What should 'Cougar Town' be called instead?

In an interview with HitFix, Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence expressed distaste for the comedy’s title. “I’d like to (change it), and the studio has been talking about it…partly as a result of common sense and partly from their research,” he said. “They find too many instances of testing of people saying they would never watch a show called Cougar Town — ‘I don’t want to see some show about a 40-year-old woman nailing younger guys’ — and then they screen an episode, and people go, ‘Oh, I would watch this show.” Unfortunately for Lawrence, an ABC rep tells EW there are “no immediate plans to change the name.”

Regardless, the title Cougar Town has always made me die inside a little, so I’ve come up with some alternate options: Top It Off (pictured), Wining and Whining, Busy Philipps is the Greatest, It’s Really All About Sex, Oh S— I Have a Baby?, and Situations. EW’s Tanner Stransky and I both believe there needs to be a show — or at least a bar — simply called Situations. Because it’s always a situation, you know? Everything.

I also like People‘s suggestion of The Family Jules. Nominate your potential Cougar Town re-titles in the comments!

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  • Fatima

    It should just be something like “Buckets of Red Wine.” And then only I would watch hahaha.

    • tia

      How about “Days of Wine and Neurosis”

      • sully van

        Awesome! Congratulations on your serious gift for the English language! I second the motion.

      • coog

        cougar hunter, jen anistan’s dream project, horny moms club, moms i like to film. boy toys.

    • Meow

      How about Jealous Much? which is the name of Bobby’s boat. Just kidding..kinda.
      The Family Jules is alright I guess. I’ve been trying to think of another title though but nothing is really coming to me that is any good. We Love Wine, Friends with Benefits, Barb’s World, Shall We?, That’s What He Said, Sleepwatchers, or Morning Drinking.

      • pastafarian


      • caryn

        I miss Barb…

    • Dani

      How about Travis’ nickname that he called the, last night? “Booze Bags”?… sounds ike a winner

  • maxwell19596

    I thought CougarTown was a bit of a misnomer. It does feature older hot women, but they don’t go after young guys (well all that much.) Maybe it should be called The Drink Club, nah how about Cul De Sac Crew, nope uhm Party At My House…oh I give up.

    • Fatima

      It kind of started out that way but they ditched it as soon as they realized that most male actors in their twenties are BORING.

  • Jaymii

    Situations is a great title, but not this isn’t the right situation for that.

    Busy Phillips is the Greatest sounds brill though.

    My choice: Busy, Courtney and Jordan from Scrubs Party It Up.

  • lynn

    I’ve watched every episode and I loved People’s idea…..The Family Jules, it is a perfect fit and still keeps Courtney Cox the main character in the ensemble!

    • tvgirl48

      I think The Family Jules is absolutely hilarious. I really hope changing the name would help generate buzz, kinda like a reboot?

      • Anna

        Family Jules!!!!! Love it. I was turned off by the C.T. title at first, but then I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did. It has only gotten better, funnier and stronger over the first season, and it’s one of the few shows that makes me laugh out loud every week.

  • chaha

    How about ‘That Show That Started Out Good and Went To Sh*t About Halfway Through the First Season.’
    Too long?

    • Glory

      Maybe not too long…just wrong.

    • Jessica

      Funny, I think the opposite. I didn’t really like it in the beginning. Once they started developing the male supporting characters more and turning it into more of an ensemble show, I’ve been liking it better.

      • AIan

        I was going to same the same thing! At first it was The Courteney Cox Show but now the entire cast is funny in their own way. I watch the show as much for Laurie and Andy if not more than to see Jules.

  • johnny

    “Busy Phillips is the greatist”

    • tony bogustello

      or busy phillips isn’t really famous for a reason because she’s shrill and nagging and overacts in every scene she’s in and actually not great at all besides having a really greatly large head like a horse.

  • S.O.

    Your Friends & Neighbors

    oh wait…. that was a movie from 10+ years ago. Nevermind.

  • jeffrey33

    i’d call it the 30 Year Old Club or Crisis/Mid-life? ha idk, i think it’s find as it is, if Sex and the City and Hung can get critical attention/viewers aside from their names i don’t see why Cougar Town can’t

    • geena

      I agree and I love the show “Cougar Town” is great

    • Bea

      Yeah, but Sex and the City and Hung had provocative titles that were appropriate to their storylines. The problem with Cougar Town is that it’s a provocative title that connotes a show about older women banging younger men, which is not at all what Cougar Town is about. Really, this show is “Friends Redux… but for 40 year old divorcĂ©es living in the suburbs, not 20somethings living in the city”

  • Emma

    Monica: The Older and Wiser Years?

    • Nat

      This one actually made me lol. Unfortunately true.

    • Joey

      How about “I divorced Chandler”?

  • Mike

    I’m so happy to read this. I was totally turned off by the title and didn’t watch the show. A few weeks ago I was home with nothing to do and found myself watching an episode after Modern Family ended. I was really surprised at how much I liked it, and pleased that it had nothing to do with older women bagging younger men. ABC would be smart to allow a title change.

    • Mac

      A similar thing happened to me; I didn’t notice the show had started and caught some of it, and was laughing pretty consistently. MUCH better than I thought it would be — although I haven’t watched since. The title is terrible and leads one to believe you are about to watch plasic surgery mishaps stalking Taylor Lautner look-alikes ’round town. Cougar Town.

    • Fatima

      It took my mom a lot of convincing to try this show but now she likes it. That name made it sound crass, and it’s only just a tiny bit that way.

  • outside agitator

    howabout “freaky lookin’ fake lips town”. two minutes of watching Courtney with those weird platypus lips was enough for me.

    • Jen

      Yeah, how about “Botox Town”?

  • AIan

    Changing the name mid-way through may cause more confusion than good. Existing viewers may think it was cancelled. It’s just a name, people! Should Only Children not watch Brothers & Sisters because they can’t relate? Should Stay-at-home-Moms & Socialists not watch The Office because they aren’t interested in corporate workplaces? As a guy, yes, I did cringe a bit at the name and I still cringe a bit when telling people that I watch the show, but I’m over it.

    • Fatima

      The issue is more that it’s not about her being a cougar anymore at all.

    • Mike

      The difference in your examples is that those titles actually describe what the show is about.

  • Lorie

    How about Jules & Company?

  • Eternal Clementine

    I LOVE The Family Jules!
    Other suggestions:
    Sunshine State
    Happy Hour
    Real Estate

    • tom

      I like Sunshine State a lot — way better than the Family Jules pun, and definitely captures the feel of the show.

    • Duderonomy

      I was gonna suggest “Sunshine State,” too. Really captures both the setting and the warm vibe of the show. I know there was a movie by that name a few years back, but I think it was a lower-profile indie so there wouldn’t be too much confusion.

  • Ben W

    How about Getting Busy..get it lol

    • Ls

      Cougar Town.

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