'Modern Family': Let Facebook grant Cam and Mitchell the power to kiss on the lips

It worked for Betty White! Now there’s a Facebook group called “Let Cam & Mitchell kiss on Modern Family,” and it’s probably going to work, too. Look at Mitchell. He is so sick of having to merely hug that sad clown who just wunna dance at the ballet! Just let them make out in the middle of the airport already. Viewers LOVE that. [Facebook]

Update 5/18: It seems this post has been called out, over a week later, for being “homophobic.” I don’t think it’s my job to explain how sarcasm works. I would like to clarify a few things, though, especially for readers who aren’t die hard ‘MF’ fans like we are:

–“I just wunna dance at the ballet” is a direct quote from the May 5 episode of ‘Modern Family.’ Fans of the show will easily recall Cameron’s spot-on Billy Elliot impression.
Cameron is literally a sad clown on ‘Modern Family.’ He’s known he wanted to be a clown (named Fizbo) ever since he found out clowns were just people with makeup. And he was sad in the airport during the episode in question. Clown/sad.
–“Viewers LOVE that” was my estimation of how people react to airport PDA in general. “Make out” is, I suppose, an unnecessarily exaggerated version of “kiss,” but if you saw the episode, Phil and Claire (the people on the left) were pretty much making out. It was an emotional moment! Anyway, I make no distinction between straight PDA and gay PDA, because there is no distinction. That’s the whole point. If you wanna make out, make out. Kiss. Peck. Whatever. Get it done.

PopWatch has always been a gay-friendly environment and our readers know that. This post was written tongue-in-cheek in support of the Facebook campaign to let Cam and Mitchell kiss on ‘Modern Family.’  I love ‘Modern Family,’ I adore Cam and Mitchell, and I apologize to those who see a “homophobic, heteronormative” voice above. You may be squinting too hard.

–Annie Barrett

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  • Kate


    Glad they’ve already shown them in bed together, but this would be an even bigger step.

  • steve

    That would be beautiful :) Hope they do it, great show.

    • ash

      Anybody notice what a double standard there is on primetime between lesbian women and gay men? I turned on ‘House’ one night at its eight o clock slot and was surprised to find Thirteen in a furious pre-sex, slamming against the wall and undressing each other makeout session with another woman. House is so popular among every statistic, I was surprised that they were allowed to do that! But a loving couple with a child isn’t allowed a shadow of a smooch? I know -I- don’t get it.

  • mscisluv

    Given that Eric Stonestreet (Cam) is straight, is it at all possible that he is uncomfortable with too much physical affection?

    • Dean

      No way. These are ACTORS. They are professionals. As an actor, you play the role true to your character. This isn’t high school. That’s not the reason.

    • AIan

      Maybe, but then he’s not a good actor and he shouldn’t have accepted the role. If Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall can have sex and kiss all throughout Brokeback, surely the actor who plays Cam, can “act” enough to kiss on MF?

      • Flyer

        The actors can’t do what the writers don’t write. If you’ve got an interview from Stonestreet, indicating that he has an issue with kissing a man, then by all means please post the link. If not, maybe you should keep your idiocy to yourself.

    • mscisluv

      I’m just posing a question about why they haven’t kissed yet. Lots of people are making speculations about the writers, the network, etc, and so I think it is fair to make sure there isn’t an issue with the actors before people make accusations about others’ motivations.

      • Dudette

        Sweetie, it doesn’t work that way. You don’t get to dictate that kind of thing as an actor, and you would have to be an idiot to audition for a gay role if you weren’t ready to play the part.

  • RayT

    I was watching this with my mother and she was shocked when they showed them sleeping in the same bed. Can’t wait to see her reaction to this!

  • HD

    A kiss would be great but I’m not sure it should be rushed. You’re talking about busting a big taboo on one of TV’s biggest hits. As Jesse said in OUT magazine, he hopes that if and when Cam get married that’s when the kiss will happen. I think that’s a good idea because it will mean that much more. Love the show, the couple and am gay myself but I just want the writers to be careful here.

    • Lu

      I agree with you on some points but you know what, shatter the taboo. I remember the episode of ER when Dr. Green was dying and he was the first person to say sh*t on prime time TV it was a big deal for like 2 seconds and then everyone started doing it and now the only taboo word for network TV is f*ck. just do it. Break the barrier and stop catering to those who are afraid of anything other than heteronormativity.

    • Flyer

      I understand where you (and Jesse) are coming from in thinking the first kiss should be kind of momentous. But to play devil’s advocate, I can’t help but think the path to acceptance might be made easier if Cam/Mitchell just shared a matter-of-fact kiss and moved on with the scene. (A kiss in the airport, positioned right next to Claire/Phil’s kiss, would have been perfect.) With the show’s pace, there’d be little time for someone to get offended before they’d be laughing again. And it would help establish the idea that kisses between Cam/Mitchell are just as normal as kisses between the other couples on the show.

      • Sarah

        Totally agree. I don’t think it should be a momentous occasion for the simple fact that Mitchell and Cam have been in a long-term relationship. Surely they have kissed before, why make such a big deal?

      • Jenny

        Yes, exactly with Sarah. Plus, regarding that airport scene last week: It felt so wrong to see them just hug at that moment. It was awkward (but not in the good, funny way), like they were a closeted couple who didn’t want anyone at the airport to know they were together.

      • Lyndi

        Exactly my thoughts. I loved how on Buffy, the first kiss we saw between Willow & Tara wasn’t made a big deal of, because it was in the ep where Buffy’s mother died and all the focus was on that. It was one lover consoling her grieving partner, and it felt nothing but completely natural.

    • topher

      Two men sharing a minor peck in 2010 is about as taboo as Luci and Desi sharing a bed in 1951.

    • Ed

      Other shows on ABC have gay characters kissing (Brothers & Sisters), so having a gay kiss on TV isn’t groundbreaking anymore. And the gay couple on Modern Family have an adopted child, so it’s kind of odd that all they do is hug when the other couples kiss.

  • hobokendave

    A simple peck on the lips like “hi honey I’m home” would be a great start. No one is campaigning for a full on make out session.

    • AIan


    • Amanda

      Amen! Just the fact that it’s a part of their lives as a couple would be great. It doesn’t need to be a big production, like “Hey, look, everybody, we’re gay, and we’re kissing! Just wanted to make sure you were looking!” But if they’d just actually show them kissing like a normal couple, I think it would be great for the show.

  • lisasp

    Scotty and Kevin have kissed more than once on Brothers & Sisters…I realize it is a drama that airs at 10 pm vs a family sitcom, but if Mitchell and Cam kissed, it wouldn’t be like it was the first man on man kiss in prime time.

    • Kristen

      In Buffy, Willow and Tara kissed a lot and that show was on at 8 or 9 at night. I’m set for some Cam and Mitchel kisses.

    • Diggity

      Didn’t Joey and Chandler or Ross kiss on Friends? And were there not kisses on Will and Grace? What is the big deal here?

      • Dudette

        Straight guys kissing as a comedy bit doesn’t count in my book. And Will and Grace had constant innuendo about gay sex but the men were never shown being sexual, just funny (Jack) or kind a best buddy (Will and his boyfriend).

  • Mandy

    Scotty and Kevin kiss all the time on Brothers & Sisters. And not just the quick peck either. So it wouldn’t be that new for a gay couple to kiss on primetime (though this is a comedy geared more to families than B&S is).
    Even so, Cam & Mitchell should kiss!

  • Soldier

    Hug, kiss and make love just like any couple in love! And now!

  • Travis

    They should definitely let them kss! How is it any different than the 9 pm ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy which shows Arizon and Torres making out, even in last week’s episode. Other than the fact that they are two women, which generally is more acceptable than showing two men kiss… Or that Grey’s is generally geared to a more adult audience and not necessarily a “family” show.

  • Nicole

    I agree that this needs to happen. It’s gotten to the point where it’s a topic of discussion after each episode – “nope, they STILL didn’t kiss!”. It was especially glaring to me in the scene pictured above though, because you had both couples side by side in exactly the same emotional state, and one couple is passionately kissing while the other is platonically hugging.

    I would be shocked to discover that Eric Stonestreet is uncomfortable with a kiss – he took the job knowing he’d be playing a gay man in a serious committed relationship – kissing would be implied in that. Plus, he seems extremely gay-friendly (especially if you follow him on Twitter – he and his tv partner seem to have a lot of love and respect for each other). Bring it, ABC!

    • julia

      well Will and Jack kissed on will and grace once and thats a comedy in primetime so i dont see why modern family cant do that

      • Dudette

        And that was done to make a point about the show not letting the gay characters kiss. It wasn’t a genuine moment between two guys who are into each other. That drove me nuts about that show.

  • Lynn

    I didnt notice when i watched the epi but in the still picture, look how far apart their bodies are. It looks like they each think the other has “cooties” or something. The hug between them does not look comfortable, maybe it is the actors that arent wanting to do an actual kiss??

    • Nicole

      Just saw this on Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Twitter page:

      I will sign it if you do too! RT @brianjheck: @jessetyler The Facebook campaign for a Cam/Mitchell kiss has begun! http://bit.ly/9OS4sm
      6:51 PM May 8th via Echofon

  • JJ

    It’s a well known fact that gay people don’t kiss. They just hug.

  • sarah

    I actually like the show because they don’t kiss. Not that I have a problem with it at all, I just feel like the show is so not focused on breaking taboos or fighting the man. They just make funny stuff. I don’t even see them as a gay couple, just one of the funny couples. We haven’t really seen Gloria be affectionate either? Will there be a fb group for poor Al Bundy?
    I get so tired of people wanting to break barriers. Just let the show be funny.

    • topher

      Two men adopting a baby together is WAY WAY WAY more taboo than seeing them kiss. So if you think this show and this couple aren’t breaking barriers, you are incredibly naive.

      • Jenny

        exactly. That and gay kisses are hardly breaking barriers anymore. Almost every show I watch these days has at least one gay character and they kiss, make out, have sex. Some other posters have mentioned Kevin and Scotty on Brothers and Sisters. They are treated like any other couple on the show. We saw them get married, we see them kiss all the time, make out, in bed together and talk about sex (even once came really close to an all male threesome). The barriers have already been broken. It’s time gay couples start getting treated like hetero couples. Also, Jay and Gloria may not kiss on screen, but they are much more affectionate towards each other than we have ever seen Cam and Mitch be.

  • Ames

    I don’t necessarily need them to kiss. But I would like to see them get along better. They’ve been bickering through a few episodes now, and it’s kind of uncomfortable. Some genuine affection between them would be nice.

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