Justin Bieber fans send death threats to Kim Kardashian. Bieber fanatics, it ain't worth the crazy. Trust me.

Justin-BieberImage Credit: Robin Wong/PR PhotosOnce upon a time, in the age before Bieber fever when teen idols wore their bangs split down the middle into what was lovingly referred to as the ”floppy ‘do,” I was a screaming and crying Backstreet Boys fan. So when I read reports that Kim Kardashian is getting death threats from overzealous Bieber fans after the duo Twitter-fawned over one another and posed this photo, I became nostalgic. It took me back the days when I was hop on dial-up and spend five minutes loading a message board so I could bash whatever girl was on the arm of Nick Carter that week. Mind you, I never threatened to kill anyone, but I am familiar with the scary, enthusiastic place where they’re coming from. But here’s my advice for Bieber devotees: Bring the crazy factor two notches, breathe, then bring it down 20 notches, and you’ll be in the normal fan zone. It’s a happy place.

Bieber had his own words for his supporters, Tweeting “ladies calm down. @kimkardashian is a friend. a very sexy friend but a friend. no need 4 threats. Let’s all be friends and hang out often,” punctuating with a winking smiley face (because that emoticon was totally relevant to mention). Well said (in theory), Bieb, but let’s get serious. Being a happy fan is much more pleasant than being an aggressive one. As one of the reformed, I can testify. I bought my tickets to the Backstreet Boys’ upcoming New York show online and do not plan on doing any pre-show poster-making or stalking. Instead of feeling like I have to wear football padding to a concert, it’s all about the music, and I feel good. Here are my alternative suggestions for showing support.

+ Plan a flash mob
+ Send him peanuts in the mail (or a more relevant nut)
+ A small altar of worship
+ A vow of silence

Reformed fanaticals, help me out here. Anyone have wise words of advice to the Bieber army? Let’s be mentors here, lest one of us innocents be once day accidentally swept into a wave of fans and never heard from again.

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  • Sara (other one)

    My advice: He has no idea who you are. Also, despite all claims to the contrary, he doesn’t care. Literally, could not possibly care any less. You will probably not meet him. If you do manage to meet him, he will not remember you five minutes later. You will not ever date him. You will not ever marry him. Now shut up.

    • 4rocket

      Yours and Sandra’s advice falls on deaf ears because 12-year-old fanatics and common sense don’t go hand-in-hand. Ever.

    • Kim

      This is the realization I finally came to after years spent as an obsessed Backstreet Boys fanatic.

    • zingzing

      i totally agree with that sara chick, your a ledgend!

    • Sori

      I agree with Sara x13935701256490561035632653409.
      Stupid fangirls.

      • Michela

        Holy cow! I get those unsolicited texts on my iPhone every few weeks moslty telling me I won something. I usually ignore them but I won’t any more. Now I just have to figure out how to forward them so I can report them when they come in. hmmm Thanks for sharing Greta!!

  • MakeUpYourOwnNameDon’tStealMine

    The boy has no idea what “German” means, I think expecting him to understand the gravity of death threats (ie a ‘smiley face’ is not appropriate), is just too much for his widdle brain to handle.

    • paige

      widdle brain???? have you SEEN that Cranium?! that kid is a Conehead from the planet Remulak

      • MakeUpYourOwnNameDon’tStealMine

        Big skull, widdle brain knocking about inside.

      • paige

        crispy is that you?

      • MakeUpYourOwnNameDon’tStealMine

        Nope, actually someone else. But I’d expect to see him around here soon.

  • JosieG

    This is so sad. This is the saddest article I’ve read all day. I just… I have no words. Are these girls really that out of touch with reality?

    • 4rocket

      Oh, you have NO idea how out of touch they are. Just look at the Twilight fanbase.

      • Maureen

        Haha! Good one! :D

  • Julie

    He reminds me of the midget in that “Passions” soap. Oh, great…now I’m too creeped out to sleep tonight.

    • Dave

      LMFAO! That was awesome, Julie.

  • BrandonK

    I sure hope he isn’t allergic to peanuts!

    • John

      I hope he is!

  • Emsky

    I know I’ve seen things like this happen before, (*coughcough*TWLIGHTFANDOM*cough*) but it still baffles me to think that people can be THAT insane! Death threats!!? That’s seriously scary.

    Visit the Twlight Sucks website and go to the “Attack Derictory” if you wanna hear some other creepy stories.

    • 4rocket

      My God, do people really cause PHYSICAL HARM over Twilight? Threats of violence, harassment, and even vandalism is one thing, but actually hurting someone? Jesus…

    • Ambient Lite

      No, there’s nothing of the sort there. I think Emsky is trying to promote his site. Looks like they need the traffic given that they’re trying to raise money to keep the piece of crap going. Some of it’s funny, but it’s mostly just crap. Don’t waste your time.

      • 4rocket

        Thanks for the heads up, some of the stories did seem unrealistically over-the-top. I know Twilight fanatics are insane, but if they were known to cause physical harm to people, that would’ve made national news.

  • Emily

    U no justin bibier i love him

    • George

      You know, Emily… Justin writes ALL of his songs about YOU! He also thinks about you when he goes to the bathroom…

      • Sori

        LOLOL George, you’re my idol.

  • Marianne

    Some people have no lives. First off, the picture was meant to be taken as a joke, and even if he was dating someone, they need to back off. My advice to the crazy fans…I’m sure you guys want Justin Bieber to be happy right?? Well maybe supporting future relationships would help.

  • josie

    HA HA HA ! omg this is halirious :) lols i love justin bieber & all ! but i so cant wait til dat kid hits puberty, so we all hear wat he really sounds like . DEN BOOOOOOOMMM ! no more crazy pyhsco fans :P

    • 1stCorinthiansCh13Vs4

      You know, there are ways for him to keep his girlish voice… Remember what they did to boys who could sing hundreds of years ago? Castarate them so they never hit puberty and never lose their voice… Just sayin….

  • Erika

    You gotta at least scream ’til you can’t talk anymore at the show. ;) That’s what I’m doing when I see the Boys in WA in August.

    I totally agree with your advice to the Bieber fans. It really, really is more fun when you’re not insane about it.

    *is also a reformed obsessive BSB fan*

  • Elizabeth

    With every new generation, the crazy is amped up a bajillion percent with these fans. I have a couple theories, but who really cares.

    Yes, Sandra, I scheduled my vaca so I could drive up to Michigan for the BSB date there… and have to admit I cried a little when I found out Kevin was engaged – because I had a chance and all. KTBPA!

  • JbiebH8r

    J Bieb blows turdz

  • kadie

    back off all you people dissing justin beiber u need to get to know him or anyone else before you judge them so yeah backoff or me and the rest of the beiber fever army will have to deal with you the hard way so want the easy way or the hard way your call

  • breaice

    u guys,thats so not nice.

  • Kimberly


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