This week's cover: 'Iron Man 2' roundtable with Robert Downey, Jr. and more

EW-1101-CoverWith Iron Man 2 set to kick off the summer movie season on May 7 (and rule the box office with an iron fist), several of the movie’s key players — including stars Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, and director Jon Favreau — got together for a spirited and superpowered roundtable. Among the many behind-the-scenes revelations: Mickey Rourke, who plays Russian villain Ivan Vanko, insisted on having the Amy Winehouse song “Rehab” blasting during his character’s first big confrontation with Downey’s Tony Stark. “Mickey likes a little psychological warfare,” Downey says, laughing. “I always thought, Why is he coming at me with, ‘They tried to make me go to rehab’? I’m here with my Chinese herbs, sitting in the corner.” Here are a few more choice bits from the roundtable interview:

Johansson on first glimpsing her Black Widow costume: “What went through my head? I thought it looked tight. Incredibly, incredibly tight.”

Favreau on being the underdog superhero franchise: “We’re kind of the class clown. I like that better than being the captain of the football team. It was a godsend when The Dark Knight came out and however good we were reviewed, they were reviewed better; however much we made, they made more.”

Downey on further exploring his character’s demons: “The last time around, Tony Stark was a significantly cooler version of me. In a way, my calling in this one was to bring more of myself into it and more of my character defects.”

For more on Iron Man 2, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands April 30.

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  • KS

    First! Just kidding.

    • KS

      Oh no, wait, I did it. Oh my I’m amazing.

      • Kel

        Relevance? That “FIRST!” stuff is so immature…
        I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. It looks promising. If I don’t like it, I can say so for myself.

      • jeppy


  • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

    Most reviews say that the movie is a dissapointment

    • J

      Zedd, aren’t you still mourning the loss of LEGENDS OF THE SEEKER? I thought you weren’t capable of posting anything without “legends” or “seeker” in the title, haha.

    • Frank

      Most of the reviews claim that Avatar is a great and historic movie. Yeah, the reviewers get it right all the time.

      • Anna

        The reviewers don’t always get it right. I don’t know if they are right about Iron Man, however they were spot on calling Avatar a great and historic movie.

      • rebecca

        Frank are you being sarcastic? I hope you are because I will never consider Avatar a great movie or a historic movie.

      • KS

        @Rebecca: I’m pretty sure he’s being sarcastic. But Avatar is “historic”: a gigantic movie that millions saw and loved and once again blew up James Cameron’s ego to exceed galactic proportions. We have to give the d-bag that at least.

      • rebecca

        it is only considered “historic” because it broke records. but it will never be considered “great”

      • @ Rebecca

        Correction; You may never consider it great. Speak for yourself. The general consensus amongst the critics and the public is that it is “great”.

      • Domino

        Man, people are so dense on these EW boards some times. OBVIOUSLY the guy was being sarcastic. I know it’s in text and you can’t read inflection. But seriously.

      • Skippy

        Avatar was all effects, which were awesome, but the story itself was blah. We’ve seen it before a million times over. AVATAR was basically a comboys vs. indians story with outstanding special effects… the White comes in and tries to take away the land from the already-settled tribes living there very happily.

        The only thing I agree with is that, yes it was historical, but only in the aspect that it 1. broke monetary records world-wide and 2. used some pretty amazing technology to personify the cartoony characters and make them seem as real as their human counterparts… technology that is groundbreaking, but noneltheless, the story basically sucked and really wasn’t a new idea. (A race of aliens on a “hostile” planet and humans landing on said planet and trying to colonize it…)

      • Skippy

        That should have said “White Man” not just “White” and it’s not a racial slur as I’m referring to the old cowboy movies where the very white cowboys and soldiers would fight with the much darker Indian tribes.

    • RickAfterDark

      Your spelling is a “dissapointment.”

    • Bobby

      Wow,I don’t know where you read that,because has it at 84%.Suck on that.Iron Man 2 is gonna kick ass.

    • Schmuck

      Zedd’s Dead baby, Zedd’s dead!

      • Screw Arizona

        Pulp Fiction refernce just made my day. Thanks Schmuck

    • cat

      bad reviews or not, this movie is gonna make a buttload of money.

  • rebecca

    YAY!!! Iron Man 2 is on the cover!! awesomeness!! I love you RDJ!!!!

    • Celia

      I know. I love the black. EW is finally getting a tad bit creative again.

  • topher

    Now that’s a hot cover!

  • Ozzy

    Wow that looks fake.

    • OzzyHater

      Really Ozzy? It doesn’t look like a real jet propelled iron suit?

      • What

        OOO. Mad props OzzyHater.

      • C


  • Jenna

    Damn, that’s indeed a hot cover. Loving it, can’t wait to see IM2 (tomorrow night can’t come fast enough).

    Between this and the RS cover, I’m a very lucky RDJ fan this week indeed.

  • Iron Woman

    I don’t care what those witless, unintelligent, inane movie critics say! They get on my nerves! They get on everyone’s nerves! Iron Man 2 is going to be BEAST!!! BTW, RDJ looks smokin’ on the cover. Anyways…a few of the reviews said some good things about the movie like, it was “fun and never boring.” So there you go! This is a very risky statement, but I’m going to say it anyways. Iron Man 2 will dominate The Dark Knight!

    • John

      The problem is magazines like Empire and Total Film, who really wanted to like it, say it was a disappointment. The trailers didn’t exactly excite me, I have to say.

      • Bobby

        …and who reads those magazines….anyone….anyone? I didn’t think so.


    I love the all black background. Very sharp and clean! Is that a first for EW?

    • topher

      I don’t think it’s the first… but it’s definitely been a while! Mostly white backgrounds lately. I agree that this is way sharp looking. And you can never go wrong with Betty White.

    • C

      better than that flame thing for clash of the titans


    ^ True that! Betty White, Modern Family, AND Iron Man – it’s like my own mini “Must List.”

  • Jason

    Always nice to see another little indie flim get some much-needed publicity on the cover of EW.

  • Frank Anderson

    Yay! No white background! I hope this issue is good. The Summer Movie issue didn’t grab me.

  • Juan Manuel

    Roboert Downey looks gorgeous. I hope the sequel matches the quality of the first one.

  • Matt

    I have a couple of English friends who saw it and said it was mediocre, which is worrying as they loved the first one. Guess lightning didn’t strike twice.

  • Jazy

    You can’t judge a movie based on one or two reviews. I still believe that Iron Man 2 will be just as good, if not better, than the first one.

    BTW, Robert looks hot on the cover ;)

  • Mike

    Iron Man was great and even if this isn’t as good (which I think it will be), I’m not going in expecting “The Godfather”, I’m going in to see a summer popcorn flick.

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