Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' episode 13

survivor-jeff-probstImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSSandra (to Rupert):  “Loose lips sink ships.”

And just like that, Rupert is gone and we are down to one remaining hero left in the game.

Colby.  Like the cowboys of old he stands alone, atop the mountain.  Weathered skin from years of being on horseback, he props a Winchester rifle against his shoulder.  This battle could get ugly.  Then again, the way Colby has played this year, he might just set the rifle down and surrender to the opposition.

It’s been an interesting season for Colby.  He was asked back for this season because he was the first and many (including myself) would say quintessential hero of this game.  But this season has been rough on Colby.  He has not performed up to his or anybody else’s expectations and yet here he is heading into the final episode with a one in five shot at winning the million dollars.  Colby is a great example of why you should never quit in this game or any other game.  You gotta be in it to win it.  He’s still in it.  He could still win it.


You know I love these moments.  I’ll always be a fan of love.   It was fascinating to watch the relationships between loved ones play out during the challenge.  It always reminds me these are real people who have signed on for an extraordinary adventure and an incredibly taxing game.  Rarely on Survivor do you see someone at their best.  Their loved one visit usually illuminates a part of their personality we don’t often see.

It’s clear that Parvati’s relationship with her dad Michael is solid.  He’s a proud Dad who loves his daughter.  They’re both competitive and Dad was doing his best during the challenge, but even in the end I think he was just happy to see that his daughter was healthy and still in the game.  That’s the love of a parent and it’s a beautiful thing.

Jerri’s sister traveled all the way from Germany to get to Samoa and it was clear how happy Jerri was to see her and hug her.  Jerri is obviously a woman who has worked hard on herself and strives to live her life a spiritual way.  Watching them in the challenge was fun because Jerri wanted to win but she also wanted to have fun competing on Survivor with her sister.  Whadaya know, she achieved both.

Colby’s relationship with his older brother was also revealing.  It’s the kind of relationship that only brothers can have.  You can yell at your brother in a way you wouldn’t yell at a sister or even a good friend.  Colby was clearly frustrated with everything about the situation (like he has been all season) and his brother Reid, was a very good sport about it.  That’s also indicative of a brother relationship.  When one bro senses the other is struggling, you give them some slack.

Russell’s wife, Melanie must be a strong woman because as we all know by now Russell is a major strategic game player who never takes his eyes off the prize. Even though I know he wanted to see his wife, he wasn’t going to let his emotions cause any hiccups in his game.  His entire time with his wife was spent strategizing and updating her.  Even their goodbye was about strategy, when he referred to Jerri’s choice of who to bring along on the reward.  Russell: “She screwed up.”

Rupert’s wife Laura has one of those faces that make you want to smile.  For all of the grief I give Rupert for being a bit over the top, when I see him with his wife, I can’t help but smile at the true love they seem to share.  It’s not her first time to the island and she has been a delight each time she has visited.  Their goodbye was out of a movie.  If their life is truly that romantic, that’s pretty kick ass.

But the one that got me and still gets me as I write this was Sandra’s visit from her Uncle, Fernando.  Their chat about the loss of her mother was extremely touching.  On top of that, Sandra’s husband couldn’t visit because he is serving in Afghanistan.  Her uncle was a wonderful substitute and while watching them play the challenge together you saw that they share the same sense of humor that Sandra displays daily along with the same absolute lack of concern for winning something as silly as a reward challenge.


When we get to this point in the game, our rewards usually come with a complication – a consequence.  Jerri was forced to choose two and only two couples to join her on the reward.  Without hesitating she chose Parvati and Sandra.  That left Rupert and Colby and Russell to go back to camp.  You don’t need a Magic 8-Ball to guess what happened next.

Russell, Rupert and Colby all started talking about what a dumb move Jerri made by not choosing them.  The truth is there is no good move when you’re in Jerri’s spot.  No matter whom you leave behind, they’re going to be upset.

So, Russell reaches out to make a deal with Rupert and Colby.  I love it.  A complete 180.  Is it real?  Will it last?  Can anybody trust anybody?  Ha!  That’s the greatest part.  Nobody can trust anybody and everybody knows it.


What the heck was Rupert thinking?  Was that ego that he wanted everybody to know he was working?  Rupert, nobody cares.  Was it anger that he wasn’t chosen to go on the reward?  Rupert, nobody cares.  It accomplished absolutely nothing and it certainly contributed to him being voted out and losing his shot at the million dollars.

I can’t believe I am saying it again but once again Colby Donaldson was first out of the challenge.  If I had told you at the beginning of the season that the biggest letdown would come from our most celebrated hero, nobody would have believed me.  Yet, as mentioned earlier… Colby is still in the game and if he makes it to the final is probably the odds on favorite to win the money.  Crazy.

On the flip side – Rupert fights until he has nothing left.  He doesn’t quit because he thinks someone else might outlast him.  He doesn’t step out because he’s hungry.  He goes as long as he can and not a second less.  Once again he made it a long time in the challenge but came up…. short.

Parvati continues to impress, winning yet another challenge. I’m running out of ways to say it.  Win or lose this season, she’s in the Survivor Hall of Fame and will go down as one of the greatest to ever play.


Wow.  They’re all losing their minds.

Sandra:  Rupert, loose lips sink ships.

Rupert:  Yes, they do.

Sandra:  Yes, they do and they just did.

Russell:  Are you with me or against me?

Sandra:  I’m against you, Russell.

Parvati:  Who invited Boston Rob back to the party. Are you with me or are you against me?

Russell:  What are you all doing… you’re being dumb.  Go ahead and keep playing around.  Holler out whatever you want, you’re diggin a deeper and deeper hole.

For a moment it was like an episode of Lost – nothing made sense.   Everybody was all over the map going into Tribal Council.  Just like I like it…


And the craziness continued at Tribal Council.  What happened to these guys?  They’ve lost their bloody minds I tell you.  It was fantastic.

Parvati was the highlight: From her worthy impression of a cigar lounge, burlesque dancer, nightclub singer with a stoagie dangling from her lips to her 180 degree head turn toward Russell when asked about the “top villain” question.  It was all money.

The most telling moment was when Rupert asked Parvati:

Rupert: “You don’t think you’re the top villain?”

Parvati:  “Nope I don’t.  I’m a hero on the inside.”  Yeah.  Right.  Trust me, Parvati believes she is the top dog of the Villain tribe and that she is calling all the shots.  Likewise, Russell believes he is the top dog and calling all the shots.  If you’re Jerri, Colby or Sandra, this is great news because nobody wants to go to final tribal council with the moniker of “top dog” of the Villains.  Those heroes will eat that person alive.

BIGGEST MOVE: Sandra’s decision to play the idol will have consequences.  Had she not played it, nobody would have ever known.  By deciding to play it she revealed that she had kept a secret from everybody in her alliance and everybody in the game.  Curious to see how that plays out, but it was a big, risky and ultimately wise move.  The idol had no more use after tonight.


Rupert lasted a long time in a very tough season and once again he came up… just short.

Thanks for the great times, Rupert.  You have served Survivor very well.


So, we now head into the final two-hour episode followed by the one-hour reunion show live this Sunday, May 16th from New York City.  There are 5 Survivors left.  One hero and four villains.  At this point I honestly believe it is anybody’s game.

COLBY:  If he makes it to the end, he wins.  Too many heroes on the jury that have too much animosity for the Villains.  Despite not earning it, Colby could soon be a millionaire.

SANDRA: She has to make it to the end with Russell and/or Parvati to have any chance.  Jerri and Colby will both beat her.

PARVATI: Could become the first two-timer winner.  She’s that good and has played that good of a game.

RUSSELL: Could become first time back-to-back loser.  He’s that good and that despised.  For Russell to win it will take a jury that appreciates great game play and let’s go of the social, which Russell simply doesn’t have.  One thing is for sure, he won’t have JT’s vote.  Probably won’t have Rupert’s either.

JERRI:  I think Jerri has a very good shot to win this.  If she gets to the final with the right person/people she just might get rewarded for all of her growth and overall pretty decent strategic game play.

See ya from NYC!

I’ll try to post a finale wrap-up blog later next week.

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  • Dr Zechariah Zenith

    Great blog once again Jeff. Survivor 20 will go down as the best of the bests. Lots of twists and turns. No longer mattered who win or lose.

    Poor Heroes. Most people are rooting for them from Colby to Rupert to Tom Westman, but alas they are poor in mental challenges. Next time put in a Yul or a Bob Crowley to balance it out.

    For the Villains. It became a Parvati-Russell love show. I always liked Parvati, but no love for Russell. He maybe good last season at Samoa and deserved to win, but this season he made a lot of mistakes. It would have increased his chances if he took in the final 3 the ff: Courtney, Candice or Jerri.

    Now, Sandra seems to be taking over the Russell seed and crushing it like a pulp.

    Russell: Are you with me or against me?
    Sandra: Yeah, Russell. I am against you.

    How many people survive something like that? None.
    Yet Russell didn’t vote for her or orchestrate for her ouster. That is amazing.

    I despised Sandra for her no strategy gameplay. But you got to respect her this season, despite many targets on her back, she manage to dodge the bullet.

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      Before Survivor 20

      Here are the record holders for Most Individual Immunity Wins

      Tied with 5 – Colby (Australia), Tom Westman (Palau), Terry Deitz (Panama), Ozzy (Cook Islands)

      Tied with 4 – Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo) and Jenna Morasca (Amazon)

      So far Terry Deitz and Kelly Wiglesworth have not been invited for another Survivor stint. These two deserve a spot.

      • dally

        Not been invited or not accepted an invitation?

      • Al

        Jeff you’ve been spending too much time with Aussies – you’ve lost your bloody mind I tell you!

        Anyways again full points must go to Russell. Is he playing a perfect game or even the best game? No.
        But he is
        (a) Playing relentlessly extremely hard. Back to back games of Survivor, which nobody has ever done. The physical, mental and emotional wear and tear must be extreme. Yet on he goes.
        (b) The most entertaining player ever by the way he generates intrigues and emotions and plots.
        (c) Obviously a man of integrity outside the game – one look at the bond with his wife tells us that

        Hats off.

      • Al

        Also Jeff how about a game of Survivor with a few international contestants (specifically some Aussies, more specifically me)?
        Survivor USA vs TheWorld?

        I know it may kill the ratings if the World team locked out the USA, but it would still be awesome and add a whole new dimension.

      • allobidallo

        Terry wasn’t given an invitation. Kelly, I’m not sure.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Jeff, If your reading your blog comments GET ME ON SURVIVOR! I give Rupert credit for trying to fight to stay in the game. I think Colby is trying too, except he is pathetic. He is worse than Candice at challeges. I think he’s been the most pathetic person that I have see on Survivor. He is an all star? WTF! He is an old man that should not even be there. Not has he been pathetic at challeges but he has no strategy. In fact Russell should consider taking him to the end. Rupert on the other hand had a brilliant move to go back to Russell and tell him what Sandra said and try to stir things up. Unfortunatly, Rupert is not an all star as well. When Sandra told Russell of and said I am against you, a light bulb should have gone off in Rupert’s head (Colby is brain dead). I know I don’t have the HII, I also know Colby doesn’t have it. I know it’s possible that one of the others have it. Who would talk to Russell that way unless either they want to get voted off or they have a HII and nothing to lose. Unfortunatly, this is why Rupert, even though he gets credit for trying and had a smart move to go to Russell, is not an All star. He should have realized that Sandra had the HII and tried to convince Russell that the 3 girls are together. Jerri screwed him by not taking him on the reward and the 3 of them will go to the end together. Vote with the 2 of us and maybe I ( Rupert) will win the tie 3-3 vote. I would also convince him that it makes more sense to take the 2 of us rather than 2 villians because there are only 3 other Jury members that are heros and 2 of us. You (Russell) have a better shot to win the game against us than any of the other villians. With Russell being pissed off with Jerri, I think this logic would have worked! I couldn’t stand Sandra when she won the game before, however she has gained back respect with the way she has played the game. Eventhough, I am a huge Russell fan, I give her respect for standing up against him. However, it is not such a big deal, because she new that she was going to use the HII.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        I disagree with Jeff Probst. He said that Colby and Rupert would win if they got to the end because there are to many Heros on the Jury. If Russell can take any 2 people to the end he should take the 2 of them. He has the best shot against them. There are only 3 other Jury members that are Heros. Candice, Amanda, and JT. Am I wrong? I think he has the best shot sgainst Colby and Rupert.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        My BAD! Jeff is right, now it is too late to take Colby. Now he would win. Russell should have tried taking Colby and Rupert to the end. But now that Rupert is gone it is too late to take Colby.

      • freckles

        wow – was so surprised at Tribal with Colby. He is so disconnected but maybe playing the game that way. he wasn’t even looking at Jeff when he spoke!!

      • Snsetblaze

        AL – If I recall correctly, Rupert also played back to back survivors – Pearl Island and the first All-Stars. Amanda and James may have as well (but I’m not sure).

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Colby? It must have been a different Colby.

      • Alissa

        Al get your facts right, James, Amanda and Rupert have all played back-to-back seasons.

      • Terry

        Problem is, Russell wouldn’t have been able to take Colby and Rupert. I do agree that he may have a better chance with those two, but the only one that he might have gotten to vote with him is Jerri and with Parvati and Sandra immune, it still would’ve backfired on him. I think Russell had an idea that Sandra or one of the girls had the HII since there’s been no more discussion of it. For sure I think if Russell had had it, Sandra would’ve been gone last night.

      • sockgal

        Love to see Colby in the final three, just to hear his plea for a million. I have been wondering all along if his lack of winning challenges and acting like he doesn’t really care about the game, is all just an act. Did he want to pretend he wasn’t a strong player all along. It is obvious that he has a strong body. He has to be acting!!! Not a bad way for him to get to the finals. If he can convince the jury that he was playing everybody all along then he has the million! And after giving the million away on his season, he has a strong case.

      • Juneau

        @Al – Several players have played back-to-back seasons. Rupert was the first with Pearl Islands and All Stars. Then James and Amanda who did China right before Micronesia. This season has been great, but really went dwonhill after Boston Rob was voted off. I really would’ve much rather seen Rob, Tyson, Sandra, Coach, Tom, Cirie, and Jerri go to the end. But Russell and Parv’s domination of this game has to garner respect. Have been rooting for Sandra since B-Rob left and she certainly doesn’t disappoint. She is not intimidated by ANYONE and she plays without an alliance and without winning immunity.

      • Princess Anne

        Nice to hear you are a fan of love! xx

      • Dave

        Terry was supposed to be in the 2nd All-Stars, but was replaced (along with other All-Stars) when they decided to make it fans vs favorites

      • Teresa

        Didn’t Amanda play back-to-back Survivor games? And didn’t she make the finals both times and lose? Did I hallucinate that?

      • EW

        im sure ¨The dragons¨ are in the post show

      • SurvivorFanNz

        If Russell had voted against Sandra, it would’ve just made him the outcast with Colby in the final 5 since Jerry, Parvati and Sandra would have stuck together in voting for Rupert anyway.

        Also Bobby Jon & Stephanie need to be added into the ‘contestants who played back to back seasons’ category, in which they did in Palau & Guatemala.

      • SurvivorFanNz


      • koo

        Amanda, James and Rupert have all played back to back survivors.

      • Anna

        a. James, Amanda and Rupert all went back to back. Amanda went back to back to the finals. There is nothing remarkable or original in Russell getting there behind those who did it first.
        b. King Kong rampaging through the jungle is also entertaining – for those so inclined.
        c. You look at Russell and Melanie and see love and integrity. I look at them and see two people who have been apart for months yet can only speak of strategy and the game. You know what? I believe those two are each other’s equal in every possible way. All of Russell’s bridges may be burnt Survivor wise but look for Melanie Hantz as a contestant in an upcoming Survivor.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Russell wanted to get rid of Parvati this week. A little too late. I mentioned last week he should have gotten rid of her instead of Danielle (even though I love Parvati). Big mistake last week. Danielle would have been perfect to take to the final 3 and Parvati would have been gone. Russell – You blew away the million bucks!

      • Scott S

        Is Russell the only one to do it though since they’ve been filming the seasons right after one another? The other players might have been in back-to-back seasons, but were they able to have a break, go home, and do whatever before coming back for another go around?

      • Russ

        Russell also went back-to-back.. Samoa and now.

      • Bubbles

        Contestants who have played in back to back seasons:
        Rupert (Pearl Islands and All-Stars)
        Stephenie and Bobby Jon (Palau and Guatemala)
        Amanda and James (China and Micronesia)
        Russell (Samoa and Heroes vs Villains)

      • will

        best player to never play, russell will not get a vote from courtney sandra jt amanda rupert, he might get oone from Jerri coach or parvati, russ will not win this game or he needs to have an awesome final tribal be a suck up and explain y he did everything to them

      • will

        also u should watch colby’s first season and watch him, Jeff is right he is the first hero. and no offense but watching survivor is a lot easier than playing it cause when playing it u dont know if people are lying or anything

      • kapellmeisters

        Bring back Terry!

      • Esme

        RE Terry Dietz: they already have 2 self-righteous boors (AKA Rupert/Colby), they didn’t need a third.

      • Al

        a. So what if Russell didn’t do it first, the point is he is playing his little heart out 24/7 and it’s amazing to watch.
        b. It’s easy to make cheap shots, look harder for the complexity and cleverness
        c. You old cynic you. True love wins ;)
        Look for the good!

      • chad

        @ bestplayr2neverplay
        I see 2 flaws in your thinking,
        The biggest being…why would Russell risk a tie vote when he could guarentee Rupert goes home? Tie votes are very risky, 2 of them and then he could draw the black stone and go home. Why take that risk? second, and this goes back to previous comments that when you have all the info you can make these silly ‘logical’ plans of yours…Sandra acts all cocky so then she has the HII? Didn’t Rupert just do that himself? Sandra could have been pretending to have it, just like Rupert did. Thats the thing you overlook everytime you post something, people lie to each other, YOU at HOME know the truth, but on the island they dont know who is truthful and who isn’t?

      • Joe

        a. He may have his heart in the game, but he sure as heck doesn’t have his head in it. To all those remaining, he’s a perfect sacrificial goat to take to the end.
        b. Does getting the people who’ll give you the prize hate your guts show complexity and cleverness? Doubt it!
        c. That one’s up for debate. Don’t care about it, though.

      • Anna

        a. You are correct in that Russell has played hard, I won’t quibble that, but what he’s going to have to take home is the realization that he went at it like a bull unleashed into a pasture of young lovlies after a long, lonely winter penned up in his stall. Most people prefer a bit of finesse to go along with the boink. He lacks maturity. Russell is goverened by his emotions and a Caligula like paranoia. It didn’t end well for Caligula and it won’t end well for Russell. I hope he grows up. He’s an incredibly driven man and the world could be his oyster but he’ll first need to learn to control himself and then he’ll need to work on his manners and social skills.
        b. There’s a place for King Kong rampaging through the jungle. There are members in my own family who are entertained by King Kong to this very day. But Survivor asks for a little more, to date, no one has ever won the title through blunt force and bullying. Russell’s time is finished. I very much doubt he’ll be able to play the game again. It’s kind of too bad the season’s were back to back, I would have been interested to see his game after a couple years of introspection.
        c. Okay, I’m laughing here. You got me, I am a cynical thing and I wear the banner proudly. I still can’t say I saw integrity but you may be relieved to know my cynical self did see love. I also have to confess that I was disappointed Jerri didn’t choose them to go on the trip to the blow holes with her because I am just dying to see and hear more from the woman who sat still long enough to bear Russell his four – outrageously gorgeous, have you seen them? children.

      • Michelle

        Dr Zechariah Zenith – Jenna Morasca was invited back for Survivor All Stars.

    • Snsetblaze

      Good point about putting Yul or Bob in for the Heroes. Tom Westman was actually good mentally in his season – he ran his tribe – it just happened he got on the wrong side of an alliance and gunned for another strong player that he would have been better off teaming up with (Cirie). JT’s lack of smarts also proved that Stephen was the real brains (and could himself have been on the Heroes tribe).

      • chelle

        JT’s lack of smarts also proved that Stephen was the real brains (and could himself have been on the Heroes tribe).

        Exactly. If they had brought both back, JT would have won again. Bring Stephen back by himself, and he might have a chance to win it himself.

    • Rosalie

      I LOVE Sandra’s game. She does major strategizing, but doesn’t waste to much time on it. HOw long did it take her to get rid of Coach, all but 2 minutes. That’s the thing about Sandra, she sticks to the plan! It’s other people who over think the situation and get themselves all wound up. I mean, just look at this season(and this are suppose to be the best players ever). The men from the Heroes say they should save the HII until the merge and use it against the villains. They start overthinking the situation and Bam! They get themselves voted off. Had they stuck to the plan, maybe J.T. would have used it forhimself and the Heroes would be on top right now. Tyson anyone? Rather than sticking to the perfect plan, he changes his vote and gets himself voted off! Another one that would probably still be in the game along with Boston Rob had he stuck to the original plan. Sandra sticks to the plan, and if it does not work, she modifies going forward, not when the plan is in progress. That right there is what makes her the Greatest Player ever. Also, being in an alliance doesnt’ take much strategy, you just vote off the competition one by one, no brains required for that reasoning, just stick to the plan! All this being said, I respect Parvati’s game play. Russell entertains me as much as Rudy from season 1 did and Shambo and Rupert and big Tom! But a great player he is not, but I love to see him on my T.V. I’ve always liked Jerri since Australia and I don’t think she has changed that much. REmember that most of the contestants said that she was portrayed wrong on the show during her original season? Colby is the first person who turned agains his original alliance, and then voted off people from his team that helped him during the merge. I don’t get it why he is seen as a hero. I think its funny how Karma has turned on his and Jerri’s personalities around.

    • b.w.

      DR Z-you give sandra credit for telling russell “yeah i’m against you russell”, and the ask “who in survivor has ever done that? no one”
      NOT TRUE- russell said it straight to sandra and courtney’s face right in front of boston rob that they were next to go b/c they were to wek in chalenges. he was right, but b-rob came on to strong and got himself ousted.
      you give to much credit to sandra for doing something russsell has already done. :-)

      • Jessica

        It’s going to be interesting to see if Russell can nab the $100,000 prize for player of the season – which is different from the people’s favorite. Personally I am no Hantz fan and think that he is the biggest BULLY in Survivor history. But those who think he lost out last season might want to help him cash in. People thought James was a bully but he is a drop in the ocean in comparison to Hantz. And as for the dumbest move in Survivor history, it goes to CBS for inviting Russell back as a contestant because the show just validates his controlling negative bully attitude.

      • Josh

        The difference is, idiot, that Russell was in a position of power when Sandra told him she was against him. Sandra had no power so Russell’s saying that he was going to vote her out was like shooting fish in a barrel. Totally different situations.

      • JfromCanada

        I think Dr Z meant who has ever done that to Russell and not suffered the consequences of his insecurity…. she’s the first. Even Parvati had to pay for standing up for herself against Russell, by losing her #1 alliance Danielle.

    • Alan of Montreal

      How can you say that Sandra had no strategy? Of course she did–she didn’t ride on anyone’s coattails, she assessed the situation each day. Sometimes if you have one specific game plan and try to stick with it (like Russell), then things start to fall apart. Nothing has fallen apart for Sandra. She deflected attention away from her and let Parvati and Russell get the blame for everything. So you’re dead wrong about Sandra–I think she’s just as smart as Parvati–maybe even more so!

      • will

        thats exactly how u ply this game, i saw like a secret scene i think and amanda was talking about how u should never have a specific strategy in this game because it changes so much

      • musica1

        I think Sandra’s been playing well, but to me, Parvati has been playing the best game. Jeff likes to talk about Russell, but Russell’s all talk. How many people has he said were going out because they crossed him. Just in the last episode, I’m sure he said both jerri and Sandra, yet they’re still here. Parvati’s done a lot more.

    • Annie

      The awesomeness that is this season is wonderful! Love Love Love it! Colby still amazes me. What kind of dope did you guys give him to make him behave that way? He was nowhere to be found when all the wackness was going around camp. Then we kept wondering; was he asleep at Tribal? Seriously Jeff, was Colby falling to sleep at tribal? Inquiring minds want to know!

      Anyway, what a BLAST!

    • Jen

      hello, sandra does have game play. she has the best strategy because it gets her to the end and keeps her under the radar. she goes toe to toe with russell and he doesn’t even think about getting rid of her, nor does he truly threaten her like he did Jerri. Her strategy is so subtle. “not me” works every time.

    • Tajah

      Is there going to be a fan favorite for $1 million this season? My guess is Russell would win it.

      • samantha Gowdy

        He is the favorite one to hate!

      • Doug

        $100,000. Not $1 million. (That was only done for Rupert.)

      • Haile Selassie

        If it is for fan favorite, when does the voting start?

    • musica1

      I’d also like to see Survivor International. Find the best from all over the world and lets see how they play with culture clash thrown in with all the other obstacles.

    • Beth

      Sandra, Parvatti and Russell are in the final 3 and Sandra wins it all!

    • Michelle

      scratch what I just said, I miss read.

  • aglady

    Best season ever! Sandra was right to keep the idol a secret. She is so funny – didn’t want to go home with it in her bra. Loved it! And even though I would love to see Russell gone the girls are smart enough to know anyone will beat him in a final jury vote. Don’t like Parvarti either but she is a good player – as is Russell if credit is given where due. But don’t count Sandra out either – and if she wins, she would be the first two time winner too, right Jeff?

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      Agreed. Both Parvati and Sandra were previous winners.

      This is Parvati’s 3rd stint. She placed 6th overall in Cook Islands and won in Micronesia.

      Sandra won Pearl Islands.

      If either of them win this time, they will be crowned Ultimate Survivor in the Ultimate Survivor Ranking. Either way if both of them place top 2, then that is their current ranking.

      Ranking 301 over 301 is Jonathan Libby.

  • Bob Brock

    Jeff! You should do your homework my man. For a gods sake you host the show and you dont remember? Amanda is first back to back loser. So Russel wouldnt be the first one. And Parvati isnt only one who has a chance to win twice. Sandra has exactly same chance!

    • Dan Paz

      I think Jeff meant back to back season loser. He lost last season and loses this season most likely.

      • Annie

        Amanda did lose back to back seasons. China, then Micronesia…back to back.

      • Mark in FL

        Annie is correct, Amanda lost back to back seasons.

      • anas

        amanda have a chance to rest after the season ends before come again to the show. Russel’s 2nd season is a week after his 1st season filmed. They use the same place.

    • Marc

      Didn’t Rupert also lose back to back?

      • Juneau

        I think Jeff means that they make it to the finals and lose the jury vote. Amanda is the only person to make it to the finals twice and lose both times to another finalist.

      • Kiki

        Yes, but Amanda made it to Final Tribal Council 2 seasons in a row and lost both times.

      • aaronbnool

        Technically, Rupert lost back to back seasons. He got 8th place in the Pearl Islands, and then 4th place in All-Stars. However if we’re talking about people who’ve made it to the end in back to back seasons, then it was Amanda.

      • D

        If you count Rupert, you have to count James too.

      • fran

        russell went directly from Survivir 19 to heros with no time off. when th eother played conescutivle seasons they had months off between

      • rhett

        fran-russell went directly from Survivir 19 to heros with no time off. Rupert, Amanda, James, Bobby Jon, & Steph did the same thing, no time off

    • Anya

      It’s one thing to play back to back seasons and not win, it’s another to play back to back seasons, make it to the final two and still lose.

  • orville

    Unfortunately, I think Colby is still in the game because they don’t see him as much of a physical threat in challenges. Better to keep the guys you can beat. But you may be right that if he can slip into the finals, he’ll be hard to beat. On the other hand, the jury could look at him like we’ve all been looking at him all season long–a major disappointment. Why should we give the money to the guy who pretty much just gave up after his first alliance was voted out? He definitely wouldn’t have Amanda’s vote. Probably not Danielle, Courtney, or Candice either.

    I never thought I’d say this, since I didn’t like her any of the other times she’s played, but I hope Parvati wins. She’s played an *amazing* game.

    • TTThunder

      If Colby were to be in the final three, I would not voted for him! (He’s doing nothing, like Mick last season!).

      I will have a hard time choosing between Parv and Sandra though…

  • anonymous

    JEFF… I will miss you the most (said to the scarecrow) Really love my Fridays with you. Right before Colby fell out of the game.. I called it allowed. happened…but we all knew it would, right!?! Poor Colby! Between the words that got past around, taking the “wrong” people on reward & Rupert waking everyone up..Man!! Does he not remember Sugar keeping everyone awake & she went home first! Not a Sandra fan, maybe I am….she’s that good! OK Ok Ok There has been many opportunity’s to write down Russell’s name. Last night would’ve been the ultimate blind side, but in the game of Survivor…I guess you want the troll sitting next to you!! Can not wait for Sunday. My ass will be numb after 3 hours. I’d sit 24 hours! I Love you Survivor!! Until Season 21….h!!

  • deb

    Great blog as usual, Jeff! I would be mad if Colby won because he checked out of the game a long time ago. At tribal council it seemed like he kept his head down the whole time (maybe he was watching Treasure Island in his head). I dunno if that’s his strategy; if it is, I guess it’s working since he’s still around. However, I like to see someone actually play the game. I hated on Parvati in the beginning but I have grown to like her and appreciate her game play. Sandra is cool and funny. Didn’t like her at first, but she has grown on me. Jerri has come a long way and I like her too. Russell is a flat out bully and very insecure. He wont win because of his social game. WOuld love to see him pout at the reunion show like he did the last one. Great season Jeff!! Hope you stay on the show; it won’t be the same without you.

    • Dan Paz

      Yeah Russell says he has a social game, but he doesn’t put enough into it. You can’t make friends with 1 or 2 people if there’s 6 or 7. He’s great at getting to the end but even if he came back a third time he won’t win.

      • D

        To be fair, he didn’t know the outcome of Samoa when he was playing this season. I bet he might be able to adjust his game now that he knows the outcome.

      • D

        In any future games he might play, that is.

      • qtpii

        by that time, many future players have seen the way he plays and I bet he’d be the first one voted off.

  • Monty

    I HOPE PARVATI WINS PLEASE!!! <33333333333333333333333333

    LOVE her and anyone who doesn't is jealous, thats just the truth!

    • Dan Paz

      I agree. She’s the most deserving. I’m not saying that cause she’s cute either. I like Russell alot but he made more mistakes than her.

    • Michelle

      Sandra! Sandra! Sandra! Love the girl!

      • joe

        sandra, are u kidding me! russel is the best. Ride along Sandra.

    • Malaika

      Parvati is deserving, but I don’t love her. And I’m not jealous of her. Why would I be? She’s a Butterface, and the men are just stupid.

      • Aja

        Ha! You wish you had her “butterface.” She’s cute; you must be blind.

    • WB

      that’s exactly why she won’t win. danielle is the only woman on the jury who would vote for her, amanda, jerri and courtney are far too jealous of her although they would probably never admit it.

  • Nancy Jo

    Is Parvati a lesbian?

    • Dan Paz

      I don’t think so. She’s at least biosexual. I don’t think she’s lesbian though. She flirts and has had too many hook ups with guys on the show to be considered a 100% lesbian. I think she’s stright.

      • KC

        lol “biosexual”

      • Bee the Bee says: Don’t mix up bisexual and biosexual. Bisexual means you are attracted to both men and women ‘sexually’, not just like them. Bio sexual means you get turned on by nature (e.g. flowers, plants). So, yeah, Parv can be a biosexual!

    • alex

      No, but she has admitted to flirting with boys AND the girls in order to get ahead in the game, and in life.

      • D

        In Fans vs Favorites, it was really annoying to me when she was flirting with James but I kind of liked it when she started flirting with the girls. Just more unexpected and interesting. It was a good strategy too because she won.

    • JenR

      I think she is simply an equal-opportunity flirt.

    • Rob P

      She did mouth the word “Hot” when Danielle walked out at tribal council. I think she’s a switch hitter.

      • Soap On A Rope

        I think that she was just working Danielle to make sure that she got her vote at final tribal council.

    • D

      She seems bi to me. A very flirty one at that.

    • Kyle

      I love Parvati, but to be honest, i dont think she really cares who she’s got in her bed. :p

      • Soap On A Rope

        I believe she would draw the line if she turned over and found Rupert with his beard next to her.

      • Aja

        On what evidence do you base that statement?

  • Dan Paz

    Did anyone notice how all the previous heros winners got voted out even before the merge and both the previous villian winners haven’t. I guess villians are better at this game.

    • Tayo

      JT made it to the merge.

    • allobidallo

      @Dan, JT won the million bucks, and he’s made it to the merge. He’s on the jury. So the only million dollar winner to not make it to the merge was Tom Westman.

      • Alissa

        Though they wanted him out, if the villains didn’t lose the challenges and vote Coach+Courtney I doubt he would have made it.

    • Pez

      yes, the heroes voted out all the brainpower first and kept the idiots around. kind of shows you how democracy works.

  • Dan Paz

    Colby’s another one. If he wins I will be dissapointed. I’m sure he was awesome in his first season, but he reminds me of an out of shape cowboy. Between him and Natalie White last season Natalie could have done a little less and still played better than him this season.

    • ac

      I don’t think it’s so much that he’s out of shape, it just seems like he really doesn’t care.

    • Angelique

      Colby has had shoulder surgery – reconstruction I think, and they have had challenges where he needs to hang onto things or keep his arm up in the air, I think he probably doesn’t have the ability to do that anymore. My ex had the same thing, his shoulder dislocated so many times, that even after surgery, he was always cautious with it. I think Colby is a decent guy but you also have to look at his competition in Australia – no-one really except Alicia, of course he was going to win challenges against Tina, Keith, Elizabeth etc.

      • D

        I was thinking he had some kind of a physical issue. That does not explain the mental issues though.

      • qtpii

        that answers the question I had as to why he grabbed his shoulder once he dropped out. yes, he hasn’t done well with the mental challenges either. I can’t remember if they were his strong suit before or just physical challenges.

      • will

        he was never the main strategic man in his alliance, tina was he was the challenge dominator

  • Dan Paz

    She could be but she still flirts with guys so i’m guessing she’s at least biosexual.

    • mademelaugh

      Biosexual. Ha. That made me chuckle.

      • Bee the Bee says: Don’t mix up bisexual and biosexual. Bisexual means you are attracted to both men and women ‘sexually’, not just like them. Bio sexual means you get turned on by nature (e.g. flowers, plants). So, yeah, Parv can be a biosexual!

  • jack hart

    jeff .. the blogs have been hilarious this season. i’m voting russell as my fan favorite but i’m hoping deep down that sandra’s wins. hey, i love rooting 4 the underdog.

    • Dan Paz

      As long as you aren’t rooting for Colby.

      • Laura

        He said he loved rooting for underdogs, not retards.

      • delia

        I find your comment offensive. Please think before using a term like ‘retard’…If you had a sibling or child with downs syndrome how would that word make you feel? Thanks for considering this…

      • V2

        I agree. Colby is a retard. A massive retard. The ones that walk funny and have slobber running off their chins.

    • Rob

      Well then vote for Sandra..


      Russell is the underdog ….

  • Dan Paz

    Parvati is a great player. Although it may have seemed she shared power with Russell. I think she could beat him. I love watching Russell play don’t get me wrong, but he makes more mistakes. He’s played an idol when he didn’t get one vote in that tribal concil in both last season and this season. I okay with anyone winning really but Colby. Sandra I like and Jerri I like so it be okay if they won but Russell and Parvati played better game.

    • Joey

      You can’t say Russell and Parvati “played a better game” until the jury votes. The game is more than just how far you get, it’s what impression you leave on the jury, because they ultimately decide if you win or not. Russell will never win because he alienated just about everybody; Parvati has a good chance to win, but I think the fact she won before will hurt her. I think either Jerri or Colby will win.

      • Pete

        Joey, Jerri or Colby have to make it to the end in order to win. You must be a moron if you think that will actually happen!! LMAO!! Those two losers will be sitting on the jury!

  • Suzie

    You’ll always be “a fan of love?” Oh, Jeff–yet again I am reminded of why I think you’re adorable. If I wasn’t happily married, I’d stand in a rainstorm with you any day of the week! (But first I’d make sure the patio cushions were safe inside ;-)

    • Aja

      Ugh, Probst is gross!!

  • Nancy Jo

    I thought it was very wrong of Jerri to not take to two married couples.

    • beauty and brains

      Not to take two married Couples? Why do married couples trump other relationships? Married couples likely get to see one another more often than siblings and other family members. I loved that Jerri’s sister came in from Germany and Sandra’s uncle came to see her out of love and so did Parvati’s Dad.

      • Natasha

        I agree with Nancy. Does anyone know if it was really Rupert’s anniversary? That’s gotta suck not getting to hang out if its true. I know why she didn’t invite Colby. REID WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!!!! That would have been fun to see blowholes with.

      • Lisa Dee

        Exactly, Beauty and Brains. I’m married but I wouldn’t start demanding that my relationship is SO much more important than someone else’s.

        Don’t worry about Rupert, he got to see his wife pretty soon after the Blowhole vacation.

      • D

        Lisa Dee-you are cool. I agree. If he wanted to spend his anniversary with his wife he didn’t have to go on the show in the first place. There was just a couple more days left to the game.

      • Bee the Bee

        Rupert was on CBS’s morning show this morning being interviewed by Maggie Rodriguez 5/14/10, that means he’s been home for a while because he’s fat again. He didn’t give away the ending though, we’ll have to wait till Sunday for that.

      • Kaylin

        well, they filmed this last August so of course he’s had time to fatten up!! And I’m glad Jerri went with people she wanted to spend time with and not people who she might’ve felt pressured to take. And watching Rupert drool over his wife for the 3rd time, I was thankful for it to be over! He’s such an a#@$, breaking wood in the middle of the night. what a jerk!

    • lila

      she took the people she liked the best

      • Anya

        Jerri wasn’t about to take 2 heroes and 2 faced Russell when she had people who she thought would watch her back. Remember, Parvati gave her the idol once and she just about cried.

    • D

      It was a strategic move, understand. She had voted with Russell and the guys in the last challenge to get Danielle out but she still wanted to be allied with Parvati and Sandra. So it was an olive branch to them.

    • Ricky

      who would want to have a nice evening out with russell and rupert. I’ve heard rupert’s ego is worse than russells in real life. Parv saved jerri’s butt with an idol and sandra is married, but he couldn’t fly in from Afganistan to be there.

    • C

      Ewww, in what universe do married couples trump anybody else? You’re a real moron, Nancy, and you too, Natasha. Besides, any time spent with that cretin Rupert has gotta be wayyyy too much time–I guess she just thinks about the million bucks everytime she has to touch his hairy butt.

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