'Men In Black III' in 3D to be released in 2012

mibHold on a second while I put on my sunglasses. [Pause] Okay, here we go. Now, I’m just going to hold this little device up to your eyes, and you’re going to see a tiny flash. And then you know what’s going to happen? You’re going to forget that Men In Black II ever happened.

And if that doesn’t wash your memory of MIB2, hopefully this will: Columbia Pictures announced today that Men In Black III¬†will be released in 3-D on May 25, 2012. The whole crew is set to return as well — according to Columbia’s press release, deals have been made with Will Smith and director Barry Sonnenfeld, and advanced negotiations are in place with Tommy Lee Jones. (Also close to being on board: Josh Brolin, who is in talks to star as the young version of Jones’ Agent Kay.)

So now that we know they’re all back together, the question is: Are we pumped for the sequel? It’s been eight years since MIB2, so here’s hoping the crew has had time to digest what went wrong the second time around. All I can say is I’m kind of glad Vincent D’Onofrio¬†isn’t on board this time — a 3-D version of his sugar-water loving Edgar/cockroach would be petrifying. What say you, PopWatchers?

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  • Ryan O’Brien

    Nothing like taking 15 years to make one trilogy

    • crispy

      Great now they are starting to annoy me with this 3-D. Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing technology however it’s causing them to reboot crappy franchises that should have never made it past the first movie. Ugh.. here come in the women in pink again.

      • brycemccleary

        I couldn’t agree with you more crispy.. It is amazing technology, but it’s already become suturated and overplayed..

      • mark moyer

        I aggree crisp, plus they will charge $6 extra for the 3D version ($14 Total, today) (might be $20 in 2 years). I will watch it for free on my computer the day after it comes out at the theater anyway, I saw Iron Man 2 April 29.

      • girlie

        i guess 3-D is the future, but how ’bout great stories? the two must must go hand in hand.

      • EVA_Unit_4A

        It’ll be like the all-CGI-animated-movie revolution all over again- Hollywood will think that the only great movies they can make are in 3D… and we’re JUST getting out of that slump. Thanks, Pixar, thanks a lot.

      • Lee

        mark, piracy is part of the reason for increased ticket prices and the push toward 3D in cinemas. it is much easier to record and watch a bootleg of a 2D projected image than a 3D one.

      • Sam

        Men in Black III : The Quest For Cash

      • Carl Townsend

        Is the high ticket prices the result of piracy or piracy the result of high ticket prices? Now they delay the rentals a month in Netflix so people will buy the DVD. No wonder there is piracy. They are actually inviting us to be pirates. Why don’t they make good movies, then we’ll by them. Like Avatar.

      • iCE

        Yes – let’s all go and steal from these people by watching pirated versions of the movies. Great job. What is your place of business? Please let me know so I can find a way to steal from you – it’s no big deal, right?

      • rob

        im not into it either . but it will stop the scum bag pirates.

      • Darro

        I couldn’t agree more girly.
        There hasn’ been a good plot sence pulp fiction

      • jeff pierre


      • george

        Sam, way to recycle a spaceballs joke.

    • Zap Rowsdower

      I’m still waiting for “Men In Black Men 2: The Re-entry”

    • EVA_Unit_4A

      George Lucas did… twice.

    • KRibbons

      I wish it DID have D’onofrio. He’s sexy in anything.

      • Cynaera

        I thought Vincent D’Onofrio was hysterical in MIB2. I’d seen him in such serious roles, so to watch him go totally buggy and slapstick was a delight. MIB2 is still one of my guilty pleasure escapist movies.

      • Amber Carper

        Couldn’t agree with you more, he is so sexy!

    • velatos

      I agree with crispy…3d makes me dizzy..

      • Cyn

        Hate the 3D. Gives me a headache and ruins the movie. Not to mention sharing those “attractive” glasses with every nasty person in town..yuck!

    • Addison

      Men in Black II was not a bad movie. Smh.

      • Elysia

        Yeah, I really liked MIBII!

      • Teri

        I liked MIB2, also!!

    • loraini celua

      ooooh dat waz realy cool mahn!!!!!!i jst cant wait for MIB3

  • silk

    Why do they announce this two years ahead? Are we going to hear about this movie all the time during the next two years? Do they know things can happen in two years? I don’t even want to know what movies will be coming out in the Fall!

    • therealeverton

      Because you have to book your release dates at least 2 years ahead of time. Marvel booked slots for all of their Avengers prequels and
      The Avengers last year for Iron Man 2, Thor, Cap and The Avengers even though three of those were for release in 2011 or 2012.

      If you wait you’ll find your film has no clear date and nobody wants to find out they have to open their $200m movie within days of Transformers, Star Trek The Avengers or Batman begins pt. 3

  • Tha Phoenix

    OF COURSE!! It’s Will Effin’ Smith – I will be there no doubt! :)

  • erak

    MIB II felt more like a missed opportunity than a bad movie. It has its moments (“he’s a Ballchinnian!”), but it seemed like they started shooting with only a rough draft.

    • Agent C

      They are actually scroat-throats :)

    • omega

      I still enjoyed MIB2, although admittedly it wasn’t the powerhouse the first one was. Wish 3 were much closer than two years – I’ll really look forward to it!

  • Brad

    Everything about Will Smith is one big phony lie.

    • therealeverton


    • Tyler

      At least he is a good actor. What do you got that matches up to that? Thats what I thought, NOTHING!!!

      • The Vicster

        Will Smith a good actor? Haha, that’s like saying Chef Boyardee is a good cook. Though, as a kid I liked his music…but kids are stupid…so I use that defense

      • RMW

        I liked Chef Boyardee’s music, too. His albums are underappreciated gems.

    • jwyanda


      • Renee

        I second that Jwyanda!!!!!

      • jesus christ

        sometimes i like to poop!

    • tee

      What do you have to hate? Is it because he does not fit your stereotype of a black man from the hood. sorry loser.. he is being his funny self… bye hater!!!

      • napalm6er

        typical…pull the race card if you have no intelligent response.

      • Sean Collins-Smith

        Yeah, gotta say, Will Smith is a good actor. To me he’s like the black Tom Hanks…he can play anything with some credibility. He did romantic comedy pretty well in Hitch, the one-man show in I Am Legend, the action hero in Bad Boys/ID4/Men In Black, and he even did a kids movie- Shark Tale.

    • Drake

      Obvious Troll is Obvious

  • Marcy

    Just read that they’re hoping to bring in Jaden Smith as a street-smart, sassy protege.. they should call it Two and a Half Men in Black!

    • paige


  • Skippy

    I didn’t think MIB II was so bad…it had its moments and definitely wasn’t the best movie I’ve even seen, but I didn’t think it was so bad I needed the flashy thing to erase my memory.

  • mscisluv

    The original MIB uis one of my favorite movies ever, and I’m a huge Will Smith fan, so naturally I’m looking forward to this. But 3D? That seems silly and unnecessary. Just try making a good movie to make up for MIB II!

  • Joe

    MIB II was almost as bad as Bad Boys II. Can you imagine Bad Boys 3D? Ugh.

    • Ryan O’Brien

      I like Bad Boys II. lol

  • mikey

    Ugh, I’m already fearing the shameless product tie-in with the Ray-Ban designed MIB-3D specs.

    • Vince from NYC

      Wow.. Good call..

  • Stacie

    Who am I kidding? I’ll be seeing this on opening weekend.

    • mark moyer

      I will watch it the day after on the computer for free.

    • Skippy

      I will be in line also. Can’t wait.

    • KoolaidQueen

      I will be seeing this openeing night with my MIB costume complete with my nosiy cricket and neuralizer(sp)

  • Jose

    Sigh, now that director Barry Sonnenfeld will be wasting his time on this, people like me can start losing hope on him doing the Pushing Daisies movie instead.

  • Mary Jo

    No Tommy Lee Jones, No movie.

    • webmistress

      totally agree with that, movies suck when they cancel the original leads from the sequel

    • rob


    • Marie

      I think Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith were an excellent combination. MIB for it’s far fetched story line is a great movie. It is better than half the stuff coming out now for our kids to watch. Again, Will Smith is an awesome actor. Love all his movies.

  • Mike

    How can they everyone is back if they don’t have Rip Torn? He was my favorite.

    • Nikki

      Because Rip Torn is in prison for bank robbery in Connecticut!

      • girlie


      • Steve

        Guess we know another reason it’s not coming out ’till 2012. Somebody might be putting in a good word with the parole board…

      • baptiste

        Get your facts straight AZZ HAT, he received probation not prison time. Love the accuracy of the INTERNET!

    • Brian

      Maybe K can take over for Zed’s position at MIB.

  • Penny

    I loved the first one. Really disliked the 2nd one. I am hoping the third one is better. But 3D?!!? I am so sick of 3D. I can’t watch it. It gives me headaches.

    • therealeverton

      That’s a shame and you’re not alone, but that won’t stop movies being made in 3D as the majority of people can watch it just fine.

      It’s the future you should worry about. For now studios always put out a 2D version too. 1 – 3 years from now they won’t be bothering. Unless, of course, they continue to make Frankenstein’s 3D conversions like Clash of The Titans and The Last Airbender (like that movie doesn’t have enough problems with turning the main heroes into white guys and havig many of the villains be “dark skinned”!). If they let the quality of movie slip then 3D will die; again.

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