'Eclipse' trailer in front of 'Iron Man 2': Best reaction you heard?

twilight-iron-manImage Credit: Kimberley French; Industrial Light & MagicThe trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was among the previews played before Iron Man 2 over the weekend (at least in the theater where I saw it). It’s a brilliant idea: Try to show the men in the Iron Man audience — who are, essentially, captive — that the third film in the Twilight franchise is about an army of vampires, not the love triangle. Did it work in your theater? What’s the best reaction you heard — good or bad? After the jump, the NSFMD (Not Suitable for Mother’s Day) conversation that took place behind my mom and I:

College boy #1: I’m so excited, I just got a chubby.

College boy #2: I’d rather watch Harry Potter and jerk off.

College boy #1: Hey, I like Harry Potter.

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  • &&

    I saw Iron Man 2 on Friday in a theatre mostly full of 18-25 year old males. The Eclipse trailer got a lot of laughter. I think I heard a few “yeah, right” comments around me.

    • Jane

      Yeah–laughter, several boos, and the 15 year old boy sitting next to me kept saying “Aw, hell no” the entire time.

      • Derrick

        We had a “Aw, hell no” also. lol

    • !!

      One guy screamed some unintelligable profanity extremely loudly

    • Celia

      The eclipse trailer was not in front of Iron Man 2 at my theater (THANK GOD!) However the trailers for:

      Super 8
      Prince of Persia
      The Last Airbender
      and a bunch of other action films were and they were ALL very impressive. I don’t know what I want to see first.

      • Kelsey

        I’m jealous. I got Robin Hood instead of Airbender (dumb since RH opens this week) and the OLD Eclipse teaser (which was awful) instead of Inception. NOT happy…

      • lizzie

        At my theater we had at least four trailers/featurettes for Prince of Persia, and it made me lose intrest in the movie completely. But my friends and I screamed when The Last Airbender trailer played.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Robin Hood looks good to me,

  • Ed

    When I saw Iron Man 2, there was no preview for Eclipse, which I am thankful for. I saw the first Twilight movie, and I thought it was just awful, so I consider myself lucky to not be subjected to a preview for the upcoming film.

    • llevinso

      There was no Eclipse trailer when I saw Iron Man 2 yesterday either. Thank goodness!

  • M

    no Eclipse trailer for the showing I was at

    Last Airbender
    that JJ Abrams teaser
    Grown Ups

    • llevinso

      I saw all of those as well, minus Inception unfortunately, that would’ve been cool. And then there was one other which I can’t remember at the moment…

    • Kris

      I saw all of those including Inception. I remember thinking thank goodness, no twilight crap.

      • ang

        uh h.. i actually seen iron man 2. and by the way it was awesome. and i was lucky enough to see the eclipse trailer!! don’t be jealous because you don’t look like any of those Cullen boys!!!!! lets hear it for eclipse.

      • dutch dooley

        Yet another stupid vamire movie geared to selling teen girls more crap they dont need. come on america, do we really need this bs? dang

    • Tha Phoenix

      All films I can’t wait to see!

    • Celia

      Same ones for me. When the Prince of Persia trailer was on, one guy behind me said, “this was directed by the same guy who did Goblet of Fire.” Other than that, everyone was silent during the trailers. There was a lot of whispering after The Last Airbender trailer though. It was pretty impressive.

  • Ambient Lite

    So ridiculous that they’re marketing it to men in the Iron Man 2 audience. Really dumb. There ARE some men who will see both, but those men don’t need to be marketed to, they’re already planning on seeing it. Trying to push it on people who already hate the series will only make things worse.

    • Remy

      I don’t think it’s trying to shove it on them. Iron Man 2 is going to be one of the biggest films of the year – Twilight would be crazy to pass on the marketing opportunity.

      Ugh, did I seriously just defend Twilight? Kill me.

      • Alichat

        You defended the marketing logic, not Twilight per se.

        Make ya feel better??

    • Anna

      you’re right, it’s a joke haha!

    • Heather2

      You’re right. Whatever men have not been turned onto it, are not going to get turned onto it now. Twilight is not guy friendly anyway, sorry Summit. Besides, it wasn’t in front of the showing I went to. I was very disappointed.

    • Mel

      Make it worse? I guess I didn’t know the twilight series had it “bad” in the first place, ’cause these are the facts:

      According to Box Office Mojo, Iron Man 2’s $52.4m opening, which includes approximately $7.5m it earned at Thursday midnight screenings, is no. 7 on the all-time list for first-day box-office grosses.

      The Twilight Saga: New Moon is no. 1 with $72.7m, followed by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (the record-holder for a three-day weekend, with $158m), Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 3, Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

      • Ambient Lite

        Mel, my comment had NOTHING to do with box office success. I mean marketing it to the wrong group will feed the hate against the fans.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Not bad but not a movie series for straight men.

    • ang

      uhh excuse me??? uhm that very sexist of you. not all men see iron man. a lot of women do to. okay? thats first.. second of all eclipse is amazing. you boys need to grow up and stop feeling insecure about yourself s because your not as good looking, or successful as the people in that movie…..

  • Remy

    Ha! I have no interest in Twilight, but that Harry Potter conversation made my day.

    • Kisha

      Speaking of Harry Potter I’m ready for a new trailer .

      • Remy


      • Jane

        A 3D trailer!

      • Sara

        Ironically, I bet they debut the Harry Potter trailer before Eclipse this summer. They at least have a more similar audience than Iron Man/Twilight/

      • Johnification

        Oh God, Jane, I hope it’s not in 3D! It was shot as a 2D movie, so I’d hate to see them convert it just to make an extra buck. I will see a 3D movie if it was shot that way, but HP was NOT.

      • dizzy

        I think we’re all ready!!! I’m sure that it will come soon enough since Magic Box Music announced they’re working on the score for the new Deathly Hallows trailer.

      • harry

        damn straight!!!

      • Celia

        I know right! When, oh when will it happen? Technically we’ve only gotten a sneak peek (AWESOME) so far. I think the new trailer may premiere with Splice or Jonah Hex (two WB films), but I also heard a rumor that WB is planning to release it with the twilight film.

      • Kelsey

        Unfortunately the new HP will trailer will be with Eclipse on June 30. Not happy about it at all. I’m just gonna watch it online or wait to see it with another film.
        Smart marketing though — most Twilight fans are also HP fans and in many cases BIGGER HP fans than they are Twilight fans.

      • ang

        uhh.. everyone.. we are not talking about hp!!! this is a twilight / iron man convo. got it “??

    • char

      did you know that a star from both movies are getting married to each other

    • Emma

      College boy #1: I’m so excited, I just got a chubby.

      College boy #2: I’d rather watch Harry Potter and jerk off.

      College boy #1: Hey, I like Harry Potter.

      ^ That made me laugh. Also, I can’t WAIT for the HP trailer, needless to say also the movie! I do like Twilight as well, just not as much. I think that trailer was actually pretty cool looking, and that was a smart move on their part.

  • Samsonite

    I’m counting the days until Twilight is dead and gone. How does such mediocrity breed such a strong following?

    • Shedagurl


      • JustForKicks

        Shedagurl, people go to watch a film and pay money, they don’t get money… lol – I’m thinking you misread the comment. ;P

    • Michelle

      Final movie comes out 11/18/2011…keep counting.

      • Ambient Lite

        Technically, that might not be the final move, but part 1 of the final 2…but yeah, keep counting.

  • Rod

    When the trailer came on, there was a mixtures of squeals of delight and hissing at the same time. My friend and I could not stop laughing, esp. when one girl screamed “Taylor’s so hot!!” and some guy yelled back “Loser!”

    • jake

      That guy sounds like a riot

  • t.t

    20ish year old guy “oh god what next sex and the city 2?”

    • Caitie F

      Our theater showed Sex and the City 2 preview. Why?? I was hoping for Inception, but we got that crap instead…

  • WD

    As a theatre manager, I made a point of sticking the “Eclipse” trailer on the front of “Iron Man 2″. I like to make people laugh, what can I say?

    The comment I got was “Dude, what are you DOING??? Those effects are CHEESY man”.

  • Cooley Horner

    A friend of mine told me about it and said, “Stephanie Meyer’s “vampire” army looks about as tough and intimidating as the cast of Glee.” I laughed a lot at that!

    • ang

      because if you knew anything. vampires in the twilight series don’t need to “look strong or tough” they have alottt of power. and are immortal. so looking strong is not a big deal. i bet the cast of glee is tougher then you!

  • You are dumb

    Why do people assume this is about male vs female.
    I am female went to see Ironman2. Liked it better than the first one which I felt was over rated. Like Dark Knight way better than either Ironman. However I wouldn’t be caught dead paying a cent to watch anything about Twilight at this point. I saw the first one a friend took me to see it. It was ok however nothing to remember after the movie was over, and the acting was horrible. So I was done. So don’t assume this is always male vs female. I sneer when the trailers for this series comes on. Thankfully I saw no such trailer at Ironman.

    • &&

      I don’t really understand how you can make this comment if you haven’t seen Iron Man 2. Wow, you must have special powers to say what the audience will be when you do see the movie.

      I saw it Friday afternoon and the theatre was full. I would say it was probably 75% male and most of the men were young. The girls that walked past me (I was in an aisle seat) while the credits were rolling, overall, looked unhappy. Most seemed to be with their boyfriends and not there willingly. Now I was the one that pushed to see Iron Man 2 since I loved the first one, but please don’t act like you are special because you enjoy movies based on comics and happen to be female. There are plenty out there, they just didn’t seem to be in the theatre I was in.

      For the record, when I saw New Moon in the theatre last fall, the audience there was about 90% female and I heard one guy loudly say “God this movie sucks” about an hour in. So people assume this is about males and females because, based on observations around me, it is.

      • laceey

        your so write

      • hooiskellie

        “your so write” hahaha how does that even happen??? nice.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Straight male vs. female and gay dudes basically

    • colin

      I believe that in your strain to be the exception, you are ignoring reality.

      • Riley

        Laceey–plese lern two spel chek whn yr postt s onely 3 workds lang.

  • Skippy

    Sally – take a long walk off a short pier.

    THe twilight fans are giggly teen age girls and I am stumped as to why, other than the marketing opportunity, they would run a movie with Robert Patterson’s over-gelled bed head and gloomy Kristin Stewart in front of a theater filled with MEN (probably mostly straight) who are in the theater intent on watching a lot of sh*t get blown up… I’d dare to say most of those guys are not interested in watching a bunch of CGI werewolves chomp on an army of hormonal teen-age vampires. :)

    • Skippy

      Ok, Sally’s comment seems to be gone. Please ignore my comment to Sally.

    • Joe

      Sorry Skippy, but there are plenty of gays who see superhero films. Let’s try to trade in a few less stereotypes. We gays like the action just as much as anyone else

      • Skippy

        Sorry Joe, but you didn’t read my comment… I believe I stated, and I quote, “probably mostly straight”. I did not stereotype. I am aware that gays are interested in the same things as straight men. Please don’t make more of this than there is and really, there isn’t anything to make out of this. To be overly-sensitive because you didn’t read what I wrote does not put me at fault and I won’t apologize either.

      • kate

        No kidding! Also, as a woman whose movie collections contains far more action than droopy romantic… anything, maybe we can stop looping all women in with the twi-hard idiots. Just because a lot of women like it, doesn’t mean we all do. I’d have been yelling at the screen myself if they showed it before Iron Man 2.

      • Skippy

        I did not stereotype… read the comment… it said “probably mostly straight.” Stop being overly-sensitive and don’t make a mountain out of a mole-hill.

      • Skippy

        Oops… hee hee…sorry for the replay… guess I’m being overly-sensitive!!! LMAO!

      • Lady Grace

        I think what Skippy is trying to point out here is that the Twilight preview was meant for a different audience. Showing it before the Iron Man 2 movie was probably not their best marekting move. A film preview should be shown to an audience who would be interested in seeing it. I doubt many folks who were in a theater to see Iron Man 2 are going to be standing in a line for 2 days waiting breathlessly for the Twilight movie tickets. Wow, tough crowd! We don’t have to make an issue out of everything. Skippy is correct – people are way too sensitive.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Gay men may like the movies but I bet at least some are going for different reasons than the tsraight dudes like RDJ.

    • Just For Kicks

      Skippy, I have to say your comment made me giggle somewhat,

      ‘THe twilight fans are giggly teen age girls’.

      Although I have to point out that amazingly enough some ‘fans’ are actually no longer teenagers.
      Shockingly enough I’m 35 and yet I can still find it within myself to enjoy fiction. This will probably shock Kate a little too, but I’m not an idiot either.
      Skippy just because you use the word ‘probably’, does not extract from the fact it is a sterotype. This is not being overly-sensitive, it’s just pointing out that such a generalisation is not appreciated.
      ‘I did not stereotype… read the comment… it said “probably mostly straight.”
      Also the ‘Twihard idiots’ would not need the trailor to know the film is being released. So it only makes financial sense to target a new audience…

      Now that I have talked about Twilight so much I’m finding myself a little breathless. *eye roll*

      • BlackIrish4094

        Ewww, you are a creepy Twi-mom. So gross. So the movies are for screechy teenage girls, gay men and twi-moms living through their second adolescence. Plus you may be an idiot as earlier suggested.

    • Lainey


      I squealed. Yep that’s right. I’m 27, married, teach English, have a masters, was drunk at the theater at midnight after an engagement party, couldn’t wait to see Sh*t get blown up, and I squealed–just like I squealed the first time I saw the Iron Man 2 preview and just like I will when the “Avenger” spin-offs begin.

      “Why?” you ask.
      “In what universe could a fan of one be a fan of the other?”

      Well aside from the fact that I’m relieved my poor husband will have at least a little more action and a little less insufferable Bella to deal with in this third installment, I think both films are quite similar.

      I know, I know–really I do. You can’t believe my assertion, but really, let’s look at it like this:

      Both have:
      1) the “ridiculously-good-looking-male-lead-who-is-nearly-invincible-and-a-total-bad-ass”
      2) philosophical questions about what to do with one’s life in the face of death
      3) Unfulfilled, if not unrequited, love triangles.
      4) Questionable scientific theories to explain away plot holes (like sparkly vampires, overheated werewolves, and brand-spanking-new-elements- on the periodic table)
      5) Vindictive villains from the past motivated by sadistic jealousy.
      6) And of course the basic battle of good vs. evil that drives any good fantasy story.

      So do I agree that Twilight is over-wrought and takes itself too seriously as a franchise? Of course.

      But do I think that Stephanie Meyer set out writing that story to have it blow up like this, and then have her young adult literature bashed for being too simplistic. (It was written for 12-18 year olds, and has been on the market for years now.) No.

      Do I think Iron Man would make better literature than Twilight? Prolly not.

      Or that a selfish, ADHD, party-animal turned cocky superhero is more or less admirable than a man who doesn’t want to be responsible for destroying his lover’s soul?

      No–No, I can’t be the judge of that because frankly there’s a fair amount of entertainment value in both. Moreover, you can’t blame the franchise for taking advantage of a huge blockbuster release, when the dirty truth is more than half of those men booing the film will probably be dragged there by their women sometime in the future. At least this trailer gave them a tiny sliver of hope that the third time is the charm.

      (Oh, and I must say I rather dislike the “idiot” label, simply for liking something you do not, when in fact we share a love of Iron Man. However, the mere fact that you threw in the “straight” comment reflects your disturbing tendency to resort to labeling anything different from you, so I don’t feel too personally offended.)

      Good luck learning to get along with others :) And I hope you stay single long enough to avoid the Twilight mania! Not that I’m worried.

      • Jamie

        You are my hero! thanks for organized thoughts about twilight:)

      • Brandon

        You forget that the Twilight series have more crap in them than anything philosophical, and that the action they show is all made with cheesy effects.

        I’m shocked your an english teacher and actually like that poorly written crap, maybe you should re-read it and then think about it again?

    • Mel

      Did you know that if you write a nice, thoughtful post without any swear words–the God’s of the EW page will delete it. I worked so hard on complete sentences, spelling, punctuation (until the end anyway), and relevant commentary. Too bad people can’t read/write–maybe then my post wouldn’t have been judged as too long :(

      Anyway–my whole point had been that their not that different. Their both Fantasy, both involve questionable science, both deal with the questions of immortality, both track nearly invincible superheroes and unrequited love triangles, both make millions of dollars, and neither make fantastic literature. Sounds like they’re both recipes for Blockbuster success, so why not show them together.

  • Heather2

    Hahahahaha. I love all the fake convos that you people are coming up with. I could come up with a lot better and I am a Twilight fan. Puppy Power vs. The Powdered Donut? But then again Iron Man 2 was just as cheesy as any Eclipse trailer that I have seen, so keep laughing.

  • Marie

    “Wait. So there’s zombies in these books?” from a friend who refuses to read the books or see the movies.

  • Grant

    a girl directly behind me said ” I would rather shove needles in my eyes than see that.” hahahhaha I turned around and gave her a high five. Just a little side note. I used to love twilight but when breaking dawn came out my love for them completely died because that book just proved that Stephanie meyer has no skills in writing a final installment or at all for that matter. I could go on for days.

    • Yay

      You going on for days is not really the point. People like it. Leave it, let it go!

    • ang

      ohh really.. if stephanie meyer sucks that bad. how about you write a book.. and make it a ” best seller” yea thats what i thought.. listen people. it was great top see that in front of iron man 2 because a lot of people who like action movies go see iron man , and eclipse is full of action. and a lot of people love twilight/new moon / eclipse. you guys have to stop fricken hating because you all have no lives sitting here, and talking about how much you hate a movie………….

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