This week's cover: The end of 'Lost'

Lost-EW-coverWith just a few precious hours of Lost left before the Island drama fades to (Man in) Black on May 23, this week’s Entertainment Weekly pays tribute to the ABC show with Lost: The Complete Viewer’s Guide, a special package with everything you need to know to get ready for the epic finale. First up, an in-depth preview of the final episode. Our own Jeff “Doc” Jensen was on set for the last days of filming and shares intel from the Island, including what it was like to be there for all the tearful goodbyes. He also reveals teases for the final few episodes, finds out what the actors plan to do next, and suggests some possible Lost spin-offs to keep the franchise rolling.

But we’re just getting this mysterious, time-traveling party started. Next: a flow chart (guaranteed not to make your brain hurt) explaining how all the castaways are connected, which is followed by an oral history of how it all began — the making of the pilot episode of Lost. Show creators J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, as well as the entire cast, share stories from the set of what would turn out to be the most expensive pilot in television history, and explain why it ended up being worth every single penny. We then provide handy dandy (graded) recaps of every single season, hook you up with a Lost A-Z Glossary, and take you on an eerie blast into the past as we host a gathering of some Lost souls who died before their time. Like we said, it’s everything you need to know to get ready for the finale. And then just a little bit more. It’s a package so formidable, in fact, that it could not even be contained to a single cover. Or two. Or three, even. Try 10! That’s right, 10! Each of our favorite Losties (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke/Fake Locke, Ben, Claire, Hurley, Sun, Jin, and Sayid) gets their very own cover: Check back at soon for a look at all 10, then order ‘em all to complete your collection.

For more on Lost, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands May 7.

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  • Ceballos

    I know people who don’t watch the show (and some people who do) are probably rolling their eyes at another “Lost” cover, but to me this is the very definition of “a keeper.”

    • KC

      Why’s Ben the only one smiling?

      • Ceballos

        Because he saw what happened to all those other fools who got on the sub?

      • niki

        Actually, if you look close enough, Sayid is ‘smizing’ too

      • Renee

        @ niki – someone watches ANTM ;)

      • Ember

        Maybe Tyra was at the photo shoot.

      • Heather

        I think if you look close enough Jin is smiling too!

    • mary q contrary

      Is it really dumb that I’m actually planning on buying all the covers? Seriously, though, going to set in the final days must have been the embodiment of a wet dream for Doc. Jealous!

      • Mike

        If you have the money for it, do it. I have a 1 year old and all of my extra cash goes to him!! :)

      • halfpint

        yes, it is

      • mccliza

        Sopranos and Sex and the City finale issues were great–still have both!

      • mscisluv

        I’m honestly considering buying all 10!

      • Celia

        Nope. I want the Sawyer, Jin, Sun and Hurley covers.

      • Akane

        I just hope the one I get on the mail is the one with Sawyer, he looks great!

      • Cami

        No I’m thinking of doing it too.

      • Skip182

        Wow, 4 bucks a piece…this is gonna be rough…

    • ericalina

      exactly! i still have my seinfeld issue from 1998!

      • Katie

        I still have my friends one but not sure what happened to my seinfield one tho

    • Q

      Am I reading too much into this to note that Sawyer and Hurley are mysteriously gazing off into space, while everyone else is starting into the camera???

      • Ceballos

        Yes…you’re probably reading too much into it.

        Fortunately, that’s what being a “Lost” fan is all about! :)

      • Henry

        EW doesn’t know what is going to happen in the finale. The writers are keeping it secret. So I wouldn’t read into the cover.

      • jslost

        Q, we have been watching Lost for six years. We’ve been trained to question things like that. ; )

      • Michelle

        It was the first thing I noticed. Like Ceballos said, it’s what Lost fans do.

    • AIan

      But how can they have a Viewers Guide published before so many questions have been answered? This Viewers Guide should be coming out in a month when we know more info!!

      • Brian

        Because most questions *have* been answered. The only questions left to be answered are a choice few mythology questions (What’s the deal with Jacob and MIB?) and the big one: WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CHARACTERS AT THE END?

  • Kate

    Yay!!! Fantastic news! Can’t wait to get it in the mail!

  • Mouse

    There’s something “off” about the photos. They look creepy, like really bad photoshop. Maybe they are drawings not pictures, they just don’t look quite right.

    • mary q contrary

      it’s the type of camera they used, and I like it.

  • Adam

    10 is great, but if your going to do 10, why not do 11 and give Desmond some love? Why am I complaining this issue will be awesome.

    • ann

      exactly what i was going to say!

    • erica

      Seriously. Cleaned-up Desmond is hoooot. Scruffy Desmond isn’t too bad either…

    • Gusteaux

      You are complaining because, once again, Desmond has been ignored. That really sucks. I would say that the two most popular characters on LOST are Desmond and Hurley.

      • Ruby

        Agreed, but don’t forget about Ben. I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t find his character fascinating.

        I also have yet to meet someone that actually likes Kate…

      • Bob

        Hi! Nice to meet you, Ruby. I like Kate.

      • cat

        me too. I like Kate. She’s not my favorite and the writers make her seem annoying but she provides much needed emotional grounding this season.

    • Becky

      Good Point, I love Desmond!

      • Becky

        and Kate!!! But most of all, Jack!

  • Stephanie

    As someone who didn’t watch the show for first five seasons, I used to extremely annoyed with an EW Lost cover. Then I watched all five of those seasons on Hulu in 7 weeks, and watched the current season live. So I’m ready to pee myself with excitement.

    • LauraBC

      I practically watched all the seasons on Hulu, too! Not a huge TV watcher, but I always wanted to get into LOST and I finally did earlier this year.

      Can’t wait to pick up the issue — definitely have my eye on Jack, Sun and Sayid.

      • mary q contrary

        I’m right there with you about Jack and Sun. But, if I could only have one, I would want Jack.

    • sparkle the gym bag

      that rocks steph..but if you were a stef with an F you could have pooped yourself too….(yes, i have had THREE psycho gfs that were stefs with an F

  • rerun

    Yeah, Claire and Kate look odd. But still hot.

  • born yesterday

    wow I must have to spend the weekend reading from cover to cover, hopefully it will be in the mail on Friday

  • LOL

    3rd Lost cover this year. RIDICULOUS.

    • KC

      I’d take these over that Twilight crap anytime.

    • Me

      There you are. I was wondering where the negative nellie was.

    • pop

      as in ridiculous = awesome!

    • Liz

      This show is one of the most iconic in t.v. history, and it’s ending. Why wouldn’t they have an issue devoted to Lost? What were you expecting?

    • Brian

      Ridiculously AWESOME, he means.

  • Holly

    Definitely a collectors item for the Lost fans.

  • in the dale

    I’m in!

  • jj

    WHERE IS DESMOND!!!!?????

    • Beth

      Exactly what I was thinking!!! Where is Desmond???!!!

    • Mary

      Desmond isn’t a series regular this season. I’m guessing that’s why he doesn’t have a cover.

      • Lisa Simpson

        He is listed as a regular in the credits.

      • KC

        I’ll see you in another life, brother.

      • Brian

        He’s been a series regular since season 3.

      • Casey

        He’s not a series regular.

      • Brian

        Yes, he is a series regular. The end.

    • Ember

      I love Des, but the cover shows all characters who have been on since the start(plus Ben, but he was also in the early seasons)

      • Beth

        Desmond was also there–before Ben, even. Henry Ian Cusick hasn’t won an Emmy. And was accused of something on set…maybe that’s why? I think that with the best episodes of all time being ones focusing on Desmond (The Constant, Happily Ever After), and Desmond trending on Twitter immediately after Happily Ever After ended on the East Coast, they could have shown him some cover love. Even if he didn’t get his OWN cover.

  • frazbelina

    Me too, this is awesome, if only my subscription didn’t take 2 months to get here.

  • YI

    i’m so scare that EW is not going to do another cover b4 the show end!!since there are 2 already this season. so,a big THANKS!!!

  • arnold

    No Desmond??

    • Doris

      I want a Richard Alpert cover! Forget Sawyer!

  • Michelle

    Sad there’s no Desmond, but he wasn’t in the pilot, so I guess that’s why. :( But wait, neither was BEN. WTF, EW?! The rest of the issue better make up for it!

    • Gusteaux

      Hey EW, are ya’ll reading these? THE FANS WANT A DESMOND COVER! Get HIC in front of a camera and give it to us!

    • wino

      i would have replaced Claire with Desmond. he’s much more important to the mythology of the show, especially in this final season. serious fail on the part of EW’s editors.

      • mosey

        Hell, squeeze Jin and Sun together for one of the covers and presto, there’s one for Desmond. Stupid EW. Give us Desmond or give us death.

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