Donald Trump says 'Amazing Race' doesn't deserve Emmy

apprentice-amazing-raceImage Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC; Monty Brinton/CBSDonald Trump has never been one to shy away from controversy. (See this.) So it’s not all too shocking that the Celebrity Apprentice star has decided to run his mouth during Emmy season, criticizing his main competitor in the Outstanding Reality-Competition Program category: The Amazing Race, the CBS series that has taken home the Emmy seven years in a row — every single year since the category was introduced in 2003. “It’s a shame that Amazing Race keeps winning, because it doesn’t deserve to win it,” The Donald told The Hollywood Reporter, surely at a loud volume, since he suffers from voice immodulation. “It wins every year because they know how to politic the Emmys.”

Now, I’m not going to get into the politics of Emmy voting, since I can’t say what goes on behind closed doors, but I do agree that the same show winning every year gets a little old. (How Survivor has been shafted after several great seasons — Micronesia, hello?! — is beyond me.) That’s not saying I think Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice should pick up the win, since I would have a hard time handing an Emmy off to a show that operates off The Donald’s whims and really has no rules whatsoever. (Rod Blagojevich, however, certainly deserves some kind of Outstanding Reality-Competition Buffoon award, no?) But a little variety in the category would be nice.

And although The Amazing Race is a big hit and plenty of folks are no doubt happy to see it win all those awards, I think everyone can agree with The Donald on one point: The Emmys would be more appealing to viewers if the category wasn’t such a predictable one. “They’ve lost credibility,” he said, adding, “instead of shows that deserve to win, they pick Amazing Race. It’s a very sad commentary.” At this point, the ballot for my Emmy pool might as well come with The Amazing Race‘s box already checked off — wouldn’t the awards ceremony be more interesting if there was even a chance we could see an acceptance speech from Trump, Simon Cowell, or, heck, even Blago?

So, PopWatchers: Does Trump have a point, or should Amazing Race keep picking up the accolades?

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  • LAJackie

    You could say that about almost every category – how often does
    the same actor or actress win year after year until it gets
    boring? They need to shake the whole thing up in my opinion.
    Still I’m not unhappy about TAR winning. I love it!

    • jjmanila

      hey donald, the trump! you cant always get what you want. Now, go and build more casinos.

    • mark

      Yeah TAR is consistent every year and involves a lot of skillful production and story telling, however, it isn’t always the best. Survivor definitely has been as compelling or more so in the last few seasons.

      • graeme

        Yeah, are you kidding me, EW? Amazing Race is an absolutely incredible production every season. Other reality shows might be as equally entertaining but no other show has to follow teams at a running pace around the world. Even the cameramen alone who are able to capture all these moments blows me away. Plus the producers setting up the locations, coming up with the challenges, the editors compiling hours and hours of footage into a coherent storyline. It’s absolutely phenomenal. It has deserved every Emmy it has.

  • RaleighNC

    Amazing Race wins the category regularly because it is the only “reality” show that doesn’t end with “producers are involved in the judging”

    • Steve

      Survivor and Big Brother as far as i know, do not have producers picking either. And please dont let this start a whole survivor conspiracy run. There have been plenty of years where contestants that producers would want to win do not, and total boring idiots do.

    • toby

      I agree, Steve. Amazing Race has barely changed a whit since it began, so basically they’re giving the prize to the SAME EXACT SHOW over and over. It’s stupid. And ya gotta hand it to Trump — his show his glaringly goofy but entertaining.

      • duh

        Why should Amazing Race change when:
        1) It’s a great show as is
        2) They win every year

        Besides, they have added small twists with non-elimination legs, yields, and u-turns. Survivor changes things up with tribal switches and hidden immunity idols but ultimately keeps the same format as well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • laylagalise

    Not a fan of Survivor or anything Trump, but it would be great for truly great reality competitions like Top Chef or Project Runway to win it. They showcase talent, creativity, and excellence in their fields. They both deserve a win.

  • Becky

    You could almost say the same thing about Mad Men and 30 Rock. There’s been no shake up in their categories in the past few years. TAR is one of the few sensible reality programs and deserves the award!

    • Jill

      I was just thinking of those shows myself. The Emmys are simply less exciting than the Oscars because a good television show will be on for several years, and possibly get honored every year.

      • info

        Becky and Jill—neither of these shows has even been on for 7 years which is the number of times Amazing Race has won.


      But there is nothing better than “Mad Men.” And “Modern Family” will take over from “30 Rock” this year.

      • vader1013

        LOST is better than MM. by a zillion miles.

      • teresa

        So agree about Lost. I could not care less about any other show.

      • Matt

        Modern Family? Doubt it. Glee, maybe. But then again, the Emmy voters seem to have a “questionable taste level,” as they might say on Project Runway.

      • JKS

        Glee should not considered a comedy, at least not by the same standards as 30 Rock, Modern Family, Party Down, It’s Always Sunny, etc. Jane Lynch being sassy does not a comedy make. And if you disagree with me, just watch tonight’s episode and say it’s a comedy!

  • Word Police

    My extensive research (going to indicates that “politic” is not a verb, as Trump’s usage suggests, but rather an adjective.

  • Meow

    I am kind of a reality show junkie..I watch Top Chef, TAR, Survivor, Big Brother, American Idol, and Celebrity Apprentice. The last season of Top Chef was awesome, however, I think Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains has been the best so far this year. It has been exciting and interesting and unpredictable and the Life on Ponderosa minisodes on are sometimes hilarious. I would vote for Survivor if I had an Emmy ballot this year.

    • Matthew

      I watch all of those too (plus ANTM, sadly) and I would have to agree with you, although for me Celebrity Apprentice comes in a close second. I don’t think any scripted comedy show has had me laughing out loud as much as CA this year.

  • Mel

    No “reality” shows deserve an Emmy, period.

    • ger

      Thank you, Mel

    • AK

      Oh god, please return to the next showing of “The Ghost Whisperer” reruns on Lifetime and leave us alone.

  • joblo

    I always thought TAR won because of the technical side of things – it’s gotta be a LOT harder to put together that show than the Apprentice or Project Runway, etc. The logistics must be an incredible nightmare. That being said, Survivor should also be up there in consideration and the popularity of American Idol would seem to also put it in the running, though the amount of technical glitches it has (especially last season!) really should then knock it right out.

    • EWsMom

      Yeah that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking – putting together a show like The Apprentice is likely infinitely easier/less challenging than something like TAR.

    • flicketyflack

      Bingo. TAR’s been a deserving winner every year. I like Project Runway and Top Chef too though and would be fine if they won.

      It’s also funny how TAR’s streak has the people associated with Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice so butthurt. So I say TAR for the 8peat!

      • daryl

        Given that dopey logic, then Avatar should have won the Oscar for Best Picture because it had the best special effects.

      • Liz

        @Daryl, no because Avatar was weak in a lot of places (like plot). Amazing Race is beautifully executed with great locales good contestants, interesting(sometimes) challenges, it’s a well rounded piece of reality television. Avatar was a cinematography masterpiece and that’s it. It was like a model, it was pretty but not the kind of thing to take home to mom.

    • AK

      I agree. People forget about the logistical side that goes into producing a show like “The Amazing Race.” A show like “American Idol” probably can’t win, because the elements that go into it just can’t compare (not to mention, it’s TERRIBLY produced).

      That said, the pure drama and entertainment of “Survivor” is so high this season, I will scream if it gets shafted again for the umpteenth time.

      • warped

        Was just about to bring up the fact that American Idol should NOT win based on how terribly produced it is. Problems with camera angles, sound (especially on a show about music), timing issues, etc. At least The Amazing Race consistently provides us a well produced show.


    Who the F*** cares what the Trump has to say? HE is one big idiot!

    • Anthony

      Which is why he is worth more than you?

      • teresa

        I don’t agree with you. You can have money and be an idiot.

    • teresa


  • wakeforce

    This year’s Survivor has been kick a$$, so this year it deserves to win. Idol is on its way to a painful death and doesn’t stand a chance, but of course Amazing Race will prolly win. GO TEAM COWBOYS!

  • Stacey

    I think it comes down the reels. So a show about a race around the world probably is more interesting than people marooned on a island and backstabbing it’s fellow contestants. Or a contestants in a talent show. I am surprised Amazing Race keeps winning. But I think at the end of the day; the other shows don’t give a good look to their show in a short reel or however long the reels are… Amazing Race deserves all their awards. It’s pretty intriguing and interesting reality show that doesn’t get the ratings it deserves…

  • Ceballos

    Although I’m actually one of the people who roll their eyes when the “Outstanding Reality-Competition” Emmy gets handed out (since it’s SUCH a lock for “The Amazing Race”) Trump saying that the show itself doesn’t deserve it is absurd. (It’s the lazy voters’ fault, not TAR’s.) But what else do you expect from Trump?

    That being said, I’m actually kind of glad Trump said something because I think it reflects how a lot of people feel. (And, as Becky pointed out, it extends to other Emmy categories.) I simply can’t believe TAR has been the best reality show every single year for the past seven years, so if this leads to some sort of shakeup, good on the Trumpster!

    Also, I agree that Rod Blagojevich needs to submit his work in the Kodak challenge episode (“Fellowship of Doers”, being confused for Donny Osmond, goldenrod!) for Best Supporting Actor in a Reality Show-Competition…if that category existed.

  • TorontoTom

    I have to agree with The Donald on this one – I, too, have scratched my head over TAR winning SEVEN YEARS IN A ROW?!? It’s a quality show but it’s not that good! SURVIVOR should have already picked up an Emmy or two as Best Reality Show (it is the show that started it all, after all). I really hope that the great season of Survivor currently playing is rewarded come Emmy voting time. It deserves to win. Amazing Race has had enough love.

  • Tomm

    Im so sick of some Emmys going to the same winners for years. The voters are old timers who just pick for what they ‘heard is good’. I bet they’d vote for a show if it was off the air!!

  • Paul

    I think the Amazing Race wins because it’s one of the only reality shows that combines the human drama with an educational travelogue. There have been years that Survivor could’ve taken it, but there hasn’t been one year that the Apprentice was better than TAR. Not one.

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