Elisabeth Hasselbeck's apology to Erin Andrews: Was it enough?

hasselbeck-andrewsImage Credit: Andrews: Adam Larkey/ABCThe View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck has apologized, publicly and privately, for snarking it up on yesterday’s episode with regards to Erin Andrews’ skimpy Dancing With the Stars costumes, which apparently Hasselbeck found, well, too slutty for a stalking victim. For those who aren’t familiar with the Andrews stalking saga, a quick rundown: The ESPN sportscaster-turned-Dancing contestant was filmed nude through a peephole in her hotel room, and the video was subsequently posted online. (The perpetrator was sentenced in March.)

But it turns out she hasn’t been acting victim-y enough. Sadly, Hasselbeck was just saying out loud what far too many still think: that a victim of any kind of sex-related crime ought to act demure forever after: “In the past three weeks she’s been wearing next to nothing,” Hasselbeck said. “In light of what happened and as a legal [matter] — and as inexcusable as it was for that horrific guy to go in and try to peep on her in her hotel room. I mean, in some way if I’m him, I’m like, ‘Man! I just could’ve waited 12 weeks and seen this — a little bit less — without the prison time!’”

Andrews subsequently told People the comments were “a slap in the face to victims of stalking and sexual predators. As a mother and a woman, I’m disappointed she went there.”

It seems like, perhaps, Hasselbeck was trying to make fun of the idiocy of the guy who did this, but, wow, she should leave the jokes to the comediennes who make up the rest of the View panel. (Note Joy Behar’s dig directed at Hasselbeck’s own strapless dress.) And God bless Gabourey Sidibe, who was trying to defend Andrews’ right to wear what she wants on Dancing, but missed the mark a tad by noting that she’s “getting paid” for this one, and not for the peephole video. How about just: She can wear whatever she wants because she can wear whatever she wants.

Nonetheless, Hasslebeck’s argument is really the problematic one here, apology or no. “To her credit, she wore gorgeous classic gowns at some point in the competition,” Hasselbeck noted. Yes, God forbid a woman — who happened to be the victim of a stalker — show both her “classic gown” side and her “wearing next to nothing” side. Not to mention: Have you seen how little everyone on this show wears? (Andrews’ male partner included, and, um, this.) I don’t want to make showing a little leg or midriff into the greatest of feminist acts, but I will say this: If a woman tones down and reins in any hint of her sexuality just because she was victimized, well, that means such crimes can be used to tame and control women. It’s about more than just Hasselbeck being thoughtless, though I’m happy her daughter talked her into saying she was sorry.

The apology’s a good start — but if one of the hosts of the show that makes women’s voices matter on television could even think these thoughts, we have a long way to go.

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  • MWC

    There’s never a roll of duct tape around when you really truly need one.

    • txtingmrdarcy

      Or a muzzle. Either would work equally well.

      • tasl;kl;

        or a taser.

      • Zeddicus zu’l zorander

        Agree she talks too much BUT Erin Andrews sure is milking her situation, I guarantee you, she will not stay at ESPN long and will try to use this situation to increase her profile. Alot of female sportswriters are not sympathetic to her at all and find her behavior questionable. I was listening to one sports talk radio show and there are some who think that she planned the whole thing – although that seems to be a little bit of a stretch, the point being there is some strong sentiment against her.

      • Amy

        Let’s add some super glue while we’re at it. Hasselbeck obviously is missing that little voice that says, “don’t say this aloud, dummy”.

      • Zach

        Zeddicus, shut up.

        Who wouldn’t want to do DWTS? If anything, it’s ABC that’s milking Erin, not the ohter way around.

      • Kristina

        She just needs to be fired.

      • Heather

        Seriously Zeddicus…so typical (and cowardly) to blame the victim …I guess that helps you sleep better at night.

      • Kim


        Hasselbeck is a moron but I think you are right Erin is milking it.

      • M

        How is Erin milking it? DO you hear her talk about the situation? NO! If you want an example of someone milking it that would have been Kate Gosslin. Erin did NOTHING to warrant this slaughter of her morals. Most of the dancers on there have worn far less, so how about YOU just shut your piehole Kim and Zeddicus. I am sure Erin does NOT pick out her outfit, but then again who cares? She does NOT act like a victim, she acts like a woman who has every right to dress as she sees fit. BUT if you notice her in rehersals, she is mostly covered up, unlike Pam Anderson who loves to wear those short white shorts. Don’t see Elizabeth or anyone else remarking about that?! I think EH needs to be fired from The View, not because of this latest situation, but because she has MANY of them. Time to go. Erin you are a beautiful lady and EH and the haters just wish they had your brains and looks kiddo!

      • Jack

        Would Erin Andrews have been on DWTS if it were not for the publicity from the peeping incident? How many of you honestly knew who this woman was prior to this? I watch ESPN all the time, and she was just another sideline reporter – nothing special, they are a dime a dozen.

      • Bama

        Why would she stay at ESPN? Frankly that’s why I don’t think they offered her a bigger contract, she’d be crazy to take it and stay. She’s grown way too big for that network now. Would she be on DWTS if this hadn’t happened? Sure, I mean this is a show that put Joey Fatone on. Let’s get serious, you don’t have to be the biggest star in the world to make it on DWTS. Plus they would have used the whole pseudo-relationship with Max to try and gin up ratings no matter what, previous incident or not.

      • flower

        I always give people the benefit of the doubt FIRST. Since I don’t know Erin personally, I would give her the benefit of the doubt that she is a decent and nice person UNTIL she behaves otherwise. As for VICTIMS, NEVER EVER blame the victim. That is a very ignorant thing to do. No matter what they wear, they don’t deserve to be victimized. As for Elizabeth Hasselbeck, she really should have known better. I think she made a very tasteless joke and she knows it.

      • Lisa

        Jack, hello? Ever hear of making lemonade out of lemons? Erin is doing what any strong female would do. She took a horribly bad situation that she did nothing to cause and decided it wasn’t going to keep her down for the count. She was offered the opportunity to go on DWTS and she took it. If I had been in her place, I would have, too. There’s a difference between looking for opportunities and them finding you. It’s the way of our society today. Just look at Michelle McGee or Rachel Uchitel. Both grossly disgusting yet able to make money because of sleeping with famous married men. Erin is all class–go Erin!

      • Brett

        Yeah, Erin didn’t have to sleep with any famous married men, she just had to be videotaped through a peephole and then go on every talk show to tell her story. She didn’t just make lemonade, she made a lemon meringue pie.

      • Brenda

        “and then go on every talk show to tell her story”…..REALLY? When and what show has she appeared on to tell her story? I believe she did ONE interview with Oprah and that was last November. I don’t recall HER ever bringing this up or “milked” her situation. To the contrary, I think she trys not to talk about it when so many people bring it up to her. She is a class act! As for Elizabeth, I’m sure she regrets saying this and did not realize how insensative this would sound when she said it but she is known for making comments like this, she doesn’t realy think before she speaks. Oh and by the way…..Elizabeth check your own wardrobe. Let’s see didn’t you wear a handkerchief on Survivor. Does that mean someone has the right to video tape you while your in your hotel room? Just sayin…..

      • Brenda

        I meant to say wear a handkerchief for a top.

      • omega

        Why does the View keep her on and why does it seem Hasselbeck and her holier-than-thou self-righteousness gets so much attention from the mainstream media – granted, there’s not much substance to her thoughts other than that, but why so much attention? Just to show Americans who are open-minded and tolerant of views other than their own that back-asswards close-minded people exist in ever the upper socio-economic levels? I agree with the person who suggested a rotating host and get rid of EH already -

      • Monkees

        Erin Andrews has begged to be on DWTS for the past few years, all to no avail. She was only allowed on after the stalking incident, so yeah, she wouldn’t have the gig without the incident. I have to admit, while I used to doubt those who believe Erin staged the peep show just like Paris Hilton and others have staged their sex tapes, I’m a believer now. Too much suspect in her behavior to think otherwise.

    • &&

      I really think this woman needs to stop and think before she opens her mouth. Or at least take a minute to realize that she is on national television. An apology cannot un-say a terrible statement like this one. Yes, God forbid she act like everyone else on this entire show–including the hosts!–and wear very little clothing. She’s supposed to be a victim! Welcome back to 1950!

      • ron

        she did stop and think, th hot topics are discussed we in advance of the show which is why the clips are cued to the right spots and the other ladies have responses ready. she said what she did because he meant it. it was no accident.

      • yes

        The thing that gets me is that she only said she hurt someone’s feelings. That works as an explanation to her daughter, but it really goes beyond the feelings. But no doubt she felt bad. A lot of shows end up having people say things they may not mean just to “mix it up”. But would we watch if they didn’t?

      • bolanderin

        That’s what’s incredible to me- this was a premeditated comment, something she was “upset about” and wanted to bring up on the show. When I first saw the quote I assumed it was an off-hand joke in poor taste. but this is much worse

      • Jammy

        Erin Andrews has been harassed at games for years…gus chanting her name – the whole works..so it is amazing she is seemingly adjusting to what happened instead of being a shell..the guy should have gotten way more than 2 years for what he did & however with what Elizabeth Hasselbeck said I think was like what some were thinking – i know people have short memories but it did seem like walking on egg shells with this…kind of like Ben Rothlisberger going on the Bachelor ..think it was more of a “concern” for her ..and not malicious …Erin looks fantastic & I wish her well – think she should transition into the Entertainment TV field – host/correspondant – she’s a natural

      • Terry

        C’mon, they have these gals on for a reason, and Elizabeth serves a purpose which is too give the other women something to comment against. You could have a more informed right winger on there, but then it could embarass someone else who is on the show with a more liberal, but equally uninformed opinion. And what is it about this Gabby chick that keeps getting shoved in our faces. She seems like a nice person, but she is a young actor. It used to be that young actors were just required to act and learn their craft. Eventually they were good enough to appear on live tv and sometimes be able to wing it. gabby, who was no actress before Precious, gets stuck on SNL even though she is so far not a comic actress and Ken Tucker aside, most thought she was not very capable. Now she’s a guest host of the View and she came off even worse. You could pull anyone off the street and they would have done as well as her. Look, this isn’t about her race, gender, or weight, but let the girl get some experience before you embarass her shoehorning her into things she is not capable of doing. And you(EW) don’t help her when you treat her with kid gloves. I’m not saying you gotta go Simon Cowell on her, but at least be like Ellen. I’ve seen some pretty untalented reality “stars” who were more confident and capable on the View than Gabby.

      • Lillie

        I agree with just about everyone who is confronting the situation at hand which is Erin is a victim here and Elisabeth was out of line. Regardless of what she is wearing for the “entertainment” of Dancing I am sure it led her to not feel victimized and gave her strength to at least function without being afraid. No one knows how she really feels until you have been in her shoes and I just think that Elisabeth does not know how to keep inappropriate remarks to herself and off the show. She REALLY needs to think about what she says before saying it and jumping in just so she feels like she is not being left out of the discussion. Elisabeth, didn’t they teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!!! Erin should not accept her apology, I think Elisabeth felt bad but not for what she said but for the reaction she got for saying it!!

      • BG 17

        I think that Hasselbeck should have to turn in her journalism degree for this one… oh what, she does not have one, oh, then I mean her Psychology degree… oh, she doesn’t have one of those either. She is so opinionated, I assumed she must have got this job based on her research, so how did she get the job? Oh, she was on a reality show where she wore next to nothing and got a career out of it? And then she bought a glass house with a built-in catapult? Good for her!

    • Mary Jo

      Wasn’t this woman on some reality show where she was half dressed most of the time? She did not retract what she said, which was wrong, she only said she was sorry she hurt the other woman’s feelings. Half done but also overdone with the boo-hooing. Hope someone who wears those types of outfits does not have something happen to them since Hasselbeck said he they would be asking for it.

      • Lori R

        Good Point! I’m sure Elisabeth was in a bikini that entire season. Furthermore, does Erin CHOOSE what costume she’s going to wear? Doubtful. I’m sure there is a team on DWTS that handles all of those decisions.

      • starsweeper

        Not only was she scantily dressed on Survivor (which suited the climate), she appeared on the cover of Fitness magazine wearing a bikini. What a hypocrite.

      • Tina

        I have no idea how she remained on “The View” this long. She is so ignorant. It’s women like her that do more harm to us women. I stopped watching “The View” because of her.

      • Javalation

        Isn’t most of Erin Andrews’ costume flesh colored fabric? Geez, show biz women were wearing that in movies of the 1940s, when censors were really serious.

      • GGG

        EH is a snarky witch. Does she like any other women besides Sarah Palin?

      • jleam

        Maks has said repeatedly that he designs Erin’s costumes because he knows what goes with the dance and such. He said the other night after the show that if anyone had a problem with her costumes they should talk to him.

    • heather

      Hasselmouth spends more time with her foot in her mouth than she does making sense. Maybe she should get her friends from the Jersey Shore to babysit her kids.

    • It’s just a joke!

      …or a kitchen to have her just make a sandwich.

    • artemisia

      Well said! I’m sure the production assistants had to get Hasselbeck inhale an onion to generate them crocodile tears -4COL !

      • joycemilgram

        Like many of you – I cannot stand EH. She has become
        a very arrogant woman. I feel the reason she cried was because she was nervous having to make a public apology. Period!
        This was not sincere – she was embarrassed and uncomfortable. It was self serving because, as someone else said: She was getting bad press.

        I am glad Erin spoke up immediately and set EH straight.

      • diane turney

        I will agree with EH any day of the week. She is a wonderful, beautiful young lady with a heart of gold, and I really think she is an asset to the View. She is the only one who stands up for what is truly right in God’s eyes. Keep it up Elizabeth. The guy upstairs knows who is right or wrong. I do not think much of the way this lady dresses either. My husband and I said Monday night that she leaves nothing to the imagination. She surely isn’t anything to get excited over, and she only wished she looked as good as EH, and just half her heart and style. Keep up the good work Elizabeth. You are the main reason that I like to watch the view. EH has more class in her little finger that most people have in their entire body.

      • Here Here

        I am conservative. Grew up and continue to worship in a Southern Baptist church, and nothing infuriates me more than people who use God’s name & will as a way to be “holier than thou.” EH should go back and read John 8:7. If she truly had class, she would think about how she got ahead…wearing a bikini while doing physical activities for amusement, and think before calling someone out for the same thing. Maybe Christianity would be thriving instead of of dwindling if we continued to live and show God’s love by example instead of being like the hypocrites that Jesus spoke out against.

      • Here Here

        Matthew 7:1 is another great one for her to check out. The guy upstairs will no doubt be the judge. He doesn’t need EH to do it for him.

      • Here Here

        Or Romans 2:1…the list is lenghty.

    • Honee

      The View should retire Elizabeth and every week have a different interestng host in her slot with different Views. Elizabeth’s Views are old View. Enough please!

      • On the Money

        I completely agree. I’ve watched the View on and off for years. I’m a moderate, but I like having the conservative viewpoint represented in the Hot Topics discussions. EH may be friends with the other View women personally, but too often her positions on issues come across as uninformed, as if she hasn’t thought through the issue fully. This was one of those times. But, she does seem to get plenty of publicity for the View, so I don’t think she’ll be going anywhere soon.

    • Nainly

      taze her while she wears a muzzle.

      • Carla

        Taze her, muzzle her, and for the love of Pete, FIRE HER!! ABC, Barbra Walters, View Producers, SOMEONE!!! Hasslebeck is ignorant, self important, and the main reason I will not watch the show unless she is knocked up on maternity leave or on vacation! Blaming the victim is an old ‘boy’s club’ way to keep women down, and for Elizabeth to play to it, and then USE HER CHILD FOR SYMPATHY FOR HERSELF is just heinous and evil.

      • fritanga

        EXACTLY. If the show needs a right-wing person to balance out the liberals/moderates, for the love of God find one who isn’t an idiot! I know there has to be a woman who shares Hasslebeck’s views but is not a gibbering moron. Huh. They must love their gibbering moron.

      • nicole

        This is to here here, if you are a christian, then you also are aware of forgiveness, and if you do not forgive God will not forgive you. Elizabeth should not have said what she did true, but are you so perfect that you’ve never said anything regretful? You should be praying for people, not bad mouthing them. I will be praying for you because you truly need to grow as a Christian. As for Carla, Seriously, taze her? What kind of human being are you? I will pray for you as well, and the many on here that have so much hate in their hearts that they feel the need to speak this way about someone they don’t even know.

    • stan

      Here’s a question: If a flake insults another flake in the forest, does anyone care?

      • Bernie

        LOL Best comment yet.

      • jleam

        Well, you must you are reading about it.

    • Lillie

      I agree with just about everyone who is confronting the situation at hand which is Erin is a victim here and Elisabeth was out of line. Regardless of what she is wearing for the “entertainment” of Dancing I am sure it led her to not feel victimized and gave her strength to at least function without being afraid. No one knows how she really feels until you have been in her shoes and I just think that Elisabeth does not know how to keep inappropriate remarks to herself and off the show. She REALLY needs to think about what she says before saying it and jumping in just so she feels like she is not being left out of the discussion. Elisabeth, didn’t they teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!!! Erin should not accept her apology, I think Elisabeth felt bad but not for what she said but for the reaction she got for saying it!!

    • KMG

      Actually, Jack, you’re wrong. Erin Andrews has long been a BIG favorite among all the male sports fans, even though there are other attractive female sideline reporters out there. That’s also the reason, ironically, that her “peeper” situation got so much press. Had she been some unknown, no-name pretty face covering NCAA softball on some minor cable sports network, it would have been a fairly minor story. But she’s the major “hot female reporter” that (sadly) many guys have blogged about, posted pics of all over the internet, and followed like little lost puppies with their tongues hanging out.

      Yes, her public profile has certainly risen since her stalker ordeal played out. But DWTS has been trying to get her for a couple of years, and it was probably partially BECAUSE of her ordeal and wanting to have a good way to rise above it that she finally said ‘yes’ to them.

      @Zedd… you obviously have never known anyone who’s gone through the anguish of being violated or stalked. There’s no way anyone would plan this out. Yep, she may indeed get some more opportunities because of her higher profile now, but it’s not because some sad, horny creep decided to get his jollies by filming her in her hotel room, it’s because she’s smart, funny, confident, and has handled everything that’s happened to her in the last year or so – good AND bad – with a lot of class and grace.

      • V

        Her fame pre-stalker is also a major part of how she got the stalker in the first place…I mean, well-known people pick up stalkers more easily.

      • Kate

        Dead on, KMG. I’ve know who Erin was for years. She does a good job and takes her job seriously. She just happens to be gorgeous, and not all female sideline reporters are gorgeous.

      • Marie

        Thank you for setting the record straight!!!! Erin is awesome!!!!

      • Bobbi

        Couldn’t agree with you more, KMG. Erin does a great job and has confirmed that she was talking to DWTS before the first stalker event even happened. She decided finally to do it, to bring the awareness about stalking victims to the forefront. She has done that with the utmost in class. Compared to what the pros and other contestants wear, I actually thought her costumes were a bit conservative. She is an intelligent, beautiful woman and Elisabeth was way out of of line. Her apology was also insufficient since she didn’t address the fact that she was actually wrong, just that she had hurt someone’s feelings.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Ms. Andrews has never been a great sports reporter. She always dressed fairly sexy while doing her sideline reporting (and already had garnered resentment for other real female sports reporters) so she should realize that she is opening herself up to this type of criticism by following the whole thing up with DWTS. Not blaming the victim but she had to realize it would strike some people in an inappropriate way, we can still be a very conservative society at times.

    • cindypsych

      I completely disagree with Elizabeth, on this and on almost everything she opens her mouth to blather about. But I don’t think she should be fired from the show. Like it or not, she does represent a certain segment of the population, and of womanhood, which is what the show is supposed to be about. Not about what women “should” think, but about what they do think. She represents that part of America that does think victims were partially responsible because they wore sexy clothing. Again, I totally disagree with her and I think it was incredibly ignorant for her to say it. But it is the “view” of a large part of America. By allowing her to voice these opinions she gives the View the platform to discuss the issues. It wouldn’t be very interesting if they all agreed all the time, would it? And it gives everyone else the opportunity to say, once again, that you should not blame the victim. Perhaps one more person will hear it this time and get it and change the way they think about this. And it wouldn’t have happened if they’d duct taped Elizabeth’s big mouth shut.

      • Carla

        And what segment of the population does Elizabeth represent? The mentally challenged??? No insult meant to the mentally challenged, of course.

      • MARIPOSA

        The scary thing about Elizabeth is that if it isn’t black or white, she has a very difficult time delving in grey areas. For her, women who have abortions do it as a contraceptive; women who get stalked deserve it because they flaunt their bits.. Why not, the guy could have waited to see it without invading Erin’s privacy. He went to prison for nothing.
        I saw it and I was sickened that she could go there!

        It is disturbing that she hasn’t gotten it after the fact. Elizabish acts like she has a blueprint for the female pathos. This slow, shallow, ignorant, nuisance should have to live the life of a woman who has challenges, perhaps with the need to make a heart wrenching choice; maybe then her Republican values will challenge her to get out of the box!

    • Mary Rogers

      Please fire her !!!!!!

    • LadyJNewYork

      Hasselbeck just need a “foot to azz” for those comments, and then the duct tape, muzzle and taser.

    • helen

      Oh cry me a f*kin river. She needed her kid to tell her she was wrong? Is that why she’s crying? Or is it that she’s just a bitch and is trying to milk it.

    • Lou

      Erin Andrews was asked by ESPN to tone down her outfits, because they were not professional. Basically, instead of using professionalism to sell Erin Andrews, she was using sex appeal to try to sell Erin Andrews, so if anybody is taking females back to the cave man era, it’s Erin Andrews. The only reason why she’s on DWTS is because of being filmed naked in her hotel room; otherwise, Erin who? Elisabeth Hasselbeck does not always say the right thing; none of us do. But she says far more of the right thing than the liberal loons that overwhelm that panel.

  • Kate

    I hope this gets posted…damn straight!!

  • LOL

    Hasselbeck is just another Right Wing buffoon.

    • RH

      And you have no brains or courtesy.

      • Juuust a little outside

        But they do have a point.

    • Mary

      Boy do you have that right ! She’s always shooting her loud mouth off on the View.

      • Lou

        LMAO – and Joy & Whoopi aren’t even LOUDER?!!! HELLLOOOOOOO Another brainwashed lib.

    • suzy diamond

      Let’s not bring RIGHT wing or LEFT wing into this! It was just a really thoughtless remark Elizabeth made and she APOLOGIZED! If you have NEVER EVER said the wrong thing please come forward you could star in Ripley’s Believe It or NOT! If you just plain don’t like Elizabeth then just say so, don’t use this as a cover!

      • heather

        And yet she’s SO forgiving of others who have made equal gaffs, suzy diamond.

      • Mark

        Her apology was about as sincere as Roethlisberger’s, or Woods’s. I don’t buy it. And Suzy, if you want to add emphasis to your words, MAKING THEM BIG never HELPS. It’s just ANNOYING ha

      • heather

        Crocodile tears

      • Honee

        Ok. I don’t like her.

      • DJ

        I don’t like her. Can’t stand her, really. This isn’t a “cover”. What is it? A lot of us can’t stand her BECAUSE of ridiculous trash comments like this. But I get that she’s there to say those stupid things so the others can tee off. It’s what TV has evolved into.

      • Des

        Suzy – i completely agree with you! Most of us have said something or another at sometime that was inappropriate or hurtful, most of us have spoken without thinking first – I would just love to meet someone who hasn’t! I thought her apology was heartfelt & sincere. : )

      • t

        I may have made some thoughtless comments in my time, but I never got paid to make them before a national audience.

      • Carla

        Yeah, the silly b!tch apologized while using her child as a human shield. Hasslebeck hould be replaced with Debbie Matenopolos.

      • MARIPOSA

        Her right wing views are the reason for this. This is not the first time..

        This woman always has what to say about people’s right to choice, etc.. You need to hear her ignorant statements about abortion. That there would surely get your blood boiling at her irresponsible remarks. Elizabeth makes these statements as if she knows why people do things. She needs to mind her own business, starting with her undercover gay husband!

        I understand people have different views, but when those views are plain ignorant, cruel and devisive, what’s the point?

    • CDUB

      Leave it to a Dem. to make it political

      • CDUB

        By the way that was at you LOL

      • stan

        That was stupid. You’re stupid. Go soak your stupid head in a stupid lake in Stupid County.

      • Des

        Completely agree CDUB – I was thinking the exact same thing. :o)

      • Carla

        Leave it to a Republican to say something so ignorant in the 1st place. Way to represent, Hasslebeck!

    • Barbara

      I am a moderate conservative and I think she is an idiot. Erin Andrew looked beautiful and Hasselbeck is just jealous and stupid.

      • Reality

        “Moderate Republican” – in other words, a Democrat.

    • Niix Starkyller

      Let’s slap a political stick on this and vilify the offender. Thus we can further stretch the divide between both sides of the country’s politics. THAT’LL help!

  • Tyre

    I can totally understand if this happened once, then yes, with full consideration and conscience, I could say yes, forgive her. But this isn’t the first time Elizabeth has said something off the cuff to elicit a reaction and when said reaction is a terrible, albeit honest, reflection of herself, she then apologizes (often tearily, but without mascara running [great job makeup artists at The View]). I think her tenure at the View is up, personally. She should be replaced with someone that’s on the right, yes, because all views should be shown with honesty and candor. But to be so insensitive and strident is not something that should be represented by any side.

    • Honee

      I agree. But get this, she’s probably going to get pregnant again. Barbara won’t fire her if she’s pregnant. That’s why she keeps gettng pregnant, to keep her job.

      • Barbara

        I do not watch the View Or Dancing with the Stars I just saw this story on the internet and I know who Erin Andrew is from seeing her on ESPN and her past problems with the stalker. I feel very protective of her because I do not want anything bad to happen to her and when I her this Hasselbeck say such stupid things about her I thought she needs to go. The ABC executives really need to think about this. Hasselbeck really has to stop and think who she is and where she is before she speaks because there is a lot of people out there listening to her. She is a very good actress apologizing to Erin Andrews because this is the very reason people in her position she may lose her job. Her comment is just stupid. It may be time for her to get pregnant and move on. Yes I would say I would fire her. The Right Winger would fire her.

      • 3boysmom

        What century are you living in?

    • Niix Starkyller

      Nah. The show doesn’t need any more correctness. Elisabeth is ‘strident’ and Joy is caustic. They sit on opposite sides of the fence and balance each other out. And, I’d rather have someone be insensitive and offer apologies than simply be insensitive. And instead of slushing hate toward a person who does not share my opinion (not that you are, Tyre, but others here), I’d rather simply hear it and try to understand their perspective.

    • Carla

      I’d like to see Hasselbeck replaced with John McCain’s lovely, intelligent daughter, who has been a welcome addition to the panel when Idiot Shyte was on maternity leave.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Oh yeah, that girl’s a winner, or maybe dumb ass Sarah Plin’s daughter who talks a a good game but was photographed at a 21 and older club in NYC last nite (she’s 19). Or maybe ignorant Liz Cheney who’s a hate monger like her dad.

  • Lemon

    *stands up and claps* Thanks, Jennifer! You hit the nail on the head.

  • Seriously

    Hasselbeck needs to STFU until she has something intelligent to say — which will be never. The View’s network should fire her a$$.

    It’s bad enough Erin was already a victim of a criminally insane stalker. Now Hasselbeck is compounding the injury. Too bad some crazy stalker can’t start following her around and videotaping her privately so she’ll have some idea of what it feels like. Stupid beeyotch.

    • LOL

      Hasselbeck is a typical hateful Republican.

      • Steve

        Wow, LOL. Yer rilly smart.

  • Seanguy

    Boy it sure pays to think before speaking…

    Oh wait…

  • potvin

    Oh boo hoo! Sounds to me like Ms. Andrews enjoys playing the victim card.

    • wildecat

      Excuse me, Ms. Andrews WAS a victim. Of a stalker. Who was convicted. There’s no “playing” involved here.

    • talulah

      Mark, I know all your secrets…..

    • suzy diamond

      But she IS a victim of a crime! THAT is a FACT. How would YOU like to be video taped naked in the privacy of your own domain and have these pic put on the internet? Those pics will be out there FOREVER. It can NEVER be undone no matter how much jail time this guy gets. She IS a VICTIM of A CRIME. You don’t get it?

      • M

        I get it Suzy, too bad the ignorant idiots don’t.

    • BW

      she only did ONE interview about it… ONE. She went on Oprah and was hesitant to even do that- she just felt she had a duty to all victims of video voyeurism to say something- and no more has been said about it. She has handled the situation with utmost class, dignity, and professionalism. I really have a lot of respect for her because of it. Look this stuff up before you just start being judgmental of her- otherwise you’re no worse than Hasselbeck.

  • Q

    Gee, it’s nice that she apologized, but isn’t this the 15th time she’s had to apologize for saying something thoughtless and/or ill-informed on the show? Why does she get to keep her job? Remember when she asked Stanley Tucci about his wife (who was dead)? Does hosting this show require ANY actual preparation, thought or knowledge?

    Why do we let her go with her nice little apologies when other people in the public eye get fired and criticized? This is 1000 times worse thank anything Kanye West has ever said. It’s really more on the order of Don Imus. She didn’t just blurt out something dumb – this was a thought-out bit for her show. She said it because she MEANT it. No apology can take that back, and she is way out of second chances.

  • Chelly

    I don’t think she was trying to make a joke about the guy who did it. (Oh, and how thoughtful of her to be sooo concerned with a sex predator’s feelings!) I think she was trying to shame Erin Andrews. I guess because she deserved what happened to her, right, Elisabeth?

    If it was a man who said this, would he be suspended? I think Tony Kornheiser might like to answer that question.

    • Q

      I agree. No way a man who said this would keep his job.

      • mark

        Tony Kornheiser from ESPN did.

      • M

        I wonder how EH or Mark would feel if a stalker taped them showering or undressing and put it out there for all to see? Bet YOU would change your attitude then. Maybe not so much with Mark, he would probably enjoy it! The perv!

  • Cee

    I’m so glad you posted something about this incident. Now, I normally don’t agree with almost anything that comes out of Hasselbeck’s mouth, but her initial comment was truly appalling. Way to completely trash someone who was victimized and is trying to move on–God forbid she should have some fun. Why doesn’t she just cover up and stay in her house, right Elisabeth?

  • DFSF

    This attitude of “blame the victim” is in perfect keeping with H’s right-wing sexual hysteria. “Tone it down” so you don’t look like you’re “asking for it” has been the conservatives’ solution to all sexual crimes and offenses. (It works great with the Taliban too.)

    • Brooke

      I know, and it’s infuriating…if it were THAT easy to not get raped, then far fewer people probably would be.

      In reality, people who are going to harass, stalk, and assault women are going to do it regardless of what the woman is wearing. I’ve been catcalled while wearing a business suit, followed down the street when wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, and groped at a club when I was showing the least amount of cleavage in the room. It’s not about the clothes, but the clothes make an easy thing for people to focus on while ignoring the scary reality that you can’t protect yourself if someone is determined to victimize you.

    • Dayna

      That is what I hate about her comments is that it continues the pattern of blaming the victim. Women are so hard on other women. I remember being ridiculed by girls in middle school because I was a D-cup, even though it was not my fault. Erin seems like a sweetie and does not deserve comments like that from anybody.

      • Deon

        Enlhgiteinng the world, one helpful article at a time.

  • Morgan

    The best apology would be for Elisabeth Hasselbeck to not be on TV anymore. But that would be more of an apology for being on TV in the first place.

    I see this more as Erin Andrews not letting what happened stop her from living her life to the fullest.

    • GoddessLu

      Amen to both statements.

  • Lea

    You know, in the pic above, in the purple dress, a large part of the torso is a flesh-colored bodice commonly seen on the costumes of figure skaters. It gives the appearance of being risque, but she’s still safely covered. Not only is EH shooting her mouth off, but she’s not even paying attention to the dresses, I suspect.

    • JanB1234

      Right! and they are COSTUMES! All the dancers are wearing them. She probably doesn’t even pick them out herself.

    • Jen

      Is the dress in the photo the one Hasselbeck was referring to? Because I was thinking it looked downright frumpy compared to some of the stuff the ladies on DWTS wear.

      • Deo

        Exactly! Nothing she has worn on the show is so trashy or revealing; especially by DWTS standards. Everyone should boycott “The Shrew”! It’s a horrible program.

  • potvin

    MWC – You meant a role of duct tape for that loud mouthed Behar right?

    • davey

      Behar atleast has a clue – and is funny…unlike Hasselbeck :(

      • Reality

        You mean Joy, the “washed up comedian”, Behar.

    • Luddite

      Can we not joke about duct taping anyone’s mouth shut?

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