'30 Rock' recap: A mother knows

30-Rock-Mom-MothersImage Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC  In the midst of planning a special Mother’s Day episode (thank you NBC for re-airing Bitch Hunter, more Will Ferrell for us!) the moms of the TGS cast and crew showed up and taught us a great deal about our friends: Danny is adopted, Liz could have been Buzz Aldrin’s son, and Tracy has no idea what his mom looks like, aside from the fact she wore red in 1984. While moms have a way of protecting us from these family secrets, they can always tell when we’re hiding something of our own. With her motherly instincts in full gear, it only took Colleen Donaghy two seconds to realize her Jackie was sleeping with Avery the altar boy (she already knew about Nancy, thanks to her spy at Our Lady of Reluctant Integration). And with that, behold the power of the moms. Since Mother’s Day is only a few days away, I’m going to go try on my “Emily’s Mom’s Daughter” denim jumpsuit, but here are the night’s 10 best lines:

“You must have me confused with someone else, I have never been to Chicago. [whispers] I sexually assaulted Scottie Pippen in 1997.” – Verna, who injured her back in a trampoline accident

“Oh, the fiddle’s in the creek and the frog’s in the kitchen — I apologize ma’am that is not a song, you make me very nervous.”– Kenneth, or should I say Carl…or Keith, right?… wait, who am I?

“These overalls are chafing…I can’t wear these pajamas fishing!” — Pajamarallscommercial, “Pajamaralways!”

“Who cares? She’s awesome and so am I. I want Serena Williams to be my mother!” — Tracy who’s real mom might be named Cheryl

“Whuck?!” — Liz ,who’s just waiting for astronaut Mike Dexter, who also happens to be the secret King of Monaco

“The night before he was shipped off to Korea, I repeatedly lost my virginity to him while Waldo the town perv watched from the bushes” — Margaret, a graduate of secretary’s school who landed a job at Sterling Cooper (holy Mad Men reference! I guess she couldn’t have had an affair with Don Draper because then she’d would have dated Liz’s Drew.  Bert Cooper it is!)

“Different times! Octomom!” — Liz, at her best went shouting out random would-be pop culture references like Laura Linney made-for-TV movie titles

“Very different indeed. Like cantaloupe and a ziplock bag of mushroom soup.” — John Francis, a hotshot in New York City who pours Scotch like a woman

“I walked on your face!” — Buzz Aldrin, who doesn’t believe in barriers… because he always breaks them

“Put the mimosa down, BITCH!” — Will Ferrell, the Bitch Hunter

Motherless Tracy can be childish or over the top at times (or all the time), but the brilliance of his character lies in his own thought process, and the self-satisfied look that comes with him having an aha! moment. To Tracy and Jenna, his speech about how we can’t choose our moms “even when they’re fake,” was revolutionary. Those two are my favorite TV friends. It was fun to see the resemblances between all the moms and their kids, especially the overly proud mamas of Frank and Lutz (played by Patti LuPone and…Lutz).

Did you enjoy Buzz Aldrin yelling at the moon as much as I did? Are you waiting for your own Mike Dexter, PopWatchers? Or will you settle for a Dick Lemon? Which 30 Rock mom is your favorite?

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  • Andy G.

    I’m LOVING Bitch Hunter, and I really loved all the moms. This episode just clicked for me, I think it’s one of the best of all times. My favorite Mom has to be Patti LuPone, she had some great one-liners, especially the picture for the wall of Frank in the tub getting ready for Senior Prom.

    • AIan

      Bitch Hunter is good, but nothing will ever top Milf Island!

      • z


  • Dan

    Great episode. I get the sense they’re building towards something big for Liz by season’s end!

    • A.J.

      Bitch Hunter would have been better if it had a guest appearance from Fred Dryer aka HUNTER

      • kate

        Fred Dryer was tv’s Hunter? It’s like finding out Jesus knew karate! (I love Frisky Dingos)

  • Sophie

    Does this mean she will settle for Wesley Snipes? He did promise that we would see him in May for….spring cleaning :)

    • llevinso

      According to Michael Sheen’s IMDB profile he is coming back for 2 more episodes. I hope it’s really true! I LOVED him on 30 Rock!!

  • LOL

    I was ready to dislike this episode due to the obvious mom gimmick, but I really enjoyed it.

  • che

    Wonderful episode. The Jenna-Tracey moments really took me by surprise. Always always love Jack-Colleen’s relationship. Baldwin and Stritch are amazing together.

    I loved the ‘anti-condom/lame-sex’ line. And how his fake mother had black judge on her resume 9 times.

    Michael Sheen is one of the best guest stars on this show but I don’t want Liz to settle! Great character development for Liz though.

    Also Colleen really ships Jack/Liz. Was surprised that they mentioned her approval of Liz again.

  • tiffany

    Was younger Buzz Aldrin portrayed by the porn-for-women actor?

    Favorite scene: The night before he shipped off to Korea, I lost my virginity repeatedly while Waldo the town pervert watched

    wait what?!

    Nothing younger me XD

    Also “I remember who got a 3 on her AP history test”

  • pastafarian

    Tracy’s fake mom actually kinda looked like him. But then again, he said it himself: “We all look the same to me!”

    And I think Bitch hunter is officially over.

    • pastafarian

      and it was “Mimosas”, plural. Dammit, now I’m “that guy”.

      • JenR

        No, it was “Mimosas-es.” He doubled the plural ending. Now, I’m that chick who corrects that guy.

      • ahs30

        Don’t worry, I’ll join you and be “that girl,” because I’m pretty sure Colleen said, “Our Lady of Reluctant Integration,” not forced integration.

  • Elizabeth

    I vote for Mrs. Lemon’s stint in the Sterling Cooper secretary pool… and her mentioning of the hereditary demensia at the end.

    I will take Colleen any day. I love her to death.

    • BL

      More Colleen!

  • bringbackrocky

    Our Lady of Forced Integration? Buzz Aldrin shouting at the moon? Will Ferrell as Bitch Hunter? I’ve died and gone to 30 Rock heaven.

  • kim in kentucky

    LOVED the Sterling Cooper reference!!!! And Lutz made a very handsome woman. But, what, no mention of Kenneth’s mother??

    • Hannah

      Also, Matthew Weiner was one of the writers of Bitch Hunter

  • pop

    i got excited when she talked about settling cause that means michael sheen will be back! and i am reallllly hoping matt damon = astronaut mike dexter. ok gonna go yell at the moon “don’t you know its day time you idiot?!”

    • jen

      why is yelling at the moon so hilarious? I can’t stop laughing. “Go back to the night!” also love the image of Buzz Alrdin waking up with a revolver in the waistband of his jean shorts.

  • Dave

    Novella: Do you think I wanted a fake son who recorded an anti-condom PSA?
    Tracy: I saved a lot of kids from lame sex!

    Haha I loved that line

  • Buffy Freak

    It was eerie how much Tracy’s “fake” mom really looked like Tracy. And his line about her IMDB page having 9 credits for “Black Judge” was hilarious. The actress has played a judge on One Life to Live for years and also on Lawa & Order I think.

    • tomm

      At first, I thought it was Tracy in drag, then S. Eparka from L&O. Also looked like Della Reese

  • Hannah

    Did anyone else catch that “Bitch Hunter” was written by Jack Burditt and Matthew Weiner? If only the writers of 30 Rock and Mad Men could write such a show!

  • kate21

    Colleen: Oh for crying out loud Liz! You see that’s what feminism does. It makes smart girls with nice birthing shapes believe in fairy tales. Stop waiting for your Prince Liz!

    I love it when Colleen shows up.

    • tomm

      It’s mostly true, Gen-X women, like Jen Aniston, thought that they’d be 25-30ish forever, and could put off family until ‘someday’, as if they were never going to age.

      Even with advances in medicine and health, people are still mortal! And baby-making still ends in 40s for women. Invitro and all that is $$$$$ and who wants to handle teens/20something kids when they are 65??

      • Delon

        Dude, you’re in no position to judge Gen X women’s(or any other woman’s for that matter) decisions about their own lives and careers. F*ck U !!!

      • gg

        Really dude? This is a forum about a show. Lighten up and keep on topic.

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