'Human Centipede': Director and star of the year's most disgusting horror film spill their guts

human-centipede-tom-six“When we were editing The Human Centipede we showed it in Holland,” says director Tom Six. “There were women that left the theater who were afraid to talk to me. Or look at me.”

The Dutch auteur cannot have been surprised by such a reaction to what is undoubtedly one of the most disgusting, and disturbing, horror films ever made. The German-set Human Centipede (First Sequence) stars Dieter Laser as a Dr. Mengele-ish surgeon called Heiter who transforms two American tourists (Ashley C. Williams and Ashlynn Yennie) and a Japanese man (Akihiro Kitamura from Heroes) into the titular creature by stitching them together (yes, you read that right). In his mostly enthusiastic review, EW’s critic Owen Gleiberman describes the movie, as “a surgical-nightmare exploitation film that has no pretense to anything beyond making you go, ‘My God, now that is gross.'”

My colleague sums matters up nicely, though there is, in truth, nothing even remotely nice about this particular slice of Cronenbergian craziness, which is getting a limited release and is available on demand starting today.

WARNING: After the jump,  Six and Laser discuss their film in a manner that, like the movie itself, is recommended only for mature, and strong-stomached, audiences. We really can’t stress that enough.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you get the idea for The Human Centipede (First Sequence)?
TOM SIX: I saw a child molester on television and I said, ‘They should stitch this guy with his mouth to the a–– of a very fat truck driver. It would be a really good punishment for him.” Then I thought, “That’s a cool idea for a film.”

Was it easy to get finance?
TS: We made films in Holland before and so we had a group of investors. We told them we want to make an international horror film and we’re going to stitch people together. We left out the words “mouth-to-a––,” because we knew they wouldn’t fund it. If I had mentioned “a––-to-mouth,” I think  they would have said, “Have a nice day, bye!” But they have seen the film and they loved it. So the trick worked very well, fortunately.

Dieter, how did you get involved in the film?
DIETER LASER: We met in a Hilton in Berlin on a Sunday morning. Tom explained in detail every single shot of Dr. Heiter. And when he finished I said, “You are dedicated! You are passionate! Let’s do it!”

You weren’t put off by the subject matter?
DL: A week after we talked, I suddenly got small and afraid. But then I got the script and I discovered, “Oh boy, there’s so much possibility!” The [plot] is a good marketing thing that will create discussions and anxiousness and everything. Under the surface I discovered why he chose a German. Hello, Dr. Mengele! I regard the film as a grotesque [parody] about the Nazi psyche.

The film’s tag-line is “100 percent medically accurate.” That’s not just publicity hype, is it?
I wanted a real operation report. So I went to a Dutch surgeon. He said, “No, no, that’s against my medical oath.” But he’s a movie lover, so after a while he made a very detailed operation report. A surgeon could actually make in a hospital a human centipede. That’s what fascinates me. And makes audiences feel more horrified by the idea.

Was it hard to cast the female roles?
TS: The two American actresses were really hard. I wanted very beautiful and very intelligent and very good actresses, of course…. We were casting in New York and I made some drawings of the human centipede and a lot of actresses thought I was crazy and didn’t want to work with me. A lot of actresses only want to be beautiful and I had to ask those actresses to be mutilated. So they left. But the wonderful Ashley and Ashlynn, they had the b–––s to play it.

Is it true you already have plans for a sequel?
TS: Yes. I had so many ideas, which I couldn’t use in this part. I wanted, first, people to get used to this idea. Now I can expand my ideas and hopefully create something really original. I want to offer people some more!

Readers, you have been warned! Meanwhile, you can check out the Human Centipede trailer on YouTube.

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  • J

    This guy needs serious help. To even think of this idea is beyond disturbing.

    • whatevs

      There are much worse things on film than this. Unfortunately, there are plenty of sickos out there, but this guy seems to be good humored about it.

  • David

    It sounds like it could be the prequel to Madame Butterfly. :)

    • stan

      So, like, human wings?

      • lucinda

        No. not human wings….
        he attaches them mouth to ass.
        sews them together. no wings involved , he then cuts out their knee caps so they become fully centipedic.

  • amie

    I just watched the trailer for this and….there are not really any words for how effed up this movie looks. Good times.

  • PDXrules

    Add this to the list of movies I have zero intention of ever seeing.

  • David

    I, for one, expect to see a lot of asskissing in this movie. Totally unintentional, of course.

  • Fanny

    I’m not all that squeamish when it comes to horror movies, but this one is making me feel bad on the inside just by the description alone…

  • Quirky

    Why is the word “ass” censored in this interview? Are people clicking on a story about human centipedes and torture porn really going to be offended by the word “ass”?

  • Ceballos

    I’ve heard of “mouth-to-mouth” and “a—” to “a—” (thanks, “Requiem for a Dream”), so I suppose it was only a matter of time before we were exposed to “mouth to a—” on the big screen.

  • Manipede

    The Human Centipede is a little girl! Manipede is the real Playa!! http://www.manipedethemovie.com

  • Bob Frapples

    So if Tom Six wasn’t a director and just, say, Tom that lived in your building, and he mentioned this “awesome idea” to you over beers one night… is it an “awesome idea”, or is Tom now that creepy dude you try to avoid in the hallways, and that guy that, when he gruesomely kills your other neighbor, you say, “Yeah, that sounds about right?”

  • xLit

    I saw this movie on “On Demand.” It is 100% gross, not very scary, and very disappointing. It is not a campy spoof and not a serious horror flick, and its not medically accurate. Don’t encourage the director further by paying to see it.

  • HellsKitch

    I saw the premiere in NYC w/ a Q&A w/ the director and cast afterwards. I almost passed out during the surgery sequence in the film (I honestly had to put my head between my legs!). So needless to say…I LOVED IT!! It’s actually much less graphic than you would imagine, all things considered. I think it’s funny how many people get up on their high horses over this concept. It’s a movie, folks!

    • ch

      I don’t understand, what about this movie did you like? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you become somewhat detached and able to separate what you see on screen from what you see in real life? Please, I’m not being sarcastic, I really, desperately want to find if there if some redeeming quality to this film. Otherwise I have this feeling the people who watch it are just emotional cripples with the potential to enjoy killing puppies in the “right circumstances”. Help me get rid of this disturbing mental image of this film’s audiences. Tell me what made you want to see this film.

      • tim

        there are no such things as monsters.

  • sMiles

    When I first viewed the trailer I was beyond shocked. I thought what is this and more importantly why? Since this is not an impression one can easily shake from one’s mind, I thought about the why…. It’s disgusting-true. Shocking-absolutely. That’s what horror is…but what about the real human depravity? Take for example the oil spill. Look at how much we waste? Look at how much we exploit the earth and one another? I believe the director is examining this in a truly original and deeply perverse way and spinning it so that the characters are forced to live off the waste of eachother and exploited beyond any concievable notion that’s been explored thus far and then forcing us as viewers to examine this. Really get hit hard. I think Six did a fabulous job of getting that point across…and I’m normally terrified of any horror film, but I truly believe this will resonate once people get passed the ______.

    • Kishh

      Although, the major distinguishing difference is not that there is a necessity to live by each other’s waste. Moreover, we will never live to such a stage because at least there are organisms in the sea and ocean that we can rely on for food.

      Besides, this is really just sadistic porn, or an extreme hedonist’s fantasy. The latter could be an euphemism, but a doctor who is giddy over Jenny being forced to eat the excrements of Katsuro? I think that’s more than enough to label this as a scat porn, indeed.

  • D_VM

    Tom Six is off his meds. He needs to go to the funny farm in a straight jacket.

  • James Leighton

    We all got stoned watched this, I made food….didnt eat the food, My mate threw up after watching it(hes a /b/tard), suffice to say just dont watch the movie, you will be left with thoughts of I dont even……. and those thoughts will never go away!!.

    • John

      this is actually worse movie ever. but one thing for sure, thinking of the human centipede will slow down your ejacu****n when having s*x

      • tim

        funny story; no it won’t. disgusting or disturbing images, such as this or imagining your gran naked, actually speed up ejaculation.

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