Siobhan Magnus: The 'American Idol' castoff defends theme nights and her fashion choices

Siobhan-MagnusImage Credit: Frank Micelotta/FoxButterflies everywhere hoping to one day accessorize the arms of Siobhan Magnus on American Idol were weeping tears of disappointment last night when the fashion-eccentric singer was shown the exit last night, leaving five contestants to battle for Idol glory. (Full recap here.) But the 20-year-old isn’t crying. In fact, the finalist spoke with the same positivity that helped her deal with vocal and fashion critiques alike, even when talking about Simon Cowell’s critiques and those pesky theme nights.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Hi Siobhan. How are you feeling about the ouster last night?
SIOBHAN MAGNUS: It’s sad, and it’s bittersweet. But I’m so grateful for the whole experience, and I couldn’t ask for more.

You were pegged early on as the season’s most eccentric contestant, and generally people were enjoying the taste of something different. What went wrong?
I don’t know. Maybe it was too much for some people, and that’s understandable. When it comes down to very few [contestants], it’s hard. We all had a good week this week. We were all wondering how they would pick somebody.

Do you think Simon comparing your last note to someone giving birth did you in?
I tried not to take it [in a bad way]. Giving birth is not easy to do. I’ve never done it, but I know people who have. And it’s a miracle. It’s something that only women can do, and you have to be very strong to do it. So I tried to take it in a good way, and think, ”Well, if you’re comparing my singing to something that is beautiful and miraculous then that’s fine with me.

Of course, I have to ask a question about ”the scream.” When did you realize that note was your secret weapon?
Well, I learned how to do it in the shower when I was in high school, and it came in handy in a few different instances when I realized that this was something I could do that not a lot of other singers could do. I started to work it into my singing as much as I could. Then I realized how much I sound like my dad when I sing because I grew up listening to him, and he could do that, too.

Your dad?
It’s those power rock vocals. He used to cover lots of Guns N’ Roses when I was really little, and the whole Axl Rose thing.… I love to do it. I think about when Michael Jackson would dance, and he would just scream and yell because you he just had so much emotion in him, he just had to get it out. I think of it like that because it’s one of the best feelings I can reach.

Did you try to stay mindful of using it too much?
Yea. There were times when I had to step back and do a different kind of song because you don’t want it to get obnoxious.

More so than the scream, I feel like your wardrobe got more comments than anything some nights. Did you ever wish they’d just get over it?
Yea. There were definitely times when I wished they would have given me more constructive criticism about my vocals instead of talking about my clothes because it’s not a fashion show. It’s a singing contest. How I chose to dress was a part of my performance, but it’s who I am too. It doesn’t really have to do with the singing part of it.

What was your favorite outfit?
I loved them all for what I needed them to be for that performance. I was particularly fond of my Elvis [Week] outfit because it was completely custom done. It started out as just a simple skirt, top and raincoat. Then it was hacked to pieces, sewn back together, and completely customized. It was perfect, exactly what I wanted.

Tell me about song choice. You started off as one kind of artist, but I feel like that changed throughout the season. Did that happen because of theme nights?
It was tricky, but the thing about being on the show is you have to be versatile. You have to be able to face challenges. It may not be your favorite genre of music, but you have to go about it confidently and take risks. I’m a very big believer in challenging yourself in order to learn. When I chose my songs I didn’t choose something because it was easy I chose something because it would require hard work. I didn’t want to take the easy way out.

What about mentors? Who was your favorite?
They were each great for what we needed them for that week. I think it was particularly comforting to work with Adam [Lambert] because he understood exactly what we were going through.

So what’s next? More music? Return to glassblowing?
I’ll never stop making music. I think I’d explode if I couldn’t sing. But I have really big ideas — not just in singing and recording. I’d love to do more theater. I’d really love to be in some kind of opera. The Phantom of the Opera is one of my ultimate goals, to star in that some day. I’d also love to do some film. Especially horror movies because I love scary movies.

So I take it you’re going to see Nightmare on Elm Street.
Oh yea. I’m already geeking out about it.

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  • Grady

    I love Siobhan. I think once she sorts out some of her strange tone issues and starts singing more from the diaphragm, I think she’ll be unstoppable. I think she should go the Goth queen route (a la “Paint It Black”) if she wants to maximize the length of her career. Theater would be good for her too.

    • Brianna

      Siobhan is one of the greatest people on earth. Siobhan you are so very amazing in every single thing that you do. Siobhan follows her heart so much!! She is incredibly talented. Her singing voice is one of the most beautiful singing voices that I have ever heard. I’m a huge fan!! She is one of my favorite performers ever. She deserves a amazing career, even Randy agrees as he talked about her future on her elimination night. I will buy all her music and go to a lot of her concerts. That would be so awesome if she could have a show in Viva Las Vegas!! Vegas is one of my favorite places, it has the best entertainment shows there. Good luck Siobhan. You are in my prayers. Love always, Brianna-one of the greatest fans of your life. <3 <3 <3

      • Jobless

        Honestly, she just needs to work a bit with a vocal coach and get some technical stuff sorted out with her singing. She has the best pure instrument of all the contestants, she just doesn’t know how to use it properly.

      • emotions

        Siobhan Magnus is a very talented performer. Her performances evokes a lot of emotions. She is a very fun and special person.

      • yahoo news

        Siobhan is number five on the trending now list on Yahoo! Yes! Good luck Siobhan.

      • OMGQ

        OMG Brianna, get a life! She’s a contestant on a reality TV show, not the 2nd coming of you know who. Nobody DESERVES a successful singing career – it’s something that has to be earned, and sorry a few weeks on American Idol hardly qualifies.

      • @OMGQ

        Get some class. The girl just got voted off. If you can’t find anything nice to say, just shut it. No one compared her to the 2nd coming of you know who, other than you. Your hyperbole is way more over the top than Brianna’s.

      • ohnowcomeon!

        Hmmm…is that you Siobhan??

      • say it right

        To: OMGQ, Siobhan was on American Idol for a lot of weeks. She made it to the top six. She is a extremely talented person.

      • The truth hurts

        Siobhan is talented but she needs work. Her “scream” needs a vocal coach to make it better. There were times it was great, like in her song last night but then there were times it became a screech and less a vocal high note. I have no doubt that lovely and unique girl will go far, but only if she has the right help. She has the tools, she just needs someone with the talent to help her and guide her. I must say I find Siobhan a very beautiful girl and I hope the best for her. But Brianna she is NOT the second coming…….and OMGQ is right…….you do need a life.

      • pinay

        I agree with jobless. Siobhan is good. I like her different styles week after week. Randy’s right she’s got a great future ahead.

      • Brianna

        Are you kiddin me?! I dont think of Siobhan as god, so why do you haters write something like that. Your second coming of you know who remark is so stupid. Just because Im a big fan of Siobhan’s does not mean what you were talking about. I said that Siobhan was in my prayers, meaning that I pray for her. I did not mean that I pray to her. I pray for her to have a good future and for her to be happy. I am aware that she is not god. But I know that your just really trying to be rude when somebody over does it by being a fan. Your telling me that I dont have a life, Im on a website were a lot of people write a lot of comments. So what if I write a comment and put that I think she is one of the greatest people on earth. Whats the big deal? I have a list of people who I think are the greatest, and she is on that list. Why are you annoyed with that? Why are you at this American Idol blog? It is for people who are fans and want to comment on the pages. If you find that being a fan is annoying-then what are you doing at this entertainment website?

      • seriously

        there are a bunch of haters who come on this website! how pathetic

      • @ Brianna

        I agree with you. The haters come on this site and complain about fans and yet they are taking the time to comment on an entertainment website. Pathetic and silly. I’m a Siobhan fan too!

      • MarySueBob

        OK Brianna you can stop now. It’s obvious you are about 10 and your parents have left the computer on in error. Yikes. My point is that Siobahn is no better than anyone else. Sure, she can sing better than some people, and that is something to celebrate, but you are projecting stuff on to her that no mere mortal can possibly live up to. She’s a reality show contestant and that’s that. Sorry honey, she didn’t win and chances are she isn’t going to have a huge post-Idol singing career. Unfortunately the people that watch the show seldom actually become consumers of the music the contestants release post-Idol. So let Siobahn go back to glass blowing and live her life in peace.

      • Brianna

        I’m twenty two years old and proud of it! Your the one who is acting ten. This is Siobhan’s interview page where a lot of her fans are posting comments and also reading all the comments on it. You come on the page and you start fighting with me because of my complement to Siobhan. LOL!! I guess you have some type of jealousy issue going on. Get confidence. Or maybe your jealousy has to do with Siobhan compared to your favorite contestant?!?! I dont know but, you need to get some class!! Even Alecia Keys said: Siobhan is doing things that I dont think most people can do, and I’m very impressed with her voice. So whatever with your pathetic insults that you wrote about Siobhan.

      • people crack me up

        @marysuebob-get a personality upgrade. Your a boring hater!

      • gen

        Brianna- you sound like a nice person which is extremely rare on the comments page of EW. Don’t let some jerk make you feel defensive. I agree with you, Siobhan is awesome. Best of wishes to her. I will probably buy her album since I went and put her live performance of Paint It Black on my iPod already.

      • MarySueBob

        I never insulted Siobahn – I was merely pointing out the facts. In 9 seasons Idol has produced how many artists with staying power? Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson (although the verdict is still out on her singing career – her acting career is doing WAY better than her CD sales). So go ahead and love Siobahn – nobody (including me) is stopping you. I’m just saying her chances are slim to none that the TV audience will actually follow her. Kris Allen anyone???

      • music life!

        Siobhan Magnus is going to have an amazing career. I love her voice. Life just got more wonderful and magical the moment Siobhan Magnus was introduced to the world!

      • Ms. K

        @Brianna, good for you for sticking up for yourself. I don’t think it’s right to criticize someone for being positive and expressing what they like. It’s too easy to take people down by saying what they like isn’t cool. If you listen to that type of criticism, you’ll only end up suppressing your own personality, and that would be a shame! Let’s admit that different people have different tastes in music. If you don’t like the person that’s the subject of the article, you really don’t have to comment–you can find something more interesting to spend your time on. Meanwhile Brianna, keep sharing the love and not the hate!

    • crispy

      I admit I am obsessed with Justin Bieber, so much in fact that I troll his videos and must comment first. I know it seems I dislike him, when in fact I really have this secret crush on him that I wouldn’t dare tell my friends. I apologize if I’ve ever offended anyone doing this.

      • get real

        I missed Stones week. After reading over and over about Paint It Black I You Tubed it. WTF!!!! It was awful. Ouch. And any shrink will tell you Siobhan was trying to get attention with her stupid outfits. So don’t complain about it cry baby!

      • ohnowcomeon!

        Go fuk him then

      • Matt

        If this is the Crispy I know from on here then I KNOW you are being sarcastic! LOL

    • margaret dennis

      i am sick that Siobahn was cut. simon ruined her so he could have his favorite

      • MarySueBob

        Yeah, that’s it. Simon, who picked her to be on the show in the first place, decided that he was so scared that Siobahn was goin gto someone steal his favorites thunder so he somehow “ruined” Siobahn? OK Margaret, it’s time to put down the crack pipe. IIRC Simon said she did fine that night. He didn’t like the creech at the end, and apparently neither did the majority of the viewers or she’d still be there.

      • MarySueBob

        So Margaret, what you are saying is that Simon, who put Siobahn on the show to begin with, was scared that somehow she was going to steal the thunder of his favorite so he “ruined’ her? OK, it’s time to put down the crack pipe. IIRC he liked her performance that night but didn’t like the screech at the end – and obviously the majority of the audience didn’t like it either or she’d still be there.

      • Tony

        I totally agree with Margaret. Simon threw her under the bus week after week with great performances. Don’t you people know Idol is fixed. They already know who is going to win. Simon knew she was leaving already and that’s why he finally said something positive. Don’t call in, it’s a waste of money. They will never release the information to the public with phone call results. Any show that praises Michael Lynch who in my opinion is horrible, has to go. It’s obvious who the judges like and don’t and they did not lik Siobahn. Anyway no use arguing here. I am in the music industry and can tell you Siobahn is going to be huge. Let’s just hope she get’s out of her Idol contract and let’s thank God she didn’t win or else she would be stuck with those idiots. By the way Idol is now off my

      • Yesenia

        Siobhan is very talented. She is very charming and wonderful!

      • Vicky

        Kara helped Simon with that too. After Simon, I hope Kara gets the boot off the show!

  • Dwight K Schrute

    Go F yourself America.

    • pero

      same back to u

  • JC

    I hope she makes it far in the industry , she was the only i saw with with a good post-idol career

    • jon

      It’s gonna be tough for her out there. She’s a little too spacey to make it in the music biz. In order to reaally make it, she has to be stron g in her convictions. As for her voice, it is what it is. All this technical talk don’t mean squat. America will except her just the way she is (or not). Theater is her best route. He vocal style borders on theater anyway.

    • KEH

      I lovwe her… but she lost her way and I have to agree with Simon.. half the time the “scream” was not good.. But she showed what she can do singing her way out last night. Personally I think she is heading to broadway, she has the voice and the theatrical sensability. I am sorry to see her go but after she lost her way for a few weeks I was pretty sure she was not going win. I think we a are looking at a Lee vs Crystal ending I hope.. though at this point I think all have grown really well.

    • Tom

      You can accuse her of a lot of things, but not being strong in her convictions is not one. The judges might not like her, you might not like her, but the one thing she did is stick to her convictions and do what she wanted to do. Can’t say as much for some of the other contestants.

      • jon

        When did I say I didn’t like her? I just don’t see where she’s going. I don’t see a strong musical identity. At least give us an idea. It’s hard to get behind somebody if you don’t know where they’re going. I like her uniqueness, but it doesn’t give us a direction for her. People like to know what they’re getting into you know.

      • tyler

        Don’t need to know where Siobhan is going. All i know is that no matter what direction she goes in, its gonna be good.

      • @tyler

        I guess you’re not topicky when it comes to music. Some people don’t actually care about the music. They’re too caught up in their infatuation for weird girls.

  • Gwen

    Good for you Siobhan! You were never afraid to be yourself.. It’s sooo refreshing Like the fact you challenged yourself weekly. I also liked the answers you came back with after Simon critiqued you after every song! You showed him! Keep staying true to yourself and I hope to see you in Phantom of The Opera someday!!:))

  • Zach

    She may not have the voice for Phantom, but she’s got the right idea! Focus on that falsetto, baby!

    • Steph

      I think she would be amazing on Broadway.

  • dc

    I wish her the best. I’m just glad she’s gone.

    • trish

      I’m glad she’s gone too, i wish her luck in finding who she is so we dont have to keep hearing that she doesnt know

      • Matt

        If you didn’t want to hear about how she doesn’t know what kind of singer she is then don’t listen TRISH! I love that she doesn’t put herself in a box. She thinks outside of the box. She is her own woman and that scares some people. She stands up for herself and she should be proud of what she has accomplished. I bet you couldn’t say that about you, huh Trish?

    • Leigh-Ann

      Yes, thank goodness you don’t have to spend 90 seconds of every week listening to someone you don’t care for. Adversity is hard.

      • Matt

        Isn’t that about right LeighAnn. Nicely put.

      • Ms. K

        Well played, Leigh-Ann!

  • Miss Talk

    I love Siobhan, I thought she would win AI but those last weeks, her “delivery” ;) has been kind of messy. She has to define her style, like, what kind of music is she willing to make. Maybe she should keep her eccentricity and go pop – Lady Gaga pop like. Anyway I wish best of luck.

  • anonymous

    I hate people who take criticism and try to spin it into something “positive.” Don’t let it get you down, no, but learn from it too. That being said, A) The judges wasted their save, and B) Why do they keep on insisting on putting high-schoolers through and then acting surprised when they outlast better singers? Even ignoring the persistence of youth in previous seasons, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are the flavors of the moment. It’s not like this couldn’t be predicted.

    • Randi

      Agree with the first part – it’s one thing to explain the basis for criticism like she sometimes did on the show, and which was well received. It’s another to say that ridiculousness about ‘oh giving birth is a miracle, so thanks.’ That just makes her sound completely out of touch.

      • Matt

        The judges are confusing this season. We all know Simon could give a rats azz about anyone since he is leaving. I didn’t care much for Kara last season but even I have to admit she has given the best advice of any of the judges this season. Atleast she acts like she cares. Simon’s critisms are beyond stupid sometimes. He should have just quit along with Paula last year. His favorite didn’t win (Adam Lambert) and we all know he just doesn’t care anymore.

  • whatevs

    Whatever. Screaming is not singing. She is not singing 80s hair band music where it may be appropriate. And her clothes – they were ugly when they were in style two decades ago.

  • Eshia

    I didn’t really get the hype. Sure she was better than a few of the others trying out, but I never thought she was good enough to win the show. Yeah, she was different, but so was Taylor Hicks… where’s he now?? I never understood what all the fuss was about with her “high note” either. She’s good, but maybe she just needs a few more years of polishing.

    • Robert

      Taylor Hicks won. She didn’t. That’s a big difference. Taylor Hicks sounded the same on every song. She doesn’t (love it or hate it). Winning Idol and then under performing is about not being controversial. The Taylor Hicks comparison is not an apt one.

    • sls

      Taylor has carved out a fairly lucrative career for himself on Broadway, touring and producing and writing his own music. Remember, he was on Forbes Top 10 Idol earners last year. He must be doin’ something right.

      • Matt

        Taylor is doing something right. So he isn’t a big name singer. Who cares? He is making money doing broadway and if that makes him happy, well who are we to compare? Or judge? I have been to Grease and I must say Taylor Hicks is outstanding! He is right where he belongs!

      • Pete

        Let’s also remember Taylor was last on the Forbes list coming in at #10, total earnings $300,000. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but to be perfectly honest that’s pretty sad for an actual American Idol Winner. I mean, David Archuleta, a runner up, made over $1.3 million, beating out Hicks on the same list. There’s just no way Hicks will make the Forbes list this year!! Compared to the other winners, Carrie $14 mil, Kelly $4.4 mil, Jordan $3.1 mil, and Cook $1.6 mil. Hicks is scrapping the bottom with Fantasia and Reuben. Idol losers!

  • Buddy

    There’s got to be a role in Rock Of Ages, or Hair, or some other Broadway rock musical that would suit her, no?

    • jon

      We really don’t know what she’s into. What kind of music does she love? She doesn’t have a clue, and we don’t have a clue.

    • Niix Starkyller

      Hair or JC Superstar would be perfect for her, IMO.

    • Shana

      how about that new GreenDay musical… it could suit her

      • belindah

        Yes! I would LOVE to see her in American Idiot. It seems like her kind of thing. I still hope she gets signed and puts out an album, i’ll definitely buy it!

    • Canyon

      She’s a natural for Wicked.

  • SunShine

    Many blessings for a successful future, Siobhan. You are not run-of-the-mill; You’e Unique and loved by many viewers. You’ve been a wonderful role model for others to remain positive, stay focused, and never ever sell yourself out. I’m not sure if I’m angry or sad at your leaving;Maybe both. The only comfort is karma and also knowing we’ll all be hearing much much more from you. Keep hitting that long high note!!! You’re awesome!!

    • Matt

      I agree Sunshine. Boo to those who judge her or try to put her in a box!

    • Ellen & RIO

      Siobhan-you are a gutsy and super-talented young lady!!! I loved and looked forward to your performances. Your artistic nature shines through in each performance and you were easily the most versatile entertainer this year!!
      Good luck to Siobahn Magnus-the magnificent one

      • beauty

        Siobhan Magnus is one of the most beautiful people in the world. It is so great how much she uses her wonderful heart when she performs!

    • belindah (@ Ellen & RIO)

      I don’t even need to post my own comment now because you totally ripped the words out of my mouth and slapped them into the comment box :D

  • brandy

    I love her. I hate Season 9.

    • JT

      Ditto. Same here. I’m done with the season, bye, bye to Idol for me. Have fun with what’s left. They put me to sleep.

    • Lexie S.

      Same here. Siobhan was the reason I was watching; Crystal is talented, but all of the men are so boring. Really, everyone was boring in comparison to Siobhan. I’m done for the season.

    • Diane

      Siobhan is a natural. She was born to do this!

  • Ellie

    It will be interesting to see where both she and Crystal go from here. They both have the chance to be successful – albeit down radically different paths.

  • Kyle

    What a pity she didnt go further, but there’s no way that girl will go back to glassblowing. She’ll have a career in singing one way or another. :)

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