'Modern Family' recap: I'm with the band

Modern-Family-Travels-ScoutImage Credit: Adam Taylor/ABCThe thing about a just okay episode of Modern Family is that it’s still pretty damn good, so it’s hard to rag on. But I know how great this show is when it’s firing on all cylinders, and “Travels With Scout” just didn’t. Still, there were some terrific lines. Here are the 10 best:

“Actually, I did get one right mood a couple nights ago… but I cashed that in for something else. ” — Phil

“You’re supposed to floss, too, but you got away with that one.” — Jay

“We’re like two peas in a pod, or Siamese twins, a snake with two heads!”
“They’ve actually been all those things for Halloween.” — Jay and Claire

“No, because you’re old…”
“Well, that hurt more, Dylan.” — Dylan and Cam

“That’s what the disabled lesbian shaman who blessed Lily’s room said, too.” — Mitchell

“Maybe a demon is ringing it!” — Manny

“What are we talking about?” — Gloria

“Well, we were out on a date, and he has a really nice car, so — how do you think? He got it from the laundry basket! ” — Claire

“I always felt bad for people with emotionally distant fathers, but it turns out I’m one of them. It’s a miracle I didn’t become a stripper.” — Phil

“That was Phil. He had a Red Bull.” — Mitchell

Even though this won’t go down as one of Modern Family‘s best episodes, there’s no denying the fact that Fred Willard and Ty Burrell are the best cast father/son duo in living memory. Part of it is looks, but most of it is mannerisms and vocal cadences. Between that, Manny grabbing a fencing epee, and Cam’s goofy t-shirt, there was still plenty to love about this episode.

What did you think, PopWatchers? Did you love the Luke-is-dumber-than-the-dog bit? Or were you more charmed by Manny’s reaction to the horror movie? What was your favorite line from the episode? And did you watch the cast on Top Chef: Masters?

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  • Jennifer

    lol, me and my husband loved the part when luke went crashing through the door…

    • JH

      That was my absolute favorite part!! I had to rewind and watch it again. And then how he says “What happened??” LMAO!

      • Robin

        I know! Even though I saw it several times in previews, I still LMAO. Fun stuff.

      • reena

        That was the funniest part espicially when they show him on the ground and he says “what happened” LOL that kid and Manny are too much!

      • haleysname

        Yup, made my husband rewind it a couple times! i couldn’t stop laughing at the “what happened?” part

    • J

      I rewound it three times to rewatch. I cannot believe that didn’t get a shout-out here since it was the best moment of the episode.

      • Hellen

        I know…. that was hilarious. And then when he goes running after the camper at the end…

    • Kristen

      I laughed at that part and at the end when they were telling Luke to “Stay”.

      • Randi

        Yeah that was amazing. I thought the episode was much better than this recap suggests.

  • Liz

    Arrested Development > Modern Family.

    Enough said.

    • candice


      • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

        It’s snobbish comments like Liz’s that make me continue to LOATHE A.D. and have zero interest in seeking it out.

        Like the shows you like and be content with that. Don’t try and FORCE others to like them and or feel bad about their own choice in entertainment.

      • Sabrina

        @Blatant…don’t shun AD because of obnoxious comments and overhype. I finally watched it for the first time abut 6 months ago and kicked myself the whole time for not having watched it sooner. You’re doing yourself a disservice…it really is that funny.

      • locker bird

        it is true. AD is hilarious. but liz is obnoxious. please don’t judge the show or the fans based on her. we all think she is a douche too.

      • Tim

        Agreed, don’t hate AD because of stupid comments. Its an absolutely GENIUS show. Check it out on DVD.

      • Yelhsa

        Agreed! AD and MF are alike in many ways and you should give it a go! Clever writing all around.
        My favorite line of the episode was from one of the band members, “dude, you should label your sticks.”
        AD has a lot of one liners also. “I just blue myself.”-Tobias

      • Marri

        I agree with Blatent. I love MF, but I was too young for AD, but I will not watch it because of all the snarky comments everyone has about it compared to EVERY comedy on TV. Plus, when it comes to me, anything that is that hyped is usually a disappointment.

      • Christopher

        If you like Modern Family there is a good chance you’d like Arrested Development, I just watched all three seasons on DVD, and it was definitely worth it, a real gem.

    • liveinthepastorjointhefuture

      Just keep looping your DVDs. Don’t bother the rest of us.

    • Ash

      I agree 100% with you on that, BUT Arrested Development is better than 99% of the comedies out now. That doesn’t take away from Modern Family, though. A.D. is just so far above…everything.

    • Dave

      That may be, but I don’t understand why your comment is supposed to be relevant. Why, exactly, are you bringing Arrested Development into the conversation? I love both shows, and don’t see the need for them to be pitted against one another, especially since one is no longer on the air. Plus, they both have very different senses of humor.

      • Molly

        I think they were trying to say, “Hey, if you love this show that’s going on hiatus for the summer check out A.D.!”
        It was a good give and take on the conversation.

    • HoneyB

      Actually, I couldn’t stand Arrested Development… maybe it was Portia, who I loathe… but I love Modern Family.

      • haleysname

        Love (loved?) Portia on Better off Ted

      • kim in kentucky

        ooooh how I miss Better Off Ted !! :-(

    • Robin

      Liz, you gotta try to let the bitterness go.

    • Ceballos

      This is exactly what I just mentioned in another post…

      I LOVED “Arrested Development” and right now, I’m loving me some “Modern Family.” Why in the world is it necessary to compare these two, especially when they’re not in any sort of direct competition.

      People who can’t praise one thing without putting another one down need to work a little harder.

      • paige

        did this douche just compare apples to chocolate???

      • Ceballos

        Ha! apples to chocolate….I love it! “Apples to oranges” doesn’t really work for me because I AM able to compare those two to each other, and I like apples better. :)

    • Isembard

      What a bizarre, pointless comment. I love AD; it’s one of my all-time favorite shows. I also love Modern Family; it’s utterly delightful and hilarious. Note sure why I would ever feel the need to compare these two very different, very good shows.

    • Dream Out Loud

      Arrested Development was a very very very funny show. It’s a shame it only lasted 2 1/2 seasons. Perhaps it was ahead of its time. I think it would do really well now.

      Modern Family is also very very funny. it may be simply a matter of preference for someone to like one over the other.

      but it’s like two great flavors of ice cream. they both do the job.

    • Agree

      While I really like Modern Family, I was thinking the same thing last night. The intricate ways in which loop back in on themselves (ie the actor coming back and tapping on the window because the doorbell was out) was definitely Arrested Development lite. I’m sorry other people think that praising AD means you have to hate MF – which just isn’t true. But it is clear that MF is influenced by that show. I agree with Margaret – not the best of the best, only because the jokes could be seen a mile away. They were still charming overall.

    • Whatever

      Non-sense. Arrested Development was EXCELLENT but really has nothing in common with Modern Family in terms of storytelling and tone – and realism :). You’re just being an idiot.

      • MG

        Arrested Development was on a different level completely- yes both were about families, but Arrested Development’s were ALOT more out there. At least Modern Family is relatable, which I think makes it so funny. AD was hilarious too, but in an outlandish, that would never happen kind of way. Both shows are funny in their own ways.

    • Mike

      True, but one of them is on TV with new episodes, and one of them is not. Modern Family may not be as good as Arrested Development (what is?), but it’s still a GREAT show and it’s still on the air.

    • Alla

      I really with you people would stop coming on here. If you don’t like MF, then don’t watch it.

    • Bob

      Could not agree less.

      Kept hearing how great AD was. Rented season 1 and took it back unfinished.

    • squirlgirl

      MF >>> AD
      I recently watched AD because of all the comments on this board about how hilarious the show was. It was amusing at best. The biggest reaction I had to the entire series was a chuckle but I have laughed at MF so much at times that my stomach hurt!

    • Donald Johnson

      Indeed, Arrested Development = Modern Family…

  • Jenn

    REALLY? I thought this was one of the best episodes I’ve seen of the show. Maybe I was just in the mood to laugh, but I found myself in hysterics through most of the show! The line about Phil and the Red Bull had me howling!

    • kat

      I agree. I thought it was a great episode!

    • CountryClub

      Soooooooo much better than the last episode.

    • Ann

      Me too! I was surprised some folks thought this episode was off a bit..I laughed out loud all by myself…when Luke went through that screen, I cracked up and it never stopped…Cam’s band outfit, hysterical…

  • Katie

    Casting Fred Willard as Phil’s dad was brilliant. Bring him back for a stronger episode!

    • Ceballos

      “We talk all of the time, he pranks calls me at work like three times a week!”

      Of course he does.

    • Beth

      I totally agree…that was perfect casting! I’d love to see more of Fred Willard on the show.

    • Dan

      Don’t forget, Ty and Fred worked together on the short lived “Back to You” and played off each other well in that show.

  • pastafarian

    “Manny! I’m here for you! Look what I brought!”

    • Liz

      This part killed me. I was dying. I laughed so hard. My wife doesn’t wathc Modern Family with me but last night she did and I was glad because now she’s hooked! The kid that plays Manny is fantastic and I think he should get some awards, all in all I think this has been a great year for child actors. Hollywood has found some real talent.

      • Curt Conners

        Someone named Liz with a Wife? Is Liz short for Lizard, or are did you get married in California at the same time as Mr. Sulu?

      • KWise

        Mr Curt Conners, it’s time for you to get with the program. Yes, there are people named “Liz” who are female and have wives. Deal with it.It’s possible they were married in Iowa, in fact. I don’t know about this particular “liz’s” situation of course, but the fact that you chose to even comment on this suggests you’re quite sheltered.

      • Sanjaya’s Girlfriend

        TO CURT CONNERS, if that is your real name… If you are reading all of these posts so closely that you can analyze the names that accompany them, I think you have WAY too much time on your hands. Get a hobby, or better yet A JOB!!! Liz, I wish you and your wife have a happy life.

      • Also To Curt Conners

        And Ellen has a wife named Portia…..so what’s your point??!!! There ARE places where gay people can legally marry you know. Well, actually apparently you DON’T know….

  • justin

    I have to disagree, margaret. This episode (finally watching an episode live, by the way) had me cracking up from beginning to end. The parts where Luke ran through the screen door and locked himself in the dog cage had me LMAO!!! Even at the end, when he chased the RV and Phil said “Sit, Luke sit”. Oh My God! Love Phil’s dad, too. Their bond is a little creepy, but hilarious; and I could go all day about Cameron and Manny in this episode. Once again, Modern Family hits another one out of the park.

    • DTF

      “I have to go to the bathroom and I dont want to do it in here.” And Claire just looks right at the camera.

    • Lois

      Totally agree–thought this episode was up there with the best of them.

  • Cal

    Loved it all!

  • Katja

    My husband and I really enjoyed this episode. It’s not one of our personal all-time greats like the one that guest-starred Minnie Driver, but we thought it was really good. Loved the way Luke crashed through the door, loved the “hellooo Mr. Dunphy” stuff between Phil and his father, loved Cam on those drums, loved Hayley’s “our boyfriends ROCK!” comment to Mitchell, loved the apres ski whatever party C&M were supposed to go to, loved Cam’s fauxhawk for the band performance…there was a lot that was fun about tonight’s show!

    • Tina

      I really liked how they showed Mitchell in complete support of Cam. Usually it’s Cam supporting Mitchell or Mitchell saying something sarcastic to Cam. But this showed how balanced they’re relationship really is.

      • mkaffeine

        Totally agree: Cam & Haley bonding over their boyfriends rocking was my favorite part!

  • Sean S.

    Margaret, I am not sure we watched the same show. Okay?! Luke through the door. Strange guy at window with machete. “Somebody got their panties in a wad”. “Dude, you should label those” (Cam’s drumsticks). Manny and the fencing foil taking the first watch. Fred Willard. All that and more in 22 minutes. We’re lucky if most sitcoms gave us that in a season. This show rocks (just like Hailey and Mitchell’s boyfriends).

    • Anonymous

      The machete guy at the window was awesome!

    • Isembard

      “Dude, you should label those”: my favorite line of the night. Loved seeing Cam all made-up and having a good time.

      • Rock Golf

        My wife will laugh out loud at TV maybe 3 times a year. She used 2/3rds of her quota on that line.

      • micheleb

        That was my favorite line too. I laughed so hard, I had to rewind several times.

      • cutter

        AGREED !!!! I laughed out loud..because band guy was serious!! you should label those dudes…. I think that guy could be tricked with the “I found this quarter behind your ear” trick … classic

      • justin

        The way Cameron was daintily olding those drumsticks at first had me rolling!

      • SoyBombGuy

        Dude! I Know!! That line was so great, how is it not in Top 10 ??

    • Marri

      I think the comedy in this one was more subtle then in other episodes. I loved it, but my boyfriend, who laughs at fart jokes, thought it was one of the worst episode. But even if it was, it is still better than 95% of TV.

    • BeaAnn

      Completely agree! I laughed out loud at a lot of this episode. I thought it was great.

  • JH

    I loved Jay’s moment where he was talking about his dad letting him skip school to go to the track, so he wanted to do something like that for Manny, and also ‘maybe it might pay off in the bedroom’ when Gloria hears about it. Then his realization: “I wonder if that’s why my old man did it… oh crap!”

    • kate

      Ed O’Neill completely sold that line – it came across as such genuine disappointment, but was still hilarious. Gotta admit, never liked O’Neill from the Married with Children days, but I am coming around. He is excellent on Modern Family.

  • Matt2

    Yeah we were laughing hysterically as well. It’s impossible to list all the great lines in this show but I loved the whole conversation about using the dog as a tool for teaching the kids about responsibility which cues in the scene where his wife has taken over the son’s paper route- lmao. Still, I hopre that you stayed around for Cougar Town which was even funnier than Modern Family last night. Honestly, that show is so well written I’m finding it more difficult to put Modern Family on a pedestal above it. They’re equally spectacular!

    • who cares

      you’re a chick, aren’t you?

      • Laurie

        My boyfriend laughed more at Cougar Town than I did last night. Its definitely not a chic only show. That being said MF rules.

      • Been There

        It’s only a matter of time before your boyfriend comes out of the closet. Prepare yourself.

      • haleysname

        My husband loves Cougar town as well!

      • erin

        dude, I’m a “chick” and I can’t stand Cougar Town. I tried it once, but it’s not funny and I can’t bear to watch all those face-lifted, Botoxed-out actresses struggling to get their faces to move.

    • wolverine

      I don’t usually watch Cougar Town, but I did last night. It was okay, but in this chick’s opinion, it’s not even on the same playing field as Modern Family in terms of writing. To each his/her own, I guess.

  • Heather

    I loved this episode purely for the horror movie guy popping up in the window saying “I’ve come for you” and Manny running away screaming. That had me on the floor laughing!

    • CH

      Yes, then Gloria saying “we’re going to need a bigger bed.”

  • Matt2

    And Fred Willard and the lady that played Mitchell’s mom have got to become semi-regulars on the show. They are something special!

    • Anne

      That lady was Shelley Long, aka Diane from Cheers.

      • Ariettty

        Loved Shelly Long when she was on the show. I hope they bring her back. It reminded me of why I loved Cheers when it first aired.

    • Dan

      And rumor has it that Delta Burke comes on as Phil’s mom next year.

      • Ariettty

        I heard Kirstie Alley say that she wants to play Cameron’s mom.

      • KarlHall

        OOOOH kristie alley as cam’s mom!! YES!

  • John A

    You need to label those sticks

    • jb

      my favorite line

    • Jenn

      My son is a drummer and he nearly fell out of his chair laughing at that line!

  • EAP

    Manny grabbed an fencing epee, a fencing foil is a different lighter weapon. Just being nitpicky…

    • Robin

      Oh, look! A fencing geek. We don’t see many of those around these parts. :-) (Actually a compliment by the way. Always good to learn something about a subject I have so little knowledge about.)

    • Katja

      Thanks for the tip. I had no idea fencing involved more than one kind of weapon, and I always called that weapon a foil. Now I’m going to have to go wikipedia this epee thing!

      • haleysname

        I only knew about he Epee! never really knew what the “foil” was. lol Thanks for info!

    • kate

      Haha! I just knew epee (from being a crossword geek); I’ve never heard the term foil. Well, for a fencing weapon anyway. Obvs – I hope.

      • 7 Across

        OMG…me too! Crossword geeks unite!

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