Annie Lennox explains her 'HIV Positive' t-shirt

A lot of heads were turned last night when Annie Lennox showed up on “Idol Gives Back” wearing a t-shirt with the words “HIV POSITIVE” emblazoned on the front (she also wore the shirt to events last year, including the 2009 Edinburgh Festival of Politics and the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert in New York last October). The good news is she herself is not HIV positive, but simply showing solidarity with the millions of people who are.

In the video below, which was actually created last November, Lennox explains that she first saw someone wearing a bold “HIV POSITIVE” t-shirt in South Africa in 2004, and she thought it was such a “clever, brilliant” idea, she decided to run with it herself. “In a country like South Africa, where HIV is so prevalent, and yet you have stigma where people are afraid to openly come out and say that they’re HIV positive,” she says, “this t-shirt, whoever wears it, is making a statement of solidarity, and they’re saying, ‘We’re coming out from behind the shadows. We’re trying to normalize what is a preventable thing. It doesn’t need to have the stigma.'”

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  • martha

    I am HIV positive and I am happy that there is someone who is not and willing to stand for us thnx Annie, way to go!!

    • mini max

      I hope you have a long life full of laughter and love martha.

      • Jonquil

        To the person/persons responsible for the spam, I wish you the exact opposite of everything mini max wished for martha.

      • BostonJeff

        Really Jonquil? whatif it were you or your child or someone you loved. Would you then wish the opposite. Please don’t loose site that we are all human beings. to wish something bad on one erson is to wish it on everyone in cases like this. I hope you can learn from your own intolerance and realize that we strive for happiness in our lives.

      • @boston jeff

        oh get over urself man. If these spammers r ignorant enuf 2 post on these sensitive sites then deserve watever comes 2 them.

      • BostonJeff

        To the annonymous response to me… You think people deserve to get HIV because they post on a site? Talk about ignorant!

      • Sarah

        @BostonJeff – I think you misunderstood Jonquil. Jonquil was wishing ill against the person who posted spam. NOT against Martha or anyone else who has HIV.

      • Ian

        Relax yourselves tough guys….the spam is usually posted by a bot. Which means you’re wish either happiness or death to a simple piece of software. Sheesh…

      • Wally in Philly

        I’m sure it was just the principle of the thing. How annoying is it to come on to one of EWs sites, especially one that deals with someones death or something as important and serious as this topic only to find some stupid spam. I’m sure were all aware that it’s a “bot” and not an actual person typing the spam. Sounds like “jonquill” was just letting off a little steam as we are all entitled to do.

      • Kel

        I’m sure there’s a way to report spam… that’s irrelevant though. I wish a long life of happiness to Martha as well. I love that Annie is standing for something that’s such as major issue. Her reasoning for wearing the shirt makes perfect sense.

    • Al

      You rock on Martha!

      • pat

        Martha rocks for being HIV positive? I guess.

      • anonymous

        Martha does rock, for being able to put up with people like pat.

      • Max in Missouri

        Condoms and clean needles rock too, ppl….

      • BA

        I can’t believe how insensitive some people are. Whatever happened in anyone’s life, be it Martha’s or anyone else’s, is in the past. We all live with the choices we make, and I too, am inspired by Martha’s honest post. Have you ever made a choice that you wish was different? We need to support each other, not judge.

      • Jen

        Max in Missouri – rape happens, people in the healthcare field get exposed at work by accident (I know because I was exposed but lucked out and didn’t get HIV) blood transfusions can expose people, people can lie about their HIV status, and it takes 6 months after exposure to find out if you have it or not, so you could be spreading it without knowing. I recommend you take your know-it-all attitude and shove it up your arse.

    • Marc


    • Shell

      Me too, Martha! I hope you’re healthy.

      P.S. Annie ROCKS!!! :o)

      • Kappy K.

        Yey Annie! Martha Sh(^ Martha my sentiments verbatim Girl! I stand alone because I’m HIV positive young beautiful American from Atlanta Georgia and I’m white and have to have government help me afford life saving meds. I’m only an outcast if I make myself one! I;m with you Martha lets burn this stig down with ANNIE leading the way!!!
        Look around us people life is tough but we progress with science , love, empathy, understanding, each other, courage, nobility. I’ve been hiv+ for twenty years and it has been ming &^%($## to put it out there it kinda really looks like that sometimes, its lonely, its a hassel, you get sick, you get sick of the cronic restrictions it sticks you with, its is humiliating! It sucks for the most part. It is Real and it is the NEW world arriving and we have to speak out and coeless on this and things like our enviroment ect.. The world is over populated … I ramble on. I love you Martha!

    • Michele

      Best wishes, Martha! Hope this finds you well!

    • Emily

      All my <3 to Martha!

      • @emily

        Emily –
        Very impolite to tell Martha “All my (testicles) to you”!

      • Anne

        Very insensitive too.
        If Martha has HIV, we should support her, not offer her testicles!

        Shame on you!

      • ben

        i believe that was a heart sign, not testicles

      • Kel

        Hope you guys are joking, as the ‘punctuation’ (for lack of a better term) within Emily’s comment is intended as a heart, meaning “All my [love] to Martha.”

      • kyle

        I’m suffering from a broken rib and this thread made me laugh so hard I had to go take an extra painkiller.

    • joe

      how did you get HIV

      • christy

        Why should that matter?

      • Newton

        …and how is that any of your business??

      • graciegal

        @joe – How did you get past 2nd grade?

      • MikeyBites

        2nd grade were the best six years of Joe’s life.

      • Roger

        The body fluids that transmit HIV are blood, semen, vaginal fluids, breast milk and other body fluids containing blood.

    • crispy

      OMG Annie is HIV positive? Wow.. umm was it because of having multiple partners or needles? I’m not sitting next to her…

      • effyu

        OMG! You have the reading comprehension level of a snail!
        Maybe it comes from being an ignorant numbskull…
        I’m not sitting next to you…

      • springs

        He was being sarcastic.

      • BA

        No, I don’t think crispy was being sarcastic. Just an idiot.

      • momsangel

        Crispy..would you feel that way ,if it was you are your daughter/son/MOM/DAD? Read up on it .everyone thats got it ,was not a slut puppy .you have to be young and dumb are old and go martha.

    • Patty

      I’ve always loved your music and now I love your politics. Thank you Annie. You are a 21 century role model.

    • Kay

      May God less you & keep you healthy.

      • Kay

        *bless* you

    • Stephen

      they should put you, and the rest of your kind, on an island so don’t infect the rest of us.

      • @stephen

        how dare you say something so hurtful and mean, people like you disgust me. You wouldn’t be saying that if it were you who had the disease. i would never wish bad things on anyone, but you honestly just made my skin crawl, i hope one day u get a serious reality check.

    • Jenny

      I second that, stay well Martha!

  • Jerry Frederick

    The world is lucky to have someone like Annie Lennox in it.
    She is an incredible singer with one of the most honest voices singing the most heartfelt songs.

    • annie

      I couldn’t have said that better. She is wonderful.

      • Sammy

        Annie, Jerry, et al.
        DITTO !

    • Tom

      I think saying don’t have indiscriminate sex and don’t do drugs would have made more sense. Instead she promotes a t-shirt basically saying that the wrong lifestyle choices are OK, just embrace those that made those choices that got them into the situation their in. It’s time for those with liberal attitudes toward these lifestyle choices to start promoting the prevention of the disease first.

      • Mr. Bill

        STIGMA! Why are you assuming that people with HIV make “wrong lifestyle choices”

      • Carol

        My husband made the choice to sleep with a prostitute. I didn’t know he did it. How does that make me a bad person with bad lifestyle choices?

      • Tom


        Your post explains the constant need for HIV/AIDS education and prevention. You obviously live in some remote area of the world. Bless your heart!

      • Bryan

        Um, you do realize you don’t get AIDS through poor lifestyle choices, right?

        The disease doesn’t care if you do drugs or have unprotected sex, it only cares that you make contact with infected bodily fluids. You can get it a billion different ways that are totally unrelated to lifestyle choices.

      • fuzzy_duck

        Tom, Please become better informed before you make such bold and ignorant statements. Certainly you are a fool to believe that only people that made unsafe choices have HIV. People like you take ignorance to a completely new level.

      • charlie

        not everyone gets hiv due to indiscriminate sex or drugs. some are just medical mishaps. you are woefully ignorant of this situation.

      • Michele

        Glad I don’t live in your glass house or live in fear like you, Tom. HIV awareness, at least in the States, has been waning the last few years. It’s good to see that someone is taking a stand on the subject.

      • Jay

        Ryan White’s family would like to have a few words with you, Tom.

      • katfish

        And every night you pray to a punishing god to wipe them all out for thier “aberrant lifestyle” and “sinful behaviour right? Cuz only queers get AIDS right?

      • irismaya83

        Not everyone that is infected with HIV and AIDS are infected because of a choice THEY made. Many people have been infected unknowily by their partner who maybe cheated on them or did not know they were infected themselves. Many are children who were infected through childbirth, they didn’t make that choice. Or innocent rape victims in Africa because of the belief that having sex with a virgin will cure them due to the lack of education on prevention. She is not just wearing that shirt to show solidarity with those that made risky life choices but also for those that had no choice. The world has been promoting the prevention of the disease for years but unfortunally you cannot force people to follow that advice or even insure that everyone has access to that education (such as third world countries). So don’t be so quick to judge people and blame “liberal attitudes”. I myself am not HIV positive by I stand by Annie and others in supporting solidarity with people that are and with that we can raise more awareness to others for support that can lead to more education for everyone on prevention and support to fund research towards a cure someday.

      • katfish

        …..and another thing Tom, the only “lifestyle choices” most people with HIV made that they should’nt was to be perhaps trusting. Trusting in the fact that they never would have thought that thier partner would have done this to them, or the rapist chose me to victimize, or the guy I had to fight off and got his blood all over, or….. The list goes on Tom. Rather than spread your hate full circle back to you I pray someone educates you. Pretty soon Tom, most of the world will probabaly have some form of HIV. Tom, you do know that thier are many strains of HIV right?

        Also, HIV can be more manageable than heart disease or Diabetes. THink about it Tom. Or just think period.

      • Aiizaku

        I used to volunteer for a place called Mujeres Unido Contra El SIDA (Women United Against AIDS) most of the women that were there were married and trusted there husband that ultimatly were unfaithful and gave them the desease. AIDS is not a punishment for poor lifestyle…where have you been in the last 20 years?

      • Aiizaku

        Oh and if making an educated comment makes us “liberal” then so be it. I would rather talk out of experience and research rather then out of my bum.

      • Jon

        Tom, I hope you get sterilized. That would be a good “lifestyle choice” for you.

      • christy

        Not everyone gets to make that choice! It’s not just poor choices that spread this disease. I knew a 9 yr old hemophiliac that contracted it before blood was screened. Please try to more careful about the judgments you make.

      • dragon10

        What about HIV born babies? What about their live style?

      • donna

        There are so many people who got AIDS from birth, from a spouse (who they thought was faithful), from blood transfusions, etc. How can you make that statement?

      • TWR2422


      • Charles

        It a shame that there are still so many people who are so completely uninformed about the disease, like Tom, and anyone else who feels as he does. But actually, we need them to continue to spew their ignorance. That is the only way we can finally educate those who continually go about their day listening to the opinions of hatemongers and homophobes. The millions of cases involving children and unwitting victims have been widely reported and yet there are still people who refuse to see/listen to the facts. I guess it’s easier just to hate what you fear if you disregard all factual information and go by what your mommy and daddy told you 20 years ago. Hey Tom!! pick up a pamphlet…do some’s obvious you need to…that way the next time you post a comment on this topic you can be seen as a well informed individual and not a unintelligent idiot.

      • lynn

        Oh, puh-leeze. Everybody makes mistakes, and nobody gets to judge another person. Makes no difference how Martha contracted HIV. Best wishes to her for a long and happy life.

      • jimbo

        Yes Tom made an ignorant statement. Maybe that is what he really thinks HIV is about. Rather than rip on him (and people like him) and call him foul names we need to educate these people. And try in do it in a civil manner. No one like to be taught something by being called a dumb arse.

      • robin

        Tom: Have you been tested? You are so uneducated about the nature of the disease, you might think about it…

      • Maggie

        wow Tom you obviously didn’t get it the point at all! The whole idea behind the shirt is not that getting HIV is ok or good…It is motivating people WITH the disease to come out and not be ashamed…because they shouldn’t be ashamed and they should never be discriminated against. Next time keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

      • Azhni

        My husband cheated on me and brought HIV home and gave it to me. Don’t be so harsh in your judgment.

      • amy

        What @ babies born hiv positive? Or people who contracted hiv thru blood products? Excluding all forms of transmission and focusing on gay sex and drug use is so SHALLOW of you. Have you ever driven over the speed limit hoping not to get caught and pay a fine? The people with hiv never thought they would get caught either.

      • JDK


        Thank you SO much for proving Anne Lennox’s point!

      • den

        No one DESERVES to get sick – the good Lord has better things to do that zap people from on high with all manner of disasters. Diseases do not discriminate, they do not punish, they simple are. And the more we can learn for prevention and treatment, the better.

      • graciegal

        Oh, gag me. There’s room and time enough in this life for all of it, and there couldn’t possibly be “too much” of anything that educates people of all ages and stations about this heartbreaking disease. Sporting this T-Shirt does not preclude spreading awareness re: its prevention.

      • petey


        Your response is typical of many Americans, there is an ignorance about this disease in America. The fact that she “promotes” a t-shirt is a far cry more than most people do in this country. People cant be stereotyped for making bad descisions. I truly hope that people around the world will realize that this disease is not going away. There needs to be more open dialogue on this. I do hope that you reconsider your statement, it seems as if it comes from a place that is devoid of compassion. Be the change you wish to see in the world- Ghandi

      • rboy

        Get real people, can’t you understand what Tom is saying? Yeah, there are many people that innocently get AIDS, but guess what? Look at the freakin’ root cause and the number one cause of AIDS. There ya go, promiscuous sex, dirty needles, and other acts that people are choosing to perform. There are many like Tom and I that I wish would speak out, but most of us don’t bother reading the liberal, stick up for this crap editorials. So do I feel bad for those contracting AIDS due to no KNOWN fault of their own, like the husband who got AIDS from sex with a prostitute, then gave it to his wife. Stop the behaviors and guess what…AIDS declines!!!!

      • mike

        (sigh) all these arguements about “innocent” verses “guilty” ways of contracting HIV. No one deserves to contract this, or any other disease. Any debate about who is or isn’t an innocent victim is disgusting.

      • leia

        funny, you rarely hear people tell someone with diabetes or heart disease that they deserve it because they shouldn’t have had so many cheeseburgers. everyone supports education on these other preventable diseases…why the stigma against hiv?

      • sam

        Tom its ignorant conservatives like you that need to pull thier head out of thier a**s before they speak. So you believe that someone who contracted HIV from rape has themselves to blame…is that right? Because you comment comes off like that! think before you speak idiot!

      • Jennifer

        I had an HIV positive disabled child bite me, breaking the skin, back in December. I am going to be tested in June and then next December to see if contracted it. So if I did get it, are you going to say I made the poor and immoral lifestyle choice of becoming a special education teacher? And what about all the women in Africa who are raped because some men there believe that sex with a virgin will cure them? That’s their fault? Get a brain….

      • Patty

        You’re absolutely right. How dare those babies be born sick. How dare those women who were raped behave so badly. How dare those wives whose husbands brought home a VD expect to be able to support their families like a normal mother. This is a disease we are talking about. You need to separate your prejudices from the fact. “Liberal”. I guess Jesus, you remember the healer, the authro of the …attitudes, must have been a “liberal”. “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

      • Rain


        Ok so your telling me someone who contracts this disease through a transfusion (which happened before to a kid if you all remember), has a SPOUSE who brings it home to them, or anything at all is making lifestyle choices and MUST have done drugs or indiscriminate sex…it’s people like you who make people who have contracted the disease not want to discuss it. They are made to feel that they DID do something wrong whether it was contracted through their own fault or not is not the issue at hand. It is a disease that needs to be treated. Get over your “beliefs” and get a life!

        Rock on Annie! Absolutely agree with you!!

      • sw

        i understand what tom is saying….its indiscrimanent sex and use of used needles that spread the disease faster..the cases where someone gets a transfusion im sorry kick your attending doctors @ss…if your spouse gives it to you beacause he slept with a hooker, what does that say about your relationship? and his decission was a lifestyle choice, beacause he decided you werent enough…for someone who gets bit you knew there was a risk working with these kids and you should take that crap to your boss and the parents…sorry to come off calus but people go about blaming everyone else for the hand they are delt waaayyy to much, “PC” and hypersensitivity are a major problem now

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      She’s tireless, and uses every last bit of exposure she has for good purpose. I only wish there were more like her.

    • Loren K

      Let’s just promote compassion, understanding, and non-judgment. If we can recognize our own perfection and unique gifts, we can make a step towards healing the planet, which BEGINS WITH EACH OF US…
      Annie Lenox is a wonderful activist of self-acceptance and peace, I believe!

  • jack hart

    kudos annie.. thx 4 being a great role model and positive force in the music business.

  • Rena

    Martha, there are many out there who will stand up for you. I know it’s tough though. I myself am not HIV positive but I ran into a lot of people who were extremely ignorant to it when I was training for the AIDS marathon in San Francisco. It was frustrating because no one wanted to donate money to AIDS (I had to raise $1500 to be in the race) they wanted to donate to things like cancer and leukemia. However, there were people who willingly donated and were happy to help. I’m behind you, and I’m behind what Annie is doing too!

    • Jenni

      First of all, leukemia is a form of cancer. Secondly, according to the CDC, the death rate among people with AIDs was estimated at 14,561 in 2007. Compare that to the 559,650 deaths in that same year to cancer. I can understand the frustration with the lack of support and donations but it’s not a competition. Both are horrible diseases that need cures and awareness.

      • WhitneyD

        Jenni, while I agree with you, unfortunately there’s still a huge stigma with AIDS. When you consider that the rate of individuals living and dying with AIDS is substantially higher in Africa- where some nations still believe that you can “cure” AIDS by having sex with a virgin (not kidding), it’s extremely frustrating to not be able to get support here in the US where more people tend to donate to cancer research because it’s what personally affects their life.

  • Cunegonde

    I support you Martha and Annie Lennox for the courage and for the difficult task ahead of de-stigmatizing AIDS.

  • GS

    I did not like her at all back in the 80’s but I am so impressed with her now! Loved her song last night and that story really made me cry! What an inspiration she is and wouldn’t it be nice if more people in this world were like her?

    @Martha More people are behind you than you think! Best wishes and keep your head up!

  • jim

    One of the classiest individuals in the history of modern music. Period. (Oh, and also one of the most amazing singers.)

    • graciegal

      @jim – Bingo. Couldn’t agree more. And @martha – I’m another one who fervently hopes this finds you healthy and happy today.

  • harry

    I love you Annie

  • Andy Bluebear

    Got to see Annie sticking with a cause she believes in. So many celebrities seem to follow causes like’s it a trend or something. Remember in the 90s how at red carpets everyone wore a red ribbon? Well, AIDS is still around, and yes, a lot has been done to fight the disease…and yet, the red ribbon is gone. So kudos to Annie (and others, like Elizabeth Taylor…whatever you think of her now, she’s still doing her best to raise $$$ and awareness).

    • Q

      I think nothing but wonderful things about Liz Taylor! What a great lady, true to her friends & causes.

  • Henry

    Why is it a “good thing she is not HIV positive…”? I’m positive and being positive is not a bad thing, Mr. Bruno. Read a pamphlet.

    • Brett

      Yes, shame on you, Mike Bruno, for telling us Annie’s healthy.

      • @Henry

        Oh Henry, don’t be ridiculous. Of course NOT being HIV-positive is a GOOD thing. Just like NOT having cancer, or NOT having heart disease or NOT having a cold is a GOOD thing. I’m sorry you’re positive, and believe me, I’m not trying to pity you, but don’t act like being HIV-positive is on everyones bucket list.

    • DUSTIN

      Oh jesus. I’m sorry your HIV Positive. But it is a disease/sickness/infection/whatever and he just meant that Lennox doesnt have it. Unless you got it from blood transactions or a bad needle, im sure we all know there are things that you could have done to protect yourself.

      • psc

        That comment was uncalled for. Nobody deserves to be “punished” because they did not wear protection. Life is full of surprises so before making absolute declarations, think twice.

      • PSC is an idiot

        Get over yourself, PSC. He didn’t say that people that are HIV positive deserve their condition.

      • DUSTIN

        I didnt say anyone “deserved it” or punishment. But there are millions of dollars put out every year to educate preventive measures against becoming HIV Positive. I dont think getting up in arms because a journalist/person/human being feels its a good thing not having a potentially deadly disease. If I’m wrong for feeling that having a disease is not the most awesome thing for a person, than explain to me how its great! Explain to me how being HIV Positive because an individual had unprotected sex when he/she had the alternative to have protected sex is a better alternative! Explain how this journalist breathing a sigh of relief that Lennox has not contracted the HIV Virus is somehow wrong! But most importantly, point me in the direction of where i said that those infected are being PUNISHED. They made a mistake, and they are living with the reprecussions. Although I have compassion for them, I wont stand by while they kick up dust about something stupid like this.

      • Joel V.

        Be careful Dustin. Not all those with HIV made a “mistake,” which also implies guilt. There are many children and rape victims who had no ability to “protect themselves.” Your comments only show that Annie’s t-shirt is needed more than ever.

      • mike

        you are just plain hateful the world could go much futher without listening to your crap. I guess shooting drugs in a needle is so much better than getting it from sex. I doesn’t matter how you got the diease, it matters what you do afterwards.

      • mike

        and just for the record I had safe sex and still got it!!!!!!

      • Adam

        Some people have unprotected sex and get HIV and some believe their partner is unprotected and that trust is what causes them to get HIV. It is not so black and white that a person has unprotected sex and could’ve simply prevented it…

      • Dustin

        Yes, lets pick the examples where noone is to blame and push against me and those actually giving credit where credit is due. And I will not be careful of what i say, because you people feel the world would be better if noone was held accountable. I have tried to be sympatheic but the only way certain people get by is blaming their problems on other people. SO THOSE PEOPLE, go to hell and eat my words.

      • Dustin

        @ MIke- Don’t call me hateful. It’s not my fault that you had “safe sex” and caught the disease. I’m only “hateful” and “wrong” because i dont have it, mostly because i listened to the pamplets, commercials, ads, etc that explained how to avoid catching it. I’m sorry for your pain, but dont call me hateful for my opinion that im pertty sure was pointed at noone. Your not hateful, your just ignorant.

      • ger

        Dustin, your use of “you people” is rather telling.

      • Dustin

        and your arguement of how i used “your people” is very telling of your need to blame someone

      • Jennifer

        interesting but isnt it the many many people that made bad choices in the first place that started this whole HIV epidemic? its so sad for the innocent children and such, why have kids and pass it down to them? hmmmm….

      • Silhouette7881

        Dustin, go to hell yourself and if you got a problem with that, that I’ll be more than happy to take care of it, you tool.

      • anonymous

        Dustin, stop complaining that people are calling you out for your words. Unless you posted on the wrong website or someone stole your username, I’m sure we all know there are things that you could have done to protect yourself.

      • Dustin


    • kb

      It is a good thing for her because although being HIV positive is not a death sentence, it is still a disease that requires treatment. I don’t know anyone who if they had the choice would choose to be positive. It is absolutely a good thing to not be positive… you can donate blood, not require medication, etc.

    • lynn

      i also think its a good thing she is not infected. i dont think its a discrimination against people who are infected to think this way. i am just happy she remains healthy. being positive IS a bad thing. i dont want anyone to have to suffer with this disease. i think of aids the same way as cancer. no one deserves to be ill and when people are healthy i am happy for them.

  • Mia

    Every time I see Annie perform it tugs at my heart. She is always so genuine and heartfelt. She truly seems to care for others no matter what they are going through. A person is a person no matter what their circumstances may be and I want to Thank you Annie for keeping humanity alive. To you Martha, God never puts more on us than we can bare. It is courageous of you to admit that you are HIV positive and we need more people who are willing to. Awareness is the key to prevention. I love you and all of Gods children. Keep God in your life and you’ll live to be an old woman.

    • Bonnie

      Mia, about “god never puts more on us than we can bare.” Where did you get such an idea? Does that mean those that commit suicide are weak and it’s their fault that their weak? Does your “god” think children committing suicide are at fault? If your “god” never puts on us things that we can’t bear, why are so many people still committing suicide? Where the f**k is your god?

  • Jeffrey

    Annie I saw you last night on American Idol gives back, I am HIV positve and you left a dint in my heart for you. Thank-you for what you do.

  • Zach

    How can people be so stupid? It’s obvious it was for the cause? Have you never seen HIV+ shirts before? I swear even Annie Lennox has done it before.

  • Mark

    Annie Lennox proved what an amazing person she is by boldly wearing the HIV Positive shirt last night. I knew she was not HIV Positive herself but was an awesome statement for those who are to say that they should not be afraid of the stigma and fear that those 2 words bring to most people. And the song she sang was positively beautiful. I think she looks and sounds just as amazing today as she did 30 years ago when she first appeared on MTV with “Sweet Dreams”. The world is lucky to have an artist of her level try to bring hope to those who desperately need it.

  • dianne

    Idol gives Back “take” isn’t that large if you consider how much it could be if each of the succesful celebs would donate $1 million each to the effort instead of just their voice/performance.

    • RH

      THANK YOU! That’s all I’m saying. Tell me what you donated before you implore me to open up my wallet. Ten bucks from me better mean a mil or more from these celebrities.

    • d court

      Too bad most of that money ends up in the hands of the people who need it the least.

      • Amelia

        I doubt that. It sounds like they are very careful about which organisations they send the $$ to, and they check up on them too. You have a very negative view of humanity & people who care for the poor to believe that “most of the money ends up in the hands of the people who need it the least.” That’s true for some organisations, but most people within aid organisations care deeply about the poverty around them & have a huge amount of integrity. Too many people don’t do anything to help others in the world, and they justify their selfishness by using the excuse of “I don’t trust any aid organisations, I don’t trust where the money goes.”

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