Justin Bieber lights up 'Oprah'

bieber-oprahI haven’t been 16 years old in a long time, so watching Justin Bieber on yesterday’s Oprah was a surreal experience for these aging eyes. Bieber grinning. Girls squealing. Oprah fawning. Sometimes you see a teenage superstar and you walk away thinking, “I can’t believe he’s only 16.” With Bieber, though, it’s more like, “He’s definitely 16. He screams 16. He’ll always be 16.”

In reality, though, there’s nothing “16” about his life. He told Oprah that he gets at least one day off each week “to be a regular kid,” but then said in the next breath that he sometimes just spends that day sleeping because he’s so exhausted. Fun.

At least he still gets disciplined by his mom, who takes away his cell phone if he ever acts up and shuts down his computer at 10:30 every night. “She’ll slap me in the face,” he joked, when asked if he ever used the “But I’m Justin Bieber!” attitude with his mom.

It’s easy to see why Bieber has so many fans. Even Oprah was a little giddy. If you watched the show, was this your first encounter with Bieber-fever? Were you a little scared for him, like I was?

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  • Andy

    He’s a pretty cute kid, seems down to earth and sweet. If I was 16 I might have a crush too

    • Girly

      I think hes fabulous and i may be younger than him but hey who knos i may still have a shot :)

      • ~#1

        All u girls will never get a shot r u famous… He likez older girls hello selana..

  • Sam

    My 80 year old grandma watched this yesterday and was just RAVING over him. She thought he was a doll.

  • sbwm

    He’s adorable. Good safe crush for young girls too. I don’t know what it is that he has but it works.

  • rere

    He was a pleasant young man.He didn’t seem so full of himself like the Jonas Brothers. I wish him luck and hope he stays grounded.
    Oh, and I enjoyed the performance of Charice too. She was awesome!
    I’m glad Oprah has these segments of these young talented artists.

  • EARL

    WHY IS THIS KID EVEN FAMOUS??? He doesn’t seem very special to me. Personally, I’m sick of hearing about him. The fact that he was the leadoff artist in We Are the World digusts me. Shouldn’t you have paid some sort of dues in the industry before being asked to do something like that. Yuck!!!

    • crispy

      You know Earl.. I believe the Dixie Chicks wrote a song about you once. And I believe I like it even more now ;)

      • Sara

        I don’t get to read the words “Dixie Chicks” very often anymore. And yep…just seeing ‘em still makes me happy. ::::sigh::: Thanks, crispy.

    • kobi


  • msbieber

    he was adorable. i love his smile i was going crazy myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kjohnson

      i love justin

  • crispy

    Awe your not very nice. But I assume if I had gotten as far as you have in your delightful life I wouldn’t be very nice either. Enjoy your bitterness while Justin laughs his way to the bank ;)

    • crispy

      ..and I’ll enjoy my loneliness as justin bieber has no idea who I am despite my unhealthy obsession with him.

      • crispy

        Crispy awwww.. don’t be lonely, that’s sad. Just always remember if no one else cares about you.. which they don’t that Justin Bieber still does. ;)

    • ~#1

      all u guys need to get real were all human beings unlike u wild chicks over

  • Darrah Lopez

    Justin Bieber is the most respectful teenager ever. He’s one in a million. And he’s sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!

    • JillS

      Umm. No he isn’t.

      • kobi


    • jaylenette pagan


  • Fran

    Actually, I look at Bieber and think, “There’s no WAY he’s 16,” as in “He looks about 12.” Yikes. Even if I were to flash back to my 16-year old self, I don’t think I’d find him attractive.

    • crispy

      Don’t worry it isn’t that you wouldn’t find him attractive. It would be more of you know he would be so far out of your league you wouldn’t bother. I don’t blame you he is out of most peoples. Actually make that 99.9% of the population and the .1% still probably wouldn’t interest him. Yeah.. he is that good.

      • crispy

        and even though he doesn’t care about me, doesn’t know I exist and never will, I’ll obsess about him to the point of annoying everyone around me.

      • cameobrooch

        Get real…

      • crispy

        Crispy thanks for your post! You always visit his EW posts first and most often, more than myself ;) I’m beginning to think maybe I am just saying in posts on here how you really feel. And listen tubby I could care less if he ever knows me or I ever meet him he is still awesome. And if I annoy you then stop visiting his posts on EW you obsessed, silly little girl ;)

  • kristal

    Justin Bieber is so amazing, and grounded, and CUTER than any teenage guy on the planet. He appeals to young and old. He;s accomplished more in 6 months than Miley Cyrus or Jonas Brothers have accomplished in YEARS. We are the world song, #1 on the billboards for weeks (beating his mentor usher), 2 Cd’s released in the last year, Sang for the president TWICE within 5 months. This kid is taking over and i cant wait for EVERYONE to join in on the epidemic…. BIEBER FEVER!


  • JillS

    I watched and thought, “In two years we won’t even remember your name.” He’ll be on a Where Are They Now segment eventually and we’ll go, “Ohhh yeah. THAT kid. He had that song…what was it?”

  • Christina

    he’s sooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!when he smiles i faint he like a dream!!!!!!

  • Gina

    Despite what most of the losers and haters say, Justin is probably the best role model for guys and girls to have and the best crush for girls to have. He’s very respectful, he’s sweet, he’s grounded, his mother keeps him in check, and he doesn’t seem like the type to be a jerk like every other guy out there. Now, I don’t know him so only he can speak for himself, but he’s unlike any other guy I’ve ever seen. I’ve had plenty of crushed in my life, I’m 15 so yeah I’ve dabbled in the area of crushed on teen celebs. However, I think Justin Bieber is the first guy, especially in this business, that I’ve ever seen that I, as well as everyone else, could actually picture themselves with. He’s not JUST another guy singer who’s cute and dances. He’s talented, he’s sweet, he’s VERY down to earth, and he’s pretty much what every girl wants in a guy. He’s a hopeless romantic ;), he treats girls and women in general with total respect, and he’s not trash like most guys I’ve met or seen. Yeah he flirts, he’s 16..how many 16 year old guys do you know that DON’T flirt?! But he’s not trashy, he’s innocent flirty and treats girls with the respect they deserve and not like trash.
    He’s genuine and he has raw talent. He’s got the qualities that unfortunately, most teen celebs, as well as any celeb, do not have or once had but lost them along the way to fame and success.
    If he can stay the same way he is, which I think with the awesome team he has and the amazing mom he has it is totally possible, and still be the same respectful kid who’s totally amazing all around, which I think he will, then he’s going to be around for a LONG time. I think Usher might have found someone that might pass him in his career (;
    No matter what people say, Justin is amazing, he’s a total mama’s boy, which I LOVE ;), and he’s totally unique and unlike any other guy I’ve met or seen in the world in general. He’s not into himself like most guys I’ve seen. He really does care about his fans too, unlike 99.9% of the celebs out there who barely notice their fans and only care about the fame. He’s something special, and anyone who hasn’t seen that and isn’t watching him is going to miss out on something amazing and special. <3

    • crispy

      Amazing post Gina! The best I’ve ever read on a forum on here. Finally someone who isn’t trolling for attention and making a complete moron of themselves. So cheers to you! And yeah I’m not really mad at the trolls or anything I don’t blame them, if I were any other guy besides Justin B. I’d be insanely jealous as well. It’s just funny when its 30-50 year old men begging for attention on EW forums.. no it isn’t funny its sad. But whatever they just post hate comments and raise the comments which gets the artical more attention ;) So thanks trolls and Justin Bieber sends you an extra big thank you as well! He would tell you himself but you know he has better things to do with his time than read your silly comments. Have a great day. And PS> please don’t comment on an artical when you haven’t even seen the show it applies with. It either makes you seem totally moronic or a closeted gay guy who is creeping on a 16 year old. YUK!

      • ***

        would just like to point out that you’re a troll that is using someone else’s name to post your comments. you should be in school, preferably grammar class, instead of obsessing about a young boy. maybe you’d meet a real person there and learn how to form a real relationship. certainly greater prospects ahead for you going that route instead of this one, don’t you think?

      • crispy

        Aww Crispy you get upset? You hiding behind “***” now. Cute ;) You silly loser

  • candacetx

    what a very gracious young man. he was great on snl… I’m a 41 year old woman..and I TOTALLY get why girls would adore him.

  • Ms.Bieber

    OMG!!!!!!He is so adorable! I’ve had a few teen crushes but none like the way i LOVE Justin Bieber!!Justin is so respectful and very down to earth!And a total mama’s boy and i like that in a guy!If i had a chance to date him i would in a hafl a second!!!I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!

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