In rhyming news: 'Kate Plus 8' gets date

jon-and-kateImage Credit: TLCThe newly de-Jon-ified TLC series Kate Plus 8 has finally received a premiere date. TLC has confirmed that the show will debut on Sunday, June 6, and will, of course, feature the newly single subject of tabloid fodder on her own with the formidable brood.

Essentially, it’s a reality show about how hard it is to raise eight kids alone while simultaneously having a full-time job as the star of a reality show about raising eight kids. Honestly, I’d be more interested in a series about the nannies that actually took care of the children while Kate was off tangoing and foxtrotting on Dancing With the Stars. Bring on Dolores and Carmelita Plus 8, I say! What say you, PopWatchers?

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  • Yawn

    Isn’t this woman’s 15 minutes up? Sheesh – if it walks like a fame whore, talks like a fame whore and jumps from show to show like a fame whore, guess what…?

    • Muffy

      Yawn, I think we’re going to need a sliver bullet to kill it!

      • Ralph

        “To stop those monsters 1-2-3,
        Here’s a fresh new way that’s trouble-free,
        It’s got Paul Anka’s guarantee…
        Guarantee void in Tennessee.
        Just don’t look! Just don’t look!
        Just don’t look! Just don’t look!
        Just don’t look! Just don’t look!”

    • LV

      It’s called working in the entertainment business – so I guess everybody with a show – reality or otherwise is a fame whore? People in the tv business take whatever work they can get when they get it because there is always somebody waiting in line to take your place if you don’t take that job – Kate is no different. So what if she is ambitious and wants to milk her 15 minutes as long as humanly possible – anybody else would do the exact same thing in her position – as if she would turn down work when she has eight children to look after. She wouldn’t want to be a slug on welfare like you.

      • Brenda

        The part that bothers me about her is that she tries to get sympathy for being a “single mom” when she is NOT! I have been a TRUE single mom and she does not fit the bill. She gets child support (a huge amount I might add) AND the father is there and takes care of the kids. Do people realy forget this fact!!!

      • Slog

        No, actually, it’s called being a fame whore. And no I would not do what she is doing, and no self respecting person would either. Nice try though!

        Also, she’s not ambitious. She’s a fame whore. If she was ambitious, she would get a real job with a future rather than prostituting herself and her children to the world. She doesn’t need the money, and even if she did she could get it somewhere else. She craves the fame.

      • Sarah

        so I guess everybody with a show – reality or otherwise is a fame whore?


      • cass

        Her children are in school and she has a nursing degree. Hey that equals work! She is exploiting her children b/c she is greedy and selfish!

      • Ed

        Ahh geezzz. Having 8 kids exploited for your own personal fame is just wrong..

      • Lynne

        The big problem is, all she does is complain. She has nannies, staff, and her ex husband takes care of those kids more than her. But if you all remember correctly, all she did was bitch and complain on the first show. That’s why Jon finally came to his senses and dumped her. The kids are in school, she could very easily go back to nursing, but oh wait….she wouldn’t be able to have her multi million dollar home!! Gee I guess we all know what’s important to her now!

      • dar

        LV — good answer!

      • MakesYaWonder

        - I agree w/ Brenda. So many of us (single “Dad” myself) know what it’s like in the real world struggling to raise kids on a single income, as a single parent in the “real” world. This women hasn’t a clue!

      • Sara


    • Judy Fahlbeck

      This show needs to end. I can’t believe anyone watches it. It is so unrealistic. This woman has made millions on these children.

      • pauleen

        until youhave walked in her shoes you dont have a right to judge i have 7 adult children and their father was around but i still basicaly raised them by myself, so untill u have been there shut up

    • terri

      I’m so sick of hearing about Kate! It was so nice when she got voted off DWTS. We didn’t have to see her whining and complaining and being mean to her dance partner Tony.
      Now TLC is putting her back on TV? Well, that’s a big mistake TLC, you won’t get anyone to watch her and her dumb show.
      She needs to STOP exploiting those kids! And stop feeling sorry for herself. And if she doesn’t want Papparazzi following her around, then stop being on TV all the time. We are so over her.
      Get her off tv.

      • illegitimate_son

        Unfortunately TLC will get people to watch, its just too bad there are people out there that like to watch a woman destroy her childrens lives.

      • pauleen

        you still dont have to see her, dont your tv have other channels

    • Sophia

      OK not a fame whore, but an attention whore… And she really does not do all that much with her kids alone, she always has a handler in tow.

      • MakesYaWonder

        Yeah you’re right, she’s not a “fame whore”, she’s a fame “Pimp” prostituting her children for her own selfish purposes

    • Dawn

      Really? Jumping from show to show? And that would be what? Sounds liek you all may be a little jealous. Although I have no personal relationship with Kate or her children (and I would bet none of you do either), her children seem happy enough. I’m sure it’s fine…BUT…if it’s’s not our business to be involved.

      • Steph

        Great answer. Its funny how much time we’ve taken to “bash” Kate. If it was this serious as “whoring” around, why have you spent this much time reading and commenting?

      • ellen

        exactly. Honestly if you hate her why are you reading this article, commenting and wasting your energy on this? your say your single moms and she’s not taking care of her kids- if your commenting on this clearly your not with your kids either, and if your with them commenting on this. even more wrong because your ignoring them. so stop bashing her and go take care of your kids.

    • pauleen

      if all of you people on here making your snide remarks about kate every one of you would do the same if you had the chance, shame on all of yoy for calling her names you talk about her children being hurt , dont you know saying bad things about their mother hurts them. you dont have to watch just turn tv off

  • sara

    so the Stupid of America get to watch a show about a habitually whining self-pitying fame whore continuing to exploit her poor defenseless kids? awesome.

    • Renee

      Yes sara… lucky us!

    • Constance

      No Sara – we get to read snide comments from people who don’t watch, don’t EVER have to watch but still feel compelled to share their snarging feelings

      • Sarah

        Well said, Constance… Considering that most of the people are complaining about how awful of a person Kate is, it seems all of you throughly enjoy talking about her…

    • Steph

      you hit the bulls eye Sarah…I commented earlier that so many have taken the time to bash and trash talk, but at the same time, they’ve literally spent so much time either googling Kate or reading all these blogs and commenting on how horrible she is? I must’ve missed something?

      • pauleen

        ya if i dont like someone i dont talk about them

  • ml

    I feel so awful for this kids. If you watch the show, you can tell some of the kids have serious social and emotional problems and I wouldn’t be surprised if the show had some sort of effect on that.

    • A

      I did watch the show and I never saw signs of “serious social and emotional problems”. They were normal little kids!! It’s people talking like this about them that’s going to cause the kids problems.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    WAit a minute! Isn’t Kate already doing her own show “Twist of Kate”? Is she doing two shows now?

    How is she going to spin this one? One show is money “for the kids” and the other is money for her divorce?

    • Chelsey

      no its just Kate plus eight!!!

  • jane


    • Jo

      Chelsey, she also has another show called “Twist of Kate”. She’ll be pimping those kids out on two shows.

      • tammy

        “Twist of Kate” is fan mail based where she meets with fans and tries to walk in their shoes for a day. They have permits for the kids to work only on Kate plus 8.

  • Tom

    Geeez…I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting. Those poor kids..hope she makes a lot of dough cuz she’s gonna need it for all the kids therapy bills. SHe totally pimps those ‘8 little friends’ out. Somebody pull the plug on this spotlight grabbing nobody.

    • MakesYaWonder

      Do you really think she’ll spend a dime of the money she makes on therapy for those children??? If she gave a damn about those kids she wouldn’t be putting them through this to begin with. Those kids are the only real victims here because they have no choice in the matter. Shame on her and shame on the entertainment industry for exploiting this entire thing!

  • illegitimate_son

    is she doing it for herself or for the kids….a lot of unknows here… but one thing is for sure, I couldnt give less of a sh*t

    • ryanzgunz

      hahahaha, well played good sir….well played

    • Kaitlyn

      If you all that seem to care so little for her, then why read the articles, respond to them and ultimately waste your time? You must have some interest. I like her. My mama told me that if I didn’t have something good to say about someone, don’t say anything at all. Shame your moms didn’t tell some of you the same thing!!

      • illegitimate_son

        My mother taught me to be a responsible parent and put my children first in life! not the almighty dollar. Kate is clearly an attention whore. All this BS about her doing it (dancing with the stars) for the kids and to support her family is complete nonsense. She does it for attention plain and simple. So before you go and insult my mother please know that every second of my life that I can, I spend with my family cultivating a good relationship with my spouse and childeren. I DO NOT have cameras in my house to record our special family moments for the viewing public to gawk at! The cameras (and kate’s insanity) destroyed that family so I am sorry if my mother didnt teach me to respect selfish ignorance!

      • A

        If there true harm being done to the kids, don’t you think there would be child psychology experts left and right speaking out against the show? You don’t because there isn’t any harm being done. They are happy, healthy little kids. If there are any psychological problems, it’s likely caused from the divorce, as many kids show signs after their parents divorce. The only people yelling about it are the jealous losers with too much time on their hand and a way too over-inflated ego. There are so many bad parents out there screwing up their kids every day. Kate may not be perfect but she is a loving mother who is providing for her kids the only that she now knows how to. It’s not like any hospital would hire her to be a nurse now – not when it would cause a swarm of paparazzi. If you don’t like her, don’t watch. Or watch but keep your mouth shut! Seriously, we’re all tired of the whining.

      • Caesar

        Well, my mama told me that if I didn’t have something good to say about someone, come sit next to her!

      • Mary

        I’ve seen the old “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ shows. I read this article about the new show. I have a right to comment and give my opinion, as does everyone else. I will not watch the new show(s). I don’t understand the concept: single mom with eight kids. She has nannies, probably/possibly others to help, and as other have said her former husband Jon is available. She is by no means a struggling single mother. Not sure if I’d call her a media whore. Don’t they do it for free? She’s getting paid big bucks.

      • MakesYaWonder

        A – OMG!!! Do you seriously believe the entertainment industry wouldn’t promote a show that harms someone??? How about you give me a call and I’ll make you a great deal on some ocean front property in Arizona… (real cheap too!)

    • A

      Than why even bother posting?

      • illegitimate_son

        to piss people like you off

  • hate kate

    why subject anyone to this fame whore call department of families and get some help for those kids instead

  • brandy

    Hate to say it, but everyone commenting on how Kate is a famewhore that needs to away still has enough interest to click on stories about her, read them, AND comment on them.

    • MakesYaWonder

      There’s a huge difference between reading, keeping informed of the world we live in, and expressing your opinion. This does NOT in any way suggest I support or agree with it!

  • Karen

    Please don’t watch these shows. Pimping is the absolute right word for what Kate is doing to her children. She whines and cries about making money to support her kids. Oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

    • joni

      yes, the best way to just get her off TV is to NOT watch these dumb shows. What is TLC thinking?
      She has it made already, living in a huge house, with nannies while she flies all over the country to cry and whine on TV. And she gets $5,000 hair extensions, tummy tucks, fake fingernails, spray tans, etc., etc… while those kids stay at home, without a MOM.
      Karen (above) is right: she is pimping her kids!
      Shame on you Kate!!!! you are disgusting.

    • lisa

      who cares what she does to make money? she’s trying to take care of 8 children. yall are all so ignorant. i’m sure yall are the best mothers ever right??? get a life and a job! Do u think the $$$ she has will last to raise and put 8 kids thru school? NO so she continues to work. More than some of yall getting ur welfare check every month.

      • illegitimate_son

        I may not be a perfect parent, but I DO NOT and WILL NEVER let a camera come into my home to let all of the world have their own little peep show of my family.

  • robinepowell

    A show? I thought TLC had changed it to a bunch of specials.

  • Jaymi

    Well I suppose you can’t support 8 kids on a NICU nurse’ salary!!! Gotta make some money somehow!!!

    • sara

      and apparently you are one of The Stupid who laps this idiocy up. Congrats on the complete lack of brain cells.

      • what?

        THANK YOU! Why do these people keep having children??

      • ERIKA


    • Renee

      Then she shouldn’t have HAD 8 kids….

      • Brenda

        Thank you Renee!

  • Rebecca

    Give Kate a break. There aren’t many of us who could pull off a great paying job and be responsible for caring for eight children. Go Girl!!

    • Nick

      Yes, please go.

      • ginger vitis


      • Jethro

        And go and go and go

    • sara

      and here we have another member of the cult of the stupid…

    • Capt. Trouble

      Most of us have a conscience, and wouldn’t try.

    • sawpap

      She’s no hero! How many other parents out there are trying to work hard to provide for their kids (single parents and couples)

      If she wants to provide for her kids – DONT DO IT IN MY LIVING ROOM! Go to MacDonalds or something. Not everyone wants you and your kids in our living rooms!

      • Marylu

        You really don’t have to watch, you know!!!!!

      • Pamela

        It’s quite simple. Don’t watch.

    • Suzanne

      You are so right Rebecca… these people are jealous! It cracks me up because they either read this stuff or watch the show!!! like I said it’s JEALOUSY!

      • A

        I completely agree!!! And clearly none of these people has ever actually watched the show!

      • k

        ok well i have watched kate from day 1 anybody who has knows that she didnt go to the doctors and ask him to give her 8 kids? she is doing what she has to do honestly i think her kids are doing great and are very well behaved(this being even before they came into money!)who do you think is responsible for that! i am a stay at home mom struggling and i think all who are critizing are jelous if you caught a break like that you would do the same thing!

    • Mom

      Rebecca, you’re one of the reasons that keep her on tv…and in the spotlight. if no one watched her,she would “go away”.

    • Milly Says

      Wake up you dopes. She isn’t caring for these kids, nannies, bodyguards wives, and friends, she is a fame whore and we all must stop the madsess of contributing to watching such garbage

  • pink

    I dont get it. She made A LOT of money pimping out her kids for their ENTIRE LIVES!!!! Plus writing books, endorcements ect. When is enough enough?? Heres a thought, move out of the ridiculously huge opulent mansion, and live a lot more simple. I grew up poor and I had a TON of fun. Why? Well, my mom and dad raised us with love, care, and quality time! SHE IS CRAZY!!!

    • Maureen

      Their “entire” lives? They’re only 6 years old LOL! ;)

      • jen

        yes, Einstein, and that is all these poor kids has ever known. At least the older 2 may still have some recollection of a mormal life before their parents whored them out for fame and money, but these kids have lost any chance of a normal childhood.

    • Hope

      I’m fourth of eight myself and we weren’t rich either but we had a blast. Like pink says my folks raised us in love and quality time for each.

  • Larisa

    Let’s move on. NOBODY feels pity for her anymore. If she cared so much about her kids she would quit showbiz

    • pauleen

      how many of our adult actors started out as children, i dont see that the kids arehurt they all are happy and well adjusted kids, i am sure all of you would love to be able to make the kind of money she does, and as for her living in a big house , why not she needs lots of room for her kids to graw

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