!!! when we realized it was katherine! yeah i was rooting for Damon to kiss Elena too….but i’d rather he kiss me! LOL! Love vampire Diaries(books and show!!) BTW…it’s “VERVAIN” Not VERDANE LOL!!! :)

  • Mike

    Question, Tyler’s dad, the mayor is definitely dead right? So we aren’t going to see a pack of wolves running around? And did he not know the frequency would work on him too? I’m not going to lie, I really hope John Gilbert doesn’t die, because he brought a lot to the table the last few episodes and was very well acted by David Anders.

    • Kora

      I’m hoping werewolves don’t die that easily and that the mayor will come back. Otherwise how is Tyler going to find out/handle his werewolfness? Maybe stumble on a pack or something? The mayor should come back but stay hidden to the town and his wife

      • Jane

        I love how they snuck that in there with the eyes! Fits with the temper problems that the Lockwood men have displayed all season.

      • Hannah

        This is just my opinion, but won’t the show be kind of “jumping the shark” if they added werewolfs to the mix? I’m getting tired of almost every vampire show also dealing with wolfs. Just let Tyler be some other kind of monster-anything but a wolf!!

        Another thing, I know most of you are talking about Damon and Katherine but what about Jeremy? Am I the only one that was shouting at the tv “DO IT JEREMY! DO IT! GO AHEAD AND BE A VAMPIRE WITH ANNA!!!YOU GUYS BELONG TOGETHER” The more I see Jeremy, the more I want him to already be a vampire. In the next season, I want to see Elena going upstairs, seeing Jeremy already dead, calling Stefan, and keeping Jeremy at the Salvator house under Stefan’s (and maybe Damon’s) watch until he has enough control.

      • elena and thats my real name

        I was feeling the same way, going pleaseeeee be something non-wolf
        it’d be so much better to try and figure out what he is slowly like in true blood with mary ann.

      • ash

        Hannah, for the record Vampire Diaries was written in the early nineties, before true blood and twilight and even Buffy. They did the werewolves and witches and love triangles long before the others.

    • Kaitlin

      I dont want to see jon go either maybe elena will find him and put the ring back on his still finger hand. There is honestly no point killing him off this soon.

      • Kora

        i hope so too. I say find the ring and put it on the other hand

      • tamica

        he need to stay on

    • KKKKKatie

      I like David Anders too! Wasn’t he a bad guy on the old Jennifer Garner show? Can’t think of the name right off the top of my head. He’s a bad guy I love to hate, not irritating like most of them. I was glad to see Pearl bite the dust. She was a lousy villain. I think the actor that plays Damon really stands out, I loved him on the first season of LOST too! I like his character is evolving and Stefen just seems to get dull. :-)

  • fanpire

    i totally want a good storyline with tyler , i freaked out when i saw his werewolf eyes

    katherine is totally a bad-ass
    kind of sad for damon , he thougt he was kissing elena :(

    i thought it was such a good finale
    i am so excited for september !

    • tamica

      the kiss was the best kiss every.it is coming back this september

  • Erica

    Mandi, during those seconds before they kissed I was yelling “Distance people! Don’t do it! Move away!” Futile of course, but it had to be done. This was such a good episode. I can’t wait for September!

    • MM

      Seriously? I was screaming at my tv, “Do it! Do it!!! Ram your tongue down her throat!”

      • James

        I was calling Elena all kinds of whores and telling her to get away!!

    • Fridge

      I was torn–one second I’d be yelling–“Do it Damon, move in, KISS HER!” the next I was freaking out yelling–“OMG, Elena, how could? What are you doing? Kiss HIM!” I think my neighbors probably thought I was going crazy.

      • Delena

        I for one was cheering them on. I’ve been waiting for those two to kiss all season, and I was so excited when it finally happened. So it was a big letdown when it turned out it was really Katherine. But, I’m very excited to see what the writers have planned for next season. I think Katherine being back is going to be very interesting.

    • val

      I’m with Erica — though my yelling was more along the lines of “Don’t do it, you manwhore!” And also, “No touching!” in the style of Buster Bluth.

      • Kim

        During that scene all I was thinking is “Elena is such a skank, how could you tell stefan you love him one moment and then make out with his brother the next !” I was so glad
        It turned out to be Kathrine.

    • Kim

      I knew as soon as “Elena” came out from the kiss – she had this look in her eyes that she didn’t care about what she was doing that’s so not Elena – but I wasn’t sure when she was going around the house like she owned the place – poor elena will never hear johns story… But when she had the knives i was reassured who puts up knives at night all randomly after a night like that ?! But I’m usually really bad at seeing the twists coming but funny enough I was thinking how I liked her jacket and it was not what she was wearing earlier haha !!
      Ahhh I cannot wait for the next season

    • wg

      What I was doing waiting for The Kiss: shouting at my TV “no don’t do it no OMG no what are you thinking oh kiss him already!” Which yes, I know is a bit schizophrenic.

    • TK

      i was simply shrieking…the shrieks got louder as it got more intense! now i’ve lost my voice….but it was worth it!

  • fanpire

    but when damon kissed ”elena”
    you couldn’t see the necklace around katherine’s neck
    so i think that was a hint ?

    • Tiwi

      Also, Elena’s hair was different through out. If you remember how Katherine’s was compared to Elena’s. Very cool.

    • Melissa

      Her eyes change too. Right before Jenna interrupts, her eyes just barely start to go into vampire mode.

    • shelly

      her outfit was totally different than what i would have thought she would wear so that had to be another hint but i would have loved it if she would have actually been the one kissing him because he is soooo hott!!!

      • Amelia Logan

        she wore that jacket all season. normally with a solid color shirt underneath. totally indistinguishable, besides the necklace.

  • sarah b

    What am I going to do between now and the season premier? :'(

    • sloan

      true blood… thats what we’ll do til september!!!! it comes back on june 13!!!!!!!!

      • LAR

        Yes the True Blood preview was AWESOME last night!

      • Mare

        I totally thought that as we watched the season finale…one month ’till the TB premiere, which will get me through the VD-less summer just fine! Eric is a fine replacement for Damon any day!!

      • elena and thats my real name

        so ridiculously excited. that show kills me every week.

      • KKKKKatie

        Yep, can’t wait for True Blood. I only get HBO in the summer time. LOL

  • Kathy

    That kiss was the perfect setup to the next scene. (I totally agree about Damon, Ali.) It felt like events transpired in slow motion as my brain tried to figure out what was wrong. “How’d Elena sneak up on John like that? What’s she doing with those knives? Why’s she looking at his immortality ring? WHAT THE F**K?!” It was a surprise I should’ve seen coming.

    • James

      I KNOW! Even when she chopped his fingers off I was like “OMG Elena what are you doing?!?!?” He and I realised it was Catherine at practically the same time!

      • Amy

        OMG! I didn’t hear him say Catherine so I was like “HOLY S***! Since when is elena a vampire?!” it took me a while to comprehend that it wasn’t actually elena. I was freaked out.

    • tjj50

      I totally didn’t see it coming. John had to call her “Katherine” before I realize what was happening. But it sure made for a good surprise!

    • JT

      They totally had me too! I wanted Damon to kiss Elena. But I was mad that Elena let him. Then when she chopped off John’s fingers, I thought it was because she was so angry about the Vamp Weapon. Then, BAM — Katherine??!! Totally got me!

  • Teddy

    Ali- I agree- he hesitated before he started to walk away. I hope he realizes it and runs back into the house to save Elena from any possible impending doom!

    • Jennifer

      I definitely got the feeling that he realized something was off. The way he put his fingers to his lips like “This feels familiar,” it gives me hope that he will indeed run in and save Elena.

      • Alyssa

        I soooo agree.
        I was completely surprised that “Elena” was Katherine but it explains why Damon was confused.
        He should be the hero for once and save Elena….next season is going to be AWESOME!

      • Lolo

        It makes you wonder if he thought it was Katherine before hand and decided to test his theory by kissing her! If it were the real Elena, she would have protested and said something about it. But since nothing was said, that may have just helped solidify his theory…

    • sloan

      its about freakin time katherine finally made her cue in the present!!!! ever since i found out she was still alive i’ve been wondering when he would come back into the pic. i alson wonder what stefans reactions gonna be to katherine returning to mystic falls

    • Kora

      I think KAtherine is going to hate Elena for having Damon fall for her. That would b an awesome story line

      • Delena

        I am really curious about the Katherine character. Why is she back? And what, or who, does she want. When Damon kissed her on the cheek she looked confused, and then intrigued. Did she actually want to kiss Damon, or was she just playing along? She certainly seemed into it. I wonder if she still has feelings for either of the Salvatore brothers. Or if she’s planning to get revenge on them for her capture. Isobel said that Katherine’s plan was to destroy the tomb vampires. It was Isobel who asked John to kill Damon and Stefan as well. Which makes me think Katherine might still care for them, since she didn’t originally want them killed. I cannot wait to see what Katherine’s plan is.

      • Kora

        I think KAtherine probably cares for the brothers, but doesn’t love them. I’m guessing she just wants them to want her and drool over her and won’t like that they’re into another girl. But I have no clue what she actually wants and why she’s back. Could elena be some sort of potential super vamp if she gets turned? And how r they related? they never showed Katherine to have a child so is she a great great niece or something?

      • Tlove

        I think that Elena and Damon are gonna end up together and Stefan and Katherine are gonna be together. Does anyone else remember the flashbacks Stefan had in episode 20? More specifiacally, the flashback where Katherine had told him that she loved him right before they carted her off with all the other vamps? Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn’t. I’m just saying. But I totally think Katherine is gonna be a total evil bad girl at the beginning of the season, come back to wreak havoc in the Salvatore brothers’ lives and throw the whole town into chaos. BUT I think she’ll change halfway thru the season or near the end and fall in love with Stefan again (that is, if she weren’t already still in love with him). Instead of a love triangle going on, I think there’s gonna be like a complicated love pentagon or something. My main hope is that Damon gets to be with Elena in the end.
        P.S. I’ve been wondering-why did Katherine want to kill Uncle John in the first place? Anyone have any clues?

      • kora

        who knows? because he tried to kill the bros? or some other story line that we just don’t know about yet…

      • Ally

        Well Jon did just get done telling Katherine that he hates all vampires, and everyone knows that his main goal is to kill them all so why would she keep him alive? He fullfilled his purpose to her by killing all the tomb vamps that wanted revenge against her, so he really didn’t have much use to her anymore.

      • Jaina

        Maybe she wanted to kill John because he killed Pearl and Anna? They were best friends at one point.

  • erninlow

    This episode was amazing! I was disappointed when Elena kissed Damon, but of course did not see it coming it being Katherine. Very interested in the Tyler storyline. Hope they feature him and Bonnie more next season. Thanks for all the great recaps this season!

  • JB

    Best season ending for a show I’ve seen in eons! Kudos to the writers, they really are awesome at tying up storylines and pushing them along instead of screwing around with them.

    And I’m sorry I know I’m supposed to root for Stefan, but Damon well… he’s just awesome. It’s the whole bad guy with a good heart, or a heart that only works when a certain lady comes to mind.

    My 13 yr old was watching this with me last night and had to sleep with his lights on after the ending. Totally freaked him out, and he can usually handle the show(though some of the more gruesome episodes I didn’t let him watch). Yeesh. Was not expecting that.

    I have to admit I’m sad to see Anna go. I really liked her and Jeremy together. Poor Jeremy, first Vicki now Anna. I don’t blame the kid now for wanting to turn Vamp, after the girls and his parents life isn’t treating him kindly.

    • Delena

      I think we’re supposed to root for both of the brothers. This show was originally set up as a love triangle. Therefore, the audience is supposed to chose which brother it wants Elena to be with. That’s why the writers have made an effort to show a more human side of Damon, and a more evil side of Stefan. This balances the brothers out, making it possible for the audience to root for both of them. And as we have seen neither brother is completely good or evil. I am a Damon fan myself. And I cannot wait for Damon and Elena to get together.

  • roxy6540

    What was I doing when Damon was trying to decide whether or not to kiss “Elena”? I was cheering him on in such a way that my boyfriend was looking at me like I was crazy! Now, I’m normally not all about the cheating….but I like Damon so much more than Stefan…so I couldn’t help it. Can’t wait for the next season!

    • LP

      Me too!!
      I was cheering and squealing and yelling “kiss!! kiss!! kiss!!”

    • Jenn

      Hahahaha! Same! My boyfriend never watches with me, and he was like, why are you cheering her on when she’s cheating?? I completely agree about Damon. Stefan has zero personality, and the show points it out all the time.

      • CC

        I was definitely cheering – I was so happy that they finally kissed! I also think Damon knows that something is off by the way he touched his lips. Although, I don’t think he will be saving Elena because she came through the front door past the front porch where the kiss just happened, so she probably would have run into Damon or saw him leaving at the very least. I can’t wait until September!

  • Michelle

    It was incredible. One of the best finales in years. I’m still stunned.

  • Chelsea

    I was fooled, I really thought that was ELENA kissing Damon! My heart nearly stopped. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to wait for my real Damon/Elena kiss (in a way, it’s better really—it heightens the anticipation). As always, in this episode, Damon/Elena >>>>>>> Stefan/Elena in every way

    • Lauren

      I was a little disappointed too that it was not really Elena, but you are right that it only increases the anticipation.

  • Libby

    I am thinking that Elena will find Jeremy and eventually realize that he is a vamp now but she will remember that Damon was walking out of her house right before it happened. She is going to blame Damon for “turning” Jeremy and he will then have to prove that he had nothing to do with it. I do agree with the earlier post that Damon knew it was Katherine after they kissed. The expression on his face revealed that.

    • Christina

      Libby, I thought the same thing until I remembered that it wasn’t really Elena who saw Damon walking out of her house, it was Katherine. The REAL Elena walked up after all was said and done.

    • Alicia

      Also, Jeremy left the empty vile of blood on the bathroom vanity.

    • Kora

      I think they’ll get to Jeremy in time to pump is stomach w the pills. That’d be too easy for him, he needs to b the tortured human character

  • Jenn

    I was on the edge of my seat yelling, GO DAMON! ELENA YOU WHORE! GO DAMON!

    And then the scene with Katherine, I fell of the couch. Such a good ending. I should have seen it coming, but the thought never occured to me.
    I just Damon to be happy. I don’t really care who he’s with.

    • Amy

      I was kinda sad though because damon had finally gotten over Katherine and then he kissed ELENA but it was really Katherine! I was pissed off.

      • leo

        What the hell is happening with you people? I agree damons hot but so is stefan!!!Elena and Stefan belong together, okay? Damon and Elena are so wrong for each other they are only meant to be friends!!!

      • Tlove

        Leo, what makes you say that? It seems as if Elena and Damon have such great chemistry. So (in my own opinion) either Nina and Ian were supposed to portray that in the show, or (and this is what I think you’re saying) Nina and Ian in general have great chemistry and they’re just really bad actors, unable to act the ‘just friends’ part wo totally leading on the viewers to suspect that something’s gonna happen between Elena and Damon. Also, it’s not very nice of you to ridicule us ‘people’ for giving our opinions and voicing our hopes about this. I’m not saying you can’t think that Stefan and Elena will always be together. That’s your opinion and I respect that, but please respect mine and everyone elses, no matter how much you disagree. Thank You!
        P.S. I totally agree that Damon AND Stefan are both gorgeous.

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