Conan O'Brien doing first post-'Tonight Show' interview with '60 Minutes'

Conan-Obrien-TourImage Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images60 Minutes will air the first post-Tonight Show interview with Conan O’Brien this Sunday, the very day his contractual muzzle expires with NBC. According to The New York Times, correspondent Steve Kroft interviewed O’Brien last week for the news show, and though O’Brien is still restricted from ripping his previous employer or his rival Jay Leno, Kroft told the Times that “[O’Brien] flirts with the restrictions.” One interesting hurdle for 60 Minutes will be how to promote the episode, since O’Brien literally cannot appear on TV until Sunday. “I think we’ll just show me talking to him [in on-air promotions this week] and have to blank his face out,” says Kroft.

Cool! I love it. Blank out Conan’s face, like he’s some mob witness. Oooo, can they alter his voice and show him only in silhouette? His distinct hair would still give him away, but I’d love to hear him talking about Leno in some mechanically-disguised voice that makes him sound like Jigsaw from Saw.

How do you think Conan will play it? Will he settle scores in his own way or will he continue to be gracious about his departure and new gig on cable?

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  • April

    Conan should “continue to be gracious about his departure and new gig on cable” – even though there is a way to throw a jab here and there.

    But overall, no need to act ugly about it since, from my understanding, Leno still talks crap about NBC all the while continuing to work there. Very strange

    • Not Moby

      Well not to defend Leno, but 30 Rock talks crap about NBC all the time even thought it’s the hand that feeds them. It’s one of the reasons I love that show, and I actually have a little more respect for NBC for allowing it.

      • April

        Understood but NBC didn’t do to 30 Rock what it supposedly did to Leno. He really looks dumb talking about how NBC did him wrong – all the while continuing to work there.

        If I’m badmouthing the place I work, then I’m also trying to leave…

      • LR

        NBC “allows” 30 rock to make fun of them because 30 rock is one of maybe 5 shows that are relatively successful on the network – it’s all they have

      • Vince from NYC

        NBC allows 30 Rock to make fun of them because the show is about them! 30 Rockafeller plaza is the address to NBC studios and the show is a spoof on the whole back office there and SNL..

  • May

    I’vr had enough of this failure and his endless “Self Pity Tour.” He has 32 million reasons to shut the hell up and go away.

    • Jack

      Wow. Bitter much?

      • Jerry

        Jay Leno … is that you?

      • kelly

        not everyone like Conan…

      • Bill

        Not everyone like grammar or proper punctuation…

      • sandi

        Bill….waht a loser you are.

    • ExpatriateAct

      You are aware you’re not required to pay attention to the things you don’t enjoy, correct? If you’re so pained by the continued existence of things you don’t personally care for, you could always call them up at AOL and have your account shut down. Then you’d have way more time to watch Jay Leno and yell at those kids playing on your front lawn.

      • May

        I’m under thirty and don’t care about Leno. I just know an ugly no-talent whiner when I see one. Let me be explicit. I am referring to Conan. I would love to be able to ignore him but his flacks keep plastering his wrinkled, balding head everywhere. Pathetic.

      • Zaphod

        Obviously you don’t know an ugly no-talent whiner when you see once because you should be seeing one in the mirror every morning when you use the bathroom.

      • Zaphod

        *see one

        I shouldn’t be on here when I’m too tired to proofread. :P Flame me all you want, people.

    • Fanny

      You are so right. Since he’s been paid so much money he clearly has no right to entertain people and do what he loves. No one has interest in that red-headed stepchild, and it’s not like his shows have consistently sold out or anything. The sooner he quits deluding himself about his popularity, the better.

      Also, can anyone cover my shift so I can go see his show?

      • Lay Jeno

        You mean his insanely expensive stage show?

      • cheapskate..

        40 bucks. i would call that pretty reasonable for an event thats in pretty high demand.

    • XSE Drake

      May is short for “May be employed by NBC”

    • D

      yet here you are reading about it. Go May!!

  • karen

    going to set the tivo to record this… don’t know that I’ve ever recorded 60 Minutes before!

    • Anthony

      Funny, I don’t think I have either. This will be my first!

      • LOL

        I’m with Coco!

  • chris

    Conan inherited a top-rated show from Leno (who was forced out) and quickly turned it into a ratings loser. Plenty of celebs we all like have been canceled when their shows failed (Bob Newhart and Kelsey Grammer come to mind and they’re both more loved and gifted than Conan), but it’s part of the industry. Conan should be lucky to have a job at all.

    • Chris

      Do you realize that the 10/9 lead in really influences the ratings for the late shows? Jay’s lead in blew, and it affected the tonight show.

      • Lay Jeno

        Do you realize that that’s a huge myth? Even if you believe it Conan had the same lead in as Jay for the first however many months and was still losing.

      • yes

        Leno continues to lose his audience. He was losing his audience even before he went to 10pm. It’s the way things are going.
        I don’t care about the ratings though – Leno is lame and not funny. Seriously, maybe he should just take over America’s Funniest Home Videos. That’s about as advanced as his comedy goes…

      • TC

        Hey, don’t knock America’s Funniest Home Videos! Tom Bergeron is much more talented and funnier than Leno any day!!!

      • Lay Jeno

        I believe Jay is still #1 though. That’s at least 1 higher than Conan was.

  • j2talk

    Conan needs to go away…he has never been FUNNY, a least to those of us who have moved beyond the FRAT HOUSE….Craig Ferguson has got the only late night show currently worth watching…

    • Karen

      Hey now – don’t drag Craig into this. He’s come out on the side of Conan rather explicitly so obviously he must think Conan’s funny.

    • TC

      Conan is the better man. Leno is a no-talented, back-stabbing schmuck who relies on senior citizens and their warped brainwashed children to watch his pathetic show on a pathetic network. NBC, Leno and the rest of their ‘Must Puke TV’ shows can all continue to fall off the way side. Now everybody just hold hands and watch TBS where real TV shows are made. Very Funny.

  • Jim

    Conan has a great following and I’m sure will do well. As for May, get a life you looser. If you don’t like the show then don’t go! Because in the end nobody cares what you like anyway!

    • Hombre

      Hey Jim- I think May brings up a good point. Conan fails miserably, gets 32 million bucks to do so, and gets another job on TBS. Which, by the way, forced George Lopez to move back his show an hour. Hmmm, sound familiar? It should, since whiny Conan caused a massive uproar when he was asked to move his show back. I hope this hypocrite fails, and I wish nothing but failure for him for the rest of his days!

      • ted

        The Difference, Hombre is that George Lopez is the one who came called Conan and begged him to TBS and he totally facilitated the time change so he can get this “team LoCo” thing going. you shouldn’t judge without knowing the facts

      • Joe

        uhm… conan didn’t fail miserably, it was the NBC affiliates that failed miserably with the horrible Leno lead-in for their news programs… If Leno retired, everything would 100% fine. Check out the charts comparing leno today vs Conan a year ago, almost identical in terms of ratings… get your facts Hombre. Why else do you think Kevin Eubanks is leaving the tonight show? He’s sick of Jay, gotta be!

      • yes

        Wow, forget your anti-depressants there? You’re sounding like the whiner here…wow. Get a life.

    • Lay Jeno

      Yeah, Conan has a great following that doesn’t really care enough to watch him. Enjoy the 800,000 viewers a night he pulls in for you TBS!

      • Go Co-Co

        We will Jay, thanks! :)

      • Lay Jeno

        It’s Lay dillweed get it right.

  • ted

    anyone that prefers Leno over Conan, probably eats dinner at 4:30 and has to remember to take there geritol. lets see how great Leno’s rating are when his older demographic start dying off of old age which should be any minute now

  • vince

    Just cover him with a censor bar like on South Park during the promos. Conan is the only other person who can’t be shown on TV.

  • Joe the Ox

    If you think Lopez would like about wanting Conan on TBS, you don’t know jack. He is very much in favor of Conan taking over at 11. Since he’s called out people before (including Leno, I believe) for doing him wrong, I’m taking him at his word. Love Conan, looking forward to his show, have permabanned the Tonight Show from my television. Long live Conando!

    • yes

      I like how people compare George Lopez’s show – been on since NOVEMBER to The Tonight Show, around since the 50’s. Hmmmm….not exactly the same thing. Conan before Lopez can only help him. George Lopez isn’t stupid.

  • Carol

    Put a cartoon drawing of Mohammed over Conan’s face and see how that plays.

    • bob

      oh god yes.

  • Janizzle

    Time flies doesn’t it?! Can’t wait for the interview, it’s going to be hilarious!! Conan is a classy guy and I know any jabs he throw will be in good taste.

  • S.O.

    60 Minutes is the best News show there is & having a segment on Conan is a definite must see.

  • Greeneyes

    Anyone catch the show on A&E last night about the history and drama of late night TV shows – since Steve Allen, Jack Paar going forward to the recent events? Leno did not come out looking very good – sneaking into a closet to listen in on conference calls??? Personally, never liked Leno – don’t find him funny, he’s too loud and he was disrespectful to Carson when he took over. Conan may not be for everyone – I prefer Letterman and Craig Ferguson. I think Conan has shown himself to be a class act and I look forward to the 60 minutes interview.

  • Carly

    I liked Conan when I was a teenager, but lost interest when he became as stuck in a rut as Leno and Letterman. It will be nice when he gets all the bitterness out of his system. Maybe that and a new team of writers will inspire a new creative spark in him.

  • LENO

    I still think that we both got screwed.

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