'Gossip Girl' recap: Father knows (how to lie) best

Gossip-Girl-Dr-BaldwinImage Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CWGossip gang, there is finally proof to all the things we’ve been saying for weeks: Chuck and Blair proved they’re  the most watchable couple on the CW — even when technically “broken up.” Lily proved she might be the only person on TV who lies more than Chuck and Blair combined. Dan got proof from an outside source (thanks, Willa) that his sister dresses like a slut. And Jenny proved why she does. There’s the quick of it. I will now open the floor to (totally fabricated) questions and provide to you honest, albeit not completely serious, answers. Let the fun begin.

I’m entertaining an underage girl at my apartment later — not like that. She’s a little bit annoying and has been putting the moves on me despite my signals that she’s just a friend. (I even rubbed her head like a dog!) I don’t want to blow her off completely because she’s the best friend I’ve had around since my girlfriend has been away and keeping secrets from me. How can I entertain said kid without seeming like a chester? — N. A.
Wii tennis works great, I hear. Kiddies also love morning waffles and Tim Burton, especially when they walk around in their daily lives looking like a character from one of his animated movies. Just don’t leave any of your Hugo Boss button-down shirts lying around. Kids get into everything.

Did Billy Baldwin do a great job as the van der Woodsen patriarch? — Mrs. B.
Indeed he did. As Serena and Eric’s M.I.A. father, Baldwin was sly, cunning, and faux empathetic. In other words, he fit in great with the rest of our gang on the Upper East Side. As it turned out, he and Lily were having their secret meetings because he had been treating Lily for cancer — we think. A phone call he had with an unnamed associated at the end of the episode told us that Dr. vdW has been getting fake prescriptions for Lily. How long he’s been doing so is in question because we’re not sure at what point Lily sought of the help of her ex. My guess is that she was sick but has been cured for a while. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m about to have a threesome with a really rich guy. Problem is, he pointed out that there’s an outlet by the bed, and I’m not sure what he was insinuating. — Blondie, via text
I’m at a loss. Best of luck.

My ex-boyfriend has put a dating fatwa on me. So I’m going to an artsy party in Brooklyn (don’t worry, I plan on still being the most ferosh-dressed one there) to find a boy to kiss in attempt to end to the madness. What should I drink at the party? — Queen B
Look for a 6′ 4” cool glass of  water from the Columbia U. tap.

Tell me more about what went on with Chuck and Blair. — Impatient
Direct, eh? Okay, my favorite Chair moment  was at the party after Blair tried to work up the nerve to make out with the aforementioned Columbia guy. After deciding not to, Blair was approached by Chuck and delivered the night’s best moment, saying “I suddenly realized the way to get over you isn’t to hook up with some random guy or pretend we didn’t happen. You and I loved each other. [Dramatic pause] Then, you broke my heart. I’ve been doing everything possible not to face that fact. I’m going to kiss somebody someday, and when I do, it’ll be for me.”

Vanessa is going to get into the Tisch Dramatic Writing Program and not Dan. Just wanted to share. — I Know All
You sure do. And you probably predicted that Dan would get all weepy about it and do something to screw it up for Vanessa (unintentionally, of course — because he is Holier Than Thou Dan). [Yawn] We done here?

Is there something more than friendship growing between Dan and Blair? — Curious
I would have said yes last week (and then promptly thrown up). But the coffee shop scene the two shared this week didn’t show a spark so much as friendship (which I can deal with). I’m hoping the budding-relationship angle was something the writers tried on a whim last week, but ultimately decided against on a count of all the projectile vomit in the episode testing room.

I think my step-sister is trying to get with my boyfriend. Okay, I don’t think; I know. She tried to kiss him, but I caught her. What should I do? — Anonymous
Don’t worry. I hear she’s going on tour soon. Wait, wrong reality. If all else fails, call in back up.

That’s all for now, PopWatchers. What did you think of the episode? What do you make of this Lily drama? Is Chair better apart or together? I’m loving both. Feel free to pose a question and maybe one of your fellow Gossipers will answer for you.

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  • Nicole

    What kind of doctor is Serena’s dad anyway? He is treating Lily for cancer but seems to travel to the Congo and Tibet as well? Weird.

    • rush

      good question, i think he might be the soap opera – kind that does brain transplants and cure cancer at the same time.

    • kellybelly

      This show has become so boring and predictable. I agree with the recap – Blair and Chuck are the only things worth watching. How believeable is Lilly having cancer and not telling Rufus? The love of her life? And then not wanting a 2nd opinion? I know that this is marshmallow stuff here, but can’t we have a teaspoon of reality sometimes.
      And can Serena have ANY other emotion besides, oh I don’t know, dull, lifeless, monotone voice?

      • becca

        I agree with what Kelly said about Lilly not telling her husband she had cancer. Silly indeed. On a different note, I just wish the makeup department would remove those naff hair extentions from Jenny’s head they really expose the edit in that one minute they are wet, then dry, then thick, then thin and straggly, then super long, then shorter. Unless I’m missing the point and in fact her hair is part of a subplot.

    • Luis PJ

      My guess is he one of those type like on the show Royal Pains. Treating the well-to-do

  • BLM

    Anyone else feel the sexual tension between Serena and her dad? Maybe it was because she changed into a very low cut shirt for her coffee date with him. Why would she change into something MORE revealing for a date with her dad? I liked Blair’s little “me” speech–it seems like she’s the only character to be evolving. I hate Vanessa and I wish SHE was going on tour…

    • Via

      Well, this is Serena you’re talking about – I was more taken aback that her first outfit covered her up; that was out of the ordinary to me.

    • Marilyn

      Yes! I got a creepy vibe from all their interactions. Those two as father/daughter does not work for me.

    • Joseph T

      haha, the intereaction btw S and dad was weird! I loved Blairs little speech as well.

    • Leader Beans

      Totally!! Especially when he dropped the line, “Whatdya say we get out of here and go to Serendipity…” Ick.

    • Miss Talk

      I found Serena/William relationship a little bit weird too. At least now we know where Serena got all that sexiness from. And they really look alike as well!
      I never said this before but I HATE Jenny/Taylor so much right now. I think she doesn’t get along with anyone in the cast anymore . We can see she barely interacts with Dan/Penn, her once protective brother. Please fire Taylor Momsen, Stephanie. Yes, it’s mean to say that but she has to leave.
      Who else thinks Vanessa/Jessica is leaving too? I’ve been rooting for her since season 1 but she hasn’t brought anything new since that (booooooring) threesome.
      I’m so glad Nate and Serena are still together. Nate was so sad but so sexy, jeez!
      Blair and Dan is so gonna happen. Let’s wait for the season finale!!!

      • seattleellen

        I agree completely. Get rid of Jenny already. She is a little beotch. And also get rid of Vanessa-she is so beyond boring & what a doofus to not realize how Dan might react. We know Dr VDW is up to no good-Rufus is going to have to get more forceful as Lilly is being ridiculous that she wouldn’t want a 2nd opinion-like Hello!

    • Sina

      I so saw the sexual tension between Serena and her dad. It reminded me of Shadow of a Doubt. Joseph Cotton and Teresa Wright had that sexual chemistry and they played uncle and neice.

  • Q

    I think your recap was far more amusing than the actual episode. Possibly because less Dan/Vanessa.

    • rose

      lol, i agree

    • Rina

      Q, I love you and your comment.

  • Liz

    I wish we could see more Chuck and Blair and less everyone else.

    • Amy Leigh

      Yeah, b/c that wouldn’t get boring real fast. I like CB, but they cannot be the center of attention constantly. In fact, the last episode, which they were the main focus, was a snoozefest.

    • Rina


  • Jesse

    Was it me or is Billy Baldwin channeling his brother Alec in this part? I kept getting Jack Donaghy flashes. Why do I have a feeling that Eric will show up next week and play the wise gay card, being immune to Daddy Van Der Woodsen’s charms?

    Dan and Vanessa are completely useless, together and apart. Time for them to take their self-righteousness somewhere else away from our TV screens.

    I hope the next episode has Serena and Blair teaming up to take down little J once and for all; can’t stand that little piece of trash. Send her on tour permanently.

    • Annie

      As Billy Baldwin gets older, he is looking and sounding more like Alec. I did a double take to make sure it was not Alec.

      • Sara

        So did I. He doesn’t look like Alec yet, but he sure sounds like him.

      • Sina

        At least he lost weight. He was fat on Dirty Money. He looked actually like Alec on that show. He’s slim and trim now.

    • Zoe

      Man, the voice was distracting! I always thought he sounded like Alec on Dirty Sexy Money too, but that was NOTHING compared to last night’s performance! I kept waiting for him to say, “Lemon…” It’s OK, though, because I love Alec and Jack Donaghy both.

  • Derick

    As much as I rooted for Blair/Chuck to get together- for the first time ALL season, the show felt like it’s first season glory again. I don’t know…maybe I’m strange, but personally- I think the show works better when they aren’t all coupled up, they’re doing things they shouldn’t do, and they’re all backstabbing eachother.

    • Liz

      I agree. I think that when they coupled up C&B they took away the spark between them. I don’t think it was handled appropriately at all. I love when they are apart but I also love them together.

  • Annie

    I will try to use the phrase “Dating Fatwa” in my everyday language. Whoever thought that word up is a genius!

  • quinn

    I think Serena’s bored look on her face for most of this episode describes how I felt as well. My favorite part might have been when Nate was just like “jenny just leave, just go, go away”. I cheered. She has become up there with Dan and Vanessa in terms of people who i want to leave my TV screen forever.

    • BP

      And why does she sit there with her mouth open? Is she a mouth-breather? I cannot STAND Serena. SHUT YOUR FING MOUTH.

      • Liz

        She does shut her mouth, every time she tries to speak.

      • Sina

        That is so true Liz! When she talks, she closes her mouth and you can’t understand a word she says. She’s like that blond surf girl on 90210

  • Ray

    Gossip Girl’s producers and writers could take a cue from the Vampire Diaries and learn to pace their story telling better (push plotlines at a faster pace, please!). And it would be great if they pushed their character stories all the way. The show at heart is a soap opera with characters who have less-than-straight moral compasses. So go for it!

    Case in point:

    If Jenny is out to actually seduce dimwitted-but-pretty Nate, then let her actually do it! Getting caught by Serena as they are about to kiss is a letdown. Give the audience a real “OMG!” moment!

    Vanessa and Dan have been the “good guys with no backbones” so far. Boring! So either let them be the “force of good” on this show and truly pit them against Blair and Chuck… or start really corrupting them and have them turn on each other. Instead of making Dan the passive instigator to Vanessa almost getting kicked out of Tisch, let him actually plot to do it; make him lose his sh*t completely and sabotage her. And play out the storyline of betrayal. Give us the payoff at the end of the arc when Vanessa finds out the truth. What will she do? Maybe exact her own revenge. And all the while they are still a couple. Intrigue!

    Lastly, I think the strength of this show is that the parents have actual separate storylines that intersect with the kids at times. But give the parents something to really work with already. Lilly being sick and lying about it? Come on. They even had the Lilly say, “I don’t know why I kept this from you Rufus!” I mean, the writers seem so at a loss that they actually had the character state their inability to create an authentic storyline for her? Wow.

    The power of Gossip Girl is that the characters don’t let circumstances dictate their persona. Rather the characters are proactive and manipulate situations in their favor. Where are our strong characters?

    • Marilyn

      I wholeheartedly agree. You are so on-target! Especially about the Jenny thing. What was the point of that set-up? And Lilly’s “lie” and reasoning behind it was L-A-M-E!

    • JC

      I completely agree, this is exactly why I’ve been having an issue with GG lately.

    • Via

      Yeah, GG has never been able to get their pacing right. I still cringe when I think of that graduation finale letdown. The Vampire Diaries doesn’t string the viewer along with the promise of an exciting storyline; they actually deliver and throw you for another loop in the process. Supernatural stories don’t automatically equal good t.v which is a credit to the writers of that show. And GG really could take everything a step further and make these characters come alive instead of everyone toeing the line.

  • Tess

    Chuck and Blair were awesome this episode. Love them like this. To be fair though, I love them together, too. They definitely bring the spark back to the show.

  • Via

    I thought this was a pretty good episode, mainly because Chuck and Blair were up to their old schemes. I know everyone wanted them together but they work so much better apart. Although Blair lost some style points for that bow dress she wore to her luncheon and for borrowing patent leather pants from Bore-nessa. I was amused that she tried to at least shed her UES style for the Brooklyn party. Then cut to Chuck walking in with a suit on.. blerg! I am at my wits end with these riduculous suits that he wears ALL the time. Rant over. I am looking forward to Daddy Van der Woodsen stirring up some trouble; I can’t remember the last time I was interested in the parent’s storyline so this seems promising.

    • Sina

      You are so right. They are way better apart. Seeing Chuck’s face when Blair was walking up to him. He was happy but then he looked sad when Blair told him it was over. I love them and her flashback scene. Love Serena daddy and I can’t wait to see him try to get Lily back from Rufus. I just wish Eric was around.

  • Reena

    Why cant they just get rid of everyone and make it the Chuck and Blair show with the occasional three some with Nate he only shows up once or twice a season! I guess a girl can dream….really just hoping Jenny gets written off the show as much as she acts like a BRAT on the show i have a feeling that Taylor Momsen is probably like that in real life.

    • JC

      Yes, I cant stand Jenny anymore. She looks terrible and acts like such a brat- get her off the show please!

    • ZurichHottie

      This is bad and maybe unrelated, but I spotted Taylor at the Angelika in October. I was let down by her bored, expressionless face. She is a pretty, tall, blonde so everyone noticed her. Jenny lights up at times, but Taylor looked as if she’d roll her eyes if I told her I loved her in GG. Rant over.

  • Shana

    can they get rid of little J already?
    Taylor Momsen in real life seems really similar to jenny…
    I was a little surprised that Nate took Serena’s side at the end when J acted like she never got the message.

  • Marilyn

    Where is my show? It’s been missing for months (pretty much the whole season!). Billy Baldwin was so great in “Dirty, Sexy, Money,” but fails to be believable at Mr. VDW. He actually is taking me “out” of the show. Please bounce back “GG” and be worthy of your viewership!

    • mscisluv

      I felt exactly the same way! I loved Dirty Sexy Money, and Billy Baldwin was fantastic in it. Here, I think they needed to cast an unknown, because he doesn’t seem to fit in with the GG universe.

  • Lex

    I love chuck and Blair together and chasing each other and last night’s episode just proves how interesting and ahhhmazing they make the show and how they’re meant to be =D

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