Which artist do you want a 'Glee' episode dedicated to?

GleeImage Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images; Rick Odell/Getty ImagesLast week, we watched Madonna get the Glee treatment in April 20’s Madge-ical episode. Then Britney Spears’ manager tweeted his plea to get Spears’ songs performed on the Fox series. And not only has creator Ryan Murphy recently revealed to EW that he’s entertaining the notion of a Spears episode, but he’s also considering one-hour homages to Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, and Courtney Love. But we want to to know who YOU want to hear on Glee, PopWatchers! If it was between these four music superstars, which one would you choose? Maybe you want to see Lea Michele do an a cappella version of Hole’s “Malibu?” Or can you imagine Cory Monteith tackling Billy Joel’s “Piano Man?” Vote below!

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  • Josie

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Britney Spears, but it is obvious how perfect so many of her songs are for this show.

    • Maeve

      totally agree, plus i might be fun to hear her songs sung by those with a bit (or a lot) more skill.

    • Brett

      Britney would be perfect, Britney is the only one on that list that would actually fit the audience of the average Glee viewer. Billy Joel is a much older audience, Courtney is awesome, but her music is unknown.. & Zepplin is a much different genre. I say Britney or nobody.. shes perfect for this. It’d be awesome for an appearance by her too.

      • Sean S.

        This is one Glee viewer who thinks Britney is a horrible idea. As a matter of fact this whole list is pretty bad. Billy Joel has a few songs that could be good (Just The Way You Are, Tell Her About It, It’s Still Rock & Roll) not sure about a whole episode. I’ll hold out for them to add Prince, The Beatles and Aerosmith to the list of choices.

      • Mike

        Billy Joel’s music is timeless! I don’t care what anyone says. A FEW SONGS that could be good? My God, the man has over 100 songs that could fill up an episode. I think a Glee episode dedicated to the Piano Man would be a fantastic hour of television. Then again, this is coming from one of his biggest fans. (and I don’t consider myself to be TOO old yet lol)

      • jennab

        Sean S. is right: Prince is the best!!

      • amadeline

        I think I’m an ‘average’ Glee viewer – whatever that is – and I can’t stand Britney or the songs she sings (but rarely has a hand in writing). Just because little tweenies bought into her, it doesn’t mean she should be inflicted on the rest of us. Hopefully the Glee folks will go for really talented singer/song writers, not bump and grind singers who lipsync their live performances!

      • Breake

        Mike- I totally agree! I’m 15 and I love Billy Joel! I’m also a huge Gleek so for these two to collide would just be amazing!!!!

    • bambam

      Erasure songs are poppy enough and would make for a great episode.

    • mary q contrary

      Wait, you guys gave us four options to choose from, and Courtney Love was one of them? I don’t even know what to say.

    • tigger851

      Actually none of those!!! Britney is way over rated, can’t dance nor sing!! Billy Joel is better but I don’t wanna see that show. Courtney who?? and no on Led Zeppelin…..Madonna was enuf!!

      • tbaby

        I agree, tigger851!!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

    • Celia

      Agreed. Britney’s songs would be perfect. I can totally see them performing Toxic, Baby One More Time, Oops…I did it again, I’m a Slave 4 U, 3, Piece of Me, Womanizer, Me Against the Music, Lucky, Bottom of My Broken Heart, and pretty much everything Britney has ever released.
      It would equally as awesome if the rival school performed Christina Aguilera songs. :D

    • Straight Up

      Any artist who can give any reason for Rachel and Quinn to make out on stage like they do at home.

  • timelord


    • Beth

      I’ve been thinking the same thing. Metallica’s heavy metal has real melodies. Their work with classical orchestras shows how versatile they are. Glee could rock “Nothing Else Matters,” “Unforgiven,” “Unforgiven II,” “Enter Sandman” and more.

      • 4rocket

        And further kill their reputation in the metal community?

      • amj

        Agreed! I love the Metallica S&M album! I think they have beautiful melodies!

  • Dave

    FIRST. And a Disco episode is my vote!

    • Not First

      not first by 4 minutes tool

    • mary q contrary

      disco episode. no. tom petty episode. yes.

    • KRibbons

      Please. Barbra Streisand is where its at.

  • Kaia

    Janet Jackson! Her catalog is as interesting as Madonna’s and i’d kill to see the Cheerios take on Rhythm Nation

    • DBaz

      Janet Jackson, totally. Control and Rhythm Nation are all about young-teen everyday & love angst, PERFECT songs for Glee.

    • Nita

      Let’s Wait Awhile would be a great song on Glee.

    • TheObserver

      Micheal jackson as well….this is a no brainer…they need to make this happen and have janet guest as a rival to Sue…Good God it would be so good…’miss you much’ ‘you want this’….there are so many good janet songs…’human nature’ billie jean’……I’m salivating

      • Barry

        Sure…lets pay more tribute to a pedophile. Perhaps if the series was set in an all boys preschool.

      • Rebecca Jill

        Ooh, both Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson would be great choices.

        From the poll above, I had to go with Billy Joel — so much rich material to use from there.

        Ugh, I would really like not to see a Britney Spears episode. She’s so NOT Madonna or anyone, but … whatever.

      • YBKGirl

        Dang, Barry, can someone get you a musical education? Michael Jackson is a genius musically, and I would love an episode with his songs on Glee.

        Also, Beatles would be incredible. And I may be the only one who thinks Led Zepplin would be kinda fun. And Metallica? Oh, that would be awesome!

    • Sina

      Any song from her Janet album. I would love to hear You know you want this. How about Love will never do. I would LOVE to hear Jesse St. James sing Again.

      • Miss Talk


  • JPX


    • Kaia

      Done and Done.
      *mini-spoiler, ya’ll*

      Puck and Finn are singing Beth in full Kiss costume.

  • Sally in Chicago

    I’m not a fan of the show, don’t watch it….but this “theme” night has been taken too far. First AI has a “theme” night, then DWTS has a theme night…now Glee….it’s recycled sh**TZ nothing original.

    • Alli

      The Madonna theme was the first theme they did. Besides, if the FANS of the show want theme, then non-fans shouldn’t really have an opinion.

      • Shannon

        I am a big fan of the show, and I DON’T want more themed episodes! It worked really well with Madonna becuase of the great music and it furthered the plot, I don’t see other artists doing that.

      • RJ

        I’m a big fan of the show and I don’t want another theme night either. And please stop the Britney insanity!

    • SueN

      Yeah, if you don’t even watch the show, sit down and be quiet. Just kidding :o) I don’t mind theme night once in awhile, just not too much.

      • raven

        Yeah I agree. I don’t mind a theme night every once and a while, like every season or two. I definitely think the fact that they are considering 4 more already (plus another madonna ep) is not a good thing.

  • Mark

    I keep saying there needs to be a Billy Joel episode. His songs are like mini-stories

    • Kate

      Yeah i agree i would love to have a Billy Joel hour or Led Zepplin hour!

      • Chappel

        Billy Joel’s catalogue is perfect for Glee.

    • Daniel

      First episode I watched was Madonna. And I wondered what they could do to Billy Joel. I’ll keep watching to keep up on plot for a Billy Joel night. He’s my favorite of all time.

      • Kathy

        I agree. He is my favorite of all time too and there are so many songs that would be awesome to hear from the Glee cast.

    • Ginny

      Billy Joel’s songs would be awesome. I can’t even think of particular songs that I would like to hear more than others because I love all of his music. Elton John’s catalog would be awesome too.

    • Heather

      The only drawback for a Billy Joel theme is that it’s been done before — on stage (Movin’ Out)

  • kahuna

    Not Brittany Spears. Either Billy Joel or Led Zepplin would be worthy of such an honor. Spears is not.

  • Sally in Chicago

    Oh, BTW, has anybody thought about a “black” theme night….like, songs written by “black” artists? At least AI had the decency to devote nights to Thom Bell & the Philly Sound and Motown. But there are others you know.

    • Barry

      That’s it play the race card.

    • 4rocket

      I’m very much on board with a “Motown” theme or even “R&B” theme but “black theme”? That sounds kinda racist. Flip the script and imagine a “white” theme. Yeah, not such a good idea.

      • David

        Have you listened to the music? Every episode is a “white theme” episode.

      • Karen

        A Motown episode would be awesome, but PLEASE don’t call it a “black theme”!

    • Not First

      No there isn’t.

    • Shana

      they’ve had several R&B songs that are originally by black artists. That dreamgirls song, Jill Scott, Salt and Pepa, Bust your windows, Rihanna, Sisqo, the list goes on… Diversity is a something that is NOT lacking in this show, trust me.

  • Pamela


    Freddie Mercury/Queen.

    • Irish

      beat me to it!

    • j

      Fantastic idea!

    • locker bird

      totally agree. a duet between kurt and his new boyfriend singing ‘good old fashioned lover boy’ is my glee dream. of the 4 above, my vote is zeppelin all the way.

      • Jen

        Excellent Idea!
        Can I recind my vote???

    • b

      Great idea! They need to get on this now.

  • Shamus N.

    None of the above. I’d rather see a mix of artists, sung by a mix of characters.

    • Marie

      I totally agree.
      The songs should reflect the storyline not the other way around.
      If necessary a themed episode per semester is more than enough.

  • Mikey T.


    • Bobby’s Robot


    • Katie

      If there has to be a theme, Mozzer would be perfect. Angst! Yes! But then, if they ruined any songs, I might not forgive them…

  • Elliot

    I don’t want to see episodes that are dedicated to one performer. The show is better when they have various styles of music rather than just one. If they adopt the American Idol approach, I think the show will fail.

    • Maggie25

      I 100% agree. The Madonna episode was good and everything, but I’d prefer they just mix in whatever songs fit best with the story of each episode. And the Madonna one also worked because of Sue’s love for Madonna. I like Glee a lot, but is anyone else concerned with how long they can keep this show going before it gets really bad?

      • Barry

        They did the Madonna episode for all of the gay watchers.

      • @Barry


      • Amie

        I completely agree, I can see it going down hill. I mean next time you’ll find out that Mr. Shue loves Michael Jackson or Emma loves the Beatles. The storyline should be the reason to watch the show, not the artist theme. Also I like the surprise of not knowing what is coming, with artist themed episodes it makes the show predictable. I’m not saying don’t sing Brittany songs, just don’t make an episode where all they can do is talk about her….because she’s not the kind of role model that we want our Glee girls following!

    • hannah2

      I agree it’s not fair that already super successful artists get free promotion. I like it when they do more obscure gems. Billy Joel and Zeppelin have enough albums sold.

    • JLT

      I agree 100%. If they do too many ‘theme shows’ then the fresh concept of this show will turn corny and pedestrian. I’d hate to see that happen. I think the show works much better when different types of songs and different artists’ work are interspersed. When the music takes over then the plot falls to second place, and then you’re going to have a big problem.

    • Shannon

      I totally agree, while I loved the Madonna episode I don’t want to tune into the show for episodes geared around one artist. It worked will with the storyline with Madonna, I don’t see it working well with other artist. Please don’t do more themed episodes!!

  • Scott P

    Muhammed, so that they can censor a crappy ass show like this instead of a good, relevant one like South Park.

    • David

      South Park hasn’t been relevant since 2003. Let it go.

  • mykietown

    Abba or Depeche Mode

    • Maureen

      YES! How come I didn’t think of ABBA first? ;)

    • JD

      I def agree, Abba would be great. I also think Elton John would be a good pick.

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