Conan O'Brien on '60 Minutes': Will too much NBC-Leno talk turn him into a victim?

60-minutes-conanImage Credit: CBSLet me start by saying I am a huge Conan O’Brien fan. HUGE. So much so that if he had no choice but to broadcast his show from a cockroach-infested 7-Eleven on the wrong side of the tracks — or in a turkey pen with John Tesh — I would still tune in every night.

So that’s precisely why I’m a tad worried about Coco’s 60 Minutes interview this Sunday. According to early transcripts that have circulated, Conan is quite candid when discussing January’s late-night fiasco, saying that if he were Leno, he would not have taken The Tonight Show back: “I know me, I wouldn’t have done that…. If I had surrendered The Tonight Show and handed it over to somebody publicly and wished them well…and then…six months later. But that’s me, you know. Everyone’s got their own, you know, way of doing things.” (Also, Conan claimed that had he stayed with NBC, their relationship would have become “toxic.”)

I believe Conan, and I’m certainly curious about his true, no-holds-barred feelings about everything that has transpired. But I would be lying if I said his statements don’t have me a tad worried that he’s in danger of getting painted as the perpetual victim. Part of what made Conan’s exit so incredibly graceful in that final hour on Jan. 22 was the fact that, in the end, he refused to bitterly point fingers. Though he had spent the better part of his final days on The Tonight Show ripping into the network — rightfully, most would argue — he ended on a tearjerker of a monologue that outlined his happy, if complicated, history with NBC. (“I have worked with NBC for over 20 years. Yes, we have our differences right now and yes, we’re going to go our separate ways. But this company has been my home for most of my adult life. I am enormously proud of the work we have done together, and I want to thank NBC for making it all possible.”) He told all of us not to be cynical. And we tried not to be. Conan simply came out of the situation the bigger, gracious man that would undoubtedly move on and find a home elsewhere.

And find a home, he did — on TBS this November. The fans that refused to be cynical always believed it would happen, and it did! And with a new network and a new show and a start date that’s less than six months away, it seems like the perfect opportunity for Conan to leave discussion of the Leno-NBC ugliness behind him, and to remind the world that when it comes to the competitive, much-analyzed world of late-night talk-show hosting, he’s second to none: Hilarious, adventurous, inquisitive, and a good interviewer with a touch of aw-shucks sincerity. But now, after seeing the sneak peek into his 60 Minutes interview — not to mention reading how he ripped into NBC on his “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On TV Tour” — I’ve begun to wonder at what point his talk of NBC and Leno will cause his “Conan as victim” persona to eclipse his role as the host of TBS’ new, must-see late-night telecast.

It’s tricky, of course. If Conan didn’t talk frankly about the fiasco we would all be disappointed. And the guy certainly has every right to let the world know his side of the story. But as a fan of Conan the late-night host, I hope he takes his own advice, resists the cynicism, and at some point soon drops the smack-talk, leaving us to only contemplate his new gig hosting the TBS show. And if he brings along a turkey pen — well, that’s even better.

More from EW on Conan O’Brien’s 60 Minutes interview:
Conan O’Brien opens up to 60 Minutes about his NBC exit: Vulnerable — but still funny — in the hot seat

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  • bill

    i think you’re right, ms. ward. conan should’ve maintained the high road, have made a joke about it, but kept nbc/leno in the past and focused on his excitement for his new show.

    • emmy

      well, seeing as how this is his first interview since leaving the tonight show (his agreement with NBC kept him from being interviewed in print and TV media) it actually is the most appropriate time for him to be asked about his exerience in january and to give his honest response.

      • sandi

        I so agree with you Emmy. Funny how people quickly forget that NBC was trying very hard to work with Conan, but he refused any advice and his ratings tanked. Jay was offered the Tonight Show after Conan said he wouldn’t work at NBC anymore. People love Jay at 11:30 and the ratings have proved it. By allowing Conan to follow a half hour of Jay after the local news as NBC suggested would have been the best move….and Conan’s ratings MIGHT have improved. BUT, Conan was a loser and decided he wanted out. He thought he could go over to FOX….but FOX passed. (smartly) TBS took him but only after Conan forced them to move George Lopez to midnight, so he could start at 11 pm. So, really, this stings of self importance. And he has millions. He needs to stop pretending he is a victim.

      • martin

        reply to sandi:
        It wasn’t Conan’s ratings, but Leno’s ratings at 10 p.m. that were the problem.
        And, by the way, Leno’s ratings are “tanking,” to use your term in as much as Leno’s ratings are almost precisely tracking Conan’s ratings from exactly a year before. Check out the TVbyNumbers article.

      • sandi

        Sorry martin, but sadly this is completely incorrect. Conan whiners look for every excuse in the book to smear Leno for Conan’s disaster as host of The Tonight Show. Conan had the show for 7 long agonizing months…Leno didn’t start his new show until September. Conan tanked because he wasn’t funny and tweaked his nipples every night and told too many poop jokes. If this works for you, well then…hooray!!! Most of us prefer stronger comedy. NBC agreed and made the necessary changes. Conan left because he wouldn’t listen to anybody else, and has a boatload of cash. Good riddance. Don’t feel sorry for him.

      • martin

        Sandi…you are correct. I need to grow up. My apologies. I’m going to give Leno another chance now that I know the real facts.

      • sandi

        Anytime martin. Apology accepted. It’s okay, we all learn from mistakes. Welcome to team Leno!

      • sandi is an idiot

        leno was canceled at 10 cause advertisers weren’t interested in buying commercial space. now we have stuff like the marriage ref to pull in viewers.
        leno canceled…but they want to keep the man. he can really make those dumb old women laugh.
        so they asked conan to move back a half hour. but thats 12:05am…
        Leno sucks. Conan aint comedy gold…that’s craig furguson.

        Sandi…martin knows you are retarded.

      • sandi

        Ouch….somebody isn’t getting enough fiber in their diets. Hope you feel better after taking that dump.

      • sandi is an idiot

        i would rather take a dump on your face.

      • the OG emmy

        looks like someone is on here posting with the “emmy” name i usually use.

      • Anna

        Ratings aren’t the true measure of a good show. Just FYI. I happen to love Conan and NBC should have respected him more. He wasn’t some fresh face. He had been with them for years. He was treated badly. I don’t mind if Conan wants to express his feelings on 60 Minutes. I think it’s important for him to point on that this is not something he would ever do. It just shows us that something must me a little bit wrong with Leno. He didn’t even blink before taking this show back. It’s pretty awful. I want to get past the ugliness too but it’s all very fresh still IMO. To Sandi – it’s not about ratings. Conan is beloved and talented. Some of the greatest shows ever made didn’t do well in ratings.

      • allobidallo

        Someone needs to change Sandi’s Depends. She seems cranky and misinformed.

      • emmy

        Obviousuly a Conan hack writing the diaper jokes. Conan whiners are like bottomfeeders in the oceans. Very sad actually. Don’t worry about this idiot sandi.

      • Sandi’s retarded

        You’re seriously calling Leno a higher brand of comedy? Are you serious? Leno hasn’t been a high brand of comedy since… well… ever.

        And you’re talking about how quickly people forget the facts? Did you keep up with the saga in January? Because you’re apparently forgetting some serious order of events. Leno’s show was tanking, which were causing Conan’s ratings to also drop. They asked Conan to move to 12:05 am… but guess what.. that’s NOT the Tonight Show, that’s The Very Early Morning Show. Never in the show’s history had the time been changed, why now just because Leno’s new show was ruining the whole lineup?

        I agree… someone should take a huge steaming dump on your ugly face.

      • sandi

        To the last idiot who posted: You can’t blame others for your own personal failings. Conan tanked, as we all know, becasue he wasn’t funny. He was awful. He wouldnt listen to others or take any advice. It was his way or the highway.
        Leno stayed with NBC because NBC wouldnt let him move over to ABC last Spring after NBC gave Conan the Tonight Show. Leno had a huge following at 11:30 pm however and asked Conan to move his show at midnight hoping to build it in the ratings again. Conan said no and decided to leave. THAT is why Leno is hosting The Tonight Show again. Pure and simple.

      • Glenn

        I’m late to this party, but its really stunning how many of sandi’s “facts” are, how do I say it, not so factual. He pushed Lopez to midnight? Wow, thats just flat out wrong. Absolutely nobody reporting on this even claimed that, so sandi’s making it up as she goes along.

      • Blake

        hahahahaha someone actually just refered to Jay Leno as stronger comedy? This is either some of the best sarcasm I’ve heard in a long time or sandi just is not so smart. Jay is clearly a weak comedian, just watch his opening monologues and you see the stiffest and most boring jokes where you can predict the punchline long before it happens. Did you see him at the white house? The only times laughs went his way was when they were at him, Obama is clearly team Conan. You old people can have Jay, the youth wants Coco. I’m with Coco!

      • @sandi

        You’re really, really off base. When Conan’s contract was up in 2004 NBC went to him and offered him The Tonight Show in order from keeping him on NBC. Jay and NBC then agreed that Jay would pass The Tonight Show torch to Conan then and Jay would presumably retire. Whatever Jay’s motives were (he still had jokes left, whatever) I don’t care – the point is everyone had contracts and personal agreements (see Conan visiting Jay and ceremoniously and graciously receiving Jay’s blessing) and understandings and NBC’s idiocy and Jay’s lack of grace is what sent Conan off. Don’t tell me Conan rejected NBC’s help: a) NBC is in no position to give programming advice to anyone and Jeff Zucker has been failing up the corporate ladder since he road ER and Friends to the grave and b)Conan, more importantly, had a right to make The Tonight Show his own version of The Tonight Show just like Jay did. No one wants to see Conan doing Leno’s version of The Tonight Show except maybe the geniuses at NBC. And lest you forget, Jay was initially losing to Letterman too, but he was fortunate enough to be NBC’s only option. AND FINALLY, don’t say Conan’s not funny. Seriously. So he’s not for you. Jay isn’t for me. Let’s not be stupid. A man isn’t given the keys to The Tonight Show (snatching away aside) b/c he’s not funny.

      • barry

        Lov u coco,

      • Sandi Is Leno’s PR Person

        Please. Like you couldn’t be more transparent.

      • brian

        People, people. You need to stop bagging on Sandi. She has enough problems already: she finds Jay Leno talented and entertaining.

      • brian

        P.S. I’m a new “brian.” Not the Brian that has already engaged in conversation with sandi below. I guess she’s got a lot of time on her hands waiting for 10:35 Monday night.

      • Jeff

        Sandi – with all the coverage this fiasco hot, it’s amazing how poor a grasp of the facts you possess. I won’t beat a dead horse here, but just WOW. There’s no accounting for taste – you’re entitled to enjoy Jay’s “comedy,” but at least get your facts straight.

        Enjoy those Jaywalking segments. Quite a hoot, those are…

      • Mack

        Martin get your facts straight! Leno is NOT tanking. His ratings are beating the hell outta of Letterman. WHERE do you get your facts? I get mine from the neilson ratings.

    • Ray Seno

      I would recommend people not watch Conan’s show. Or at least change the channel at 11:35 exactly!

  • Ceballos

    I totally agree with the sentiment of this post. I also think Conan would be the first guy to tell anyone not to feel sorry for him.

    However, I sort of feel like this particular interview (his first sit-down since leaving NBC) is sort of mandatory, and if he hadn’t addressed his departure from NBC head-on (like he does here), it’d always be lingering out there.

    That being said, I (and I suspect many other people) are over this. Conan’s done his “60 Minutes” interview and it’s time to move on. Continuing to harp on this from here on out would be overkill.

    • clio

      I agree, but perhaps that time to move on is AFTER THE INTERVIEW AIRS. My god, all we’re talking about here are early transcripts floating around the internet for what, 36 hours, and you and many other people are already “over this”?
      Look, if you’re “over it” on Tuesday morning, after everyone has seen the thing and had 24 hours or so to say something intelligent about it or have a thoughtful reaction, that’s fine. But it’s insane that our news cycle is so fast and so saturated that someone can be “over” something that hasn’t even happened yet.

      • Ceballos

        Oh, I actually agree with you completely.

        When I said I was “over this”, I didn’t mean the “60 Minutes” transcripts/interview specifically – I was referring to the whole Team Leno vs. Team Coco late-night finger pointing.

        However, after the interview actually airs (and with all these early comments in a clearer context) I’m absolutely ready to not hear about this anymore.

      • Ceballos

        …and by “this”, I, again, mean the whole Conan/Leno saga, not the interview.

      • Yes

        Newer transcripts also show that he says that people come up to him and say he got screwed, but he just says “No I didn’t get screwed, it just didn’t work out”. To me that shows where he is with the whole thing at this point.

      • Scobes

        Yeah, I feel this interview is necessary too. Leno got to tell his side on Oprah, and Conan has been contractually obligated to keep quiet until now. Let’s actually WATCH the interview and learn if he thinks of himself as a victim and see where goes from there. I want to see him rise above stronger and better, but also think he deserves his say – and I’m interested in hearing it.

    • Ray Seno

      I think we, er, THEY all got screwed!

  • Silent Rage

    Doesn’t matter to me, whatever he chooses to say I won’t judge because I’ll still be a fan. “high road” or not the man will speak his mind and I’ll respect that.

  • Kate

    Of course, they always show the most dramatic moments in the promo. I’m sure the bulk of the interview won’t be as accusatory.

    • Brian

      My thoughts exactly. I saw some other bits of it where he insists that it would be ridiculous to be “sorry for” him, and also that he wouldn’t go back and change things if he was able. I got the impression he’s very happy with where he is now.

      • sandi

        Well, I for one certainly don’t feel sorry for him. He was not funny and wouldn’t broaden his comedy. He kept the show aimed at juvenile comedy and this doidnt work at 11:30 at night in the Eastern & Pacific time zones. Plus, he is $32 million dollas richer…nobody on these boards will ever get that kind of money in their lifetime. I think he doesn’t get it. He refused to listen to others. His canning was not a surprise. But he left voluntarily…he was not fired.

      • emmy

        I think Conan would agree with Sandi: it would be silly to feel sorry for him. Also, I saw him live in San Francisco a week ago and he was having the time of his life on stage. I’m happy for him!

      • martin

        I agree with sandi too. Conan is a loser and a hypocrite. I’m tired of all the poop jokes Conan told over and over. It gets old. Leno’s comedy is much stronger and fresher. Thank god NBC came to their senses.

      • Brian

        Yes, Martin. I too once was blind but now am found by Sandi. Conan was always poop this and poop that. Thank God for Leno’s fresh comedy. NBC… It’s Fresh.

      • sandi

        welcome back Brian…missed you last night. Wasn’t the same here without you.

      • Brian

        Actually, i changed my mind. Conan’s jokes are better, I’m just an old fart who prefers another old fart like Leno

      • sandi

        whatever gets you thru the day and able to get a bowel movement going, Brian. Welcome back. Conan will love your support.

      • amy c.

        Sandi, for someone who hates Conan for his poop jokes, you sure talk bout bowel movement a lot… just sayin…

      • Joe

        @sandi, stop spamming your hatred on every thread here… 32 million? sure it’s a lot, but not that much in entertainment. jay’s buyout was 150 million so obviously NBC wouldn’t kick him off, it’s a numbers game. Conan tanked? sure he did but Jay is what caused it. 4 million viewers at 10pm screwed the affiliate news stations at 11pm, which ultimately screwed conan at 11:30pm. Jay screwed it all up, he announced years ago he would step down when conan took over, but changed his mind. His horrible comedy was totally obvious at the whitehouse correspondance dinner, watch that video! your pro-Jay campaign would be killed if you did. As for conan not taking advice from NBC, are you kidding? that wasn’t reported anywhere… get some facts, or leave the board please. BTW Conan was a class act on 60 minutes, I didn’t want to hear him bash NBC and he surely didn’t, he looks happy and I look forward to his new show. I do watch Jay as well btw, however he’s a dvr only so I skip through his boring crap.

      • sandi

        Joe…I saw Conan as well. He looked happy. And sorry you think I spam hatred; I think you need to read the other posts. I read you agree with me that Conan tanked. Sorry you think Conan’s tanking was not his fault however. It was. He wasn’t funny. All the facts I reported are listed in the trades. As for lead ins, CBS has the most watched line up on network, yet Leno still came in at #1 for late night for many years. So lead-ins really don’t mean anything Joe. People have remotes. Rather than feeling bitter towards me, you should learn more about the situation, Joe. NBC wouldn’t let Jay leave when Conan took over…please keep that in mind. Best to you.

  • Rosalynn

    I have to say I disagree with the article. I think the interview is a good thing because we haven’t heard his side of the story from his perspective. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing for him to share it with us. I went to his show and although he does make fun of NBC and the situation, it’s not out of character. A good part of Conan’s humor is his making fun of himself and pointing out his imperfections.

    That being said, if after the 60 minutes interview he does a million other interviews saying pretty much the same thing…then it would be overkill and contradict his don’t be cynical message.

  • Prince

    I don’t think many people know he already made this statement. I certainly think his fans will get it. Jay certainly had his say. I do understand the post and maybe I am too Coco-centric I think peopel need to know. There was so much speculation and so many people said Jay had nothing to do with it. He is not a victim and that’s not why he would say anything,

  • LOL

    I’m with Coco!

  • Scott

    Why do we have to analyze the interview before it has even aired? I know EW wants to be first on all the late-breaking news, but recently we’ve had reviews from song clips and movie posters and trailers. Let’s wait until after the interview to see what he says before and after these soundbites that are circulating.

  • veskebjorn

    Commercial television is big business. NBC execs thought they would make more money by replacing Leno with O’Brien. O’Brien tanked, and affiliates complained. O’Brien was replaced with Leno. Ratings immediately shot back up, and the Leno show has been #1 in the time slot ever since. End of story. O’Brien failed in the Tonight Show slot. Leno thrives in the Tonight Show slot. Why shouldn’t Leno accept re-assignment? He didn’t leave NBC when he was demoted. Why should he leave NBC when the execs offer him his old job back? I wish O’Brien well; it’s painfully evident that he can’t accept and learn from his failure.

    • emmy

      I agree with veskebjorn: NBC just didn’t give Conan enough time to establish a new follwoing an audience at 11:30. Also like veskebjorn, I think that this whole fiasco was actually a godsend for Conan: he’s probably going to be much funnier now that he’s not lumbering under the heavy ‘Tonight Show’ mantle. Hopefully this will hearken a return to the energy of his Late Night days. Thanks for putting it so well, veskebjorn!

    • Mike

      @veskebjorn, you’re absolutely right that TV is big business, and the biggest factor in this decision was Jay Leno’s contract, which contained a $150 million liquidated damages clause. That means that if NBC let Jay walk (no pun intended) after his 10 p.m. show failed, that breach would have cost them $150 million — more than three times what NBC ended up paying O’Brien to skidaddle! This is, basically, the bottom line of this whole issue: how much would breach cost NBC? Leno’s contract was just stronger. Luckily for Conan, his career as a late night talk show host is still young. A day will come, after Leno and Letterman retire, when Conan will be the most established host in late night.

      • J.Norman

        Very good post. I certainly hope that Conan – in his 60 minute interview – has the good sense to include some discussion on NBC’s point of view. TV is a business, and at the position NBC was in, the move should have been considered the best (from the NBC point of view).

  • stewy

    Stop! You’re breaking my heart! Conan walks off with 42 million dollars and he’s a victim? Oh the humanity!
    8 million Americans out of work…homes in foreclosure…and this guy wants sympathy?
    Give me a break!

  • Brian

    Kate, really? You love Conan. You work in the entertainment writing business, and you hear ONE SOUNDBITE from the interview and publish a blog post with this headline? It’s practically Conan-hater bait. Why don’t you go read Bill Carter’s write-up of the interview (the entire thing was screened for him) on the New York Times website. You’ve essentially asked people like “stewy” above go nuts. Conan isn’t playing the victim, but you suggest that he is. Congratulate your knee for jerking.

    • sandi

      well Brian, all you do is troll the blogs and criticize people for telling the truth, and you just don’t like to hear it. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at 11:30? Sorry. It was a disaster. Everybody knew it. Conan belongs on cable, not network television.

      • Jennifer

        Pot calling kettle black. At least Brian seems to know what he’s talking about. Meanwhile Sandi trades in delusion.

      • sandi is an idiot

        Sandi…i bet you have a “Palin for Pres.” sticker on your car.

        you seem way too dim.

      • sandi

        Go Obama!!!

      • sandi is an idiot

        Leno is awesome when it comes to street interviews. Most comedians are when you have a camera and a good editor.
        Besides “jaywalking” and headlines…leno is not funny. He has a crew of terrible writers apparently.

        Sandi. Look at the facts. Look up the ratings. You have your opinion based on nothing but what you have seen on the boob toob.

        Sandi. I hate you and wish your computer would break forever.

      • sandi

        well…..sorry you have to resort to such childish name calling just because others disagree with you. You’ll get far in life. Idiot loser.

      • sandi is right

        sandi is the only smart one on this web machine site. Leno even spoke at the president’s dinner and got rave reviews. He’s the best there is, the best there was…oh and did you hear about his mother in law joke? I love Leno and Sandi. Sandi especially.


      • sandi

        well…..that attempt at humor was almost as bad as was Leno’s remarks last night. He had an off night.
        People need to get a grip. As for the Hitler remark, I’m sure that went over well with
        the Jewish community and Holocaust victims. Maybe think a little more before you spread such hatred towards others.

  • Mom11.11

    Yes I think Conan should talk about his side (the truth about what happened because that’s how he is) say it like it is or was. He has been held back and he did give an honest beautiful good bye at the end of his last show. I don’t believe his ripping into NBC during his final days of hosting was mean or unwarranted after all “He was victimized.” Leno did it too on his hour 10:00p.m show that bombed and led into this mess. He blamed NBC and they both had their own interpretation of what it stands for. I think Leno’s was, Never Believe their Contract and I can’t think of Conan’s rt. now but of course the C stood for Conan. As for his quip’s on tour, he’s doing it in a joking manner as part of his stand up as Comic’s do, they turn real life experiences into comedy. As for the Article written today about his appearance on 60 min.’s I gave up on comments. You have his fans who KNOW HE’S HILARIOUS and then there’s the people being very mean who haven’t even followed what really happened or their personal preference is more to Leno’s taste than Conan’s but they have to turn it into a free for all “Tear Conan apart” party. Will NEVER change those people’s minds or have them look into the truth of what happened but it’s over and Conan’s moving on to better things, being the lead in for George Lopez, another hilarious Comic on TBS. They are now known as TEAM LOCO! LOL! Seriously.

  • Mom11.11

    To: Stewy, That’s another miss informed story being spread. First of all, Conan worked out this $42 million in his Contract to share with his staff so they wouldn’t get screwed too, it didn’t go all to him. #2 He was able to get that much money because NBC broke their Contract with him. #3 “How” much money he got has anything to do with it. #4 I’m tired of hearing about that because it just makes people like you sound like you’re jealous that he got that much money for him and his staff. Try and get past that.

    • stewy

      Seriously, do you want me to feel sorry for Conan? That’s one heck of a severance package. I’m not jealous. I’m tired of hearing about how badly Conan has been treated. He needs to get over it and forgive Leno. I have forgiven transgressions committed against me for a Chinese combination plate. But hey……that’s just me.

  • Mom11.11

    To: Veskebjorn, It was Leno’s 10:00 show that tanked and the Sponsers threatened to pull out because the News shows following him were losing viewers and they were complaining. Conan got caught in the middle of all this also he only had the show 6 months, that isn’t enough time to judge what the ratings would have been. When Conan 1st got the Late Night show it started up with low ratings. NBC would only his renew his Contract every 13 wks. eventually built up to the Top rated show and his Contract renewed every 5 yrs. He hosted that show for 17 yrs. building up to a #1 show. Why do you think NBC chose him to take over Leno’s place when Leno’s Contract ran out. (and by the way, Leno announced 2 yrs. before his Contract ran out that he would be retiring and he thought Conan would be his best replacement. I heard it from his mouth myself as well as other people over on the other article about him. So I hardly think you can blame Conan for this mess. Wow, how many times have I had to say that in 2 articles.)Get your info. rt. people, please.

    • sandi

      Mom11.11, you are so misinformed about what really happened. Jay was #1 for nearly his entire career. NBC forced him to leave the Tonight Show because they though he couldn’t sustain his momentum. What actually happened was that his ratings only went higher and higher. Conan was getting offers from others and forced NBC to give him the Tonight Show or he would leave. NBC complied and forced Jay out. So for five years, this had been the plan.
      But Conan tanked. NOT because of Jay, but because Conan’s show was a mess. As for lead ins, CBS evening shows are consistently higher ranked than NBC shows….and then people would jump ship after the local news on CBS and watch Leno at 11:30.
      When Conan did The Tonight Show for 7 long months, people went back to Letterman because his comedy style fits all people, not just a male college demographic. Nobody wants to see Conan playing his nipples night after night after night. I think Conan thinks he was a legend in his own mind. So glad he is off the air and I don’t have to see any more self nipple tweeking at night. Loser.

      • pastafarian

        Wow, angry much? Did he run over your cat? This Popwatch is laden with your outrage over someone who has no bearing on your life whatsoever. At least they shouldn’t, cuz they seem to make you upset. Deep breaths…

      • Sarah

        Sandi- You are completely misinformed about what happened. It’s actually really sad that you believe all the NBC/Leno propaganda. You might not like Conan, but you can’t ignore facts. What it ultimately comes down to is it cost NBC 45 million to get rid of Conan, it would have cost them 150 million to get rid of Jay. And any one who knows anything about T.V. knows lead ins are extremely important. Before The Jay Leno Show started, Conan’s ratings were better then Jay Leno’s ratings when he took over the Tonight Show. When the Jay Leno Show started, local news ratings dropped. The news didn’t all of a sudden get worse, their lead in got worse…

      • sandi

        well Sarah and pastafarian, go ahead and continue drinking the Kool-aid that the Team Coco whiners are spilling. Seriously, nobody thought Conan was any good at the gig at 11:30 pm. Nobody. Has nothing to do with money. NBC is all about youth. If NBC thought otherwise, they would have kept him. Conan could care less of others….he never listened to anybody. Go ahead and watch his nipple tweeking over on TBS….wonder how long THAT will last. Maybe like, 2 weeks?? Go get a degree and learn to argue without critisizing others. Bet you are both living in Arizona right now. Show us your papers.

      • Brian

        Sandi…you are absolutely correct. I did the research. I was wrong. I’m a douche. Thanks for clearing this up for me. Now I’m off to bone Jessica’s brother, Jim.

      • Sandi

        Anytime Brian…whatever gets you thru the day. I think pastafarian would like to join you two.

      • Sandi

        Correct me, I was wrong. I am the f*cking tool. Jay Leno is a douche and I am a bigger douche for watching him.

      • Brian

        I find it ridiculous but completely expected that Sandi and her ilk seem to use the suggestion that someone might be gay as an insult and a reason to dismiss them. Way to go, Sandi. You’re the last word in in respect and class.

      • sandi

        whatever Brian….I don’t judge, but apparently you do. We all remember and saw your ridiculous and homophobic postings on the previous Conan story. You are the one with issues, dude.

      • David

        I’d love it if you never had kids. Or disappeared.

      • David

        Dear sandi,

        I really hope you never reproduce, and disappear.

      • sandi

        hey David…why so bitter?? I think I’ll reproduce and be quite visible all over just for you. Idiot.

      • E.


        Really you must troll the comments? Hm. What a life you must lead.
        Also, you need to get your facts straight. Conan did the respectable thing by leaving. It had nothing to do with HIM that caused Conan to lose the show. It was all on the network, and NBC. Conan knew moving the Tonight Show would ruin it, a timeslot that the show has held for a very long time. Get YOUR facts straight before speaking.

      • sandi

        E. actually you need to check your facts, dude. Conan’s ratings were the worst in over FOUR decades while hosting The Tonight Show for seven months. Conan left because he wouldn’t let NBC or Leno help him out at 11:30 to bring his ratings back up. Conan doesn’t understand comedy at 11:30 on a network television channel. All the trades aknowledge this. YOU should check your facts. Idiot.

      • Joshua G

        Sandi is entitled to her opinion. I would have liked having Conan at 12. I enjoy watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report more than any of the network talk shows, but I used to watch Conan when he’d go on after them. Now he’s going head to head with John Stewart on basic cable. It’s too much.

        As far as the ratings argument goes, I think Dave and Jay Leno will be the last people to have success at that time slot. Their most loyal fans aren’t Internet addicts. They’re people who grew up with Johnny Carson, who want that comfortable level of comedy before they go to bed. It is hard to appeal to this generation that demands a higher level of comedy because of the many different options they have of where to get it from.

      • Missy

        @ Joshua…hate to prove your assumption wrong, but I spend a lot of time on the internet, keeping a window pulled up constantly and can’t stand Conan. And what exactly is “higher level of comedy” when he is tweaking his nipples? If he gets to the level of Big Bang Theory let me know. That’s higher level comedy.

  • george

    So what you’re telling me is that Conan may become Jennifer Aniston.

    • amy c.

      LOL Jay Leno is no Jolie. And I don’t even like Jolie.

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