ABC Family cancels '10 Things I Hate About You.' Say it ain't so!

10-things-i-hate-about-youImage Credit: Eric McCandless/ABCWe feared it might come true, and now it has. ABC Family has given the boot to 10 Things I Hate About You, The Hollywood Reporter says. The first flare that the series was in trouble went up two weeks ago when executive producer Carter Covington started tweeting that the show was on the bubble and needed all the fan support it could get. I expressed my love for the smart, funny series by writing a list of 10 Things I Hate About the Idea of No More 10 Things, which is now coming true, sadly.

Covington took to Twitter again today to announce the show’s cancellation: “Sad news… ABCFamily canceled the show :-( Thanks 2 our AMAZING fans – U R the reason I do this! Enjoy the last 5 eps – they’re fantastic!”

The show will get to finish out its season, THR reports, but with the good, comes the bad. The season ends on an “AWESOME cliffhanger,” Covington revealed to

Please accept the following preview from Monday’s episode as my condolences.

PopWatchers, are you sad to see 10 Things go? How will you cope after the cliffhanger ending? What will I do without my Ethan Peck fix? Someone, please get that boy — and the rest of the talented cast — back on TV.

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  • hanna

    Epic fail abcfamily. This was the best original show you had and You canceled it? I think it was just because you had nothing to pair it with. No other half hour sitcoms worthy of complimenting this show. I hope it gets picked up by the N or even the CW.

    • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

      I feel your pain, cancellation stinks, maybe ABC will pick up the Legend of the Seeker

      • crispy

        I admit I am obsessed with Justin Bieber, so much in fact that I troll his videos and must comment first. I know it seems I dislike him, when in fact I really have this secret crush on him that I wouldn’t dare tell my friends. I apologize if I’ve ever offended anyone doing this.

      • Stan


    • Moe


      • Kristi

        what does that have to do with this?

    • Ken

      Maybe they can do a 10 Things I Hate About You movie?

      • allie

        Ha ha!!! I hope you meant that with a wink and a nudge…

      • robinepowell

        This is based on a movie that starred the late Heath Ledger.

      • mary q contrary

        robinpowell: FAIL

      • anonymous

        Okay, I laughed.

      • RK

        robin, I think they should make a play from it.

      • Laurin

        Please tell me you were kidding!

      • Leah

        They already have this is a spin off of the original movie with heath ledger as patrick!

      • Becca

        RK, you win the internet.

      • mary

        they all ready did along time ago with the joker from the dark knight

      • tuesday

        there already is!

      • ashley

        there already is a movie

    • Amy

      Why do they cancel quality shows like ’10 Things’, but keep crap like ‘One Tree Hill’ on the air? It boggles my mind.

      • Tarc

        I couldn’t agree more. Ten things was cleave and funny, and occasionally touching. I’m pretty picky, so that’s saying quite a bit.

      • Danneel

        While I loved 10 Things. It was a stupid kids show. One Tree Hill was and still is MUCH MUCH better. There was nothing smart about 10 Things it was fun, mindless entertainment. The TV world will cope.

      • Maddie

        i don’t watch one tree hill so I won’t judge but it makes me pissed that they canceled the show in favor of “the secret life of the american teenager”. Now that’s a show that deserves cancelling! Question for y’all: what should Ethan Peck do next?

      • Dory

        I 100% agree with Amy.

      • ShannonW

        I 100% agree with Maddie. Secret Life is so stupid, that is not abcfam’s “inventive” show. They better be next.

      • ally

        i agree w/ maddie how can they keep a crap show like secret life on and cancel this one??!! secret life has been talking about sex for like 3 seasons!! and least this show is original and doesnt treat high school like it’s a big orgy. i think i’m going to have to boycott abc family… this is not acceptable.

      • Nikki Renee

        Whoa whoa whoa WHOA! One Tree Hill kicks the asses of ALL of those stupid shows, except for 10 Things. I’m a huge Heath Ledger fan and genuinely cried when he passed away. Which was the main reason I gave 10 Things (show) a chance, and did fall in love with it. It sucks that such a great show is getting canceled while they have that stupid Secret Life crap. But One Tree Hill is a master-f*cking-piece. And for your information, they decided to cancel that show too. Which breaks my heart.

      • mary

        yeah they allot of those dumd show that people like us teens don’t even care about

      • Natalee

        I couldnt agree with you more! I saw on one website that its coming back sometime in March, but this website said that its over.. ohh what to believe..i want to believe its coming back in March….but one can only hope!

      • jessica


    • steven

      but 10 things i hate about you was a movie before it became a tv show right?

      • Brandy

        Yes, which is probably why more people don’t watch it. I never knew Heath Ledger personally but I enjoyed his movies. I couldn’t watch this show and constantly be reminded of his death. I already get that sadness when I watch his movies.

      • mary

        but the show has more parts to the story than the movie

    • Heather

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I think they are making a huge mistake by canceling this show!! EPIC FAIL ABC Family

    • Zoey

      I am so tired of getting hooked on excellent shows only to have them cancelled before they have a chance to get up and running. Tuesday mornings have been fun in my class because everyone talks about what happened on 10 Things the night before. My students are very disappointed, and so am I. This is a great show, and it could probably have filled two slots–lots of fans think so. I, too, hope that one of the other networks will pick it up. Oh, and yeah, to make matters worse, the word is that ABC is going to end the series with a cliffhanger! Sheeeeesh! Way to show your appreciation to loyal fans! HUGE MISTAKE ABC Family! Shame on you.

      • yaz

        I 110% agree wit zoey i am soo sick of that happening they did dat wit xyle xy and now dis show my god i swear abc is sooo dumb right now and im pissed cuz they leave on a sluty tv show secert life like wow now every one is having sex and britini ur wrong ur just mad cuz ppl was talkin bout ur show and its probly secert life like com on if a show is and hour long its not even the whole show soo dnt get pissed cuz of dat and one more thiing a show is good when its half a min long sooooo no one cares wat u got to say britini

      • yaz

        i mean half a hour long

    • britini

      if you think this is abc’s most original show you clearly have no taste, it’s a knock off of the movie which was fantastic by itself, I’m not saying the shows bad but it’s definatly not oringnal and definatley not worth going out of your way to watch.
      p.s. and half an hour show on abc family is a kiss of death for that series, if it’s worth watching it will be an hour long

    • peyton

      hey lots of people that i know loved the show. and i know i am saying this to late but who ever got this tv show canceled is such a mother f***er. i love the show the difficult romance between pat and kat. oh also joy and bianca were finally getting some action. at least u could have ended the show with no questions asked.

    • Rebecca

      I so agree with you ..and If an another channel gets the series with the same cast ofcourse I’ll be glad to abcfamily failing…they have to come up with the series again ..And what end was that?Nobody can’t wait to see the continue ..but wait they cancelled the show..Way to go ABC Family .And Make it or Break it??No 10 things I hate about you it’s a legent..I am from Greece and when I found out about that great show..I watched all the episodes online ..Imagine that I started seeing the episodes from the start at 5 o’clock at the afternoon and I went to bed at 1 o’clock after midnight..The show is amazing..That’s all I have to say

  • Buddy

    How to do we changes this? Do American teenagers really want to watch “Make It To Break It” over this? I blame scheduling. I watch House, Chuck, and How I Met Your Mother all at the same time. I’m a very loyal fan and even I have a hard time squeezing it in some weeks. It deserved a second chance. Wrong move ABC Family. I will not be watching the lame stuff you try to replace this with. Good luck launching “Melissa & Joey.” Should be greeeeat!

    • Abby

      here here!! u cancelled ur best thing for another pathetic watse of space that will get -hopefully- an even worser fate than 10 things which deserves to be seen and heard.!!

    • Jara

      I am the mother of two teen girls and I love the show as much as my kids. I am sooooo sad to see it go. It is really one of the best shows on TV!

    • Becca

      It’s almost as if ABC Family set this show up for failure.
      Time slot was one thing, but they also took a 7 month hiatus, paired the show with NO other new programs, did NO promotion, and used the show as a guinea pig to test their Ooyala pay per view system.
      And does anyone else find it suspicious that ABC Family’s parent network “ABC”, airs its golden child “Dancing With The Stars” at the same time as “10 Things”?
      I smell conspiracy! LOL

    • Isabela

      that show was amazing and their is a movement to save the show go to and participate in the save 10 things day. Everyone involved so we can save it.

  • Heather

    FAIL. Let’s move this to the CW please?

    • Avery

      The CW doesn’t deal with half hour magic. I mean half hour shows.

      • mary q contrary


      • andrew

        That’s not true, they have had some half hour shows.
        And they could make it longer, that’s what all fans have been asking since the beginning anyway!

      • Salli

        CW screwed “Reba” which is one of the funniest shows ever.

      • mary q contrary

        Salli, I wanna ask if you’re joking, and my first instinct is to assume you are, but I’m actually afraid you’re not. “Reba” and the word funniest don’t belong in the same sentence. Ever.

    • Danneel

      THe CW only has one spot left on their schedule and they’re filling it with One Tree Hill and then Life Unexpected mid-season.

  • maiv

    This sucks.

  • Kimmy D

    What a great show…ABCFamily is making a huge mistake.

    • mary q contrary

      Not so fun fact: I have never seen an episode of this show, but after watching the clip above, I am now downloading the first season. Is it weird to be sad about a cancellation that has yet to affect me?

  • S

    That is truly sad. I don’t get it.

  • Jase

    Should have just left it as a teen movie classic.

    • robinepowell

      I agree. :D

    • Matha

      Why? Following that way of thinking then it should have just been left as a Shakesperare’s book.
      All fans of the film who have given this show a chance LOVE it.

      • Marianna

        I have to agree with everything you said. I am one of those people who tuned in when the show started to see how bad it was—and I fell in love!

    • Laurin

      The movie is one of my Favs!! I just never got into the show. I think I was expecting it to be more like the movie.
      My 15 y o loved it!

    • Katie

      The Thing that is pointless is that they put in all the other shows guest star that are realllyyy famous but they never did that with 10 things

  • Secret Name

    Loved it!! I’m a guy. The shows ratings DID go down. If they have guest stars already associated with the channel like Melissa Joan Hart, Hillary Duff, and Joey Lawrence in a new season ratings would go up!! :∂

  • Alia

    Ugh. Bummer in the first degree.

  • Secret Name

    Buddy, why won’t you watch Melissa & Joey? It’ll star the AMAZING Melissa Joan Hart and the also successful Joey Lawrence. At least give it a chance

    • mary q contrary

      Seriously? AMAZING? Clarissa was amazing, because of great writing. Sabrina was NOT amazing, because of a combination of bad writing and lame, overly contrived acting by MJH. Seriously. Watch an episode again. You’ll see what I mean.

      • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

        Sabrina was okay for the first couple of seasons – became really bad when Libby left and Dreama came

      • mary q contrary

        Have no idea what you’re talking about. I stopped watching when the cat started talking.

      • Danneel

        Yeah Sabrina was only entertaining when I was like 7, she really overacted and the plots were beyond lame.

    • keira00

      Why would I watch a new show? Knowing it will just be cancelled soon… I won’t give abcfamily any more chances.

  • Chappel

    Bummer. It was a silly show but I always enjoyed watching it. Larry Miller is always a hoot and Lindsey Shaw always fun to watch. That girl is going places.

  • Ana

    I’m an older fan and really enjoyed the writing. Some of it reminiscent of Joss Whedon’s Buffy. Sad to see they gave up on it so quickly.

  • tmj

    Serious mistake. Awesome show. Just one more example of how the PTB have not a clue how to do their jobs.

  • Secret Name

    Buddy your wrong about Melissa & Joey, but write about the rest. I record How i Met Your Mother at the same time, lucky for me I have multiple DVRs. I loved the show. I don’t want to ever watch Make It or Break It, but shows like this I LOVE!! They could also have SOME althlete appear to attract a male audiance, doesn’t need to be a big athlete (How i Met Your Mother had Nick Swisher, he attracted an audiance because he was on the Yankees, not because he is the biggest star who requires a bunch of cash. Saw it coming, they started playing one episode, instead of a rerun and then a new episode weekly.

    • mary q contrary

      How I Met Your Mother is also a network show. There is no way this show would get more ratings by having the kind of athlete they could get guest star. They’re small potatoes, kid.

  • jes

    im gonna cry!!!! i love this show to pieces! its even better than the movie!! ethan peck posted this on his wall…everyone needs to do this and maybe we can pick it back up!…..”CAN YOU HELP? MAYBE – YOU CAN TRY: CALL, WRITE, FAX, EMAIL, TWITTER: ABC FAMILY ATTN: 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU 3800 W.ALAMEDA AVE BURBANK, CA 91505 USA PHN. 818-560-1000 FAX 818-560-1930 AND EVERYONE PLEASE TUNE IN AND GET ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO WATCH THE NEXT 5 EPISODES”

    • keira00

      If you mean facebook, it’s a fake account, the cast doesn’t use facebook, they have twitter. :)
      Add @CarterCovington (creator of the series) he follows all the cast, that way you’ll now all their accounts.

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