'So You Think You Can Dance': Fox announces season 7's All-Star Dance Partners

So You Think You Can Dance clearly took Sue Sylvester’s advice and is swishing it up more than a bit for season 7, which premieres May 27. As previously announced, there will be 10 finalists, and only one dancer will be eliminated per week. This morning, Fox announced the 12 All-Star returning dancers who will be partnered with a different finalist each week. They are… 

Stephen “tWitch” Boss (pictured)
Comfort Fedoke
Courtney Galiano
Anya Garnis
Lauren Gottlieb
Neil Haskell
Allison Holker
Mark Kanemura
Pasha Kovalev
Kathryn McCormick
Ade Obayomi
Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval

“D-trix”? Hmmm. “All-star” is such a strong term — too strong for this group, perhaps? Which dancer are you most excited to see again? The DWTS-lover in me is swooning over Anya and Pasha, and I’m still obsessed with Allison. But maybe for you [cue Cat Deeley voice]…”It’s tWitch?”

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  • Eliza

    This is just a horrible idea all the way around. I wasn’t sure what to think about it at first, but seeing the list makes me wonder if I’ll even watch. Comfort??? Really, Nigel?

    • Lemon

      Re: Comfort – keep in mind they’re dancing in their own style! Yeah, Comfort couldn’t pull off a waltz or a foxtrot, but she KILLS hip-hop.

      • IAA Evan

        She is amazing at hip hop and who knows, maybe she will have gotten better at other things. I hope so.

      • Quin

        Her waltz with Thayne was actually really, really good. As an smooth routine it had a nice delicate quality to it. Her posture in hold was as good as Katee in her foxtrot with Twitch.

      • not a fan

        Comfort was not good in hip hop either!! im in agreement with eliza… i dont think i can watch this season… COMFORT???

      • Mr. FAMU

        Y’all need to stop fronting Comfort was a damn good hip hop dancer and no woman to appear on this show could get down to a hip hop routine like she could. She maybe didn’t excel at all genres but hip hop is her forte.

    • Lyssa

      That was my exact thought when I first read the list re: Comfort. 1/3 of this list is from the fourth season, and there’s no one from last season. I thought maybe Jacob, who was such a beautiful dancer…. but no

      • Lyssa

        Replying just to mention that I must have overlooked Kathryn.

      • joblo

        Yay for Kathryn! She’s my all-time favorite and I’m so happy she’s coming back.

      • Maggie

        I write for a blog called puresytycd.com and we debated this on our site, why there are so many people from seasons 3 and 4. The dancers from season 1 unfortunately might be too far removed for people to remember them well. The only one who has stayed somewhat in the spotlight is blake and he let us know early on that he wasn’t part of the cast. the show really took off in season 2: travis said he was choreographing and allison was such a shocking elimination, i think it will be great for her to be back. The dancers from seasons 3 and 4 were really likable and talented and memorable. Season 5 kids are working a lot right now, and I think season 6 might just be too soon (though I agree I would loved to have seen Jakob). My only eh move was Anya (I would have rather seen Chelsie or Lacey but they have DWTS obligations) but overall I think this list is pretty stacked.

      • jennrae

        Kathryn’s from last season, right?

    • ChristineOH

      Don’t the all stars dance in their own styles? I think they’d need a female hip hop dancer to partner with the guys. There aren’t that many female hip hop alums to choose from, and I don’t see a problem with one being Comfort.

      • Kat

        ITA with you. i’m loving this list, and i’m really really excited for the season to start!

      • elena

        Sara, she’s a B-girl. And actually was kind of boss in all the other styles. Her disco with Neil was fierce!

    • Sara

      Comfort is the only one I disagree with. She should not be there.

    • B-Girl

      My thoughts exactly, COMFORT?!?! She wasn’t really all that at hip-hop either. Kathryn was easily as good as her, Sara was better, so was Ashley from season 2/3.

    • Tamwoo

      Do you all realized it is about the new dancers not the all stars, they are only there to co-dance. If the older dancer do not dance well enough that will make the new dancers look better.

  • Lyssa

    I can’t be the only fan surprised at the lack of actual WINNERS on this list. Also, I remember reading something about not picking dance styles out of a hat this season. Will the dance styles be suited to the All-Stars? It will be interesting to see how this works.

    • nikki

      most winners may have other projects in the works or may want to seperate themselves

      • IAA Evan

        Marc, Ade, Kathryn, Pasha and even Courtney would all be fantastic partners.

      • samantha

        even though mark wasn’t a winner they pulled him off of Lady Gaga’s tour to come back to the show.. a s tep down if you ask me.

      • Vikki Sixx

        Samantha, you might want to think about that. On SYTYCD Mark will be seen by people of all types…not just fans of Lady Gaga…PLUS he will get more of his actual name being put out there rather than only his face. This is a much better gig for him than being backup.

    • Drew

      While technically, I think America is going to only be voting for the new contestants, at least for the first couple weeks, they’ll be voting for their fave all-star. It’s just how it’s going to work. So I understand that they can’t bring back a winner. It’s an automatic ticket to the next week. As much as I would’ve loved to see Benji back…

      • Nicole

        I USED to love Benji. While I still think his ability as a dancer and choreographer are amazing, his ability as a mentor and human being leave something to be desired. He was a “teacher” at Costal Dance rage, and was completely a horrbile rude diva to the hundreds of kids that he was supposed to be there to inspire. Blake McGrath, Chris Judd, Mia Micheals, and the many other celebrities that were there were amazing, down to earth inspirations. Saddly… Benji fell far short.

      • shannon

        I don’t think the votes will be just for the All-Stars. It’s my understanding that the All-Stars won’t leave each week. The contestants will pull the name of an All-Star out of the hat and that’s the style they’ll be dancing (for example, if they pull Comfort’s name, they’ll be doing hip hop). So even though someone who dances with Comfort (for example) gets voted off, SHE will still be in the All-Star pool to pick from. I could be completely wrong on this! But that’s how I think this upcoming season will work. America shouldn’t vote for their favorite All-Star just because they’re afraid of the ALL-STAR leaving the show. I don’t think that is the case.

      • dbanimate

        wow nicole that’s sad to hear… benji sure knows how to play down-to-earth for the cameras. sabrya is another sytycd winner who came across really sweet on tv, but i’ve heard (at sytycdism) she’s pretty full of herself as well.

    • Maggie

      I don’t remember where I read this, but I remember something about them not wanting to choose winners, but I could be wrong. I actually really like this list.

    • dee

      for whatever reason, the producers intentionally decided not to feature past winners this time around.

    • Mr. FAMU

      Why would they have past winners? That wouldn’t be fair.

  • Lemon

    I’m happy to see Ade dance on my TV again! I also love the gang from Season 4.

  • Amy

    Very excited to see Anya and Pasha, as always! Looking forward to having Kathryn back too. But Comfort? Seriously?

    • Aprilcot26

      Couldn’t agree more! Also excited to see Neil and Lauren.

      • justjack

        Me too! (Neil/Lauren) Would have loved to see Danny back too.

      • Maggie

        with lauren, neil and pasha back, I’m hoping they’ll reteam and do the transformers routine and night of the dancing flame, how fun would that be?

      • KT

        Lauren…ugh! She’s the reason I WON’T be watching! I couldn’t stand her!

      • TrueConfessions

        I loved Neil & Lauren doing Dave Scott’s hip hop (the way I are) & still have it for my ringtone. Let the drummer kick was great too!

      • Elsa

        I can’t stand Lauren, I might not watch because of her..

    • Mr. FAMU

      Stop freaking hating on Comfort she will be the female hip hop specialist which she excels at. No one asked her to do Ballet or Anya to do Hip Hop. CHILL!

  • Tookie


    • ericalina

      YAY! Love him!

  • Q

    How is COMFORT an All-Star if she only made the Top 10 because of another dancer’s injury? I was open-minded about the All-Star concept, but this list is terrible.

  • Andrea

    The only one I’d be excited to see dance again is Pasha. The rest I could take or leave (esp. COmfort…I always thought she had a terrible attitude).

  • fan?

    There are a few I really like, Neil, Twitch, Pasha. Some I dont even remember! But, Comfort? I just never liked her. I look forward to this show every summer but this year I am just not into it and it hasnt even started. We need Travis and Benji!

    • kiliki

      Totally Agree!!! Travis & Benji were the best.

      • Maggie

        I said that at first too, the hip hop girls from the whole 6 seasons: Donyelle, Sara (really a b-girl) Comfort, and none during seasons 5 or 6. Lauren also names hip hop as one of her specialities (and I remember her being quite good at it). I would LOVE to have seen Donyelle again, but if Sara’s still on tour with Avril Lavigne then that leaves comfort.

  • DJ

    Funny, cuz I read this list and the only one I got truly excited about was COMFORT! Love the girl. Genius hip hop dancer.

  • wtffnyc

    Courtney? Twitch? Lauren? Catherine?? (I didn’t even remember who that WAS for a minute!) LAME. I’ll be happy to see Anya and Pasha, along with Mark K and Allison, but on the whole, I find this list VERY disappointing.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Mark!!! Neil!! Pasha!

      • Allan

        Mark is great – one of the few whose acting ability is as strong as his dancing.

    • Blame Leno

      You know the reality is a lot of the more popular dancers from all 6 seasons have become very successful and wouldn’t have the time to give to the show. Some have distanced themselves. I think it would have been more difficult to get some of the more notable dancers and I believe it wouldn’t have been fair to have winners or runner ups from previous seasons. I think that would have really swayed the vote.

  • savonarola

    I wonder which All Stars will be assigned week to week as the cuts are made. Will the contestants get to choose? The All All Stars? The audience? Me?

  • MARK

    Where is MY Dmitri ????…

    • Jenn

      Dmitri is on DWTS now, probably under contract not to do any other dancing shows.

      • Actuallly

        Sadly, Dmitri is not on DWTS this season. He did perform once this season with a group of other pros, but he is not a regular.

      • Nicole

        Dmitri has actually performed almost every episode this season with the stars… but that does not make up for his amazing choreography and partnering. He and Lacy need to be brought back as regular pros!!

    • mary

      Your Dimitry? I think not!! He is mine and DO NOT share!

    • Himar

      Where is my janette ?!!!

  • captain canuck

    This idea just went from bad to worse. Comfort? If she counts as an All Star than this show is in trouble. Terrible.

    • Mr. FAMU

      Has there been a better female hopper.

  • nic

    I loved pasha and anya and almost stopped watching when anya didn’t make top ten..Dom is always a crowd pleaser..but you think with all the contempary dancers the showed has had(it feels like millions) that they would get better girls than allison and lauren..lauren was the most overrated of the lot and if wasn’t for Ivan, allison would have faded away..and what about the SYTYCD all star family..benji, lacey or heidi..with all the dynamic dancers the list falls short..this show is about star quality and not technique..

    • The Ve

      i’m with you in that there are many other contemporarty/jazz dancers that should have been in the convo along with allison, lauren, like
      Kayla (whom i don’t enjoy personally, but is a great dancer) and Katee, who was the judges perennial favorite. And I wish they’d bring in a latin ringer like jeanette for the spicy numbers. not that i dislike anya, i just don’t think she’s spicy.

  • SaraK

    Neil, Neil, Neil!!!
    Comfort does NOT belong in this group. I guess Nigel was desperate.

    • Mr. FAMU

      Has there been a better female hip hop dancer?

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