Conan O'Brien opens up to '60 Minutes' about his NBC exit; is vulnerable -- but still funny -- in the hot seat

conan-60-minutesImage Credit: CBS And on the seventh day, Coco spoke.

Yes, we’d been waiting months-that-felt-like-years to hear from Conan O’Brien about his unplanned, unpleasant exit from NBC and The Tonight Show. Legally prohibited from criticizing the network — and from giving interviews until May 1 — he was left with little choice but to amuse himself (and us) on Twitter and on the stage with his “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour.” Tonight’s 60 Minutes interview was his first real chance to share what was on his mind. At least as much as he legally could. (Non-disparagement agreements, what lurks behind you?)

So, how’d he do? He came across as likable and funny, yet didn’t rely on humor as deflection. He came across as sad, yet didn’t wallow in it. He came across as honest, but also tactful. He showed vulnerability at times — and, yes, hints of defensiveness — but did not resort to turning Jay Leno or NBC into a punching bag. He was also self-aware enough to share his predicament, but to also keep it in perspective. (After all, in the land of $32 million exit packages, is anyone truly getting screwed?) I liked and respected how O’Brien ended his last Tonight Show broadcast on a classy, gracious note — thanking the network for the times that were good and urging his fans not to give into cynicism — and I think he worked hard here to answer Steve Kroft’s to-the-point questions while seeking to uphold that philosophy.

Some highlights from the interview: O’Brien shared the endearing story of why he started growing his beard the day after he vacated his host chair. It was tiny rebellion — a follicular defiance. (“…that was my small victory, you know? Okay, so I lost The Tonight Show, but I’ll show them — I’ll stop shaving.”) He admitted that he fell into a big funk (“I got very depressed at times. It was like a marriage breaking up suddenly, violently, quickly, and I was just trying to figure out what happened”), and the “Legally Prohibited” tour helped to lift his spirits. Describing those painful musical-chairs conversations with NBC execs, O’Brien let us in a little: “It just felt like the tone went very quickly from, ‘Take your time, we understand this is a tough decision,’ to — [snaps fingers] you know, ‘Let’s go.’  And that probably helped me a little bit feel like, ‘You know what?  This environment doesn’t feel right, and I’ve been with these people a long time… I really don’t like the way this is going.’ And when it started to get toxic and I started to feel that I’m not sure these people even really want me here. Let’s just — let’s just — I can’t do it.” Prodded by Kroft, he said he’s considered the possibility that the network may have even wanted him to leave (which seems unlikely for multiple reasons, including the hideous PR factor). In any case, “if they wanted me to leave, [gives a faux-peppy thumbs-up] it worked.” (EW reached out to NBC regarding O’Brien’s interview, but have yet to hear back.)

He did acknowledge his place in the pop-culture landscape right now as He Who Got Screwed. (By the way, did Steve Kroft make a bedroom-sex joke in his narration and use the term ‘screwed’? This ain’t my father’s 60 Minutes!) “I have so many people say this to me, ‘Hey partner, you got screwed,’” noted O’Brien. “I always tell them, “No, I didn’t.  I didn’t get screwed. I’m– I’m fine. It just — it didn’t work out.’” Yet when Kroft mentioned that Leno said that he got screwed himself, we saw a bit of an edge behind O’Brien’s incredulous laughter. “How did he get screwed again? Explain that part to me. I’m sorry. Jay’s got The Tonight Show. I have a beard and an inflatable bat. And I’m touring city-to-city. Who can say who won and who lost? I’m laughing ’cause crying would be sad.” He clearly felt stung by Leno — who hasn’t contacted him since the shakeout — as evidenced by quotes like these: “I’m happy with my decision. I sleep well at night. And I, you know, hope he’s happy with his decision.” When Kroft poked at the wound, asking O’Brien if he thought Leno acted “honorably,” the interview’s most tense moment arrived. O’Brien let out a long breath before saying: “I don’t think I can answer that. I don’t think — I can just tell you maybe how I would have handled it. And I would do it differently… If I had surrendered The Tonight Show and handed it over to somebody publicly and wished them well, and then — I don’t — would not have come back six months later. But that’s me, you know. Everyone’s got their own, you know, way of doing things.”

After O’Brien insisted that he wishes NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker well — Zucker has also not reached out to O’Brien — Kroft reminded O’Brien that Zucker said that the viewers had essentially rejected him as host of The Tonight Show. “Can I take back what I just said?” quipped O’Brien, who objected to the idea that his show was a money-losing failure, and that six months was enough time to judge his chances for success. But if O’Brien carried an agenda into this interview, what he (smartly) wanted to drive home was the fact that he is alive and well: “It’s crucial to me that anyone seeing this take — they take anything away from this it’s I’m fine. I’m doing great… I don’t regret anything. I do believe, and this might be my Catholic upbringing, or Irish magical thinking, but I think things happen for a reason.” Told by Kroft that the Lutherans believed that, O’Brien whipped up a nice story-capping retort: “Okay, I believe that if I experience any joy in life, I’ll go to hell.”

While I wished we could have heard more about O’Brien’s new TBS show (How did the deal come about? How different does he want this series to be from his NBC shows?), the interview served its purpose well. (Nice to hear a few thoughts from his firmly supportive wife, Liza, as well.) Now, his galvanized fanbase can look forward to the page-turn that will take place in November. PopWatchers, how do you think Conan came off tonight? Do you want to hear more from him, or is your curiosity satisfied?

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  • Bill

    Class act as usual. Perfectly surmised, Dan. Will look forward to network free O’Brien.

    • Lucy

      Here, here. Conan’s wonderful.

      • rando

        Class act Conan. Cannot wait for your new show!!!

    • Laura

      I totally agree with everything you just said. Go CoCo!

    • LOL

      I’m with Coco!

      • Rich

        Don’t care. Still gonna watch Leno.

      • Me too

        Leno sucks. His show will peter out with his 65+ viewership.

      • Ian

        @ Rich – So is my 90 year-old grandmother. I’ll tell her she’s not the only old lady watching it.

      • bill

        there’s no question conan’s funnier. but i still think he shouldn’t been this vulnerable/wounded in interview. sure, lost the tonight show dream in a cold hard business way, but $32 m goodbye? move on to the next thing like a champ, man.

      • Lewis

        @Bill- You gotta understand that it’s not about money or fame. It’s about losing his dream job, his passion. If money is the only factor that may cheer you up. Then sorry buddy, you are just soulless

      • bill

        there’s no crying in baseball.

      • fireflyfan

        nice one bill!

    • Lee Payne

      Conan is the one who slinked around and made demands to NBC for Jay’s job. Now he’s doing the exact same thing to George on TBS. He’s not Tonight Show material, as was proven, and now he’s going to lose the high ratings George Lopez built up in the next slot he’s stolen. I’m personally tired of him squeeling like a wounded puppy and blaming everybody else for his low ratings. He got $40 million for doing a lousy job.

      • Jason

        You’re a fool Lee Payne. Lopez ASKED for Conan to be his lead in so that better ratings would be developed for the TBS late show line up.

        Conan didn’t even considered TBS until Lopez called him up personally.

      • Blink17

        Conan was OFFERED the job by NBC 5 years ago and Leno and Conan both agreed. There was no demands made by Conan

      • Bernster


      • Tina

        Lee Payne is correct. Conan DID go to NBC and demand Leno’s job within 5 years. Check your facts. Conan is a funny guy but should stop acting like a victim and move on with his life. He was not taken advantage of – he didn’t succeed and like every other job in the world – got ‘fired’ for not doing his job correctly!

      • E.

        *sigh* Tina, you are wrong. He was not fired for not being able to do his job. He got fired because he wouldn’t go with their plan of moving the Tonight show by a half hour. NBC covered their asses because of their eff up with The Jay Leno show at 10 PM. Or did you forget that bleak moment in NBC’s currently on going stupidity? I liked Jay before, now I don’t because of his actions. And as they say…actions speak louder than words.

      • Ted

        Get it right folks, NBC made a deal, because they wanted to keep Conan, after losing Dave. They made a deal and then they tanked it. Not because Conan did a bad job, because Jay at 10:00 was A BAD IDEA! Business is Business, But honour is honour. Conan is the one tha has it….

      • E.

        Mhm. And as Conan and everyone’s been pointing out, it was also a business deal. If I had to make a decision to pay Conan or Jay to go away, I would honestly choose Conan too, no matter how much I love him.

      • Annie

        Lee, you are totally right! Conan got fired (like anyone else would be in the real working world)) for not doing the job. Jay had a huge audience, beating Letterman every time, and Conan couldn’t keep that going. He’s a nice guy but he has a limited audience appeal, and besides, $32 million exit package ain’t too shabby for the short time he was on. He’s got no reason to cry.

      • Dawn

        Annie..I believe you are forgetting that Jay was given time to build an audience and initially Letterman was beating him. Conan was not given the same chance as Jay. I’m sorry, but I have always thought Jay Leno was a lousy interviewer.

      • Keith

        Also remember, much of that often touted 40 mil exit package went from Conan to his staff and crew. He reportadly paied them all 6 weeks salary from that pot. The same thing he did durring the writers strike. Find him funny or not, but that man has class.

      • Jason

        Whats funny is that Leno’s ratings have recently tanked to that of Conan’s while he is competing against re-runs of David Letterman!

        LOL, NBC really screwed up on this one!

      • Jason

        Edit: Leno’s ratings are now matching Conan’s lowest ratings. What a debacle.

      • Elgin McFadden

        Wrong Lee Payne. Conan had a big money offer from Fox in 2004, and told NBC that he’d turn it down if they expressed some sort of plan for the future. They went to Leno and all agreed that five years (which is a really long time) would be fair. Based on those promises, Conan and his people left NY and moved to LA. But Leno changed his mind and didn’t want to leave. NBC was afraid of looking like they’d made a mistake with Comcast coming in, so they panicked and gave Leno a contract with a $150M cancellaton clause in it. When Leno’s 10 PM show completely tanked (Kroft called it “a debacle” last night), NBC dumped Conan because it would cost them less ($110M less) than dumping Jay. Now Leno, who is getting a much bigger lead-in from 10 PM than he gave to Conan, is producing the same overall ratings as Conan (see but with worse demographics. And Leno doesn’t have to deal with having a competitor on at 10 PM to split his audience the way Conan did.

        The whole “this move was made to fix Conan’s ratings” and “Conan was losing money” crap is just a stone cold lie.

      • emmy

        conan did not get fired. please stop repeating this inaccurate statement.

      • Jeff

        I am not sure that Conan ever “demanded” the Tonight Show. I think NBC gave him the show in an effort to keep him from bailing the network.

      • maggie

        Agree – at this point he should just shut up…………and let’s see if his fans follow him., Personally I am of the belief that all the people on these blogs championing him really are Letterman fans and probably didn’t watch him – now they are jumping on the poor Conan bus. If he had that many fans he wouldn’t have failed. Face it – some people like Leno, some like Lettermah/Conan. I liked Conan till he started whining.

    • George

      I hope Conan puts his band where it was at Late Night. He could banter with the band. I want him to do what his writers want, not what an exec wants. That is what made his first show great. it was his show, not an exec’s show.

      • Quirky

        I agree. It needs to be a smaller, more intimate stage. I like Conan but his style didn’t suit the grandness of the Tonight Show. It was like Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars. He was still funny but he didn’t suit the preceived regalness of the show.

        He also should keep the beard.

      • emmy

        man the band has been rocking so hard on tour. they’re fantastic

      • Jeff

        I also agree. I hope his move to the Tonight Show brings back the authentic madcap style he had during Late Night. With the Tonight Show, it seemed that Conan was trying a little too hard to “generalize” his humor. I’m wondering if NBC will let him keep any of his recurring bits. REALLY hoping to see a return of the “Clutch Cargo” bit he used to do with Smigel (although that will sadly be unlikely if his show stays put in LA).

    • bob

      yes i can see how some older people might not get co co.But the same old dry humor that leno puts out is well(old).He was no carson,and coco is no leno.This is whats wrong with americaq buisness.get rid of cocco 32mil.get rid of jay 150 mil.So were stuck with the guy with the reverse mortisha adams hair doo.And does he need any more cars.Mabye if he collected jokes like he does cars he might be ok.Ill watch if only news is on

    • Tiffany

      I hate what happened to Conan. I loved his humor, so much more than Jay’s and NBC has lost in this one, not Conan. I watched his Late Night show and I switched to the Tonight Show as soon as he did. I will miss Conan’s humor. I loved his show and I will watch another if he decides to come back to late night. Conan we miss you already!

    • David

      Conan is a class act hypocrite and liar. He already did to Leno what he’s claiming he’d never do. If he had so much integrity as he’s claiming then he should have just opted to leave the network than take away another man’s job. And don’t give me the “it’s NBC that offered it to him”, because ultimately he went along with it (taking the other man’s job before the other man chose to retire i.e. booting Leno out).

      • Rowan

        Pay attention David. Conan didn’t go after Jay’s job. Six year ago NBC found out that FOX was wooing Conan. NBC didn’t want to lose him so THEY offered The Tonight Show to him and Jay – in his usual passive-aggressive mode agreed to it. NBC had already told Leno that they would want him to retire from the show while still #1, and Leno agreed. So Conan was promised the 11:30 slot. All sides have admitted to that. If Jay had a problem with it he should have said so then, but didn’t. Then last year he was stupid enough to take the 10pm slot (which was offered to Letterman by NBC back in 1992 – he wisely knew that it was a stupid idea and declined), had crap ratings (which he does’t admit to) and jumped at taking the Tonight Show back without a single courtesy conversation with Conan. Conan is a class act. Leno is scummy. Letterman said he was happy that people can finally see Leno’s true colors.

      • Sarah Glen

        By all I’ve read, I feel Jay was forced to surrender to Conan in the first place and wonder if it would have been if Conan hadn’t consented to taking it from Jay.

      • Rowan

        Jay was told my NBC that they were going to retire him in five years. Conan didn’t ask them to and Jay told them he was okay with it. He wasn’t, but he didn’t bother to be a grown-up and tell them that, so he lied to the public, saying he wanted to retire (his idea) and privately fumed about it. He should have said something earlier so it could have been dealt with properly. NBC made stupid decisions all around based on not wanting anyone else to have (first) Conan, then Jay. Jays 10pm show was a failure because Jay didn’t know how to do a successful primetime show. Conan’s show didn’t get a chance to grow and mature before he was booted. Conan split the desirable demos with Dave and Jimmy Kimmel. Jay skews much older so less people to share.

    • masada

      i have no sympathy for conan ever since he showed a noose made of hemp

      • Don

        Everyone seems to forget that Leno also sucked wind for awhile when he took over for Johnny Carson. Leno has shwon me that he would screw anyone to get that shwo back.

  • dfbs

    I love me some Coco. He seemed like he needed a hug.

  • lolabell

    I was so glad to see him on television again, even if just for a few minutes. He came off as classy, smart, and funny. Gotta love Conan!

  • Lala

    Terrific interview. I think he’s awesome, and as he said, he’s not a victim, no one should feel sorry for him. I just miss seeing him on TV! I can’t wait to see what he brings to TBS!

  • Lynn

    Conan is going to get the last laugh. He showed us nothing but class and grace during the whole NBC screw up and he still shows it now. NBC should be very afraid of Conan’s Irish Magical Thinking!

    • David

      Conan is not going to get squat. He got just what he deserved for conspiring to take away Jay’s job from him 5 years earlier. I hope his new show gets cancelled.

      • Sharon

        Whoa, David- calm down. We all get it, OK? You hate Conan. Enough already.

      • Caleb J

        to quote Rowan
        Mon 05/03/10 1:09 PM

        Pay attention David. Conan didn’t go after Jay’s job. Six year ago NBC found out that FOX was wooing Conan. NBC didn’t want to lose him so THEY offered The Tonight Show to him…

  • Becca

    I think Conan did a great interview. He was frank and honest and I’m happy he finally was able to tell his side of the story.

  • emmy

    can’t wait for more conan. just watched all the extras on the 60 minutes website. great stuff

    • BTW

      Haha – “Gandalf did this!”

  • KJ

    Yeah Conan is a real class act. Just ask George Lopez who was told his show would not be renewed if he didn’t movie it to 12:00 to accommodate Conan. I can’t wait to see The Daily Show beat him in the ratings every night. Jon Stewart FTW!

    • BTW


    • Jesse

      Lopez sucks ass anyways. And there is no chance Stewart beats him in the ratings. O’Brien’s ratings on The Tonight Show were bad for network, but they’re really really good for a cable show. If he brings most of his following to cable, like I think he will, he’ll be really successful.

      • bob

        yes deffinitly…..

      • David

        I agree. Just before he gets cancelled for sucking.

      • Skip182

        I’ve noticed David has a fixation with “sucking.” Seeing as he’s a Leno fan, it makes sense.

    • Conesie

      Everybody keep cool, my babies!

    • Melinda65

      If that’s true, then George should be grateful to Conan for offering a reprieve. If Conan had rejected the deal, word is that Lopez Tonight would have been canceled due to ratings, so either way, he wouldn’t have a show at 11. Now he gets to stay on the air (and get a paycheck) and follow an established host with a large built-in audience; larger than most cable shows, anyway. If George can retain a fraction of those viewers, then he and the network will likely be pleased.

    • Jason C.

      I’m glad to see that you don’t pay attention to what actually happens, but they just choose to surmise what happens without any facts. KJ: TBS asked Lopez before they made the offer, because they said they wouldn’t do it if he wouldn’t accept being moved. Lopez accepted and then offered to call Conan himself. Don’t make accusations you can’t back up. EW actually reported on this.

      • KC

        True Jason. Also, it’s not the tonight show he’s on. AND he’ll be getting Conan as a lead-in!

    • Desmo

      Hahahaha HGTV spanks Stewart in ratings, have fun with that big ratings juggernaut.

    • Al

      Can they still call it ‘Lopez Tonight’ if it’s not on untill after midnight?

    • Andy

      KJ, The Daily Show is for mindless Lefties who insist on being spoonfed more ridiculous schlock originating from poorly-researched propaganda with classic Leftist arrogance. If it’s on John Stewart’s show, the brain-dead like you laugh. Period.

      Do yourself a favor and learn to think again. When you get that brain working, odds are you’ll prefer Conan.

      • April

        TDS – best news out there – period. They bash Fox and MSNBC, also CNN.

      • Bob

        Wow, Andy. Wow.

      • You are dumb

        you are dumb

      • katie

        I like Stewart and Conan, and I always thought Conan leaned left although he never openly discussed his politics. But most of Conan’s celeb friends are known Democrats. But thanks for reminding me how “mindless” and “brain-dead” I am. I’m sure people who watch right-leaning shows are have completely independent thought and are never influenced by the words or ideas they hear.

      • Jessica

        Funny, my Republican husband loves The Daily Show. Granted, he’s a moderate, but he still tips the scale toward the conservative. He’s a partner at a patent law firm in a major city. It’s a position not generally open to the brain dead.

      • ship

        And yet statistics have shown that Daily Show viewers are far better versed in real news than Faux News Propoganda alcolytes (And Beck has lost 30% of his ratings this year. Fox doesn’t like to advertize that)

    • Andrew Lavan

      KJ,You obviously don’t realize that Stewart, Colbert, and Conan are great friends of one another. THAT’s why they each went on each other’s shows while the writers strike was still going on. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him stop on both shows while he’s in NYC to promote the tour/new show. And as others have also pointed out, TBS wasn’t on Conan’s radar until Lopez called. Another thing, I don’t think Lopez would’ve written Conan’s TIME 100 piece if he was upset over the deal.

    • Dawn

      KJ Where do you get your information? The National Enquirer?

    • yes

      Lopez has only been on since November and most people didn’t know he had a show until it was announced that Conan would be going to TBS.
      As for Stewart & Colbert – I can see them being fine with it all because they understand there is room for everybody and they all get along. Even when Conan would start competing with Colbert, Colbert came on the last week of Late Night and even wished Conan good luck on his own show. Stewart & Colbert are class acts like Conan – they are nothing like Leno.

      • David

        Stewart & Colbert are nothing like Conan who 5 years earlier had designs on Leno’s job at the Tonight Show before snaking it away from him.

      • murley

        oh give it up david.

      • Dumbass Dave

        It is possible for you to come up with any other thought or are you just going to regurgitate the same BS over and over again. I get it, you don’t like Conan, now just shut up until you come up with an original and inspired thought.

    • Rowan

      First of all, you are absolutely wrong about Lopez’s show. He was never in danger of cancellation. His numbers with his audience demo are great. Conan told TBS he wouldn’t do his show there unless he knew how Lopez really felt about it. Lopez called him and asked him to be his lead-in. Together they will clean-up with the college crowd, which is the demo TBS wants. Get your facts straight.

      • Rowan

        Oops, this was supposed to be in response to the comment below by “onestell”

    • Rowan

      That’s not even remotely true. TBS loves Lopez and is thrilled with his numbers in their desired demographic (college kids). Lopez thought it was a great idea to have Conan’s show lead into his. Conan said he wouldn’t do the show if Lopez wasn’t happy. Lopez called him and asked him to do it. I don’t know where you get your information, but it’s not from a reputable source.

  • onestell

    How does he feel about bumping George Lopez’s show back an hour? Is that honorable? This interview sounds like it was a smart preemptive move to possible PR blow back from bumping George Lopez back an hour.

    • Jacob

      O’BRIEN/LOPEZ 2012

      • Mireya

        Fa sho!

    • Steven Colbert

      Dude seriously, if you dont know this by now….Geroge Lopez called Conan to have him move to the network. It was on Geroge’s insistance that Conan came.

    • tobe

      um that’s prety much how show busines works. But what Leno did was over the top. Leno gave up the tonight show nearly years prior, then went to his own show in primietime and when it failed terribly he forced Conan out so he could come back and host it again. VERY CLASSLESS! Jack Paar and Johnny Carson are leagues above the classles Jackass Leno. Johnny Carson would have spurned Jay Leno for that. Leno is a loser. He stinks at ten, he stinks at 11. Conan O’Brien has more integrity in his pinky fingernail than Leno has anywhere.

      • Conesie

        Keep cool, my babies!

      • Jay didn’t force anyone . . .

        It was NBC; if you want to fault him for going along with the network fine. But it was ultimately their call not his. Stop taking your frustration out on the cashier when it’s the manager who’s to blame.

      • Rowan

        Leno didn’t force Conan out. NBC did. They had the ridiculous super-sized contract with Leno for $150M. Conan’s contract was for $32M. They made a business decision – which saved them money at first, but they have done serious damage to their brand. Leno’s part was that he should have offered to do specials or a once a week show until the end of his contract and told them to give Conan the same chance they gave him when he started. He had two years of bad ratings before he ever started to beat Letterman’s ratings. And his lead had always been very slim. But Leno has no class and took the show back without a thought to how unfair it was to Conan and his crew.

    • Monica242

      Do your homework before you make comments like this.

    • just the facts

      George Lopez is the one who contacted Conan to pitch the idea. You can relax now.

    • AP

      Actually, Lopez was fine with the idea of Conan as his lead-in. He was completely in on the whole deal. No need for any spin. They’ll both do just fine at TBS and raise that network’s profile even higher. Smart moves all around
      …would’ve been interesting to see him land on FOX, but with TBS on some 9000 cable systems and both major satellites, I think he’ll have plenty of coverage, and he’ll get to do what he wants there. For those who don’t want to watch Jay, Dave, Craig or either of the two Jimmys…there’s something for everyone now.

  • BTW

    I miss seeing him on my TV! I just TV him so much!!!

    • shellz

      me too! that’s what i was thinking during the whole interview – i can’t wait until he is back on tv every night! VIVA COCO!

      • big ben

        Here’s a suggested “fix” until he comes back to TV: 1) find Conan hosting the 2006 Emmy awards on Youtube (pure genius), 2) read articles about how Jay Leno tanked at the White House (particularly effective after reading a post about how lousy Conan is). This works for me. The only side effect is that I miss him even more after seeing this.

  • Mireya

    Watching Conan on TV literally made my day. He will always be my favorite late night host.

  • GeneralSub

    @onestell and KJ : It was reported that Conan said no to the deal from TBS if it meant moving Lopez. Not until Lopez called Conan, did Conan take the offer.

    • April

      If this is true, glad he went about it this way.

      Much better than, “Okay I’ll do it if Lopez is fine with it” – without ever calling. I tell you, I used to be a Leno fan, but after he admitted doing that he lost me.
      You always give a heads-up to someone – not cool Leno.

      • CK

        Watched maybe five minutes of Leno in the 10 p.m. slot. Since he moved back to the Tonight Show … haven’t watched a single second. And I won’t. Ever.

      • Caleb J

        ditto, CK

    • Al

      There are also reports that Lopez is privately fuming but was told to be publicly supportive. Who knows which is true?

      • yes

        I’ve only heard that from one place and really, what can he be made about? He’s been on since November and he’ll get a strong lead in.

      • Caleb J

        to quote andrew above, ” I don’t think Lopez would’ve written Conan’s TIME 100 piece if he was upset over the deal.”

  • Deanna

    Conan Rocks!!

    • Miss Talk

      And he looks so sexy with the beard, he should keep it!

  • tobe

    dumb dumbs who compare O’Brien bumping Lopez an hour to Leno giving up the Tonight SHow to test his own new show in primetime, then coming back and forcing O’Brien out of the show when his onw show fails.. it’s a ridiculous comparison because they don’t compare in any way. O’Brien didn’t give Lopez his show then take it back aholes.

    • phd


    • UGH

      Wow. Tobe must have a PHD!!

    • Mike

      And clearly, you read HALF of everything you see, since your rant as more holes than swiss cheese. Leno didn’t leave to test a new show, he wanted to keep his show, but agreed to move so NBC could keep both him and Conan on. His 10:00 show was an after-thought. And he didn’t steal the spot back, he was asked to move back after Conan’s ratings tanked and viewership was down more than 50%. It was a business decision on NBC’s part. Now if you actually read this paragraph, you are educated.

      • yes

        He was not asked to move because of Conan’s ratings – he was asked to move because the affiliates wanted his show off of the air! HUGE difference here buddy.
        At least Conan talked to the person who was getting bumped back. Seems to me this all could’ve gone better if Leno had contacted Conan when all the talks were taking place instead of just taking the network’s word for it. Leno says the network screwed him yet he takes them at their word? Something doesn’t smell right with that.

      • Caleb J

        Sorry mike, NBC offered the 10 pm show to Leno to keep him from making a deal with another network, just like they made the deal with conan to keep him at NBC 5 years prior. Leno had a year + left when Conan took over, and then would have gone to another network. NBC wanted to keep him and made the insane 10pm offer. The difference is Jay agreed to leave the tonight show 5 years in advance, and took the 11.35 time slot back without getting Conan’s ok. Coco got Lopez’s permission 1st. Coco = class. Jay = crass.

  • Martha

    Conan is a gentleman and a scholar.

    • elena

      Hear, hear!
      One great huzzah for Sir Conan!

      • carol Cobb

        I am so sick and tired of hearing about Conan. He got over 30M dollars. I never liked him as a comedian. He is not funny and never has been funny. I watched the first show after he took over for Leno and he was terrible. I only watched about 10 or 15mins and I couldn’t take any more.He is no Jay Leno. I see why his ratings were bad because his show was awful and needed to be cancelled. Thank goodness NBC got him off the air.

      • yes

        He is no Jay Leno….well Thank God for that! If you think Jay Leno is good comedy…wow. You probably think Henny Youngman is cutting edge comedy too…

    • David

      Conan sucked that’s why his ratings dropped. And 5 years before that he schemed to take Jay’s show away from Jay rather than waiting for Jay to voluntarily quit or retire. He’s a weasel.

      • david’s itchy vagajay

        Funnily enough, that’s exactly what Leno did to Carson! He and his manager forced him out – it’s all in The Late Shift. Conan was OFFERED the Tonight Show, he didn’t FORCE anybody anything.

      • Not Lost

        two words…..not funny.

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