'Glee' cutoff: Watch 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' here

Did Jesse stay or did he go? If you missed the final seconds of Glee due to American Idol overage, find out after the jump…

P.S. I’m not the only one who found the angry ballet number kinda hot, right? Well done, Jonathan Groff. Well done.

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  • rush

    shouldn’t people be used to the fact that american idol is gonna run over it’s time no matter what by now???
    i cant see this video cuz i dont live in the right region, but this is the third time its happened(or fourth) and im used to the fact that idol runs over its time….

    • Mandi Bierly

      The problem is Tuesday at 10 p.m. is a busy time for DVRs (The Good Wife, Parenthood, Justified), so if you want to add on a few minutes to Glee to be safe, you’re gonna lose out on one of those.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Justified usually repeats the same episode at 11pm – that’s when I DVR it.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Yeah, Justify is my problem, my verizon dvr (despite the fact I have glee set to plus 15 minutes) immediately cuts off glee and goes to justified. @Bobby’s Robot, thanks for the tip on justified

      • Karen

        THANK YOU for doing this!!! DVR troubles…alas… THANK YOU! You’ve saved me!

      • LAJackie

        Yeah – Lost goes to 10.02, Glee is running over, The Good Wife is at 10, as is Law & Order:CI (although that re-runs out the wazoo). Why they cram everything on a Tuesday night is beyond me. Oh and V is on at 10.00 too.

      • Jenn

        I DVR Justified @ 11pm too. You can also catch the rerun of Parenthood on Saturday.

      • nikkido

        But I have V and The Good Wife DVR at 10 and Justified and Deadliest Warrior DVR at 11:00. Always end up watching Glee over on Hulu the next morning.

    • Sharon

      Dancing With the Stars is a live show too, and it manages to stop on time. Fox is doing this on purpose and it’s p*ssing me off

      • Darwin

        And when DWTS does go over they add the minute to the end of lost. Fox wants u go have to watch they’re show twice.

      • Johnification

        Actually, DWTS ran over last night, too, and us Lost fans got screwed too.

    • mz

      Justified does repeat and I do tape it at 11 but that doesn’t help me with Parenthood and Good Wife. I already cut Parenthood short so I can get all of LOST since it’s been running over.

      I was tempted to cut a minute off of Good Wife and didn’t. So I missed about 30 secs of Glee and it ended like I figured it would.

      FOX needs to realize that GLEE is a huge hit and they better not piss off their Glee only watchers. I stopped watching Fox sitcoms because of how they handled Arrested Development.

    • Sam

      yes I am used to american idol running over but just as so many other’s have mentioned, i have 2 shows DVR’ing at 10:00PM…why can’t american idol just end at the time allotted????…tired of this.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Fox does this on purpose to keep the Idol ratings going into the next hour. There’s no reason 5 people can’t sing one song apiece in the space of an hour. I don’t watch any shows at 10pm so I DVR any extra 10 minutes. But I really shouldn’t have to, FOX!!

    • baj24

      AGREED! Also, the songs they sing are only about 90 seconds or so, so there really is no excuse why the last three weeks I’ve had Glee cut off. This is getting ridiculous!

  • ST

    Thanks EW for always posting these when Idol runs over. I watch Glee live for that very reason but it never hurts to see it again. Also, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” kind of made me tear up a bit. Beautifully done and the ballet was gorgeous. Loved it. Another great performance by Rachel and I loved the interaction between her, Finn, Puck and Jesse in it.

  • A

    Thank you so very much, Mandi Bierly! You are totally #1. My DVR is on overload for sure on Tuesdays (well, every night really), and this is one of the super awful results. So I love that you have been posting these Glee ending clips!!

  • JosieG

    I totally agree, Mandi! Angry ballet number = Hot! More Jonathan Groff!!!

    • A

      Agreed, agreed, agreed! Of course they take ballet classes together. He has been such an awesome addition. And now I like him even more b/c Jesse is seemingly heartbroken, but I still have an inkling that all is not as it seems with him. Love it!

      • Alia

        So hot! So talented! And especially magical in combo with Lea. KEEP HIM, Ryan Murphy!!!

        He broke my heart during “Total Eclipse.” I so wanted them to make it work. Turn around, J Groff!

      • Laura

        Agreed! Jesse is a great addition to the show and has much more character than Finn.

      • Sara

        Yes yes, MORE Jonathan Groff, there can’t EVER be enough Jonathan Groff!

      • Rachel

        I love me some groff! stay….please?

    • WayBeyondSoccerMom

      Where was Jonathan Groff when I was in High School?

      • WayBeyondSoccerMom

        Then again, oh, to be Gavin Creel.

      • Flyer

        Are Jonathan and Gavin together? That would be one very hot combo!

      • WayBeyondSoccerMom

        Google both names together, and see what you come up with. Gossip sites say they have been together since October 2009.

  • Jelana

    Mandi hit the nail on the head. My DVR only records two shows at a time, so I can’t add time after Glee. I keep getting cut off. I HATE American Idol. HATE HATE HATE. Yes, I’m a hater and proud of it.

  • Millie

    Lea laid this song out…Girl can sing….and Jessie (JG) looks so sad…

  • Carolyn

    Loved this performance!

    • Gleek in STL

      Me too. This may be my all-time favorite Glee performance. So much emotion. Never seen an angry/passionate ballet before. Me likey. It almost felt more like the Argetine tango.

  • PixxieTrixxie

    I just watched the episode on Hulu so I didn’t have a problem with AI – just another alternative available. We have had a conflict with Lost and Glee in my household lately – Tuesday has become a crowded day.
    Oh my yes, I really enjoyed the ballet number – definitely hot. I loved all the songs. Once again, another show with the right blend of campy and sincere.
    Whereas Rachel was not missed last week, this week she was used brillantly – her bad reputation video was so overdone that it was perfection.

    • Ashley G.

      yeah I have the same problem as LOST and glee being on the same time. Since I am a die hard fan of LOST that will be the show I watch live, while its still on anyways, I watch Glee online the next day, this episode looks amazing! can’t wait to see the rest after work tonight!


    LEA MICHELE can do no wrong , the girl can sing any song

    Love me some Jesse ST. James, even his name is HOT!!!!!

  • mscisluv

    Love Lea’s voice, but she has GOT to quit with the eyes squeezed shut/constipation face. She even did it in the “Run Joey Run” video when she wasn’t singing (the phone part)! And of course, a couple times in “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. I think that’s just how she has been taught to lip synch with feeling, but it’s way overdone now.

    • mscisluv

      Oh, and anyone else think she looked a bit uncomfortable dancing ballet, especially on pointe?

      • Sara (other one)

        No. :) I don’t know if she has a dance background, so I was just watching for signs that she was doing something slightly incorrect. (Not that I have any real idea, but go with me here.) Her frame was strong, her toes were always pointed when they should’ve been, and some of the tricks were just awesome.

      • Jack

        She’s not a trained dancer, but the fact that she could even go on pointe was impressive.

      • Flyer

        It’s impressive that Lea can go on pointe, but she’s not used to how much the feet need to be arched, so she’s not far enough over the top of her toes. Her form was typical of someone who’s been studying pointe for maybe 2-3 years. Watching her brought back memories of when I first studied dance, and how hard I worked to be able to dance on the very top of the toe box.

      • Flyer

        I agree that it was very impressive that Lea could go on pointe. However, she probably hasn’t studied pointe for very long, because she wasn’t able to arch her feet enough to get as far over her toes as she should be. Watching her dance reminded me of when I studied pointe, and how hard I worked to be able to balance and dance on the very top of the toe box.

      • Flyer

        Sorry for the double post!

    • The Daw

      It’s a very “Broadway” style of delivering vocals. Every facial has to be overdrawn because you’re performing on stage–there are no cameras for close-ups. I think it actually works though.

      • Gleek in STL

        I think you’re right. Her face use to bother me, but then I figured it fits with Rachel’s character. She believes she’s destined for Broadway so being over dramactic kind of works.

  • Daryl

    I got smart to this and added more time to my dvr. However, I think its overbearing and intentional from the folks at AI. The show this year has been stale and uninteresting while Glee continues to add numbers to its ratings. I’ll be glad, for one, when Idol is finished this year (and this comes from a fan of AI).

  • Rebecca Jill

    Fox is getting on my last nerve with this. I can’t remember every week to add time to my DVR, which I forgot this week, and I shouldn’t have to.
    I don’t watch nor will I ever watch American Idol, so I don’t think any of us have to put up with this. I have other shows at 10:00 p.m. that I DVR, also.

    Fox, get your act together!

    • Gata

      If you have Glee saved as a series, there should be options to start and end at certain overage intervals…that is how I have mine set. AI set for 5 minutes over – this makes AI start my Glee episode (last night it started with Crystals recap). Glee ends with the beginning of Lost, so I haven’t missed anything yet. (I think I have Glee set to run 2 minutes over.

      I learned this after I missed Adam’s Mad World on AI last year. (Well actually I got the first 30 seconds)…

  • stephann

    I completely agree…the angry ballet was so hot!!!!

  • Ambient Lite

    I’m confused. Up until last night, I was still sure that Jesse’s interest in Rachael was suspicious. From his own behavior initially to his ‘coach’ acting sneaky to him suddenly changing schools…am I supposed to forget all of that and believe he really sincerely loves her and has NO ulterior motives?
    I can’t believe a Glee plot might be over my head…

    • Flyer

      My take is that Jesse was originally feigning interest as part of a plot, but then actually developed feelings for Rachel. I hope I’m right because that would make his future betrayal much more interesting. He wouldn’t be just a one-dimensional bad guy who always had it in for New Directions. Instead, he’d be a guy who started out bad, changes for love, and then betrays the group after all because of his hurt over Rachel.

      • Ambient Lite

        That makes sense to me, I hope you’re right too!

      • wg

        Am I the only one who finds Rachel/Jesse completely unconvincing given that no matter how hard JG tries, he still comes across as non-hetero? There’s just NO chemistry between him and Lea. I don’t even like Finn but at least his attachment to Rachel is slightly more believable. Though I think she probably has the best chemistry with Puck. And no, I’m not a Puckleberry shipper. He’s a dog who’s not gonna change his ways for anyone.

      • tinkthespike

        That’s been my take on Jesse, too. Hopefully, we’re correct. :) And, it would indeed be very interesting.

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