'American Idol': The Top 5 tackle Sinatra. How did they do?

Whenever American Idol swings into big-band mode, great things happen. Season one gave us Kelly’s “Stuff Like That There” and Tamyra’s “Minnie the Moocher. Read the full post.

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  • MIKe

    Bowersox was GREAT for me tonight. So was Lee and Mike. Crystal is my favorite and I will be voting like mad to keep her in. After the judges comments, she will no doubt be in the bottom three and only Casey going home will bail her out. Gotto go now so I can vote for Crystal some more.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t know what crack the judges were smoking. Crystal was terrific (although she should have kept her mouth shut afterward, I did agree with what she was saying, the singer should serve the song, not the other way round), and Mike was just a big lump of nasty ole Velveeta. And poor Casey – they completely sabotaged him, between not letting them have instruments and HCJR’s sh*tty arrangement, he didn’t stand a chance.

    • @Jennifer

      I agree Casey was out of his element, but a true singer can sing without an instrument, that is an excuse. Casey should be in a band, not the American Idol.

    • jb

      @Jennifer, if you weren’t so musically bankrupt you’d know that HCJ’s arrangements were actually quite terrific. And no one sabotaged Casey, he’s just not a very good singer and needs a guitar to mask that problem. The idea is to get the idols outside of their comfort zone to see who rises to the occasion. That’s the mark of a star and sadly, none of them really accomplished that very well last night.

  • Robert

    This whole season has been a parody of Idol. Judges pimping/bussing mediocre (at best) contestants. New subject: neither Lee nor Crystal are very good. They are just the best this poor season is offering.

  • steven

    Siobhan was the best this season. That was more that obvious tonight. I think tonight was the worst episode ever of AI.

    • Crystal is God

      ” hi every one my name is Steven and I am still wetting my pants cause Soybun Hagpus is gone.” hey steven quit youre crying and go hang your selve if you are so sad about Hagpus

  • Kat

    I don’t understand the judges this year. I thought Crystal’s performance was a good one-she sang with a sultry voice, and showed she can sing out of her element. And that’s my point-that isn’t her style but she still did well. So what if she sticks up for herself. She’s right-she doesn’t have to belt out a song. And that’s where I don’t understand the judges. Crystal does things a bit differently, and everyone gets wacked out. What is the point about the comment of her tatoo? Good grief people. That has nothing to do with her talent. I loved Lee also. He has come such a long way since the beginning of the season. I think Crystal and Lee are the top two. Casey needs to go home now-cute guy, but not impressive talent wise. Yes, little Aaron can sing and so can Mike but are we talking about true talented musicians compared to Crystal and Lee?

    • @Kat

      I agree Crystal was good tonight, but I think she needs to cool it with her comments. She doesn’t have to agree with the judges, but it is getting annoying with her comebacks every week. She always feels the need to justify everything.

    • Crystal is God

      @Kat I agree with you except that I think Lee sucks and MAMASOX did NOT sing with a sluty voice!!! just cause she dressed in a sexy outfit does not mean she is slut. take youre mind out of the gutter.

  • Dede

    Crystal’s back tat was atrocious! It is huge! Lee…what was the fuss? I think the judges are trying so hard to make it look like a contest between Crystal and Lee. I am sick of all of them. This season has been a disaster.

  • Charity

    Dont hate crystal for having her own mind! Its a singing comp not a popularity contest!

  • Lyn

    I’m so sad that Casey picked a song that was so totally wrong. Feel he would’ve done fine w/ the song Lee picked . . . but so it goes.

  • Jim from Chicago

    Wow! This should be the easiest Idol vote ever. Tonight, Casey was downright awful. Perhaps Harry Connick was being kind or maybe just accurate when he mentioned that you could not hear on stage. It was clear throughout the performance that Casey was flat and searching for the right pitch. While I did not think that this was the best theme for Idol, it sure exposed the contenders from the wannabees.

    • Davey

      This is the first time the whole season that Casey has been off pitch.

      • jb

        @Davey, no, it wasn’t. And nothing can improve the goat bleat which he’s demonstrated all season long. Just a background singer who plays guitar well.

    • darcy’s evil twin

      yes, it is the first time Casey sang off key.
      If you watch Slezak’s interviews wtih Tim Urban, Urban comments on his song “Apologize”, which he said he’d sung hundreds of times, but when he was on that stage he couldn’t hear and said he had NO idea what he was singing.
      Every Monday night Letterman has the previous week’s contestant that was given the boot on his show and they all sound better on his show.

      • Wilder1

        To me, intill last night, Casey always sounded great. My husband, who is the most critical on music ( he plays/sings) then any one I know, always liked Casey and Crystal. Didnt like Lee for a long time, but thought he was at his best last night. He doesnt like Mike for the same reasons I dont. Anyway- he voted for Casey too because he thought he is the best of whats up there. He likes the way he plays guitar too. I think its funny how people never said anything about bleating intill Kara did.

  • brenda

    Big Mike’s performance was the only one of this entire season that I would download. No matter what the judges said, Lee did NOT sing well enough to win. Listen to the opening: he’s off key and his voice sounds harsh. Crystal needs to remember one of the cardinal rules of Idol: you do not sass the judges. These are the people who can get you gigs and deals and look out for you. This season cannot end too soon.

    • Crystal is God

      @Brenda – if you love Big fat Ugly Mike so much why don’t you mary him and then “check him out on Itunes” you milky licker.

  • Maggie

    Judges are so obvious. Lee sounded nothing like that era of singers. He’s so average. He is a very poor imitation of Chris D. or even David C., and would NEVER have gotten this far in another year.
    They want Crystal and Lee. I MUCH prefer Casey and Crystal for the final two. Casey is a country singer – didn’t expect him to sing Sinatra on an album anyhow, and I think he did fine. Aaron is sooverrated, but sweet, and Big Mike is just annoying!

  • PNK

    I watched a few minutes at the very end to catch HCJr, never watched Idol before, I saw “Lee” (did I get his name right?), he was great.

  • Idoldamus

    Two of my least favorites were the best of the night … Bottom three should be Casey (who also had the worse song choice of the night,) the kid (never really good,) and Crystal (she looked ridiculous and sounded weak.)
    Stop! Listen! Can you hear it? It’s Frank Sinatra. He’s not just rolling over in his grave; he’s doing cartwheels.

  • Kato

    Im not a mike fan but i think the best of the night was Lee followed by Mike. Lee far and away was the best of the night. Mike did good, even made me think “wow hes an average singer”

  • Marie

    If they’re looking for a breakout star they’re going about it all wrong. A performer typically has one genre – Kelly is pop, Carrie is country, Fantasia is R&B…why make these contestants, especially the ones who know what kind of artist they are, sing all these various different types of songs and then criticize them when they don’t do it the way the judges think they should. Making all the contestants sing country or jazz when clearly that’s not what kind of artist they all are, is ludicrous. I think they should be able to sing whatever they want. I HATE these themes. They limit the contestants and have resulted in a lot of people going home prematurely.

    • Anonymous

      Amen! I’m done with this show as soon as Crystal goes. As soon as LOST finishes I’m getting rid of my TV altogether.

      • jb

        @Anonymous, that’ll show ‘em!

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