TV Land Awards: 'Glee' honored as future classic on nostalgic night

tv-land-bosom-buddiesImage Credit: Craig Barritt/WireImageThe 8th Annual TV Land Awards, hosted by Tim Allen, were filled with cast reunions, people confessing what they did when they were on The Love Boat (Billy Crystal: “I kissed Nancy Kulp, who was on The Beverly Hillbillies. It’s true”), and wonderfully absurd moments such as Charo gyrating behind a seated Brad Garrett as Blondie, recipient of the Icon award, performed “One Way or Another” live. Members of the cast of Glee were on hand to accept their Future Classic award shortly after the cast of Bosom Buddies celebrated its 30th anniversary. (Cue Jane Lynch who said, “I was just thinking that, um, if we have a 30 year anniversary thing, I’ll probably be dead. And it made me so sad. But I hope you all have fun. And that you say, you know, ‘We miss Jane.'”) But even Glee got the retro treatment when the all-star TV Land Glee Club performed a closing rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin'” led by David Hasselhoff and Marilu Henner. (The back-up “singers” included Todd Bridges, Joyce DeWitt, Jamie Farr, Marla Gibbs, Howard Hesseman, Shirley Jones, Richard Karn, Richard Moll, Marion Ross, Jimmie Walker, Marcia Wallace and Fred Willard.) As amazing as that sounds — watch it here — it’s the sound bites that we will remember. Here, some of the evening’s best.

30th Anniversary: Bosom Buddies (presented by Jay Leno)

Tom Hanks: “For 39 measly episodes, all we did was laugh. And Tom Selleck and Magnum, P.I. still suck compared to Bosom Buddies. ABC at 8!”

Holland Taylor: “You know, when we were actually on, we were nowhere. No one paid the slightest attention. And I think Tom and Peter had one television interview in some state, it wasn’t even national, and they had one radio interview in which Tom mentioned that I was 38. I was just so grateful when he got back to rehearsal, I told him how glad I was that he mentioned that because I felt everyone should know. In any case, I think we had a wonderful time partly because we were nowhere and nobody, and nobody was paying any attention. We weren’t in contention, we weren’t in competition. We were just doing our show. And we didn’t give a rat’s ass about anything else, and how fun was that? And we’ve all kept up. And Tom Hanks is adorable in that for all of the pressures of his life, ‘cause he is a mogul, he’ll write the occasional letter to you for no damn reason. So, he got it from me.”

Fan Favorite: The Love Boat (presented by Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Betty White, who joked “I did it five times… The Love Boat that is.)

Ted Lange: “When I got on The Love Boat, I talked to my father who was an actor here in Los Angeles, and he said some words to me that were heartfelt and prophetic. He said, ‘Son, you’re the only black person on a white show, so you don’t have to worry about being noticed. Just act naturally. Not like you did on That’s My Mama.'”

Fred Grandy: “Since The Love Boat docked for the last time, I’ve spent the last 25 years in Washington, D.C… It’s nice to be back around people you can trust.”

Ted McGinley: “It was an honor and a privilege for me to be among so many great actors on their way up and on their way down, and I was so thankful to be there. Thank you… And now I’m on my way down, and I’m looking for something.”

Impact: Everybody Loves Raymond (presented by Bob Newhart)

Ray Romano: “I just want to say… This show will always be with me, will always be with us. We do other things. You know, our careers go on. I mean, I have a show now, a different show. Patty has a different show. Brad watches our shows. And Doris thinks this show is still on right now.”

Brad Garrett: Take it easy, Ted. Take it easy. I’m gettin’ heckled by the guy from The Love Boat. That’s where my career is. I’m gonna tell it like it is, Ray. I’m gonna tell everybody the [bleep] you were to all of us. I’m gonna tell everyone right now. I’m sick and tired of this lovefest. I’m pullin’ the shroud off this charade in the land of TV. There is no trickle down. You’ve got pallbearers carrying your wallet around. Doris and I are livin in a [bleep] damn van, Ray. How about a little taste for the big Jew? A little taste? Nothing. Everybody knows that it takes more than just you. You know that. Everybody knows that Peter Scolari is funnier than Tom Hanks. The world knows it. I’m tired of it… Everybody seen Ray’s show, by the way? Well uh, you better hurry… It was an honor for all of us, and this is all because of Ray Romano, everybody, so give it up for Ray.”

Ray Romano: “We could have done a couple more years if you were this funny on the show.”

Other awards:

Legend: Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner (presented by Billy Crystal)

Pop Culture: Charlie’s Angels (presented by Pamela Anderson to Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith, with Ryan O’Neal introducing a video tribute to Farrah Fawcett)

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    This will be the 25th anniversary of a higly underrated gem of a show – Growing Pains was awesome and should be recognized for having one of the greatest theme songs of all time!!!

    • furiousk

      That makes me feel so old.

    • fireflyfan

      agreed, it’s the only cover of a beatles song that i like better than the original. Everytime I hear Cocker’s version, I can see the whole montage at the beginning!

      • phredd

        Uhm . . . . what?

  • Kurt

    Beautiful tribute to Farrah and it was great seeing Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd together again.

  • John Ford

    Glee a future classic, vomit cat poop

    • mark

      yes. best comment ever.

    • Jared

      And why did EW use a photo of it to illustrate this item? Thank god they didn’t perform!

    • tbaby

      John, stop hating. It’s sooooooooooo unactractive.

    • phredd

      I agree. This year’s future classic should’ve been “Modern Family”! Glee is WAAAY overrated!

  • Jenn

    Brad Garrett does that stupid schtick every time he’s on some sort of show about ELR. It’s getting old and frankly he just sounds bitter. What a tool.

    • Tom

      “It was an honor for all of us, and this is all because of Ray Romano, everybody, so give it up for Ray.” Did you read that part? You’re a tool

    • Wow

      Bitter hag.

      • Jenn

        Seriously? Cause I don’t agree with you and I’m not a fan of Brad Garrett? REALLY? Wow right back atcha.

    • Stacey

      Jenn, it’s a joke. He is a comedian.

      • Jenn

        Thanks Stacey, but I got that. it’s why I called it “schtick.” It’s a routine he keeps doing over and over and over again and it’s getting old and worn out. He needs to find some new material.

    • Dave

      I agree it’s a tired ol’ schtick, especially since Ray Romano was beloved on that set while Brad Garrett was DIFFICULT!

  • Brad

    I agree about Glee. They had that stupid pregnacy plot that damaged the show and made one character extremely unlikeable. I give them props for great singing and dancing numbers but do we really want to see 5 years of this? Fox should cancel this out of habit.

    • Croz

      Disagree about Glee, but the ‘FOX should cancel it out of habit’ comment was hilarious.

  • john

    why even have these awards when tv land is so overloaded with reallity and movies that really have nothing to do with the original premise of tvland extreme home makeovers, i mean, c’mon

    • Christian

      MTV still has their Music Awards, so there you go

  • Aimzee

    Glee can last as long as the plot is reasonably belieevable. The talent alone is worth watching, and special guests will add flavor to the show. I just don’t know how fast 25 years can go. How is that possible?

  • Christian

    “Everybody knows that Peter Scolari is funnier than Tom Hanks.” I lol’d

  • stephen

    so’s tv…don’t watch it..don’t comment..sheesh!

  • bringbackrocky

    Bosom Buddies is still funny even after all these years. Nice to see Tom Hanks acknowledge what a springboard it was for him and I wish more people realized what an equally gifted comic Peter Scolari was and is.

    • Trace

      I was 3 when Bosom Buddies was on the air. After last night, I went to Amazon and bought the series. It looked hilarious.

      • Gee

        I LOVED Bosom Buddies.. I was 21 when it came out.. HUGE crush on Tom Hanks at the time. I just knew he was going to be a star!!!

      • Kisha

        This show is one of the reasons the 80’s TV wise is so memorable to me. I must have been like 9-10 when Bosom Buddies was on and it was one of my favorite shows even at that age.

      • chrissy

        The episode where Kip (Hanks) gets a tatoo (love dot) for Sunny is considered a classic to this day in my family. “I don’t care what you say anymore this is my life …”

      • Buzz

        I think it was on at 7 or 7:30 here in Montreal , I watched it … Donna Dixon!
        it was ( is ) funny show …Holland Taylor … Scolari , that Hanks guy….

  • Garry

    While I’ve always been an avid fan/student of television and its history (even programs that were on before I was born!), there’s something a little sad about actors gathering to celebrate what was, in many cases, their only notable role in decades. I’m sure Peter Scolari or Ted Lange would give anything to be on a new hit show now, rather than force themselves to once again regale audiences with stories from the programs they were on 20 or 30 years ago.

    And I think the TV Land Awards should do away with the “Future Classic” award. I like “Glee” (except for the one character whom I don’t find amusing, just absolutely sickening), but the same honor was also given to “American Dreams”, which, unfortunately, has since slipped into obscurity (although I personally consider it a classic). It’s always risky to take any current popular show (or band/singer, film, etc.) and assume it will enjoy a sustained popularity for years to come. The viewing public is way too fickle. And TV networks tend to cancel even popular shows at the drop of a hat.

    • levelheaded

      Better to have one notable role in decades than none. I don’t know about you, but they’ve won more acclaim and earned more money than a great majority of people.

      I do agree with you about the ‘future classic’ and That American Dreams was wonderful, though.

  • meme

    I forgot this show was on last night! Questions: Why wasn’t Kate Jackson in the Farrah tribute? Was there any mention of the passing of Peter Boyle, Robert Culp, and Dixie Carter? TIA

  • Kevin

    With all the attention Glee is getting, before it’s first season is even over no less, I expect it to burn out fast. America will eventually tire of it and it probably won’t last past season 3. Which is a shame because it is a brlliant show, it’ll just be hard to keep the flame going for 4 more years with this much publicity

  • Kevin T. Baldwin

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned alread but…Cheryl Ladd..WOW! I mean…WOWWWWW!! She looked fabulous! She “out-sexied” (and I don’t know if that’s a real word or not and I don’t care because in this instance…it WORKS) every woman there. I repeat: WOW!

    • Gee

      Ok. Ok. calm down.. geesh

  • erf

    Actually,I think Jane Lynch will still be alive in 30 years-wouldn’t she only be in her 70s? I don’t get why she said that.

    • levelheaded

      Well, she’ll be turning 50 this year, so she’d be in her 80s.
      And she’s probably making a joke about the age difference between her and the majority of her co-stars.
      I thought it was funny.

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