Miss USA's sexy photo scandal: This time it was intentional!

miss-iowaFormer Miss USA finalist Carrie Prejean is probably biting her tongue today. As some of you might have already seen, the competition’s official “glam” pictures show this year’s Miss USA contestants writing on beds and posing seductively — all with the Donald’s seal of approval.

While Prejean may have been persecuted in May 2009 for posing topless, Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe organization, is defending this year’s sexy pics, explaining: “We are in a different age. They are a little bit sexy but I’ll tell you what — everybody’s watching, so I have no problems with it,” Trump says. “If you look at Miss America, it’s now off network television — and we’re doing better than ever, so I really have no problem with it.”

True, posing topless isn’t quite the same as posing seductively, but since I drink beauty pageant haterade, turning these women into literal sexual objects as opposed to the demure, but latent, sexuality of past Miss USA pageants is definitely not something I can get behind.

What do you guys think of the pictures? Is this much ado about nothing or should the organization have rethought their game plan?

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  • Lisa

    Trump’s such a jerk off. I think he’s totally lost sight of what Miss USA is supposed to stand for.

    • Dwight K Schrute

      Let’s just get rid of Miss USA and have Maxim TV.

    • Quirky

      Looking good in a bathing suit? I thought that is what Miss USA always stood for.

  • MsSuniDaze

    Maybe Trump is defending the pictures because it says they are ‘writing’ in bed. Doesn’t look to be much writing, but sure is a lot ‘writhing’.

  • Junior

    As opposed to the Miss America pageant, which promotes itself as a talent competition first, the Miss USA has always promoted itself as purely a beauty pageant. First of all, we are SO passed the days of when people looked up to Miss USA or Miss America winners as what we “aspire to be.” They are no longer relevant in that way as they used to be. So with the Miss USA being purely a beauty pageant, I see no problem with pictures of them showing off their bodies. These girls work out religiously, so what’s the problem in looking at their results? These pictures aren’t porn, as much as haters want to start putting it in that category. They are wearing more than they would if they were wearing a bikini. Who cares? What’s the big deal? It’s more than obvious that Donald Trump is putting out these pictures as a way of publicizing his event, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And he’s right, the Miss America pageant is no longer on network TV because no one wants to watch that. The Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, which he owns, are still doing good business because he promotes the beauty aspect of it. Nothing wrong with looking at beautiful women. They aren’t posing topless, they aren’t doing porn, they are just posing in sexy pictures. Not a sin.

    • erin

      no, it’s not porn and it’s not a sin, and no – there’s nothing wrong with looking at beautiful women. But, making it a competition and having the “beautiful women” parade like show dogs IS damn sexist and it needs to stop.

      • Retnan


        Meaning you are jealous cause you aren’t pretty enough. LOL.

    • alice

      It is not sexist. There are Mr. universe pagents and many male body shows centered around physical appearance. Part of women’s empowerment is choice. If a woman above the age of consent decides to enter a beauty contest it is her right. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. But it’s wrong to think that you can ban them from doing what they want because they are women and need protecting. You’re problem is objectification in general and you are hiding behind sexism becuase its an easy explanation. But if you think that the only people who are objectified and judged are women you are very wrong.

    • Junior

      Jennifer Aniston poses on a magazine cover to promote her movie wearing nothing but a men’s tie; years ago a pregnant Demi Moore wore absolutely nothing on the cover of a magazine; Janet Jackson goes topless on the cover of her album with man’s hands cupping her breasts. So famous women can go naked on covers but it’s all in the name of art and they get a free pass because of their celebrity and fame. Here, “no-named-and-non-famous” Miss USA contestants wear sexy clothes in a beauty pageant photo shoot and it’s a controversy? They aren’t running for Miss Goody-Two-Shoes-of-the-USA. They are in a BEAUTY pageant. Show us your beauty. They are gonna wear a lot less during Sunday’s swimsuit competition. So the problem is?

  • ger

    Haha – “we’re doing better than ever”. Has Trump ever told the truth?

  • amanda


  • PeterBilt

    part of me says Prejean kind of got screwed because this is a little hypocritical. But at the same time, these pics are friggin sweet

    • Jennifer

      Prejean actually lost her crown because she was a primadonna who wouldn’t perform her contractural duties as Miss California – Read the emails; she was a total b***h.

  • Simon

    Sex and controversy sells – if it weren’t for these photos, would EW / Popwatch even mention a thing about the Miss USA?

    My personal opinion – I have been a fan of Miss USA, Universe since I was a teen. At that time, it felt like a big production. Since Donald Trump took over, it has gone downhill. As for this shoot, I feel sad for any contestants who may have felt uncomfortable having to do it (as has been mentioned on some message boards). I do believe that it is one thing to walk the runway in a swimsuit but this shoot is something entirely different.

    • David

      How is it one thing to walk the runway in a swimsuit, but this shoot is something entirely different? I haven’t seen any beaches near the stage in recent years, maybe I am wrong; the swimsuit competition is essentially a meat market, not unlike the nfl combine (seriously). All these shoots are is being honest about (what very very little) values mrs. USA has had for a while now. It is literally a case where the actions of the promoters and the participants are in line with the values represented; women as sexual objects. Not saying it is right, but at least for once it is consistent.

      • Simon

        Unfortunately, the swimsuit competition is a staple in pageants to show off the contestants’ fitness level. At least it is expected when one goes to the Miss USA pageant. When I had made my comment earlier, my concern was with the contestants who were not comfortable with doing this shoot but felt “forced” to do it. Could these contestants have refused? Maybe but I am sure it would not have left a good impression on the MUO and could have cost them a spot in the Top 15.

  • ts

    I totally agree with Junior, I don’t see much wrong here

  • MaryA

    I’m so glad I never had daughters when it comes to this type of controversy. I guess if it’s OK for some female singers, celebrities, and models of today to appear sexy and provocatively in music videos,magazines, etc., beauty contestants are surely no different and just getting onto the bandwagon. It’s purely a marketing ploy to promote the contest because less and less is the public watching these out-dated beauty contests.
    The Donald is a shrewd business man and of course is not going to diss these pictures – it’s his franchise for goodness sake!

  • Stacie

    Miss USA now brought to you by Maxim magazine!

  • Jed

    Trump is a jackass and claims everythign that invloves him on TV are the best in garnering ratings…only those fools at NBC would do business with such a creep as this guy.What a prick!

  • erin

    Good god, make this sh*t go away already! We’ve almost killed off Miss America, why can’t her skankier cousin Miss USA also go the way of the Dodo too!?

  • El Phupphy

    Dressing up like sluts is every b*tches’ God given right. They want to be taken seriously, tho, that ain’t the way to do it. If you want to be thought of a a pair of boooooobies and a hoohooo, that’ll git ‘er done.

  • Lunna

    I don’t see any problem with these pictures. We see pics like these all the time from models, singers and actresses. I don’t see what the whole “scandal” is about. The pics are sexy, but they are in no way vulgar. Besides, these are grown women. They signed up for this and if they thought it was inappropriate in any way, they can say no.

  • Travis

    I don’t see what’s the big deal about these photos. It’s no different from the pics from magazines. Besides, THEY’RE ADULTS!!! When did we became such prudes over sexy pics.

    Personally, I like them. :)

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