'Project Runway' recap: The Bryant Park showdown, plus a reunion of bitchery

Project-Runway-finaleImage Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime TelevisionWe have a winner, folks. And it’s not L’Oréal Paris, Garnier Fructis, or the Westin New York Times Square, even though all those shameless bits of product-placement enjoyed enough movie star close-ups last night to qualify for a SAG card.

Nope, the winner of Project Runway season 7 was…

Seth Aaron Henderson, he who kinda sorta flashed the beginning of a butt crack. He who made snow angels on the runway. And he and whose kids look comically demure when standing next to their faux-hawked pops. (How do you enact your teenage rebellion when your dad looks like he stepped out of a Tim Burton wardrobe department?) Mila might have called SA’s collection “glamorous Hot Topic,” but the fact is, the double-named dude rocked it last night. And I couldn’t be happier for him. I can’t wait for him to take all that cashola back to Washington and spend it on an even bigger trampoline. How soon can he get Tim Gunn back on it?

Aside from some model no-shows and the sight of Ping with shocking white hair (lookie, there she is in the audience at Bryant Park!), the finale played out without so much as a popped button of pre-runway show drama. Once the music started and the amazons started strutting, the camera at long last lingered on each and every look in each and every designer’s collection for delightfully ample stretches. Finally, no need to grab the remote and hit the pause button.

I admit I don’t fully get the 1940s German and Russian military that Seth Aaron claimed to be his inspiration, but who cares? Between the signature red dress worn by Kristina, to the head-to-toe houndstooth suit, to the polka dot, stripes, and herringbone orgy of conflicting patterns, SA’s collection managed to mix his cartoon whimsy with a level of polish that I hadn’t expected from the self-described spaz. Despite this piece of unfortunata and this one too, I’d argue it was he, not Emilio, who churned out the most sophisticated collection. (Whatever, Señora Garcia.) Nina called him the most fearless of the bunch, which would probably be true even if he were tied up and sedated to the point of drooling. Damned if the guy didn’t put on one helluva show for all those fashionista up-tighties.

Through melodramatic sighs and furrowed brows, the judges would have us believe that the decision was really, like, hard, man, but I don’t buy that for a second. Really? We’re supposed to believe that Emilio’s disjointed “Color Me Bad” (is that one d or two?) collection was a serious threat to Seth Aaron’s vigorous journey down the rabbit hole of unfettered creativity? The Holy Trinity (plus Faith Hill) filled airtime with comments about how he was really thinking about the business of fashion, and they claimed they just luuurved the second narcissistic monogram pattern he’s made. Me? My thoughts were: No way this unflattering symphony of mismatched olive, gold, red, and blue is gonna beat Seth Aaron’s bold ode to… uh… Hitler and Stalin? (No, no, I don’t really think that’s what he meant.) Sure, each of Emilio’s pieces displayed his usual impeccable tailoring, but all together, the collection — or line, if you’re a beyotchy Michael Kors — amounted to just simple clothes, not rock-‘em-sock-‘em killer fashion statements. I sensed he was toast when Faith Hill said not once, but twice, that she was “knocked out” by him. I mean, what is Faith Hill doing anywhere near a fashion competition? She’s probably a nice lady and all, but she has rather abysmal style and has been on so many Worst Dressed lists it’s pointless to count them. Need I say more? Also, Emilio’s strongest piece, the gold evening gown, reminded me a lot of that mini dress Jillian Lewis made in season 4. Huh. I wonder if it’s because he used the same fabric?

I still love Mila’s oversized striped jacket and think she has a terrifically singular point of view. Plus, this piece of playful plum stripery was a delightful change from her usual jailbird theme. The judges praised her for her for knocking the insistent ’60s out of her collection with edgier styling for the models, and she even (TMI alert!) turned on Agent Orange with her use of shiny, shiny… shiny panels of pleather. Which is funny, right? ‘Cause usually we think of Heidi as the one who’s drawn to shiny things. Aaaanyway. All that being said, I’ll be the first to admit that Mila’s collection lacked a little oomph, especially when placed next to something from Seth Aaron that is sorta similar to her own vibe, like that mixed media conflicting patterns bonanza. Of all the judges, Heidi probably remained her biggest fan — and that, apparently, just wasn’t enough for Madam Mad for Mod to beat Emilio for second place. A shame, really.

And so the decision came down to the two dudes. For the first time all season, Emilio’s usual smugness gave way to undeniable jitters as he stood up there on the runway, awaiting his fate. The guy was cowed. Maybe he too realized that if Faith Hill likes your stuff more than anyone else, it’s time to wave that white flag and haul ass into the welcoming arms of your loving family. Which he did, through what looked like heartbroken tears. Emilio hasn’t been my favorite this season (duh), but even I felt a twinge of sadness watching him weep. Project Runway, you make a grown man cry.

Make that two grown men. I got equally chocked up witnessing a teary Seth Aaron invite his wife and kids on stage and then explain to the cameras how much it means to him that his children are proud of their dad. Gah! Then he lifted Tim up into a giant, spazzy SA bear hug and my emotional breakdown was complete. Congrats to you, Seth Aaron!

I’m not gonna spend a lot of time analyzing the 30-minute reunion show that was part of tonight’s finale extravaganza because frankly, I found it to be a giant bore. I used to love tuning in to these end-of-season wrap-ups when it was just the designers reassembled for a post-stitching bit of bitchery. Remember in season one when they discussed the mystery meanie who drew a mustache on Wendy Pepper’s daughter’s photo? Genius! And watching the fan favorite wrap their arms around that giant, Ed McMahon-sized check? Delightful. Well, last night, instead of any of that, we got the designers plus the mostly insipid models with whom they were forced to share the spotlight. Gong! I do not want to listen to Alexis speak. Not now, not ever. Thank gawd Anthony was there to offset the horror of seeing that she-beast again. He most certainly would have won fan favorite and oh, how it would have been swell to see him sashay on back to Atlanta with some extra dough.

But whatever nonsense Alexis blathered on about in her extended 15 seconds of fame was trifling compared to the big, fat display of ugliness from Jay. I gasped, my husband groaned “Oh, man,” and I swear even my cats cocked a disgusted eyebrow when we heard the sore loser fourth-placer tell Cerri he’d never hire a model with bad teeth and thick legs. Shocking, petty, and vile. Jay, didn’t Anthony ever explain that a lady never stoops to such levels? Your Runway legacy is forever tainted by your immature schoolyard taunts. Real klassy, beyotch.

And with that, I bid you all goodbye. It’s been another wild season and I thank you for tuning in to my rambling recaps each week. Before I head to bed, allow me to remind you to check back here later today for exit interviews with Seth Aaron, Emilio and Mila.

So tell me, what did you think of the finale? Did the right person win? Should Mila have landed second place? Did you buy Emilio’s explanation of why he traded Holly after she wore his execrable Pepto Bismol bikini? Could you have done with a few less minutes on Ping’s tears? And did Jay’s diss to Cerri shock you as much as it did me?

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  • Suze

    yeah, Jay’s comment was WAY out of line. Totally immature. Disappointing.

    So glad Seth Aaron won. Way better than Emilio, who I think just lives in Emilio world where everyone is a fan. To quote Christina Crawford “I. AM NOT. ONE. Of your FANS!”

    • Scooter

      Jay totally blew it with attempt to give Cerri a taste of her own medicine. She certainly deserved to be taken down a notch for her poor attitude all season long, but Jay went over the top with his excessivly rude comment.

      • KEH

        Both Jay and Emillio have nasty narcisitic streaks that cause them to act like they have arrived before the train even left the station.
        You need to make some clothes people demand to buy before they will want to wear your name.. he thinks he is Gucci or Channel or LV.. he is not and is show reminded mostly of a Mongomery Wards Catalog from 1974… BORING… Nicely made but a total Snooze.. exept for the dress I think I say it in a Star Trek episode with a Stun button on the utillity belt!!!!
        SA told a story right down to the purple thing which really defined by its disconnect with how well the other 9 progressed and told a story. did he know he was creating a critique point he could manage with that vs them having to look for faults in his main collection? Very smart if you ask me.

      • Mo

        Interesting theory about SA, KEH. He’s been so nice all season, I wouldn’t expect him to be so devious, though. I thought almost exactly the same thing about Emilio’s collection, although I was thinking more late 70’s – early 80’s. I was really turned off by the dated looks.

      • Raph

        Hey, I read most of the opinions here after 3 days, and, yes, people love to disagree, which is good. The one real issue left is about Seth Aaron Henderson and his 1940s military inspiration. Well, here’s my fear, please don’t shoot the messenger. I grew up in Seattle, traveled often to Spokane and Vancouver, where Seth is. He’s about my age. We grew up in an era of slam-dancing grunge music where skinheads and Mohawks ruled. The skinheads were notorious for graffiti tags on blessed places, for harassing tourists, etc. With that background, here’s my questions for Seth: (1) Why 1940s burn-down-the-world theme? (2) Is the 5 pointed star tat on your neck the heavy metal sign of the beast? (3) In prisons its an Aryan gang sign? (4) Why change your name from Henderson to Aaron? (5) Aaron could be misunderstood for Aryan given your German military theme, know that? (6) Why the bright blood dress with the bold black stripes like classic swastika of bold black on bright red? (7) Were you a skinhead, or head partially shaved rebellious youth? (8) Does droning violent music turn you on or war, power, blood, or heavy metal visions of devastation? (9) Where these the underlying theme? (10) Ever been in jail? Harassed tourists? Beat up people for fun? Slam danced till the blood ran? Love to hate? Or joined the neo-Nazi youth brigade? Know what 88 means? Any photos of Adolf on your wall?

    • del

      According to Tim Gun’s blog, Jay has been bitchy to Tim all season but it was edited out. I wonder why?

      • Anna

        Help me out here, where would I find Tim Gunn’s blog? I haven’t had any luck finding it by Google and I’d love to read it. Thanks.

      • RaRa

        The only blog I know of Tim Gunn’s is on mylifetime.com. Go to Project Runway and click “Blogs” on the left side.

      • Kiki

        Tim also said that in TV Guide.

      • Pam

        Go to Facebook.com/TimGunn for wonderful video recaps and lots of back story from the Silver Fox himself. Love him.

      • WhitneyD

        My guess is that the producers thought that Emilio’s ego and the Jay/Mila rivalry was more than enough villainy for the show. But I’m going to read Tim’s blog now!

    • justjack

      SOOOO glad SA won, and just as glad Emilio the Smug lost. I didn’t feel sorry at all for him – glad to see him knocked down a peg or two.

      • Michael

        Totally agree. As I said in my own recap (http://bit.ly/dsP1JV), I never got what the judges saw in him. He was so confident, but in my opinion, his final runway collection were the most disgusting colors and he had no showmanship at all.

      • seattleellen

        I was thrilled that Seth Aaron won. Even tho I cannot stand Emilio’s smugness I think he deserved to be the runner-up. Some of those coats were beautiful. However, he looked like he wanted to spit on the judges & even tho he hugged SA, he seemed just as smug as ever when he left.Mila has beautiful workmanship, but I got tired of pretty much only using black & white. She’s like Cruella de ville, even her dog was a dalmation.

      • Andrew

        Emilio’s attitude and self-absorption was such a huge turnoff. I’ve never heard anyone drone on more about their own amazing skills and talent. Bite me.

      • Ang

        He lost me when he started designing fabric with his name all over it. (well, actually he lost me when he designed the pink string washer bathing suit) Yes, I know there are desperate toadies who actually believe that being a unpaid walking billboard for a designer somehow makes them special (IMO, it makes them kind of a sucker, but hey, whatever makes you happy) But seriously, for some nobody to think people are dying to wear his initals was just laughable.

      • lilyth

        Is it mean to say that I actually laughed when I saw Emilio crying!

    • model citizen

      Seriously though, Faith Hill??????

      • Hannah

        I know, right?

      • mary q contrary

        It was just ridiculous. And pandering to the “typical” Lifetime-watching, middle America-raised, country music-listening fan of poorly made, woman-scorned tv movies. NOT to the average Project Runway viewer, who is NOT a fan of Lifetime. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the network switch. And how could I, with Lifetime snagging Faith Hill, and shoving this “Models of the Runway” crap down our throats.

      • Jared

        At least she didn’t sing.

      • Millie

        Faith Hill is hardly known as a fashion icon.

      • Brenda Barrett

        Thank GOD the judges didn’t listen to Faith — she was ready to give Emilio the crown for his fugly print and 1990s coats.

      • Trishka

        REALLY! I knew the review wouldn’t miss referencing her rainbow tissue paper vomit gown! SA killed it. Tim pushed him in the right direction, although I loved his original leather pieces that didn’t make the cut also.

      • TWG

        mary q contrary, how could you! I couldn’t care less about Faith Hill, but I have to admit, I loved Models of the Runway. It was like an extra half-hour of PR every week, only more ridiculous and bitchy. One of the best parts about it was when Annie Barrett used to recap them, and once described it as a joke she was playing on the internet.

    • allie08

      Even my husband cheered when SA won! Emilio’s collection was terrible – although I liked the blue coat. Everything else was very ugly. Who choses baby poop green as a main color for their collection? Loved SA skinny pants with the yellow (Burberry-ish) strip down the side. You’d have to be 6’2 and 90 lbs to wear it but it was still hot. Missy – we also had a good laugh last night at the 1940’s military tribute. WTH? Regardless, I am so happy he won!

      • Millie

        I was taken aback by Seth’s 1940 German/Russian inspiration, especially since he used no models of color.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        I was rooting for Seth Aaron coming into it and I’m glad he won. But I think I liked Mila’s collection just as much. She desrved 2nd place. Emilio’s ‘Color Me Bad’ line was appropriately named with emphasis on the BAD!

      • RaRa

        to Millie — If German 40’s military was his inspiration, then you would NOT expect to see models of color (non-Aryan)! That is, unless you dressed them in concentration-camp garb.

      • Sarah

        Allie, I’m so glad you said baby poop green! Everyone keeps calling it “olive,” and THAT horrid color is not olive. All these fashion people should know puce when they see it and it looks like it came out of a baby’s diaper.

      • History Girl


        Except it’s not really 1943 Germany anymore. This is fashion show not a historical re-enactment. So it would be perfectly fine to have models of color. In fact, that would be my primary critique of SA’s collection he didn’t use any women of color. In my mind that shows a lack of imagination. To be fair, SA isn’t the only person who seems to have this problem. It is rare to see a non-white woman associated with, edgy and/or whimsical clothing.

      • Hammie

        Also soo glad SA won. Emilio was over-confident and grated on my last nerve. Also, he should have been aut long ago for the pink washer bikini…great model in that one, horror inducing outfit. I did like Mila’s collection more than I thought I would. It was more casual, maybe not runway drama…but I would love to have many of the outfits. The purple sweater and t-shirt combo or the gold dress. Did feel bad for Seth’s original model that left for a job late in the show. She was very loyal to him, nice person, and looked great in his clothes.

    • WTF

      I’m so glad Seth Aaron won. He deserved it. I was rooting for him or Mila… and I have to point out that Emilio looked very humbled before announcing the winner. However, it looked very fake. He’s a phony and I didnt care when he started crying. He’s so full of himself and he was taught a lesson.

      • pop

        seth aaron never stood out to me as a favorite – i mean his stuff was always good, just not my favorite – but last night when he told his son it was ok to cry, that he was crying too, i started to cry. so glad he beat emilio (even though there were a lot of pieces that emilio made that i coveted).

      • Bibi

        I’ll bet he’s a fun dad.

    • John K.

      I’m glad Seth Aaron won as well. God, we’d still be hearing Emilio blather on about how great he is and how he deservedly won if he had won. Thank you PR for having sense enough to not put us all through that.

      And Faith Hill, really?! I agree with the article. Faith Hill isnt the paragon of good taste. If she likes your stuff, you might as well close down shop.

      • Jared

        If I had to lithen to Emilio lithp hith way through any more thenaniganth…

      • JB

        Jared – Amen on the lisp. It’s cute on a three-year old. But even a kinderdgartener would tell him to go to a speech therapist already.

    • RaRa

      I always wondered why Mila couldn’t stand Jay – she always said he was annoying, but I never really understood why. Now I can see how he could definitely rub someone the wrong way. That was totally classless.

      • Hammie

        Amen…I am close to her age and If I were experienced in something and had to work day and night in a very close quarters, stressful environment with that chattering near me and behind others backs I would be bitchy too.

      • D

        Jay has been grating on my nerves ALL SEASON, and that comment just pushed it over the edge for me. What a snotty b he is.

    • Mar in FL

      Jay is an a$$! I will say right now for the record: Cherri is a beautiful woman, period. I’m satisfied Seth Aaron won but (much like my fav, Irina) I much preferred the aesthetic and styling of Milla’s collection. Emilio’s collection was butt ugly except for the one dress, which was beautifully crafted, but gangrene green color was simply hideous! Congrats, Seth Aaron and Kristina!

      • Tlynn

        Cerri is NOT beautiful. She was beautifully bitchy all season long and needed to be taken down. But whoa!!!! Not that I disagreed with Jay, but Whoa!!

      • Jenny

        To T lynn: Well said! Everyone is attacking Jay. But I think everyone is forgetting that Cerri was so mean all season. She attacked Jay (and he’s so talented) because Cerri didn’t like Brittany (Jay’s model) because she was close to Brandiese who really hates Brittany. For the “older” girls as they brag with all their experience…they sure act immature. Cerri deserved that! The last time I checked, she is NOT a designer. So she better recognize. She says some pretty hard stuff…so she totally deserved that!

      • Mar in FL

        Cherri is a typical European: strong-willed and direct. Plus she is VERY beautiful (she sets my Scot-Irish genes to red alert). Americans often mistake directness for being impolite. It’s not the same.

      • Mar in FL

        It’s the same reason so many people hated Irina last season. Personally, I like a strong woman.

      • D

        Cerri did not need to be “taken down”. WTF? She expressed a PERFECTLY valid opinion on his work and he snuffed her by making personal remarks on her body. Disgusting.

      • oopsydaisy

        Cerri and Brandise were my favorite models. I especially like Cerri’s sense of sarcasm. But, the last few episodes, she and Brandise really turned me off. I never liked Brittany, but she didn’t deserve that kind of personal attack from these older models. And Jay’s comments…..wow, way out of line! I disliked Cerri’s comments about Jay being so L.A. or Miami. The way she said it sounded like these places were for lepers. She was just so mean and too self-rightous! But, Jay’s instant react was so classless and toally deserved to be scorned by everybody.

    • mimi

      I was disgusted by Jay’s comment to Cerri. It was inexcusable and I’m glad all the other designers jumped on him and made him apologize. Now I’m glad he didn’t get the third spot in the finals. Maybe that was the side of him that Mila didn’t like and we just didn’t see it because of editing. E. Sosa (his brand! give me a break) is big baby…you didn’t win…go cry in a corner and shut up. Hooray for Seth Aaron! His clothing was smart, fun, and exciting. The combination of this materials, styled together his designs and then staging them with those awesome tights/leggings and accessories was outstanding!

      • Jenny

        You are disgusted with Jay’s comment? Seriously? Because Cerri says really mean stuff…all throughout the season. She deserved it.

      • D

        She “deserved” nothing of the sort. Even his own model Brittany’s eyes were popping out of her head because she couldn’t believe how stunningly RUDE and inappropriate that was. Total jerk.

    • Kay

      Worst result ever. Seth “tattoo neck” Aaron won with a German 1940s military show — right out of some scifi neo-nazi horror movie. His bright red signature dress with bold black stripes only had to have the model walk like an Egyptian to form an animated swastika. Such bad taste, can you believe it? And The Weinstein producers are from the victims’ side of this 1940s German military leitmotif. No kidding. Unbelievable. They announced several times that Seth’s inspiration was 1940s German military. I even tivo’d it back in instant replay to verify. Yes, a 1940s German military fashion show won 2010 Project Runway. I didn’t know Nina Garcia and Michael Kors were brain dead to history. And yes, the models were practically goose stepping to repetitive machine sounds like a bad 1984 Macintosh commercial. I guess the judges spy the future of fashion as a neo-totalitarian Aryan Brotherhood parade. And to make matters worse, Seth’s models were wearing severe hair and makeup which make the clothes even more bleak, if that was possible. And did I mention that the other half of the gowns were right from Star Trek, The Second Generation Romulan costume racks, just look at any rerun where Tasha Yar shows up as a Romulan security officer — hey, Seth, that’s Tasha’s frock, lock stock and gun barrel. One particular runway model even looked like Denise Crosby — close cropped short hair, blonde with dark eyes and pointy locks. Talk about derivative? Seth, how could you? Years from now when PR is in mid-afternoon reruns, someone is going to put this together and scream — “what were they thinking?” Further, Seth’s collection could be right out of an off Broadway production of The Producers, namely, the Spring Time for Hitler bit. Yuk. Otherwise, Sosa’s collection was sparkling, salable, glamorous, and should have won. Failing that, Mila should have taken honors with her perfectly tailored ensemble of chic and classic professional attire, which is a very large and vital market and given that, it’s a decided accomplishment to find innovation in such a saturated niche. Okay, so would someone explain to me, please, why we have to put up with the winning model wearing a bright red dress complete with bold black patent leather stripes both vertical and horizontal without anyone catching on that the pattern is a simple iteration of a neo-nazi flag? Didn’t anyone have the chutzpah to say — hey, just hold on there a second… Now, I don’t blame Seth for being too young, too naive and too brain dead to history, but we adults just have to tell the kids, no. Stop. It’s just all too much, and really speaks volumes to how very little the people behind the scenes know about the appearance of things, and isn’t that the very essence of fashion, knowing about appearances?

      • Sarah

        I’m probably going to be totally attacked for saying this, but, um, if you want to get technical not everyone who served in the German military in the 1940s was a Nazi. Just like today, not everyone that serves in the American military is a Democrat or Republican. The Nazi’s were a political party who assumed complete control of Germany, and yes, the majority of the country was passively complicit in that party’s crimes, but most members of the regular German military were people just “fighting for their country.” There was the German military and then there was the SS, and hopefully Seth Aaron knows the distinction btw the two.

      • Robin

        Sarah, The evidence of history as documented by The Nuremberg Trials shows how very, very wrong you are. Go do some research on this — as we shouldn’t take up space here. But at least the public should not confuse things. 25 million Slavic people died, about 50 million Germans died, and of course 6 million Jews (actually 14 million Jews were either killed or displaced; probably 2 million more died in Russia from fire bombing and/or Hitler’s private Holocaust, this is were his troops executed Jews on site in Russia). This is not something to celebrate in fashion, to say the least.

      • History Girl

        @Sarah, I’m not saying I didn’t like SA’s collection, but you’re dead wrong on this point. Historians have concluded that the German public did know what was happening to the Jews. Defending the behavior of German citizens via the idea of German patriotism is to be an apologist for the silent complicity of the German public during WWII.

      • Kay

        To Sarah, Robin and History Girl: research this — Germany was the aggressor, it blitz it’s tanks across Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and Western Russia, among others. 2/3 of all battles occurred between Germany and Russia. Germany was trying to conquer the whole of Europe and with Italy and Turkey it succeeded for a time. it took the whole world in alliance to defeat them. Germans were not fighting for their country until 1945 when the Allies invaded fortress Europe on D-Day. How soon we forget the past… There was no patriotism per se for Germans for German — it was Germans for World Domination and to enslave the rest of us as sub-humans. Now dry to defend that, Sarah.

      • Kathy

        Emilio, step away from the keyboard, the doctors will be there soon.

      • sabre418

        Someone needs to get a life. It’s only a tv show.

      • TWG

        LOL I may have disagreed, but I was at least following your point up until you essentially accused SA of being derivative and cited as proof a model having cropped blonde hair like Denise Crosby’s Tasha Yar. And then your claim that a red dress with horizontal and vertical stripes = a hidden swastika. You know that a swastika has no horizontal or vertical lines, right? It’s all angles? And it’s usually on a white circle that is then within a red field? Anyways, I just got “militaristic” from his collection, particularly NOT American-style uniforms from that era, because they were very different. Notice that that SA also specifically included Russian military in his inspiration – you know they fought on the opposite side of the Nazis, right? No one would have seen anything Nazi-like in his designs had he not put the idea there by saying “1940s German and Russian military”…so I’m not getting all this outrage over the clothes. Look at pictures of the miltary uniforms of that era – the European ones are very interesting and striking compared to American ones, perhaps partly because we’re so used to seeing the American styles. I think it’s a valid place to find inspiration. I mean, for god’s sake, if you can find inspiration for fashion in gladiator gear or Egyptian style clothing (talk about violence and racism, plus slavery!), there’s no reason you can’t find it in military uniforms.

      • Robin

        TWG, it’s called bad taste. That’s all. Why glorify Nazis at any level? How can you justify that, whatsoever? Your arguments don’t ring true given genocide of millions and an attempt to enslave the rest of us.

      • MJC

        You all know that it just clothes? Who cares where a designer gets his inspiration. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it.

      • Threatdown

        You lost me the minute you started saying that red dress was an homage to a swastika. Just because it’s red and has black lines. Uhhh yeah. And then you throw in Star Trek Tasha Yar references and Seth Aaron’s work being derived from that? Things like that can make your opinion even harder to take seriously.

        And saying that someone is glorifying/sympathising with Nazis is indeed a serious charge and one that shouldn’t be made lightly, and as spuriously as you are here.

        Seth also reference the Russians who were fighting against the Nazi’s, after all. So clearly he wasn’t being pro to any Nazi policies or people or even a Nazi aesthetic.

        What a shame that people are using this to try and smear a nice guy and his deserved win, and worse, making spurious claims about very real, and serious subjects.

      • Raph

        Threatdown, I think Kay was being kind of tongue-in-cheek with all the dancing Egyptian and Springtime for Hitler references. And I would agree with you if it were not for 3 things that worry me, SA changed his name from Henderson to Aaron, which matches Aryan; SA has a 5 pointed star on his neck which is a prison gang sign for the beast or anti-Christ or Hitler; rebellious young people in the Vancouver/Spokane area of his age were extremely vocal, active and in your face as skinheads and neo-nazis. Now, is he one, or was he one? Only Seth knows, but given his theme, his tats, his background, that blood red dress with the bold black stripes, there is enough evidence to at least ask these questions. Don’t take the questions as accusations; SA could be innocent. But there’s enough reasonable cause to at least ask and investigate.

      • SJ

        I saw more “Inglorious Basterds” style here than History Channel based inspiration. But WhatEvs.

    • dani

      Not enough gowns/dresses this year on the runway. I wanted more dresses in the finale, not clothes for TJ Maxx stores.

    • OopsyDaisy

      Will someone explain this to me? Why do we easily forgive Anthony’s remark to Mila and not Jay’s remark to Cerri (myself included). I actually think Anthony’s remark was way more cruel than Jay’s. But, I just love Anthony’s bubbly personality that I believe he could get away with saying anything.

    • elvia

      LOL at the ‘Mommy Dearest” reference!! LOVE that!!

  • Allison M

    Seth Aaron won not just the finale but the entire season with his impeccably tailored, incredibly interesting and wearable coats – good choice.

    • janemk

      I second that! Had the best runway collection. No contest that he deserved the win.

      • Ames

        Seth Aaron’s collection was the perfect mix of high-style, plus wearable fashion. I would love the black and white plaid dress. For once, I really understand and agree with the winner.

      • Brenda

        I loved Seth Aaron’s coats. I actually thought a lot of his looks were wearable. he definitely styled the show (I wouldn’t wear the crazy leggings with the dresses, but they definitely made the show a SHOW), but a lot of his outfits were totally wearable. I especially loved the black and white plaid dress, the yellow plaid dress/coat, and pretty much all of his coats.

      • Layla

        I agree – Seth was the best!

        Where can I buy his clothes at reasonable prices? Sign me up for an account so I can indulge!

    • mary q contrary

      I would save for months to buy a Seth Aaron coat, if that’s what it took. And I love the idea that even your average woman, who normally sports low-key, ready to wear stuff, would love to add one of his coats to their wardrobe. His tailoring is……. unreal.

      • BLB

        Agree – I hated his clothes at the beginning of the season, but I thought his collection was jaw-dropping. He is the poster child for what can happen when talent listens to constructive criticism. He may have benefitted more from PR than any other designer – because he took advantage of it.

      • mary q contrary

        Yes! Exactly! In the beginning of the season, I couldn’t understand why he was even there, and I was sure he was going, and quick. Then, as the season progressed, I was forced to admit that he was definitely talented, even if I still wasn’t a fan of his cartoon-y style. But when I saw his collection move on the runway, I was blown away. And you’re exactly right, BLB, he IS the poster child for what can happen when talent listens to constructive criticism. Are you listening, Emilio?

    • anna

      i was so glad when SA won b/c emilo is a jerk. but really through out the season emilo made some beautiful dresses. if he had only listened to Tim instead of being an arrogant a**. tim kept saying “haven’t we seen this before” and that’s exactly what i thought i could go to macy’s today and get clothes that looked just like his.

      • jones

        Yes, I think both Seth Aaron and Emilio are talented but SA actually listened to constructive criticism from Tim and used it to better his collection. Emilio’s “I know more than Tim Gunn” bit him in the behind b/c Tim basically told him he needed to wow the judges more. His colletion was boring.

  • Fatima

    Jay’s comment was pathetic. The whole season I thought I liked him and then last week I realized he was saying really negative stuff about Mila for no reason. I gasped when he said what he said tonight too. Just a really nasty person. And what makes it more shocking is how it comes out in spurts.
    I actually liked Mila’s collection best, although I liked them all.

    • allie08

      I never did understand why Mila hated him so much but he certainly proved what a horrid little creature he is last night. The best part is that his nasty words will be what he is remembered for – not his clothes. Brilliant.

      • kat

        if you get on tim’s facebook blog, he talks about a big blowout that he had w/ jay during the runway dress for heidi challenge that left him completely uncomfortable w/ him and that the editors took the whole thing out. i think that must have shown just how nasty jay really is

      • mary q contrary

        I saw that, too, Kat, and last night definitely shed more light on that mystery. It’s funny you say that, Fatima, about Jay’s bitchiness coming out in spurts, because that is a classic sign of a heinously behaved person having to pretend they’re something they’re not. For the most part, they’ll be successful, but the true colors of their personality always come through, in uncontrolled spurts. A leopard can’t change its spots. Or, if you’re an Al Gore or Mila fan, a zebra.

    • Stephanie

      I will never buy anything Jay designs based on his comments last night and to the media recently. I was shocked. What is he, in 3rd grade? And to be SO pleased with that comment churned my stomach. He was, nearly all season, my favorite designer. I loved his clothes, but he doesn’t deserve to sell a piece of it now.

      • Sarah

        I agree. He killed his carrer in Fashion with that one comment.

      • BruceMpls

        What were his comments to the media? I haven’t heard anything about that.

      • RaRa

        Yeah, what were his comments to the media? I’m curious about that.

      • Nia

        I am in Jay’s corner. The models should just shut up and model. If she had dissed Chanel or Donna Karon she would never work for them and they would have every reason to put her in her place. If I were Jay, I would not have apologized.

      • BruceMpls

        Nia, remember, this is first and foremost, a television reality show. All the designers and models are asked and prompted to give their opinions on everything and anything. In real life designers nor models would ever critique each other in the manner they do on the program (at least if they have a brain). Another thing is I’m pretty sure if a model did diss Chanel or Donna Karon, you can be pretty sure their public statement would not include “bad teeth and thick legs” as the reason they discontinued the working relationship. That was an adolescent, tantrum like reply on Jay’s behalf and totally unbecoming of an adult.

      • Terri

        @Nia, all of the contestants are asked what they think about this person, that design. Jay had plenty of snark to go around himself, it was just contained by editing. Jay had no right to put Cerri “in her place” by attacking her physical features. That would be equal to Cerri saying she didn’t like Jay’s designs because he’s short. Jay was cruel just because she doesn’t like his designs. He needs to grow up and get an attitude check. Everyone isn’t going to like his designs, ever. But I suppose he’d say all of the people that don’t like his designs are ugly, anyway, and he doesn’t want them to buy his clothes.

      • Jenny

        @Nia – 100% agreed! Cerri deserved that. She’s so mean and nasty. Yes, they ask for her opinions…But she’s meaner than Jay. Give Jay a break…he’s the DESIGNER!

      • D

        I think that Cerri had a completely valid criticism of his work and its LA/Miami vibe. Guess what? Not only is his collection going to limit who will wear it, he just turned of potentially millions of customers with thick legs. Maybe even the ones with bad teeth. So he makes clothes that are difficult to wear, even for a model (!) and is appears to be a misogynist snot on top of that. Way to build your customer base, Jay. And Jenny, I suppose you never heard of the “high road”. You sound immature.

    • BruceMpls

      I too wondered about the Mila/Jay dislike because throughout the show, they never showed much going on between them, only the one-on-one to the cameras. But don’t you just love that more than likely he was sitting with family and friends last night watching this? I am sure the contestants and models are not privy to the final editing so he had to be sweating bullets what they would show and WHAM!!! He might have a hard time in the future because his fifteen minutes of fame (or in his case, shame).

      • D

        His family seems so nice, too. I just don’t get the disconnect here. Maybe they indulged him too much.

      • Peg

        Yeah — they never showed why Mila didn’t like Jay and the result: people hated Mila. Sexism 101. Hope at least now she’s partially vindicated.

    • JenR

      I think he thought he was being funny. I think it was meant to be a joke and went horribly, horribly wrong.

      • Tlynn

        I agree. I think he just didn’t know how to delivery the line. He should have asked Anthony to say if for him.

      • Terri

        I didn’t get that. I thought he believed he was being very clever in a cute, bitchy way, but there was definitely a lot of pain, disappointment and bitterness in that statement. It was nasty and inappropriate for the circumstances.
        He clearly can’t edit himself, not just his designs, but his catty trash talk, either.

      • D

        There is no way to deliver that line in a funny way because it is a bald-faced personal attack. At least Anthony has a LOT of mitigating aspects to his personality even if he may be occasionally bitchy as well. Anthony was quick to apologize too.

    • Ceballos

      100% agree. I actually let out an audible “Oh my GOD” when he said that. Just awful.

      I also have to give Cerri A LOT of credit for neither breaking down and crying over being embarrassed on national TV (which wouldn’t have been out of place), hopping a couple of designers and models to smack Jay upside the head, nor striking back with her own pointed insult. (You know…because she’s an actual adult.)

      • D

        She’s Irish. They are brought up to contain their emotions well.

    • Alli

      I had a feeling after last week Jay was edited to look better. He just confirmed it with that comment. I hate people who fight dirty like that.

      • D

        And yet he was complaining in one interview that he thought they gave him a bad edit on the show and didn’t show his personality. I am glad we didn’t have to endure any more of his personality than we did!

  • Monica

    Looooved this article! I couldn’t agree with you more and was so happy to see SA win. I do have to say I would have liked to see Mila in 2nd place. Emilio seemed to switch to whatever the judges wanted and was still a sour puss at the reunion show. He really bored me towards the end, and I honestly think the only reason he got better each episode was because of SA pushing the envelope.

    Oh, and as for Jay, oh GAWD… cats & husband had the same look here. That was purely awful and immature. Cherri is beautiful and I love her new dark hair! Hope to see her in more shows & print.

    Only question, why Faith Hill for the finale??? Why not ANYONE else?

    • RaRa

      I felt like Emilio started out the sour puss, but once he heard Nina’s reason why his “collection” didn’t win, he accepted it with class. And at least he has the good taste to credit Anthony as “the wisest contestant on PR”!

  • DW

    I’m so happy Seth Aaron won over the loathsome Emilio, and so happy to get another dose of Anthony during the very tense reunion special.

    • Alix

      Ditto. Besides, anyone who disses Tim Gunn all season long does not deserve to win anything!

      Please, Somebody give Anthony his own show!

      • BatmansKiss

        Oh yes! I’d definitely tune in to see more of Anthony in ANYTHING!!! Anthony, please come back to us. Your attitude made you a hero in my eyes. Your southern graciousness is a model and Jay should have taken note.

      • Hardy

        I would watch a SA show.

      • Lori

        I would love to see Anthony in more realty shows. He is a talented designer but more than that, he is just plain fun to watch!

      • D

        Love Anthony. Jay makes SF look bad.

    • Tim

      I have to disagree with all the pro-Anthony comments. His remarks about Mila to the NY Post were just as mean as Jay’s, and his “apology” was completely unconvincing. I think the exposure on PR completely went to his head.

  • lucille

    Heck yes for Seth Aaron! This is the first designer in a long time that I have actually wanted to win. Jay can cry in a corner. Carrie is gorgeous and a great model.

  • dave

    you would think they realize by now that even if they don’t win they are working publicity for future opportunities. emilio’s bratty reaction didn’t do him any favors, but he was at least overshadowed by jay, who figured if he couldn’t win he would at least publicly destroy his career.

    i did like the knowing glance tim and nina gave each other when emilio started in on one of his self-aggrandizing rants, though.

    • Elle

      Lol, I saw that look between Tim and Nina too. It was like “yep, I told you he was a douche with a huge ego.”

      • remy

        Well, Michael Kors should know……….

      • jones

        Didn’t Emilio also roll his eyes on the finale when the judges were making positive comments about Mila’s collection? I thought that was very juvenile.

  • Lena

    Seth Aaron was the clear winner long before the finale. He was the only contestant in a season full of above-average talent who really has the vision and schutzpa to create true High Fashion. I was actually nodding vehemently along with Michael Kors, whom watching the show has taught me to loathe. Before Project Runway, I just thought his ads in Vogue were cheesy.
    I thought it was a shame the whole show was so rough on Cerri – she is a beautiful girl, and doesn’t look the least bit too old next to her peers. I think she just wasn’t the easiest to work with from challenge to challenge because she is not so generic looking.

  • clh

    I agree…bring back the reunion shows of the past and leave the models out of it. And let the fans chose a fan favorite. I liked Emilio’s show more than I thought I would but agree with the “it’s a line, not a collection” judgment. And I still think Mila should have been called out on the lack of color especially since the 60s inspiration was all about color.

    • RaRa

      I think she was smart to say her inspiration was “shadows”. That way no one can criticize her lack of color, since shadows are always in shades of black and grey.

      • as

        I think it was a no win for Mila. She and Jay were the runners up to the judges. Her collection/design asthetic was criticized for it’s Sixties vibe….but her color palette didn’t reflect the Sixties which moved it forward. They said she should have come out of her ‘comfort zone’, but I think she has strong, well-defined voice and the collection told a clear story.
        It wasn’t unexpected. That’s probably the biggest drawback, so for that I can see Seth Aaron getting the win.

      • D

        Agreed, as, Seth Aaron really upped his game. It’s like everything in his runway show just got much more sophisticated than what he had done in the challenges. The stuff looked really RICH.

    • Mo

      Help! Can someone explain what the difference is between a collection and a line? Thanks.

      • D

        A collection is what you put on the runway show whereas a line is what you would shop around to different stores to sell. Oftentimes they will tone down aspects of what they show on the runway so that it will work in the more real-world line. Emilio’s show seemed more like it was ready to wear as-is and was missing a creative leap.

      • Mo

        Thank you! They should try and explain that sometime during PR, because so many of the viewers complain afterwards about the winning collection not being wearable, and say why couldn’t the everyday, wearable, normal stuff win – I think I’m understanding all these finales a little more now…

  • Scott

    So happy for SA- he deserved it! Emilio was so off-the rack. As for Jay,I disliked him the whole season and he really showed his true colors in that reunion show.

    • DW

      Anyone who’s been watching Tim’s video blogs can hear all about what a catty beeyotch Jay has been all season. For some reason he didn’t get the villain edit, but his true colors did indeed slip out at the reunion.

    • BLB

      Emilion’s collection seemed very…. Eileen Fisher to me.

      • mary q contrary

        My sentiments exactly! Emilio should work for an already established brand, where his ready-to-wear talents can actually be put to good use. And where he also might learn a lesson or two in humility. A person like Emilio NEVER needs to hear the kind of unjust praise that the judges heaped on him this season. 4 wins?!

      • D

        Also, mary q, he had some real misfires. Unlike Amy whose misfires came when she was pushing herself creatively, Emilio’s misfires came from a lack of creativity (horrible pink dresses on the little girl challenge) or lack of planning (not enough washers on the bikini).

  • Anne

    So happy SA won! When the show first started, I figured he is going to be the resident jerk of the season, but he turned out to be an amazing guy (defending Anthony in their group challenge, defending Maya when she quit, etc.) as well as an amazing designer! (Emilio, on the hand, filled that jerk of the season quota. But Jay is dangerously close to catching up with him after that remark in the reunion.)

    And yes, I will admit that I totally laughed at the snow angel on the runway part. What can I say, my reason tells me that a grown-up really is not supposed to behave like a child (he’s what, almost 40?), but somehow with SA I just can’t help but chuckle at his immature acts. Probably it’s because he’s only immature in a playful way and when it comes to business, it’s business (24 looks? Wow!)

    • Amy

      I completely agree. Seth Aaron was a class act the whole way through the season. I was extremely happy he won; he certainly deserved it.
      Maybe it’s schadenfreude, but I enjoyed watching Emilio’s ego begin to deflate on the runway. After that “bathing suit” (if you can call it that) fiasco, he was lucky he wasn’t auf’d; it seems like that was the catalyst for his ego inflation.

    • Liza

      totally agree — Seth aaron was entertaining, kind and talented. Sorry Mila wasn’t 2nd but that might be becasue I have been put off by Emilio’s ego for weeks now. and Jay? Nasty, nasty….. Anthony for fan favorite!!!!!

      • warped

        Here at my office, we all thought Mila’s collection deserved to be second – even some of the people that couldn’t stand Mila at all throughout the season. While we thought Emilio produced some beautiful clothes, Mila just put on a better collection and show.

      • RaRa

        I don’t see much advantage to being 2nd over 3rd. 2nd doesn’t get any particular recognition, or cash, or a prize or anything. No one will remember a year from now which one was 3rd place and who was 2nd. The winner is the only real important outcome.

      • Trishka

        Agree SA was kind and fun and skillful. Glad he won. Anthony is a treasure!

      • D

        On Tim Gunn’s video blog he said there wasn’t a second or a third and that they just filmed it that way to make Emilio think that he had won. Devious.

    • WayBeyondSoccerMom

      I watched “Live with Regis and Kelly” this morning, and Seth Aaron was interviewed. I didn’t realize that he only learned to sew, FIVE years ago! Wow.

      • D

        Good grief! Absolutely amazing. I am in even more awe of his talent now.

  • kdavis

    I think the right person won. I’ve been a Seth Aaron fan since the beginning. Plus, he seems like a genuinely nice, goofy guy, as well as talented. It was great to see a nice guy win. I just wish the crowning of the winner was a little more … exciting. Like the end of Hell’s Kitchen — there’s crowds of people, confetti, fireworks. Project Runway’s winner just gets hugs from Heidi and bewildered family members. Oh, and I used to think Jay should’ve been been in the top three instead of Mila, but I’m glad his rude, punk-azz was not a contender. Scandalous behavior. And will someone PLEASE give Anthony his own tv show?

    • kuhdavy

      I love Anthony too, but…. does anyone not remember his comment about Mila, “the 50 year old…” why did that come up? I guess it was something he’d said in an interview to the NY Post, but it was weird. Everybody’s down on Jay but this was mean too — just done with more style, I guess.

      • hen

        i guess it didnt come off as bad as he openly admitted to it and apologized. was it a good apology? no but it did give us the greatest line of all season. After Nina chastises him, Anthony looks at her and goes, “well, i cant give her a kidney so an apology is about I’ve got.”
        love anthony.

      • julie

        or maybe people are more forgiving also because it was brought up right after the clip of mila saying she couldn’t understand why her model chose anthony over her and that it was the model’s loss?

      • warped

        The reason I’m more forgiving is because Anthony actually realized his comment was out of line – no matter what Mila did – and apologized for it. Besides Mila seemed to forgive him so why should I withhold judgment.

      • Mo

        As far as hilarious sort-of apologies, I would compare Jesse’s desperate and terribly phrased attempt to explain that, apparently, if you know him personally, his calling someone a b*itch is somehow not insulting, to a cat that has fallen backwards from the top of a tree and is twisting and contorting to try and land on its feet. The cat would; Jesse’s explanation landed on its head with a thud. The funny part is, I completely agreed with him in the original episode that he was trying a) to understand what Ping wanted and b) to help make it better (the woman had just sent a model down the runway with her a$$ hanging out, for God’s sake), but Jesse, calling someone a b*itch is just that.

    • boho

      I liked Anthony until he slapped Mila w/that horrible comment about her age and then acted like a pr-ck when “apologizing.” His rudeness is just as repellant as Jay’s.

  • Tully

    So glad that SA won the competition. His collection was definitely the most exciting to look at. Loved all the black-and- white dresses, so creative and elegant.

    • Lola

      I enjoyed SA’s collection but did it not remind anyone else a lot of Jeffery’s collection from a few seasons back? Similar color palate and that one dress looked SO much like what Jeffery had on his signature model.

      • Pam

        SA is a MUCH better designer than Jeffrey, in my opinion.

      • TLC

        Yes he has a similar vibe as Jeffrey but Jeffrey’s clothes were unattractive. After Jeffrey, I thought I hated the rocker style, but then SA showed how good it looks when it is done well and with class.

        I don’t usually like the style, but SA is extremely talented and I absolutely love his work.

        Also 24 looks, not just 24 pieces amazed even Tim. SA, not only talented but freakishly fast.

      • D

        The yellow plaid was a bit reminiscent of Jeffrey and SA was reminding me of Jeffrey for most of the season. However, for the Bryant park show his stuff just looked much more sophisticated than Jeffrey’s. Seems SA has a wider range of talent.

  • Sasha

    This PR finale was so so mediocre. Why do they have to push 3 designers to show at Bryant park if talent is so limited? Mila’s designs are so horribly flat and unoriginal. Black and white 60’s? I think Austin Power’s chicks would not even wear those. And Emilio’s ‘color me bad’ theme? More like the ‘color’s bad on me’. That collection looks like the clothes were taken from someone’s closet in San Juan, PR and resewn. Seth’s collection was the only thing that is close to high fashion and rightly so deserved to win. The judges should have picked 4th placer Jay so the audience could have seen something more current and fashion forward. Who cares about his bitchy comments about Mila- most people who work in the fashion industry are biatches anyway. All we need to see are good clothes.

    • D

      Well Emilio’s family is from the Dominican Republic, so maybe that is not too far off.

  • Nikki

    Yay for Seth Aaron! I’m so happy that the more humble & equally as talented proud family man won. I won’t lie & say that Emilio isn’t talented but his ego was out of control & his cockiness got the best of him in the end. As for Jay, I was initially proud of him representing the Filipinos and all but the audacity of that totally inappropriate & just plain hurtful & immature comment makes me ashamed of him & he should be ashamed of himself as well.

    • D

      He should issue a press release on it to help salvage himself. It was appalling.

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